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by bentbliss

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Part 15. Chastity Drive

Emma, with Kit, survived the sea full of people. A few predators came for them. Her dress was the main casualty as it sustained a tear when one greedy, possibly desperate person grabbed it as she was walking. She was just glad to make it to others and try to get to the start of the event even though she still had things to do first.

When the others helped her get dressed before she headed here, they decided to keep it simple with emphasis on her chastity. They still wanted her to look like a goddess but nothing was left to the imagination except what was under the chastity devices. The addition of the chastity bra kept her intimate parts hidden to go with her belt.

Her sheer dress started at the neck before spreading out down her front and back. Her shoulders and arms were left bare. The dress hugged her chest even with the chastity bra before flowing down leaving her midsection mostly untouched. It was at her hips that the fabric caressed her flesh as it conformed to her lower curves. It continued until it cascaded loosely down her legs and stopped near her ankles.

Her silver sandals had a perilously tall thin metal heel. lt left Emma trying to avoid getting them stuck in things as well as mostly walking on the balls of her feet. Not quite as strenuous as being on her toes in her ballet boots but much more effort than most other heels.

Metal bands encircled her wrists, biceps, thighs, and ankles. All of them had a width of about two inches and thick enough to feel the extra weight. What amazed her the most was how form fitting each was. They were just tight enough not to constrict much or cause discomfort but also didn't allow them to slide up and down her limbs. It turned out her measurements that Lucia took were not just being used to make a costume for Sir Jerry's fashion show later on the cruise.

Her brunette hair had been styled in one of the variations of a crown braid. It wasn't a style she had thought about wearing but her Princess made the call. That also included her outfit and makeup. Emma wasn't really expecting anyone to pay much attention to her face. She was still getting used to the exhibitionism she had been showcasing in a sense. Even when covered, many of the outfits she had worn so far were still designed to show off as well as enhance her body.

Unworthy and Nadz were talking with some of the gathered crowd. Emma had brought more as they had followed her. The area was temporarily cordoned off for setup. This allowed Emma to get some space from others again as she was able to inspect things in the immediate area.

She found Greg kneeling on the ground nearly on all fours. His collar was chained to the floor. The chain was short enough that he was unable to sit up. He was left hunched over with his butt resting on the back of his legs forcing his short plaid skirt to splay awkwardly exposing more of his white panties.

A few feet away his wife, Macy, was in her own predicament. She was bent over restrained in pillory, not unlike Emma the previous night. Her head was hanging down with her pink hair hiding her face.

Nadia had broken off to talk to Emma who was trying to ignore all the calls for her attention. She knew couldn't afford to interact anymore than planned or this whole thing would never start. The two talked briefly before turning back to the two she felt she failed the night before.

She walked between and passed the two of them towards the white boards behind where the two were bound. She picked up the dry erase marker and began writing out what Macy's area was for as she explained to Macy her punishment.

"Besides your extended chastity, your punishment this afternoon includes you improving your oral skills. You are a spitter but that isn't good enough. You will spend your time here swallowing the gifts you are given. Failure to do so will result in motivation through pain, specifically applied to your backside."

When Emma finished, she moved to the other whiteboard and began writing.

"I'm sorry about your failed reward last night. This one seems more in line with your natural desires. I hope it is enjoyable as you worked hard last night to earn it."

When Emma finished writing out what the two were here for, she went back to the front of Macy. Her head still sagged as Emma grabbed the back of her hair and pulled her head up as Emma crouched until they were looking at each other.

"I am everything you called me last night and so much more. Nothing you said was untrue. At the same time, I didn't ask nor want this bit of fame or popularity. I would gladly switch positions and you could take my spot trying to please all these people."

The two stared at each other through the pause.

"You should be thankful I am busy and unable to administer your spankings when you fail to swallow your gifts completely. I would no doubt have less sympathy nor show you nearly as much mercy. This is nowhere near what you deserve. If you wish to get out of it, you know what you need to do. If you want to be a good submissive, take your punishment, get help, and mend your relationship with your husband."

Emma let go of her hair and went to step away as Macy answered submissively, "Yes Miss."

Emma looked at her for a moment longer and Macy dropped her head. She then turned and moved to the chair near Greg and took a seat.

"May I, Miss?" Greg asked from his position near Emma’s feet.

"You may," she responded before she looked at Nadia.

Greg, for his part, wasted no time removing one of Emma’s heels. He was soon massaging her foot. It didn't take long for him to start kissing her foot and licking her toes. At times it made it difficult for Emma to focus on Nadia as she tried to listen in on what was planned for the afternoon. Moans would periodically escape her lips as his hands and mouth eventually worked both feet.

She didn't know how great this would feel and definitely didn't want it to end. In the back of her mind she knew she had been on her feet plenty along with the ballet boot training. She thought to herself that she needed to find someone to do this for her periodically.

But she needed to get going and soon had Greg putting back on her heels. She was asking questions and getting more information before her foray into the crowd again while he accomplished the task.

"Thank you Greg. That was very good and helpful. Our time together has come to an end. I need to get moving as I still have another stop before starting whatever this really is."

Ensuring Macy knew she was talking to her as well, "I truly hope you guys work things out and find what you want. As I said last night, I am temporary. You have many other options out there and I am sure plenty will do better than I and give you what you want. Good luck on the rest of your vacation and beyond."

Emma collected her worshiper entourage and headed to the next destination. The place was pretty crowded as things were supposed to have started. But Emma had one more person to meet at least and offload the keys she currently carried.

As they walked towards one of the more crowded areas that didn't actually involve her to this point, Emma noticed quite a few people answering questions from individuals. Multiple tables were set up behind them. Various items and pamphlets littered the tables with more people sitting behind them. They collected items, mostly keys and at times money.

Nadia walked them towards a person dressed as Lolita who was talking with others. Her frilly dress was powder blue and white with plenty of ruffles. Her legs were covered in white tights and her feet were capped off with white platform Mary Janes. A matching powder blue and white bonnet sat on top of the sandy colored princess curls. Her brown eyes were probably the most defining feature of her nondescript, androgynous face with her thin, pink, glittery lips following. A leather collar encircled her neck in a color nearly matching the powder blue of her dress.

Emma noticed the twinkle in the Lolita woman's eyes when she spotted Nadia. Her lips curled into a small smile as she finished talking to those asking her questions. Excusing herself, she headed towards Nadia. Stopping in front of Nadia, she gave a curtsy as she said, "Mistress."

"You know better than to call me that," Nadia admonished. "Plus we have guests that outrank me."

Nadia turned back towards Emma and the others as she announced, "I am sure you know our Goddess and her top two worshipers."

With a nod and a curtsy from the other woman, Emma with her thumb pointing towards Victoria, "Top two is temporary for this one."

Her arm thrust a bit further than she expected and ended up poking the corset covered breast. Emma looked over to see what she touched. With a small smile on her face, she poked at it again. When she turned back to the others, they were staring at her hand and what it was touching.

"As it seems there will be more worshipers coming, she will continue to drop. She is the lowest of the low afterall."

Nadia smiled as she continued her introduction, "This is Lacey. She is my co-coordinator for this event and the one who will be managing and holding all keys from it."

Lacey finally spoke to Emma, "It's a pleasure to finally meet you Goddess, as well as Unworthy and Kit. You all are so beautiful."

"Thank you Lacey and thank you for your help organizing this and managing the keys."

They took some time going over things after further introduction. Lacey ended up similar to Nadia in what she was hoping to get from Emma. Emma handed over the keys she had with the information on who and what was supposed to happen with them. Nadia tried to fill in what Emma needed to know but Emma knew unless prompted, she would be winging it.

Lacey curtsied and spoke as things were coming to a conclusion for the moment, "Thank you for allowing me to meet you. I hope I get to meet with you again."

Emma stepped up and cupped the androgynous Lolita's chin, "We are far from done. You said you wanted to become a worshiper as well as be belted. You will get your wish onstage in front of everyone with Nadz."

Emma dropped her other hand and slipped it under Lacey's dress. As Emma found the ruffled panties, she moved down until she found the tucked flesh and began to stroke.

"You will not only need to decide if you want permanent chastity, you will need to decide what to do with this," Emma said as she kept rubbing as she watched Lacey's brown eyes stare back at her in a widened and potentially shocked state.

"You have some obvious choices. You can keep this flesh as it will be locked away and never used again while denying you full transition. You could complete your transition and once healed be immediately locked away. Basically you would be a virgin and never experience the full pleasure of being a woman anyways. Or if you really want to be different, you could have it removed and nothing to replace it and become genderless. You wouldn't need a belt but you could stay in one symbolically. I'm sure they could do something to allow you to go to the bathroom. But in all these scenarios, you will never enjoy pleasure from your genitals again. Think about it and we will discuss it in the future before the end of the trip."

Emma could feel Lacey's body shake as she rubbed her briefly before pulling her hand away. While still cupping Lacey's chin, Emma bent down and kissed her forehead.

"Now be a good girl and get back to what you should be doing until I call you up on stage," Emma stated as she let go of Lacey's chin.

With a shy smile and a curtsy, Lacey replied, "Yes Goddess."

Emma and company made their way to the stage. She felt her nerves but didn't let them overwhelm her. She focused on maintaining her confidence and looked to enjoy herself. They were here for her but she came on this trip to experience new things. This was the next step in her adventure as she pushed the nerves down to let the excitement flow.

"I want you to put me in that one, Goddess."

Emma smiled at Kit as she looked down towards her, "Making decisions now?"

"I'm sorry Goddess."

"It's perfectly fine. It's about time you had an opinion and didn't defer to others all the time. Now tell me why that one."

"There are a number of reasons I guess. My childish body will be on full display and I won't be able to hide. Not that I want to hide but to know I am unable to avoid the looks and if I am lucky, the touches. Plus it looks like I will be silenced. I don't want to have to talk nor should I be allowed to. And once I am locked in the frame, I will be stuck standing in my boots. I imagine it will be for hours even though my toes and feet hurt already. But I want to prove my value to you."

"You don't have to prove yourself to me. If your feet hurt already, you can try the other or neither and just relax."

"I will do whatever you wish, Goddess."

Plenty of things went through Emma’s mind as she looked down Kit's face. Making her decision, she grabbed the D-ring of Kit's collar and walked her over to the metal frame. Kit's worshiper chains were quickly removed. With some adjustments due to Kit's short height, Kit found herself bound standing in a spread eagle-like position. Her feet were still solidly on the ground, leaving her on her toes and offering them no relief. Emma lubed up the bottom dildo and worked it into Kit's backdoor which caused a few grunts.

"Any last words before you lose the ability to speak clearly?"

"I'm sorry Goddess. I didn't mean to upset you. I should have stayed quiet as is my place."

Emma started stroking the hair on Kit's head as though she was petting her as she kindly spoke, "I'm not upset with you. I just had an epiphany that while I was handing out everyone else's wishes, I needed to stop trying to protect you and allow yours. I know things were not good before and it's only been a couple days since. I just want you to have a good time like myself. I assume you trust me and don't want me to go easy on you. And you are willing to suffer for me more than just being locked to this frame?"

Kit nodded as she responded, "Yes Goddess."

Emma quickly moved over to Nadia and whispered a few things before heading back to Kit. Adjusting the dildo at the top of the frame and its connection, Emma pulled Kit's head back by her hair. The dildo slid between Kit's parted lips and filled her mouth until she started gagging. Emma lifted it enough until the gagging stopped and tightened the connection. Kit was now locked in the frame while being spitroasted by the two dildos as she stood in her ballet boots.

Emma had Kit blink responses for the questions she asked starting with if she was okay. During the time, she found several of Kit's piercings as she played with them, often twisting and tugging. There were definitely moans of pleasure coming from her pet. But Emma was also glad when she received the items she asked for.

Emma held up the two padlocks so Kit could see, "I know you want some big girl boobies. These might not do much but we shall see if they stretch out your nipples at least temporarily."

Emma threaded the padlocks through Kit's nipple rings as she continued, "You will be wearing these indefinitely and for my other surprise, you will hear that when I announce it. I expect you will get the attention and touches you crave along with more. Enjoy yourself."

Emma slipped the keys to the padlocks into her chastity bra much like she did with Janice's key earlier. Then Emma ran her hands over Kit's body one last time before moving on to the next step of the event.

Emma stood on the stage in front of the microphone, "Welcome everyone. Sorry for the late start. The demands and unexpected encounters of a Goddess are a bit… more time consuming than expected."

Emma waited out most of the responses as she went on, "Thank you all for coming and I want to thank all those who helped put this together. Soon you will have your chance to interact with me but also with my lovely worshipers."

Victoria had been close enough to her that Emma only turned her body slightly after she grabbed the mic to introduce her.

"Many of you know her already. For those who don't, this is Unworthy. She may have unintentionally become the first, she will always remain the lowest of the low. That doesn't mean there isn't much to like. I asked her to dress to impress me and by extension all of you as well. Don't you think she did an incredible job?"

Emma waited for the crowd's reaction to die down as a few people shouted out before she continued, "Yeah, a part of me wants to take her here on stage in front of all of you but sadly she is locked away. On top of that, she isn't worthy of that type of attention from me. Plus it would take away from your precious time to interact with us."

Emma’s mind and heart raced while her vaginal walls squeezed the spiked rubber ball. She was beginning to fantasize about Unworthy begging Emma to fuck her tight, sexy ass in front of everyone. Despite the discomfort, Emma wanted to finish the fantasy. But she needed to keep things moving and the opportunity could present itself by the end of the cruise.

Emma was mostly turned away from the crowd so they couldn't see the smirk on Emma’s face. Unworthy could see it and a frown quickly appeared on her face. Emma walked past her and poked her corseted boob. She was definitely drawn to it and not sure why. Unworthy looked great with or without clothes but Emma really fancied Unworthy in corsets and her desire to touch has been increasing.

Emma soon found herself at the metal frame introducing the next one, "For those who don't know my second worshiper, this is my pet kitten, Kit. Afterall, we met in the cat pit and she was a bit of a stray. Though she did come up with the idea for dinner with me. So those that have or will experience it can thank her. As you can see she doesn't mind showing off her body even though it embarrasses her. But there are plenty out there who appreciate what she has to offer there.

She is also wearing the standard dress for my main worshipers minus the chains so that she could be put on display. She also has the new editions. Starting with the ballet boots in which I expect them to train hard and learn to walk in them. She is wearing a harness as I mentioned she likes to show off her body and doesn't like being covered up but the other option is to wear a corset. The other new addition is to put weights on pierced nipples and clamps on those that are not or can't have weights directly. I know they can't be worn all the time but in my presence or in group functions based around me they should be.

The lovely Janice has lent us use of some of her designs like the one you see Kit in. The other will be filled with a volunteer shortly. Wait until I fully explain what it entails before you are too quick to volunteer. But I graciously rewarded Janice's efforts by locking her in her own chastity belt she designed along with my worshiper gear so she could model it. She is missing the boots and harness or corset but she isn't an actual worshiper. But I made sure she had some nice clamps. So if you are looking for a set if you don't have one, you can see her model it for you as well as get your own.

Now Kit, like many pets, loves to be touched and petted. But I have decided to add a bit extra. You guests get to add clothespins to her but only below the neck. To be clear so no one comes up with a lame loophole, her head, face, and neck are off limits. She will be monitored by a volunteer as she will not have the option to speak and stop someone on her own. So don't be a dick and be respectful. I already had my dress torn whether by accident or not. I will not tolerate those who are defenseless to be mistreated. The clothespins are agreed upon below the neck so if you volunteer, understand that is part of the condition. The other part is you will be up here for the rest of the event and may miss out on other interactions. Keep that in mind.

Now before we get to the fun stuff, I would like to introduce you to the main coordinators of this event, Nadia and Lacey. I will give them some time to talk to you first. Nadia will start as Lacey makes her way up here."

Emma handed the mic over to the plush goth woman who had moved over towards her whenever name was called. This allowed Emma a break from talking as she went to the high backed chair on stage that she would be using for the event. There were bottles of water that were set there for her if she needed them. She opened one to take a drink as she took this time to relax. She probably should have been listening more closely to Nadia but at the moment it was announcements that were already mentioned to her.

When the two finished they turned it back over to Emma. Emma had Nadia go prepare the items for the initiation. Emma looked out over the crowd as multiple people started shouting out questions. Once she got things in a sensible order so that there was only one question at a time, she began to answer some.

"First thing, let's keep the questions to things that pertain to this event here. I will be doing a couple of Q and A sessions later on the cruise. If we spend too much time on questions now, there will be less time for fun interactions. If there is time at the end I may answer more."

Despite what she said, a few people asked personal questions such as her sexual orientation, if she was dating anybody, and if she would date or at least submit or dominate them. While Emma briefly answered, she reiterated that she preferred to discuss other things today. That led to a question about the proposed group Nadia mentioned.

"I just found out about it a little bit after I got here. I didn't know it was a thing nor did I plan on having one."

More questions came about it as Emma did her best to answer, "I don't mind being the Unicorn Goddess here on the ship but like many of you, I have to go back to the real world and my job after this. So I am not sure how I feel about it. I also don't know how much time and effort I could put into it either. I actually thought things would end when the cruise was over if I am being honest.

I am willing to hear thoughts on it later but you should all talk with Nadia and Lacey as it is their idea, not mine. Maybe set up some future events to discuss what people want as this is less about me and more about you. Then the two can give me a proposal and I can look it over and negotiate or express my thoughts and opinions. But that doesn't mean I agree to be a part of this yet.

Another thing to keep in mind, this isn't a true religion and if possible, I want to move away from that. Also no cult or sex cult identity. There should be plenty of you capable of better ideas than me wanting it more like a club. I will give details later of what I don't want and hopefully if you are serious, you can develop something that works."

Noticing that Nadia was ready, Emma finished up with one last statement, "Maybe I would have built up some popularity but not likely the Unicorn Goddess. So while she isn't here as she is working, Princess Ophelia deserves most if not all the credit not only for making me her unicorn but also exposing me to many of you. So take that into account when you make decisions that deal with me. She is far more than just a lovely maid.

Now let's initiate my next two worshipers as they will be the backbone and face of whatever form this takes if it lasts long term."

Emma had Nadia and Lacey remove each other's dresses. Despite a little bit of hesitancy they both put on a little show for the audience. Most of the crowd didn't seem prepared for the extra appendage on Lacey. She was clearly turned on as Emma came up behind her and pulled down Lacey's tights and panties. She then grabbed the erect appendage in one hand.

While stroking Lacey, Emma said, "Why don't you tell the audience what you want from me and maybe your fantasy that you hope to achieve."

Emma reached the microphone around with her free hand and gave it to Lacey. Lacey stood there frozen for a moment as Emma used her free hand to reach Lacey's backside. A bit surprised, Emma felt the rectangular base of a plug. Emma was planning to insert a finger or two eventually but this would work.

"I–I desire to be one of the Goddess' wor–ahh!"

Emma had pushed on the base of the plug causing the interruption. A moan escaped as Emma stroked Lacey's erection while playing with her plug.

Emma whispered in Lacey's ear, "Continue, my little girl."

"Besides being her worshiper… I want… to be put in… chastity… hopefully for life… Even if I decide… to fully transition… I… still hope… to remain locked… away by… my Goddess… Even… if I get… a mommy… or daddy… Oh… I'm… cum…" Lacey dropped the microphone at that point just as Emma let go of Lacey's erect appendage.

Emma quickly worked on securing Lacey's arms to ensure she couldn't touch herself. She also made sure to help hold up Lacey as her body struggled with the different sensations of the ruined orgasm.

"I hope you enjoyed that. It's the last bit of pleasure you will ever feel from direct contact from it. Even if you decide to fully transition, your budding flower will never be pollinated. Once healed you would be locked right back up. You will never know the joys of proper penetration down there. You won't even be given the chance to explore your new pearl. Your vaginal virginity will be eternal and that is your sacrifice to me. Now let's get you belted," whispered Emma before letting go of Lacey.

With the help of Nadia, Emma secured Lacey's belt. It had been a different experience from what she expected. The belt itself was sleeker and looked very much like a female chastity belt. The metal tube inside was the main difference as it would tuck the flaccid appendage between her legs not unlike a gaffe. The interesting part Emma learned was how to tuck testicles. She didn't have time to learn the scientific terms or anatomy of it. But watching one then making the second one disappear made her both gasp and giggle at it.

The final locking wasn't just a physical key. Underneath the front cover was a small USB port. Nadia had plugged in the connecting cord to the belt from a handheld device. The current set up of the UI only allowed Emma to enter a code of her choice and her thumbprint in the reader to verify. A beep sounded from the machine followed by some clicks from the belt followed by two more beeps from the machine. The front cover was put on and locked by a physical key. Lacey was now officially locked by three layers: the key, Emma’s code, and Emma’s thumbprint.

Emma wasn't completely done with Lacey but gave her the option to put back on her dress after she cleaned up her mess. Emma watched Lacey get on the floor and begin to lick her cum from the floor. Her ass was in the air allowing Emma to give a push on the buttplug causing a yelp. Giving Lacey a playful slap on her ass, Emma maneuvered to pick up the microphone.

Emma had Nadia turn to the crowd and show her bubbly enthusiasm. Despite some nervous hesitation, the plush goth was soon bouncing up and down. Her large breasts flopped up and down. Emma took her time getting behind her and grabbing the massive funbags. The microphone was lodged between her breasts as she let out a large moan.

Emma slid one hand between Nadia's legs as she instructed her to hold the microphone. She was hot down there and dripping wet. Emma rubbed her button getting plenty of reaction and quite a bit of begging. She eventually found her way down her slit and buried a finger inside. She buried a second finger causing extensive moaning and heavy breathing.

Emma pulled her fingers out much to the dismay of Nadia. She quickly brought her fingers up and into Nadia's mouth. She fed Nadia her juices while playing with one of her breasts. Once she was satisfied her fingers were clean enough, she pulled them out.

"Let's get your invention inside of you."

Lacey had finished cleaning up and was back in her dress so they temporarily handed her the microphone.

Nadia handed Emma a ball made out of a weird material she couldn't fully comprehend. It looked metallic but was sort of spongy. Squeezing it caused it to depress and expose the underlying metal spikes. It was a bit smaller than Emma expected and would still likely be compressed to a degree all the time. She also felt movement inside, like a ball within a ball. The inner ball felt solid and heavy as it rolled around with each movement.

Thankfully the microphone wasn't near them as Nadia said, "This was meant for you, wasn't it?"

"Not here or I will put this in extra unpleasantly. Short answer is yes."

"Oh this is smaller than the one I am making for you but I would appreciate it if you could stretch me. Maybe a little fisting action. I expect at a minimum this will be quite unpleasant as you mentioned."

"Don't you dare cum or you will not like the consequences, Nads. Now explain to the guests what you have made and what it does."

Lacey came over and held the microphone for Nadia as Emma got on her knees. After removing the unnecessary bits, namely Nadia's panties, Emma inserted one finger. This interrupted Nadia's explanation as a moan came out. Emma just continued to focus on stretching the tight hole in front of her. Thankfully Nadia was producing enough self lubrication.

By the time Emma got four fingers in, Nadia was no longer speaking coherently between her heavy breaths. Emma had noticed her efforts paid off as Nadia's hole was loosening up. Emma took a little extra time to slowly insert her five digits into Nadia. She didn't stop once they were mostly in as she applied more pressure as her hand slid in. Nadia was quite the mess as Emma slid in and out, fucking Nadia with her hand down to her wrist.

Emma was quite pleased with Nadia's reactions. When she pulled her hand mostly out, Nadia was still moderately gaping. Along with Nadia being distracted, Emma decided to bring up the object in her other hand. Switching it to her slick hand, Emma had to squeeze a bit harder to get a grip. Thankfully the spikes were not sharp and if she had to guess, wouldn't pierce skin or the tissue of vaginal walls. The goal was not to scrape inside if possible and she had no idea how they would get a bigger one into her without it being miserable. Her sensitivity down there was troubling at best.

Emma placed the ball near the slightly gaping pussy. With a bit of pressure she started to push it in. Nadia hissed and eventually screamed as Emma assumed the spikes started to expose themselves. Nadia's hands shot down to move Emma away but Emma held on though not adding pressure if she could help it.

"I don't want to hurt you so I will take it slow but can't have you interfering. So place your hands on your head and keep them there."

"What? I…"

Emma looked up from her position to see Nadia's belly and some of her large breasts as she couldn't see her face.

"I said put your hands on your head so I can hopefully hurt you less. Otherwise I am going to punish you for not following orders." Nadia finally did as Emma asked and then told her, "Now try to think happy thoughts while I finish inserting your personally made torture device."

Emma heard a whimper and something about a harem, Emma continued. She did her best to cover some of the spikes with her fingers to keep them from snagging when they entered. It didn't stop the torment Nadia felt as the ones inside of her pressed against her tender walls. Going slowly to try and get as few spikes entering at the same time, Nadia cried out a number of times. With it finally in, it seemed like Nadia was trying to push it back out.

Emma put her hand over Nadia's pussy while admonishing, "Don't you dare. Otherwise this will stay in permanently. Truth be told it is a fitting sacrifice for your Goddess. Maybe we should fit you with the larger one after this."

Nadia squeaked out a "No."

Not fully trusting Nadia, Emma had Lacey get Nadia's belt. Emma, with Lacey's help, quickly put on Nadia's belt. With the same handheld device she used with Lacey, Emma entered her code and thumbprint. With that finished, she locked the front cover before finally standing back up.

It was clear Nadia had been crying as her eyes were red and her make-up was streaked in places. Emma asked if she was alright and Nadia responded that it hurt. Emma nodded before offering to remove it but Nadia declined for now. Emma gave Nadia a brief kiss and groped one of the large breasts. Emma then made sure both were locked in the worshiper chains with Nadia still quite exposed and Lacey in her Lolita dress. Giving them both a smile, Emma turned back towards the audience and took back the microphone.

"Thank you for your patience everyone. I hope most of you enjoyed that little presentation as it's time to formally introduce my two newest worshipers. As mentioned they are instrumental in today's event and would be the organizers and likely the management of whatever comes in the future should this persist. As with tradition, they both will be renamed by me as I had done with the others. Let me introduce you to Testis," Emma announced as she looked over at Nadia. She then looked over at Lacey, "and this one will be Ovary."

There was plenty of noise from the crowd. Her latest worshipers seemed both surprised and shocked as they blushed at the announcement. Emma decided to answer two of the main questions that were being shouted out from multiple people in the crowd.

"No, I will not be adding any more worshipers today. As to why I named them as I did, that is more complex. They wish to start something new or give birth to the idea. Testis had a nickname that reminded me of something similar but it was not a name I gave her so she needed a proper one for her Goddess. As Ovary is her other half in this endeavor, hers seemed to be appropriate while matching her desires. And I am aware of the irony of naming them as I did instead of the other way around. That is the will of a goddess, my will. Now let's quickly get a volunteer to suffer in the other contraption on stage and move to what you have actually been waiting for."

As Testis was finishing announcing how things would work Emma took her seat on her temporary throne to relax for the brief time she could. Unworthy, who still looked amazing in the outfit, came over to check on her. Emma had already checked on Kit to ensure she was alright after she had taken care of setting up the volunteer. Emma took her time to rehydrate as she was waiting when she decided to ask, "Do you wish our roles were reversed?"

Unworthy smiled as she responded, "At times. Most of the time I am a coward and wouldn't have let myself in this position. It is harder than I expected even with the limitations in place. I deserve far worse and you have been good in your role so far. As much as this was supposed to be temporary role-play for just the first night, it has also been refreshing. I definitely look forward to the future scenes with you."

Emma smiled and said, "Maybe I should be pushing you more."

Unworthy was looking out at the crowd with an expressionless face, "Maybe. Our roles will be reversed hopefully soon anyway even if only temporarily."

There was a little more to the exchange as Testis finished and the audience participation started. On exchanging their keys, the guests were presented a voucher of sorts that they could use that day or at the next one at the end of the cruise. A seat was provided for Unworthy not far from Emma. The audience started splitting to do various things including the line forming in front of Emma and Unworthy.

Emma did her best to be attentive to the various guests. It was definitely harder as it dragged into hours. The incessant amount of propositions she turned down were overwhelming but expected. There were far more men than women but also less surprising. Foot worshiping was the go to for most though many wanted access to kiss various parts of her body including her chastity devices underneath her see through dress.

There were bits of brief conversation with each one. It was often interesting when a dominant joined. The interactions were kept short to get through the many in line. Though there were a couple interactions that caught Emma’s attention and not always for the best.

A blonde woman in a tiny white bikini that hardly hid any of her suntanned skin. She didn't even have any tan lines. Her long legs and large breasts, that were similar in size to Emma’s, helped exaggerate her body proportions. It was something Emma would usually be envious of especially compared to her bigger frame. This woman was used to carrying herself above others if the crown on her head and consistently snarling face gave any indication, especially as she looked over Emma.

The taller man next to her was covered about as much as her. The bright orange speedo, which some would classify as neon orange, stood out from the darker than chocolate skin. Clearly he was trying to show off as the speedo barely contained his package. Emma barely gave it a glance after catching his smarmy yet predatory grin. Emma decided to keep her attention towards their faces as their physical assets were not enough to let Emma drop her guard.

The man whispered to the blonde who then yanked on the leash before shouting, "Piggy, announce us."

Emma was a bit surprised by the woman who walked out from behind them. She looked similar to Nadia in body type. Plenty of extra weight that was redistributed because of the corset portion of her maid outfit. She was a freckled ginger despite being bald as her eyebrows were her only noticeable hair. This was the biggest contrast compared to the goth looking Latina besides their eye color.

Two hooks pulled up her nose while pushing it into her face, creating a more pig-like presence. Cords pulling the hooks went between her eyes, over her head, and likely attached to the back of her collar. Her collar was quite wide but not quite a posture collar though the cords pulled it up higher on her neck.

The maid outfit seemed pretty traditional and classic in both style and colors. Thick petticoats left the skirt to flare. Emma was surprised by the lack of stockings or tights. But not as surprised as the ballet boots locked around her feet and ankles. She had clearly been wearing them for awhile as she appeared more adept at wearing them then Emma.

"Greetings Unicorn Goddess," the bald maid said with a curtsy. "May I present to you King Derrick, the Endowed, and Queen Jennifer, the Gloriously Gifted Bombshell. They have questions for you, your holiness."

Emma felt they thought a little too much of themselves as she looked at the maid as she responded, "They can ask after you decide on what you want as I assume you are wearing the belt since they clearly are not."

"Just get down and worship her feet. You barely deserve that," the blonde said as she smacked the backside of the maids ass with a wooden paddle.

"No hands, only your mouth."

Landing another thudding smack with the paddle, "While no one wants to see your disgustingly fat piggy ass, you know it belongs in the air. So useless. Should have brought Carol."

Derrick spoke up, "Enough with Carol already. She's been gone for months including most of the others. Only Piggy is left. Maybe it's time to get rid of her too and move on. There are even options here."

Emma watched as Piggy's behind took another swat from the paddle. Piggy cried out at her feet. Emma reached down to try and comfort her.

"I'm not done punishing her for what she did to me… but maybe we can look for some new maids. I might need some extra convincing," said the woman Emma was internally calling Bitchy Barbie aka double B, before double B turned to kiss the man next to her.

"Time's up. Next guest," announced the person keeping time for Emma.

"We are not done. We didn't ask our questions," exclaimed double B.

Emma was already standing up trying to help the struggling Piggy get back up. Emma was keenly aware of the difficulty of wearing ballet boots and trying to stand up while wearing them. She was trying to ignore the obnoxious woman but that didn't likely to work.

"Hey. I said we are not done."

Emma finished helping up Piggy before responding, "We are. I had more than a hundred people before you that followed the directions given. I have plenty more in line waiting who will also. You don't get special treatment. Plus she is the one in the belt and deserving of my attention. There will be other opportunities to ask me questions later in the cruise."

Emma grabbed the end of Piggy's leash and held it out, "Enjoy the rest of your trip."

Double B lunged forward to snag the leash, "You are nothing. Not even remotely special. You can't even compare to me."

Emma internally revised her name as she answered, "We finally agree on something, triple B."

Emma turned to head back to her throne. There was a bit of shouting with the mention of peasants and slaves but Emma didn't care at that point. She was surprised to see Unworthy so close as it was like she was coming towards her. Except Unworthy went past her and then there was a light thud followed by another soon after.

Emma turned and noticed everyone still standing as she saw Unworthy looking down at something. A shoe, specifically a flip flop apparently from the once again revised quadruple B. Emma didn't know whether to be shocked or laugh that she had a shoe thrown at the back of her head by such a petty person. She guessed that was one way to escalate things. She must have been out of gloves or something else.

Unworthy announced, "Assaulting or attempting to assault another person, guest or employee, will get you removed from the ship."

"No one is talking to you, you pointless pet worshiper. You don't get to say anything or tell me what to do."

Unworthy went to take a step forward but Emma grabbed her and whispered, "This is my mess to clean up. If it escalates to the point you need to step in, I will let you out of your belt."

Emma bent down to grab the shoe as she spoke more, "Is this a souvenir for me of our illustrious meeting, quadruple B?"

"No, give it back. And stop with your stupid names or whatever it is you are doing."

"I will do both once you apologize, bitchy bimbo Barbie bully."

"What did you just call me?"

"I didn't stutter but if you need me to explain it along with the half dozen or so other B names I have for you, I will do it after this event."

"I'm not apologizing to you."

"Excellent, I don't want you to apologize to me. I want you to apologize to everyone else for disrupting and disrespecting their time and enjoyment. And before your over inflated ego says something stupid again, let me help you understand things so you can hopefully make an informed choice. In the end I will even help you out if you do the right thing.

“I don't have time to explain everything so I will stick to the relevant things. Starting with everything in the public areas of the ship are monitored and recorded. That means this incident is being watched by guests and staff right now as well as will be available to be watched later. That goes for everything done in public from the past to the future.

“Personally I am a bit embarrassed by this whole situation and maybe you will be too once you calm down. It also likely means security is on its way and that could get messy.

“Without consent neither you nor I have the authority to do much on this ship. What you can do elsewhere is different, I suppose. But there is definitely one person here who does have authority to make decisions especially when someone is breaking the rules or disturbing guests and such. I would start apologizing to her first. I assume you were uninformed as to who she is or you wouldn't have disrespected her the way you did."

B's brows furrowed as Emma spoke. Soon after Emma paused, she began laughing as she came to a realization.

"What are you laughing at?"

Emma stopped long enough to respond, "Oh. It's just the first time I met her, she was role-playing a queen. We didn't get along at first for a much different reason. So I should really steer clear of all the queens on the ship to hopefully reduce the unnecessary drama.

Now you were wrong as to her being pointless and my pet. The other who is locked up is essentially my pet by choice. As far as pointless, she was any but. She is a symbol meant to represent the worst in many ways. So congratulations on achieving something I didn't expect to happen. You outdid her and I almost feel like she is involuntarily promoted.

But make no doubt, above all else that I am aware of on this ship, she is invested in the ship's success and happiness of the guests. So you should really consider apologizing to her and the guests before things get further out of hand and get more embarrassing and messy. Though I would be down for a messy exhibition, like a mud wrestling match."

"You're a disgusting peasant bitch."

Emma stole a page from Nadia's book as she started bouncing up and down clapping, "I got a B name. Does that mean we're friends now? Oh wait, lovers?"

"I hate you."

"Awwa. There goes all the fun again. Guess it's time then. Can someone grab me the microphone?"

"I'm not apologizing to you, bitch."

"Duh, bitchy Barbie. We already agreed about that. It is everyone else you should consider.

The two stared at each other until the microphone arrived.

Emma started out speaking, "Excuse me for the interruption. Hopefully in the next few minutes we will get back on track for those waiting but a couple of announcements need to be made.

I want to apologize to everyone who came here expecting more and better from me. That leads me to want to help set up a support group for all those currently have, as well as those who will have issues with me. Don't want any group to feel left out. There are plenty of services here to help so I am attempting to be proactive. So for those that hate me, believe I am a homewrecking cunt, or even the vastly popular 'you are nothing and you are not special.' It honestly doesn't matter the reasoning. The opportunity to meet like minded people and hopefully find peace and happiness and enjoy the rest of this experience like I hope everyone does."

Emma looked over at the person who was seething and clearly did hate Emma. The negative vibes were definitely increasing but Emma just couldn't care because she knew nothing she did now would satisfy this woman. She needed to get things going so she offered one last chance.

"Anything you wish to say or add?" asked Emma.

"Fu…" she started blurting as a dark hand covered her mouth. She fought to remove it as garbled nonsense came out.

Derrick finally spoke up, "We are sorry for the inconvenience and hope you all enjoy your time here."

With one hand over her mouth, he wrapped his other arm around her waist and picked up the flailing woman who now lost her other shoe. Her bikini top had shifted, spilling out her breasts that weren't really covered anyways.

Emma spared a moment to pick up the other flip flop and caught up to the slower moving Piggy. Handing them over, Piggy thanked her. Despite Emma asking if there was anything she could do, the bald maid shook her head and tried to catch up to avoid a worse fate than what was coming.

Emma sighed before speaking back into the microphone, "King Derrick, the Endowed, and Queen Jennifer, the Gloriously Gifted Bombshell, for those interested. I hear they are looking for more maids.

Once again I am sorry for the interruption, let's get back to the fun and enjoy the experience."

Emma was met by a few people including Unworthy. She let them know she was fine as she put her focus on the people who came to see her. Thankfully everything else seemed to go rather smoothly besides somehow managing to tear more of her dress. She wasn't going to let someone or a dress that showed everything anyway ruin her day.

The event came to a close. Despite the stress, Emma enjoyed herself and met plenty of nice people. She refused to let herself dwell on the negative moments this time. The Unicorn Goddess received plenty of thank yous and answered a few more questions from the guests before she prepared to meet up with the last few people before she left.

That started with removing the male guest she bound on stage before moving to Kit. Removing the clothespins was fun especially for Kit who allowed her to whip off a large swath of them before individually picking off the rest. The mewls Kit made only turned Emma on. She made Kit sit as she checked on her with Unworthy nearby once she released her.

Testis had also come over to Emma with a few minor things which worked for Emma. That gave Emma a chance to ask about using Testis' dungeon for a party which only got the bubbly goth cheering and bouncing up and down. Emma couldn't help but watch her massive chest and the chains she was still wearing flip around. She also inquired about getting her to make a belt for Janice and a few other things.

Emma still had to turn down talking about the device that was being made for her with others around. She did find that Testis was struggling with hers but didn't want it removed. She needed the information by experiencing it. Emma was definitely of two minds at the thought of what her own experience would be like.

Emma put Kit's chains back on before the four of them made their way over to Ovary to ensure things were good. And for Emma to give her Lolita worshiper a goodbye along with Testis. She left the two behind as she made her way to her next target.

Upon reaching the next destination, there was still quite the line. Her slut had been a hit as she was currently getting drilled in her mouth and ass. Her eyes were glazed over and Emma checked with the person watching over her. While Emma wanted to talk and tease her Slut a bit, she chose not to interrupt her suitors as they used her various holes. Emma did make sure that no more were allowed to queue beyond those already waiting.

She made it to her final destination she hoped as she had no desire to see Greg and Macy.

There was still a sizable crowd buying various items. Tramp and a number of other helpers were manning the booth and taking care of customers. She didn't see Janice but she could have been busy with other things. Tramp had eventually noticed her and with a smile, signaled her head towards the back.

Emma found Janice splayed out sitting in a chair with her head leaning back on a display case. Her eyes appeared to be shut allowing Emma to sneak up on her. She was clearly sleeping as Emma hiked up her dress and stepped over to straddle her unconscious victim. Janice's head shot up as Emma’s thighs touched Janice's thighs as she mounted her lap. Emma was quick enough to grab the sides of Janice's head so they didn't headbutt each other. They were face to face as Emma leaned her chest forward causing a yelp from Janice.

With a sadistic smile on her face, Emma said, "My damsel is slacking off. I wonder how I should punish her more?"

Emma rubbed her metal covered breasts over Janice's clamped nipples causing more yelps as she tried to squirm away while trying to say, "Please! No more. It's too much."

"What's too much?"

"All of it. Please take it off."

"Is it causing serious issues or are you just expecting this villainess to show you mercy?"

Janice just whimpered so Emma continued, "I will take off the nipple clamps but the rest of it stays on until after dinner. But understand whether I do this now or later, it will hurt and I hope you scream especially as I rub the blood and the feeling back into them."

Janice continued to whimper but Emma created some space so they were no longer rubbing their chests together.

"Put your hands on my waist and don't move them until I say you can or I'll put them back on."

Once Janice's hands were in place, Emma quickly grabbed one of the nipple clamps. She squeezed the clamp so it would open up causing Janice to briefly scream. Most likely by reflex, Janice's hands left Emma’s hips causing the chains Janice wore to rattle. Emma let go causing the clamp to re-engage the sensitive nipple.

The sounds coming from Janice made Emma smile. This was pretty tame as to what she could do. While she fed her masochistic side plenty and wasn't adverse to this type of treatment on herself, she also liked to let out her sadistic side when opportunities arise. She knew that even though this would be a minor thing for her, she also knew not everyone had her pain tolerance.

"Hands back or they stay on until after dinner."

Janice was trying to control herself as her eyes teared a bit and her lip trembled. She didn't look at Emma but her hands slowly slid along the sides.

Emma restarted the process of removing the clamp and then rubbed Janice's nipple through her top. Emma continued enjoying all the noises whether it was pain or pleasure. Once she was satisfied with the first, she moved to the second repeating the same process with similar results. By the time she was finished, she scooted back forcing Janice's hands off of her as she attacked the sore, erect nipples with her mouth even if there was fabric in the way.

There were a few sniffles when Emma finished and asked, "Was it that bad?"

"No Lady Chastity. I–I was unprepared for what you did with the belt. I haven't been so worn out while being satiated and frustrated at the same time. Normally the clamps are not bad but yeah… I can't even process much besides feeling sore and exhausted."

"If you are okay and want more, things will most likely escalate. I still owe you a walk and plan to also drag you into the dungeon. I'm going to bring the masochist in you, out."

Janice's face went white as the blood rushed out.

"Don't act like we both don't want it."


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