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by bentbliss

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Part 16. Something About Mary

Emma found herself in the shower but not alone. The petite, adolescent-looking Kit was suspended by the manacles in the shower. Her legs draped over Emma’s shoulder with Emma’s face buried in her kitten's kitty. Emma was sure Kit was truly mewling over the pleasure she was receiving.

Emma wasn't the only one pleasuring Kit in the shower. Janice had been waiting for them along with Ophelia when they returned to the suite. Though Ophelia hadn't joined them, Janice's face was buried in Kit's backside, her tongue buried inside the tight ring of her outer sphincter. Lady Chastity was still taking control of her damsel. 

Kit's thighs squeezed tighter as she tried to shove her pussy further into Emma’s face. Emma felt the convulsions to match the screaming wail as Kit's juices forcefully exited onto Emma’s face. Emma slapped her kitten's bottom as she used her own hands to grab Kit's ass to help drive face further into Kit. Emma didn't let up as she stimulated Kit through the orgasm and beyond.

Emma had finished with Kit and was letting her down from her suspension when she heard the faint sound of the door chimes over the water running. She figured it was her outfit being delivered and that she should get out soon. But part of her still wanted to play. She had finally given Kit some attention she deserved. They had gone straight to dinner after the event. She ended up having her collar delivered there as Kit was in no shape, despite her complaints, to continue walking in the ballet boots. Her pet's feet and legs got some much needed rest during dinner. 

Emma was thankful for a normal dinner if giving oral to her guests for dessert was truly considered normal. At least there was no drama and things were pretty tame if unremarkable. The trip back to the suite was mildly faster after the rest. She had considered carrying her pet but her own heels were perilously thin compared to normal and left Emma a bit more focused on her own steps at times.

Emma’s focus came back to the present with Kit hugging her metal clad waist thanking her. The steaming hot water pelted them from both sides. She made her decision as she smirked at her lovely damsel who was staring back at her.

"It's your turn," Emma announced to Janice. "Lock yourself up."

Emma waited, peeling her pet off of her as Janice cuffed herself with the manacles over her head. She directed Kit behind Janice as she went to the wall and hit the button. Janice's body stretched, eventually she was on her toes until even they lost traction. Emma left her suspended a few inches off the ground before making her way back in front. 

She stroked Janice's slit, causing her to plead, "Please, Emma. No more. I am too sore down there."

Emma slapped Janice's breast as she chastised, "That is Lady," she slapped the other, "Chastity to you. Would you rather be put back in chastity?"

"Sorry Lady Chastity," Janice sullenly answered. It was clear as she bit her lip that she was considering chastity. 

"Spread your legs. Kit, help her hold them open."

Emma turned and adjusted the shower head. She changed the setting until a more powerful stream of water shot out of it. She manipulated the shower head until the stream peppered her pearl. Janice screamed out and tried to move and wriggle out of its path.

"Hold still and suffer for me now or I'll make it much worse."

Emma listened to her whimpers and readjusted Janice's body until it was back in place. Emma moved in back towards the other shower head and finished cleaning. 

While finishing, she instructed Kit, "Keep her facing that way until I am done and out of the room. Return the favor of a rimjob. When I leave you can turn her towards you and give her two orgasms. Turn her back around and be sure that the water is punishing her sensitive button in between orgasms and continue your rimjob. When both orgasms are finished you can let her go. Both of you finish cleaning up. You both better be done for further instructions before I leave."

Emma found herself with just a towel wrapped around her as she exited the bathroom. She stopped at the sight of another person talking to Ophelia with Dolly nearby. She couldn't quite see Ophelia through bluish-white beauty with her back to her. Silence permeated for a moment as she watched the white hair with a faint bluish tint cascade down to her lower back. It ended just above a lovely posterior. Her eyes may have been deceiving her as it seemed like the dress was shifted or at least the colors but she knew that derriere. She had fantasized and drooled over it plenty.

Emma had lost her towel at some point as she felt it down around her feet. She was once again exposed in all her glory as her chastity belt was a part of her now. Six sets of eyes were on her frozen form if you counted Dolly's painted eye cameras as her head was even turned towards Emma. Ophelia was peeking around the side of the woman standing in front of her.

Speaking of frozen, Emma found herself looking into the gray eyes of the other turned head. A smirk crept across the blue lips. Her face was paler than usual but likely to match her outfit. There were some glittery or reflective markings that gave Emma the impression of icicles. Her blue eyeshadow nearly matched the color of the tips of the front strands of her hair. The silver-ish crown was adorned by white and blue gems.

It took Emma extra effort not to groan at being in the presence of another queen. She was zero for two in initial interactions with queens so far this trip including one earlier this afternoon. But it was her. She needed a better outcome. She would endure whatever to please this one.

The dress itself kept trying to pull Emma’s attention. Even as the woman fully turned and moved towards Emma, the distraction became more pronounced. The off the shoulder design plunged deep to just below her breast line leaving ample cleavage. What Emma originally thought was her mind playing tricks on her, turned out that the dress was changing colors. In ways it felt like it was alive. The whites, light and soft blues and greens, some slightly darker blues, it was like watching light reflecting off of ice.

"Ice Queen," Emma muttered as she stood there as the woman of her deepest desires calmly strode towards her.

"Mmhmm, my current persona with this lovely outfit. I know you have been fishing for a special title to call me but this isn't it as all those who see me in this will just as likely call me it. No, I wish to postpone the Ice Queen moniker until we leave here."

She grabbed Emma’s left hand and kissed the back of it after she lifted it. Emma in her stunned state watched the gray eyes look at her again. The blue lips parted slightly at her formed smile. Emma was trying not to get lost in her beauty.

"Let me reintroduce myself. I am Mary Iris Lily Keys, legally these days. But for the remainder of our time in this suite this evening, I wish you to address me as Mary. It may not seem like much but very few know my name and even fewer call me by it."

There was a giggle from Ophelia and she said, "MILK."

Mary turned to Ophelia, "Yes, those are my initials. Better than my birth name initials I suppose. Though when we officially change yours, we will come up with a fun acronym since you seem to enjoy them. Maybe start with finding names that match with CUNT."

It was Ophelia's turn to stare back in shock.

Mary quickly added, "I'm just kidding. You will find Mary's personality is much similar to Emma’s. Though I can get more than two words out at a time."

As a rebuttal, Emma said, "I can speak more than two words."

"Oh my so you can. Glad you joined us finally. We should start getting you dressed as well while we talk. That is part of why I am here. I promised that I would let you get to know me more. Though the two of you should stick to my early years for now as there will be other times to learn about Miss Keys. Probably should finish drying you off first."

Ophelia came over and grabbed the towel and started rubbing it over Emma’s body as a loud shriek came from the bathroom behind her.

Emma spoke after it died down, "I assume she just had her first orgasm or was being turned around after and a stream of hot water was pelting her oversensitive clit now."

Another yelp helped Emma to likely confirm that was her being turned to the stream of water. She explained to the others that there would be another orgasm after they finished this and then they should be out.

Emma got back to the question she was about to ask, "Was Mary your original name?"

Mary thoughtfully answered, "It is a derivative of my original name. My nickname really. It's what everyone called me unless I was in trouble with my parents. And since you will ask, my birth name was Marigold Iris Lily Flowers. Yes I know my initials were MILF. Unfortunately I would never be a mother at least in a normal fashion. And while I am old enough to be both your mothers, I never got around to it through other means. Not that I wanted to for most of my life."

"I'm sorry. Do you regret not having any children?"

"It's more complicated than that. As I am getting older, I contemplate my legacy and what it means. Needless to say I have left a trail of pain and suffering behind me for various reasons. Those who have been closest and hurt me through their own actions have suffered the worst fates and not always by my hand."

"Like beta?"

"Yes, she was just the first and you know that I am still punishing her to this day. I still think you two should consider your desire for me. Make sure it is real and you really want it because I don't have a positive history with those who got too close and betrayed me in the end. That doesn't mean others weren't open and honest and we mutually parted on good enough terms. This isn't my way of pushing you away, just clarity again of how things have gone so far. If I didn't have my own interest, I wouldn't be here. I just don't know what type of relationship will develop if any. Now let's get back to the more awkward and embarrassing portions of my youth."

They started asking and discussing Mary's past. Noises from the bathroom periodically escaped. Emma herself felt like a play doll as the other two doted over her and played dress up with her. As per usual Mary didn't hold back when she laced the waist cìncher around Emma. 

“… ran into the hamper trying to hide while still wearing my mum’s favorite lingerie and heels. It didn't work out too well as the heels were sticking out and a dead give away. I…"

The door to the bathroom opened up, interrupting the story. Janice first appeared followed by Kit. Kit, as expected, was shamelessly wearing her birthday suit. Her piercings and tattoos were on full display. Janice on the other hand was dressed as she usually was which likely were the same ones from the afternoon. 

Emma felt a bit of a scowl on her face which seemed to cause Janice to say, "I don't mean to interrupt. I should be going."

"Some place you need to go or do?"

"No, Emma."

"Lady Chastity as you are in my lair still," Emma said before looking over to Mary and asking, "Are you good with her sticking around a bit?"

A predatory smile christened Mary's face while she stepped towards her prey.

"We are friends, aren't we, Janny?" 

Janice nodded while Mary reached out and caressed her face.

"Anything that happens in here stays between us unless we all agree to allow it to become public. And we won't hurt you too much. Maybe. If that would be too much you are free to go."

Emma watched Janice tremble. A big part of her wanted to be in Janice's shoes under that gaze again. She needed to play her part though considering she started this. Though she hoped her night, technically it would be morning, would end under Mary's lash or something equally punishing or worse. 

"You're terrified of me even though we are friends," Mary received another nod. "I think the two of us are long overdue for a private session."

Janice let out a whimper.

"Oh don't be so dramatic. It would be quite consensual. I would respect your limits and you would get your Tormentrix fantasy fulfilled. You do have that fantasy don't you?"

Emma wasn't sure if Janice was about to run. She saw Janice swallow as her eyes locked in a sense of terror. She shivered yet nodded her head in affirmation. 

Mary lightly dragged her nails up Janice's thigh starting just above the knee. Soft moans escaped Janice's lips especially as she got closer to her pelvic region. The wet patch forming on the tiny strip of denim gave away her excitement. 

"Well those who came up with the name barely felt what I could do. It was pretty low end in pain but not intensity. I think you could handle significantly more. And no I won't come close to what I did to Emma or is that Lady Chastity now. She was also properly named by her Princess when she was called a unicorn. 

Though fearing me is wise, you should not forget the two behind me have shown traces of their sadistic streak. One is officially training under me and the other seems to already have you where she wants. It would be a loss to miss out on this opportunity. 

Unfortunately we have engagements this evening so this will be short and we need to finish getting Lady Chastity ready. So what will it be, Janny?" Mary finished while stroking the denim covered mound.

"I–I want to stay."

Mary stepped away and nodded to Emma who took back over.

"As I said you are in my lair. There are two other villainesses along with two minions. You lost your chance to escape. Now you belong to us until we let you go, if ever.

I didn't give you permission to get dressed. I'll be nice and give you three minutes to strip everything off."


"Two and a half minutes now."

While Janice frantically undressed, Emma gave Kit and Dolly instructions for what they were to do with Janice. 

Emma was dressed in the sense she had what she constituted as clothes on. The waist cincher, dress, and heels were the majority of it besides a couple accessories to still come. The dress was designed and unique like Mary's. The difference was instead of being an ice queen, Emma was deep space. 

The initial dress was deep, dark purple, nearly black. It didn't seem as interesting as Mary's until they got it on. Apparently her body heat activated whatever caused it to seemingly come alive. Little balls of light faintly showed up in different colors all over the dress. They appeared to be distant stars. Over time a star may burst as if it exploded. Other times a darker patch seemingly drew in the star until it was engulfed and sucked into the void potentially destroying it, Emma imagined. There were other effects going on though she ended up occupied, keeping her from exploring the various things that ended up displayed on her body.

The style of the dress was different as well. Instead of off the shoulder like Mary's. Her sleeveless dress had a high thick neck, almost like it had a built in collar. It had been tailored to her body as it was form-fitting. From neck to ankle it covered her completely while accentuating her curves except the opening near her chest. The circular patterned hole allowed the contrast of her flesh versus the dark dress while providing ample cleavage. Her chastity belt outline was clearly visible. 

They started working on preparing Emma for wearing the wig. It was black with purplish tint and unlike Mary’s wig, it was shoulder length. By the time they finished getting it set on Emma, Mary had given another story and Kit was back, waiting.

Emma still had her makeup to go but she wanted to take care of Kit and get Janice started.

She started with Kit, “You are not to wear your ballet boots until tomorrow afternoon. If whatever you decide to do requires a uniform, you will wear it. Otherwise you will stay as you are now except you will wear shoes other than your ballet boots. If that is your maid shoes, then so be it. You will do your best to enjoy yourself and remember what I told you earlier about making your choice or choices." 

Emma petted her head and asked if the others had anything to add. Ophelia mentioned many of the same things in a different way but added that she wanted to hear all about it later. She even gave Kit a kiss as she finished.

Mary added in by saying, "You can trust Zell. He takes care of those who work for him including his volunteers which includes you. If there is an issue, he will take care of it. Don't be afraid to tell him no matter the problem. And don't be surprised if he shows interest in you. You are not required to placate his advances as he follows consent like the rest of us. You are your own anomaly as much as these other two. An unattached complete submissive with a unique look is highly sought after by many including Zell. As the others said, enjoy yourself, little one."

Ophelia helped Kit by ensuring she wore her shoes and walked her to the door. She apparently stopped by Janice on the way back if the squeals were an indicator. 

Mary had brought the make-up for Emma along with the rest of the outfit. She had also decided she would do Emma’s make-up as well. This left Emma without much to do as she sat there except let her mind drift. When Ophelia came back, there was another story by Mary.

"As I mentioned earlier, by the time puberty hit, I was discovering my masochistic side. I believe it was my early teens when I finally convinced a boy to tie me to a tree. I was basically hugging that tree in just my knee highs and saddle shoes. I had prepared a half a dozen switches beforehand. I had promised him if he whipped me until I begged him for sex that we would, right there where we played. Unfortunately for him, by the time he broke the third one over me, he was too exhausted to hit me anymore and wanted to stop. 

Despite the welts and my skin being broken in a few places, I was revved up horny teenager. So I made him a deal to switch places. If he could handle me using the last three switches on him without quitting, we could still have sex. 

I didn’t even redress after I tied him to the tree and really only dropped his pants and underwear so he was still far more covered than me. I took a few practice swings and I'd be lying if I said I didn’t aim for my breasts right after. It felt so good that I wanted more but the target in front of me was waiting. 

It only took a few swings and he was bawling his head off begging me to stop. But I was just getting started and highly aroused. I didn’t know about consent back then so I kept going. His screams were enough to attract the attention of his friends. 

I panicked and grabbed my clothes and ran deeper into the wooded area. I still had the switch in my hand using that arm to block my face. My other arm held my clothes near my waist so my breasts and below my waist were exposed to random branches and other things as I ran through. My body was marked on the front though not as much as my back. To make matters worse I was sweating and it went into the open wounds causing some extra stinging. 

When I did stop, I was tired but still heavily aroused especially between the thrill of what happened and the pain. I still had the switch in my hand and an itch between my legs. I dropped my clothes and swung towards my lower lips. There were two problems. I couldn't get a good aim to get a solid enough hit to make it enjoyable. And the switch was cracked and breaking apart. I was highly disappointed I didn’t have one of the unused ones. So I took to aiming at my breasts again. It would have been better if someone else was doing it. My other hand got busy lower until my itch was scratched. After that I got dressed and went home. Definitely had to clean my uniform and myself."

Mary had finished Emma’s make-up and stopped fussing over her before the story ended but no one seemed to want to interrupt.

Ophelia beat Emma to it asking if anything happened after that with the boy.

It turned out he had rubbed himself raw against the tree until he started bleeding. Rumors also suggested he ejaculated fucking a tree. He avoided her every time they saw each other after. Fortunately her family moved away not long after. She had fantasies of his friends taking revenge and tying her up to the tree, taking turns punishing her. Though she had no desire to be raped so it stayed a fantasy.

With the story over, the entertainment moved to the damsel in the other room. Janice was hung by her ankles from the suspension bar. Her wrists were locked to opposing elbows behind her back. Dolly was on her knees in front of Janice slowly swinging her back and forth towards her impaling Janice's throat. Hidden between Janice and Dolly, initially, were nipple clamps with weights suspended from them hanging down towards Janice's head. 

"Seems you have officially filled all our holes today with something long and hard that provided you pleasure," Emma commented. 

"How about a quick lesson?" Mary suggested as she moved to grab a flogger.

With that she showed them techniques and allowed the two of them to practice on the exposed damsel while giving them tips. Emma and Mary limited themselves compared to Ophelia with them being dressed up and leaving soon. When they finished, they released Janice but Emma only allowed her to wear her shoes.

Mary pulled out two pairs of gloves that matched hers and Emma’s outfit. Their body heat eventually started the same reaction as the dresses. Once they both had the opera length gloves on they were ready to head out.

Emma had a couple things she wanted to ask before they left in case they were things Mary wanted kept private. First she asked about Dolly as Emma had heard mentions about a few things.

"Dolly's situation is far more complex than we have time for. But I can give some basics. The person in the suit designed it. Some things went on just before and during the installation of the suit. This inevitably didn’t go well and significant damage was done to the person underneath. So much so that removing the suit would likely kill her or cause tremendously more pain than she constantly endures. Her mind is computer driven since the suit was put on but we believe the real mind is still there. We have caught glimpses of its activity. I have had people working on her for years and we have fixed some things and improved her quality of life including her pain levels. Unfortunately we don't know enough to fix it anymore than what we have and the best person to ask is locked inside and unable to get out."

"Did you know Dolly before she became Dolly?"

"No. That story is even far more complex. I had met Dolly's lover/fiancée a couple years after Dolly's disappearance. She was distraught and looking for punishment. She craved pain probably in a very unhealthy way but we developed a symbiotic relationship in which we both gained what we desired from each other. At the same time I was looking into finding Dolly for her. Eventually I found a lead and worked it until I found Dolly. I have been doing my best to fix her and give her a comfortable life if possible. You probably don't realize that nearly every touch you give her sends an electrical current through her body. Most of it is centered in an area proportional to the body part touched. Her three holes are different as stimulation to them affects all her erogenous areas. The more her holes are filled the greater the intensity."

Both Emma and Ophelia gasped, likely from the guilt of the various things they had done to Dolly. 

"Don't feel bad. Once we got her pain levels under control, she wanted the stimulation. I think it helps her feel more alive as the suit really does make her a doll and she will likely never know human contact on her flesh again. If anything, she is eager for attention. Her own touches don't even trigger it for whatever reason. 

"What happened to Dolly's fiancée?"

"She is living out her contract to someone else. That person will likely never release her anyway. While she has pledged herself to me once again to help me help Dolly, it likely won't happen even if she was released. She shattered my trust yet she is still critical to helping Dolly. Dolly reacts more when she is around. Though that usually means it overloads her and shuts her down. I can't explain how any of that works as it is above my knowledge and I have many smarter people working on it."

"She isn't around then?"

"I didn't say that but at the same time access to her is limited. Plus I don't let her visit Dolly on the cruise as it can interfere with the guests' time with her. Depending on what you do later in the cruise, you may meet her. Let's move on from that now."

"Can I kiss you?" Emma asked. 

Mary stepped forward to Emma, not unlike what she usually does when she teased Unworthy. 

"A younger me likely would have teased you for a bit before mounting you right here. But now, you have yet to earn that right to know my kiss besides from my whip other than that greeting on the back of your hand. That is truly the only kiss that matters these days. Well I don't mind you kissing my feet or occasionally my covered ass. But also I just put forth the effort to do your make-up, I will not ruin it yet. Also you desire and deserve punishment later, first and foremost."

Emma could feel Mary's breath as she spoke each word. It took more control than she expected to not lean in and kiss her anyway. So the disappointment hit like a brick when Mary turned away and kissed the maid who had been watching with an intense longing. Part of her brain questioned if Unworthy felt this way when she did similar things to her. It was a bit soul crushing. Her stomach twisted in knots.

Mary released Ophelia from the kiss. Even Janice's cheeks were a bit flush after the display. Mary announced it was time to head out if there were no questions. But there was another question asked.

"What are these outfits and how do they do this?"

"I know less than you think about them, but it is something we can discuss on the way."

Both Janice and Ophelia were leaving with them and they would be heading in the same direction for part of the way. Dolly was left to recharge and relax. 

The other two split off not long into their walk to their various destinations. There was idle chatter up until then and Emma asked again about the dresses once she was alone with Miss Keys. 

Miss Keys explained, "The dresses are a collaboration of Sir Jerry and some of his contemporaries. They don't fit his show, leading him to ask me if there would be high profile guests here in attendance. They had four dresses to display. While there were options, when you mentioned you wanted to see a show before doing one it was a no-brainer. You have no idea how excited he was that you as well as I would be wearing two of them on his opening night. The only thing he would have wanted more would be us on the catwalk."

"You were planning to wear one when he offered?"

"I wasn't planning to but with you doing so it was a bit of an opportunity and I hadn't done anything like this for him in awhile. I had to find others as well. One of the others I asked, I was surprised that she agreed. She had been keeping a low profile as to being here. And we have a few influencers here as well and they are always looking for extras. It helps promote things to another audience."

"You know I would be fine being unnoticed and out of the spotlight."

"A little late for that. Though I could make it happen, it would be against my business nature to not use you as a resource. It's why I won't interfere with your vacation because you naturally attract the attention. It is also why I am not against helping you in order to maximize your popularity."

"I hope I am or could be at least more than that."

Miss Keys turned to Emma as they continued walking, "I wear many hats. Truthfully this is a less than ideal situation, though I imagine there is no ideal situation for me. But it is an intriguing one and I am more than willing to see what happens. And I am not taking you for granted. Whether or not a relationship of any sorts develops, you have suitors who desire you and could likely give you more than I can. It's actually harder for me as my time isn't just limited, it is desired by many just not in the way you desire it."

"What about Princess? Does she not desire you the way I do?"

"No. Not at this time at least. For now I am more of a mentor with benefits if she can get me to agree to the benefits part. She doesn't fully know what she wants long term yet as this is quite new on many levels. If anything, I imagine your relationship with her is how she would end up wanting me as well. Subservient to her and under her control."

"But…," Emma started to say, "should I be concerned?"

"Hmm. She feels she owes you so you have plenty of leeway for now. The future is more murky as she is a sponge and still developing. Her long term personality isn't set yet. My suggestion is to be honest with her. Especially now. Don't string her along if nothing is there. I know her harem idea is in full effect so you are the focal point but not solely. I am her biggest obstacle."

"I'm sorry. It's my fault as I continue to make everything harder on everyone with my pursuit of you over them. They are all lovely and many are worth giving the opportunity to. I just can't get past my obsessive attraction to you. I don't know why."

"Oh the reason is much the same as why people are attracted to you here. The main difference is my reputation and extreme bias towards sadism leaves me with a smaller pool of people to attract. And really I have been too focused on my work and my future to be interested in any. The few over the past decade who thought they wanted to, wouldn't have satiated my proclivities and would have been a disappointment. 

Also it isn't solely your fault I am an obstacle for all those intent on pursuing you. I could have nipped this in the bud and ended this from the start or anytime now. Depending on how things go over time, I still might. I have to be careful in what I do, especially since controlling myself around you is difficult. I still am wary of hope and you and Princess continue to try to overwhelm me with it. But neither of you see the scars from the previous times and the last was soul crushing. Worst is that I have to be reminded of it and deal with it constantly. Once again before you ask, Dolly's fiancée was the last one and I don't plan to elaborate anymore as to what happened for now."

“I understand. Do you plan to be subservient and under Princess’ control? And what about under mine?”

Miss Keys looked over at Emma, her face serious but she said nothing. 

“Is that a no?”

“We are not at that level in a relationship or trust to consider it yet. So in essence it is a no, at least for the time being.”

“Did you choose which dress I got or was it chosen by someone else?”

“I suggested what I would like for the two of us and they allowed it. It was something different from my norm so that is why I chose mine. You will see why soon. As for yours, well we can say it is for a number of reasons. Let’s just go with you, you are a black hole sucking all that exists towards you. And likely devouring all of it,” Mary grinned at Emma. 

They continued talking as they headed to the area of the fashion show. More people were congregating in the same direction, meaning more people talking to them on their way.

As they entered the hall, Miss Keys had Emma split off to the side with her, saying, “We have to meet the others and a quick photoshoot.”

They made their way into a room with what seemed like the media and multiple cameras. Sir Jerry with a few other people and what seemed like their assistants were near a couple of similarly dressed women to Emma but different dresses. They seemed to be chatting amongst each other with the assistants inspecting and doing last second alterations. Thankfully the attention was on the others until Miss Keys and Emma got closer before it swiftly turned to them.

"Good, good, good. Everyone is here and we can start with introductions while we ensure everyone looks great before we start," announced Sir Jerry.

As the introductions started, Emma noticed another familiar face. Lucia came up to Emma and started inspecting her as another went to Miss Keys. She was once again very businesslike though some of her touches made Emma tingle inside. She made adjustments to Emma’s dress whether shifting it slightly or straightening it among other things to get the details and look right. More measurements were taken during the process but not as comprehensive as the first time.

Emma was trying to pay attention to the introductions, especially when the two other women were being introduced.

The first was an Asian woman with greenish-blue hair. She was introduced as Harumi Yorokobi. Her dress reminded Emma of some of those scenes in movies or television of picturesque beaches. Lighter color due to shallow waters and the reflection of light from the sands and other things below the surface. Waves cascaded across her body though there was no visible land or solid surfaces to see them crash into.

The second was a Caucasian woman who looked like a living flame. While the room felt a bit warm, the dress was thankfully not radiating heat as it looked like it should. Her hair was a blend of various oranges and yellows and quite different from Miss Keys normal look. She had been introduced as Penny which was her stage name that people knew her by even though Emma didn't recognize her. Emma wasn't an avid porn watcher, though she was with a guy once who liked her watching it with him.

Before much could be said after the introductions, they were all corralled and posing for photos. Sir Jerry gave his little speech and talked about the dresses along with a few others. They continued to answer questions while Emma and the three other women were taking individual photos. Thankfully, in Emma’s mind, they were not required or expected to talk now though the after party would be a different story.

When the pre-event finished, Emma and the others were escorted to their seats. Emma sat next to Miss Keys on one side and Harumi on Emma's other side. That allowed Harumi to excitedly grab Emma’s left arm which was next to her, "I excited to meet, Unicorn Goddess. You famous here. We do things for fans later… together."

There was an interruption as someone came down the catwalk with a microphone in hand before Harumi finished adding together. Sir Jerry and a few others were introduced and after a quick speech the event began. The trumpets blared through the speakers moments before the drums and guitars kicked in. Emma quickly picked up the song and thought it was an odd choice but this wasn't a normal fashion show and things would be different. It was the opening to 'Short Skirt/Long Jacket' by Cake. It remained to be seen if it was the full version or just the instrumental like the one used for the TV series, 'Chuck.'

A boot kicked out from the curtain. The black calf length platform boot had large shiny silver buckles across the front. The platform seemed exceedingly high and the heel even more so. Black fishnets continued covering the long leg as it extended past the curtain.

With plenty of flare, the woman burst out from behind the current. Striking a pose before moving down the catwalk, Emma could definitely see she was wearing a long jacket as it reached her ankles. Though it looked to still be close to a foot off the ground due to her heeled boots. It wasn't easy to see the details until she got closer as Emma was seated at the end of the runway. Once she did get closer, Emma could see the jacket was open except the one buckle clasped over her breasts. Emma couldn't tell if she was wearing a really small top. Though she could definitely see with each stride the very short tight skirt. Her fishnets stopped mid thigh, leaving plenty of flesh between the fishnets and skirt. When she made it to the end of the runway, she struck another pose, turned, and posed with her arms above her head. Emma was pretty sure she wasn't wearing a top at this point under the jacket.

The woman was still holding her pose and not making her way back down the runway when another stepped out from behind the curtains. She also made her way down the runway. As she got closer, Emma could pick out more details of what she was wearing. Her jacket wasn't nearly as long as the others but it was definitely open, allowing the audience to see what was underneath. The dark blue corset dress was a contrast to the sparkling silver of the jacket and matching thigh high boots. 

She made it to the end of the runway with her poses and turns. Then she moved over to the other woman and buckled the jacket from top to bottom. When she finished the other woman looked more like she was wearing a dress at that point. 

It turned out that there was more than just buckles to the first jacket. There were loops in the jacket that weren't easily noticeable until her arms slid into them midsection. Her hands disappeared into what looked like pockets as her arms crossed in front of her. There must have been some straps or something that locked the hands inside. Because when the women separated, the first one struggled and her predicament made Emma think she was now in an extended straitjacket though not as tight. Though that was not the end of the jacket's features as the second woman grabbed the material above the bound arms and uncovered the first woman's perky breasts which had been barely covered by the jacket when she first came out.

The mock shock and struggle of the bound and exposed model didn’t deter the second as she opened her own jacket. As she turned and modeled it, those close enough could see various items and bulges along the inner lining. Eventually she reached in and pulled out a ball gag and put it on her intended victim. She followed up producing a pair of nipple clamps and getting some squeals as she placed them on the erect targets. A leash and riding crop were the last items pulled out. A few light swats to the exposed breasts were followed by the leash being attached to the chain connecting the nipple clamps. Soon after a few more poses and turns, the second woman led the first out by the leash.

Harumi at this point started talking to Emma between the action. Emma found out she's an influencer with a passion for shibari before discovering some of the western styles. She apparently did plenty of other content including her fascination with addictive citrus drinks which is how she took her name from a classic American drink even if it was in Japanese. Emma probably learned more about her than she intended. What was clear was she wanted Emma to create some content with her. Emma was hesitant but found out they both would be clothed if she agreed to it. Eventually Emma said she would consider it.

Emma was distracted enough by the fashion show itself. At one point, there was a train of models walking animals on leashes. The animals were humans in mostly realistic looking costumes with different proportions to match the human body. It made Emma wonder if this was her destiny in a later show. There was plenty Emma saw throughout the show she found interesting and wouldn't mind wearing.

Another distraction came in the form of Miss Keys' hand on Emma’s thigh. Even though her dress was a layer between flesh to flesh contact, it didn’t lessen Emma’s libido kicking up a notch. She caressed Emma periodically throughout the show. At times she even touched the edges of the chastity belt. Whenever Emma looked over at her, Miss Keys' focus was on the show or talking to Penny on the other side of her. 

At various points Emma tried to reciprocate and touch Miss Keys starting with her thigh but her hand was smacked away. If Emma hadn't been distracted with everything else, she would have continued making more of a game of it but quit after a few attempts. In her mind this was the foreplay to the rest of the evening, at least she truly hoped so. She was happy that she was touched by her and hoped there would be more as it felt like a step forward between the two of them.

The fashion show came to an end with Harumi still hanging on to Emma’s arm while Miss Keys removed her hand. They all stood up with Harumi asking once again, "You. I. Tie each other. Maybe do more for special fans. Please?"

Emma looked over at Miss Keys who gave her a smile but offered no input before answering, "I will think about it. I am still working out my plans for the rest of the trip. If I decide to, I am sure Miss Keys or her people will contact you. I am still not sure I want to be seen on the internet and worry if it gets seen by my family or work."

"We no show face. Use different name like Unicorn Goddess. I make sure you good."

Harumi was still hanging onto Emma’s arm looking up at Emma with her puppy dog eyes. She was considerably shorter than Emma. Actually both Harumi and Penny were about the same height and nearly a foot shorter than Emma. 

Emma nodded, not looking to commit to anything for now. 

Apparently during the show they had held people back. As the four of them were soon mobbed by some of the other guests in attendance. Each of them were battered with questions and photos, both together and separately. Thankfully it died down after not too much time but Emma was warned the afterparty will have moments like that.

Thankfully Harumi's boyfriend or whoever he was showed up with the crowd and the rest of her video team. Emma got a bit of a break. This included a trip to a private room with Miss Keys and Penny. Miss Keys sat down with Penny next to her while having Emma sit across from them. 

Emma looked at the two women who were looking back at her before saying, "I feel like a sheep with two hungry wolves circling me."

Miss Keys responded as she propped her feet on Emma’s lap, "A fair assessment. You may start by massaging my feet but only with your hands. Don't want your make-up or the dresses ruined."

Excitement filled Emma as she answered, "Yes Miss Keys," before her gloved hands got to work on the nylon covered feet in her lap.

"Oh so subdued and submissive, are you sure she is not yours?" Penny asked.

"Oh she wants to be. She even wants more than that and has a bit of competition. But don't let her demeanor fool you, she can be sassy and defiant. Dare I say she is capable of throwing a fit like a spoiled child. That is why she is currently awaiting her punishment. Not that this counts. She is desperate to touch me. 

She is a switch as well and likely fantasizes about me under her control as much as she is under mine. Though I get the feeling she would be happy to serve me in most any capacity."

Emma’s face had turned red and only got darker as the conversation went on. Truthfully she was quite turned on again by this attention and treatment. She eventually got the nerve to speak up again.

"I assume there is more to this respite. I'm not trying to be rude but I will guess there is something you want from me," Emma said to Penny.

Penny smiled at Emma as she answered, "I know this is your vacation. And you have made a name for yourself here in a short time. I have seen some of your stuff and would be lying if it wasn't sexy and amazing. But I need your permission for one thing and Miss Keys suggested you as a potential candidate for another. It might be best to explain why I am here first."

She explained that she was shooting scenes for some future productions as well as for her personal site. She had been doing some the first couple days already but had more planned. Some of those included access to areas with Miss Keys permission as will some of the future ones. She mentioned she and her crew had access to a couple of suites and staterooms. She had been mostly staying in the fairytale room with Zona, who was the suite personal servant requested and assigned. They also had the 1920s themed lounge that had some BDSM additions with Bubbles assigned. 

"Which brings me to my request for permission. I was hoping to get access to Dolly which means the Dolly suite. I am told she isn't allowed to leave the room while the ship is at sea. I was hoping to do a scene or two with her. You are the registered guest so I need your permission."

"I am not sure how much of the suite is mine. Princess has taken over it pretty much. I have yet to sleep in the bed and am not likely to. But there are others staying there at least part time. While I don't mind, I need to find out if it's okay with the others. If I am allowed back, I have another place to stay," Emma was looking at Miss Keys by the end.

Miss Keys looked to Penny, "I will talk with the others and it shouldn't be a problem to use the Dolly suite. Just let me know what days you want like the others so I can make sure everything is set."

She turned to Emma, "I'm thinking of setting up a permanent room in the infirmary for you so you always have a place."

Emma groaned but Miss Keys didn't miss a beat.

"As far as being allowed back, you will need to impress me this evening enough to take you back there. Be forewarned, the contract is still in place. Penalties for your insubordination these past couple days will be harsh. There will be no leeway and I could just leave you in there and ruin all your potential plans. Once you return there your rights are all gone again. Think about it, you have more time."

"Yes, Warden."

Penny chimed in, "I heard you had been to Subspace Prison. I am curious to visit and check out the torture room and what's available. Plenty of rumors about your experience there. Anything you care to share?"

Emma responded, "Not sure how much I am allowed to share as the warden runs all of it. I've already stuck my foot in my own mouth with my actions after it and things, by my own doing, haven't gone well since."

"I will allow you to speak to her about it. Though with your permission I can show her an edited version. If there is something you don't want seen, I will make sure it is edited."

"I haven't seen it to even know what is on there. I probably don't remember everything, especially when I was in my own subspace. It is also your right to do what you like. As you say, I have no rights when I am there. You also likely know better what you want to be seen as it is your reputation too. I can't deny you to show it to whom you like or any future ones. It's not like people haven't seen nearly all of me at this point. That was just more extreme and quite intimate. Not saying some of the other things I've done weren't intimate, but they weren't with you."

"Fair enough," Miss Keys replied.

Emma looked to Penny and tapped her septum ring, "Most people who saw me before I entered after dinner that evening know that I didn’t have this. It was one of the early things that happened to me inside there. I didn’t even get out of the first room as there is more I wish to see and hopefully experience…"

Emma tried to explain bits of what she saw and experienced. Miss Keys didn't interrupt or add anything even though Emma had gaps in things. Certain parts were left out including Princess' involvement and the removal of her chastity belt. Thankfully Miss Keys did interject before she finished her time with her new lovers as she didn't really remember exactly what happened anyway. Emma figured Penny could watch it if it wasn't edited out.

"And you want to do it again?" Penny asked.

Emma, still rubbing Miss Keys' feet, answered, "Yes and much more. I still have much to prove to her."

"She does sound perfect if she is willing," Penny said to Miss Keys. 

Emma groaned, “I’m not a pornstar. I wanted my fun on my vacation and not spread myself to the world after. This is…”

Miss Keys stepped up and caressed Emma’s cheek, “It’s only a suggestion. An offer. You are not required to do any as I wanted you to know your options before you decide on your future plans. There are ways to keep your identity a secret if that is the biggest issue. I’m sorry we are overwhelming you again. We shall leave it alone.”

Penny added in, “I am sorry as well. I didn’t know.”

Emma tried taking a deep breath as she closed her eyes, “No. It is me who can’t control myself. I want to do so much while not adapting fast enough to this bout of fame and everything that is jumping out in front of me that never existed before. My anxiety is getting the best of me. I’ve already made a number of bad choices already for which I am still paying for. I need to get over it and just finish hearing you out.”

There was more back and forth but Emma just got them to offer the suggestions and ideas to get it over with now. She wasn't giving them answers now but the ideas could percolate in the back of her mind for now. They had other things to do and needed to head out to the party soon. Emma was calmer by now to finally ask if Penny had done any interesting scenes so far.

"Earlier today, I did my take on Little Red Riding Hood. The big bad wolf definitely ate me, filled me, and…"

The after party was in full swing by the time they got there. Attention was on them once again before they even entered. The four of them in the special dresses were bombarded with people, pictures, and numerous other interactions. 

Even with all of this expected, Emma was happy when the wardrobe change came a couple hours in. Once again Lucia was back, this time helping Emma out of her dress and into her next outfit. It gave Emma more time to converse with the assistant fashion designer. As Emma should have expected, her new outfit was picked out by Miss Keys. 

Emma found herself in a red jumpsuit with 'Property of Subspace Prison' printed across her back. Her chest said 'High Risk Inmate' in bold letters. The jumpsuit was much looser than what she had worn on the trip. It showed less of her than any other outfit so far.

Her hands were encased in mittens leaving them unusable. After some wedge heels were strapped to her feet, her ankles and wrist were also shackled and connected to a waist chain. The final piece was the mask. It reminded Emma of Hannibal Lecter's mask from "The Silence of the Lambs" movie, though different. The color more closely matched her jumpsuit. There were fewer holes as there were only two for her nostrils and a small hole for her mouth. It made talking clearly more difficult as she tried to communicate with Lucia.

"Don't go anywhere or get in trouble. You will be picked up soon," Lucia said with a smile on her face before leaving and closing the door.

Going anywhere was definitely out of Emma’s hands, literally. She looked around the room. Truly in her current position, she couldn't do much to interact with various things in the room. There were at least places to sit, allowing Emma to plop down. She took that time to relax and close her eyes as she waited.

Emma must have dozed off as she woke to Miss Keys standing over her. 

"I hope you enjoyed your nap, however long it was. Normally I would let you sleep, as you clearly need it, but we are expected to show ourselves for a bit more. I figured your new outfit would be appropriate assuming you still desire to go back tonight. So I guess that begs the question if you wish to. But first understand if you do, you will be epsilon from the moment you agree here. That means you will call me Warden the rest of our time here at the party and obey my instructions until I release you from the Prison. Any insubordination in front of others will risk dire consequences. It is not a game. This is your next opportunity to prove yourself to me. Now are you sure you still want to do this?"

"Yes Warden," is what Emma said, but the small hole of the mask and the restrictive movement of her jaw made it sound more garbled. Though it was clear enough that it was understood. 

The smirk on Miss Keys face nearly made Emma question if she made a mistake. 

"Now your punishment begins. I will leave your mask on and you will interact with others and respond to them until we leave. Don't disappoint me, epsilon."

Emma was essentially paraded around and other people were encouraged to engage her. There were a few people she had met before. Her encounters with Zell and Mistress Cal were extra embarrassing and somewhat humiliating. But Emma kept her focus on the task, impressing Warden Keys. 

It was well into the early morning hours and the party was still going strong. Emma could feel her own weariness and Miss Keys looked like she was in the same boat. An item was delivered to Miss Keys and Emma quickly found out what it was as the end of the leash was clasped to Emma’s septum ring. 

Emma followed Miss Keys out of the party with a few interruptions along the way. She was still in her prison jumpsuit and restrained. Much to Emma’s dismay, Miss Keys outfit, specifically her jacket, covered up Emma’s normal view. Miss Keys' body and curves were mostly hidden beneath. What she did get to see was the nylon covered calves down to her heels. It gave Emma a chance to appreciate that portion of her without being distracted by the rest of her body at least. 

Subspace Prison seemed scarier as they walked down the corridor past the cells, many with sleeping bodies. The lights were dimmer and there was a lack of stirring which at this time was probably normal in Emma’s mind. Miss Keys' heels echoed with each step. Emma’s wedge heels gave off a much more muted sound but the chains of her restraints added to the echoes the two made. 

As they hit the hub that contained Emma’s cell, Emma noticed the metal box in the center. She remembered it was essentially beta's room. Despite the annoyance of trying to communicate with the mask, Emma still asked if she could try the box. 

Miss Keys didn't respond and took Emma to the same room she signed her contracts in. Her restraints were released and she was ordered to strip. Her inspection was once again thorough. Even as she faced the wall, she struggled to suppress the occasional moan of her anal cavity search. Her warden had only issued commands as she went through the routine.

Emma stood naked besides her chastity belt in front of Miss Keys who finally removed her mask. Emma was moving her jaw, flexing it to test how she felt.

Miss Keys asked, "Anything you wish to say Special Inmate epsilon?"

Emma thought for a bit before responding, "I want to apologize for my actions the other day and tonight. I'm embarrassed for myself but not nearly as much as I am sorry for embarrassing you. I am sure I don't remember every transgression at the moment, but I fully take responsibility for my actions and willingly accept my fate and punishment. And I am sorry that I am physically, mentally, and emotionally tired if not exhausted and this all sounds pathetically lame. You deserve better."

Miss Keys raised her eyebrow in question, but moved forward with a different question, "Why do you want the box?"

"Curiosity is the main reason. It is where you keep beta who you constantly punish. I don't know if you consider it enough but I hope to add this on top of what you will do to me."

"It can be quite claustrophobic inside there. It is a tight fit for me inside it and will be more so for you. You will likely not get much rest or comfort. I am hesitant to leave you to try and sleep in it for your first attempt. You did well this evening so if this is what you really want, I will placate you for now. Beware, if you agree, I will not let you out until I am ready."

"Please Warden. I would like to try it and to be treated like a bad inmate in need of punishment, which is true. If you can make it more difficult, the better."

"This doesn't count towards your punishment."

"I understand, Warden."

"You are too much like my younger self. Like the Mary I used to be."

Emma found herself back in her earlier restraints minus the mask as well as the clothes. She trailed the warden back out of the room, barefoot and on a leash. 

Before they left the room, Miss Keys said, "I am sorry as well for what I have done to you as well as what I am going to do. While I am not infallible, I know my time will come when I must pay for my actions as well. I know you are struggling but unwilling to slow down or stop. I understand. I have much respect for you already and I am thankful for what you've done for me and Subspace already. We will discuss this more later today."


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