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by bentbliss

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Part 14. Worshipers, Acquaintances, and New Faces

"You seem to have an affinity for naming people after characters from Shakespeare plays," said Emma.

"It's not just those, I have a lot of affinity towards different mythologies, especially the Greek, Norse, and Egyptian. There are other works as well," Victoria shrugged.

Emma couldn't help herself as she asked, "Which one do you identify or call yourself?"

"That has changed over the years. My passport says I am Mel Pomene."

"I don't have a clue who that is assuming you are not playing a trick on me."

Victoria stopped as she turned and smiled at Emma, "It's fine. Most people don't know the names or much about the nine muses of the Greek."

"Guess I am one of the uneducated."

"Melpomene is the muse of tragedy."

"A little on the nose after your earlier talk. Also makes sense why you named Ophelia.

"It was a bit cruel but showed no favoritism for her to others if they had basic understanding of Hamlet."

"Glad you didn't name me… Wait, you have one for me don't you?"

Emma got another big smile from Victoria, "Oh yours was easy. I didn't even have to think about it."

"Nevermind, I don't want to know."

"If you say so, Pandora."

"Fuck you."

"Yes please. We can do it right here. In front of everyone. I don't care as long as you remove my belt."

"Let me amend that. Fuck you in the ass."

Victoria sighed, "I am seriously considering it. The longer I remain denied, the more I'm willing to consider it."

"Are you regretting it already?" Emma teased.

"That answer is obvious. I wouldn't have spent hours getting this done if I did," she said as she moved her arms in a way to showcase herself.

"I've been meaning to ask. What exactly is that costume?"

Victoria chortled and started with her sultry voice again, "Well my lovely future meal. I am many things for I am an element of chaos, lust, and seduction among other things."

Drawing attention to her right side, she said, "I am part succubus."

Then to her left, "I am part nymph."

She lifted her clawed hand towards Emma with a cruel smirk on her lips, "When I finish stealing your willpower, I will be your devourer. I shall consume your vitality, then your flesh, before feasting on your soul. Making you a part of me, locked away, caged inside of me, and under my control for eternity. Give in and I will make it quick. Though I prefer your resistance as it makes your taste so much sweeter."

Emma shuddered and wanted to melt. She was so wet. While the costume was hot, her voice was hotter. She still didn't know how she felt about this woman and there was plenty of new stuff to process. It definitely wouldn't surprise her if Ophelia learned from Victoria how to manipulate Emma and likely others.

While Emma was stuck gawking, Victoria changed gears with her voice back to normal, "I talked to Sir Jerry about this idea and he made it for me to wear at one of his shows. That was a couple years ago. I didn't want something more common like the half angel, half devil motif. So after your command yesterday to impress you, I got him to dust it off and refit it to me. Which works out as he is basically getting free advertising from me today for his show tonight. Not that he isn't getting more from me in the future."

Emma nodded without much to say. Kit had been mostly hanging off her side as she was still adjusting to walking in her ballet boots. She was definitely getting better as there was less pulling and tugging on Emma. Though Emma imagined Kit wanted to touch her as much as possible among other things and this gave her a valid excuse.

They continued their journey to the area set aside for this event, as Emma asked, "How are you doing, Kit?"

"I'm fine, especially when I am serving you, Goddess."

"I'm sorry I can't give you what you want."

"We'll see."

"Something I should know?"

Emma noticed the super petite woman smiling up at her as she hung upon her arm as Kit said, "Harem counseling."

"So you are joining as well?"

"For now. I know I need to explore my options and this is one."

As the three continued talking, they finally reached their destination. Others caught up with them or met them as they got closer. Whether it was introducing themselves or something more, this was the beginning of what her afternoon would be like. She had to settle her thoughts and look at the fun she could have. She needed to be a goddess and it was time to think that way.

Inside the hall, there was plenty going on. Some of the setup, especially for some of the side entertainment and businesses like Janice's shop, was still going on. The busiest areas were the multiple booths for the keyholding service. There were pockets of crowds scattered and more people coming in. The stage she would be on seemed ready but it was at the far end. While there were a number of things that looked fun and interesting to try out, she started heading to Janice's area.

Before she got far, she was intercepted by a duo she hadn't expected to see again much less so soon. Though there had seemed to be a bit of a change with them if only temporarily from the night before.

Greg was dressed similar to how he was for the show. He had on the slutty schoolgirl outfit which based on the white peeking from under his skirt included the panties she had him wear. Even the chastity cage was back on and straining against the white cotton, showing the bulge as the skirt wasn't meant to fully cover him. The main noticeable difference was the shoes. The black six inch heels were locked on and Emma remembered that they were his new punishment heels.

The other part that really stood out was that he was leading his wife around as she followed behind. He was holding a leash that connected to a collar that looked similar and likely was the same as the one she wore to dinner. It still surprised Emma that she wore it last night. She definitely did not expect to see her wear it again, especially since it could be quite punishing with the blunted spikes inside the collar and against her neck.

She was dressed mostly in her dinner outfit from the night before. The chiffon fabric was once again stretched tight and most see through. She may as well have been naked except for the compressed parts of her plush body that were slightly enhanced and the focal point of the outfit. She was also locked into similar heels as Greg. Her arms had disappeared behind her back, most likely bound and at least at her elbows as her chest thrust forward a bit. This left her oversized nipples on full display as they tried to poke out of the binding fabric.

Emma had stayed silent as she didn't know what this was about. There was a sense of anxiety after how things ended last night. She really didn't want to deal with it, even if she wasn't busy at the moment. She wasn't alone as Kit and Victoria were still with her but the bad memories were still fresh and something she wanted out of her mind.

Greg eventually spoke up, "I'm sorry for interrupting but I want to apologize for last night and my part in it. I hope you can forgive me as I should have been more aware and known better."

Emma nodded as she was still hesitant to speak. Greg nodded back as he stepped to the side leading Macy to be directly in front of Emma.

Macy was staring at the ground and hadn't met Emma’s eyes yet. A slight tug on the leash seemed to be an indicator for Macy.

"I am very sorry, Miss Emma. My actions were inexcusable and I don't expect any forgiveness. I ruined a perfectly good night by letting my personal issues get involved. I wish I could take it back but…"

"It will be fine eventually. I told you, I was just temporary. It's your relationship you two should be focused on. I had no intention of creating a divide between you. I really do hope everything works out. If there is nothing else, I have things I need to do before this starts."

Emma was hoping the conversation was over, when she spotted a goth-looking woman headed her way.

Greg spoke up again, "We were hoping you could still punish her. Starting with registering her chastity key for your event."

"No, you realize that it could end up being permanent. Pretty sure being called a home wrecking cunt will be the least of my issues if that happened. On top of that, most people could end up in it for months if not years. I'm not looking for a repeat of last night or yesterday in general."

"Excuse me Goddess," the goth woman interrupted. "There are two options available for guests today. The more hard-core version you mentioned or the casual one where the keys will be returned before the end of the cruise."

"Thank you, Miss…?" Emma questioned not knowing who she was or what to call her.

"It's just Nadia. Though feel free to rename me like your other worshipers. I am one of the coordinators today and in charge of getting you ready and up to speed."

"Thank you Nadia," Emma said before turning back to Greg and Macy. "If you want the casual version then fine."

Greg responded, "I was hoping to keep her locked up longer."

Emma was trying to hold back her frustration especially since they had their chance with her the night before. The rawness of how things ended hadn't dissipated any yet. With Nadia there, she imagined there was plenty she still needed to do. She needed things to speed up.

"Look," Emma started, "I know this is probably rude. I have a lot of demands on me right now. I would say come back later but I don't know if I will be any less busy. I'm willing to try and placate your wants if reasonable but I need to find out what you really want. Then I will see if it is doable and if I am willing."

They took a few minutes of mostly Greg explaining what he wanted and seeing if Macy was willing. As the discussion went on, Nadia stepped in to offer her input.

Emma finally spoke again, "Since I was kind of strong armed into this morning before I was allowed to do anything, Macy, I want you to seek professional help. That is a deal breaker if you refuse before I agree to anything else. The service I am told is free on the ship. Plus you two can do couples counseling and most of them seem to offer fetish sessions outside the regular sessions. That is my first condition before we go further."

While she hesitated as usual, Macy eventually agreed.

Looking at Greg, Emma said, "For what you want, locking her in a chastity belt isn't enough. I showed you that her nipples are like clits. She can easily get off on them. If you want any hope of her begging you to fuck her ass, they need to be sealed away as well. So we will head over to see what is available since I was heading there anyway."

Emma headed towards Janice's booth area with the rest going with her. Kit was still hanging on to Emma’s arm. Victoria walked next to her on the right. The two had been quiet through the exchange so far. Greg and Macy followed behind as Nadia walked next to Kit opposite of Emma.

As they were on the way, Emma asked, "Were you assigned to me?"

"Not exactly. I and a few others volunteered to do this when we heard it was announced. There are a few who are assigned to support us and help where we need."

"Can I ask why you volunteered?"

"You can ask me anything, Goddess. I will keep my answer short though I would like to discuss things with you more when you have time.

If things go well I will be able to live out one of my greatest fantasies. I also hope to become one of your worshipers like Unworthy and Kit."

While Emma was still confused as to why people were suddenly so attracted to her, she decided to ask, "What fantasy are you looking at me to provide?"

"I will tell you before things start but we are here."

Emma looked around at the booth in front of her. She didn't spot Janice anywhere but another familiar face was behind the booth.

"Still trying to eat your cake?"

Lisette blushed and nodded as she responded, "Still waiting for that mythical unicorn cake."

Nadia enthusiastically shouted, "The cake is a lie!"

Everyone briefly looked at her as she shyly tried to blush but her makeup hid most of it.

Emma finally smiled as she responded, "Unicorn cake is most definitely a lie these days. Lost in its own mythology.

Do you know where Janice is?"

"She's taking care of some things over there," she pointed, "I'm just manning things here and helping out unless I am needed somewhere else once she is back?"

"Did you have something in mind?" asked Emma.

"I'm not against some strenuous bondage and suffering like last time. Maybe another spanking in front of everyone. And cake though I imagine that might be harder to get today. I know they set up at least two things for today."

"Are you not going to be there for the next demonstration with Janice and I? Maybe we could involve you in something special."

Lisette looked at Emma with a big smile and answered, "That would be nice, Miss Emma."

"As for today, I haven't a clue as to what's planned. I need to fix that soon as I finish taking care of things."

Nadia chimed in, "There will be two extensive bondage displays today. Your worshipers have first dibs, otherwise you are free to pick whomever."

Victoria/Unworthy was quick to comment, "Only one of us will be able to be bound should we choose. Our Princess wants one of us watching Goddess and keeping her out of trouble. Otherwise those of us in her harem will pay the price including her Unicorn."

"Wait, you guys are in a harem?" asked Nadia.

Emma sighed, "That is the goal of the Princess. Well one of her goals. My worshipers and myself as part of her harem and anyone else she brings in."

"So if I become a worshiper, I join the harem?"

"Probably helps but up to Princess."

"Fuck yeah," Nadia shouted as she pumped her fist in the air. "That is at least two of my biggest fantasies I can achieve. I want in."

Everyone was staring at her as she exclaimed, "What? I don't match your stereotype of a nerdy, goth-looking engineer?"

Emma tried not to shake her head and laugh but a big smile still crept up on her face, "Keep up the energy and you will probably have a good chance with her."

Emma looked towards Lisette, "We will likely be back shortly."

Lissette nodded and watched the group as they headed off.

They found Janice pretty quickly as she was talking to another familiar face. The woman peeked over Janice's shoulder with her one eye showing as her hair hid the other. This caught Janice's attention as she turned to look.

"Ah good. You are here to deal with this troublesome slut. Maybe both troublesome sluts," jested Janice as she noticed Emma and her entourage.

"Well you are not in chastity, so that is quite troublesome considering your helper is and back at the booth," answered back Emma with a devilish grin glued to her face now.

"Gonna do something about it?" Janice teased as she stepped towards Emma.

Emma reached out until her index finger and brushed Janice's lips. Her finger continued to trail down and under her chin as it caressed the front of her neck. Despite her small and extra tight crop top. She was clearly braless as Emma hooked her finger over the top of it and pulled her in close.

"You know exactly what I am going to do," as her other hand came from under cupping Janice's crotch through her extra tight jean shorts. "If I have my way, it will be permanent. And if your lucky I might let you out once in awhile to torture you, my lovely damsel."

Janice screamed out a long drawl, "Fuuuuck!"

Her body spasmed with each stroke Emma gave her denim clad bound pussy as there was no easy way to peel her shorts off quickly.

Breathing heavily Janice started to beg, "Please? Oh God."

"Dess. Is she part of your harem too?" asked Nadia.

Emma abruptly stopped her tease earning a nonsensical complaint from Janice. There was a brief break to let Janice regain her composure.

"Nice to see you out of your dungeon for a change, Nadia. Come to steal my designs?"

Nadia held her hands and tablet over heart as she spoke with great exaggeration, "You wound me. Though I do miss our games, Janny. If we are going to be in the same harem, we should play more again. My dungeon is always open to you. I may have some new things for you to enjoy and you are a lovely Guinea pig."

"Maybe it's time for you to step out and be the Guinea pig for a change. Also I am not part of the harem but I do have an offer to play with Emma a bit."

"Oh I will hopefully be a Guinea pig later as I test a couple of ideas including one that I was asked to make for Emma. Though I'm curious what she planned to do with it but that is for a later discussion. We should probably move forward with the plans so we can get ready."

Emma reaffirmed her desire to put Janice in her belt was her initial reason. She also explained what she needed for Macy. After that it led to Janice telling her about the other guest hoping to see her and thoughts as to what Emma could do with her. Janice then left with Greg and Macy to get Macy fit in a chastity bra. This left Emma with the rest including the shy looking schoolgirl in front of her.

"I take it Little Brenda isn't fully reformed. Are you here to be reformed of your unlady-like behavior or are you here to just be a slut?"

Emma could see a bit of a blush as Brenda responded, "Both I guess. I really enjoyed the other day with what you did to me. I was hoping to do something again."

"I assume you plan to continue showing up at my public appearances. Do you do that for others?"

Brenda shook her head no.

"Is there a reason you chose mine?"

Brenda took a moment before answering, "The first time we met, I was looking for something to do. I happened to hear one of the announcements and figured why not. I don't like crowds but I knew it would be safe enough to blend in. While I had heard of you as I imagine most have by now on this ship, you still saw me when there were so many others."

Emma smiled as she responded, "Well it seemed a little out of place. A shy schoolgirl with her hand barely raised compared to the rest of the crowd of eager volunteers. You hid your face to the point I wasn't sure you were looking at me. I was most intrigued by the mystery which meant you stood out much more than you thought. Which leads to why are you back. Something clearly sparked your interest."

Brenda nodded, "Everything about the demonstration. Whether it was you bound and forced to suck cock, which got me really started. Or when you cut off Janice's clothes as she didn't escape and left her exposed and humiliated. What you did to me was the topping. I even enjoyed being used as a prize and what happened that evening. What I didn't expect was that night in my room and the next day was how much I wanted you to do it to me again. All of it and more.

I'm a slut. A bit of a shy one. I love being used by men. What surprised me was how much I like the idea of a strong woman punishing me and then making me serve men. Seeing as you noticed me and did all those things to me, I feel a little compelled to have you do more to me. I never considered how much I liked and desired the idea of a strong woman dominating then making me a sex toy prize at her whim until that night."

"What is it you are looking for today?"

Brenda explained what she hoped for and knew that everything was not possible today. She also explained some of the options Janice said were available for today. Emma asked a few questions for clarification as well as seeing if Brenda was open to various things.

Emma eventually said, "I came here to try new things myself and want to help. But understand I have my own vacation to enjoy and plenty of people vying for my attention. I can't guarantee how much I can personally do but can likely find others to take my place as proxy. But if you agree, know you are mine even if I use others to carry out my demands. If you are lucky maybe in time you will attract more attention from me but then you will find out what it is truly like to serve me fully. You will have your safeword to end it but that will likely be final unless there is sufficient enough reason to use it and continue later. Are you sure you want to and believe you can handle it?"

Brenda was looking at the ground with her face mostly hidden as she squeaked out a yes.

Emma commanded, "Look at me."

As Brenda's head lifted, Emma reached forward, sliding her fingers into Brenda's hair. Brushing aside her hair to see face, Emma caught sight of the fading word she wrote days before.

"We need to reapply and reaffirm what you are. Maybe if you are good and willing later in the cruise I will have my ownership of you permanently marked."

Noises from both Kit and Nadia suggested they were interested in being marked by Emma.

"Now look me in the eye and make me believe you want this, Slut."

Her eyes had already widened and her body trembled.

"Please Miss Emma. I want to be controlled and turned into a slut by your command. I will do anything for you to achieve it."

"Anything is a dangerous word with potentially huge consequences. I know as I have used it before. Make sure you mean it."

Brenda stared back at Emma unsure what to say.

Emma decided to help by saying, "It's a lot like Unworthy here. She is used to being in control and having her way. Yet she is locked away and serving me knowing if she uses her safeword it is all over. Mind you I will respect your limits and you will send me them and anything else I request tonight. I probably won't get to them tonight but before anything else happens after this afternoon. I will look things over when I have a chance."

"I understand Miss Emma and thank you."

Emma tapped the side of bondage furniture they were near as she spoke, "Time is getting short and this one is here. But first I need a permanent marker."

"I got one, give me a moment, Goddess," responded Nadia.

Emma shifted her focus and started unbuttoning the top of Brenda's shirt as she said, "I am surprised you haven't hung out at the glory hole or some of the other places."

Brenda blushed, "I have gone to the glory hole, even let them chain me up, Miss. While I enjoy it, I will likely look at other things to try unless you command me not to. I really want this feeling though. I really am craving you taking charge and making me a slut."

"You already were a slut. You want me to feed your submissive desires. Which means you don't get to be a slut. You will become my slut however I see fit."

Emma finished unbuttoning Brenda's top and pulled it open exposing the pale pink bra beneath. Emma pushed the bra up, exposing her smaller breasts that went with her slender frame. Emma stuck out her hand and a marker filled it soon after.

"Being my slut sometimes means being pleasured by me," she said before immediately grabbing a breast with her free hand and fondling it. Her mouth encased part of the soft flesh that included Brenda's nipple and sucked and toyed with it until she elicited a moan.

She pulled her mouth away and pinched erect nipple before twisting it.

As Brenda started to cry out, Emma's sadistic smirk dominated her face as she said, "You will also suffer for me, my slut. This isn't a one way transaction or relationship for just your pleasure. I will get what I want from you whenever I want."

Brenda trembled before Emma. Emma wasn't sure if it was out of fear or excitement. Probably some combination and more.

"I hope you don't mind getting your clothes dirty or potentially messed up. My slutty schoolgirl should keep her uniform on though she will still be fully exposed and free for use. If you don't want them potentially ruined, tell me so you can take them off."

She was fine with leaving her outfit on, so Emma retraced her markings from the other day. SQUEEZE HARDER was retraced across her breasts first. With some temporary adjustments to her skirt and panties, PUSH MY BUTTON in the front below her navel and PLEASE USE REAR ENTRANCE on the small of her back were redone. She stood in front of Brenda to finish up by pulling her hair in the front of to the side again as she traced the final word, SLUT, to her forehead.

It was time to get Brenda in position and restrained. The bench reminded Emma of a modified bench press. The bench was a bit higher off the ground probably to allow people to stand up more instead of kneeling or squatting as much when they used the victim attached to it. The two six foot tall posts at one end were about three feet apart, maybe a little wider. The posts were designed for multiple anchor points down the length.

Emma removed Brenda's matching pale pink panties, "Guess these are mine now as a slut like you don't need them for this. May be useful as another prize today or in the future. Considering how wet they are, I am sure there are quite a few people, not just men, who would want them. Though I may keep them myself for the memory."

Emma had Brenda sit on the edge of the bench near the posts before having her lay back. Attaching cuffs to both her wrists and ankles, she lifted Brenda's legs up and secured them as high as she could on each post. Switching to the other end, Emma adjusted the bench's length until Brenda's head was no longer supported and fell back to leave her mouth and throat exposed. Instead of cuffing her wrists to the sides as normal, she attached chains to each wrist cuff and crossed it under the bench locking in to lower anchor points on the opposite sides.

Emma looked over her schoolgirl slut, making sure she was comfortable enough. Brenda's position wouldn't lead to full comfort but it was out of her hands unless she used her safeword. Emma stood over Brenda's head and squeezed her breasts.

Emma had been asking questions to both Brenda and Nadia while she prepped Brenda but now that she finished she put the focus back on Brenda.

"I have at least one worshiper who probably wants to trade places with you. There are probably going to be a host of others envious of you and anyone else getting fucked like you. Though you only mentioned your mouth and pussy, my slut offers all holes and the rest of her body.

If I wasn't locked away, you would be pleasuring me now. Instead I am not only going to give you what I want but also what you deserve."

Emma moved away from her head and back to the posts and her spread legs and exposed pussy and ass. She imagined Greg would love his wife in this position. He could use either or both holes if they both weren't locked away. He would also have access to her feet. The best of both worlds for him.

But she wasn't Greg nor was this his wife and he likely wouldn't have done this. SLAP! Brenda screamed out from Emma’s open handed slap to her pussy. Emma wasn't sure if it was from surprise or actual pain.

"Count!" she commanded.

Brenda quickly shouted out, "One!"

"We are starting over and I suggest you count each."

Emma abused Brenda's poor pussy for twenty strokes. She screamed but invariably counted. Her pussy was definitely redder but Emma decided to rub it anyway. As she teased Brenda more, including her clit, the soft cries turned to heavy breathing and moaning.

Emma stood up as she stopped touching her before announcing, "Enjoy when your pussy is used today. After the event is over, you will be released and taken to be cleaned up before being fitted with your own chastity belt. It will stay on at least until you see me again and you better hope you were a good slut for me. I told you anything is a dangerous word. Now thank me before I go as I have much to do and likely behind schedule."

Despite her initial stunned state at the announcement, Brenda said her thank you before she left with the others.

As they headed back to meet Janice, Nadia started asking questions and trying to fill in bits of information. She eventually asked Emma, "Is it alright if I try one of my prototype belts on Brenda?"

"As long as it is safe and won't cause harm that should be fine. Do you make your own belts as well?"

"Yes, as well as other things. Then again my job is usually to design and make things and periodically help fix things. The belt for her is adjustable and if works will likely be marketed and produced. Usually the belts I make only fit myself and Lacey as we are the initial testers."

"Who is Lacey?"

Nadia looked over at Emma with a big grin as they walked, "I will try not to give too many obscure references you likely wouldn't know. It's easiest to describe her as my main co-conspirator or partner in crime. The two of us are leading this event, voluntarily, but plenty more are helping and possibly looking to join your… church? Religion? Faith? Personally I like the sound of Domain. It sounds different and reminds me a bit of dominant or dominate. Seems more apropos considering its source and origin. Domain of the Unicorn Goddess. Mmm, sounds yummy. DotUG or maybe just DUG for short."

"I," Emma shook her head, "I can't deal with that right now. I…'

"Sorry Goddess. I should know better and you have a lot on your plate right now. You may punish me at a later time if you wish. But please still lock me in chastity and let me join your harem."

"It's fine. I know you are excited about it. We will talk at some point about it but not today please. I need to think about it and too much going on with everything. As far as chastity, that is what today is for.

It's not my harem. I don't think I get a say who is in. I am not a Goddess, just a unicorn to our Princess. So you will find for now that the Princess trumps the Goddess when it comes to the harem. It was her idea anyway."

"Is that why Janice isn't a part of the harem?"

The conversation was interrupted when Janice said, "Telling lies about me again, Nadia."

"Why must you continually wound me, you bully," Nadia whined as she walked her curvy body up to Janice and hugged her. "I love you and I miss you, Janny."

Nadia kissed Janice as the others including Emma watched while waiting.

Upon breaking the kiss, Nadia grinned as she said, "You still look incredible."

"You put on weight."

Nadia still hadn't let go of the hug as she stared at Janice, "WTF Janny. Are you really that angry with me?"

Janice sighed, "A bit, yeah. You don't get to walk in and act like things are great and that I matter even a bit. I don't think I have even made it on your list in years, Mistress Nadz."

Nadia had released her hug and stepped back, "You are always welcome in the dungeon. And I seriously hate that name yet secretly am loving it more now when you say it."

"It's not a secret when you say it out loud," Janice said though Nadia quickly stuck out her tongue at her. "I am aware I am welcome to the dungeon but you forget what happens literally every time I go there. One of them interrupts as we get started and you run off leaving me hanging, sometimes literally. You also ignore that you can leave and come visit the rest of us including me in my place."

"But I am busy."

"Yes, on your vacation. You are busier here than when you are at work. Not even getting to enjoy the things you want except when you do things with Lacey now."

"Are you upset about her?"

"No, I do my own thing with others. My issue is with your coworkers and them abusing you and you allowing it. But we have had this discussion many times. Nothing has changed nor will it. And we are wasting these people's time as they are here for something better than this. So go look over my stuff. I know you are dying to. Start with the belt, that will be on me in a moment."

"I have time. By the time someone can scrape your shorts over your thick thighs and somehow not eat out your soaking wet pussy, I will have had plenty of time for a good assessment. Even if they cut them off instead, I still would."

Janice's head shot over to Emma and pointed, "Don't you dare cut them off again. Those were my favorite pair and now these ones are."

"Again?" asked Nadia.

"Even your Goddess has given me more attention in one demonstration than you have in years. But you clearly didn't watch that one much less show up to see it in person."

Lisette was helping Janice with her shorts. Emma still had Kit and to a lesser degree Victoria stuck to her. Even Greg and Macy looked ready to bolt but they were part of all this so far.

It had already been awkward for Emma for a while and likely everyone else. It was clear this wouldn't end as long as the two of them stayed near each other. She wasn't quite sure what to do when the decision was taken out of her hands in a way.

"I fucked up. I shouldn't have come. As you always have warned me about getting excited and acting. You are right I haven't learned nor changed. I'm sorry everyone, I didn't plan on souring your day.

I will talk to Lacey and let her know not to worry about things beyond managing the keys. I… I just need to go."

"You don't have to go. I'm not trying to chase you away."

Nadia looked like she was about to speak, before shaking her head. She had put down the chastity belt and walked up to Janice and whispered something before giving her a kiss on the cheek.

She started to walk away with her head down as Emma called out, "Nadz would you come here, please?"

Nadia stopped and turned towards Emma. Emma held out her hand and crooked a finger a few times to summon the curvy goth. Nadia wasn't far from Emma so she continued to hold out her hand until Nadia took it. Nadia tried to say something but shushed her.


"Yes Miss Emma?"

"When you get that strip of denim off, I want you to eat your cake. But don't let her finish. I want her a horny, desperate mess. If she cums, you will both suffer the consequences starting with no more cake."

Lisette was still on her knees in front Janice looking over at Emma with a huge smile on her face as she responded, "As you command, Miss Emma."

"Traitor," said Janice right before Lisette kissed her mound just above her tightly squeezed legs.

A rich, throaty moan escaped Janice as Emma went to say, "You have less time than you think. If she is not ready when I am done, I will also ensure you both are in the running for permanent chastity."

That didn't seem to deter Lisette as she pushed her face in harder despite Janice trying to push her away.

"Looks like I will get to be the cruel villainous villainess when I get back."

Janice's head snapped up towards Emma. Emma's smirk only seemed to cause panic in Janice. She fought harder to remove the woman with her face buried in her sensitive nether region even if she wanted more.

"I want," came out of the mouth of the awed Nadia. Emma gave her hand a slight squeeze as she took one more look at Janice and Lisette before motioning the others to follow her.

She heard Janice nearly shouting, "You traitorous tramp. You're going to lose out on my cake and I don't want long term chastity."

It must have worked enough as Emma heard a slurping pop and a whine not long after it.

Emma didn't go far as she was trying to stay behind the scenes for fear of being mobbed by people and even further delayed.

Emma stopped the group and spoke to Nadia, "I can't let you go yet. I need your help. You said you were assigned to me and I have no clue what's going on. I'm already overwhelmed and feeling stretched thin trying to placate everyone. For now I need your help and I will try to help with some of your fantasies. Can you get me through this or am I going to have to make you do it?"

She didn't look at Emma as she responded, "Make me."

"That's what I thought," as Emma released herself from everyone and stepped in front of the plush, curvy, goth woman.

While Nadia had been around for a bit, Emma hadn't had a ton of time to really inspect her. She was a few inches shorter with both of them in heels. Her bluish-gray eyes were easy to get lost in. Her make-up left her face looking pale white with black lipstick and black hair standout in contrast. Her dress helped distribute her extra weight while enhancing certain features. This included her breasts that exceeded Emma’s DDs.

Emma didn't think she had a breast fetish but has been finding herself not just looking but touching quite a few since her trip began. She cupped Nadia's large breasts as they were far too big for her hands to engulf. That action along with a slight squeeze elicited a squeal. As Nadia tried to pull away, Emma latched on harder.

Her dress fit some of the stereotypical looks. The black and purple plaid lace up dress with black lace accents. From her shoulders down to her elbows was sheer black lace. Her dress flared out over her large hips and backside to end just past mid thigh. Her purple and black striped socks disappeared under her dress. Her two toned heels matched the rest of her outfit.

The last part to catch Emma’s attention was the pendant around her neck. It looked like the infinity symbol with a gemstone in each loop, a tourmaline and a moonstone if Emma had a guess. A brief moment to guess what it might mean left Emma guessing endless intelligence, inspiration, and understanding.

During Emma’s inspection, she had located Nadia's nipples and was pinching them enough to keep control. Now that she was done inspecting Nadia, she squeezed and twisted, earning yelp. Emma asked her repeatedly if she was going to help her. Nadia held out for a bit as Emma increased the intensity of the pain before giving in with a few concessions from Emma.

Emma released Nadia and announced, "Welcome to the club as you see these are some of your peers."

Nadia pumped her fist in the air and shouted "Yes!"

"You will need that enthusiasm once I truly get a hold of you, Nadz." stated Emma but Nadia just had a huge smile on her face.

Nadia did ask, "Are you really going to call me Nadz from now on?"

"For now. You said I could rename you even if I stole the name from Janice. But as you pointed out, my worshipers tend to be renamed. Nadz reminds me of gonads so you can be my testis or ovary, probably both."

Nadia's lips trembled for a moment as her hands disappeared behind her back as she adopted a more submissive pose. She tried to lower her head but Emma caught her chin and made sure she was looking up at her.

"I get to be an official Unicorn Goddess worshiper like Unworthy and Kit?"

"If you help get me through this afternoon, I will initiate you in front of everyone."

Nadia, nearly instantly after Emma finished the sentence, started bouncing up and down shouting "Yes!" She clapped her hands while her large breasts bounced up and down, once again drawing Emma’s attention to them. The energy emanating from this woman was rather infectious that Emma couldn't keep a straight face and had to smile. The stress and anxiety lessened as Emma began to realize this is something she needs. The lovely goth woman was full of surprises.

"Time to get serious again," Emma announced.

Nadia stopped bouncing while her body went rigid and straight as she saluted Emma and responded, "Yes Goddess."

"The more we mess around now, the less chance at playing in the future."

Nadia's eyes widened as her facial expressions went from shocked to serious. Her overall tone shifted to be serious which Emma felt bad about.

She momentarily nodded to Emma and stated, "Business first."

"Thank you. Now I want you to take Macy and Greg and get them set up while I finish with Janice and her cake eater. I will meet you over there after." Emma turned to Victoria for the next part, "You will go with them Unworthy."

Victoria went to protest but Emma cut her off, "Kit will be staying with me so it follows our Princess' requirement. This will help me in a couple ways. First your outfit is unique and it will make it easier to spot you than the others. Between your outfit and who you are, you will draw attention and likely a crowd. This will help me with fewer people to navigate hopefully as well as if I don't see you, I will aim for the crowd."

Emma grabbed Victoria's hand, continuing, "I am giving you another opportunity to further earn my trust. You have done well the past couple days and I know lunch was hard. As much as I am considering elevating your status, it would be unworthy of me. There can be only one of you and we can't make it easy."

Emma decided to run both hands up the sides of the two contrasting sides of Victoria's skirt and eventually her corset. She leaned in, licking her lips as she looked into the blue eyes staring up at her. She purposefully didn't touch her skin with her hands or lips in order to tease her.

They could feel each other's breath even before Emma finished speaking to her, "This is far more than you deserve but maybe someday, in the future, you may get to learn what they feel like, what they taste like."

Emma could feel the wanting, see the yearning in her face. Emma didn't even try to hide her devilish grin as she pulled away.

"I suggest you obey your Goddess and take care of my task."

Once again Victoria brought her clawed hand up and caressed Emma’s cheek before gently dragging her nails down the side of her neck and across her throat. Emma couldn't help but let out a moan.

"As you wish my Goddess even if you are a criminally evil tease."

"You would know."

Victoria smiled at her as she responded, "Mmm, yes. Someday you should witness the one who trained our Princess. If you are feeling extra frisky and adventurous, you can experience a real villainous villainess."

Emma narrowed her eyes as she spoke, "Do I need to put you in your place, Unworthy?"

"Yes but unfortunately we'll need to take a raincheck. But I want this version of my Goddess. The one from the first night we met. Confident, witty, and bulletproof. Ready to take on everyone, including an aristocratic bitch who you likely thought was the reincarnation of Satan. You will need that for the rest of this afternoon. And you need one more thing."

Emma arched her eyebrow questioningly at Victoria.

"You need to have fun. When you have caught most people's attention, it has been when you were having fun or being the confident version yourself. Give them that person and they won't care what you do out there."

"Seems a little early for a pep talk, is this my therapy session?"

"Not too early as you seem to have gotten into the proper frame of mind. Now we need to keep you there. And if I had known that playing as a big boob'd anime vamp tramp would break you out of your funk, I would have tried that yesterday when my breasts were full."

"Hey!" shouted Nadia who briefly paused, "Can I suck your blood?"

Emma turned and saw that the question was meant for her as Nadia stared at her like she was dinner.

"No! No, I am not food."

The husky voice of Victoria, "I beg to differ. You are very much food and my soon to be prisoner. I still plan to savor your vitality before feasting on your flesh and devouring your soul, trapping you within me for all eternity."

"Oh that's hawt. Eat me," Nadia excitedly said.

"There is still time in the day. How about I drag you two to the ranch, fill your breasts and have you milked while I impale you from behind until I am exhausted. Then I will leave what's left of you to be free to use for the public."

"Yes! That too, let's go!"

Victoria moved as quickly as she could and grabbed Nadia.

"Let's go before she gets any more ideas and you miss out on your initiation. You two as well," Victoria said while calling out Macy and Greg at the end.

As Victoria tried to escape Emma with the others, Emma called out, "I'm just trying to help you achieve your dream of saggy tits."

Emma snickered a bit as Kit sidled up against her side hanging off her arm some more.

"Are you okay, Kit?"

"I'm fine, Goddess. The boots are still tough but it gives me an excuse to be closer to you."

"You can take breaks and sit down and rest. Even I have to at times. Don't push yourself."

"I have to, Goddess. I must be the best for you."

"I'm sorry. It must be hard to watch me accept and do things with others when I turned you down mostly and haven't done much. I should look to make some time with you."

"That isn't necessary, Goddess. I will be fine. You don't owe me anything or have to do anything with me."

"I'm not asking either. I will find time to include you, if not your own time."

Kit latched on tighter to Emma as the two briefly walked in silence on the way back to Janice.

"What are your plans for tonight?" Emma asked Kit.

"Our Princess volunteered me to help at the club tonight. It's apparently busiest when there is a major afterparty and they could use help. She also said it will be good for me to experience and meet others."

"She isn't wrong. If they give you choices, pick what looks most fun. If that isn't obvious, pick whichever you would least likely do normally. That way you can experience it and develop a better opinion on it. You might even enjoy it."

"Thank you, Goddess," she said as she rubbed her face into Emma’s arm. Emma found it cute and a bit endearing. Though they had reached their destination.

Janice was leaning up against the table as she threw her head back emitting another deep throaty moan. Lissette's face was buried in Janice's lower midsection. It was clear her tongue was furiously working. With her arms wrapped around Janice's thick thighs, she was relentless in her assault… or is that partaking of her cake?

"You must be the most delicious cake ever. Now I am curious. I have had brief nibbles but never experienced the full flavors and textures."

Janice's head snapped towards Emma, her face in a panic. Her eyes were a bit teary as she pleaded, "Please Emma! Call off the traitorous demoness you unleashed upon me."

"I don't know. I kinda like the idea of you in permanent chastity."

"No please. My belt isn't designed for long term wear."

"Then we will have to eventually find you one that will. I will talk to Nadz."

"I… No!?" Janice's conviction with her no wavered as it ended like she was asking a question rather than stating.

Emma leaned forward to kiss Janice but she turned her head away as she whimpered, "Please don't. I can't take anymore. This isn't fair."

"My lovely damsel, there is no fair when dealing with such villainy. Pretty sure that's the point. Villains stack the deck in their favor to achieve their goals. Anyway, what fun is there in fairness when your suffering is so sublime."

"No please. Oh shit."

Emma quickly grabbed Lisette by her ponytail and pulled her back from Janice as she promptly commanded her to stop. Janice screamed out and her hands tried to reach her groin to finish the orgasm. Emma grabbed Janice's wrists and held them off enough as the struggle ensued. Emma was basically bear hugging Janice as Janice struggled with the table behind her keeping her off balance. She had also taken the time to command Lisette to get the belt lubed up and ready.

As Janice calmed down, she whined, "That was just evil."

"No doubt you loved every bit of it. That is a modicum of the torment you will suffer for me, my lovely damsel. I imagine this will be equally as cruel if not worse."

Emma took the chastity belt from Lisette and started putting it on Janice. Emma asked Janice questions about the belt between getting her to relax as she inserted the dildo portion of the belt into Janice. The various grunts and moans slowed the conversation but Emma was happy enough to seal away the highly aroused woman.

At one point Emma inhaled deeply, verifying Janice's arousal. Emma knew the feeling well, along with the feeling of what was to come next. Internally she smiled to herself as she held the key inside the locking mechanism. She looked at Janice whose eyes were slightly gazed and unfocused. As her eyes began to refocus, Emma smiled and turned the key. There was no sound but Emma felt the resistance as the lock engaged. Janice must have felt something as she gasped.

Emma pulled out the key and held it up in front of Janice, "If you are as good as you say you are, there is no getting out without this. So hope you understand you are at my mercy and in for a ride." Emma took the key and forced it as best she could into her chastity bra. Janice had initially designed it for herself but Emma was a little bigger, making it much more cramped. The key wasn't likely to go far or move so Emma wasn't worried about losing it. Once she had it in, it was close to the top not that anyone else would really know so she felt she could likely dig it out.

Emma waited for Janice's eyes to return to hers as they stared where Emma put the key, "There is no turning back now. I have no idea when this will be removed. Considering it is your design, you know you are truly helpless now."

The panic in Janice's face was clearly visible, so Emma tried to soothe her a bit, "I know this isn't long term viable. If you behave, you can meet me in the suite after dinner. I will be there while I am getting ready for tonight. Your key will be returned then. Misbehave and who knows when or the consequences you will endure to get it back. If you're worried about making a mess due to lack of bodily control while you wear it, we can always put you in a diaper. I'm pretty sure you, if not then someone else, who sells them as I have seen a number of people wearing them. If no one does, I am sure you can ask someone for a spare or come up with an idea of your own."

The panic changed to a scowl as she responded, "No thanks. I'm not into that, especially in public."

"Perfect because this is about chastity and showing off your creation on your body. Now to decide if you need a bra to go with it."

Janice convinced Emma not to lock her in a chastity bra while letting her keep her top on. The points were valid with her breasts teasing people with small hints of flesh as the tight top conformed and around allowing them to see and imagine just enough.

Though that didn't stop Emma from turning Janice into a model for the worshiper gear. She wasn't a worshiper but people buying or considering buying will see it first, if they hadn't seen it on others already. She didn't have time to deal with the extra parts that make it up in the ballet boots and the corset or body harness she planned to announce to everyone. Emma found out that the ship stays close enough to restock things for the first few days as it doesn't have a traditional destination before moving into deeper waters. The first few days is often the busiest for many like Janice so the ability to resupply was helpful.

Janice also mentioned, "We may have one or two days left to potentially get supplies so if you have any more planned announcements or additions, I would appreciate the heads up."

Emma responded, "I'm sorry. This has all been unplanned and spur of the moment. Much of what has happened is me reacting quickly as I make shit up."

Before putting the cuffs on her limbs and the collar, Emma whispered to Lisette. Emma was threading the chains and locks through the rings connected to the various restraints, when Lisette returned. Emma took the time to recheck that she was secure and that she was comfortable. They had been talking about potential things Emma might bring attention to that Janice sold.

Taking the small box that Lisette brought, she opened the box and emptied the contents into her hand. Holding them up in front of Janice, two adjustable clamps hung from the chain Emma held. Janice's eyes once again narrowed at Emma who just grinned at her.

"You might need some more of these or any nipple clamps in general. You need to be punished for your foul mouth that is unbecoming of such an innocent damsel. You also need to be punished for your outburst at Nadz and making everyone uncomfortable."

"I may be a damsel but I never claimed innocence."

Emma smiled at Janice, "True but if your chest is free to tease then this will also draw attention to those lovely mounds."

Janice groaned.

"If it's too much and I am going too far, just say so. But deep down I am sure you desire this treatment."

Janice blushed as she admitted she did desire it but that she was unprepared for it. That just meant Emma warned her that she plans to continue escalating things each time they met. She also warned Janice she planned to drag her to the dungeon with Nadz. This got a reaction from Kit and Lisette wanting to go.

"Hmm. I get the feeling plenty will want to go. I still have to talk to Nadz, but maybe turn it into a private party. Invitation only from me. Call it, Girls Night In," dark, sinister music played in Emma’s head as she said, "The Dungeon."

Emma continued it with her evil villainess laugh that sounded anything but. The three other women just stared at her making things feel a bit awkward.

But Emma just moved on and slid the chain of the clamps through the ring in Janice's collar. Emma’s mouth searched out the first nipple through Janice's top and manipulated it until it was erect and was able to attach the clamp. She followed a similar strategy to do the other side with a little more effort adding the clamp. Despite the mild whining, Emma tightened the clamps before letting Janice's breasts relax. The chain was small enough that it pulled her breasts up towards the collar adding more pressure and discomfort to Janice.

Emma turned to Lisette, "I know you want to be bound on stage but I could really use a minion to keep an eye on her. I promise the next demonstration I do with her, you will get plenty of action as well as an invitation for Girls Night In The Dungeon."

Lisette looked back at Emma as she contemplated, "Okay as long as I get to be a named minion and not some generic one. I was already thinking on your villainess name. Think for now I look at you as Lady Chastity, a fallen angel hellbent on the extinction of humanity through removing their ability to reproduce. Mostly through chastity."

Emma just grinned and asked, "Who are you then, my loyal minion?"

"Oh. Well, she has been calling me numerous things already. Figured I could combine some of it. I'll be known as the traitorous demoness named Tramp, the cake eater. That way we can make the kinky adult version of Lady and the Tramp."

Emma couldn't help but laugh and the others followed soon after.

Janice eventually asked, "Do I get a name?"

Lisette responded, "No, you are some random generic damsel whose plight will change with each iteration. After all this is about the Lady and her amazing minion, Tramp. Be thankful for your supporting role."

"Hey," called out Janice.

Emma chimed in, "She's getting into this and gaining confidence. If I were the damsel, when I got the opportunity, I would securely bind the minion. And maybe give her a little punishment when you need a break before she has you back in your supporting role. This can keep you two occupied until Lady Chastity returns."

Lisette was nodding with a big smile as whimpers came from Janice.

"We all know you are likely dripping wet under your belt so you're not suffering enough. My minion will help you sell your wares." Emma turned to address Lisette again, "If she tries to remove the clamps, bind her hands and tighten the clamps. Then I want you to hide this once I set it."

Emma held the remote to Janice's belt and turned on both vibrators to max. The yelp and Janice jumped in surprise. Emma adjusted the rest of the settings to give Janice random shocks as well. Emma handed off the remote for Lisette to hide.

"Please Emma, this is too much."

"You have barely started, my damsel. I hope you fight it. It will be more exciting if you do as you are repeatedly forced to orgasm. You don't even get to stop when you want to. The stimulation will last until the batteries die. You're not just suffering for me and my minion, you are also a slave to your own device."

Janice had been biting her lip, trying to suppress her moans as Emma spoke. It was clearly too much as she gripped the nearby table as she screamed, her body trembling as the first orgasm washed over her. The belt was without mercy as the stimulation never slowed and the effects of the orgasm were still going when she squealed and nearly collapsed. Emma figured she just received her first shock.

"Wonderful. May you have many more. If it makes you feel better, I will likely never get to experience that feeling myself."

With Lisette's return, Emma gave her instructions for returning the remote.

Before Emma could leave Janice handed her a key, "For your minion’s belt. Keep her locked forever."

Emma responded as Janice was in the midst of her next orgasm, "Now who is being the evil villainess while she is getting all those orgasms."

Emma once again looked over to Lisette, "Are you looking for long term chastity?"

"No, but I am your minion and will follow in my Lady's footsteps if she wishes."

"You don't have to."

"I prefer it to be your choice. While not what I planned nor intended, for as long as I am your minion I should remain locked like you. Probably through the cruise at least."

"Fair enough Tramp, you will remain locked for the time being and we will discuss this more later. Take care of her."

"Thank you my Lady. I will."

Collecting Kit, Emma left her island of isolation to face the latest sea of predators.


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