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by bentbliss

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Part 13. Maid Duty

Emma was lathering her body with the most plain if not slightly greasy soap she has ever seen or used. The water was definitely lukewarm at best. She should be used to it by now. She really doesn't know exactly how long but it has definitely been years. The warden had kept her locked up due to the contract she signed in the beginning. She had barely seen anybody lately except the guards who brought her food. Actually she was shocked to be let out of her cell and allowed to use the communal showers instead of her cell shower. 

Emma had reached between her legs with the intention of cleaning but the feeling was so good. It felt like forever since she had touched her folds or sunk a finger inside herself. The simple pleasures she had been denied for so long. She quickly lost herself in her own ecstasy.

Sliding her hand up to give her engorged pearl attention finally, multiple hands grabbed her as electricity pulsed through her body. She would have dropped but she was held up long enough to take her down to the ground, not so much gently but to protect her from hitting her head or doing too much damage. While she was incapacitated, she was dragged out of the water and from her stall to the center of the room. Thankfully the tile floors were smooth and her wet body glided more than skidded across.

She knew many people were around but still couldn't control her body to look around or even speak yet. She soon found herself facing the ground with her breasts smashed against the cold tile. With her arms yanked behind her and her legs bent and pulled up towards her butt, she felt the cold steel envelop her limbs. The echoes of the ratcheting cuffs permeated throughout the room. When the hands mostly stopped touching her, she found herself hogtied even if it wasn't tight or severe. Her steel accessories were not going to give her the freedom to get off the cold floor even as she was getting function back in her body.

Emma hadn't noticed how quiet things truly were despite the number of people. The water from her shower seemed to be off, not even a drip. She couldn't tell if anyone was breathing besides herself as there was no talking or moving now. 

Clack! Clack! Clack! Clack!

That repeating sound that reverberated throughout the room. 

Clack! Clack!

It had immediately caught Emma’s attention when she first heard it and why she noticed how quiet everything else around her was. It was a bit terrifying. She knew the sound was getting closer. She also could tell that it was the sounds of someone walking in high heels on a hard surface with empty halls and rooms. If she had to guess, the warden was on her way. She was facing the opposite way of the only entrance/exit. Her body was still wet and the floor too slick to maneuver herself in her current predicament. She tried to crane her neck around to see, especially as the sound of the heels got closer.

Clack! Clack!

She knew she was close and laid the side of her head on the floor to try for a better view this time. She noticed a brief movement as everything went silent again. She barely caught a glimpse of the nylon covered lower leg and the black heel as the beige bottom came down towards her face. She tried to move but she found she couldn't nor could she make a sound. 

Part of her was a bit terrified as the heel stepped on the side of her face. The flat of it rested between her temple and ear moving towards her hairline. The spike of the heel landed on her cheek as she felt it shift while slowly digging into her skin. She tried once again to cry out and move but found she still couldn't. The back of the heel stopped moving as it dug in at the hinge of her jaw. 

She didn't appear to be bleeding yet but it was definitely unpleasant at best. The pressure increased a bit more across the whole of the heel. The opposite side of her face was smashed into the cold floor. Her ear took the grunt of the pressure as there was no let up.

Everything stayed this way for what felt like hours but was only minutes. It was dead silent. She couldn't make a sound as she tried to talk and even scream. She started to think she had gone deaf cause there was nothing despite a room full of people. Even if she couldn't move or speak, she should have heard something. Something wasn't right and Emma couldn't help but start to panic internally even though her body was unresponsive except for the pain and pressure on her head.

She continued to fight internally until the familiar voice began to echo through the room, "You disappoint me again with your unauthorized attempt at masturbation, epsilon. Our contract is now null and void. This shall be our last interaction together."

The warden's heel dug further into Emma’s cheek though it still didn't break her skin. She screamed in her head as no sound would still come out. Worse yet the real horror wasn't the physical pain but the thought of her warden never seeing or doing anything with her again. She immediately started to cry yet no tears or sobs came out.

"I told you I would not put up with your insolence. As much as I want to ruin your pretty face right now, you will feel my wrath fully in another way.

As the contract no longer exists, you are no longer an official prisoner here. I am no longer your warden. In fact I don't recognize you as a living being. You want to be a slut? You will endure the rest of your existence as a fucktoy for the guards. Their permanent possession. The only condition they have is to keep you alive for a very long time."

Emma felt the extra pressure of the heel further into her face as it was slowly twisted back and forth across her skin. The physical pain was beginning to augment the mental anguish she was currently suffering. The thought of the warden leaving her didn't just leave her distraught, it felt like it was killing her. She was struggling to breathe at least in her own head as she still had no control over her body. 

Her voice spoke to Emma one last time as it once again pierced the silence, "There is much to say but they are impatient to use their new toy. Even if I could change your fate now, I wouldn't. Farewell epsilon."

The pressure from the heel on her face subsided. Helpless to do anything, Emma still fought in her own mind. She was momentarily distracted when she heard the "Clack! Clack!" The sound was fading away. Emma desired to follow her and get her back. That was all hopeless even if she could move. Many hands were already touching her body. As she was shifted around, she found all her holes filled. It didn't matter that things were completely silent still nor that her mouth was filled. There was no love. She was beginning her long life as a fucktoy. Every time one finished, another was there to fill her.

As the final "Clack! Clack!" faded, Emma tried screaming out one last time.

"…it's okay. Just wake up. It will be okay. I am here."

Emma vaguely caught the words as she startled awake. She thrashed, finding herself bound. She felt like she may have been screaming moments before she woke. She was unable to move her head but she felt her hair being stroked as the panic drained from her. Emma could only look forward and that view was her looking out of a dark room towards a light. A dark figure blocked much of the view of the entrance which turned out to be Dolly.

"Your Princess is here for her Unicorn."

Emma's thoughts were clear enough to respond, "No doubt Princess She-devil could scare away most things."

The quick retort came back, "Someone had to save you from yourself again."

Emma would have glared at her if she was capable of turning her head to look at her.

"What? Did you think we'd forget or give you a pass for last night?"

Emma sighed, "No. She was there wasn't she or was I dreaming?"

Ophelia stopped stroking Emma's hair and stood in front of her only allowing Emma to see her silhouette. She had figured out she was back in the suite when she saw Dolly. But Emma finally realized she had actually been standing. Straps covering various parts of her body were holding her up and against the surface behind her.

Emma couldn't see Ophelia's expression as she responded, "She was, among others. She's the one who overrode the timers of your locks. There is a separate control panel which only administrators can access. That is why you didn't notice her initially, besides me being up in your face, dealing with you."

Emma could hear the hurt in her tone.

"I'm sorry. I don't mean to keep hurting everyone, including you. I shouldn't have asked about her."

Ophelia grabbed one of Emma’s nipples as she spoke again, "I am not trying to make you feel bad or have another day like yesterday. You scared me and others with your stunt. Now you will have to regain the trust you lost."

Emma found herself moaning as Ophelia played with and kneaded her nipple.

"I was going to let you sleep in and come get you later. You needed the rest as you didn't wake up despite all that happened to lead you to your current position. Your nightmare or whatever happened caused me to wake you up early but I will give you two choices but only if you agree to seek some professional help. Otherwise you will stay here until I let you out."

Emma, like many people, wanted to argue against it. Her initial thought was to instantly reject it as her mouth opened. But her brain finally stopped her and forced her to consider it. With all the different reasons running around for and against it, she realized it couldn't hurt and maybe get her focused on enjoying her vacation again.

"Fine. But I have my own condition. You will go seek help as well for yourself."

Emma really couldn't see her face with the light still only allowing her to see her silhouette. That didn't mean Emma missed what seemed like a smile spread across Ophelia's face showing her teeth. She could have imagined it but the response made her believe it was real.

"Good cause I was also scheduling us for couples counseling anyways."

"Wait, what?" Emma responded, a bit flabbergasted.

"You pushed forward my time frame to get this started with your stunt last night. And no, this isn't punishment as much as I am genuinely concerned. I am aware of my own drastic changes and can't afford to throw stones from my own glass house. I had already been looking into it for Kit, so this isn't a suggestion on a whim. Couples counseling is a bit of a misnomer as I imagine depending on how often we do it, it will likely be more than the two of us. I plan to make my harem work as much as possible."

"So harem therapy from the start?"

"Yes. There will be plenty of egos and issues, so why not try something to help things along. But that is a discussion for later. I was getting ready to walk out to meet 'it' and get her started this morning."

"I was supposed to be going with you. Today…"

"I know that is why you have two options this morning. Your first is to go back to sleep and get the rest you need. Dolly will message me when you get up. I will even let your box lie back to help you sleep if you want."

"Box?" Emma questioned not knowing what she meant.

"Yes, my unicorn. The plans from last night didn't happen but I still made you my second doll after Dolly. You are currently stored in your box though it is open at the moment. You will get to see it more later.

Your second option is to start your punishment and you get an hour to get ready. Then I will pick you up and you will perform real maid duty. No sexy stuff. Just the boring dregs of manual labor doing actual cleaning and laundry. The lovely 'it' will handle the fun sexy parts until just after lunch so she can join you this afternoon.

Now you don't have long to choose before I make a choice as I really need to head out. Understand I will not let you be alone again until you see the therapist at least once. So you will remain confined in this closet this morning or you will serve under me and begin your punishment with my supervision. Punishment you begged of me last night when you should have come to me first."

Emma was a bit frustrated by this. She had been looking forward to serving as a maid and earning her uniform. But her Princess was really trying to dictate things this morning. She vaguely remembered begging to be punished in her meltdown when she was found. She would have taken the punishment anyways if it was offered but she felt terrible for her mental breakdown. This trip was supposed to be full of happy moments and fun.

She wasn't sure she could sleep at the moment and really wanted to be a maid even for just the morning as she sighed before responding, "I want to get back to enjoying myself. That means continuing with the plans in place. I want to earn my uniform as you did. I will take my punishment with it as it is earned as well."

"You have an hour to clean up, get ready and eat. If you are not ready, you will go back to being a dolly the rest of the morning."

Ophelia walked out and commanded Dolly to release Emma and make her a light breakfast.

Emma found herself in the shower, she was naked besides her chastity belt when she was released. She only briefly looked at her box as she knew the hour would go quick and her release had slowed her down. She found herself looking at the manacles in the shower but she didn't have time to play. Mostly she wanted to have a better day and tried focusing on that.

Emma had finished eating a few minutes before Ophelia returned. She had rushed getting dressed and adding a bit of makeup. The dress and petticoat took some extra time to get straight and cinched up. Her stockings, heels, and lace choker finished her outfit.

Emma gave her best curtsy when Ophelia entered. While she was commended for her efforts, Ophelia gave her pointers and made her retry a few times. Emma enjoyed the act, even more so in her uniform. There was a certain amount of sexiness and deference in the action that she adored.

This was also the first time Emma had seen Ophelia in something other than her maid uniform. The tiara on her head was no surprise to her. She was wearing a high collared, long sleeved, button down white satin blouse. The stylised, jeweled word 'Princess' adorned the front of her blouse connected by a gold chain. A tight black suede pencil skirt covered from her waist to just above her knees. Black nylons, which Emma would discover later were seamed, encased her toned legs. Her black suede pumps finished the outfit.

Once that was over, Emma stood at attention while Ophelia inspected her.

"This will not do," Emma felt the riding crop hit the back of her hamstring but there wasn't much force behind it. It was more Ophelia was pointing out the issue. Ophelia hit the back of her other leg as well as she critiqued, "I should send you to your box for the rest of the morning. These are completely unacceptable. Have you never worn seamed stockings?"

Admittedly she hadn't and told Ophelia so.

"Fine. Since you represent me today, I expect perfection even though it is your first day. Maids are here to serve while looking immaculate for their clients. So sit and remove them quickly without ruining them."

Emma was instructed on how to properly put them on. She received a couple of swats to her inner thighs for her mistakes. When she finished putting them back on at least in a satisfactory manner, Ophelia ran her hands up and down Emma's legs. It was far too intimate in her mind as it heightened Emma’s already aroused state from just wearing the uniform.

As Emma stood up and received another inspection, "It will do for now. You need more practice putting them on so the seams are straight. It's time you stopped slacking and got to work. You said you wanted to earn it."

Ophelia took a minute to straighten out Emma’s dress and fluffed her petticoat.

"Too bad you are being punished and work needs doing because I am ready to ravage you. You look far too good wearing it. Maybe after some professional training, I will keep you to myself as my personal maid. A life of service and pampering someone of my beauty and caliber. It would be truly beneath me to enslave one as inexperienced and uncouth as you. But if you work hard and train to your best, I might make an exception."

Ophelia started for the door when Emma asked, "No restraints?"

Ophelia kept walking and opened the door as she responded, "You're just a plain, mundane maid today in a uniform you find sexy. There will be no extras while you train and perform your duties."

As they both exited the suite, Ophelia added, "My beauty, grace, and general sexiness don't count as extra. It is inevitable as it is who I am and maybe you will appreciate it for once."

Ophelia may not have wide hips or a big ass but she knew how to flaunt what she had. Emma couldn't help but watch her intentionally sway her hips. In some ways it was odd in that Ophelia was usually in her maid uniform. The tight skirt molded to her cute little rear end that Emma rarely had a chance to see especially with the petticoats Ophelia wore with her uniform.

"You are definitely all of that and much more. And since we first met it was hard not to appreciate the lovely maid. Even more so when she had the courage and took the leap of faith to ask me for my key. I know I haven't given you what you fully want but we are only a couple days in."

"I know but I have less than two weeks to not just stake my claim but make you want it enough to extend past your vacation. So if I seem pushy, it is my own desperation to have a relationship with you long term. You have done so much for me in two plus days, how can I not want more despite how selfish it is."

The two talked more as they made their way to their destination.

They entered a cabin whose door was propped open with a cart outside of it. Kit was finishing up cleaning this room. This was the start of Emma’s training as Ophelia started explaining things as she inspected Kit's work. Not long after the three of them moved to the next room.

In the next room with Kit's help, Emma got her official start. Stripping the bed was simple. Making the bed turned out to be far more complex. There were plenty of tedious rules and expectations. Ophelia was not cutting her any slack forcing them to remake it four times.

"No matter the size of the bed, they are all made the same way to the same standards. No wrinkles. No extra folds. Everything should be symmetrical. I won't stand for crooked. Remember the blanket and sheet are folded back…"

Ophelia put Kit and Emma through the ringer. There was no mercy or sympathy. It was, at times, intense. There were definitely no games played as they went through cleaning the first few rooms. Kit had the advantage of getting some training the day before. Emma herself found the back of her hands feeling the sting of the crop during her mistakes.

Ophelia announced the latest room was done and they were moving on.

Emma decided to open her mouth and responded, "Yes Taskmaster."

"Don't think I can't read you, maid. Your tongue is waggling and sass is spewing. That means part of you enjoys this and you are hoping I will react and inflict pain to a painslut. But your punishment is far from over. You are getting an authentic experience that I have endured. Now come along as I expect this next room will present a new horror."

After the usual announcement with no response, Emma followed Ophelia and Kit into the room. The smell was quite unpleasant. The room itself was a bit of a disaster. Everything was a mess. Things were smeared all over the walls.

Ophelia started cursing and angrily shouting, "This is the third day in a row and by far the worst. No more. I will be turning him in later. First he will suffer as that's what he really wants. Mister Smith is very much a masochist but he has other things I want no part of. I don't need the extra work he causes."

Ophelia had Kit and Emma wait as she investigated the room and took pictures. This gave Emma a chance to view the man locked to his bed. He was held down by the self bondage straps on the bed. A nylon mask covered his head. Thicker patches over his eyes suggested he was blindfolded. It was easy to assume his mouth was filled by the garbled sounds.

He had somehow managed to get himself in some contraption that left wires connected to his nipple rings to be threaded through a ring hanging over his midsection. The other end of the wires connected to a small metal rod that was penetrating the urethra of his erect penis. His penis was quite the sight in and of itself as he was pierced down the full length frenulum in what is usually considered a Frenum ladder. But it didn't end there as the piercings continued across his scrotum and perineum. More wires threaded the piercings and up to the ring and ended with a weight hanging from the end holding his penis up, likely to keep the sound in, Emma imagined.

His ass was plugged with wires connected to a box that looked like it vibrated or sent shocks. Possibly both but Emma didn't get closer to look. It was clearly doing something as the man made plenty of noise as his back suddenly arched. Emma watched the sound sink deeper into his erect phallus.

Ophelia returned to the two maids, announcing, "I usually don't clean his room this early, so he likely wasn't expecting us. But this is the worst so far. Welcome to one of the many horror shows or as I have heard others call it, a literal shitshow."

Emma found herself cleaning the bathroom which was the worst part of the place. Her punishment afforded her this opportunity. As it was she struggled not to constantly gag. She felt dirty, as if through osmosis, just being in there that she was tempted to bathe herself in chemicals.

Once finished, the smell now was a mixture of things including ammonia, pine, and lemon. A far improvement and more tolerable state. She gave one last look to verify she got everything as she knew Ophelia would be inspecting her work. It wasn't just the inspection either, Emma asked for this experience and prided herself on giving full effort.

While Emma waited for Ophelia to finish looking over her work, she got another look at Mr. Smith. There were changes to his predicament that she assumed Ophelia did considering the verbal lashing she gave him for a while. His nipples and testicles both had clamps attached now with more wires connecting to a box. He wasn't reacting at the moment which led Emma to believe that it was on a timer or random setting and he was getting a break.

His arms were also stretched straight out, perpendicular from his body. The wires that were connected to the weight were now attached to his wrists. The slightly elevated wrists caused plenty of tension along his lower piercings. Emma imagined that if he relaxed or got tired and dropped his arms, he would be pulling those piercings and giving himself quite a stretch. She imagined he likely would endure plenty of discomfort if not pain.

Ophelia came back out of the bathroom not saying anything as she inspected Kit's work. She nodded to the two of them before stating, "Let's go. I will be back to deal with him later. You both did well and saved me a lot of work. We are ahead of schedule despite the initial training. But it's time for the next exciting chore, laundry."

Emma got her crash course in how they do laundry on the ship. Much like with the rooms, especially making a bed, many tedious rules and expectations. Folding linens and towels shouldn't require that much perfection but that is how she was taught. Ophelia swatted the back of her hands a few times again when she made mistakes.

At one point Emma blurted out after one such moment, "Did you spend a lot of time with a Catholic nun or get trained by them?"

Ophelia looked at her confused, answering, "No. Why?"

"Well if we dress you in a habit and replace your riding crop with a wooden ruler, you would be acting like many of the nuns from my childhood. They seemed to derive pleasure from smacking the back of our hands when we weren't paying attention or doing something we shouldn't be. Is there a principal with a big paddle for me to be sent to when I am really naughty?"

"It's starting to make more sense in how you turned out like this."

Emma just smiled at her and quipped, "Maybe."

"Looks like something for me to explore further with you."

Emma went to say something but thought better of it. Instead they found some more idle chatting and banter with Kit involved. For her part Emma focused on the laundry and tried to get down the nuances and expectations set for her and other maids. It definitely helped keep her mind clear and was therapeutic in its own way.

With the laundry done as much as could be at that point, Ophelia sent Kit off on her own as it was time for some of the intimate maid encounters to happen. As Ophelia and Emma walked to their next destination, Emma asked, "What happened last night after… after I passed out I think."

Ophelia responded, "I had expected you to ask earlier but that isn't relevant. You were taken to the place you seemed adamant not to go to. They found you to be exhausted and a bit cold. No real damage at least physically. They got you warmed up and released you. Then I went all cavewoman on you and dragged you by the hair back to the suite and stuffed you in your box."

"While that would have been quite the sight, I imagine my body would be more sore and bruised. My head along my hairline would probably be hurting assuming I didn't have it all yanked out. I assume there is more but I understand if you don't want to tell me."

"You don't think little me couldn't drag you across the ship?"

"I didn't say that, She-Ra."

"First you call me She-devil and now She-Ra. I don't even know who that is but congrats on remembering my gender."

Emma snorted, "I guess she was before your time. Mine as well kind of but I saw a few reruns. You may be a nun today but last night you were the Princess of Power it seems."

"I like it. The Princess of Power. Especially with the power over your state of chastity. I must say as a strict nun, your vow of chastity should be eternal."

Emma groaned.

"You're not the only witty, sarcastic person around or that I have met. But back on topic and the unasked question you are avoiding asking me. Yes she was there. You were only released cause she argued with them so you didn't have a repeat of yesterday. They wanted to keep you for observation, which technically was the right thing to do. She left not long after they agreed to release you. With help, I brought you back to the suite and stored you away in your box. You never once stirred. That is how tired you were."

"Thank you."

"You're welcome, my unicorn."

"Do you know what happened with Macy and Greg after?"

"No. I have been focused on you, not them. Nor have I paid attention to anything related to them or others."

Emma nodded and knew she should leave it alone for now. Shortly thereafter they came to Emma’s old cabin. Ophelia opened and entered the room with Emma following. Emma was a bit confused as she looked around and the room looked untouched. She didn't see anything that needed to be cleaned but maybe there were certain rules that required them to do certain things daily whether the room was used or not.

"Am I here to clean this room?" Emma finally asked.

"Ideally this would have been the room to train you in at the start but I knew we would be here now. We are not here for cleaning. We are here for something more important."

Emma waited in silence at the long pause.

Ophelia concluded, "Nap time. Now get in bed."

"I thought…"

"Get in bed now. Whether you want a nap or not doesn't matter. I do. Unlike you, I was up most of the night worried about you and now need the break. You will get to serve Unworthy and I lunch as your last official maid duties for the day. I have no doubts I am a bit grumpy and the lunch conversation is likely to be taxing. Plus I still have to work the rest of the day.

It would still be wise of you to rest and try to get more sleep. You have a long day to go as well. I told you I am not letting you be alone until you get help. With 'it' now doing the more intimate room cycle, I can't have you go with her. So you are stuck with me in your old bed since I don't have any other restraints to keep you here. Bed."

Ophelia was pointing at the bed and Emma finally moved to it. She found herself strapped in quickly by Ophelia. Ophelia at least took off both of their shoes before she climbed on the bed with Emma. Emma waited as Ophelia verbally set an alarm with the room's system."

"Why not just nap in the suite?" Emma asked.

Ophelia hiked up her skirt and straddled Emma before splayed out on top of her.

Ophelia's chin rested between Emma’s breasts as she answered, "I said you would never sleep in that bed with me. Far too many places to put you for sleeping arrangements there. But I want to feel you and have you underneath me. To finally relax knowing you are safe."

Ophelia shook her head side to side before turning her head and resting it on Emma’s breasts.

"Mostly I have been waiting to try my new pillows."

Emma didn't have much to say at that or much to do. Bound to the bed with her Princess on top of her. It was a bit of adjustment but not the worst she had dealt with. Ophelia's breathing got shallow quickly giving Emma the impression she was already asleep. Emma figured her options were to think or try to sleep. Thinking hasn't been good for her recently. Though sleep was barely better especially if she had more nightmares. Closing her eyes was what she felt was her best option in any case.

She must have been tired still as she didn't remember much once she closed her eyes. When the alarm went off, she wasn't exactly motivated to wake up. At least the ocean air on the way to the suite helped reinvigorate her a bit. Though it also may have helped that there was a bit of hand holding along the way.

Dolly trained Emma how to make the smoothie she was going to be having for lunch. Ophelia had ordered lunch for Victoria and herself to be delivered though Emma would supposedly be serving them. They were still waiting for Victoria to show up. Ophelia was sitting at the table which maid Emma was not allowed to.

"Well I have good news for you. You have two appointments tentatively scheduled for your therapy. Though they are not for today. So the better news is you won't be left alone or unmonitored until tomorrow at the earliest. It also appears you have an escort for your visit to the fashion show tonight."

"Another date?"

"I don't know but I doubt it will be like last night."

"Do you know who it is?"

"Only that it isn't me and it sounds like only one person picking you up."

Emma frowned at the vagueness and definitely didn't want a repeat of the previous night.

The chime emanated through the suite letting them know someone was at the door. Emma had barely taken a sip of her lunch but it was currently her job to answer the door.

Emma answered the door and failed to curtsy as she was bedazzled by the sight in front of her. A woman, Emma believed as she definitely was feminine shaped but not a normal looking one. She didn't even look whole as much as two halves smashed together. Both halves are completely different yet equally screaming fuck me while I drain every bit of you.

Her left side looked the more innocent of the two but there was truly no innocence involved. This half of her head sported a golden mane of wild hair. Her left ear was elongated at the upper tip giving it an elvish like quality. Her skin, the parts exposed on her left side including her hair face and neck, was pale pink. The left iris of her eye shimmered with a vibrant gold color. Her lips were covered in a shade of forest green.

Her shoulder down to part of her breast were bare with the pale pink hue. A forest green colored corset that imitated the looks of leaves along with sophisticated filigree-like gold accents covered her midsection. Three brown leather straps wrapped around the corset and connected to the gold half of the buckles on the front of the corset. Nearly the top half of her breast had popped out giving hints of her areola to peak out.

A brown waistband-like belt started at the top of the skirt. Straps of leather were loosely stitched together by leather lacing. This formed the majority of the skirt as the length of the strips of leather barely reached mid thigh. With the loose lacing and the tightness of the skirt, she was flashing plenty of the pale pink skin from the gaps.

Her nude leg carried the same pigment as the other exposed parts. Her gold heeled sandal had thin ornate straps that wrapped around her leg to just under her knee. Both her fingernails and toenails were painted gold. Her forearm and wrist was encircled by an ornate gold gauntlet that continued up the back of her hand and encased her middle finger.

Despite Emma standing there with her mouth open, the woman had begun to slowly turn to give Emma the full view. This led Emma to getting a view of the back. This led to the unexpected sight of wings. On the green side, the wing was like a cross of a butterfly and a dragonfly. The iridescent nature of the wing seemed to shimmer a myriad of colors.

The wing on the right side looked similar to a variation of bat wings. A bone-like skeletal frame fanned out from a point near the peak of the wing. A black skin-like membrane spread around and between the bones. A bone-like spike protruded the membrane at many of the end points of the skeletal structure of the wing.

The right side of the woman's skin was crimson for the parts Emma saw exposed. The right side of the corset was violet and vinyl with the back of the two connected by green and violet laces interwoven until the back of the corset cinched closed completely. Three black straps with silver metal studs that ran the length about a half inch apart. The studs were diamond shaped with about an inch per side at the base. Each stud was like a little spike that only reached a height of about an inch and a half. The straps of both sides seemed to be sewn in the back of each side near the edges of the lacing on each side. The black studded straps ended at the silver half of the front buckles. This made the woman's waist look wickedly tiny and helped exaggerate her figure.

This half of the corset was definitely different from the other side besides the colors. It was an underbust which left the right breast exposed. Though the black mesh covered the front including the breast and over the shoulder to the back but only along the right side. The mesh did extend as a sleeve along the right arm and finished as a fingerless glove at the end. Her fingernails were two inches long and painted black giving the impression they were claws.

The skirt portion had black studded vinyl waistband that mirrored the other side in size. The rest of it was composed of a black vinyl mini skirt that barely reached her upper thigh. This left an asymmetrical dimension with the other side being longer which was enhanced more by the side split that went up about a third of the way. To finish off the skirt area, a two foot long tail was attached to the back that ended in a sizable spade.

Black garters snuck out from under the skirt and were attached to violet fishnet stocking. The stocking was mostly covered except the top few inches by the black boot that extended just above the knee. The heel was similar in height but in a chunky style versus the more slender sandal.

Her head and face also had its own unique look besides the crimson skin. Her right iris was a deep violet. Her lips appeared to be colored obsidian black. Her black hair was a contrast colorwise to the otherside. It was still wild and somehow the whole thing gave off a seductively sultry vibe. Though it was the horn coming out of the right front side of her head that really confused yet made Emma feel more tingly inside.

"Lovely. I am quite voracious. You would make for a tasty meal," the woman said in a sultry voice as she lifted her clawed right hand towards Emma.

Emma felt the woman's hand caress her cheek before her nails lightly scraped against her skin. She was definitely a bit flustered and sort of at a loss. The wetness and cramping behind her belt were the best she could express herself as she stood frozen with a loss for words.

She finally regained her senses to ask, "Can I help you with something?"

With a smile of a wicked vixen and in a bewitching voice she replied, "I had hoped you weren't broken again. Well maybe a little bit. But if I don't get to feed on your…" The woman sniffed the air near Emma before finishing, "vitality that smells divine, then I hope my Goddess is impressed."

Something within Emma cleared up as she realized who it was. She actually blushed about her reaction. But she couldn't deny Victoria had outperformed expectations. She was having trouble imagining her as Unworthy dressed like that. If Victoria decided she wanted to take charge at that moment, Emma was pretty sure she would feel compelled to obey.

Emma finally got it together and performed her curtsy before speaking, "Sorry for my bad manners but I am just a maid. I presume you are here to see the princess."

Emma watched as Victoria looked past her before responding, "Yes, you are correct. This is supposed to be her time."

"If your Goddess were here, she would never admit it but you would have more than impressed her. She would have bent you over and taken you from behind until you had orgasmed and been left with a gaping hole for her pleasure."

"It has been filled since yesterday. And I still want to suck the vitality out of you starting with your lips. But I can't afford to ruin my makeup. I literally might get murdered if I ruined it this quickly after hours of work. But the maid is quite tempting."

"Careful. Your Goddess will come back."

"All the more reason to take advantage of the maid."

"Would you two quit flirting and get in here," Ophelia finally spoke in a somewhat annoyed tone.

Emma stepped aside and let Victoria in. Emma enjoyed the view as she followed her in. Thoughts of the many things she could do or places to insert the spaded tail, percolated in her head.

Emma had pulled out a chair for Victoria to sit. Before she made it to get Victoria a drink, the chime for the door went off again. This time it was the food delivery for the others.

A drink for Victoria and refill Ophelia were Emma’s first priority, after she brought the food in. Emma dished out the food on plates and attempted to properly serve them. The two had been idling chatting as Emma ensured they had everything they needed. This allowed Emma to get back to her lunch once everything was in order.

Victoria, seemingly done with her lunch, even if temporarily, asked Ophelia, "Anything specific you wanted to ask first?"

Emma had noticed Ophelia's nervous fidgets since they had returned to the suite.

"Why did you sell off my mother?"

Victoria let out a sigh before responding, "I didn't but I needed everyone including you to believe I did. For your protection she needed to move on without you. So I set her up elsewhere to take the other children with her and care for them."

"Why did I need protection enough for her to leave me behind? Let alone be left with you."

Victoria frowned, knowing this would be difficult when she answered, "It might be better to start from the beginning and give an abbreviated story and then let you ask questions."

There was a bit of fire in Ophelia's eyes though she tried to look calm and composed as she nodded in acknowledgement of Victoria's statement.

Victoria exhaled out her previous deep breath and took in another as she started, "This series of tragedies starts with a girl named Kira. Basically her early life revolved around being raised by servants and hanging around their children. Her parents moved her around with them often, usually to different countries. The face of the servants and children around her changed plenty but each place was essentially a prison for her as well. She was never allowed to leave whatever property they lived on and interaction with anything outside was minimal.

It turns out her rebellious streak at the age of fourteen got the better of her. She managed to sneak out of the compound she was living in. It turned out to be on the outskirts of Rio in Brazil. It ended up not being a safe area as the naive girl found out. She was kidnapped shortly after as she tried to explore further towards the city. She was beaten, raped, and left for dead in a pile of refuse.

She thought she was rescued by her savior but would soon realize it likely would have been better to never have been found. Despite being treated and brought back to health, she found out what true imprisonment meant. She was chained to a concrete wall by a thick metal collar around her neck. Once she was healed enough and obvious at that point that she was pregnant, she was used as a sex toy and a whore by the various guests. But never once by the man who saved her.

After the birth of her child, her imprisonment continued for another year or so. When the baby was old enough to separate the two, she found herself sold back to her parents. Despite the begging and pleading from Kira, her parents refused to accept or help her get her daughter back. Her parents wanted nothing to do with the bastard rape child.

Kira was sent away to receive further treatment for her various injuries both mental and physical. It was less than a year later that her parents were for lack of a better term, assassinated. Kira was still in the midst of her treatment when it happened. Around the same time, the girl known as Kira died herself. Something much worse was reborn."

Victoria paused, allowing herself to take a sip of her drink and took a quick break. This allowed Emma a chance to clean up what was left of lunch without interrupting. After all she was just as interested in the story and didn't want to miss out on it. There was a lot to digest just from what they heard so far that even Ophelia sat there quietly staring at the table.

"Are you ok?" Emma asked Ophelia.

She looked up at Emma in response, "We will see. This is more about her as she is setting up for whatever leads to my role."

There wasn't much more chance to talk as Victoria returned.

"We will skip ahead as time is short and most of the rest isn't necessary.

I had an aunt. She was the one who ran things while I was still an indisposed teenager. She was the last of my family and to a certain degree a mentor into the mess I inherited. She happened to marry a Brazilian man. He happened to have a brother married to a little Korean woman and had a daughter together.

My aunt ran the Brazilian operations for reasons that should be obvious now. There was an attack that wiped out the entire compound and everyone there. This included my aunt, the two brothers, and your mother and you, so I had thought initially.

It turned out my savior turned captor also perished there.

Later by chance, I found your mother and you being sold by slavers. I purchased the two of you and all the other children before someone worse than me got you.

As I said, it was her decision to move on and leave you with me."

"What happened to her?" Ophelia asked.

Victoria winced, "I was betrayed and her location was given. I later received a package that contained a video among other things. I am sorry."

Both women had tears in their eyes as Ophelia asked, "When?"

"Remember that night when you came to check on me when I was screaming with the doors locked. I sent you to get Juliet and told you to go stay in my room after. That was when I took care of the betrayer and the day the package arrived. I don't know the actual day it happened."

"So the rumors are true."

"Most of them."

"Did you really…"

"Yes, he is the only one I ever personally murdered. I have definitely commanded many more. And I am unable to confirm whether he died suffocating on his cock or bled out from where it was once attached."

"Who killed her and why?"

"She and the little girl who played your part as her daughter were being hunted because of what happened in Brazil. The one whom I birthed blames me for what happened to the man she perceived to be her father. He was there for negotiations with my aunt. I don't know what truly happened other than an outside attack. I never found out who did it. Nevertheless, she pulled a page out of my book and tracked down everyone associated with me and the compound down there that she could, which included you."

"Why didn't you reason with her or end her like the others?"

"I tried reasoning with her. I was unable to get her back from him before the damage was done. As far as ending her as you put it, I can't. But I am pretty sure that she doesn't know who you really are. But my power has also dwindled while hers has grown."

"Then why have you kept me enslaved and supposedly protecting me."

Kit had returned as the question was asked. She had hesitated when she walked in but Emma waved her over to stand near her.

"Because she is not the only enemy I have. I've had to invest in help to keep things going. It's not you who is the focus except for a few individuals looking to take advantage of you should I slip.

It also looks like our time is up soon. We all have commitments we need to get to. I will take one more question for now."

Ophelia's eyes were closed as her face was filled with signs of inner turmoil.

"So was I nothing more than someone you bought and made a promise to protect? Just a piece of property with a little bit of value?"

Victoria grimaced, "I am sorry I had to make you feel that way. I know it still sounds like a broken record but it's the truth. Your safety mattered not just because your mother asked. In many ways you are like my last family. And truthfully you grew to be an amazing woman. Beautiful. Talented. Eager to please me. That deepened my desire to keep you more. You didn't see all of the ugly side and what you did was still less than everyone else. Maybe it was out of fear of me. But in all these years I only ever felt safe in your company.

To me you were never my slave, indentured servant, or whatever terms people gave it. I needed everyone including you to believe it. But while I would be glad to have you as family, I actually wanted more. I was becoming more intimate with you than anyone but I had to stop. People were noticing. You have heard about what happens to those that people think I am close to. Plus that was when I invested with help and they sent their little spy."


Victoria nodded before adding, "The truth is I am a selfish coward. If you asked to leave once you were old enough, I would have let you. But as I said you were that little shining beacon of hope that I could have some normalcy and hope I didn't fuck up. So I never mentioned it as an option. I may not have been able to be as close or intimate as I wanted but I was scared to let go."

"Why did you do it so easily the other day?"

"Things were changing and not for the better. So I was already working out something for you. You weren't coming back with me after the trip."

Emma blurted out, "Miss Keys."

Victoria looked at Emma, "Yes, you sort of set things in motion earlier than planned. But it worked and she was there to play up the situation of getting it legally done. Though we were in private, there are still some people around keeping tabs on me," Victoria turned back to Ophelia, "and you too. So we must keep up the act that you are glad to be free from me, granted you probably are in which case keep it up. While I know who most of these people are, there could be others and you likely don't know them.

Various things are in motion and it isn't for any of you to worry about them. Your freedom was meant to happen. But despite that freedom you still have a job to do and we have our commitment. And don't worry, Kit and I won't let Emma out of our sights this afternoon. I am still very sorry and wish I did better for you."

Ophelia and Victoria stood up from the table. Ophelia rushed over and hugged her. Emma could hear the soft sobs coming from her. She watched as Victoria hugged her back trying to comfort her.

"We can talk more later. This was more than enough to take in."

After a bit, Emma asked, "How much of that was the truth?"

Victoria lightly kissed the top of Ophelia's head before turning her head towards Emma, "I haven't lied to you no matter what anyone believes. What I said is true in my own belief. Everyone views things differently and memories fade, get hazy, and sometimes corrupted and mixed or changed through time and circumstances. I haven't told everything and there isn't time for that now. Most of it, I wouldn't want to relive much less spread to others.

As I said, I am not a good person. Despite all my failures and things I have done to her, she is the one I have cared about most besides myself for years. And if things didn't go the way they did, you two may have never met.

You did something for her that even I didn't. Doesn't matter what my reasons were. I hope that no matter what happens, that when the cruise is over, you can at least be friends and care for each other. It's something I always desired for myself as well as for her. Even if I had hoped at some point it would be between her and me.

I don't expect to change anyone's mind in one discussion."

Kit apparently had decided it was time to change now as she started stripping off her maid dress. Everyone stopped to watch her.

It was Ophelia who spoke up with a sniffle, "It is time to get ready. You will have a lot of people waiting for you and it's time to get back to having fun for you."

Emma asked, "Will you be alright?"

Ophelia nodded as she stepped away from Victoria, "Work will keep me busy and I will be back after dinner to help you get dressed anyway. I won't pull any unicorn stunts like someone last night."

Emma decided not to respond. She was already embarrassed by it and she knew Ophelia was joking. She needed to stay in a positive mood. Lunch was heavy enough with the conversation.

"Have you been wearing that all day under your uniform?"

It turned out that Kit had been wearing her harness since the night before and showers with it. She had bought multiple for when they eventually wear out. It's about as dressed as she wants to be. She tolerates the maid uniform and would wear what she is required by those she serves. Despite her childish frame along with the humiliating tattoos and piercings, she was far more content with her body being seen than Emma was with hers.

Ophelia walked up to Emma and grabbed her septum ring and pulled her down again, "Stop worrying about everything. Go have fun, those people will all be there for you. Show them that you are the goddess they need."

Ophelia started dragging Emma to the room by her nose.

"Your outfit is in here and your worshipers will help you. I will leave your collar out for dinner. You don't want to break tradition and disappoint them. Now what do you say?"

"You mean you want me to groan?"

Ophelia yanked on her septum ring causing a bit of pain.

"You will respect me better than that you sassy unicorn."

"Thank you my evil Princess She-devil."

Ophelia muttered, "Unicorns. So untrainable."

Emma smiled to herself as everyone entered the bedroom as most of them got ready for the afternoon.


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