Rilliana and Trisha

by TheLargeEmpty

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Part 7: Daythief

Trisha frowned, looking in turn at the luggage, the box, and Jeffrey.

"Jeffrey… I mean it's very nice that you brought me my luggage and this dust catcher from my sister, but where the hell is Rilliana?"

"I don't know, young lady. Madame Celine only gave me your luggage, with instructions to take good care of it, and this letter for you."

He handed her a letter, bowed and left Trisha's apartment.

Trisha opened the paper and read only two words: “Have fun!”

A small key was attached to it.

"What does this mean, Celine?" Trisha asked aloud and turned to the box. Only now did she notice a panel on the side of the box like the one she had in her training room.

"More pressure, less pressure? Vibration? Celine what is this?" she asked and began to open the three padlocks that made the contents of the box inaccessible. As the last lock opened, the lid of the box popped open on its own, revealing a female person squeezed in by the padding and looking suspiciously like Rilliana.

Trisha's eyes widened, and she immediately turned the console to lower the pressure in the box.

Trisha heard her friend groan in relief as her body was released from the compression of the padding.

Carefully, she lifted Rilliana's head and slipped off the mask.

Below her, she found an elf blinking into the light.

"There's my darling… Well how was the trip?" asked Trisha, releasing Rilliana's gag.

"Tight." was the only thing the elf managed to get out and slowly tried to close her jaw.

"You must be thirsty. Wait a second." said Trisha and disappeared into her kitchen, where she poured Rilliana a glass of water and brought it to her lips. Carefully, the elf sipped some of it.

"I'll pay Celine back for that one." She murmured.

"Hey, careful what you say. That's still my sister you're talking about!" said Trisha laughing and helped her up.

"And what will you do if I don't?"

"Rilliana are you serious?" You were just in the box for how long?

And you are tied up in a straitjacket and still trying to up the game by provoking me?" Trisha asked.

"What do you want from me, Trish? Like you said I'm a bondage addicted elf and Celine's little bondage princess. So put me back in this box before I get a chance to put you and Celine in here!"

"That might take a little while honey." said Trisha, lifting Rilliana out of the box to free her from the straitjacket.

"We probably won't see Celine again for a while. But we'll have a few more days to ourselves until my next mission."

"Can I come with you this time? Or do I have to stay at home again?" asked Rilliana, suspecting the worst.

"I think I can actually take you with me. How about you relax your muscles a bit first and take a nice bath?" asked Celine when she finally managed to free Rilliana from her bonds and peeled the catsuit from her skin.

"It feels kind of really weird to be without the suit." Rilliana murmured, stroking her bare skin.

"How long have you had it on?"

"…Since our trip to the clearing…" said Rilliana quietly.

Trisha looked at her in shock.

"Good thing Celine put a cleansing spell on the catsuits, or all of Leon's Keep would have smelled your arrival, now get in the tub! Celine's magic, all well and fair, but too much is too much!" she said and shooed the elf into the hallway to go into the bathroom.

"I can't believe she still hasn't had enough." Trisha muttered to herself after stowing the straitjacket in Celine's box and sat down in her study where she had various plans spread out on her desk.

"What's the best way to sneak in there?" she said to herself, studying a blueprint that showed her next mission location.

She let her gaze roam her offside room as if searching for something and blinked in confusion when she saw her chest of bondage utensils.

"Didn't I close that?" she wondered. Annoyed, she groaned. "RILLIANA?!" she shouted, rushing angry into the bathroom.

The elf was tying the last knot of her upper body bondage and winced guiltily.

"Now that's really enough!" said Trisha, grabbing some remaining ropes and charging at her friend, who had put on a fearful face on the outside, but was grinning broadly on the inside.

"Do you remember this thing, Rilli?" asked Trisha, the elf crouching on the ground. Rilliana tried to look up to see what Trisha was holding, but the ropes that bound her in a strict hogtie and immobilized her head prevented her from moving a muscle. Trisha had even pulled ropes through Rilliana's mouth, serving as her gag.

"Choo." was all Rilliana could manage to utter.

"That's your little friend who kept you up all night after your cheating attempt on our Hands of Fate night. He has some other very fun features, though. Pay close attention."

She put the crystal into Rilliana's crotch and secured it with a firm crotch rope. Then she filled the tub with cold water and got a bucket of ice cubes from the kitchen, which she simply poured into the tub.

Trisha attached more ropes to Rilliana and with the help of a pulley hoisted the elf up so that she was dangling just above the bathtub.

"I'm turning on the crystal now." She announced and immediately it started vibrating inside Rilliana. Rilliana began joyfully wriggling in the ropes. "Why did Trisha suddenly give her exactly what she wanted?" she wondered. Until she felt that she was close to the edge and the crystal stopped all at once. Disappointed, she groaned and tried to climax with the help of the crotch rope, but suddenly felt the ropes stopped holding her up. She dropped into the icy water as Trisha let go of the rope and panicked, trying to get to the surface to gasp for air. Trisha pulled on the ropes and Rilliana rose from the ice-cold tub coughing and shivering.

Immediately her desire and mood was killed, but the crystal came back to life and started to stimulate her again.

Rilliana's wet hair stuck to her face and she glared angrily at Trisha as the shifter took her chin and turned her to face her.

Trisha looked into her eyes and said, "Ready for round two?"

"TTHOOO!" said Rilliana in shock.

"Round two of many, until you learn your lesson."

Rilliana's eyes snapped open as she felt the crystal pushing her to her limit again and looked pleadingly at Trisha.

She tried to concentrate and think of something else but was betrayed by her own body. She squeezed her eyes tightly shut, her breathing quickened, and then… The crystal stopped again just before she finished.

She opened her eyes again and saw Trisha smiling at her. The next moment her girlfriend let go of the rope and Rilliana landed in the water again, screaming.


"So, can we restrain ourselves a bit now?" asked Trisha to her girlfriend who was hanging exhausted and shaking in the ropes.

Rilliana didn't move and Trisha took that as a yes.

She let Rilliana drip over the bathtub while she replaced the cold water with warm. Slowly she lowered Rilliana into the tub. Secured the rope so that her body was underwater, but her head was still outside.

Trisha undressed and got into the tub with her to wash the elf.

She undid the rope gag while holding Rilliana's head up.

"Are you all right?" asked Trisha, concerned.

Rilliana looked up at her weakly, nodded slightly and said, "Thank you for the lesson, Mistress."

She smiled at Trisha with her eyes closed.

"Good girl," praised Trisha. She took a deep breath and dove underwater to finish what the crystal had started.

Rilliana thought she was going to melt when she finally got permission from her friend and was launched over the edge.


Rilliana glowed after Trisha finished her. The shifter got out of the tub and put a towel around herself. She untied the rope holding Rilliana above water and lifted her girlfriend out of the tub, onto another towel on the floor.

"Do you want me to get you out of there, or do you want to lie there a little longer?" asked Trisha, the elf who was still tied up in a hogtie.

"Let me be tied a while longer, please," whispered Rilliana, "but could you loosen the bonds a little bit?"

Trisha happily complied with the request and placed a rolled up towel under her friend as a pillow and another on her as a blanket.

Rilliana whispered a soft "thank you" to her.

Trisha turned off the bathroom light but left the door open and went to her and Rilliana's luggage that Jeffrey had brought in for her.

Rilliana was now breathing calmly and regularly. She enjoyed the restraints while she could, and she knew Trisha was right, she had to get a grip on herself, didn't she?

"Trisha?" Called the elf.

"Rilliana?" the shifter asked back.

"Do you really think I should restrain myself more? I got some different signals from you in the tub."

She heard the shifter sigh loudly.

"Rilli… I love you and I love that you love bondage… I just don't want you to get hurt… And I just feel like if we keep doing this, we could get into trouble. You know?" Said Trisha.

"I understand Trish… Sorry, I'll back off a little."

"A little?"

"One step at a time, Trish."

"Very funny Rilli. Tell me did my sister give you perfume to wear? Does it smell good?"

Rilliana was wondering what Trisha meant when it hit her.

"TRISHA DON'T TOUCH IT!" screamed Rilliana at the top of her lungs, her voice carrying throughout the apartment.

Rilliana heard glass shattering and then Trisha's voice: "Oh, shit! Do you have to scare me like that? Now I have to… Have to…?" Trisha fell silent and Rilliana suspected the worst when she smelled the sweet odor she had smelled last time in the clearing with the carnivorous plants.

"Trish? Are you all right?" asked Rilliana, trying in vain to loosen her bonds. She couldn't find any knots, though, and was a sitting duck for what was to follow.

Rilliana heard soft footsteps approaching her. A loud, deep breathing mingled with it and Rilliana saw a hand clawing at the door frame. The elf blinked as Trisha's head appeared in the doorway, and she could have sworn she saw hearts in her eyes for a moment.


"Mmmh?" she said, leaning against the door frame. She discarded her towel and fumbled for the light switch.

"Could you get me out of these ropes? I would like to… Go to bed." Rilliana asked hopefully.

"I don't think I will, Rilli…" said Trisha, turning on the bathroom light.

Rilliana drew in a hissing breath. Trisha's cheeks were flushed, and she was breathing heavily through her mouth as if she had a fever. Her wild eyes were fixated on Rilliana.

"I think Rilliana was a bad elf and needs to be punished by me," Trisha said, stumbling into the room, "She always has all the fun to herself and it's so unfair!"

"Trisha dear, maybe you should lie down, you are not in your right mind!" said Rilliana in exasperation.

"I'm not Trisha!" said Trisha seductively dropping to the ground and crawling on all fours towards Rilliana.

"I am a beast! I am your mistress! And I will fulfill your dreams," Trisha announced, her face now so close to the elf that she could feel her hot breath. She pulled Rilliana to her and gave her a kiss that took her breath away. Fireworks exploded in the elf's head, and she lusted for Trisha's tongue as she released the kiss.

"And nightmares!"

Trisha stood up, took a rope and attached it to Rilliana's crotch rope.

"Come on, and I don't want to hear anything from you!" she started walking, pulling Rilliana behind her by the crotch rope.

The pulling caused the elf to spin across the floor with the help of the towel under her and slide after Trisha. The crotch rope pressed deep into her, and she groaned loudly.

"Didn't I just say I didn't want to hear anything from you?"

"Excuse me mistress, but the rope…"

Trisha interrupted her, "And now you're talking too! Well wait I have just the thing for a cheeky and naughty slave like you!"

She pulled Rilliana into her study, who convulsively clenched her teeth as the rope sank ever more painfully and deeply into her.

Once in the study, the elf breathed a sigh of relief as Trisha stopped dragging her across the floor.

"Don't worry it'll go on right away!"

She pulled a chair toward her and climbed onto it. Trisha stretched until she found a hook in the ceiling and threaded the rope through it. She tugged forcefully until Rilliana gave another agonized groan and her butt hovered a hand's width off the floor.

"And that was the three! Wait here until I get everything together and until then have some fun with your old friend!" said Trisha, pushing the Vibrating Crystal into Rilliana.

Rilliana bit her tongue to prevent a sound from coming out of her.

Trisha disappeared from the room and started to get various things out of her closets while the crystal drove Rilliana up the wall as it pushed her to her limit, but then turned off as before, over the bathtub, leaving her frustrated.

"How can it be that Celine enchants EVERYTHING but not that damn glass bottle!" thought Rilliana as she heard footsteps in high-heeled boots.

Rilliana winced in shock as a pile of bondage utensils landed next to her. Trisha appeared in her field of vision and Rilliana strained to look up at her friend, but standing before her was the dark goddess of love. She had her catsuit on again, which had wrapped around her body like a second skin. The boots she wore were smooth and shiny black as if they had been polished to a high sheen. Her chest was constricted by a corset and her breasts were lifted. Last of all, her hair was tied in a tight braid and hung over her shoulder.

"Apologize slave, then maybe I can overlook some of your missteps." Demanded Trisha, rearing up in front of her.

"Forgive me Mistress… This slave does not deserve to bathe in your glamour."

Trisha gave an annoyed sigh.

"And talked again…" she said, tapping her boot on the floor in front of Rilliana's nose.

The elf immediately realized what Trisha wanted, pursed her lips and leaned forward. Her lips went to nothing, however, as Trisha pulled her boots back.

"Too late, slave," she said. Trisha, without forethought, cut the rope she was hanging from the ceiling and Rilliana cried out in surprise as her hip crashed to the floor.

"Ouch! Trisha did that…!" she fell silent when she saw the look on her mistress' face.

"Well, let's get started then, shall we?" said Trisha, cutting Rilliana out of her hogtie.

"Even though I like to admire your naked body, I must say that your catsuit looks very good on you." Trisha said and under her watchful eyes Rilliana slowly and carefully stood up.

The shifter pressed the catsuit into the elf's hand, and she wasted no time in putting it on. Thanks to the perfume, she didn't want to find out what other punishments Trisha had up her sleeve.

At last Trisha put a collar on her which had a D-ring in the front.

"So what are we going to do with you?" asked Trisha, circling her prey.

She stroked Rilliana's body and the elf felt a shiver run down her spine as she felt her friend's hands. Her hands got caught in the ring of the collar, and she gently pulled it so that Rilliana had to look into her eyes.

The crystal came back to life and Rilliana winced from the unexpected movement in her abdomen.

"I think I know what I'm going to do to you," Trisha said, grinning wickedly,

"Now it's my turn to have fun!" She took a pair of handcuffs and locked them around Rilliana's wrists. Next she tied a rope around her bonds and attached it to the ceiling. Trisha pulled on it until Rilliana had to stand on tiptoe to avoid carrying all the weight with her wrists.

"Trisha, I don't think I can take this for long!" said Rilliana desperately.

There was a loud slapping sound as Trisha hit her on the butt with the flat

of her hand, full force.

Rilliana's breath caught in her throat. The pain went through her like a spear and the handcuffs cut deep into her joints as she lost her balance.

"SHIT, TRISHA!" Screamed Rilliana, trying to hold back her tears.

Again Trisha's hand crashed down on her butt and this time she started sobbing.


Trisha leaned her head close to Rilliana's ear and whispered, "I'm having fun though." Rilliana could hear the madness in her voice.

Trisha lashed out again and…

" DAYTHIEVE!" screamed Rilliana, and she started to cry. Tears were rolling down her face and getting on her catsuit and the floor.

Trisha's hand was a hair's breadth away from Rilliana.

Trisha blinked several times as if she had just realized something.

Without another second to fade away, she cut the rope holding Rilliana to the ceiling and caught her before her legs gave out from under her. She carried her back to the bedroom and released her handcuffs. Through her swollen eyes she could see Trisha's face and saw that any madness of the poison in her was gone.

"I'm so sorry Rilliana! I don't know what came over me. In my head everything was just so…"

Rilliana interrupted her with a hug.

Hesitantly, Trisha returned it and hugged her tightly.

"Welcome back," whispered Rilliana, exhausted.


Trisha hadn't slept a wink after Rilliana fell asleep or started meditating, as she always called it. Actually, she only wanted to give her friend a small lesson and then continue to brood over the blueprints, but after the fiasco with the perfume, lustful thoughts and feelings of guilt were still buzzing through her head.

She had gone too far. Being under the influence of drugs or not.

Trisha heard a yawn behind her and turned to her girlfriend who was rubbing her eyes and stumbling toward her. A shirt hung loosely around her shoulders, threatening to slide down with each step.

"Rilli why don't you go back to sleep I'll be right there." said Trisha turning back to her plans.

The elf hugged her from behind and kissed her on the temple.

"Trish it's already morning… You didn't sleeped all night?"

The shifter rubbed her forehead and squeezed her eyes shut.

"Damn it. That damn poison!"

"I'm sorry Trish, I completely forgot about it and Celine said it was safe."

"It's all right honey… Celine and you are not to blame. I was just too curious… But I have to solve this problem before our mission starts and my head is so full of stuff that I can't concentrate! I have to tell dad that I can't get in there safely, and we'll have to find another day. That mansion is a freaking fortress!" Trisha said, squeezing Rilliana's arm.

"What kind of mansion is it and why on that day of all days?" asked Rilliana, looking at the plans.

"The lords from Onan's Rest are getting together and inviting their business partners over. My father wants me to get him information about them and their business, but the security just doesn't have any gaps! The lords are just too paranoid…"

"Did you say Onan's Rest? I think I know someone who can help us." Rilliana muttered, grinning from ear to ear.


After two weeks with a favorable wind in their sails, Rilliana and Trisha sat on a comfortable sofa. Both had a hot cup of tea in front of them on a small table. On the other side of the table sat a tall black-haired beauty. Her long legs were casually crossed, and she smiled playfully at Rilliana and Trisha.

"Nice that you could come over Rilliana. And that you brought your girlfriend right along," Terra said, looking Trisha up and down, "No wonder you didn't want to have fun with me!"

Trisha gave Rilliana a look.

"Nothing happened, sweetie don't worry." added Terra.

"How exceedingly reassuring," murmured Trisha.

"So to what do I owe the honor of my favorite elf and her girlfriend? "Terra said, propping her head on her hands.

"We do indeed have a business…" said Trisha but was interrupted when Terra groaned loudly.

"Always business." she said annoyed, standing up and pouring herself a glass of something other than tea.

"I hope you can make me a good offer. Because I'm more than tired of this kind of talk."

"Sorry to hear that Terra… But maybe there could be something in it for all of us. We're looking for a way to get to the upcoming meeting of the Lords, undetected, and Rilliana thought you could help us." Trisha said, and sipped on her tea.

Terra swirled her glass and watched the liquid in it move back and forth.

"That does indeed sound interesting enough to listen to if you could also get me some information regarding these lords, but I am not yet convinced to help you. What can you offer me in return?"

"The information?" asked Trisha hopefully.

Terra laughed out loud.

"The information isn't that important to me. There's a lot at stake if you're going to sneak into the mansion," Terra said, looking at the two impatiently.

"How can we convince you? Do you need gold, or something else?" asked Trisha nervously.

"Gold is boring, but I think Rilliana would have a much more exciting idea." said Terra, looking to the elf.

"You want us to work for you, don't you?" asked Rilliana.

Terra grinned as if the gift of a lifetime had just fallen into her lap.

"You nailed it," Terra said, sitting back down.

"Wait, you want us to work in your pleasure house? You do realize that Rilliana and I are a couple. I'm also not eager to let strangers touch me," Trisha said and stood up angrily.

"Don't worry Trisha, I think you have the wrong impression of me. I have enough girls to take care of my customers, but none of my girls even consider trying this bondage, unless they get more money for it. I want you to show them, teach them and want to do it, because they like it. Then I'll help you get in," Terra said.

Trisha seemed to consider and sat down again.

"We don't have any equipment with us, I'm afraid," she said, crossing her arms.

"Let me worry about that. Since my encounter with Rilliana, I've done a little research. Besides, your friend looks like that statement isn't entirely true."

Trisha looked at her friend who was turning bright red.

"What did you bring with you?" asked Trisha, closing her eyes to brace herself for the answer.

"I think it would be quicker to tell you what didn't, honey…"


"So where are your girls?" asked Trisha impatiently after she and Rilliana had changed into their catsuits and looked around the basement of Terra's establishment.

"I'm sure they'll come," Terra said, uncertainly, "but we might as well get started."

"Haven't we already?" asked Rilliana, dangling upside down from the ceiling, after Trisha opened the elf's suitcase and ninety percent of its contents were filled with ropes, handcuffs and of course Celine's suits.

"Of course not, this is part of your punishment!" said Trisha, slapping her friend's catsuit-clad ass, who cried out in delight.

Terra smiled with pleasure and licked her lips.

"So, you said you already got yourself some gear Terra? Let's see what you got yourself," Trisha said, crossing her arms, "I bet you got ripped off."

"Tell you what Trisha. I'll tie you up with this, and you try to get free. If you don't make it, you'll stay in Onan's Rest for a little while longer as my personal slaves." Terra said, putting on an evil smile.

"What if I get out?"

"Then I come with you and become your slaves for say a month?"

"Sounds like a good deal Trisha… AU!" said Rilliana and received another slap on her butt.

"Try your best!" said Trisha, smiling victoriously.

Terra went to a closet and pulled out a long leather bag.

"This is a sleeping bag specially made to my specifications. I hope it meets your requirements." Terra said and placed it on a table in front of them.

Trisha wrinkled her nose and stroked the smooth leather.

"I didn't really want to take a nap right now. But anyway, you can go ahead and pack your bags."

Trisha climbed up on the table and put her legs into the opening of the sleeping bag Terra offered her. Her hostess helped Trisha put her hands in the side pockets and slide deeper and deeper into the maw of the sack.

Terra closed the sack up to Trisha's neck and the shifter was now completely encased in leather.

"Is that all," she asked Trisha, "I have so much room to struggle, that Rilliana could still fit in here."

"Don't worry. It's about to get a little snugger." said Terra, stroking the leather with her hands. Immediately the sleeping bag began to shrink and Trisha's eyes widened in horror.


"Didn't Rilliana tell you?" asked Terra, licking her lips.

"Must have slipped my mind. Sorry, Trish." said Rilliana, sticking her tongue out at her.

All at once, Trisha could barely move as the leather clung tightly to her, robbing her of any hope of freeing herself quickly.

"Don't worry it gets better!" said Terra when she saw Trisha's desperate face. She took straps and pulled them through tabs in the sleeping bag, tying Trisha up even more. Finally, she fastened a small padlock around each strap so that no one but her could free the Shifter.

"What do you say?" Terra asked Rilliana and Trisha, tapping on the prison Trisha was in.

"Looks like we'll have to extend our stay in Onan's Rest," said Rilliana, smiling.

"It seems so…" said Trisha less enthusiastically after realizing that she no longer had control over her body.

"Well now that I've won the bet I'll see where my girls are, and maybe I should get you down there Rilliana. Would you like to get into a sleeping bag too?"

Rilliana nodded eagerly.

Within minutes, Rilliana was lying on the table next to Trisha and while the elf grinned from ear to ear, the shifter scowled at the ceiling.

"Damn mages." She muttered.

"Your sister can do magic too, can't she?"

"Why do you think I didn't mean Celine too?"

"Trisha what's really going on? You've seemed very irritable since we got here." Rilliana said, turning her head to look at Trisha.

The shifter seemed to consider her next words carefully before opening her mouth and turning to her friend.

"This mission is very important for my father, and he relies on me… But we are currently lying helpless on a table in a basement of a pleasure house, about whose owner neither you nor I have the slightest knowledge. Besides, Terra…" Trisha fell silent; it seemed uncomfortable for her to complete the sentence.

"…slept next to me?" Rilliana completed the sentence and looked deep into her friend's eyes.

Trisha just nodded and tears appeared in her eyes.

"Trish I don't know what I could say to excuse my behavior back then, but I want you to know that I love you. I have since our first kiss. Terra is a friend…but not my friend, that is solely you." said Rilliana, taking a shaky breath.

"I was hurt and confused after I woke up, and we broke up, and I know I should have told Terra I wanted my own bed but as I lay there… I felt abandoned by everything good in this world and just wanted someone to be with me and listen to me." Rilliana finished and turned away from her friend. Now tears were streaming down her face as well, and she clenched her teeth not to make a sound.

"…Rill forgive me, that was uncalled-for… I was jealous and took it out on Terra and you." Trisha said and also looked towards the ceiling.

"I wish I had come along then. Terra seems like a great woman." Trisha said after a while, noisily wrinkling her nose.

"She is… But not as great as you." murmured Rilliana.

Terra stood silently by the stairs, listening to the two as she motioned for her girls to be quiet.

"I think we should give them both a little rest." She whispered and shooed everyone back upstairs.


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