Rilliana and Trisha

by TheLargeEmpty

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Storycodes: M/f; FF; bond; fantasy; majick; transform; statue; latex; catsuit; kidnap; rope; blindfold; gag; corset; collar; cons; X

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Part 8: Heist Day and the Aftermath

On the day of the Great Mission, Rilliana and Trisha sat in Terra's apartment and stared at her open-mouthed after Terra explained her plan to them. Even Rilliana couldn't believe her ears, so insane had Terra's idea been.

"Let me get this straight," Trisha said, a vein popping out at her temple, "You want to transform Rilliana and me into statues and sneak us into the party? As gifts?"

"Well, transforming isn't quite right. I mean I know the spell for it, but it only has a short duration until it dissipates. No, I will have to do it by hand. Of course, I'll make sure nothing happens to you and free you as soon as you're inside. After that, you can easily gather your information and leave the party with me, since they won't control anyone who wants to leave the mansion," Terra said, pointing to a vat of water, as well as several bags of clay.

"Is there really no other way in?" asked Rilliana nervously, glancing in turn at her two friends.

"Apparently not," Trisha said, standing up, "So we're starting?"

"As soon as you're undressed." said Terra, standing up to get the rest of the materials for their project.

"How come everything we do since we've been together ends up like this?" asked Trisha, examining the lower half of her body, which was already covered in clay.

"I think destiny wants this simply to happen, honey," Rilliana said.

Terra had placed them both on a marble pedestal and told them to kneel mirrored.

"Next, I want you to put your left hand on your darling's hip and your right hand up, so you can hold up this sphere," Terra said, placing a blue stone sphere in their hands.

"What is this for?" asked Rilliana curiously, wondering at its light weight.

"I think it gives your statue the perfect touch. Also, there are clothes inside that you can put on once I free you."

Terra replied and began to cover their upper bodies with clay.

"I hope this works Terra," Trisha said nervously.

"It will, Trisha. I thought about this before you even approached me about it, but none of my girls wanted to be convinced to let me petrify them. Fortunately, you came!" Terra answered and massaged Trisha's and Rilliana's breasts with the wet earth. Both of them blushed instantly.

"Terra, I'm sorry to tell you this, but your artistic skills could probably use some practice." said Rilliana, frowning as she looked at the uneven clay skin of herself and Trisha.

Terra rolled her eyes.

"I'll use magic to make you guys a little prettier, of course. Besides, they'll kick me out of the party if I show up with a clay statue. Now shut your trap before I shovel dirt into it." said Terra, smearing clay over Rilliana's mouth.

Terra stood with her arms crossed in front of her creation.

"Rilliana you were right. You look like you just crawled out of a mud puddle." said Terra, hearing grumbling from both statues.

"But nothing I can't fix!"

She raised her hands towards the statues and let her magic work. Slowly the clay changed color, starting from the bottom of the pedestal. It took on the color of marble and became just as hard. In addition, the stone became smooth, and all irregularities were removed.

Terra heard Rilliana loudly inhale air through her nose as the stone moved over her face.

"Much better already," Terra said as she admired the alabaster skin of her statues, "I would love to keep you and display you in my home… Maybe another time."

She took a few steps back and looked at her masterpiece.

Two marble women kneeling in front of a blue sphere and lifting it up at the same time as if it were their sacred creation.

"Erotic yet tasteful, just how I love and appreciate it! You two will outshine all other gifts!" Terra said with satisfaction, stroking Trisha's petrified buttocks and feeling Rilliana's breasts.

The two friends felt nothing of all this, they were stuck in a stone prison and if Terra had not made their eyes transparent from the inside they would have been locked in complete darkness, but so they stared at the perfect features of their dearest person.

In the evening Terra threw a white cloth over her work and had it carried into the villa. With the help of her invitation, she entered the masquerade ball without any problems and was immediately surrounded by a crowd of people who recognized her despite her veiled face. She wore an elegant dark red dress and matching arm-length gloves that clung tightly to her skin. Her feet were in impossibly high heels that highlighted her long legs and more than one man craned his neck to give her a look, much to the displeasure of their wives. The statue was taken to a room away from the party and the cloth removed.

"Wow I didn't know Lady Terra was an artist." said one of the bearers as he surveyed the bodies of the two girls.

"I think she used her magic to do that. But yes, she has truly created a noble work of art." said another, grinning.

They left the room, leaving the statue among the other gifts.

It took half an eternity for Terra to excuse herself to disappear for a moment. Her magic freed Trisha and Rilliana and put the statue back together as if the women had never been trapped inside it.

"Thank you, Terra," Trisha said as she threw in the evening gown Terra had hidden in the sphere for her and Rilliana.

The shifter chose the white dress that was tight around her torso and had a wide skirt that waved gently around her ankles. Rilliana had a black version of the dress so her blue eyes and blonde hair seemed to radiate under the mask, "we'll join you as soon as we're ready."

"Bring me something nice." the mage only said and waved to the two.

"Ready?" asked Trisha of the elf, and she nodded.

They crept through the mansion, dodging occasional guards.

"Good thing guarding the grounds is top priority, otherwise we probably would have gotten in trouble in here, right?" said Rilliana, grinning broadly after they hid from a guard again.

"Thank Terra. I never would have made it in here on my own." Trisha said, glancing out the window where she could see dozens of guards patrolling the grounds.

"What are we looking for, anyway?" asked Rilliana, peering around a corner as Trisha tampered with a door. There was a soft click as it opened and Trisha walked into the room.

"After that." she said, looking around a massive study lined with bookshelves.

Rilliana went after her and leaned the door, so she could peek outside.

Trisha went to the desk on which lay papers and a large liquor bottle and began searching through its drawers.

"This is all useless." muttered Trisha as she flipped through the papers.

"Maybe there's a secret compartment in the desk?" asked Rilliana without taking her eyes off the hallway.

"Already checked. There's nothing here! I'm a little disappointed, even I have a secret compartment in my desk!" Replied Trisha, slamming the drawers shut in annoyance.

"Let me see." said Rilliana and was about to go to her friend when she paused.

"Call me crazy, but something is wrong here." muttered the elf, frowning as she surveyed the room.

"What do you mean? Please don't tell me ropes are about to pop out of the walls."

"No, I'm afraid not," Rilliana muttered and walked over to a bust that caught her eye.

She pushed it down, and it rumbled briefly as a hidden door next to her opened, revealing the way to a staircase.

"How did you see that?" asked Trisha, walking up to it.

"Coincidence… I noticed it was higher than all the others." she said, looking down the stairs.

"That was no coincidence, Rilli. Your eyes just do a good job. I'd say you go back to the door, and I'll see what's down there."

Quickly Trisha was horned down the stairs while Rilliana took up her position again.

"Hurry up." whispered Rilliana, looking out into the hallway.

Her veins froze as she heard a voice coming closer and closer.

"…Don't worry Ludwig! I know where the good liquor is!" said a guard and Rilliana panically turned to the desk on which a liquor bottle was standing.

Her pulse began to race and she strode outside. She had to buy time for Trisha.

Rilliana stumbled in the direction of the voice and began to walk unsteadily as if she were drunk. She turned the corner and collided with a guard who threw her to the ground.

"Oh, I'm sorry, young lady, are you lost? You shouldn't be here!" he said immediately, offering his hand to help her up.

"Thank the gods you found me… Hicks." She mumbled and stood up, swaying.

"I was looking for the… the washrooms, and seem to have gotten lost… Hicks," Rilliana said, leaning heavily against him," I'm terrified in the dark the gods must have sent you to stand by me…!" she said, clinging to him while her big blue eyes sparkled seductively under her black mask.

"Right away, Miss I just need to go to my master's study, could you wait here until then, and I'll be right back with you?" he said, trying to break free from her grasp.

"NO PLEASE! Don't leave me alone! I feel the darkness calling me… Hicks only your courage can push them back into the shadows! Please I beg you!" said Rilliana sobbing, only clinging tighter to him.

The guard rolled his eyes and pulled her behind him as he yielded and took her back to the party.

After their footsteps faded, Trisha slipped out from behind the door with a stack of papers under her arms and headed in the other direction. A big grin on her face after finding what she was looking for and so much more.

After Trisha and Rilliana completed their mission, they immediately went back to Terras house. Terra made them tea and started poring over the papers while Rilliana and Trisha laughed and joked about the success they just achieved.

"Really incredible that he bought that Rilli! I briefly thought "now we're busted" when I heard your voices outside, but I guess those eyes are impossible to resist." Trisha said, gently stroking Rilliana's face which was still hidden under the ball mask.

"You said that like you were surprised." said Rilliana with feigned indignation and turned away outraged, only to turn back to her friend the next moment and laugh out loud.

"Terra, come sit with us tomorrow, you'll still have time to read what it says," said Trisha, patting the empty space between them on the sofa.

"I don't think we have time for that." she said, frowning worriedly as she read through the sheets.

Terra got up from her desk and walked over to a cabinet from which she pulled out a file.

She bit her lower lip when she found what she was looking for and held her forehead.

"This is bad… Very bad." she finally said, leaning back in her chair.

"What's wrong?" asked Rilliana, and the couple stood up to take a closer look at the pages.

"The papers you brought me indicate that someone is trying to frame me… A man named Faluden? He's after my business," Terra said nervously.

Rilliana and Trisha exchanged a meaningful look.

"You know him?" asked Terra, looking at them.

"Yeah on my first meeting with him, he left us in a burning warehouse" said Rilliana and Trisha nodded in agreement.

"Sounds like a nice guy," said Terra.

"Couldn't we use these papers to prove your innocence?" asked Trisha, looking at the papers below her.

"It's too late for that, apparently. Besides, I shouldn't even be in possession of these papers. I need to go into hiding until I find a way to crush this scum." Terra said bitterly, pulling a suitcase out of her closet to pack her things.

"Where are you going?" asked Rilliana anxiously, following her instincts and heading to the window to see if they were being watched.

"I have no idea…" said Terra tersely, punching her clothes in anger.

"You could come with me to my sister's," Trisha murmured thoughtfully, "We were going to take the papers to her after this job. She has a big estate where you can hide. I'm sure she won't mind."

Terra looked at her in disbelief.

"I don't want to drag you into this, Trisha," she said.

"We also have unfinished business with Faluden and any friend who is against him is also a friend of my family."

"Would you really do that for me?"

"Count on us!" said Rilliana.

Trisha had quickly called her carriage and the three ladies loaded it with the necessities with Jeffrey's help. They didn't even take the time to change out of their clothes from the party.

"How come Jeffrey is always here when we need him?" asked Rilliana who loaded her suitcase into the carriage and nodded shyly at the coachmen.

"I ordered him here ahead of time. This operation was planned a little longer than the few days we spent here." said Trisha, getting into the carriage.

Terra was already sitting in a corner, staring nervously toward the night sky.

"Don't worry, Jeffrey will get us to my sister safely." said Trisha, clasping Terra's hands. Terra nodded to her and took a deep breath.

"I'm just worried about how far Faluden would go to take me out. Whether he might have spies lurking around us as we speak." she replied.

"Rilli can you keep an eye open?" whispered Trisha to her friend.

"Of course." said Rilliana and climbed on the carriage next to Jeffrey.

She stowed her bow that Trisha had gifted her under the driver's seat. "Just in case." thought Rilliana and gave Jeffrey the sign to drive off.

They left the city through the southern gate without any problems. Rilliana felt all the time that they were being watched. By whom she could not say, but she knew that she could not afford a slip-up. The carriage turned south into a forest and the trees quickly blocked her view of the city walls.

"Trisha, can you take over for a minute? I think the dress will be more of a hindrance if we are attacked." said Rilliana and immediately Trisha came climbing out of the carriage and swapped places with the elf.

Rilliana hurriedly removed her dress which she carefully folded. Terra blushed as the elf stood naked in front of her and turned sheepishly to the window.

"Nothing you haven't seen before," Rilliana said, putting on the catsuit Celine had given her. Over it she pulled on her black leather pants and white shirt and leather top so that only her hands showed she was wearing Celine's gift.

"Is the full bodysuit underneath necessary?" asked Terra who couldn't help but admire the slick catsuit.

"Trisha's sister made it for us and reinforced it with spells. I'm not sure if it will protect me against arrows, but better to have and not need than the other way around." said Rilliana and climbed back on the carriage. She grabbed her bow and sat on the roof of the carriage while Trisha climbed back down.

"Aren't you going to change, too?" Terra asked the shifter, but she just shook her head.

"If we're attacked, I want my opponents to think I'm helpless, so by the time they realize this mistake, it's too late," she said, smiling encouragingly at Terra.

"I wish I had your optimism." said Terra, looking out the window again.

"When you're with Rilliana it comes naturally. Get some rest, we'll be on the road a long time before we get there." said Trisha.

When they could finally see the end of the forest Jeffrey cleared his throat.

"Young lady, do you see that?" he asked Rilliana, pointing ahead to a tree that had fallen onto the road.

"What a cliché," Rilliana muttered, tapping the roof of the carriage, "Trisha it's starting!"

Trisha stuck her head out the window and saw the blockage.

"Jeffrey, keep riding! Don't stop!" she ordered, turning to Terra.

"Can you do something about the tree?" she asked.

Terra looked outside and began to smile.

"An easy one!" she said, and let her magic shoot out of her hands that hit the tree and flung it away.

Without slowing down the horses galloped on, and the carriage left the forest behind. Arrows whizzed past them and some got stuck in the carriage. Between the trees Rilliana could see people, some of them mounted their horses and wanted to chase them.

Trisha glanced behind and could just make out the riders in the light of the moon.

"Can you handle this, honey?" she asked, trying to spot her friend on the carriage.

Rilliana shouldered her quiver and knelt down to get a better stance.

"Leave it to me!" the elf said, drawing her first arrow.

She took aim at one of the riders and hesitated.

Of course, she had been practicing with the bow all along, but shooting at a living target was different.

She felt something fly just past her head and widened her eyes in horror.

"It's them or us…" she muttered and let go of the string.

It hissed faintly, and a scream could be heard breaking through in the silent night.

Rilliana swallowed. A tear rolled down her cheek as she placed another arrow and cocked it.

Once again her arrow hit its target and the rider immediately toppled from his horse and remained motionless.

The remaining riders stopped after another of their men fell and rode back toward the forest.

Slowly Rilliana turned around and took her seat next to the coachman again.

"Was that your first time young lady?" he asked her without taking his eyes off the road.

"My first time?" the elf asked, looking up at him.

"Your first encounter with death," he explained.

Rilliana just nodded and gripped her bow so tightly that her knuckles turned white.

"Go down to Miss Trisha… I'll keep watch here." he said, placing a hand on her shoulder.

"No," she said, leaning back, "when they come back I have to be ready and this time I won't hesitate!"

Jeffrey said nothing and squeezed her shoulder gently before returning his full attention to the road.

Every time they left the wilderness behind and rode into a town they breathed a sigh of relief. Because their pursuers did not dare to attack them there. More than once they were surprised and could barely beat back their enemies.

When they finally passed the gates of Leon's Keep, they knew they could make it to Celine's estate tomorrow and bring Terra to safety. But before that Trisha wanted to go to her apartment to get some things while Rilliana had to do some errands in town. They arranged to meet at the Basilisk Gate in two hours and then immediately set out on their journey.

"Well, well, well! If it isn't my favorite elf!" said Eric the Baker, greeting Rilliana warmly.

"Hello Eric. Could I have a bit of everything?" she said, forcing a smile.

"Haven't seen you in a while! What are you up to these days?" he asked curiously, grabbing her bag and filling it with breads and sweet pastries.

"Oh, this and that," she evaded the question, "Here's your money." she said and gave him a few coins.

"Then take good care of yourself Rilliana." he said and began to serve the next customer.

She wanted to rest a little more in her hiding place and turned to go. As she walked away, a woman bumped into her.

"Watch it!" Rilliana snapped at her and left her and Eric standing there, looking after her with their mouths open.

Rilliana dropped onto her bed. For the first time since they left the party in Onan's Rest she felt safe. Nevertheless, she felt an inner turmoil which seemed not to let her go.

She pulled her bow from her back and stroked the leaves and vines carved into it.

There was a knock at her door and Rilliana immediately jumped up and pointed a cocked arrow at the door. It opened and her oldest friend Arissa emerged.

"Careful child before you poke someone else's eye out." she said, closing the door behind her.

It took Rilliana a moment to comply, shaking her head and lowering her weapon. Rilliana dropped back onto the bed and took a deep breath.

"I heard from Eric that you're back in town, even if only for a short time?" asked Arissa, sitting down next to her friend.

"Has he? Yes, Trisha and I will drive to Celine again." she said absently, stroking her bow again.

"Is everything alright with you Rilliana?" she asked cautiously, putting an arm around her.

"Yeah sure. What makes you think otherwise?" the elf said.

"Eric said that you hissed at a woman over something small."

"That was an accident, lately I …," she fell silent and stood up, "I'm sorry Arissa, I have to go. Trisha is expecting me." she said curtly and left her hiding place. The look of a worried gnome followed her.

Nervously, Rilliana looked around. It was not like Trisha to be late and now Rilliana had been waiting for her for half an hour.

She breathed a sigh of relief when she finally saw Jeffrey's carriage.

"There you are at last," Rilliana said and climbed into the carriage to stow the supplies. Terra was still sitting in her corner, but there was no sign of her girlfriend.

"Where is Trisha?" asked Rilliana worriedly.

Terra looked at her, confused.

"I thought she had gone to see you. She said she needed a little more time, and she wanted us to go ahead to the gate." said Terra.

Rilliana got out of the carriage and turned to the coachman.

"Jeffrey, drive Terra to the bridge and wait for us there. If I'm not back by sundown, drive to Celine and explain to her what happened," said Rilliana.

"Very well. Please bring the young lady back safely." said the coachman and spurred the horses.

Rilliana watched the carriage until it disappeared behind the houses of the outer city.

She turned away and ran to Trisha's home. Rilliana prayed to all the gods that nothing had happened to her beloved.

Trisha moaned in pain. Her whole body seemed to burn as she awoke. But she could not express any discomfort as a large ball gag sealed her mouth. Her eyes were blindfolded, and her arms were in the straitjacket that Celine had given Rilliana. It was so tight around her body that it seemed to crush Trisha.

Her legs were folded at her knees and screamed in pain after kneeling on the hard floor for who knows how long.

She could not change her position because she was pulled up by her jacket and her calves were locked to the floor.

She tried to break her bonds or at least to move into a better position, but this only seemed to make her pain worse. Her claws slid in vain over the fabric of the jacket, they did not even seem to scratch it. Discouraged, she lowered her head. Saliva gathered at her lips and dripped past the gag onto the straitjacket.

She heard a door open and a person step in front of her.

Roughly, her gag was removed.

"Are you finally awake?" asked a vicious voice, and a chill ran down Trisha's neck.

"Faluden?" she asked, horrified, and swallowed.

"Hello Trisha. Long time no see," Faluden said, taking her chin in his hand and shaking it lightly, "Honestly I thought you and that stupid elf burned together, but for some reason spies of mine kept disappearing after that. You wouldn't happen to know why, would you?" Trisha kept her mouth shut. Her sister had made sure that no one ratted on Rilliana and her at Faluden, and she would be damned if she was going to rat on Celine.

"I started having doubts, and then I get word that a shifter and an elf sabotaged my business in Onan's Rest. That's when I knew you guys had somehow managed to escape."

Faluden walked around her. His footsteps echoed off the walls.

"Now that I have a shortage of manpower thanks to you, I have decided to make you a job offer again. But don't worry it will stand as long as you stay here. So think about it. When you've thought it over, I'll come back, and we'll discuss the details."

"I hate to repeat myself but for you, I'll make an exception! I will never work for scum like you!" Trisha said and spat, hoping to hit Faluden.

"Any escape attempt on your part will be futile, so be prepared for a long stay here," Faluden said, and went out. The door was locked and Trisha was alone again.

"At least he forgot to put the gag back in my mouth. Rilli I hope you get Terra to Celine safely," she thought and lowered her head to her chest again.

Rilliana carefully opened the door to her friend's apartment and froze when she saw the chaos inside.

The bed had been smashed and pieces of wood were scattered all over the floor. Her cupboards had been tipped over, making it difficult to move forward. All over the room she saw traces of blood, and she hoped it was not Trisha's.

"She fought to the last," Rilliana muttered as she found one of Trisha's daggers, its blade broken and stained with blood, "where's the other one?" she wondered, looking around the room.

The battle scars led to Trisha's study. She followed them and saw that the door had been destroyed after Trisha had pushed a bookshelf in front of it and the intruders had forced it open. Immediately she noticed that Trisha's desk was unusually tidy and all the scrolls that were usually on it were missing. Her other dagger was stuck in it and dried blood was on the blade and on the table.

Rilliana went to it and pulled it out with a tug.

She remembered what Trisha had said to her at the masquerade ball.

"I am disappointed, even my desk has a secret compartment!" She repeated Trisha's words and started to examine the desk. She quickly found what she was looking for. A small slot in the side of the desk where Trisha's dagger could fit. She put it in and turned. The desk clicked quietly, and a compartment opened that would otherwise have remained invisible. Inside was a single piece of paper and Rilliana began to read it.


If you're reading this, I've been caught. Don't look for me and get you and Terra safely to Celine. My sister knows what to do.

Love Trisha

Rilliana folded up the letter and put it in her pocket.

"I won't leave you behind Trish…" murmured Rilliana and winced when two voices were heard.

"…Unbelievable, that's what I call a hiding place."

"Yeah right? A real shame that Faluden doesn't want to leave any evidence behind. I'd love to turn this into my love loft."

"You could ask Faluden."

"Don't be ridiculous if we don't burn that place down, he'll send the next ones and use us for kindling."

Rilliana heard the two men pouring a liquid on the ground, and she picked up her bow.

She slipped around the corner and quietly drew an arrow.

Rilliana saw two men spreading oil over the ground, fortunately none of them had lit a torch yet.

She let her bowstring fly and one of the intruders immediately fell to the ground. Quick as a flash, she drew another arrow and took aim at the other.

"Hey, hey, we can talk about anything!" the man said, raising his hands.

"Where did you take the shifter?" asked Rilliana in a cold voice.

"Shifter? What shifter?" he asked, freezing as Rilliana aimed at his head and pulled a little harder on the string.

"Oh THAT shifter," he said, drops of sweat appearing on his forehead, "She came towards me when I had just left the boss's hideout!" he said, swallowing loudly.


"I can't tell…" he said.

Rilliana exhaled in annoyance.

"I suppose that means you'd rather die right now than to help me?"

" Alright, alright! The hideout is in Sewer Keep. But you'll need a whole army to get in there!"

"Let me worry about that!" said Rilliana, lowering her bow to shoulder it.

"One more thing!" the man said, and Rilliana could see something flashing in his hand. Just in time she managed to dodge a thrown dagger which narrowly missed her head, drew Trisha's knife and threw it at the attacker. Trisha's dagger hit its target perfectly and the man slumped to the ground next to the other intruder.

Rilliana shook her head and went to him to remove the dagger from his skull.

"Trisha I'm coming." She muttered and left the apartment to go to the south of Leon's Keep to free her friend.

"Guards? Hey you idiots, I'm talking to you!" shouted Trisha.

"What?" one of her guards asked, annoyed, opening a flap in the door to see what she wanted.

"I'm thirsty, give me something to drink! Besides, my knees are killing me! If you don't want Faluden to throw you to the wolves I would advise you to get me off the ground!" demanded Trisha.

"She's right," said a voice from behind the door, "the boss wouldn't be thrilled if her legs stopped working. Tie her up with the other stuff that was in the box."

Trisha was given something to drink and groaned as her legs were freed, and she was pulled up by the chains that held her.

"Do it properly! I hear she's an escape artist."

"Don't worry, I've been studying this stuff of hers a bit," the other guard said, putting a gag in Trisha's mouth again, "She's not going anywhere."

Trisha almost regretted that she had approached the guards. She was now just hanging in the air by the straitjacket and her legs were tied with ropes at her ankles and above and below her knees. In addition, the leg bag was put on her and connected to the straitjacket. Lastly, the bag was secured to the floor so that she was being stretched.

"I hope that's better, shifter. Tomorrow we'll try something else. But rest assured, unless you agree with our boss, any thought of escape is futile and wasted. Good night." The guard laughed maliciously and closed her cell door loudly.

"Just wait until Celine gets here…" Trisha thought and laid her head on her chest to try to get some sleep.

"Do you think the shifter will fold?" asked one of the guards.

The other laughed contemptuously.

"Probably not. At least not like that," he said, pointing his thumbs at Trisha's cell, "The stuff found in her apartment is the best I've ever seen. You have to be a lover of being tied up to spend that kind of money on it. I bet she even gets off… Did you see that?"

The first guard turned to see what his comrade meant. He looked down a dark hallway but saw nothing.

"Now don't get paranoid. To get in here you would have to take out dozens of guards, and besides, how would anyone know…" he was interrupted as an arrow pierced his neck and he spat blood.

"Carwel!" the other guard said, jumping up with his sword raised as another arrow shot out of the darkness and struck him down. Rilliana stepped out of the shadows and bent to the struggling man. She drew her dagger and ended his life with one swift thrust. She sheathed the blade again and searched the dead for the keys to Trisha's cell until she found them and hurried to the door.

The cell opened with a squeak and the elf rushed to her friend who was floating helplessly in the air.

"Are you all right, Trisha?" asked Rilliana as she undid the gag and blindfold.

"I'm fine, under these circumstances, but why are you here? Didn't you get my message?" asked Trisha while she was lowered to the ground.

"Yes I did, but I couldn't leave you behind."

"Rilli… I thank you but what about Terra?"

"She's fine. She's waiting for us at the Great Bridge with Jeffrey. And we need to hurry before they go to Celine without us!" said Rilliana, cutting Trisha's bonds that weren't reinforced by Celine's magic. She loosened the straitjacket with her hands and threw it aside to hug Trisha.

Trisha returned the hug but flinched when she touched something wet on Rilliana's side. She looked at her hand and saw blood.

"Rilli you're bleeding!" the shifter said and released the hug.

The elf shook her head. "It's not mine," she muttered, standing up and helping Trisha up, "Come we must get out of here and to the carriage."

The morning was dawning when the carriage finally came to a stop. Jeffrey helped his passengers get out of the carriage and supported Trisha, who was still weak on her feet. Rilliana knocked on Celine's door and looked around nervously.

"Are you all right Rilli?" asked Trisha, gently stroking her friend's arm.

"Yes… yes everything is fine I'm just… a little tired." said Rilliana and Trisha immediately knew her friend was lying but didn't press her.

The door opened a crack, and they saw a fraction of Celine's face.

"Trisha, Rilliana what are you doing here?" she asked surprised, and they saw that their presence made Celine extremely uncomfortable.

"We ran into some trouble during the mission, can we come in?" asked Trisha.

Celine exhaled heavily and said, "could you wait until later today, I'm a little…"

"Now Celine!" said Rilliana energetically, pushing against the door.

"Alright, but don't either of you laugh!" said Celine reluctantly and opened the door.

Immediately it was clear to everyone why Celine didn't want them to come in. She was wearing a black dress whose skirt was so wide that it blocked the whole hallway. It was puffed at the sleeves and her arms were in opera gloves that went over her elbows. Her red hair fell like a waterfall down her back and around her neck was a black choker with a red stone glowing in the middle.

"This is unexpected." said Rilliana while Trisha tried in vain to suppress a laugh. Terra blushed and Jeffrey quickly turned and hurried to his carriage to put it in Celine's stall.

"Inside before I change my mind… And you are?" asked Celine addressing Terra.

"I'm Terra, a friend of Rilliana and Trisha's and the reason we're here… Forgive me for disturbing you at… Whatever." she said, bowing with a high red head.

"Come on in. And don't worry, you're not in the way. I'm just testing some of my latest products," Celine said, pushing her dress aside as best she could to make room for her guests. Trisha led Terra past her sister into the living room while Rilliana stopped by Celine.

"Would you have a room I could rest in for a bit?" asked Rilliana.

Celine looked at the elf with concern.

"Are you all right, sweetheart?" she asked, lifting her hand to brush a strand from Rilliana's face.

Rilliana gently pushed her hand aside and looked down the hall.

"I'm fine. Please, I just need a quiet place."

Celine looked at her thoughtfully.

"Here, take this and go to the dungeon… The throne room should be the quietest place in the whole house." she said and gave her keys.

Without another word Rilliana went downstairs and unlocked the door to the throne room. When she entered the room she got goosebumps as she caught the sweet smell of Celine's clothes.

"What am I doing here…" she asked into the empty room, sliding down one wall until she was sitting on the floor. Her body began to shake and tears ran down her face as she began to sob.

Celine came limping into the living room with a tray holding a cup and a pot and served tea to her guests. Trisha immediately noticed that her sister could only take very short steps and suspected that it had something to do with the unusual garment.

"Celine, what is this new product you are trying out?"

"Wouldn't it be better if we first talked about your girlfriend who is sitting in my throne room doing who knows what rather than talking about my work?" asked Celine, looking sternly at Trisha, "What happened to all of you?"

Trisha went quiet, avoiding her sister's gaze and looking at the floor in front of her.

"That would be my fault, I guess," Terra muttered nervously, kneading her hands. "Through the mission that Rilliana and Trisha completed, some documents fell into my hands that showed me that a man named Faluden was interested in my business in Onan's Rest. He wanted to frame me for crimes and take me out when we tried to escape. But thanks to those two, I was able to get here safely."

"That still doesn't explain what's going on with Rilliana and I want to hear it from my sister!" said Celine impatiently, still looking down at Trisha.

Trisha struggled with her words and opened her mouth several times only to close it again.

"Speak!" demanded Celine, pushing Trisha back in the chair so that she had to look her sister in the eye.

"When we escaped, Rilliana killed for the first time," Trisha said, "and when we got to Leon's Keep we split up to get supplies. I wasn't paying attention and got caught. Faluden had taken me to one of his hideouts and Rilliana got me out of it, but when we were leaving that hideout…" Trisha interrupted herself and fell silent.


"That hideout was a fortress, Celine… Dozens of guards… they were all dead. Rilliana… Killed them all…"

Celine closed her eyes and dropped backwards into an armchair.

"And neither of you ever thought to talk to her?" she asked while massaging her temples.

"I tried, but she wouldn't listen, can you maybe…?" said Trisha desperately.

"I think I'm the wrong person to do that after I grilled your kidnappers, don't you think?"

"I don't know what to say to make her feel better," Trisha said, lowering her gaze.

They heard a soft throat clearing from around the corner and looked up as Jeffrey entered the living room.

"With your permission, young ladies, if you will allow me, I would like to take care of young Miss Rilliana and talk to her," he said, bowing to them.

"Do you think you can help her, Jeffrey?" asked Celine doubtfully.

"I think I know exactly what she needs right now, mistress. Leave her entirely to me and do… Whatever you do." he said, raising his hand and pointing to Celine's dress.

Celine blushed but immediately collected herself and nodded at him.

"She is in the basement in my room."

"Very well," said the coachman and bowed again before going into the dungeon and disappeared from the house a little while later with a crying elf in his arms. Trisha stood up and wanted to go after him, but Jeffrey shook his head and Celine pulled her back to her seat.

"Now that my bondage princess is taken care of, what do I do with you two?" asked Celine looking over the rim of her teacup at Trisha and Terra.

"Your sister said you were an exquisite craftswoman. Is that what she meant?" asked Terra, examining the ruffle-covered black dress.

"I'm testing! By the gods come I'll show you!" said Celine, standing up annoyed. She led her guests into her testing room and pointed to several chokers in different colors, each with a red crystal in the center.

"I am currently testing these necklaces. They are supposed to be able to create clothes according to the wishes of their wearers." said Celine, handing Terra and Trisha each one of the bands.

"How are they working?" asked Trisha.

"That's the thing, they're not working yet, at least not the way I want them to. I put a spell on them that prevents the wearer from casting magic. I made a mistake, though, and now I have to wait until the thing runs out of energy to take it off. Unfortunately, it takes my magic to replenish itself," Celine said and took the collar off Trisha.

Behind the sisters something lit up and suddenly Terra was standing in front of them in a white dress after putting the necklace on. She looked like a princess standing at the altar. The ribbon had even given her a little tiara.

"Incredible!" exclaimed Terra as she examined her elegant gloves.

"Terra… Weren't you listening?" asked Trisha, shaking her head.

"Excuse me?" asked Terra, looking puzzled at the two sisters.

"How long?" asked Trisha, turning to Celine who just shrugged.

Terra instantly realized her mistake.

"Don't you want to try one while we're at it?" asked Celine of her sister while Terra desperately tried to undo the choker.

"I've had a dress on long enough over the last few days. No, thanks!" said Trisha laughing and looking at Celine's other projects.

"Don't pull too much on the ribbon, or it might get a little more uncomfortable for you Terra." said Celine and at that moment Terra's robe lit up again, and she was suddenly wearing a white corset over the dress which started to take her breath away.

"Too late," Celine muttered while Terra gasped in shock, "Come with me, I'd like to show you some other things," Celine said, taking Terra by the hand and pulling her gently behind her. Trisha couldn't suppress her laughter as she watched the Queen of Darkness pull the innocent princess deeper into the rabbit hole, which immediately earned her a cold stare from Celine. Trisha knew she would regret laughing this time.

"Trisha honey do you know what this is?" said Celine, pointing to a picture frame which had a black canvas stretched across its center that looked suspiciously like it was made of the same material as Celine's slime catsuits. The big sister sank her fingers into Trisha's shoulder and a dark grin appeared on her face.

Rilliana sat next to Jeffrey on the carriage. She had been wrapped by him in a warm blanket and leaned against his shoulder as they rode along the road.

"Where are we going?" the elf asked emotionlessly, staring ahead out of empty eyes.

"To practice," said the coachman briefly and with a grim voice.


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