Rilliana and Trisha

by TheLargeEmpty

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© Copyright 2022 - TheLargeEmpty - Used by permission

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The first part of this story may contain scenes that could be triggering for some readers, as it involves kidnapping and violence against people who can't defend themselves!!!

Part 6: Trouble in Heaven

Late in the evening, Celine leaned back in her working chair and looked at her completed project with satisfaction. The materials the girls had collected for her were more than enough. In fact, she had so much left that she considered making customized suits for them.

"I wonder what they're up to right now?" she muttered, rising from her work desk and slipping into the dungeon. She heard her two darlings breathing softly and peered cautiously around the corner into the cell.

They were sleeping together under a thick blanket. Trisha had her arms around Rilliana and the elf smiled contentedly. A bulge under the blanket told Celine that the elf's arms were bound.

Shaking her head, Celine left them alone and walked out of the dungeon.

She closed the door to the cellar and listened as she heard a knock on the door.

"Visitors?" she wondered and went to her front door.

She opened it and standing in front of her were eight men dressed in black, none of whom looked familiar and all of whom were glowering at her.

"Gentlemen, can I help you?" she asked coldly, rubbing her thumbs along her fingertips. She sensed a tremendous hostility in their gazes.

"Are you Celine, who is said to make the finest magic armor of our time?" one of the men asked, walking toward her.

"Could be... Who wants to know?" she asked.

"My master wants to hire your skills for a large order, and he wishes to speak with you. We are here to take you to him." he pointed to a large carriage behind him.

"Unfortunately, I'm a bit booked up at the moment, you know. Each of my pieces I make in tiny work and unfortunately the waiting list is very long." said Celine and closed the door. The man put his foot in the doorway and tried to push the door open.

"Listen bitch, I'm going to count to three and if you're not on your way to the carriage by then I'm going to drag you by your hair to my master!"

"Three!" said Celine and slammed her magic against the door.

There was a loud crash as the door was blown off its hinges, taking the man with it. The force of Celine's spell was so powerful that they both flew to the carriage and crashed into it. The door fell to the floor and the man slumped on top of it, unconscious.

Celine let little lightning bolts dance around her hand and looked down at the rest of the men.

"And how can I help you further?" she asked.

Immediately, three of the men fled back to the carriage, which immediately drove off and disappeared behind Celine's estate.

She licked her lips as the men in front of her drew swords and approached her menacingly.

"Oh, if I catch your master, I'm going to have a lot of fun with him!" she shouted, unloading her magic on the next attacker.

Trisha woke up to a loud bang that made the whole house shake. Rilliana was still deep in her own world and seemed to have noticed nothing. Careful not to disturb her friend, Trisha slid out of bed and looked along the dungeon. She frowned as she saw dust trickling from the ceiling. She picked up her ''slime'' catsuit from the floor and put it on as quietly as possible. She didn't want to disturb Rilliana, but it was more important for her not to run into her sister while naked. The elf was still in a deep trance and only mumbled something unintelligible.

Trisha gently stroked her hair and left the dungeon to see why Celine was making such a racket. She went into the hallway and felt a breeze. Following it, she found a hole where Celine's front door used to be and peeked through. She saw her sister breathing heavily, with two men lying lifeless on the floor in front of her and two more standing menacingly with swords raised.

"Celine! I'll help you!" she shouted to her sister, jumping through the hole and coming to a stop next to one of the dead men. She picked up one of the swords and held it out to one of the two Men.

"NO! Get back in the house! I can handle this!" Shouted Celine and threw a spell at one of the swordsmen, but he managed to dodge it at the last moment.

Trisha immediately widened her eyes and ran back into the house. She raced down the stairs and came to a skidding halt when she saw that she was too late and three men were already at Rilliana's cell, dragging the bound elf out of it.

Rilliana struggled as hard as she could, but without her arms it was a futile struggle.

"Let her go!" said Trisha, raising her sword menacingly as her animalistic roots took over. Her paws grew stronger, her hair longer, and her eyes turned yellow.

"You better think again Shifter!" said one of the men, holding a dagger to Rilliana's neck.

Fearful, Rilliana looked to her friend.

"Drop the weapon and surrender, now!"

Instantly Trisha dropped her weapon. One of the men approached them, armed with ropes and in no time both women were bound and gagged on the floor. Rags were pressed on their faces and both lost consciousness.


When Trisha woke up, she remained motionless. She felt that she was bound by her hands and feet. Her mouth was still sealed with a gag. Carefully she opened one eye and saw Rilliana lying next to her, also tied up. She did not seem to be conscious. Trisha looked around the room, but nothing seemed familiar. It looked like an ordinary prison cell.

"What idiots." Trisha thought and used her claws to cut her bonds. Quickly she was on her feet again and looked after Rilliana. She had her eyes tightly closed as if she didn't want to believe this was happening and only when Trisha gently stroked her cheek did she open her eyes.

"Mmmhmhh!" she cried through the gag but became silent as Trisha put her finger to her mouth. She cut Rilliana's bonds and hugged her.

"I'm going to get us out of here Rilli." She whispered and squeezed a little tighter. The elf just nodded and returned the hug.

"Who are they?" asked Rilliana nervously as Trisha tampered with the lock on the door.

"I don't know, they could be enemies of Father..." she said, reaching for her shoes to take out her lockpick, but remembering that she wasn't wearing any and was dressed only in the ''slime'' catsuit.

"Shit..." she muttered and sat down, annoyed.

"No emergency lockpick?" asked Rilliana, sitting down next to her and putting an arm around her.

"It seems so," Trisha said, looking at her weakly, "I'm sorry your first experience in subspace ended like this. How's your back?"

"I'm fine... As long as you're with me." Said Rilliana, resting her head on Trisha's shoulder.

Trisha stroked Rilliana's hair.

They heard footsteps coming closer and immediately both women were on their feet. Trisha pushed Rilliana behind her and raised her paws. Her claws were her only weapon at the moment.

The cell door opened, and her captors came into the cell with swords raised.

"If you want to live to see tomorrow, I suggest you let us go right now!" threatened Trisha, who seemed unimpressed by the swords.

"Big words for someone in your position! Now put on those pretty bracelets!" said one of the men, dangling a pair of handcuffs in front of Trisha's nose.

Trisha scowled at him but Rilliana walked past her and raised her hands in his direction.

"Do what he says Trish," she murmured to her friend, "I'm sure we can work this out and get home safely. As long as they don't lose the key to the handcuffs, of course." She added and smiled at the man in front of her.

"Don't worry, I've kept it safe," the man said, patting his jacket pocket, "Take a cue from your little friend, and you'll be home in no time, and you can do whatever you want in your little dungeon," he closed the handcuffs around Rilliana's hands.

Trisha scowled at her friend and retracted her claws.

"Good girl..." he said and cuffed Trisha's hands.

The two women were led through a maze of corridors to a large room with two long tables. Benches stood to their left and right and some men ate and spoke at them. A large armchair was placed at the end of the hall on which an equally large person sat and seemed to be waiting for them impatiently. Trisha and Rilliana were pushed to their knees and their guards took a few steps back.

The man in the chair leaned forward and surveyed the two women before him.

"My men told me that one of you two was trapped in Celine's dungeon, what's that all about?"

"None of your business!" said Rilliana immediately, looking at him aggressively. Irritated, Trisha looked at her, normally she was the defiant one and Rilliana held back.

"Doesn't really matter to be honest," the man muttered,

"I've lost a few good men to Celine, and all I wanted to do was offer her a deal. You two are now my trump card, as I assume you are both very important to her."

Trisha was about to open her mouth when Rilliana interrupted her:

"We will not be used as leverage. Celine will crush you."

The man did not look amused and waved at the man who had handcuffed Rilliana and Trisha.

The latter walked up to the elf and pushed her to the ground. He kicked at her body lying on the ground, and it took her breath away.

"LEAVE HER ALONE!" yelled Trisha and prepared to jump at the man's throat.

"It's all right, Trish," said Rilliana, breathing heavily, "that was nothing compared to our first dance. Besides, I guess he has huge problems at home and has to make it up here!" she said, smiling at the shifter. Her jailer looked confusedly at his master who just shook his head and said, "Teach the elf some manners."

The man above Rilliana leaned down to her and whispered, "And here I thought you were the reasonable one of you two." Before he threw several punches at her. When he lashed out for the third time, Rilliana took advantage of his carelessness and thrust her foot into his crotch with full force. The man squealed like a pig and simply toppled off to the side.

The master laughed briefly.

"Idiot, you take them back to their cell, I'll talk to them again tomorrow." said the master and waved them away.

They were dragged back into the dungeon and thrown into their cell. The door slammed loudly, and the two friends were alone again.

Trisha looked stunned at Rilliana's bruised face.

"What the hell was that all about Rilliana?"

"The first act of our escape." Rilliana muttered and pulled out of her suit a small key ring with which she immediately opened her and Trisha's handcuffs.

"You just said that, so you could get the keys?"

"How else would he have exposed his cover like that?" asked Rilliana, listening at the door.

"Come on, we should get out of here as soon as possible!"

She opened the cell and together they slipped out.

Rilliana and Trisha crept unnoticed through the dark corridors of the bandit camp until they spotted a crack in the wall and squeezed through into the open.

"Now let's hurry back to Celine before she joins them," Rilliana said.

"I don't think we have to worry about that," said Trisha, pointing to a figure standing at the edge of the forest, waving at them with her right hand while large amounts of magic flowed in her left.


"Would you please go to the carriage, I need to concentrate for a moment to give my best regards to your captors," said Celine with a smile on her lips that sent a shiver down Rilliana's neck.

"Of course." said Trisha, supporting Rilliana on the way to safety.

Jeffrey was already waiting for them and helped them climb into the carriage.

"Let me look at you." said Trisha, brushing Rilliana's blonde hair out of her face.

"Trisha I am fine. Before I met you I looked like this every week..."

Rilliana said and intercepted Trisha's hand stroking a bruise.

Trisha exhaled loudly and sat down next to her friend who immediately leaned her head against her.

The carriage door opened and Celine got in.

"Come on girls, let's go home." She said, and immediately the carriage started moving.

"Don't worry those fellas won't bother anyone again. Are you two all right?"

Rilliana just nodded while Trisha said, "We got out safely, thanks to Rilliana's skillful fingers..."

"You sure took a beating, didn't you Rilliana? Here I'll help you." said Celine, raising her palm in the elf's direction.

Immediately Rilliana's face warmed, and she felt her pain disappear.

"What can't you do?" murmured Rilliana in relief, feeling for her now vanished bruises.

"Speak more than three languages, for example, but not much else." she answered, taking a blanket from a compartment in the carriage. She laid it on her charges and kissed both of their foreheads.

"Get some rest... Jeffrey will bring us back home safely".


Some days later

"I would like to take a carriage ride across my lands today and would love for you to accompany me." Announced Celine at the breakfast table, looking expectantly at Rilliana and Trisha.

After they returned to the estate, Celine had left them alone for the most part, so they could recover. But after a few days they both wondered if they would play with Celine again soon. This request, however, seemed too common for Celine.

"Where's the hook?" asked Trisha.

"Forget the hook, I'll swallow the whole rod." said Rilliana, and you could see in her eyes that she was ready for a new adventure.

"You don't want to spoil Rilliana's surprise, do you Trisha?" said Celine laughing, "Down in the dungeon I've provided you with a little gift. Come to the stable when you're ready." said Celine and got up to change her night robe for more suitable clothes.

Rilliana and Trisha exchanged a look.

"Well go on." said Trisha and started clearing away the dishes while Rilliana sprinted downstairs to the dungeon.

"Sometimes I wonder which one of us has more of a cat in them." Trisha muttered, smiling at her friend's childlike curiosity.

Trisha descended the steps to the dungeon and went to her cell.

"Wow..." was all she could say when she saw Rilliana in one of Celine's "slime" catsuits. It was as if Rilliana had been dipped up to her neck in a barrel of ink. It clung around her body like a second skin and shone darkly in the light of the artificial light stones in the dungeon. Even her hands were gloved, and the elf seemed to tremble with excitement.

" Well, do you like what you see?" the elf asked Trisha, stroking her own body with her hands.

Trisha swallowed.

"You bet I do." She replied and walked towards her.

"AH! Change first I want something to look at too!" said Rilliana, avoiding her friend and disappeared around the corner.

"Hey!" Trisha called after her but all she could see was the elf's blonde hair and her shiny black butt.

"Tonight you're mine!" she called after Rilliana but heard only a mad giggle from her girlfriend.

She turned to her gift and also found a suit tailored exactly to her measurements.


A little later Trisha and Rilliana were in the stall marveling at their catsuits. Celine came in shortly after and pulled behind her a construct that resembled a chariot.

"Well, how do you like your catsuits?" asked Celine, grinning from ear to ear. Unlike her slaves, Celine had donned relatively normal clothing. She wore flat boots that stopped below her knees and tight leather pants that sank into the boots. A wide riding jacket was pulled over a white blouse and her hair was tied into a tight bun. In her riding gloves she held a riding crop that she playfully twirled in her hands.

" They are amazing Celine!" Said Trisha and Rilliana as if from one mouth and embraced their mistress. Celine stroked their heads and pressed them to her.

"Then let's initiate them properly, shall we? Here, put these over them. "Celine said and put two pairs of white leather harnesses in front of her slaves.

"Somehow I think we need to work again." said Trisha, examining the straps in front of her.

"You're absolutely right Trisha and I think you're talking too much for your upcoming task." Celine said happily and fished out a rod from the mountain of leather which she stuffed into Trisha's mouth. She locked the straps under Trisha's jaw and led more straps along the side of her head and face to the back and locked everything in her neck. A normal gag would have been easy for Trisha to pull down with a little effort but with the extra leather around her head this was impossible.

"Mistress, I think I talk too much too," said Rilliana when she saw her friend and bit her lower lip in anticipation.

"Now that you are dressed and harnessed, let's get going!" said Celine and sat down in her one-person carriage that was to be pulled by Trisha and Rilliana.

The white straps that stretched over their bodies stood out well against the black catsuits. They were harnessed in front of the carriage with their help. In addition, Celine had tied the hands of her two slaves to the upper arms and her hands themselves were in fingerless gloves that resembled horse hooves.

To complete the image of horses, Trisha's and Rilliana's legs were in boots that forced them to walk almost on their toes. The special thing about them was that they had no heels and were also shaped like horse hooves. Celine called them pony boots.

"Come on, you've been loafing long enough!" said Celine, giving Trisha and Rilliana a sharp whack on their butts with the riding crop.

Immediately the wagon started moving and the hard thud of hooves on stone echoed in the barn. Celine led her ponies with a gentle pull of the reins on the path towards the forest.

"Always lift your legs Rilliana!" Celine reminded the elf and gave her a slap with the crop.

They rode along the edge of the forest, enjoying the sun shining on them.

Occasionally Celine had to let her ponies get acquainted with the whip again, but the longer they walked, the more skillful Rilliana and Trisha became in their boots. Celine even had to hold them back, so they didn't go too fast and risk hurting themselves.

"Into the forest here, my dears," Celine finally said, gently pulling on the reins to the left onto a path that led through the forest.

Immediately the ponies noticed that it was getting colder as the sun could no longer warm their suits. They followed the flattened path until they arrived at a clearing where a single large tree stood.

Celine steered the carriage beside it and pulled on the reins to get her ponies to stop.

She got off the carriage and unhitched Rilliana and Trisha from the cart, freeing them from their shackles and gags.

"Take the basket and blanket out of the carriage and follow me." ordered Celine, walking around the tree to look for a flat spot.

A good spot was quickly found, and the three women spread the blanket on the ground and had a picnic under the shade of the tree.

Rilliana laid her head on Trisha's legs and they both listened to Celine narrate her first experience with ropes.

"So there I was, unable to move forward or backward, waiting for someone to come along and free me. And I thank the gods that neither the servants found me nor my father but my little sister Trisha..."

"After that, we were inseparable and helped each other out when we were experimenting with bondage," Trisha said, brushing a strand behind Rilliana's ear.

"A few years later, we made it a sort of competition to see who could dominate the other, which I won most of the time. That's why now I drive the carriage and Trisha has to pull it." Celine added.

"But it could also be because I enjoy being tied up more than you do and have lost on purpose from time to time?" said Trisha, looking at her sister with amusement.

"Tell yourself that, sis," Celine said, lying down,

"Relax a little more before we go back. I don't want you to get a cramp."

Trisha also leaned back and stroked Rilliana's head.

"Are you all right?" asked Trisha quietly.

Rilliana nodded and looked her friend in the eye. "I'm just happy you're a family again." She whispered.

"Hey, you're part of my family too, Rilliana. I love you and I can't imagine a world without you." said Trisha.

"I love you too Trisha..." said Rilliana sitting up and lying down next to her friend and kissing her.


The shade of the tree under which the three women lay had moved on, and they lay in the sun, enjoying the heat.

Rilliana and Trisha were still dozing in their catsuits next to each other while Celine was reading a book about magical fabrics. The wind picked up, sending a cool breeze from the forest over them. Rilliana caught a sweet smell in the air, sat up and sneezed several times as if she had inhaled dust.

"Are you all right Rilli?" Trisha asked and Celine looked up from her book.

"Yeah everything's fine. Just got something in my nose," Rilliana said and bent down to pour herself another glass of wine.

"What? The wine is already empty?" she asked in surprise as she lifted the bottle.

"Sorry Rilliana. I helped myself to a couple of glasses," Celine said, blushing, "but there should still be a couple of bottles in the carriage."

"I'll get another one for us, then." said Rilliana, winking at Celine.

The elf stepped over her friend who was also blushing and went back to the chariot. She opened a small flap and took out one of the bottles lying inside.

"Zandris Ice Wine?" murmured Rilliana as she read the label on the artfully shaped bottle.

"Celine, is this the one?" she exclaimed, turning around and holding up the bottle.

Rilliana blinked in confusion when her two friends were no longer on the blanket. Panicked, she searched the clearing, fearing that the bandits had come back for revenge. She calmed down immediately when she saw that Celine and Trisha were about to leave the clearing.

"Guys?" she asked aloud, but neither of them seemed to respond to her.

Concerned, she put the bottle back in the cart. She noticed a dagger hidden under Celine's seat and took it as a precaution.

She ran as fast as she could to the forest where her friends had disappeared, but they had gone in so deep that Rilliana couldn't see them anymore. Only the footprints left behind and one or two broken branches showed her the way. Rilliana followed them and although the sun was still high it became darker and darker in the forest. She didn't get lost thanks to her darkvision, but the deeper she went into the forest, the more uneasy she felt.

She shook her head as she detected the sweet smell again. It was extremely intrusive and seemed to have spread completely in this part of the forest. She started to sneeze again and didn't see that something on the ground was in her way.

She stumbled and fell into the dirt. Confused, she looked around and saw Celine's clothes and Trisha's catsuit lying all over the ground.

"Guys? I'm a big proponent of naked surprises, but can we do this at home?" She asked hopefully with an anxious undertone.

No one answered, but she heard movement behind a group of dense bushes.

She pushed aside a few branches and entered a clearing bathed in twilight. A giant flower with red blossoms grew close to the ground and Rilliana noticed that the sweet smell came from it. Grass grew on the ground which looked wet and slippery. Trisha and Celine were both naked and walked slowly towards the huge flower.

"Oh no..." said Rilliana in horror and ran after them. She noticed tendrils snaking through the grass and crawling up her friends' legs. She grabbed both of their hands and pulled them back with all her might. Immediately, both women, enchanted by the pollen, turned and fell on Rilliana. The plant's spell seemed to render them will-less and powerless, and Rilliana's pulling robbed them of their balance. A shiver ran down the elf's neck as she looked into the blank eyes of Trisha and Celine. Their cheeks were slightly flushed, and their mouths were half open.

"WAKE UP!" screamed Rilliana but fell on deaf ears as Trisha started kissing her and Celine tried to remove her catsuit.

Tendrils crawled over her friends' bodies and more joined in to encircle Rilliana.

"Sorry Trish!" thought Rilliana, breaking away from her friend's kiss and pushing her aside. Quickly the elf crawled away from the flower and Celine slumped to the ground as she tried to reach for her. Rilliana scrambled to her feet and drew the dagger. She saw that Celine and Trisha were still trying to get to her, but were now slowly being pulled back into the flower by the vines. She ran to them and unceremoniously cut their bonds. Rilliana put the dagger away again and grabbed the hands of her friends and carefully pulled them away from the flower. Rilliana walked backwards and realized too late that there were more dangers lurking in the clearing. She stepped on something soft in the ground and a green veil shot up, knocking her hands aside and breaking contact with Trisha and Celine. The veil enveloped her completely and Rilliana was bathed in dark green light.

"Oh no! I haven't survived all the way here to serve as fertilizer!" She screamed and reached for the dagger again. As if the plant sensed that it was nearing its end, it contracted and pressed the elf's arms uselessly to her side. Immediately, Rilliana's pulse rose as she ran out of air and tried to angle her blade.

She smiled in satisfaction as she felt the pressure on her right-hand ease and used the space to cut the hungry plant in half. Coughing and covered in mucus, she stumbled out of the plant and checked on her friends. She widened her eyes when she saw that Trisha was about to be pulled back into the giant flower while Celine was in the same situation as Rilliana before. The membrane of the plant had pulled tightly around her body and was trying to pull her down. Rilliana drew the dagger and thrust it through the earth into the roots of the plant. The plant trembled briefly and collapsed. She quickly cut Celine out and pulled her to the edge of the clearing. Celine tried to seduce Rilliana again, but the elf had enough and slapped Celine hard across the face.

Celine blinked in confusion and touched her sore cheek.

"What's going on?" she asked weakly, looking up at Rilliana.

"I'll explain later! Keep your face covered and breathe in as little of that flower's scent as possible!" Rilliana didn't wait for an answer and sprinted towards the red flower. Tendrils shot out from the grass and tried to reach for her, but she cut them with one swift stroke of her weapon.

Rilliana saw her friend's brown hair disappear behind the flower's blossom and threw herself to the ground as tentacles crashed down on her from above. She lost her dagger as she slid across the wet grass and managed to grab Trisha at the last moment before she completely disappeared into the flower. With her last strength she hoisted her friend out of the flower's neck, tearing several tendrils in the process. One of these vines was so tense that it snapped back and hit Trisha's forehead. The pain brought Trisha back.

"What's going on?" she asked, straining against the tendrils of the flower.

"Hold your breath! The air is poisoned!" screamed Rilliana, throwing Trisha toward the trees with her last ounce of strength. The shifter slid across the wet ground and could only watch as more tendrils sprouted from the flower and lashed on the elf. Rilliana smiled at Trisha as she was slowly pulled down and closed her eyes as the tendrils settled over her face, taking away her senses.

The tendrils dropped Rilliana into the maw of the flower, and she slid down a slippery passage until she landed in a pouch and green liquid splashed up around her. She tried to get up, but her feet kept slipping away, and she couldn't find a foothold on the smooth surface of the bag.

Desperately she knelt down and hit the plant, but it didn't seem to be aware of it. Tears rolled down her cheek as she sat down in the knee-deep water and wrapped her arms around her legs.

Her eyes grew heavy and she slowly lost consciousness. The last thing she felt was the bag tightening around her and seeming to crush her.

Rilliana awoke with a pounding headache. She moaned loudly.

"Gods can't a week go by that I don't have to fear for my life?" she said, swinging out of bed.

She found herself in Celine's guest room and stumbled to the door. Rilliana was about to open it when it was pushed open and Trisha fell into her arms. Celine stood behind her with a large glass of water in her hand and smiled at her.

"You saved us!" sobbed Trisha, tears streaming down her face. Rilliana gently patted her back.

"You were a good mentor to me...," Rilliana said, hugging the shifter tighter, "How did you get me out of there?"

"After I knew what we were up against, I simply attached Trisha to a rope and threw her in. After that, I pulled you both out. The magic in my suits protected you from the acid of the plant. So you should have gotten away with just a bad headache," Celine said, handing her the glass of water. Rilliana released the hug and drank the glass in one go.

"And what's a clearing like that doing in your forest? Please don't tell me you had anything to do with it."

"Gods no! You don't have to worry that I would tolerate such a thing in my forest. I can only guess where the flower came from, but rest assured, after you were safe, I set everything on fire until only ashes remained," Celine said, taking back the empty cup.

"Luckily you were there Rilliana, without an elf who is immune to the aphrodisiac pollen, Trisha and I would have been..."

"That was the sweet smell?" the elf asked and Celine nodded.

"When you got the wine, Celine and I must have inhaled a large amount of it. Only when you released us from it, Celine was able to cast a spell that protected us from its influence," Trisha said.

Rilliana clapped her hands.

"What a day, huh?" said the elf, "So, what do we do next?"

Celine stared at her wide-eyed, while Trisha could only shake her head and laugh.


Some days Later

Rilliana sat at the breakfast table with her arms crossed, staring daggers at Celine. Not that she had any other choice, her arms were uselessly stuck in one of Celine's creations. She called it a straitjacket and Rilliana suspected it was made of a mixture of her spiders' threads and slime secretions, which made the jacket tight on her and at the same time flexible like her suit.

She couldn't get up either because she was strapped to the chair with only a few straps and her legs were in a bag made of the same material as the jacket. Both were strapped tightly around her, so she couldn't take a step without Celine's permission.

At first, it had been fun for her to crawl along with Trisha like worms across the floor and try to keep each other pinned to the ground. But after a letter arrived from Trisha's and Celine's father saying that Rilliana's treasure had to go on a dangerous recon mission ALONE, Celine had found it necessary to keep Rilliana at her side. A wise decision after Rilliana had tried to follow Trisha, although she was forbidden to do so. She was captured by Celine and put into the straitjacket and the leg binder. She also lost her right to speak shortly after when she started to swear at Celine.

After Rilliana had spent the third night as Celine's personal body pillow, the two sat across from each other again in the morning and while Celine enjoyed a cup of tea and browsed through a newspaper, Rilliana could do nothing but watch her with her mouth gagged and wait for Celine to give her some food.

"Ohoo oho ooo, OOOHOO!"

"Save it Rilliana," Celine said, not even looking up from her newspaper," you're lucky I have taken a liking to you, or I probably would have just hung you upside down in my dungeon and let you suck on a bar of soap."

"Ohoo?" said Rilliana in shock.

"Yes soap," Celine said and sighed as she put her paper aside, "Please understand that Trisha has to do this alone. It's very important to our father that everything goes smoothly and if Trisha has to worry about you then that's too much of a risk for both of you."

"ooh hooo oh hoohoo hooo!" said Rilliana, scowling at the table.

"Oh, sweetie. I believe you can take care of yourself and Trisha knows that too but still she would worry too much about you."

Rilliana hung her head and Celine slid over to her.

"Have we calmed down now?"

The elf nodded weakly and leaned into Celine's hand as she stroked her cheek and lifted her head.

"You will see each other again soon. I promise the next time you open your eyes in the morning, Trisha will be standing next to you."

Celine unfastened Rilliana's ring gag and lifted a spoonful of oatmeal the Elf remembered from Trisha's and her vacations. A mixture of potatoes and apples.

After the bowl was scraped out to the last bit, Rilliana felt a little better and willingly opened her mouth to accept the gag again.

"Very noble of you, but I don't think it's going to be necessary anymore, is it?" asked Celine, raising an eyebrow.

Rilliana just shook her head and smiled at her.

"There's my happy little bondage princess again." said Celine, stroking her head and clearing the table.

"Can you let me out of here? I'd love to..."

"... To chase your girlfriend? Rilliana I beg you, you stay well wrapped up as you are. I was going to do some tests today, but you won't need your arms or legs for that. In fact, the straitjacket is almost perfect for what I have in mind," Celine said, untying Rilliana from the chair and laying her on the floor, "Come on you're needed in my workshop."

Celine strode away and Rilliana heard her open a door and go inside. Having no other choice she started crawling across the floor like a worm.

"Celine I really like this jacket, but it would be more practical if I could at least walk on all fours." she called after her hostess.

"Then I wouldn't have so much to laugh about. The way you rob yourself across the floor is just too hilarious," Celine's voice echoed through the mansion, "Now move! Otherwise, I'll actually hang you in the dungeon."

"Don't tempt me, I want to see what you're doing!"

Celine snorted loudly and said, "Sorry I forgot who I was talking to."


Exhausted, Rilliana finally emerged in the doorway to Celine's workshop and was amazed as it looked like Trisha's bathroom. The whole room was covered with the same white smooth stones, even the walls and ceiling were not untouched by them. Workbenches and pedestals were spread all over the room and on each of them a different material or object was displayed.

"There you are at last! Here, let me help you up." said Celine, lifting Rilliana up and placing her on the edge of a cuboid-shaped box.

"So this is where you work?" asked Rilliana, marveling at an apparatus that seemed to process the cobwebs into fabric.

"Among other things. Many of the materials I work with are very delicate until I refine them, so I have built a clean place where I can clean up quickly. This is also where I test most of my products, and you're going to help me with one of them," said Celine, looking for something in a few drawers.

"What do I get in return?" asked Rilliana, licking her lips.

Celine paused and turned to her.

"You expect me to pay you for this? Rilliana you're sitting here helpless in a straitjacket..."

"Exactly! Make it appealing to me or let me dangle in the basement."

"That doesn't make any sense sweetheart. But so be it. I'll pay you with this." said Celine, reaching for a small perfume bottle filled with pink liquid.

"I have a confession to make," she said, holding up the perfume,

"I lied when I said I incinerated all of the plant. I was able to make this from its remains."

Rilliana scowled at her.

"Celine? What is that?"

"A less potent version of the same pollen that lured Trisha and me to the flower. I'll give you the bottle if you allow me to test my invention on you."

"What does it do exactly?" asked Rilliana. She didn't trust it yet.

"With just a squirt on you, and you will have an unforgettable night with Trisha. However, it doesn't work if she isn't in the mood. It just enhances the lust that's already there you might say."

"How do you know how it works?" Rilliana asked with a raised eyebrow.

"I haven't tested it on you guys, if that's what you mean. No, I tried it on myself and let's just say it was a hot self-bondage experience. Too bad you're immune to the effects. Although I don't think you need it."

"And it's safe?"

Celine nodded.

"Do you think I would recklessly risk the lives of my two darlings?" asked Celine.

"What was that again, why didn't Trisha want to go into the woods at first?"

Celine's eyebrow twitched.

"Guess it's time for your gag again." She said and took a ball gag from a drawer and put it in the mouth of the cheeky elf who was already eagerly awaiting it.

"So let's get started," Celine said as if she had just successfully closed a deal, "you're sitting on my latest invention, but before that we'll put this on you!" she said and pulled a mask out of one of the drawers. It was made of the same material as Rilliana's catsuit, which she had on under the straitjacket, of course. Celine pulled the mask over Rilliana's face and immediately the elf was plunged into absolute darkness. She had never experienced anything like this before.

"Are you all right Rilliana?" the elf heard Celine say and nodded.

"Good then, I'll get on with it now!"

Celine helped Rilliana stand up briefly to open the crate. She had padded out the crate to serve as a soft pad for the elf. Celine lifted the elf and carefully placed her inside. Rilliana wondered what she was doing to her, but she felt even through her many layers that the padding was once again made of the slime mucus.

"Now please don't be alarmed darling, it might be a little tight." said Celine to the blind elf, closing the lid and securing the box with three padlocks.

Rilliana was listening to everything and wondered what Celine meant since she was in a rather tight box but could still move well.

"Knock once please if nothing happens." she heard the muffled voice of Celine through the box.

Rilliana used her feet to knock once.

"Wait a minute."

Rilliana rolled her eyes. What else was she supposed to be doing right now?


Rilliana lifted her feet again but they stopped halfway.

Confused, she tried to see what was going on, but remembered that she still had the mask on. But it didn't matter because in the next moment her head was pushed down by the padding. A moment later she felt the same pressure all over her body, and it became stronger and stronger until the material prevented any movement from her.


"MMMMH MMMHHH!" the elf screamed into the gag.

"Ah it seems to be working! Perfect!" said Celine, tapping the box.

"I have another confession to make, Rilliana. I received a letter from Trisha this morning, and I am supposed to send you to her in Leon's Keep. I think I will do this now. Say hello to Trisha for me when you get there and come by sometime when you need some distance from the big city again. Goodbye Rilli."

Rilliana blinked under her mask.

"Why am I not surprised that she sends me to Trisha by mail? At least I'm comfortable," Rilliana thought and closed her eyes.

Outside the crate, Celine stood and smiled.

"Take a little break before the storm, little elf," she whispered and lifted the crate with her magic to load it onto Jeffrey's carriage along with Trisha and Rilliana's luggage.

"Take good care of the luggage Jeffrey!" she requested the coachman who bowed to her.

"With my life, Miss Celine." he said, getting on the carriage and urging the horses to move.


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