Research Visit 2: The Doctor is in...

by Stealthbinder

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Part 2: The Doctor is in...

With the tour complete, Dr. Fisher led his fellow doctor out of the monitoring center. They rode back up the elevator and returned to his office where small finger sandwiches were waiting for them. Once again they sat on either side of his desk.

“Well Dr. Hart, what do your assessment of all this? While I assume you’d want to further observe and talk to my staff over the next couple days, does this give you something interesting to add to your book?”

“Oh yes, indeed it does. It’s a marvelous facility you have here. Already I have seen so much I’d like to dig further into and analyze. I’m very excited at this opportunity you’ve given me and I can’t wait to see more.”

Dr. Fished smiled. “Why thank you doctor. We’re rather proud of our work here and it pleases me to hear you give is such praise.” He said with a nod. “Now, may I turn the tables on this interview for a few moments and ask you a few questions?”

“Of course.”

“You’ve say you’ve seen some amazing things today. Have you ever had any similar experiences that you can relate to?”

Julie paused for a moment to wonder why Dr. Fisher was asking this kind of question. “Well, no, certainly not like this. I mean, I’ve been tied up during sex a couple times, but nothing like what I’ve seen today.”

“May I ask what happened during those encounters?” he asked.

“Dr. Fisher, that’s kind of personal and….”

Fisher held up his hand. “Please, as professionals, humor me for a moment. I do have a point to my questioning that I will get to shortly. Now, if you would please.”

Julie sighed. After all he has just let her seen she felt she should owe him something in return.

“I had a boyfriend a few year back who used neck and robe ties to bind me to his bed while we had sex.”

“How many times did he do this?” he asked, noting she said ‘sex’ and not ‘making love’.

“Two, maybe three times total.”

“Doesn’t sound like it was very memorable. Did you enjoy it?”

Julie felt a little embarrassed at his line of questioning, but Dr. Fisher was a professional and guessed he must have a reason for his questioning.

“To some degree. I mean, enjoyable yes, but nothing more exceptional than I would normally have when engaged in regular sexual intercourse with him. I believe he got more enjoyment out of the whole thing than I did, and it didn’t last long. But again, it was such a limited experience.”

“Any other experiences, other partners? He asked.

“None that I can recall.”

“Then if I may be so bold to point this out, but how can you profess to be an expert and write a thesis on non-traditional sexual practices if you’ve never personally experienced these for yourself?”

Julie was taken aback by the comment. Why question her levels of personal experiences?

“I don’t think I need to have first hand person knowledge in all aspect of human sexual relations to write about them. For example, cardiologist does not need to have a heart attack to know what the symptoms are, what it feels like or how to treat it. Of all people, Dr. Fisher, you can completely understand that.”

“On there I agree with you entirely.” Dr. Fisher said. “But are you simply writing about the mechanics of these things or are you are writing about experiences, the feeling and the emotions that occur? You need some kind of base to work from. How do you put these thoughts and emotions into clear and concise words if you have not had a least had a sampling of what it is like to actually experience even a small segment these things?”

Julie thought about his comments for a moment. “I can see your point. Do I presume correctly that you have a suggestion for me?”

Dr. Fisher smiled as he leaned back in his chair. “I do. If one studies archeology, is it not better to be in the field during an expedition rather than just reading about it. Observing is one thing, participating is another. In the interest of research and to bolster your credibility and knowledge base, would you be interested in getting a fair sampling, some personal knowledge so to speak, putting into practice some of the things you saw today?”

A shiver of excitement went through Julie’s mind and body. He was offering to her a chance to take an active part in what she saw earlier. It did appeal to her on many levels, but did she have the courage to go through with it?

“At no charge, of course.” He added with a playful grin, just to sweeten the deal. “And I can guarantee you complete confidentiality.”

Julie needed no further encouragement and made up her mind.

“Yes, Dr. Fisher.” Julie said with a catch of excitement in her voice. “I would be quite interested.”

He smiled broadly again. “Excellent. I hope you don’t mind, but I assumed you would, so I took the liberty of making the arrangements to speed up the process.” He said as he picked up the phone and dialed. “So, let’s get things moving then, shall we.”

“Yes, it’s a go.” He said to whoever was on the phone. “What have you chosen? Ah yes, that will be perfect. Oh, yes, do that. Very good, we’ll meet you in the center in a few moments.”

“Well, everything will be ready in a few moments. Shall we get going?”

“Before we do, what’s going to happen?” Julie asked. This was happening way too fast.

“I’ve trusted you enough to expose our entire operation to you. Are you willing to trust me the same when I say lets it will be a fair sampling of things you’ve seen and to leave the details as a pleasant surprise. Think of it as digging up that first treasure in the desert.”

“I’ve not done this before. I’m not sure what I’m to do.” She replied.

“Leave that to us, doctor. That is not the first time we have heard someone say that. After what you’ve seen today, I think you’ll know what to do. And you may even surprise yourself.” He said with a disarming smile and held out his hand to her. “You can trust us, I promise.”

“Alright, I trust you.” She said as he helped her from the chair. They walked back silently to the elevator, Julie getting more and more nervous as they descended down. This time, they used the door on the right and entered a small room just inside. Here another woman, dressed in typical nurse attire of scrubs, was waiting for them. Like most of the employees in this area, the frosted blonde was handsome in both the face and body. Julie recognized her as the same nurse who did her screening several hours ago.

“This is Susan, one of our best associates. She will assist you in getting ready.”

“What do you need me to do?” Julie asked.

“Well, first off, as attractive as you are there’s little we can do to improve on it. But I do think a change of attire would put you in the proper mood.” Dr. Fisher said. “Susan took the liberty of selecting a new outfit for you to change in to. Once you are ready and Susan gives you a short briefing, she will lead you to a suite and things will proceed from there. I will speak with you afterwards.”

Julie nodded unsurely as Dr. Fisher left the area, leaving the two women alone.

“Ready to get started Dr. Hart?” Susan said with a warm smile that helped put Julie at ease. “There a small shower through that door, if you would like to rinse off. You’ll find any products you might need in the shower as well as towels.”

“Yes, I will, thank you.” Julie said.

“Very well doctor. Just pass your clothes out to me so you don’t get them wet.”

Julie went into the shower and stripped naked, handing her clothing back the Susan. She did a quick rinse off of her body, making sure her hair didn’t get wet. She dried off and wrapped up in a second towel before she returned to the changing room. Julie sat in a chair as Susan touched up Julie’s hair and makeup and was every bit as good as her own beautician.

“I hope you like the outfit I have selected for you.” Susan said when she was finished.

What Susan selected was a rubbery purple dress. The bottom was not even as long as a cheerleader’s skirt, not coming a third of the way down her thighs. The top of the dress was open around the neckline, so it would expose much of her upper chest but not her entire boobs. It was going to be tight fitting, defiantly showing off every curve of her body without the need for underlying support.. She also has black pantyhose that had a lace accent pattern sown in going down the outside of her leg. Lastly, there was a pair of black patent leather bootie shoes with sky high 5” stiletto heels that laced on.

“Where did you get this so quickly, and in my sizes?” Julie asked.

“While many of our clients come in with their own, we maintain a large selection of more unique items for our clients to utilize. We had your sizes from the earlier screening and pre-selected a few outfits for you to wear. However, I decided on this one because I feel both the fit and color would look wonderful on you. I can help you dress?”

Julie didn’t think she would need to take Susan up on the offer. But after putting on the hose, she found it a little challenging to work herself into the rubber outfit. But with Susan’s help and a little baby powder, Julie worked herself into the unusual dress.

“It can be a bit of a challenge to get into a dress like this on you own, for it’s meant to fit very tightly.” Susan explained as she slipped the black shoes onto Julie feet and laced them tight while Julie pulled on thin wrist length black satin leather gloves. “There you are Doctor, you’re all set. There’s a mirror on the back of the door, if you liked to see how you look.”

Julie stood on the heels, not accustomed to such a high heel. But the shoes fit perfectly, so she got the hang of it quickly as she cautiously walked over to the mirror. What greeted her was nothing short of astounding and made Julie gasp in surprise and awe.

Never in her life had she felt or looked more erotic and purely sexy. The dress molded to her body while it pushed her breasts up, making her chest look bigger than when she wore a push-up bra. It was tight across her abdomen, making her waist look tiny. The combination of the short skirt, black hose and towering heels make her already shapely legs extend on for miles. Even when she turned to see her back side, she was amazed with what she saw, though was a little embarrassed that the skirt hardly covered her buttocks. Susan stood behind, lightly adjusting the dress to make her look fantastic.

“Oh my.” Julie said softly. “I can’t believe this is me.”

“It’s like it was made for you. But may I suggest one small addition to your attire?” Susan said, holding up Julie’s glasses.

“My reading glasses? Won’t I look, well, not fit the part?”

“On the contrary Dr. Hart, I think it will emphasize your intelligence, express confidence and still give you a sexy geeky-sophisticated look.”

Julie put her glasses on and indeed it was everything Susan said. It personalized her outfit too, making it more her own rather than someone she was trying to be. Her confidence grew too.

“I hope this meets with your approval.” Susan said making one last adjustment. “If not, I’d be happy to bring in some other outfits for you to select from.”

“No, no, that won’t be necessary.” Julie said as she gazed at her reflection, not believing what she was seeing. “It’s perfect. It’s everything you said it would be.”

“I’m happy to hear you’re satisfied.” Susan said, pressing the button on the small remote in her pocket, Julie not noticing the act. “If I may be so bold, I think you look amazing and I wouldn’t change a thing. Are you ready to be briefed on how we will proceed?”

“Yes.” Julie replied. The briefing was short, lasted just a few minutes. Julie hardly heard a word the cute nurse said. She was still amazed at what she was seeing in the mirror.

Susan waited another moment before she continued. “Are you ready to precede, Dr, Hart?”

Julie drew in a deep breath and let it out. She took one last look in the mirror. “Yes, I’m as ready as I’ll ever be.” What Julie didn’t ask was where her original clothes had gotten too for they were no longer in the room with them.

“Very well.” Susan said smiled and she swiped her card in the reader and opened the door. “This way please.” She said.

“Oh, wait, I’ll need a notepad, something to write with.” Julie said in a mild panic.

Susan smile and spoke softly. “Dr. Hart, to be perfectly honest, I really don’t think you’ll have the time or even the desire to write things down till later. This way please.”

The two walked slowly down the hallway, hampered by Julie not fully accustomed to the height of her heels. At Susan’s recommendation, she took shorter steps which help dramatically and giving her more confidence. The hallway was deafly quiet except for the sound of Julie’s heels clicking on the floor, the rooms being soundproofed so no one could hear what was happening inside or be disturbed by outside noises. They walked by a line of doors until they neared the end of the hallway. “This will be your suite. We hope you will enjoy your time here.”

“Will you be coming in with me?”

“No Dr. Hart, I won’t be attending.”

“What am I to do once I go in?”

“Dr. Fisher needs help training three new employees for the department and thought you’d be perfect for the job. You’ll understand once you have entered the suite.”

“Train new employees? How can I do that when even I don’t know what I’m doing?”

“That’s for you to decide.” Susan said with a mischievous smile and a wink as she swiped her card through the reader and the door unlocked. “Don’t worry Dr. Hart, we all started somewhere and you’ll do just fine in yours. Enjoy your stay, doctor.” Susan said and stepped aside.

Now more nervous than ever, Julie entered the room, the door closing and locking behind. Directly across from her was a mirror. Knowing what she knew, she was well aware that a tech was monitoring the suite and the events that would transpire. Others may be watching there too, including Dr. Fisher. But her attention was quickly drawn elsewhere.

She was in a suite similar to the one where the 5-way orgy was transpiring, only this one had a different color scheme, but had the same floor to ceiling brass stripper poles installed. And she was not alone, for there were three very lovely ladies with her, a striking shoulder length blonde with oversized boobs, a leggy, beauty pageant quality brunette with curly shoulder length locks, and a exotic looking oriental woman beauty with long healthy jet black hair, each gagged and lashed to her own pole. They were completely naked, save for each had on a different colored pair of pump heels of no less than 4 inch high spikes. Additionally, all three girls had been shaved bare at the crotch. With firm, toned bodies, flawless skin and gorgeous looks, not one appeared to be close to 30 years old.

Each girl was tightly secured to her pole with her arms behind the pole and ropes applied to her crossed wrists. Their legs were bound together at the ankles, knees and thighs then attached to the pole with more ropes. More ropes bound their torsos to the pole at the waist and below the breasts that also pinned their arms behind. These identically tied girls were totally helpless and going nowhere. Each was gagged with a thick white cloth tied between their straight white teeth.

Already, they were grunting and groaning as they struggled in their restraints, figuring their new mistress had come inflict some erotic training for future work in the center. Julie couldn’t help but notice their nipples were already rock hard with excitement. Set before them and clearly in their view was a stainless steel table, the top covered with all sorts of bondage and sex toys, more than enough to arouse and stimulate all three women concurrently with plenty to spare.

There was also a note addressed to Dr. Hart. It was hand written by Dr. Fisher. Julie was glad he had her glasses on already.

Dear Dr. Hart.

First off, I want to thank you for trusting us and congratulate you on having the courage to take this step into the world of erotic services we facilitate for our clients. It is my hope you will enjoy this journey to the fullest while gaining a deeper knowledge and understanding.

The three ladies before you have recently agreed to join the center and are currently in training. They are in the submissive phase of their training and presume an experienced dominant woman will be administering the next lesson to them. Please do not let on that you have no expertise at this, for they may run across a similar scenario at some point in their careers.

For the next two hours, you have a free hand to so with them as you please, using whatever is on the table and within the suite. However, please be gentle with them, for they lack the skills themselves and I would not want to harm or mar three such lovely women. My hope is they will come to relish not only their time working in the center, but this brief span that have with you. With your help, I know they will on both counts..

So relax and let yourself go. Draw from you vast knowledge in this field and from what you have seen today. Make them blissfully suffer to pleasures and delights, slowly and erotically, like you would have someone to do you.

And please, have some fun too! This is as much for you, as it is for them, to savor.

“Well.” Julie said as she folded the note and strolled over to place it back on the table. Oddly, she had been walking around the tied women as she read note. “It seems I have three raw recruits to deal with today.” She said with a wicked smile on her face while picking up a riding crop from the table, testing its flexibility. “It’s been a long time since I’ve had this kind of pleasurable task.” She used the crop to raise a boob on the chesty blonde, causing her to moan before letting it drop back down, which it hardly did for it was so full and firm. Her nipples had already stiffened, telling Julie she was excited and responding already. She caressed her nipple as well, making the blonde moan even deeper.

“Ok girls, you’re all mine for the next two hours.” She said as she ran the crop over the oriental girl’s body, followed by her gloved hand. “You have two choices. You can enjoy it, or not.” Julie let her satin covered fingers glide over the girl’s naked body, making this one sigh contently. “It really doesn’t matter to me, because it won’t change what I do with you in the least.”

Julie moved over to the third woman. “So I suggest you make up your minds that you will enjoy it. Understand?” she said close to the face of the brunette, with her gloved hand slithering over the brunette’s hips, moving to her warm, bald crotch. The restrained girl moaned deeply and nodded as Julie caressed her sex.

“Now that we have that cleared up, let’s get started.” Julie said as she returned to the table to decide what to do next. She smiled when her eye caught sight on the table of something she’d see earlier, and there were three sets of them. “But first, I think we need to set a proper mood and give each of you a nice little piece of jewelry to wear, to remind you who’s in charge.” She said as she picked up a set of nipple clamps with attached chain. “Who’d like to go first?”

In the monitoring center, Dr. Fisher and Susan, along with a tech, were listening in on Julie’s progress. They watched as Julie teased the three trainee’s nipples to get them as rock hard as possible before tightening the clamps on, using her fingers on the blonde, her tongue on the brunette and her lips on the oriental gal before applying the devices. Each girl moaned and groaned, squirming hard but fruitlessly as the clamps were applied, and struggled harder in their restraints when completed. Everything was being recorded for further review later.

“For a beginner, she’s doing quite well.” Susan commented as Julie lightly tugged on each chain to check the installation and tightness of the clamps, making the women groan deeply. Susan trained most of the employee who worked in the center and liked what she was seeing so far from both the doctor and her patients.

“Yes, remarkably so. Fast learner, creative. So far, I’m rather impressed.” Fisher replied.

“So am I.” replied Susan, nodding her approval as Julie began working over the restrained captives with two large feathers.

“You’re thoughts Jerry.” Fisher asked the tech.

“From what I see, she’s doing great and looks extraordinarily hot doing it too!” His comment received chuckles from the others.

“I think we can call that a positive endorsement.” Dr. Fisher replied with a smile.

“Do you think our trainees have figured out she’s a fake?” Susan asked.

“No, not yet, at least. So far, she’s doing all the right things. Someone with prior experience would probably see though eventually. A good test to see if our recruits can spot a fake or not. We’ll ask when it all over. Is phase two ready?”

“Yes Doctor, everything is set.” Susan replied, her hands coming to rest on the tech’s shoulders.

“Ah, I see. Good. That will come as quite a surprise to the good doctor. Keep me posted on her progress and how she’s doing. Notify me when this phase is about over and the next about to start. And make sure the video system is open, I want to monitor her reaction for myself.”

“And phase three?” Susan asked with twinkle in her eye.

“We’ll decide if we will do that once we talk with our trainees after this phase is complete and see her initial response to the next.”

“We’ll be throwing a lot at her all at once.” Susan cautioned. “Might be too much for one day.”

“True, but I did tell her she would be getting a fair sampling, so I want her to have a wide range of experiences. And we’re only giving her small doses, so I believe she’ll handle it all quite well. But I will trust your assessment of her reactions was we move along, as I always do.”

“Thank you, Dr, Fisher.” Fisher respected her opinions and never overrode her judgments or recommendations.

“Please keep me posted and call me when we are nearing the end of this phase.” He said as he left the center.

By now, Julie was working the three confined women into a sexual frenzy and successfully kept them boiling there for well over an hour before she allowed them to climax in turn. Then she worked to make each climax as many time as possible. In the end, the blonde and oriental women came three times and the brunette four before all three were totally exhausted and could do no more, hanging limply in their fetters but blissfully tingling all over and thoroughly satisfied.

Julie was pleased with herself. Knowing the 3 girls could do no more, she plopped down into a comfortable arm chair, with her legs dangling over the side. She looked on at the three beauties still tied and gagged, though the nipple clamps had been long ago removed to give her better access to their breasts for tormenting with her body and the sex devices. All were breathing hard and seemed to be softly cooing into their gags like a woman did after great sex.

Almost as if on queue, the door unlatched. Susan and an unknown man dressed in a lab coat entered and began to untie the women. Susan motioned for Julie to remain where she was, so she idly lounged in the chair, playing with a multi-tailed leather whip, running it playfully over her body as each woman was freed and led out of the suite, leaving Susan and Julie alone.

“May I ask how things went?” Susan asked.

“It was wonderful. I’m thrilled beyond belief.” Julie replied elatedly. “Truthfully, I admit I never thought I could be so dominating a personality, or see myself with any woman much less three of them for my personal amusement. It was amazing. Simply amazing. I must do it again some time, and I must thank Dr. Fisher for an astonishing experience.”

“We’re pleased you enjoyed yourself for much.” Susan said.

“But I’m not expert. I should be asking you to evaluate my efforts.” Julie said as she eyed up the pretty blonde, pondering how Susan would look tied to one of the stripper poles and if she would respond to her teasing touches like the trainees did. “I assume you were monitoring us.”

“Yes, I was, and must say I was very impressed. I’ve never see someone take to this so well on a first try. Are you sure you have no prior experience in this area?” Susan said with a wink.

“I promise you, I have no experience on the giving end and very little on the receiving.” Julie said with a laugh as she stood from the chair. She was quite steady on her heels now. She adjusted her dress then sat back down, crossing her legs seductively.

“Perhaps you’re a natural at this. Which perfectly leads me to my next question.” Susan said with a fresh twinkle in her eyes and her hands behind her back. “Are you interested in trying another session today?”

Julie eyed up Susan once more, wondering what she had under her baggy uniform and hoping she was going to get the chance to try her hand at teasing just one woman for a few hours.

“I was planning to spend a few days here, so I think I’m game for a more, in the interest of research.” Se replied coyly.

“Wonderful.” Susan said, pressing the button on the remote in her hand.

“Will I perhaps be having your involvement in this session?” Julie asked as she flicked the whip over her legs once more, still lounging in the chair and feeling playful.

Susan smiled. “Regrettably, no.” Susan replied. “I myself have a client that I will be attending to shortly. But I will be checking in on you later when you complete your next task. Dr. Fisher wanted you to have a wide range of experiences for your research, so we have someone else in mind to assist you.” She said as the heavy door unlocked and opened.

A man entered the room. He was tall, over 6 feet, with wavy blonde hair and blue eyes. Maybe in his late 20’s, we was handsome, typical of the other employees in the center, which Julie assumed he was. Except for skimpy thong, he was naked and bronzed from tanning. His body was more than fit, he was muscular with strong arms and thighs, broad chest and 6-pack abs. Not over muscular like body builders, but he definitely worked out hard and had to be very strong. The large bulge in his black underwear displayed he did it without steroids and was packing a load there too. Julie recognized him as the man that helped remove the trainees from their bondage moments before.

“This is Jerry, he’s one of our monitoring techs and equally experienced here in the center.” Susan introduced. “He will work with you for this session.”

“Good afternoon, Dr. Hart.” The man said.

Julie eyed up the excellent male specimen before her. Well, if she could tease, torment, arouse and climax 3 helpless ladies for hours, she could easily and happily do the same with this sturdy man, and maybe have him do some service on her as well. Julie had become quite horny, yet never took the time to relieve herself. She figured Jerry could help in that area.

“You have excellent taste Susan.” Julie said as she rose from the chair and slowly walked over to Jerry. “I think he will do nicely.” She said as she ran a satin covered hand over his chest.

“Then I will leave you two get acquainted.” Susan said as she headed for the door. “Enjoy it, doctor.”

The two were alone now. Julie slowly walked around her new prey, lightly touching him as she did. Even his ass was tight and perfect to the touch, which was more of a grasp than a touch. At the moment, she didn’t have a plan for what she was going to do with him. She never tied a man up before, so she would need to figure that out first and fast.

“So, are you ready for me?” she asked as she came back in front of him.

“Yes, doctor, I am.” He replied before he grinned. “But you’re not.”

“What do you mean by that?” Julie said as she placed her hands on her hips, letting the leather whip dangle down. “I would think you’d not talk back to your mistress.”

Jerry broke into a wide grin. “No ma’am, I normally wouldn’t, but I think you are a little confused about what my purpose here is.”

“Confused?” Julie asked.

Jerry stepped close to the purple rubber clad doctor. “Yes ma’am.” He said as he took the whip from her hand and tossed it aside. “You see, I’m not here to be dominated by you. I’m here to dominate you and show you what it’s like to be on the other end of the game.” Jerry quickly took hold of Julie’s wrists and pinned them behind her back.

“You mean you’re going to, that I’m going to…”

“Yes ma’am, I am and you are.” He said as the lead her over to a cabinet. “Dr. Fisher told me that you prior bondage experiences were less than memorable. It is my intention to leave a better impression while showing you want it’s like to be in the receiving side of domination.”

Julie hesitated for a moment, trying to think it all through. She thought she was going to dominate and have her way with Jerry, but the game had changed and the roles were reversed. She wasn’t sure she liked that idea.

He turned Julie to face away from him and held her against the wall, his hands still holding hers in the small of her back. “Dr. Hart, I can tell this isn’t quite what you expected, but I’m asking you to trust me. I promise to go slow and be gentle but firm. You’ve had the chance to be the top, now let yourself enjoy being on the bottom with someone who truly knows what he’s doing.”

“Will you force me to, will we have sex?” she asked.

“Only if we both want, and if so, it will be with protection.” Jerry replied as he rubbed her neck and shoulders with a free hand, helping her to relax. His touch was very soothing but his single handed grip on her wrists was unbreakable. “Nothing happens here without complete consent. But I ask that you give me a little assistance in relieving myself of my needs too.” He grinned.

Julie relaxed. As long as Jerry didn't go further than she was willing, she’d give it a try.

“OK, I agree and I trust you. Just tell me what I’m to do.” She replied.

“Just relax and let it happen.” He said. “But first, I need to get you into the proper setting.” He said as he opened the cabinet and pulled out something black and shiny.

Julie discovered that the shiny black item was a monoglove, just like the one she saw a woman wear earlier. Soon her arms were encased in the tightly laced up sleeve till they nearly touched. It was devilishly effective, for there was no way she could escape it on her own. He also added what he called a ballgag, made from a purple rubber ball planted between her teeth and secured in place with black leather belts. Her legs were left unbound, so she was free to move about as she struggled in her bondage, making sweet sounds behind her gag, trying and failing to escape for a several moments before Jerry told hold of her from behind.

“You’re a very beautiful woman, Dr. Hart.” He said as his hands ran over her body while he kissed her exposed neck. “I wish you worked with us rather than write books.”

By now Julie was far from reluctant. She was getting turned on by things happening to her and by the anticipation of things she’d seen earlier she hoped were soon to come. She moaned into her gag. This was a far cry and far better than what old-what’s-his-name had done when he tied her to his bed.

Jerry’s hands explored her body but never uncovered her. His hands were amazing, exciting her more and more, even though he never touched her directly. His hands squeezed her breasts and nipples through the purple rubber, making her both moan and squirm harder. His hand went down her body and under her skirt, coming to rest between her legs. She was warm and wet, more aroused than she were had been before. Julie pressed her ass against his crotch, feeling his hard manhood through the thin nylon materials. She rubbed against him, adding more stimulation to the groping. He kept her in a state of extreme sexual arousal, making her groan constantly and wishing for more yet not wanting it to end.

With his hands working her over, his finger it began to rumble between her legs. He was using some kind of finger mounted vibrator against her and it felt great, adding another dimension to her delights. But the new aspect it added did little to bring her to climax, which she discovered was his intent and becoming her only desire. All the while he was played with and teased her, he kept telling how beautiful she looked, how sexy she was, how excited she was making him and how any man would want her. How long he kept her like this she didn’t know and didn’t care. She didn’t want it to end, but she wanted more too.

At last she signaled she wanted the gag removed. Jerry pulled the gag from her lips, letting it dangle around her neck.

“I need to come.” were her first words. “Please, please, let me come.”

“Yes, you do and you will, but not yet.” He softly spoke, continuing to fondle her.

“I’ll do whatever you want, anything, just let me please come!” she begged.

“You need to earn your prize.” Jerry said in a whisper after a moment’s groping more.

The sight of the woman sucking her boss’ penis flashed through her mind. “May I suck your cock?” She said. “I’ll suck on you’re cock to please you!”

Jerry smiled to himself, thinking how easy it had been to turn her thinking around from being so dominant to such a submissive state. He helped Julie down to her knees and stood just outside her reach. He dropped his thong to the floor, his long, hard manhood springing from it. He slowly stroked it, teasing Julie with it size and hardness.

He stepped forward and presented his tool to Julie. She opened her mouth and nearly swallowed his cock. She went right to work, literally fucking him with her mouth, figuring the faster he got his, the sooner she’d get hers. But Jerry pulled his rod from her mouth and lightly smacked her cheek with it.

“No, doctor, don’t rush.” He said. “Make love to me with you lips slowly, sensuously. You’re working for a reward. You’re job is to pleasure me, make me happy, not just hurry through it so you can get yours.”

Julie understood what he was doing. This was all about the tease, make your partner wild with desire yet not give it to them for as long as possible. With the lesson learned and further prompting not needed, she resisted her own urges and made slow love to his cock, licking, kissing and sucking on him as he ran his hands though her hair and moaned intently. All while her own helplessly restrained body was screaming out for relief.

“Now.” Jerry said as his own body began to slowly gyrate. Julie knew what he meant and went into full motion. She got back to plunging her lips up and down his shaft. It only took a moment or two before she heard the warnings of groans that he was about to climax. She started swallowing even before he grunted several times and came, gushing hot fluid into her. Julie kept up with his flow, drinking down every drop he ejaculated into her and for the first time ever, actually enjoyed doing it. And come he did, for he seemed to have a huge supply that he poured into her mouth, eventually easing to a trickle.

When his orgasm was over, she continued to service his tool, knowing a good submissive would not remove her lips from her master till told to. Jerry’s rock hard cock was softening, but much to Julie’s surprise still remained rigged enough that she suspected he could go again. In fact, he never went totally limp as most men would have, so Julie slowly slid her mouth over him again for several minutes. Amazingly, he returned to a rock hard state quickly, far faster than she thought possible for a man who just came so much.

Jerry pilled his cock from her mouth, glistening with her saliva and looking as hard as before.

“You did well, especially getting me hard again without my prompting.” Jerry said as he helped Julie to her feet, his hands resuming the groping. “So now, as I promised, you get your reward.”

The monoglove was removed. Moments later, Julie wrists were locked in black leather cuffs and attached to a hook chained high above her head. Her legs were spread wide and locked into a more leather cuffs with a long steel rod between, forcing her to stand open and exposed. The gag was put back in place and her hands lifted higher till she was nearly pulled off her feet. Never before had Julie felt so vulnerable, helpless, exposed, sexy or horny.

She had no idea how long Jerry worked her over. Never before had a man keep her erotic hot points covered yet got her going. He played with her over and over, using his body and other sex tools to get her into a state of sexual frenzy yet not climactic. He kept her right on the edge of coming but never letting her go over, like he could read her mind to know how far to push her. It was amazing, thrilling and frustrating all at the same time.

At last, when she though she could stand no more without losing her mind, Jerry slipped his hand under her pantyhose and found her clit. With the finger vibrator attached and rubbing it perfectly, he pushed her over the edge and into the most amazing, powerful, longest and most mind blowing orgasm she ever had. Her entire body felt like it was on fire with pleasures, coming harder and longer than she ever had as it coursed through her entire body. It went on and on and Jerry knew how to maximize it, making it last as long as possible. Julie later reflected back on it and wondered if it was not one long orgasm but an unbroken stream of intense consecutive orgasms. Regardless, it was by far the most powerful sexual experience of her life.

At last, Julie was spent and hung in her fetters exhausted and thrilled. She hardly noticed that Jerry had removed the spreader bar and released her from the chain. He kept her wrists locked together as he easily carried her limp body over to the large silk covered bed. Before she could object, her hands were locked to the headboard over her head. Moments later, her ankles were strapped to the bottom corners of the bed, her body pulled tight between the restraints and her legs held wide open. She was back in another 3-point stance, just on the flat of her back rather than on her feet. The gag also remained in place.

Jerry stood over her looking down, his large cock raging perhaps even hard now. Julie was perplexed and turned on at the same time. She was in the perfect position for him to crawl right between her legs and drive his erect tool into her. She would welcome a good hard screwing about now and squirmed her body to show her willingness. But with her pantyhose covering the way, his access was restricted. Pulling the nylon down would be difficult at best and still be in the way. So sex could be out of the question, but if so, what was next?

He said nothing and did little, other than slowly slid his hand up and down his elongated shaft. She was horny again, moaning softly for him from behind the purple ball gag to so something, anything to her. But he refrained, choosing to simply watch her and slowly stroke himself. Julie could only wonder what he was going to do next, and hope it would be as good as his last.

After a few moments of watching one another, Julie heard the door unlatch and open. She heard the door close and the clicking of high heels slowly coming closer, obviously another woman. The visitor finally came into view, but it took a few seconds to realize who it was.

There was Susan again, leisurely walking in like a hot fashion model, dressed far different than the last time she saw the cute nurse. Gone were the baggy medical scrubs. She had changed into an extremely sexy nurse’s costume. It was a two piece set with a short glossy white skirt and matching halter style top that exposed her flat belly and her entire back, both made of tight fitting white vinyl. A red medical cross was above one of her ample breasts. She had on sheer white stockings that stayed up on their own and shined white pumps with 5” high heels with red trim accents. Her blonde hair was teased up big and her makeup brightly enhanced, especially her blood red lipstick. She was tall, lean and incredibly sexy, the perfect embodiment of an erotic naughty nurse. The question was who was going to be her patient?

Susan slinked up next to Jerry, wrapping an arm around him as he did the same with his free hand. They both silently looked down at Julie with sly looks on their faces. Julie could not help but wonder and hope if she was about to be engaged in a kinky 3-way sex scene.

“How did our good doctor do?” Susan finally asked in a seductive voice.

“She was absolutely perfect.” Jerry replied, his eyes never leaving the captive doctor.

“Yes, I thought she did as well.” Susan commented. Apparently she had been watching.

“I can only stay a few moments.” Susan said to Julie after a pause, who guessed she must be coming or going to the medical suite she saw earlier. “But I did want to check in on you before hand. I see things are well under control. But I think you could use a little help with this.” She said as she turned to Jerry, lightly talking hold of his hard on.

“If you wouldn’t mind.” Jerry replied as Susan squirted something from a tube onto Jerry’s erect penis. She slowly worked it all over his rod till he was fully coated then began to stroke him faster, giving him a slippery slick hand-job.

Julie groaned when she realized when Jerry’s pleasure stick was not destined for her, or even for Susan’s enjoyment. Julie thought it a waste to just jerk him off and not let him use his tool on either woman, but in her current restrained situation, there was nothing she could do about it nor say due to the purple ball filling her mouth. All she could do was lay back and watch, though she toiled in her restraints in protest and moaned several protests.

Jerry’s cock pointed right at Julie as Susan masturbated him. Both grinned mysteriously and kept their eyes on the helpless doctor in her tied place as she squirmed and struggled against the straps holding her down as she watched another erotic scene unfold before her. Julie was getting another first hand lesson in pleasures denied, and it was a tough lesson to take.

It didn’t take long for slippery jell and Susan’s talented fingers to make Jerry come. He groaned long and hard before his cock erupted again, blasting another massive load of sperm from his manhood as Susan milked his rod to maximize his orgasm. Moments later, he was done and his cock had finally gone soft and with it Julie’s chance to get a good screwing faded.

Susan cleaned up the mess and Jerry’s rod with a towel before cleaning off her hands.

Jerry leaned in close to Julie. “Sorry I can’t remain, but duty calls elsewhere.” He said as he kissed her cheek, a hand coming to rest on her rubber covered breast. “Perhaps another time?”

Despite herself, Julie giggled and nodded, for tomorrow was another day and who knew what that might bring. Jerry smiled and left the suite, still completely naked, leaving Julie tied to the bed and alone with the erotically dressed Susan, wondering what was to transpire next.  Julie also wonder how many nurses had dreamed of placing some snooty doctor in the exact same spot as she found herself.

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