Research Visit 3: Turn about is fair play

by Stealthbinder

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Part 3: Turn about is fair play

Susan walked around the bed once, checking Julie’s restraints to make sure the sexy doctor would remain right where she was. At last, she crawled on the bed and drew in close to Julie, her hand sliding up Julie’s legs erotically. Like a blow torch turned higher, Julie went from warm to hot in seconds, letting out a soft sigh and her body arching in the restraints. Instantly, she was raging hot and deliriously horny again and wanted it to go further. But it didn’t last.

“I very sorry I’m unable to stay longer. As the lead trainer, there are so many things I would enjoy showing you. But my client will be here shortly and wants his little nurse ready and waiting for him.” Susan said softly as her hands lightly roamed over Julie’s helpless rubber and lace clad frame. “As Jerry said, perhaps another time. But not wanting to leave you alone, I’ve arranged to have some old friends come in and entertain you for a while.”

The door clicked open and the sound of more high heels came across the floor, this time there were several sets. When Susan drew off the bed, Julie looked over to see the three trainees, dressed in skimpy sheer lingerie and stilettos, coming across the room.

“Thanks to you doctor, these trainees have successfully competed their submissive training.” Susan said when the three attractive women joined around her. Julie thought she’d never seen a more beautiful and sexy collection of women in one place. “But they do need some additional practice on being dominant, so I thought you’d be the ideal candidate to assist.”

Julie groaned, already knowing where this was going.

“Since they have some time available before their shift ends today, we were hoping you do us the favor and volunteer to lend a hand. The girls are well trained in this area and having a new appreciative for it since you so capably showed them earlier, we thought a little turnabout was fair play. Wouldn’t you agree doctor?”

Julie knew that she could say no and things would end. But fair was fair, even though Julie knew she was about to get a huge heaping of torment from the trio in reply to the ones she dished out earlier. But the girls seemed to have enjoyed themselves before, so she thought she would too. Julie nodded her consent, hoping for the best and expecting things to get very interesting at the least.

“Thank you Dr. Hart, we are in debited to you once again.” Susan said with a smile. “Ladies, Dr. Hart is yours. Please be gentle but vindictive with her and I’ll check back later.”

“Oh, we will be.” The blonde replied.

“Yes, we know she’s not very experienced with bondage and discipline.” The oriental girl said.

“We’ll take good care of her, just like she did with us.” The brunette added. “Only better.”

Susan withdrew from the suite, her fabulous body swaying softly atop her heels as she departed, leaving Julie in the hands of the three women she had dominated only a short time ago. The saying ‘payback is a bitch’ came to her mind, only in triplicate.

The three girls took different sides of the bed, slowly walking back and forth, discussing how the good the helpless doctor looked and her well defined attributes.

“So comrades, what should we do with her?” the brunette said, seeming to be the ring leader.

“I say, strip her naked and tie her to a pole.” The oriental girl said with a glee in her voice. “Give her the same as she did us.”

“Oh no, we should be much more creative.” The blonde said. “Maybe hang her by her wrists, clamp her nipples and give her tight little bottom a good firm spanking.”

There was general agreement that would be good, making Julie squirm harder against her restraints. They continued to discuss different options, all the while moving around her and seductively touching her. At last, the brunette made her suggestion.

“You know, it would be a real shame to waste the perfection already laid out before us.” She said. “She looks far too yummy to move around, and she’s already vulnerable enough, even with her clothes on. I say we leave her like this, get her all worked up and keep her squirming but don’t let her come.”

“Oh, yes, that’s it.” The oriental girl added, who was caressing her body through her lingerie.

“I think we have a winner.” The blonde said, groping her boobs at the thought as well.

Julie groaned at hearing the diabolical plan, knowing the more experienced girls were going to give it to her good and keep her completely frustrated for as long as they wanted. But then again, who could complain at having three lovely ladies heap mound of stimulation upon you.

Julie had no idea how long it lasted. Never was there less than one of the three pressing a vibrator against her or had her hands somewhere on her bound body. Often two or all three were doing something to her, making her overcharged with sexual energy but never letting her discharge. Sometime, one would sit near by and masturbate herself or toy with one of her fellow trainees with a vibrator. Each girl climaxed herself or a fellow coworker more than once, much to the disappointment of Julie who now wanted to climax worse than ever. While Jerry was more compassionate and giving, but this was a sweet torment to say the least.

At last, the girls decided they needed to change their former mistress’ torment. Julie was still wildly horny when the girls completed their bondage work. She was freed from being anchored to the bed, but left lying atop the cool sheets. He arms were pinned behind her back, her wrists locked together with the leather cuffs and a second set to her arms, just above her elbows. Several leather straps were added to the length of her torso, pinning her arms tight against her body. More taut straps placed at several point fixed her legs and feet firmly together. In the end, Julie felt like she was in a kind of leather strap body cage. It was incredibly tight but allowed her to roll and wiggle on the bed. The ball gag was replaced with a clean hanky stuffed into her mouth and long piece of black tape over her lips to keep it in there.

Julie was alone with the oriental girl, who was busy adjusting straps and adding something heavy between her legs that pressed up against her nylon covered crotch, but touched and teased Julie often enough to keep her in an aroused state. Once the adjustments were done, the dark haired beauty gave her full attention to Julie’s helplessly harnessed body, continuing to enrage her lust with her touch and mouth, even kissing her over her gag. Julie wonder what the girl would do to her had they both been naked and would the two of them get that way before this was over. The girl made some comment about a strap-on, but Julie had no idea what she was talking about.

The other two trainees had left the suite for several minutes, but soon returned with one more surprise for the day. And they had someone with them.

Still dressed in the sexy white vinyl nurse’s uniform, Susan was apparently finished with her client. But in her current situation, the question became did she please or disappoint him for the two trainees were leading her in. While her legs were free to walk, Susan was in a similar series of red leather cuffs and belts encircling the upper half of her body snugly. A long, wide piece of red tape was applied across her lips to silence her to muffled protests. Julie correctly guessed a large hanky was buried in Susan’s mouth too.

Once they brought her near the bed and spun her completely around to display her escape proof bondage, the two girls began to paw at the fettered nurse, teasing her with their hands as they plotted delightful revenge on their sexy trainer. Susan was not resistant to their touches and was soon wiggling with excitement while the third continued to work the captive doctor over. As with Julie, not a single shard of clothing was removed or displaced from the nurse’s attire. They wanted to keep their captives looking their best as well as hot and horny.

After several minutes of foreplay, the trainees switched tactics. Working together, they quickly add more leather straps to Susan’s confinement, this time around her legs at the ankles, above and below the knees and at her thighs. They even added a strap around her feet to lock them together prevent her heels from falling off and tarnishing her fantasy attire. In the end, she must have been bound up identically to the way Julie was entrapped, only in vibrant red to contrast her bright white costume as apposed to Julie’s purple rubber dress and black restraints.

Then they added one more item to Susan. Pressed up against her crotch and strapped between her thighs was a large electrically power vibrator. The cord was run down her leg under her bindings to prevent it from tangling. Julie realized she too must have a similar unit between her legs. The girls worked so well together it only seemed to take a couple minutes to get her body totally imprisoned and ready to erotically distress.

All three girls lifted Susan off her feet and deposited her onto the bed next to Julie. The two medical professional must have made quite a sight, Julie in her short purple rubber dress, black hose and stiletto booties, locked up in black leather belts, and Susan in the white vinyl nurse costume and red restraints, and both modeling large vibrators affixed between their legs.

The blonde was busy connecting the vibrator cords into a box. Meanwhile the oriental and blonde were again in teaser mode, attacking the two leather caged women, once again bringing their excitement to new levels.

All was ready. The trainees rolled off the bed, leaving their captives alone for the first time in a long while. Julie’s glasses were removed and set aside. The brunette was down at the foot of the bed, with a small box sitting on the table. Julie could not see what it was, but it had the cords for the vibrators plugged into it. Susan let out a long groan when she saw what the brunette was working with apparently knowing what was to come.

“There, we’re all ready to roll.” She said.

“No silly, they are!” the blonde retorted, causing the three to laugh and Susan to groan once more. While Susan knew what they were in for, they explained their plot for Julie’s benefit.

“Since you don’t know what this is doctor, I’ll tell you what’s going to happen. You’re vibrators are plugged into the Vari-ator.” The brunette explained. “It will automatically turn the power on your vibrators up and down randomly to varying levels of strength over random durations.”

“If you are lucky you’ll come a lot of times.” The oriental girl continued. “If you not so lucky, you won’t come at all.”

This time, both captives moaned, for they were both horny and wanted to climax. Hearing they may not any time soon was exasperating to both.

“All set, so here you go.” The brunette said and flipped the switch. “I’ve set it for the widest range, so you two will be happy to know you should come at least once over the next few hours.“

“Be more fun if they didn’t and watch them go crazy.” The blonde said.

The vibrators came to life, slowly spooling up and down at different times to different levels. The gadgets went to work, sending stimulations though their clothing and driving the bound and gagged women wild. Apparently, there must have been some kind of limitation early on, for the vibrators never stayed on long or strong enough to make the over stimulated women climax.

Julie and Susan wormed and rolled on the bed, moaning in pleasure and frustration. Both were so turned on but would not orgasm. Julie didn’t know how much she could take. It had been hours since her last, and she needed to come badly.

The trainees were watching in fascination and self-satisfaction. Having their two best teachers under their control and suffering so sweetly was very gratifying. They left the two women roll around to enjoy themselves for half an hour while they looked on and used other toys to come at least once themselves.

Julie was both amazed at their cleverness and angry they were making her go though this. After all, she eventually switched from teaser to pleaser and made the three women climax multiple times during their session earlier. Her last climax was under Jerry’s talented hands, which seemed an eternity ago. Since then, she had been denied far longer that she inflicted on the girls combined. Perhaps Susan was in the same boat, her past client leaving her in a state of arousal that went unsatisfied. This wasn’t fair, but saw a great lesson in erotic play and one she hoped to pay back on the trio some day.

But it wasn’t long after this the trainees decided to up the ante, both to make the situation more enjoyable and kinky. They shut down the vibrators and rolled the two restrained women onto their sides facing one another. The girls then belted their captives together so their bodies pressed up against each other while facing her enslaved sister. The vibrators were turned on again so the two women would struggle and squirm up against one another, adding another lusty and frustrating aspect to the game. This went on for several minutes and only added to their excitement and anguish.

“Too bad they haven’t climaxed yet.” The blonde said. “I would have liked to see them come before we left.”

“Oh, silly me.” The brunette said as she looked over the Vari-ator controls. “I have this crazy thing set to the moderate setting. No wonder why they haven’t come.” She commented as she made a setting change.

“Oh, how cruel of you! Since we have put the good doctor through so much today, we should be nice and give them the highest, most enjoyable setting.” The blonde commented.

“Yes, and maybe let them help themselves too.” The oriental girl added as she climbed onto the bed. “Change the setting while I make a little change here.”

A moment later, both bound women had the tape pulled from her lips and the soaked hankies removed. Now they could talk if they wanted to. But neither did. Instead, both women went right to long, deep erotic kissing. The vibrators went into running in full range, making the orgasms inside the women swell to new levels. For Julie, kissing a woman was a first. But then again, the entire day was full of first, so this didn’t seem odd at all.

“That’s more like it.” The oriental girl said. “Now they get it on with each other.”

“Looks like they’ve got no problems doing that.” The blonde added, watching the to restrained women kiss each other, moaning into one another mouth as they wormed on the bed.

“We should leave them to enjoy this alone.” The brunette said as the three headed for the door.

“Ta, ta ladies. Enjoy yourselves, and each other!!” the blonde called back as the left the room. Neither strapped woman clearly heard them leave. “We’ll see you in the morning!”

Julie was later told she and Susan was alone for only an hour. In that time, Susan came 4 times and Julie an unbelievable 5, an incredible first for her. In fact, Julie came almost as soon as the door closed, coming nearly as hard as she did with Jerry while still locked in a deep erotic kiss with Susan. She nearly screamed into the nurse’s mouth when the climax hit, making her entire body tremble with sheer and needed satisfaction. Susan came a moment later, equaling Julie’s orgasm as the two women remained locked at the lips.

As Dr. Fisher said, getting to the second orgasm was the hardest, but with the assistance of the ingenious Vari-ator device that stimulated but not irritate her sex zone, a second orgasm soon came on while she and Susan rubbed their bound bodies against one another and reminded in heavy oral interaction. Their outfits made a delightful squeaking and crinkling sound, mixing with the hum of the vibrators and their own moans and groans. They parted between orgasms from time to time, but whenever a climax was close, they were back on the other’s mouth, along with heavy body grinding, to get that extra erotic stimulation to push them over the top.

At last, the vibrators spooled down for the last time and shut off entirely. The helpless women, held in a tight bondage embrace, were breathing hard, totally spent and in complete bliss. Neither had the energy to move, let alone climax again.

The trainees, now dressed in normal medical scrubs, returned to free their imprisoned mentors and removed all their bindings before putting them and all other items away. Both Julie and Susan stretched out on the huge bed while they worked, happy to be free and content at the great erotic experience.

“You have done well today ladies. I’m very impressed.” Susan said weakly to the trainees. “You’re work is done for the night. See you in the morning.”

The three girls grinned and left the room, leaving Susan and Julie alone once more.

“Have you enjoyed you’re stay with us, Dr. Hart?” Susan asked professionally but wearily.

Julie rolled onto her back and giggled hard. “Susan, I have indeed enjoyed myself to levels I can not put into words. I am totally amazed and in paradise. I’ve never had anything like that even comes close to compare. Thank you for such an eye opening and thrilling adventure.”

Susan rolled over onto her chest next to Julie, her legs bent at the knees & her ankles crossed. “I’m very pleased to hear that. The vast majority of our clients feel the same way. But I hope this doesn’t mean you won’t be coming back tomorrow to conduct more research.”

“What do you mean?” Julie asked.

“I was under the impression you were spending several days with us doing research for your book. Dr. Fisher had arranged for you to meet with several of the staff members and even a few of our clients for private interviews tomorrow.”

“Oh, yes, of course.” Julie replied. She knew all good things must come to an end sometime and she needed to get back to the original purpose of her visit. Though it would be a bit of a disappointment going forward.

“Of course, you may have some down time during your day and have the chance to come down again for some additional personal study.” Susan added.

“Really?” Julie said excitedly. She caught herself and calmed her excitement to a professional level. “I mean, yes, I would like to observe further.”

“To just only observe, doctor?” Susan said with a sly smile. “I was thinking the vinyl French Maid uniform we have on our collection would look absolutely wonderful on you. And Jerry does a very superb job at playing the domineering but very lascivious butler role.”

Julie grinned. “Does the butler always do it?” she joked, making both women giggle.

“Yes he does if you desire, and he does it very well I might add. I can confirm it from personal knowledge.” Susan said with a wide wicked grin. “No girl has ever escaped from his bondage handiwork, nor does she want to once he gets his randy on. Believe me, many have tied, all have failed.”

“Including you?”

“Including me.” Susan said. “We even bet on it. Two hours later, I lost, and I’m pretty good at escaping most bondage.”

“And what was payout of that bet?” Julie inquired.

Susan grinned. “He kept me tied up and was his personal sex toy for the rest of the evening. But trust me, it was worth every wonderful moment of it.“ She added with a twinkle in her eye.

“So you’re allowed to fraternize with the other employees?” Julie questioned.

“We’re encouraged to some extent, off hours of course. It helps us learn new skills and techniques from one another and practice before we try it on a client. Of course, we have to limit ourselves otherwise we’d have nothing left for our clients. But would it surprise you to learn that I was once a client before I came to work here?”

“Yes, it does. Please, tell me about it.”

“Actually, I was already working here on the other side of the facility, as an assistant in another department and was not involved here in the center, but I knew a little about it. I was having some issues with some personal problems.”

“My I ask what your issue was?” Julie asked.

“Let’s just say I lacked confidence.” She said with a grin.

“You?” I can hardly believe it.” The doctor replied.

“It’s true. Dr. Fisher’s recognized it and we discussed it several times, in a professional manner. While I was making progress, I was not quite able to get to where I needed to be, so Dr. Fisher suggested I give this line of treatment a try. I was ‘cured’ after my first visit, and of course, hooked. After a few sessions, Dr. Fisher asked if I was interested in working down here and I jumped at the chance and have not regretted it since. My evening with Jerry was part of my therapy and training. In many ways was a turning point for me.”

“Another success story.” Julie said making mental notes she would document later.

They finally found the strength to rise off the bed. Julie’s clothes, looking fresh and clean, were back in the changing room. By the time she was out of the rubber outfit and back in her own clothing, Susan had returned, back in her scrubs as well. The two went back up the elevator, finding the clinic was now dark. It was just past 9, the clinic closing moments ago.

“Dr. Fisher left you this note.” Susan said, handing Julie the letter and her glasses. “He asked that you please not read it till you are alone. I look forward to working with you tomorrow.” Susan said showing Julie out.

“May I ask you a question?” Julie said, placing the note in the purse.

“Of course.”

“Have you ever fraternized with a French Maid before? I’d love to see you in your nurse’s costume again.” Julie said with a sly smile.

Susan smile. “I think we can arrange something.” she said, already thinking how delicious it would be to have the sexy doctor under her control. Julie thought the same about the hot nurse.

Julie walked out and into the waiting cab that drove her back to her hotel.

Before Susan left the clinic, she called Dr. Fisher, as he requested.

“Things went better than you hoped, doctor.” Susan said to his inquiry. “She responded completely and is totally enamored with what we do down here.”

“Yes, I’ve been watching the video stream. Amazing for her first time. And she plans to return tomorrow?” he asked.

“Yes, without question. She was more than thrilled by everything and is eager for more. She’s even making requests.”

“Excellent. So do you agree with me she could make a fine addition to our team?”

“Yes, I believe she has great potential.” Susan replied. “She has some nature talents we can cultivate and I think she could serve in either the dominant or submissive role, but she will need some practice and understanding on both sides before she could be ready for clients.”

“In your estimate, how long till you think she could be ready?”

“If she responds half as well in training as she did today, I’d say no more than 6 weeks max, but depending on her enthusiasm and commitment, as little as 4.”

“Good, good. Tomorrow, I’ll probe her further to confirm her course of training before putting an offer in to her. With her experience and background, she will be excellent on both sides of the operation. With our business in the clinic expanding, we need another experienced professional consoler to deal with the increasing work load, which will help pay the bills while we prepare her for her added role work in the center.”

Susan hadn’t though of that. Another brilliant move on Dr. Fisher’s part. “A win-win solution for everyone, Doctor.”

“Quite right. Alright, we’ll discuss this further tomorrow morning. Fantastic work today Susan, as usual. And I plan to show you a more practical expression of my thanks in your next bonus.”

The two exchanged pleasantries and hung up. Susan left her little office and headed for the door, reflecting on her enjoyable day at work and energized she may have another employee to train, and a damn sexy and eager one too. Her mind was already plotting what she would plan for the attractive doctor. A maid’s uniform was always a good choice. A tight bustier and stockings is always a fine choice too, especially for her shapely figure. She’d look amazing in that as a dominant. Would she feel slighted if she were dressed as a nurse? Perhaps they could come up with some kind of kinky doctor costume, white lingerie and stockings under a starched lab coat. Jerry would get another chance with the good doctor, for he was brilliant when working with the new female trainees and he deserved some additional erotic playtime. Susan would take her turn as well. The clinic suite might be a good choice to introduce her into the fantasy roll-playing concepts, which Dr. Hart was already eliding to. And if her luck was good, she might find a client that she could match Dr. Hart with as well. Susan figured tomorrow was going to be an interesting day for all. That would be bonus enough for her.

Not waiting to get to her hotel, Dr. Hart pulled out her laptop and started furiously writing notes in the back of the cab. Famished for working up quite an appetite and missing dinner, Julie went straight to the hotel’s restaurant and dined before going to her room. She worked away on her laptop through her meal, not wanting to forget a single detail and preparing her questions for the next day. She continued working in her hotel suite organizing and adding details, plus writing out questions to ask for the next day’s interviews. Only when it was nearly midnight and exhaustion was coming on did Julie remember the note.

Dear Dr. Hart,

My apologies for not meeting with you personally after your time in the Center to discuss your experience, for other matters needed my attention. I hope you found it was a beneficial to your research and enlightening for yourself.

As promised, I have arranged for you to meet with members of our staff, on both sides of the facility, for interviews starting at 10am. Please come by my office at 9:30 so we can discuss the schedule, along with today’s events and your reaction to them. We can also discuss the next phase of your research, if you wish to personally study further.

Again, I hope you enjoyed your time with us. Have a good evening and I look forward to talking with you tomorrow.

Julie smiled to herself, wondering what the following day would bring as she took a quick shower and climbed into bed. She tried to picture herself in a maid’s uniform, thinking she would look kind of sexy in it, especially if she had Susan bound and gagged in her little white uniform as well. She suspected Susan wanted the roles reversed and have her as a withering plaything. With Susan’s background experience, who knew what was in store for while she was under the kinky nurse’s control. Perhaps Jerry would have two costumes beauties to play with.

All these thoughts excited Julie. Maybe Dr. Fisher needed another consoler on staff. She’d hint at the possibility tomorrow when they meet. As long as the pay was decent, and she could still do her research and writing, she could accept a position within his operation. The benefits they offered would be worth giving up some freedoms.

Her body tired and a bit sore but feeling wonderful, she willed her mind to clear and drifted off to the most restful sleep she had in years, excited for what her new day of research would bring.

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