Research Visit

by Stealthbinder

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© Copyright 2012 - Stealthbinder - Used by permission

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The phone on Dr. Fisher’s desk rang. Seeing it was the reception desk, he answered the phone by hitting the speaker button.


“Dr. Julie Hart is here to see you sir.”

“Oh, excellent. Please bring her back to my office.”

Fisher stood up and checked is appearance. He had never seen or met Dr. Hart before, only talked to her by phone. She had a nice voice, but appearances rarely matched voices. But he still made sure he looked his best, free of coffee and lint on his coat and such.

Dr. Fisher was the managing physician and owner of the Village East Behavioral Center. His clinic was known to help many people on an outpatient basis with behavioral issues such as alcohol and drug additions, depression and other issues. He also specialized in sexual additions and consoling issues.

Dr. Hart was writing a book on the subject of sexual behavior and wanted to do some research into additions and associated behaviors. She called a few weeks ago to ask if she could spend a few days at the center observing various treatments, knowing the centers reputation.

Dr. Fisher didn’t give his approval right away. He spent the next few days investigating Dr. Hart, to see if she was really who she said she was. The police has suspicions that unusual activates were going on his clinic and had tried to infiltrate before. But Dr. Hart’s qualifications and background checked out, so Fisher agreed to allow her to spend time observing.

There was a knock at the door. “Enter.” He called out. The receptionist, Val, came in first.

“Dr. Fisher, this is Dr. Hart.”

Fisher was pleasantly surprised by the striking dark haired beauty that entered his office. She was only in her late 20s at best, far younger than he expected. She had a very pretty face framed with shoulder length wavy hair, big green eyes and full lips. A fitted off white blouse and knee length black pencil skirt with modest heeled pumps showed her curvy and pleasant hour glass shaped body, with nice, shapely legs. A far cry from the middle aged bookworm he expected to visit. She carried a black laptop bag on one shoulder and a purse on the other.

“Dr. Fisher, thank you for agreeing to meet with me.” She said as they shook hands. Her skin was soft but she still had a firm but gentle handshake.

“It’s my pleasure to meet you.” He replied, recovering from his lusty surprise.

Julie put her bags aside and the two doctors sat on either side of his desk while Val brought in coffee. “Is there anything else either of you need before I attend to my duties?” she asked. Julie thought it a strange comment to come from the very attractive blonde.

“No Val, that will be all.” Dr. Fisher replied and Val left, closing the door behind her.

For well over an hour, the two doctors discussed Julie’s book and her goals and Dr. Fisher gave a general overview of the center and the kinds of clients they have.

“Would you like a tour of the facility?” Dr. Fisher asked.

“Yes, that would be a good start.” She said taking out a leather bound notebook from her bag.

“I will ask you to put this on, if you don’t mind.” Dr. Fisher said presenting Julie with a white lab coat similar to his with the clinic’s logo sewn on. “Just so the patients don’t think you’re not part of the operation. Some may get a bit nervous if they see you and think you may be a reporter or something that could compromise their privacy.”

Julie found the request reasonable and put the coat on along with a pair of reading glasses. With her look complete, Dr. Fisher thought Dr. Hart could fit right in within any number of the operations at the clinic, some more than others. The two walked all around the building, with Dr. Fisher pointing out and explaining many aspects of the facility and the work they did. They met some of the staff who were either between patients or currently not involved with a case, but only had brief discussions. Since Julie’s research and book were leaning toward sexual behaviors, they spent additional time in that wing of the building. Julie began to notice that the staff in this area was mostly comprised of very attractive women and rather handsome men. She also noticed some of the clients moving around and disappearing into an elevator. Most seemed nervous or excited.

“We’re dealing with very private matters here.” Dr. Fisher explained to her question.

“And they are not disenfranchised when their treatment consolers are more attractive them themselves?”

“On the contrary, we found our patients are more relaxed and inclined to open up and communicate with someone who is beautiful. Men like to talk to an attractive woman and women enjoy the attention of a handsome man. Go to any nightclub and see who gets the majority of the attention.” He replied. “It gives us great results here too.”

“And what is through there?” she asked motioning to the elevator.

“Oh, that is our treatment center.” He replied. “But at this time, I’m must request you not ask to go in there. Again, consoling sessions often get very personal and we respect our patient’s privacy to the highest degree. I’m sure you understand the reasons. Now if I can show you…”

“Excuse me, Dr Fisher, but can we be totally honest with each other, please.”

“I believe I am being so, Dr. Hart.”

Julie looked around. “Perhaps we should discuss this in private ourselves.”

The two doctors went into an unoccupied exam room, locking the door behind them.

“Dr. Fisher, I’m going to be very direct and frank with you, if I may.”

“Please do.”

“While your facility has an excellent reputation for results and extremely high client satisfaction, it’s not the only reason I requested to do my research here.”

“I assume you mean the location was convenient.” He said calmly and frankly.

“While that is true as well, there are additional aspects of your operation that have drawn my interests.”

“And what might those be?” he said as he folded his arms over his chest.

“There are rumors, Dr. Franks….”

“Oh those.” He replied with a chuckle. “I can assure you that those stories are completely false and are put out by those who don’t understand or condone what we do here.”

“Dr. Franks, please. We both know it’s more than rumors, it’s fact. There is more going on here than meets the eye.” She said as she pulled a small business card from her portfolio.

“I believe I have shown you the complete operation.”

“Not the complete operation.” She said as she handed him the card. It was a non-descript business card, but one he immediately recognized. It was the pass code, so to speak. “I think this will be proof enough to let you know I speak from fact and not fiction.”

“May I ask where you got this from?” He asked with a small smile.

“A very close and personal friend of mine, who’s a very satisfied customer and recommended your organization.” She replied.

Fisher took the card and turned it over, noticing the signature of who signed it.

“Dr. Hart, are you investigating us? Are you a plant with the local police, a reporter, something?”

“I can assure you, Dr. Fisher, than I am being completely honest and sincere with you. I am not with the local authorities or working with the press to expose you in any way. My intention is to gain detailed information for my book and will never mention where my research data came from. At the moment I am particularly interested in unusual sexual behavior and I have been told, in the strictest of confidence that your center specializes in certain aspects of that area. I promise you, everything will remain completely confidential and anonymous. And I will gladly sign any document of confidentiality to attest to that as well and you can sue me for everything I have if I break your trust.”

Dr. Fisher had suspected Dr. Julie Hart had wanted more than she first indicated. But after checking her out, he felt confident she was who she claimed she was. And the satisfied customer she mention had no axe to grind, for he could loose out big if his activities became known. So, Fisher decided he could take the attractive doctor at her word.

“Very well, Dr. Hart, you’ve convinced me. But I give you this warning. If anything you are about to see happens to leak out and that leak is traced back to you, you will regret it. Do we fully understand each other?”

Julie knew a threat when she heard one.

“We understand each other fully, Dr. Fisher. I promise you have no reason to worry.”

Dr. Fisher pulled a small cell phone form his pocket. “Hello Ann. I have a job for you. Create a file for a new PL-1 patient. Yes, exactly. I have the preliminary work on my desk. This is a rush job, so set up screening as quick as possible. Thank you.” He said, snapping the phone shut.

“Since you agreed to sign a confidentiality statement, I assume you will not object to the screening process we require of all our most special clients. It will take about an hour or so to complete, then we can proceed with the rest of the tour.”

The screening process, as Dr. Fisher called it, comprised of not only a indepth questionnaire, but a complete and through medical exam. Julie stood completely naked as the cute nurse examined her thoroughly, even drawing a blood sample and taking her weight and body measurements, from her hat down to her shoe sizes. While that was happening, her purse, laptop and clothing was carefully examined for listening devices or clues that could break her story. About an hour later, she was allowed to dress again, for everything checked out fine. The paperwork was completed and signed as well.

With Dr. Fisher as escort once more, they returned to the secret elevator. He used a pass card, similar to those used at high security facilities, to gain access to the lower level. The elevator opened to a small room with 3 doors, one in front and one on either side.

“Patients go through those doors. We will use this one.” He said as he opened the center door with another swipe of his card, which popped the solid door open.

“I see you take security very seriously.” She said.

“A needed precaution, to protect both us and our clients.” He replied. “Many rich and powerful people pass though those portals and expect us to keep their identities confidential.”

Inside was another small room with two doors. A dim red light above was the only light to illuminate the tiny room. “This is similar to an air lock, only we block out external light. You will see in a moment what I mean.” He said as he opened the second door with his card again.

They stepped into a long corridor. One either side were several people sitting at stations facing the walls. Their faces glowed in the light coming from before them and small monitors. Each had headphones on and were intently watching and listening. Hardly anyone noticed two new individuals had entered the area. Again, red lights provided dim lighting from above and tiny blue lights provided a path on the floor. Yet Julie could not see what the workers were doing.

“This is our monitoring center.” Dr. Fisher said quietly.

“Monitoring center? Looks like the space center. What are the doing?” Julie said quietly.

“Monitoring, of course.” He said with a chuckle. “We both personally witness and digitally record every session. But mostly, we keep a close eye and our ears on the proceeding in case we need to intervene or provide assistance.”

“So what exactly are they monitoring?”

Dr. Fisher smiled. “You asked to study unusual sexual behavior. Here you will see exactly that.” He said as he led her to the first station and pointed to the wall.

The wall was in fact a window. Dr. Fisher explained that in fact it was a one-way mirror, but the client’s didn’t know that. That explained why the area was so dark. Any bright light might show through to the other side and alert the clients. She looked in and gasped at the sight.

The room looked more like a small hotel room, complete with bed, table and chairs. Sitting on the floor, with his back against the bed, was a man in his later 40s. He was completely naked. He was also tied up, with his hands behind his back and his legs bound at both the knees and ankles with white ropes. He was also gagged with a thick cloth between his teeth.

And he was not alone.

On the floor with him was woman. She looked to be in her mid 20s. In contrast to the man with her, she was completely dressed in a yellow blouse, black skirt and sexy high heels. Her top was open, exposing her large breasts slightly. Like her partner, she too was bound with her hands behind her back and at the ankles with ropes. She was blindfolded with a large silk scarf, but unlike the man had no gag applied, so to speak.

But what made the sight the most bizarre was what they were doing, or rather what she was doing. She was lying on the floor next to him, but on her side, with her head resting in his abdomen. His large penis, fully erect, was buried deep between her lips serving as her gag. Her head was slowly moving, only a couple of inches, giving him a long, teasing blow job.

“What in the world?” Julie hissed.

“Allow me to explain.” Dr. Fisher said as they stepped back. He was quite amused at Dr. Hart’s reaction to the act going on behind the glass. Julie continued to watch the bizarre scene inside the room as he talked. “First off, let me assure you everything that goes on here is completely by consent. What you are witnessing is between two totally consenting, and as you can see, willing adults.”

Julie nodded.

“The gentleman seated there is a very high powered lawyer, though I will not mention his name or firm. He enjoys being on the receiving end of oral sex, but often becomes too excited to fully enjoy the pleasure from it for more than a few moments. In addition, his wife is very much against the practice and rarely will perform on him as he so desires. As you can imagine, this would cause some friction and irritation in his life.”

“And the girl?”

“The gentleman’s legal assistant.” Fisher explained. “She has very submissive tendencies, but has been hurt in prior relationships when she had exposed herself as such. Therefore, she desires to express her softer side in complete privacy in a safe, controlled environment. Here, she gets to practice her submissive desires while servicing the needs of an unknown partner, adding an element of mystery to her fantasy. And you want to know the most amazing aspect?”

Julie nodded again.

“She doesn’t even know she’s servicing the penis of her employer.”

“You’re joking?”

“Not at all. This is their 6th time here and she has no idea, nor does she care who the man she makes oral love to is. They will remain like this for at least an hour, her tenderly sucking on him and him doing his best to enjoy it without climaxing or revealing his identity to her, adding to his fantasy. They both are enjoying themselves to the highest degree.”

“They are? How can that be?”

“Care to listen for yourself?” Dr. Fisher said as he motioned the staff member to remove his headphones. Julie put them on and heard the moans and groans of both parties, obviously enjoying themselves. She listen for a few moments before returning the set back to the tech.

“Most fascinating.” Julie replied, convinced. “She will perform oral sex on him for an hour?”

“Oh, at least.” Dr. Fisher replied. “Or till he climaxes. When he is about to ejaculate, he will let her know and she will intensify her actions to bring him to orgasm. She will dutifully swallow down everything he expels, and not remove herself till he signals again, so they may well repeat the process all over. I believe their last session went over 2 hours and he climaxed 3 times before it ended.”

“2 hours?” Julie replied. “3 orgasms by oral stimulation alone? Is that possible?”

The tech nodded. “Regularly.” He replied. “Might have gone longer had he been able to.”

“Will they have intercourse too?”

“Not the way they’re tied.” The tech joked. Julie understood what was meant. Sex would be impossible unless one of them was able to get untied and change positions. Given their current state, she doubted either could, or even want to.

“In their case, no, it’s not part of their fantasies.” Dr, Fisher added.

“I can understand why he would enjoy this, but what does the young lady get from all this?”

“She fulfills her submissive tendencies. She admits that she gets very worked up over this and will sometimes masturbate herself in her car afterwards. Allowing anyone else to do it for her would shatter her fantasy. She’s stated those orgasms are most satisfying for her.”

“Amazing.” Julie replied. “I had no idea people would be interested in something like this. Is this an extreme case?”

“Dr. Hart, in some ways, this is a very tame case. Many have similar themes and very in degrees, but these never seems a limit to what a creative mind can develop. Come, let me show you. You are fortunate to visit on a day we have a busy and varied case load.”

After retrieving a spare set of headphones, he led her to another window. In this room was a large heavy wooden bed with thick 4-poster columns. Against one of the columns a man, perhaps in his mid to late 30s, was tied completely naked. He was blindfolded and gagged with black leather, only his nose clearly showing. His manhood was a full rigged attention, and with good reason. With him was an attractive woman, about the same age, dressed in some kind of black vinyl dress that teased plenty of skin but didn’t expose or allow access to any of her sexual hot points. She wore a mask over her face to hide her identity. The woman was busy running a leather 9-tailed whip over the tied man’s body, but only lightly slapping it against him. From his reaction, he was not in pain, but surprised at the sting it causes. It seemed he was getting off on her hand lightly caressing his tool between her other attentions.

“Another interesting case with an amusing twist.” Dr. Fisher said. “He’s the director of the board of one company and on the board of several others. He’s rich and powerful in the business community. All day long he’s in power and leadership roles. Yet once a month, he turns into a total submissive to this beauty unknown to him. He believes his wife of 10 years doesn’t know or understand his kinky submissive characteristic, but would you care to take a guess who is that mysterious woman slowly tormenting him?”

“Don’t tell me, his wife.” Julie replied with a grin as she listened in on the couple’s game.

“Exactly. It’s an odd role reversal for them, for they often play bondage and submission games at home but with our male friend there the one in complete control with our lady friend the bound and helpless one as they play out their power games. Here they have reversed their roles, which they both believe greatly enhances there sexual experiences at home.”

At this point, the woman moved away from her husband and sat in a near by chair. She picked up a large penis shaped vibrator and pressed it against herself through her clothes. Instantly she began to moan as the vibrator did it’s magic against her aroused sex.

“He knows what she’s doing, wishing she’d give him some relief but hoping she doesn’t do it yet. They will do this for a couple hours. One of my assistants will get him tied up and secured even before his wife enters, then she leaves before we release him, keeping his tormenter a complete secret. The game will end when she strokes his penis till he ejaculates, then get him erect to do it once more while she climaxes herself.”

“And you get paid for services they could do at home themselves.”

At this moment, it was apparent the woman was in the throws of a climax. Julie could hear her screams of delight through headphones she had removed but not unplugged. She could only imagine what her husband was thinking at the moment. They moved on to another station.

“It’s a living.” Dr. Fisher replied. “They have no contract to engage here, but they have made that choice. What we do is give them a chance to live out their desires and fantasies in a safe and confidential environment. In most cases they are too shy or repressed to perform these acts with their spouses or partners, let alone a stranger or someone they do not fully trust. And we are able to expand those dreams to the extent they fully want, but are too timid to express.”

“What do you mean by expand?”

“In many cases, they only tell us part of their wants. We figure out what they really want and give it to them. I believe we have a perfect example of that over here.” Dr. Fisher said as he led her over to another station.

In this room, a woman in a black body forming catsuit, made of some kind of shiny material that molded to her body like smooth second skin, was completing the bondage of a young blonde woman. The blonde was dressed in a sheer black body stocking, black leather waist corset with red trim and a pair of red 5” heeled pumps with locking ankle straps. A black leather blindfold was over her eyes, preventing her from seeing anything. Between her teeth was what a looked like a short rubber coated bar attached to large silver rings on each end and held in place with black leather bands that buckled tightly behind her head. To Julie, it looked similar to a horse’s bit but, but would allow too much noise to pass to be an effective gag. The woman was tied with leather straps to the end of the bed, with her arms locked in some kind of red zip up leather sheath that forced her arms to become one. With straps crossing over her shoulders, Julie guessed it would be impossible to escape it on her own. Her legs were spread wide and strapped to the foot of the bed at the ankles and thighs.

The woman doing the binding turned to show her face. Julie recognized her to be Val, the beautiful receptionist she met a few hours earlier.

“I see you’re staff does double duty.” Julie commented as Val tightened the strap on the end of the helpless woman’s arm binding, forcing the woman to bend slightly backwards, something the woman was not complaining about, at least not very much.

“Good eye Dr. Hart. Yes, many of our employees do.” Dr. Fisher replied. “And they enjoy their work and do it very well. Val there actually does triple duty. Not only is she a very proficient in the dominatrix role as you she here, she is just as equally talented in the submissive role. Plus she enjoys the company of both men and women. She’s one of our best associates, being with us for the past 3 years.”

Just then, the door to the room opened and man entered. Val nodded to the gentleman, who went over and looked over the helpless woman for a moment or two before crossing the room to sit in the chair. Julie found it interesting that he didn’t touch defenseless woman, even in the vulnerable state she was in and suspected the bound woman didn’t know someone else had joined the session.

“The restrained lady tied there is the wife of the gentleman that just entered. The reason for her original visit was due to her husband wanting to have a 3-way sexual experience with a second woman involved. The wife was reluctant, having never wanted to try being a lesbian. But wanting to please her husband, she decided she would try it, but not on her own volition. So she arranged with us to be brought her and forced into an encounter with another woman.”

“What to you mean by brought and forced? I thought you said everything was consensual.”

“And it is, I assure you. As I said, she requested us to arrange it for it. She asked us to kidnap her, render her helpless and take her somewhere to have a woman force herself on her. She gave us a copy of her daily activates and schedules and we co-ordinate her ‘kidnapping’. Once here, she was tied up and we have one of our best show her what a liaison with a dominate lesbian was all about.”

“So this is her first trip here?”

Fisher smiled. “Actually, this is her 12th.” He replied with a sly smile, making Julie’s draw dropped. “She found the entire experience so exhilarating, she wanted to do it again and again. So once every few weeks, she notifies us of her willingness and things get set in motion.”

“And her husband there, what’s his role?”

“Ah, that’s the expansion part. If you remember, the original goal was for the two of them to add a second woman to their sexual ventures. Up to this point, that has not happened.”

“So you arranged to have the husband be here without the wife’s knowledge, so she will be ‘forced’ into engage in the 3-way and fulfill the original objective, only adding the bondage and discipline aspects she’s currently enjoying.” Julie said, completing the scenario.

“Exactly. You figured that right on the money, Doctor. Today, the husband will remain a passive observer for a while, but when he feels the time is right, will take over the role of the dominant, though has not decided when he will reveal himself to his wife or not at this point. Val will participate as he desires, so it will be interesting to see if he dominates Val as well and adds any bondage to her, or will the wife remain the only submissive during the entire session. I’m curious to see if either will want to return, or if this will be their final session with us.”

Julie looked on as Val was busy teasing the bound and gagged wife with her hands, especially her nipples, even though a thin layer of nylon separated them. Val had on a matching belt, from which hung a few select sex toys. Julie was about to ask what the short chain hanging from the belt was used for when Val removed it from her tool belt and applied one end of the chain to the woman’s left nipple with a small tweezers-style apparatus. Her right nipple got the same, making the woman squirm harder now that her breasts were loosely linked together by the silver chain. The husband had a big grin on his face as he looked on at the wild scene going in before him, with Val lightly tugging the links. Listening with her headphones, she heard the woman moan erotically. Somehow, the whole thing looked very erotic and sexy.

“I’ve not noticed any direct sexual intercourse happening.” Julie commented. “Is that by design or intent, or am I just missing it?”

“We’re just not looking in the right places. For example, look in this suite.” Dr. Fisher said.

In the new room, or suite as Dr. Fisher called it, was a man and woman, both completely naked except for the expensive gold stiletto heeled sandals she wore. They were lying together on a bed and it was apparent they were in the mist of sexual intercourse. However, the couple were so intertwined and tightly tied together that they could produce very little motion. Both were also gagged with tape across their lips. Dr. Fisher began to explain what they were watching.

“I assume you have guessed his penis is buried within her, however, what you cannot see is the ring at the base of his male member that has a vibrator attached to it. The vibrator is position against her clit and set to stimulate her while the ring will limit his ability to climax.”

“She may climax as many times as she can or desires, but due to how they are tied and the applied ring, he can’t get enough stimulation to ejaculate. Even if he does manage to somehow get enough stimuli to climax, he won’t fall out of her once he goes limp. Her continuous struggling and excitement will get him hard again and start the process all over again. After a while, we will release them, but keep them tied in new positions for her to orally stimulate him to orgasm once or twice, depending if he ejaculated during their present coupling or not, or arrange a new position for intercourse.”

“Ingenious, erotic and amazing, all at the same time. How long can they remain like that?” Julie was completely impressed with the scene playing before her.

“We will limit them to no more than 2 hours before we will rearrange them. The timer here shows how much time has expired. We don’t want them to cramp up or overstress their muscles. However, if we see they are slacking or they signal they need assistance, we will cut this encounter short.”

Julie looked on as the couple continued to squirm and struggle. She listened in on the audio and could hear how they two were both enjoying themselves immensely and how utterly frustrated the man was and the powerful orgasm the woman was currently having. All this was fascinating to Dr. Hart, is more ways than one.

In another room, a long haired brunette woman is tied with her hands behind her back, a strap below her breasts and her legs held apart by a black rod. She was naked except for her thigh high boots with tall heels. The twist was she was hanging by her ankles from the ceiling, with her mouth wrapped around her husbands cock while he stood with his head buried between her legs eating her pussy while pinching her erect nipples. Both were going at this amazing variant on the classic 69 position until the woman screamed as she climaxed while still sucking on his male appendage. Her orgasm seemed to last a very long time.

Her orgasm had hardly ended when a crew came in to lower the woman from her hanging position. Moments later, she was sitting on a stool with her hands chained above her head with her wrists locked in thick leather cuffs. Her legs, still locked in the leg spreading bar, were raised up till they were about waist high and the stool was removed, leaving her hanging by her wrists and ankles, with her legs at a near right angle to her body, but spread apart wide. After the crew left, the man moved between her legs, first to caress between her legs before he slid himself into her with ease and began to slowly screw her while he fondled her breasts and ass, eventually blowing his load of sperm into her, making her come when he did. Both were very vocal during the sex.

In another room beautiful redhead, dressed as a dominatrix, had been subdued with tight leather bondage by a husband & wife duo that was making her perform sex acts on them both. The redhead was actually one of Dr. Fisher’s employees who seemed to be enjoying the added unusual aspects of her job, climaxing herself as she made the other woman come while the man was slowly taking her from behind.

“We do offer great, all be it unusual, fringe benefits.” He said with a sly smile. “While our staff’s compensation is very generous, they do like the extra benefits of their jobs provide.”

In yet another room, a middle aged woman stood naked, her wrists chained so tightly above her head that she was nearly standing on her toes. A wide black leather pad, buckled on to leather straps, covered the lower part of her face and an attached rubber ball below filled her mouth. A second woman, another well trained employee scantly dressed in tight corset, stockings and heels all in black, was teasing her with her hands, mouth, feathers, oils and vibrators, driving the women into a sexual frenzy but providing no relief. Near by watched the entrapped woman’s husband, observing his wife receive the third of her five voluntary sessions at the clinic, serving her agreed upon punishments after being caught having a long term affair with another man.

To Julie surprise, the employee would intermittently suspend her tormenting and spend a few moments sucking on or stroking the husband’s cock, which he had pulled out and slowly stroked as he watched, in full view of his frustrated wife. Then, when the wife was close to climax, the employee called the husband over and wrapped her fingers around his cock to masturbate him while his hands fondled and squeezed his restrained wife’s breasts. When he climaxed, his sperm shot all over his confined wife, covering her body with his sticky seed. After he finished and the sexy employee cleaned him off with her mouth, the husband backed away and the teasing of the bound wife resumed, with the goal of masturbating the husband to orgasm again but giving none to the wife.

“I’ve learned that our naughty wife there rather enjoys her time with us, and has a wonderful result in restoring their marriage.” Dr. Fisher said as they moved on. “If fact, her husband has reported that in the privacy of their bedroom, his wife has asked her mate to tie her up and give her a good spanking while he works her into a sexual fever. They both report their sex life has dramatically improved, which was the cause of the initial affair.”

“Another twist and another satisfied client, I see. I’ve noticed most people here are couples. Are they any non-couples or single clients here?”

“Oh yes. We don’t limit ourselves. We do our best to accommodate any reasonable request, but we do have limits and standards that must be met. We’ve received requests that we’ve rejected for a multitude of reasons, some boarding on or crossing into criminal or surly questionable acts. However, we do not limit ourselves to married or involved people, though I would guess about half our clients are married to one another. Now, take a look in here.”

Looking into another suite Julie saw an averagely pretty woman dressed in sexy while lingerie, large gold hoop earrings and heels, with her hair and makeup done up big. She was held down to the bed in very tight, restrictive bondage and gagged with a large piece of while tape over her lips. Two wires were coming out from under her lingerie. Tied to a pole near by was a middle aged man, dressed in an very expensive suit and shoes. A device was strapped around his hips with a hose attached to it. Both were squirming in their separate bonds, but in clear sight of one another.

“These two don’t know one another, have never met outside this facility and will never even speak to or touch one another. Multiple vibrators both inside her and over her clit will spool up & down to tease & climax our fair damsel in distress for 3 hours. As you can see, we’ve tracked she has climaxed 3 times already and she is only starting her second hour. Notice the device on our male client there. That device surrounds his penis, simulating slow sensual intercourse. It will continue to slowly pump his erect member until he orgasms. He’s yet to do that, oh, my mistake, I see he’s ejaculating now. When he is finished, the device will give him a brief rest before proceeding to stimulate him into a new erection and start the process again. Since he enjoys watching the woman unknown to him as she struggles in her bondage, and she’s partial to struggling in bondage while under someone’s watchful stare, we suspect he will have 2 or 3 orgasms today while she may has as many as ten.”

“Ten? Doctor, I’m fully aware women can be multi-orgasmic and achieve climax faster and far more often than men in a given time, but is that high a number even possible?”

“Oh yes, and some ladies even more. We found the biggest hurdle is to get past the second climax for the first time, proving to them they can do so. We have many techniques that help the process along, but found once a women put aside her inhabitations, most can achieve a multi-orgasmic experience and continue to do so on a regular basis, enhancing their sexual relations and gaining far greater enjoyment for any sexual encounter. Ironically, the woman before you is a prime example of this conditioning. She initially came to us because she never experienced a climax in her life and wanted to find out if something was wrong with her. Once we gave her confidence, our unique treatment plan help her overcame the issue, and as you can see, has achieved so much more.”

Moving to another room Julie observed a fully dressed woman, a collage professor she learned, in a nice business suit was tightly hogtied. She was on a bed lying between a naked man’s legs with his engorged cock buried in her mouth. She was slowly sliding her lips over him as she sucked his cock, both of them moaning. In his one hand he held a riding crop that he lightly flicked across her ass when ever she slacked in her cock sucking. In the other hand, he worked a small remote, the wire running under skirt, obviously to some kind of vibrator or similar device that was stimulating her, but do what end Dr. Hart didn’t know. Julie learned neither knew one another, only meeting at the clinic once a month to repeat the erotic sexual act.

“And they don’t have sex?” Julie asked.

“Never.” Dr. Fisher replied. “Never discussed it and never desired it. Both are quite happy with the arrangements.”

“And you get double payment for no employee work involved.” Julie stated.

“A small bonus for the operation, one I can turn and use in other areas.” He replied. “But here’s one case I think you might find very worthy of note in your book”.

In another room, 2 women dressed only in their pantyhose, panties, bra & heels, along with a completely naked man, were all tied to brass stripper style poles around the room. All three were being stimulated by a gorgeous redhead, dressed in a tight red latex dress that exposed her large boobs. Using vibrators and other tools, along with her lips, tongue and hands, she was keeping all three of her captives in a state of sexual desire bordering on madness, but denying them relief in the form of a climax they so apparently needed.

“Our lovely redhead there is their departmental supervisor.” Dr Fisher stated. “Believe it or not, they do this each quarter, as a reward for the sales they achieved over the period or punishment for a bad one. It appears they had a very successful quarter this time around, for they have the room booked for 4 hours. Let have a listen, for things are about to get interesting.”

After several minutes of deliciously agonizing her captive staff, a second man entered the room and took hold of the assertive latex clad boss. After a brief but half-hearted struggle, the man quickly rendered the sexy redhead helpless with tight bondage and muted her when he shoved a large penis gag into her mouth.

“Her supervisor.” Fisher stated.

After spending several delightful minutes of intensely groping his subordinate, the new male pulled the redheads dress up over her hips to expose her well formed and unprotected behind. After dropping his pants and applying a condom on to his erection, he bent over his restrained employee and rammed his manhood right into her pussy, both parties giving long satisfying groans as he bottomed out. He proceeded to furiously drive himself into the helpless redhead over and over while firmly groping her exposed boobs. The redhead grunted and groaned faster and stronger until she screamed into her gag, apparently climaxing, with the man never pausing while his partner came. He continued driving into his sexy captive until his body stiffened and exploded his own orgasm, both partners giving long satisfying groans throughout. All parties involved, even the watching captives, seem to enjoy the sex act, constantly squirming and moaning themselves.

When he had finished, he deposited the redhead onto the bed and pulled the gag from her mouth. After pealing off the condom, he presented his messy cock to his subordinate to orally clean off any remaining sperm. After dressing, he untied his partner, who fixed her dress and joined the man as he began to prepare the other three employees for the next round.

In the suite next door, a woman stood spread eagle between two brass poles, tied with nylon cuffs and straps on her ankles & wrists, allowing her to squirm but not move away. Except for her monstrously high heeled peek-a-boo pumps, she was totally naked. Facing away from the window, Julie noticed while the woman must be in her 40s, she still had a very nice toned figure and lots of long brown hair.

The high resolution monitor showed the woman was fitted with a black leather bit gag in her mouth and wore a mask, like a person would wear on Halloween, hiding her identity. Dr. Fisher explained she was a woman of great political influence in the area but wanted to remain totally anonymous as she willingly submitted herself to her monthly dose of erotic embarrassment to feed her submissive nature. Her embarrassment came from a buff, handsome man dressed in tight leather pants that was busily spanking the woman while fondling with her breasts and between her legs, giving her both erotic agonies and sweet delights while she trashed about in her restraints.

Sensing the woman was close to climaxing the man drew out his elongated penis, stood between her outstretched legs and easily slid his stiff tool into the confined woman, causing her to let out a deep moan and struggle harder, this time pressing her body into his. With his hands gripping her buttocks, he drove himself into her again and again until she screamed in orgasmic joy, throwing her head around as she violently came. The man slowed his pace and withdrew as her orgasm waned before he returned to toying with her fettered frame and lightly spanking her already pink ass once more. Julie wondered how many times this performance would repeat and if her paid stud would get to joy of coming before it ended. It was hard to take her eyes off the kinky scene, for it had some very appealing aspects. She also understood why the married woman chose to keep her identity a secret, for what would her voting contingent think if they knew she paid to got off on spankings and screwing another man.

Julie turned around to review the first station she had observed. Looking in, the dressed blonde had changed her position, now kneeling over the tied man the best she could. Her head was moving up and down in rapid fashion, plunging her boss’s erect tool deep into her mouth, then pulling back till only the tip was inside before plunging down again. It wasn’t long before the man contorted his face, bucked his body and stiffened. The blonde stopped her orally applied intercourse and it was quite apparent she was gulping down the load of sperm he was spewing from his cock and into her mouth. His orgasm must have been a powerful one for it seemed it went on for some time before he completely relaxed while she suck the remaining droplets from him. As Dr. Fisher predicted, she never removed her mouth from his manhood, even though Julie could clearly see he was going soft and the woman resumed her prior relaxed position. Julie thought it was an amazing performance.

“His first?” Julie asked the tech monitoring the room, who nodded.

Returning her attention to the 5 person orgy scene, Julie saw they had proceeded to the next act of their play. The two lingerie clad girls were now kneeling on the floor, bound face to face to one to another with their arms tied behind them with lots of ropes. Their bras had been pulled down their arms exposing their boobs. Their pantyhose were also pulled down, revealing their bare behinds and fronts. They had been placed before the naked man who was still tied to the post. The two girls were free of their gags but were busy taking turns licking and sucking on the vulnerable man’s penis and testacies. Meanwhile, the two bosses had each knelt behind a restrained lady. Each had inserted a cock into their chosen victim, the male boss his own and the female a strap on dildo, and were busy using their fingers and vibrators on the helpless females. Within a few moments, both tied girls had exploded into an orgasm, but the bosses were far from done with them as the worked on their bodies even harder to repeat the process. Everyone was moaning and groaning in sexual delights.

Julie looked in on other suites.  Many had beds or set of multiple sets of brass polls in them, but some only tables and chairs or other items of interest. Some rooms were configured with themes.  One room was something out of a science fiction movie, brightly light and clean looking with plenty of silver metallic apparatuses.  One had a dungeon feel, complete with a stockade and another had a laboratory configuration complete with a large stainless steel table.  Of course one suite was configured like a medical exam room, which Julie was told was a popular theme and used often.  It seems that many clients have kinky nurse or doctor fetishes, both being subject to or giving a little sweet revenge on.

While some were empty, others had changed to over to new clients.  Nothing as exceptional as where the 5-way sex scene was going on, some only having a single man or woman completely tied and well gagged, either being left alone with their own thoughts to struggle, some being teased with attached vibrators or with a second person inflicting amusement of one form or another on them.  Some had men dominating women and some women dominating men, but all had erotic and kinky qualities with lots of bondage involved. In some cases, the client was totally naked as he or she struggled in the well applied bondage.  Often a client, employee or both sported costumes ranging from frilly or revealing lingerie to wild or erotic fantasy getups.  She also checked on the woman in white lingerie, who happened to be in the throws of orgasm number 5 while her male friend was fully charged again but standing at only one for the day.

Julie also realized this was having an interesting affect on her.  She was getting warm and little aroused watching all that was going on in the different suites, wondering what she would think or how she would respond if she swapped places with any one of the women she was seeing.

She looked in one room where a naked couple had either completed their consummation or were just getting started and were lovingly embracing and kissing passionately.  They couldn’t seem to keep their hands off one another.  In fact, he had not had the time to remove or add to the ropes binding her legs together yet.

“Just two months ago, those two were about to go through a bitter divorce.”  Dr. Fisher said.  “They came to us in a last ditch effort to save their marriage, even though both thought it a waste of time and money.  Now look at them.  They’ve worked things out, established rolls in their marriage and plan to renew their vows and take a 2nd honeymoon to celebrate.  These are the most rewarding results of our work here, the ones we love to see and tell about.”

“Saving marriages too?” Julie said with a smile.  “This is an amazing organization you have.”

Looking in another suite found a fit middle aged man, standing naked in the middle of the room.  His wrists were locked in heavy leather cuffs and held above his head by a silver chain.  Another set of leather cuffs were on his ankles, with chains attached to the floor holding his legs wide open.  A red ball was wedged in his mouth with several straps running over his head to hold it there and a thin silver chain running between his nipples.  Two fully dressed middle age women, whom Dr. Hart learned were his assistants, were busy spanking his ass and caressing his body while at the same time taking turns stroking his petrified cock but not allowing him to come. Reading the outline the tech was following, the man was to be disciplined for at least an hour in retribution for his bossing them around daily before his punishers would allow him to climax, followed by him giving each woman oral sex in thanks.  It was a mixture of sensual pain and maddening satisfactions.

In a strange twist, the exact same thing was going on in the very next suite only in reverse, where a fully dressed male was spanking and fondling the naked body of his 30 something secretary, who was chained up in the exact same manner as her male neighbor due her rudeness to her boss’s boss. However, the shapely woman was all but in the throws of a strong orgasm, the chain between her nipples dancing about to add more delights to her impending pleasures that were about to rampage through her body after more than an hour of denial.  In moments of her orgasm subsiding to content afterglow, she will be taken down & bound on her knees, with her ankles and hands and handcuffed behind her back to show her remorsefulness by giving her boss a long blowjob.

“Perhaps you could get these two groups together.” Dr. Hart said to Dr. Fisher.  “Incorporate the stimulus of the two submissive watching one other’s discipline being applied would further their anguish with additional visual arousal while adding elements of their parallel discipline being witnessed by outsiders would further the humiliation aspect of their chastisement.”

“Yes, I see where that would be beneficial.  An interesting twist would be added, heightening the experience for everyone. Thank you for the suggestion Dr. Hart.”  Dr. Fisher replied warmly.  While that plan was already in the works, he was most pleased that Dr. Hart was already thinking creatively and giving suggestions to push the envelope further.  Yes, she could have a real talent for this.

Back at the 5-way sex scene, the bosses had forgone their obligations to the two girls, who were busy trying to orally get the tied man off, and the fake male appendage for tormenting. Instead they busy with one another on the bed, engaged in a kinky mutual oral pleasuring of a classic 69 position.  Apparently the two submissive girls both enjoyed a pair of orgasm before the woman freed herself of double headed strap-on tormenter and decided her male partner was more tempting of a prize. Even as the dominate pair sucked and licked on each other, the two girls finally made the man ejaculate, spraying his sperm over the faces of the two tied girls as they continued to service his cock through his orgasm, licking up what sperm they could.

“It’s hard not to watch, isn’t it?” Dr. Fisher asked Julie after he hung up his cell phone.  “The redhead has stated their ultimate goal is for all 5 of them to climax at the same time.  A lofty goal wouldn’t you say?”

“Yes, it would be, but I would bet they do it some day.” She replied as she listened to grunts and groans coming from the two activate participant in the room, both reaching their peaks.  “It’s absolutely amazing to me to see all this going on and how much everyone seems to take such pleasures in, well, everything. Through my research, I’ve heard and seen much, but I must admit this is the most incredible and some what overwhelming thing I’ve ever seen.  Had I not witnessed it for myself, I would be hard pressed to believe it.”


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