The Renter Pt 10

by Studbound

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The Renter
by Studbound
Chapter 19 The Party - Part 2

I squirmed around in the trunk of the car doing what I could to free myself, but even in front of an audience, Lila had done her usual competent job of tying me up. Noises in the gag didn't do any good either. The car drove for a rather long time as I bounced around, being thrown from side to side as the vehicle turned corners, rolling to the front when we stopped, to the back when the car resumed motion. 

Finally we stopped. Someone opened the trunk, but in the dark I couldn't see anything - where they men, women, what? Then hands moved me around, and someone put a blindfold on me, making sure that I didn't see anything else at all. Next, hands lifted me out of the car, and carried me some distance. It seemed to me that we went inside as the air felt warmer. I was sure we went up some stairs. One flight I thought.  We moved around, and then I was bumped against something. On we went. I tried to pick up the smells, and I thought I sensed perfume. 

They set me down. I lay there for a while, on a rug of some sort - any way it was soft. Then someone released the hog-tie. They picked me up, and a whispering voice said, "Cooperate and you won't be hurt." I didn't have much choice. Slowly, someone untied my legs, and then made me stand with them wide apart. I felt rope on my ankles, so I stood still. Next the hands untied the rope around my upper body, then my wrists. As soon as my wrists were freed, two hands held each wrist, and pulled them out and up, so that I was stretched out, my hands reaching out to the side and up above my head level. Rope circled my wrists, and then the hands let go. I was tied spread-eagle standing. I tried to move my legs, to get them closer together, but they were also bound. It was awkward, but I seemed to have no choice in the matter.

Wherever I was, it was quiet. I couldn't hear a thing. Gagged, blindfolded, I stood and waited. Over the last months, I had somewhat gotten used to waiting while tied up. I wondered, but of course, that didn't go any good at all.

Then I heard a soft voice, whispering, probably a woman. "He's beautiful. Delicious."

I sensed someone near me, almost touching me. I thought I heard someone moving around. Mysterious. Then I felt something on the band of the jock-o-thong. I heard a sound, a snap. Then another. The jock-o-thong was gone, cut off and removed. Nothing. I stood and waited. I heard another sound, a little distance away, a repeated creaking, like a rocking chair perhaps. 

After an eternity waiting, the sound stopped, and I felt the presence near me again. The voice returned - whispering in my ear, "I've wanted you ever since I saw you the first time. Tonight you're mine. All mine."

A hand touched my chest. It ran up over my shoulder and up my bound arm, then back down, lightly touching my side as it descended all the way down to my upper leg. I jumped as much as the ropes would allow, somewhat ticklish and startled by the soft touch. Then hand repeated the motion on the other side. Nothing for a while. The hand reappeared on my back - the person was behind me. It played with my shoulders, then my back dropping down to my waist, touching, playing, toying with my skin. The hand drew circles on my butt cheeks and played with the flesh there. "Such a nice tight ass," the voice whispered.

By that time I was sporting a roaring erection. The person behind the hand couldn't help but see it. The hand stopped playing with my butt, and nothing for a few minutes. The erection began to drop. The hand lightly touched my balls, toying with them, juggling them with light fingers that tapped them from below, massaged them tenderly. The erection immediately returned full force. As one hand played with my balls, a finger lightly ran up and down the shaft of my engorged phallus. It was the most wonderful, maddening, frustrating feeling I had ever endured. Enough to keep me at a peek of erotic stimulation, but hardly enough to bring me to climax. My body pulsed and shuddered with the delightful sensations that shot through me like electric charges. I have no idea how long this went on. Maybe an hour. Maybe more. Then it stopped. Nothing. I hung there, and I waited.

After a while, the voice asked in the same whisper, "Do you want more?"

"Mmmm," I grunted into the gag, nodding. 

The hands resumed playing with my body, exploring different areas, touching, tweaking my nipples, even pinching them very hard. I shuddered. I squirmed. I was helpless to endure this extreme pleasure as long as my captor wanted. I could feel sweat on my forehead. I felt flushed.

It stopped. Then nothing. Then the voice said, "We must cool you down."

Ice! Two pieces of ice. The ice ran over my chest, down my body, down my legs leaving a trail of dampness. Finally, the two pieces converged on my penis. They ran up and down the shaft. More ice. My erection vanished, and my penis shriveled under the frigid assault. The hand, cold from the ice, cupped my penis and balls, holding the ice against me. Then, away and up my body, around my chest, and back down again. Then it stopped. Nothing again. This time for a long, long time.

I shivered as the water trails evaporated, and as I warmed up again after the application of the ice. Then something new. A feeling on my neck, then my shoulders. Lips, kissing me. A tongue licking me. The mouth, tong and lips moved around my upper body, spending time on my nipples, biting them, nibbling on them, teasing them. I squirmed again. I groaned with pleasure. The mouth moved down to my navel, and on down, following the line of pubic hair that descended. The mouth landed on my once again erect penis. The tongue played with my penis, teasing it, the mouth moving up and down slowly on the shaft, teeth giving the most tender nudges to the sensitive skin. While this was going on, hands reached around me and played with, massaged, grabbed my ass cheeks.

I wanted to scream into the gag, begging the person to bring me to climax, to finish the job. The tidal wave of feeling was overwhelming. I gasped, and groaned into the gag. I moved as much as the ropes would allow. And suddenly it all stopped. Nothing. I hung there, frustrated, but denied the final moment. It was the torture of incomplete pleasure at its fullest.

After a while, hands again manipulated my penis, bring back the erection for another time. The hands went to my shoulders, playing with them, running along my outstretched arms. And then, I felt something pressing against my erection. It was familiar - 
hair? And then I knew what was happening - I was entering, penetrating. My erection was inside of whoever it was who was so magnificently tormenting me. I felt her breasts against me, pushing. I felt her body undulating as it slid down on my twitching rod. Her arms clutched my shoulders. I heard her sigh, heard her groan and I moved in harmony with her, slowly from side to side as her body gently rose and fell. The explosion, when it came, was volcanic. My body involuntarily pulsed, the waves of pleasure filled me, blocked out everything else until I was spent. 

I relaxed, still held by the ropes that kept me spread, that kept me from falling. She continued to move on me until my flaccid penis fell away from her. She laughed softly. 

"Was it good for you too?" she whispered.

"Mmmmphhh" I nodded grunting into the relentless gag.

"Shall we do it again?" came the soft whisper.

"Mmmmmmphhh," I said nodding.

"Are you married?" she asked.

"Mmmm," I nodded no.

"Are you engaged?" came the breathless whisper.

I hesitated. What to do? "Mmmm," I nodded yes. 

"Will she mind if we make love all night?" came the whisper.

Again, I hesitated. Finally, "Mmmm," I nodded - yes.

I felt a hand near my head. The blindfold came away.  IT WAS JANICE!!!!!

"Damn good thing you answered correctly," she said smiling. "If you hadn't you might have found yourself tied up in the closet for the rest of the weekend."

I grunted into the gag, astounded at what had happened. It was Janice. I was delighted and amazed.

Janice explained how the hostess for the party had invited Lila, and how they wanted a bondage demonstration. Lila agreed, as it was important to her to make friends with that group. Lila talked to Janice about it, and they concocted the plot. Janice's brother and his friend were quietly admitted to the party by a back door, and once the demonstration was over, they 'abducted' me and brought me to Janice's place where they retied me, it turned out, to the posts of her bed in her bedroom. It had all been planned well in advance, and it turned out without a hitch.

I grunted into the gag that I wanted to be untied. But Janice had other ideas. She did free me from the bed posts, but after letting me use the bathroom, she bound me to her bed, spread-eagle, and we spent the rest of the night making love. Saturday I returned home, and thanked Lila for a great evening. It was the most wonderful erotic experience of my life.

Chapter 20 Gambling Part 1

"So you like to gamble," Victoria said as she sat down across from me in the living room.

"Sure," I answered.


"I don't know. It's the challenge. Sometimes you win, but usually you lose. The payoff can be high. I like the thrill of it I guess."

I was packed and ready to head to Las Vegas. Jannice's brother, Jordan, and three other friends from Jordan's soccer team had decided to take advantage of the upcoming three-day weekend and spend it in Vegas. We had booked rooms in a cheap hotel off the Strip, and were ready to fly out that afternoon. We would return Monday afternoon. I was waiting until it was time to head for the airport.

"I see," she said thoughtfully. "How much money do you have in your gambling budget for this trip?"

"Three hundred dollars -- over and above room and food," I said.

"I have an offer for you," smiled Victoria. "It's a test to see how much of a gambler you really are. Interested?"

"Explain," I said.

"Well, we will roll a pair of dice. If it comes up with an even total, I'll double your three hundred dollars. If it comes up with an odd total, you get to keep your three hundred dollars, but you have to pay a forfeit."

"Victoria, I know you well enough to see that the forfeit would involve me being tied up - right?"

"Right. But nothing you can't handle. And you have nothing to lose money-wise, and might, on the roll of the dice, double your money."

I thought about it for a while. Then I said, "Why not?"

Victoria went into the dining room, looked in one of the cupboards there, and returned with a handful of dice. "Are you ready?" she asked.


"Remember, if you lose, you must pay the forfeit – in other words, do what I ask. Do you agree?"

"Sure. Roll the dice." 

Victoria shook two of the dice in her right hand, then brought it down over the coffee table and let the two cubes fall. They rattled around for an instant and came to rest. One was a three, the other was a two. Five. I lost.

"Come with me," Victoria said.


"Yes, now. You must pay your forfeit. You agreed."

Victoria led me through the kitchen and down the stairs into the dungeon. It was early in the day, and there were no clients there yet. 

"Strip," she ordered.

"Remember, I have to leave for the airport before too long," I cautioned.

"We'll hope you get there on time," she said. "Now, strip."

I took off all of my clothes, and Victoria handed me a leather garment that turned out to be a sort of girdle. It went around my waist, with something of a flap that hung down in the back. Once I had it on, Victoria reached through my legs and drew up the flap, which turned out to be a cod-piece like attachment that held in my genitals. The flap fastened to the front of the girdle with two padlocks.

Next, Victoria produced a black leather straitjacket. Quickly, she strapped me into the thing, cinching it up securely. Two straps went between my legs, holding the jacket down and in place. After that came a black leather hood, which fit over my head and laced up the back. It had openings for my eyes (very small), for my nose, and for my mouth. 

"This is really tight," I said. "Hopefully you can get me out of it in time to finish packing and get to the airport," I said, starting to wonder where all of this was going.

"Don't worry," said Victoria. "I have everything under control."

Victoria had me move to the side of the room. There she had a board - the kind emergency ambulance people or rescue people use to transport people who have neck or back injuries. It had a multitude of straps used to hold a patient down so that they were immobile while being moved. I had never seen it used before in the dungeon. Standing in front of it, Victoria put me in a strict black leather leg binder which held my legs firmly together. 

"How's that?" she asked.

"Very secure," I said. "I feel like I'm in a cocoon."

"Good," she said. "That's how it's supposed to feel."

Victoria brought out a long wide leather strap which had a bulb fastened to its center. The bulb went into my mouth, the strap around my head, tightened, it sealed itself against the leather of the hood, and closed off my mouth completely. At that point I was quite rigidly bound in the leather, and gagged. I could see through the little holes in the hood, but could hardly move. Victoria then maneuvered me next to the board, and began fixing the straps tightly lacing me in place. Straps went over my legs, over my waist, chest, one over my mouth, one over my forehead. When she finished, I was attached to the board as if I was part of it. Together the board and I leaned up against the wall, immobile.

Victoria stood back and looked at me. "You look great," she said. "Now to finish off your gambling. This is how it works. I will roll one of the dice. The number that comes up will tell me how many dice to roll the second time. However many numbers come up, anywhere from one to thirty-six, will tell us how many hours you stay here like this."

"Mmmmmmm," I protested. I had to get to the airport.

"If you're lucky, you might be out in an hour or two and make it to your plane. If not, well, like you said, some gamble and win. Some gamble and lose."

I groaned and argued, but the gag reduced me to the usual unintelligible grunts and muffled sounds.

Victoria rolled one dice. Up popped a six. I rolled my eyes and signed realizing that I wasn't going to fly to Las Vegas - at least not for a while. Victoria rolled six dice. Up popped three sixes, two fives and a two. Thirty total.

"Well, Dave," Victoria smiled looking into my eyes through the hood. "You are to be my guest here for thirty hours. But that's not all. At the end of thirty hours, we roll a single dice again. Odd and we roll again for more hours. Even and you go free. Oh, there's one other thing. Your friends are sure to miss you, and my guess is that Jordan will call Janice and wonder where you are. Since Ruth is off visiting her family, Janice is going to be here much of the weekend helping me and Lila with our customers - we have quite a few over the holiday. The joke is, they won't recognize the man all in leather is you. So you'll be here all the time and they won't know it. Isn't that a great joke? Enjoy."

I struggled and protested, but it was all for nothing. Victoria had me not only bound up tight and incommunicado, but more or less disguised. She was right. Nobody would know who the man was who was trussed up in all that black leather. Nothing of me showed since almost every inch of my body was covered. All I could do was endure for the thirty hours and hope for the best on the next roll of the dice. Victoria certainly knew how to make gambling interesting!

End of Chapter 20 Part 1

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