The Renter 17&18

by Studbound

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The Renter
by Studbound
Chapter 17 The Parent

A while back, Ruth's Baptist parents had arrived, and the women had bound me and put me in the basement for safe keeping during their visit. No such manifestations were necessary when my own father turned up suddenly one day. Since his third divorce, my father had traveled, selling whatever it was that he sold, and one never knew when he might pop up. I was always happy to see him - he was, after all, paying the bills for my college education. And I had the bright idea of tapping him for an increase in my allowance. 

So I wasn't surprised when I walked into the living room, after coming home from college one afternoon, and finding Dad sitting on the couch talking to Victoria. I wondered what Victoria had told him before I got there. Surely she wouldn't tell him much about the "business" the three women were running. I wondered.

"Well," I said after small talk and pleasantries, "I need to tell you something. I'm engaged."

"Really," he said. "That calls for a celebration.  Who's the lucky girl?"

"Janice," I said. "I've written you about her. Great girl. We're madly in love."

"I'm sure," he smiled.

"No, they really are," interjected Victoria. "And Dave here likes it most when she ties him up."

"Excuse me," said my father.

I wanted to die. I wanted to crawl under the carpet and just shrivel up and die. But there was no stopping Victoria at that point.

"Yes, she binds and gags him, and then plays with him. They have a wonderful time. He really enjoys it."

My father turned and looked at me, then smiled. "I never would have guessed. You know, Steph and I played bondage games all the time while we were married!"

Stephanie was dad's second wife - my first step-mother. I had no idea that they were into anything kinky. My face must have showed my surprise which helped me get over my embarrassment.

"Yes," he said, picking up on my look of disbelief, "While you were tucked into your little bed, safely out of the way, "Steph was stretched out on our bed or hog-tied or something. We tried all kinds of positions. It was almost always me tying her up you see. She liked it, and it was a real turn on. Didn't you notice the lock we put on the inside of our bedroom door?"

"Well, yes, but I thought that everyone did that."

Dad laughed. "So you like bondage?"

"Did Steph ever tie you up?" I asked.

"A couple of times, but she wasn't much good at it. I was better - once she was tied, she could never get loose."

Then my father got a rather strange look, and he turned to Victoria. "Any chance you would tie him up so I can see how he looks?"

"Sure," said Victoria. "Any time you like. Be happy to do it."

"Now, just a minute," I said. "Being tied up for sex by my girlfriend, and doing it so you can be a voyeur are two different things. And I wouldn't mind seeing you tied up too."

"Hey, guys," gushed Victoria. "I'll tie both of you up. Free of charge. It will be a hoot. A true father-son bonding experience!"

We laughed, and then my father thought for a few seconds, and said, "Why not. Let's do it."

"You're kidding," I said. 

"No, not at all," he said. "Let's do it right now"

"Well, we need to set an agreement and some limits," I said. I still remembered my lesson, especially where Victoria was concerned. 

"I've got it," said Victoria before I could add anything, "I'll tie both of you in the room on this level. I'll gag your father, and just before I gag you, you can determine how long the two of you stay tied. How ever long you say, both of you must stay the full time, and Dave must stay one hour longer.  How about that?"

"Sounds good to me," said my father.

"Why the extra hour?" I asked.

"Because if you have to stay an hour longer, you're not likely to set a really long time to punish your father."

So I agreed to this bizarre idea. In a matter of minutes my father and I were stripped to jock-o-thongs, laying on the floor of the main floor room, with my father tightly bound, hog-tied and gagged. I was bound the same way and also hog-tied, but not yet gagged. Victoria had tied us up by doing one thing to him, then doing it to me, so that we both went into bondage one step at a time.

"OK," Victoria, "let me go," I said. "Just keep him here for a while."

"Dave, would you cheat on the bargain?"

My father was making considerable noise in his gag at all of this.

"Sure, he always cheated when he played games with me and my brother. Why not? Come on, Victoria. Let me go. It will be quite a joke on him."

"Sorry, Dave," said Victoria. "No can do. I made an agreement. So, before I gag you, how long?"

I looked at my father, and I knew he had won and was smiling behind that gag. No matter now long I said, he would be able to watch me squirm for the final hour that I had to remain after he was free.

It's now about five PM, I said. Untie us at seven in the morning. Make it an all-nighter – fourteen hours!!!"

My father all but screamed into the gag, but got nowhere with Victoria who had my gag in place as soon as the words were out of my mouth.

So my father and I lay there on the floor of the bedroom, squirming in bondage, unable to do much else. During the evening, a number of clients came and were tied up with us. One couple, and, to my surprise, two of the policemen who had come during the robbery - they returned. One of them had become a regular. The man recognized me, and laughed when he saw me bound and gagged on the floor. Then he was next to me in the same condition.

In all eight men and the one woman spent time in that room with us that night, and one of them remained all night and was released when Victoria came in and freed my father. Once free, and dressed, Dad turned to Victoria and said, "How much do you charge for doing this?" She told him. "Well," he said, reaching for his wallet, "Here's $75. Keep Dave here tied up until tonight. Now, I've got to go. Been nice meeting you." He said good-bye to me, ignoring my protests. Now Victoria isn't one to free someone when she can keep them bound and gagged, so Dad got his wish. She didn't let me out until around nine in the evening that night. It was the first time I had spent twenty-four hours tied up. I had to admit, I was getting used to this sort of thing.

Chapter 18 The Party - Part 1

"Dave," said Lila showing considerable excitement, "We've been invited to a party."

"What do you mean, 'We'?" I asked.

"You and me," she said. 

"But, if I go to a party, it should be with Janice," I cautioned. 

"Oh, Janice won't mind," Lila said. "This is special. These are very wealthy people who I've been cultivating for some time. They can bring us a lot of business. They've seen our web page, and they've invited us to one of their exclusive parties. They specifically said you should come as my escort."

"Who are these people?" I asked.

"The sons and daughters of some of the most important business executives in the area, with a rather liberal and flamboyant life style, I might add. They can get whatever they want. A couple of them have been here and used our services a few times. I've wanted to break into their group for a long time, and this is my chance, so please, go with me. It's an opportunity I've wanted and hoped for."

The party was the coming Friday night, at a house across town in one of the most exclusive neighbourhoods around. You had to know someone to get past the gate, and you had to be invited. I told Janice about it, and she said if it would help Lila, I should go, but no funny business. Strictly Platonic. I agreed.

Friday, after dinner, Lila was dressed in her most stylist casual clothes. Bright yellow pants, and a revealing blouse with open toed shoes that matched the ensemble. She directed me to wear my Levi's and one of my muscle shirts and my Nikes. Off we went to the party. Lila gave her name and my name at the gate, the guard found us on the list, and let us pass, directing us to a house some distance inside the enclosure.

When we arrived, we parked and went inside. There were about a dozen people there, couples from what I could tell, and one of the women came over to Lila and greeted her warmly. They exchanged kisses, and the woman said how happy she was that we could come. Lila introduced me, and then the woman guided us around the room introducing us to everyone who was there. I recognized some of the names as those of people often in the press, people of influence and more wealth than I could imagine. 

The hostess invited us to help ourselves to the food and drink which was plentiful. Over the next hour a few more couples arrived. At about ten that night, the hostess asked for everyone's attention. 

"We have with us tonight Lila. I think some of you know her and are familiar with the services that she provides her clients. When I invited Lila to join us, I asked her to come prepared to give a demonstration of the services she and her partners supply to anyone interested. Lila has brought a man with her, and I hope they can show us their talents."

I looked at Lila, and she glanced at me blushing and said, "Sorry Dave, but this was part of the deal. I didn't have the nerve to tell you, and hope you'll go along with this. It means more than you know."

I was in a spot, and didn't want to embarrass Lila. But I didn't look forward to being tied up in front of these people. Lila reached into her bag and produced a jock-o-thong and the hostess directed me to a back room where I could change. Not at all happy about any of this, I slowly complied. I took my time undressing, pulled on the jock-o-thong, and returned to the living room. The guests had more or less assembled along one side of the room with Lila waiting for me at the other end. They had cleared a space on the floor within easy view of those watching. Nobody said anything that I could hear as I walked into the room and over to Lila. They seemed genuinely interested, and were certainly attentive and most polite.

Clearing her throat and sounding very nervous, Lila began, "We offer bondage to anyone who would like to experience it," she said slowly. "Many people would like to know what it feels like to be tied up. We do not do sado-masochistic things, and we do not offer sex. There is a minor exception that I'll talk about later - what you might have read about in Alex Comfort's book, The Joy of Sex, a thing called "goldfish." But it's not something we ourselves do."

"Anyway, the most common bondage we provide for our guests is the standard hog-tie, and that's what I'm going to do with Dave."

While talking, Lila had taken out some rope and was binding my wrists behind my back. Next she wrapped rope around my upper body, fastening my arms to my side. "The trick," Lila said, "is to tie someone up so that you don't cut off circulation, and so that the person cannot free him or herself."

"Do you tie up both men and women?" asked one of the guests.

"Yes," said Lila, "but oddly enough most of our clients are men."

Lila then had my body tied, and she started working on my legs, binding them at the ankles, below and above the knees. "In our house, guests must wear a modified jockstrap, like the one Dave has on which we call a Jock-o-thong, or they can be nude - their choice. That goes for women too, only it's a small thong for women that they wear."

"What about their breasts?" asked another bystander.

"They go topless just like the men," said Lila looking over at the group. "We have another rule," continued Lila. "All clients must be gagged as well as tied up." She held up a leather gag that she had in her bag. I opened my mouth, and Lila inserted the wad of leather that was the plug, then from behind, she fastened the strap that held it in place. While Lila went on, I stood there, now tied and gagged and almost naked in front of a room full of strangers. It did dawn on me that they could have seen me just about the same on the web page.

Lila explained how much they charged for their services, and that many people asked for too much at first, such as an over- night. She advised a few hours the first time, for people to explore limits.

"Isn't bondage directly connected with sex?" asked a woman. 
"You bet," said Lila. "But being just tied up allows your imagination to run free. You can fantasize whatever you want. Of course, we note that many of our clients are - how shall I say it? - excited when they are tied up. But we say that if you want sex, get a partner and explore love bondage with that person."

Lila then had me kneel down, and she helped me lay on the floor. With one last piece of rope, she lashed my legs back so that my heels almost touched my back.  The hog-tie was complete. 

"And this is the finished product," Lila said. "We'll leave him for a few minutes and you can inspect closely if you wish. I'll hand out our cards, and if any of you are interested, give us a call and set up an appointment. We have a fully equipped dungeon with many variations, and you can see some of them on our web page."

Lila moved around the room while the guests took her cards, looked at me, and returned to eating, drinking, listening to music, and picking up where the party had left off. I watched Lila, wondering how long she would leave me trussed up on the floor. Lila went into the dining room, and then I couldn't see her any more. She seemed intent on a conversation with one couple who had more or less cornered her. A few guests came over and looked at me closely, even bending down to get a bird's eye view. It was odd, to say the least, to lay there like a piece of meat while people inspected me.

I probably lay there for about half an hour, and eventually everyone at the party lost interest in me. Most went into the dining room, the kitchen, or one of he other rooms in the house. Then, without drawing mch attention and moving very quietly, two men came nto the living room from the entry hall. They picked m up, and carried me toward the door, opening it, and taking me outside. I mumphhhed into the gag, but of course, with the party noises, nobody heard me. The men, dressed in dark clothes and with their faces covered, put me into the trunk of a car and closed the lid. I wondered how long it would be before anyone noticed that I was gone.

"What the hell was going on?" I wondered. Was I being kidnapped, abducted, or what? I could hardly imagine what was happening.

End of Chapter 18 Part 1

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