The Renter 21&22

by Studbound

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The Renter
by Studbound
Chapter 21 Gambling Part 2

Two couples sat in the four chairs in the center of the dungeon. Two girls, probably around twenty years old, sat on my right, their boy friends sat in the chairs facing them. All four were bound to the chairs, gagged, and looking at each other, making playful noises, struggling and enjoying the sensation of tight bondage. The boys wore the requisite jock-o-thongs, the girls thong g-strings and were topless. Strategically placed ropes set off their breasts nicely. From the bulges in the jock-o-thongs, it was obvious that the boys were enjoying everything that was happening.

I had a good view of most of the things that went on in the dungeon. Victoria and Janice had tied up the two couples, and Lila had strapped two gagged men to the X-shaped crosses at the other end of the room. One man came a bit later and got his request to spend a few hours on the rack, spread-eagled and stretched out. Another very young man (I wondered if Lila was scrupulous in checking identification for age) was in one of the black boxes, his hands tied, the rod through the box holding his arms firmly in place. It was indeed a busy day. I could tell from bits and pieces of conversation that there were more people tied up in the room upstairs. Janice seemed to be enjoying chatting with Lila and Victoria, but even more, I could tell that she liked the work binding and gagging the clients.

Of course, neither Lila or Janice realized that it was me in the black leather gear strapped to the wooden stretcher. At one point Lila asked Victoria about it, and Victoria said only that the man was one of her clients who had requested an unusually long-term session. The women had a policy of not questioning each other much on the treatment of their respective customers, so that ended the discussion.

That evening while Janice and Lila were binding and gagging two members of the local police force, Victoria called Janice to the phone. Lila continued hog-tying the two cops. I noted that both men wore not the requisite jock-o-thongs, but rather their own small black jockstraps which had on the pouch the insignia of the police department. They had convinced some time ago that it was more appropriate for them to remain, "in uniform," as they put it, and that they had found the special "police jocks" at a site on the internet: 
The women agreed, so the cops were the exception to the rule that customers either wear the jock-o-thong or be nude. I was increasingly amazed at how many members of the police department had become regular customers of the services provided by Lila, Victoria and Ruth. It seemed to me that the cops liked being tied up more than most.

When Janice returned she told Lila that the call had been from her brother, Jordan, from Las Vegas. Jordan reported that I hadn't shown up at the airport, and they were worried - had something happened to me? Janice was worried now too. She had gone up to my room and found my suitcase almost packed and laying on my bed. She couldn't imagine where I had gone. At this I grunted into the gag that filled my mouth, wondering if the women would wonder about the stranger all in black leather. If they heard me, they ignored the sounds - I supposed that by that time they were quite used to listening to gagged men make pitiful sounds as they enjoyed their "bondage fantasies."

With the cops bound up, the women went upstairs. Later Victoria came down and freed the man on the rack. The two couples had left a while earlier. The other two remained on their crosses, but two more men showed up. Lila and Janice bound their wrists, gagged them, and hung them on hooks along one side of the room. They stayed for a couple of hours, and then all of the men in the dungeon were freed and left, all profusely thanking the women for the "great time," they had experienced.

Alone in the dungeon, Victoria came down. She released the straps and unlocked the locks, and pulled down the flap over my genitals. She held up a cup and told me to pee if I needed to. I needed to. Then she returned the straps and pouch, and locked it in place. "Now, listen carefully Dave," she cautioned. "I'm going to remove the gag and feed you and give you something to drink. One word and back goes the gag and there won't be a next time. Do you understand?"

I nodded agreement.

Victoria removed the gag and fed me a tuna fish sandwich. Next came a glass of grape juice followed by the gag which she returned quickly. 

"Good night," said Victoria. "Have a good rest."

Alone, I spent the night in the leather restraints. I think I slept. For sure, nobody bothered me.

In the morning Victoria repeated the process allowing me to urinate, and she fed me a light breakfast. Back went the gag and the straps. Victoria had tied me up at around Noon the previous day. Thirty hours would be six in the evening. I waited through the day. Customers came and went. Three girls showed up together, and Janice and Lila tied and gagged them in three of the chairs. They giggled even after being gagged, and seemed to relish the experience. I liked watching them as they bounced around bare breasted - especially one who was unusually well endowed. Good thing that leather cod piece was tight or I would have made a display of aroused pleasure.

There were two men in the dungeon at six that evening. Both were bound to the X-shaped crosses, gagged, and blindfolded. Victoria came in quietly and standing near me said, "It's time to see how your gambling luck is doing." She rolled one dice. Up came a three.

"Sorry," she said. Then she rolled all six dice again. This time I saw one five, two threes, one one, and two fours. Twenty! I would spend Saturday night encased in Victoria's leather prison. 

On it went with customers coming and going. From bits and pieces of conversations between Lila and Janice or Janice and Victoria I knew that Janice was quite worried about where I was. When alone, Victoria fed me and let me pee. I remained bound, as if I had any choice.

At two in the afternoon on Sunday, Victoria came around. There were four men in the dungeon. Three were hog-tied and gagged on the floor - the style of choice for most. The fourth was in one of the black boxes. I noted that an increasing number of people requested time in one of the boxes which had turned out to be more popular than I would have guessed. Only rarely did a person request the rack. But people wanted to be hog-tied or tied to chairs most of the time.

"Ready to gamble again?" she asked me. I nodded as much as the straps holding my head would allow and grunted softly into the gag.

Victoria rolled the dice. Up came a five. "You lose again," she said. I sighed deeply and hoped for the best on the next rolls of the dice. Victoria rolled one dice. Up came a two. She rolled two dice. A two and a four. Six hours. That would last until eight in the evening. This could go on for a while as Monday was the holiday. 

Sunday evening a local fraternity brought in ten young men who Janice and Lila bound by the wrists, gagged, and hung up along the far side of the room. They were made to stand with their legs apart, with each man having his right leg bound to the left of his neighbor and so on. All were nude. After a couple of hours, others from the fraternity arrived and put locking devices on the testicles of the bound men. From the locks plastic rectangles, large tags, bearing the letters of the fraternity dangled down between the legs of the initiates. They were informed that they were expected to keep the tags in place for the next week, never removing them, as if they could they way they were locked on. Then each young man got ten whacks with a paddle. Everyone left and the ten hung there for another hour, their red butts stinging for a while I suspect.

After they left, I was alone. It must have been past eight o'clock when Victoria came down. "Gambling time again," she said. She rolled the dice. Up came a three again. "Your luck is awful," Victoria smiled. "Good thing you stayed away from Vegas." She rolled one dice, and up came a four. She rolled four dice, and up came a five, a six, a one and a two. Fourteen hours. Victoria fed me and had me pee. Then she left me for the night. I would stay until ten in the morning on Monday.

Monday was quiet in the morning. All of the clients were gone. One had come along late and asked for an all-nighter. Lila had hog-tied him on the floor where he rolled around and grunted off and on during the night. Then she came down and released him. He went away happy.

After breakfast, Victoria showed up. "Well Dave," are you going to get out today? Let's see." She rolled the dice. Up came a four.

At last, Victoria unstrapped me from the stretcher board. I stood there still bound in leather unable to move when Victoria left and went upstairs. She returned with Janice and Lila. 

"Gambling is dangerous," she said to them. "One can get into all kinds of trouble. The man in the leather straitjacket has found out just how much trouble," she said. Then she removed the gag, and unlaced the hood and pulled it off. 

"Dave!!" shouted Janice. Then she rushed up and gave me a big kiss, a little tongue, and a lot of squeezing. "I've been so worried about you."

"Well," I said when I could catch my breath, "I gambled right here - and lost. And the good part is, I still have all my money."

Janice and Lila both agreed that Victoria had done me a favor. Word from Vegas was that my four friends had actually called home for more money. Of course, they were upset about being so worried about where I was, but that was quickly forgotten.

They finished releasing me, and I went upstairs to a badly needed shower and time in the bathroom, not to mention a shave. Spending the weekend bound in leather by Victoria had proved to be interesting. Janice and I talked about it later, and Janice repeated what she had said earlier - that once we were married, I should expect to spend lots of time bound one way or another. I could only imagine what that might mean. Time would tell.

Chapter 22 Endurance

"You're so full of shit! You don't know what it really means to be really tied up," Jordan laughed.

I had been telling Jordan and three of our other friends about my two days bound and gagged in Victoria's leather prison while they gambled away their money in Las Vegas.

"And I suppose you know all about long periods in bondage," I chided.

"I can out last you - that's for sure."

"Have you ever even been tied up?" I asked Jordan.

"All of us have," he smiled. "Don't forget we lost the soccer game you played in, and we spent time tied up in that room that your landlords run.

"That was only once," I said.

Aaron, Nick, and Kyle laughed. "We've all been tied up by one or more of those women," Kyle added. 

"I've done an endurance bondage session with Victoria," Aaron boasted.

"What's that?" I asked. I had never heard of 'endurance bondage."

"Well, it's something of a bet. Two or more people put up some money - usually one hundred fifty dollars. Victoria ties them up in an unusually strict way, and there they stay until they start to wimp out. The last one still bound gets to keep half of the money. Victoria gets the other half."

"And you did it once?" I asked.

"Yep," said Kyle. "And I won too. I could easily outlast any of you."

"I'll take that bet," I declared.

"Me too," said Aaron. 

We talked to Victoria and set the time and date for the challenge. She would tie us up on Saturday starting at nine in the morning. We should be there, ready for extreme bondage.

Saturday morning all three of us stood naked in front of Victoria. She started with me. She tied a very tight rope around my waist. Next, she tied a long rope around each wrist letting it fall to the floor. Then she drew up my right arm behind my back, pulling it up into a hammer-lock position. The rope tied to my right wrist she pulled up over my left shoulder and down in front, between my legs, and up in back where she tied it off to the rope that circled my waist. She repeated the process on the other side. Now both arms were cinched up behind my back. Another rope tied to my right wrist went around the front of me and was tied to my left wrist 

Having secured my arms, Victoria brought out a wooden dowel or short pole about eighteen inches long. The center of the pole had been wrapped with strips of cloth forming a sizable bulge. Victoria put the bulge of wraps into my mouth which it filled keeping my jaws wide apart. She tied a length of rope around one side of the pole next to my face and stretched it around the back of my head, looping it around the pole on the other side. She went around back to front about three times, then she started wrapping the rope around the front next to my face covering my lips as they rested on the bulge of cloth. At first she just went around and around in front, but next she did a cross-cross over the pole and over my mouth area. In time, my whole face under my nose was covered with rope so that none of the white cloth wraps. It was the most formidable gag I had ever experienced. 

With my arms tied and the gag in place, Victoria had me sit on the floor. We were in the upstairs room of the house and so far, alone except for Kyle, Aaron, and Jordan who stood and watched. Once on the floor, Victoria helped me assume a lotus position. With my ankles perched on the opposite upper leg, she tied a rope around my right ankle and stretched it around in back of me and to my left ankle. She pulled it tight so that I could not relieve the stress of the lotus position. More ropes bound each ankle firmly to the leg on which it rested. This was indeed turning out to be stressful bondage. 

Next, Victoria brought out a lighter cord. She had tied a slip knot in the center. She put the loop of the slip know around my balls and pulled it up so that it held them firmly. Each end of the cord she tied to one of my big toes. If I wiggled, I would tighten the loop that not circled my nuts. She bought out another cord and tied it around my cock and balls next to my body. She elaborately wrapped the cord around my cock up to the top and tied it off. She pulled up the loose ends and tied one to each side of the pole-gag that was bound into my mouth. In the process she made me lean forward a bit. Now, if I straightened up my body, I would pull my cock.

Finally, if all that wasn't enough, she brought out alligator clips and fastened one to each nipple. The clips were fastened to weights which dangled down in front of me. I looked up at her and grunted into the gag. It was indeed more than I had bargained for.

Victoria went to work on Kyle, and then on Aaron. Jordan was going to be last. Just as Victoria began binding Jordan two cops came into the room with Lila.  Both wore their black police insignia jockstraps and both were ready for a bondage session. As Lila hog-tied and gagged the first cop, the second one came over and looked at me, Kyle, and Aaron. 

"Wow," he said to Victoria. "That's great looking. What are you doing?"

Victoria explained the challenge and how it was called endurance bondage. 

"Can I join in the challenge?" asked the cop.

Victoria looked at the four of us and asked if he could be added to the group. We all agreed. But Victoria told the cop that he had to get rid of the jockstrap and put up one hundred fifty dollars. The cop said that was no problem, he intended to win, he pulled off his jockstrap and stood and waited his turn. After a while, five of us sat along the wall, all bound, gagged, and trussed up in Victoria's endurance bondage. The second cop writhed around on the floor in his hog-tie watching us.

"Now," Victoria said. "I will come once each hour and ask if any of you want to give up. You will only have one chance each hour. After that, no matter what, you must wait until the next hour to signal you with to give up. The winner is the last one remaining. To win the money the last person remaining must continue for one full hour after the others have given up. If he can't last that remaining hour, I get all the money. Understood?"

As much as the ropes tied to our genitals would allow, we grunted and nodded our heads. I would have sworn the hog-tied cop laughed in his gag as he saw us nod pulling our pricks up and down.

Near the end of the first hour, Ruth and Janice came into the room. They were escorting three nice looking young women who were dressed in the g-string thongs. All three women spent a few seconds looking at the five of us, then Ruth and Janice proceeded to hog-tie and gag all three of them, putting them right in front of us where they squirmed around on the floor. If we weren't erect already, we clearly were watching those three perform in bondage. The good news is that it was a most pleasant sight to watch. The bad news was that it made all five of us erect and with our cocks tied up, that wasn't as much fun. Further, the onset of at least my erection pulled up skin from my balls, which were also tied up, squeezing my nuts in their sack against the rope that bound them. I squirmed trying to relieve the pressure, only making it worse. I could see that all five of us were uneasy, trying to find the best position in which to sit while enduring such strict bondage.

We all passed by the first hour, and then the second. The three girls remained trussed up on the floor. At the end of the fourth hour, Aaron gave up. As he was being untied by Victoria, Ruth and Janice untied the three girls and they left. Aaron hung around watching us. The second cop indicated that he wanted to be untied too, but everyone ignored him. He grunted and fussed, but that didn't get him anywhere.

At the fifth hour, Kyle gave up. That left me, the cop and Jordan. I had a feeling that the cop was going to be hard to beat - that no matter how much agony he was in, he had vowed to win this thing. So had Jordan. I steeled myself for the long haul as I had prestige to lose having bragged at how I could handle long spells of bondage.

Hour six came and Jordan gave up. It was all he could do to stand once Victoria untied him. He moved his jaw around indicating that the gag had taken its toll. He and Kyle stayed around waiting to see whether the cop of I would give up next. 

At hour seven, I looked at the cop and he looked at me. Clearly both of us were in agony. I nodded my head and tried to communicate. I didn't know if the cop got the message or not, but he seemed to understand. When Victoria asked if either of us gave up, we both indicated that we did. Victoria figured out what we were up to. We would split the money. 
"Clever," she said. "But to get the money you have to go one more hour!"

We groaned, and sat and waited. Except for the hog-tied cop, who watched us, still trying to get someone to untie him, we were alone in the room, the others having left. It seemed to me that we were there a long time - more than an hour. Time stood still. Finally, laughing, the girls returned – all four of them followed by Jordan and Kyle. "You see," Victoria explained, you had to last one more hour - each of you. So first you did Dave's hour, and then," she turned to the cop, "you two did your hour. So you've been here nine hours. That's a record!"

It was then six in the evening, and we had indeed been bound for nine hours. It took a long time to get my legs working again, not to mention my arms. The cop seemed to recover sooner. Janice had a meal ready for me in the kitchen, and then she took me upstairs to my room where she tied me to my bed and installed my ball gag. She stayed with me the night, and we had a great time. Janice explained that seeing me in Victoria's endurance bondage had really made her hot, and based on what happened, I wouldn't argue with that one bit.

End of Part 22

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Part Twenty-Three


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