The Renter 15&16

by Studbound

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The Renter
by Studbound
Chapter 15 Robbery

Now, as I've said, I'm a rather sound sleeper. But for some reason, I woke up Saturday night. Something didn't feel right, and I couldn't tell what it was. I heard something - maybe felt something - to this day I don't know what it was. I thought someone looked into my room, and then went away. I listened, and dimly I thought I heard voices. It's two flights down from my room to the main floor, and, after pulling on a pair of boxer shorts, I slowly moved out into the hall and to the head of the stairs. I was then sure that I heard voices - men's voices.

I went down stairs slowly, finally getting to the main floor. I walked into the living and was stunned to see Victoria sitting in a chair with a man next to her. He was dressed in black, his face covered, and he clearly had a gun pointed at Victoria. 
Unfortunately, he saw me.

"You," he shouted. "You get in here and do it quick if you don't want to see her get hurt."

I slowly walked into the living room, and stood near Victoria. Another man appeared out of the back bedroom. "No furniture here," he said, "But some good stuff in the other bedroom. "I'll check upstairs."

Before he could go, a third man appeared out of the kitchen. "You won't believe what I found in the basement," he said. "Where did he come from?"

The man with the gun explained that I had come down the stairs.

"Anyone else in the house?" he asked us.

"No," I answered honestly. Ruth had gone home to see her parents, and Lila was out on a very late date - maybe sleeping over with her boy friend, I didn't know.

"Bring them down the basement," said the man who had come out of the kitchen. I think we can take care of them really well. And be careful," he warned, "the door shuts behind you and if it closes, there's no way out."

All five of us headed to the kitchen, and down the stairs. Once inside the dungeon, careful to block the door so it wouldn't lock them in, the two men who had been upstairs were astounded at the equipment they found. While the third man took the gun and held it on Victoria and me, the others walked around looking at the straitjackets, gags, harnesses, bondage chairs, and so on.

"What do you do here?" asked one of the men.

"We tie people up," said Victoria flatly.


"Really," she scowled.

"Well, lady, I think we're going to tie you up. How about that?"

"Whatever," she said. 

After some discussion, the three men settled on the two large X-shaped crosses against the far wall.

"What do these people wear when you tie them up?" asked one of the men.

At this I shuddered, wondering what Victoria would say. "Nothing," she shot out quickly.

"So, strip sister," he demanded, and then he looked at me and said, "You too buster."

So Victoria and I stripped, piling our clothes on the bondage chairs in the middle of the room. Then while the third man held his gun at the ready, the other two took us to the crosses. They figured out how the straps worked, and after a while, Victoria and I were securely bound, each to our own cross. Once we were trussed up, the third man put away the gun, and walked around.

"Are these gags?" he asked looking at Victoria.

"What do you think, fool," she snapped.

"This one should fit you just fine," he said. He took the ball gag down from its hook, took it over and after a bit of a struggle and a little resistance on her part, got it into Victoria's mouth. He fastened the straps while one of the other men picked out a leather gag for me. Now both of us were secure in place and gagged.

All three men explored the dungeon. They found a cupboard with its supply of duct tape. For fun, they reinforced our gags with wraps of the silver-colored tape. They found the little locker with the padlocks, and realized that all of the strap-fittings on the crosses could be locked in place. Slowly, they brought out locks and put them on each strap that bound both me and Victoria. The man who had carried the gun pocketed all of the keys. I groaned, wondering how we would eventually be freed. They even removed enough tape to put a lock on the gags, and then retaped them in place. We were really bound up good and proper as if we were meant to stay there for a while.

Finally, the men tired of the dungeon, and the leader, the one who carried the gun, indicated that they needed to get going before someone else found them.  Taking all of the keys, they turned off the lights, leaving us in darkness, and left, letting the door close behind them.

In the quiet of the dungeon, we could hear the men upstairs now and then. It sounded like they were really tearing the house apart. We could only guess what they were taking, and what they were damaging.

Victoria and I stood bound to our respective crosses all the rest of the night. It must have been some time the next morning that we heard noise upstairs - what sounded like a scream. We learned later that it was Lila who had finally come home, walked in, and discovered that the house had been robbed, that much of the furniture had been taken, and that the place had been more or less ransacked.

Lila apparently called the police. Victoria and I stood in the dark and waited. Considerable time passed - we learned that the police aren't really quick to respond to domestic burglaries. But finally a policeman came. He spent some time with Lila, and then decided to look around. Finally he found his way into the basement, the dungeon light came on, he walked in, and stood still in his tracks -- unfortunately letting the door swing closed behind him!

Not realizing that he was now locked in, he walked over to us saying, "What the hell is going on here?!!!"

I made what noise I could in the gag, but the cop just looked around the room like he had never seen anything like it before, which was probably true. Eventually he approached us, and looked at the straps that held us to the crosses, moving his hand to the padlocks.

"Somebody didn't want you two go to anywhere, did they?" he asked rhetorically. "How the hell do you expect to get out of here?"

Well, naturally, we didn't answer. Victoria was the stoic one, I mumphed and grumphed into my gag, but that didn't do any good either.

"I got to get some help," he said. "Nobody is going to believe this." Then the cop turned and walked toward the door. That was when he made his discovery. He was locked in. He started shouting and hollering, banging on the door, and making all the noise he could. After about fifteen minutes, Lila finally came down, opened the door, and walked in. 

"Oh hell," she said, looking at the two of us bound to the two crosses. She saw the locks on the straps, and went to the cupboard to get the keys, which, of course, were gone. "Did they take the keys?" she said, looking at us.

"Mmmmmm MMmmmmmmm," I screamed, nodding my head up and down.

"We need bolt cutters," said Lila to the cop. "Do you have any in your car."

"Lady, we don't hardly ever need bolt cutters," he said. "I'll have to go and try to find something."

With that, the cop left. Lila stayed with us until he returned, about an hour and a half later. Quickly the bolts were cut away, and we were freed.

Dressed, and upstairs, we gave statements to the police - there were four or five on the premises now, looking about at our equipment, noting what had been stolen. Of course, the television sets were gone, and all the computers in the house. Some of the furniture was gone too.

The police said that a gang had been working the neighborhood, and this looked like their work, although they had never left anyone so elaborately bound and gagged before. 

We never did get back the things that had been stolen, but insurance covered some of the loss, and the women upgraded some of the things as they replaced items.

I had to chuckle a week or so later. I was sitting in the living room on the sofa, one of the things not stolen, when two men came for a bondage session with Victoria. I knew I had seen them somewhere, and finally I realized that they were two of the cops who had investigated the robbery. Victoria told me later she did a nice job on them, securing them to the crosses and keeping them there for a few hours. I never knew who might come around wanting to be tied up, and I was often surprised.

Chapter 16 The Donation

After my birthday party, Janice and I more or less announced our engagement, avoiding any questions about what, exactly, we had been doing at the time of the proposal. I doubted that some would understand why I was naked, bound and gagged at the moment that I asked Janice to marry me. Since then, Janice and I had made very good use of the rope, cuffs, and gag that I had received as birthday gifts. I discovered that Janice was indeed excited at the prospect of keeping me tied up, and my only fear was that she would get carried away with it some time. So far that hadn't happened.

It turned out that the web site, for which I posed, brought in new business. A flow of unfamiliar men and women came to the house looking to be tied up, and increasingly often one of the women had to turn people away or book them for a later date. Lila also had many new business cards printed, all showing the URL for the web site, and the three of them tried to spread the cards around town.

In the days following our robbery, Ruth, Lila, and Victoria had been working to return the house to normal. In the process, they decided that they needed to clean out things that they no longer needed. Four boxes appeared in the living room - one large packing crate about four feet on a side which Lila found in the garage, a cardboard box that Victoria got from a store that sold appliances, and two wooden boxes that once held apples which Ruth said she brought from home. The wooden boxes appeared to be quite old as I don't think anyone has sold apples in boxes for a long time. 

Clothes, a few appliances, used sports equipment, some pieces of furniture, unused pots and pans, books - many books - all went into the respective boxes. It took about a week, but slowly the house took shape, and the three girls cleaned out their closets, storage rooms, the kitchen, and the rest of the place. I even added to the pile, throwing some of my out-of-date clothes into the large packing crate. Lila had contacted the Goodwill and they agreed to come around and pick up the donation.

Lila and I were eating lunch in the kitchen, and Ruth was working up in her bedroom, when someone came to the door. Lila answered it, and brought in a man who she introduced as Chuck. Chuck worked for a company that sold bondage equipment, and he was in the city, passing through on his way to deliver some thing to another party some distance away. Lila, Ruth, and Victoria had been good customers of the company, and so Chuck had been instructed to drop by and see if there was anything the women wanted to order, and in the process, demonstrate a few new gadgets and devices. We sat in the kitchen and chatted for a while. Chuck talked about things that were now on the market such as Velcro fastened arm binders and leg binders, and a variety of gags that were supposed to be more efficient. 

One item that caught Lila's eye was what Chuck called the "Easy Bondage Box." Chuck said it would be best to demonstrate, and as it happened, he had one with him. We watched while Chuck went out to his truck, and brought in, on a hand truck, a black wooden box. It stood just over two and a half feet high, about two feet wide, and about three feet long. The top opened on hinges at the back, the front opened with hinges on the side, and there were hasps that could be used to close those two doors and lock them. The bottom and back of the box was padded with thick foam. I noted some holes in the side of the box.

Chuck said it would be easiest if he could demonstrate, and asked if I would be willing. 

"Willing to do what?" I asked demonstrating considerable naiveté.

"Willing to let me put you in the box," he said.

"What do I need to do?"

He turned to Lila - "How do you want people dressed when you tie them up?" he asked.

"We have them either nude, or in one of these." Lila walked to the cupboard and brought out a jock-o-thong.

"Put this on," he said, handing it to me. "You have been tied up before, haven't you?" he said.

"Yes," I said as I went into the back bedroom, stripped, piled up my clothes, and pulled on the tiny jock-o-thong.

When I returned, Lila stood there holding a leather plug gag. She walked up and started to put it on me.

"Not so fast," I said, turning my head away. "First of all, this is just a demonstration, so I don't think a gag is necessary."

"Yes it is," said Lila firmly. "It has to be a real demonstration, and we always gag clients."

"OK, granted," I admitted, "But then I stay in the box tied only for the length of the demonstration – which should last only a little while. The you let me go right away, agreed?"

Grumbling, Lila agreed.

"After all," I added, "how many times have you told me to nail down an contract before I let anyone tie me up?"

"You're right," said Lila as she inserted the gag, and then cinched it up as tight as it would go – probably tighter than it needed to be. 

Chuck came over to me with a length of light rope about ten feet long. He bound my wrists, tying the rope and cinching it careful to see that no knots were near my fingers. Then he guided me over to the box. With his help, I sat down with my back up against the padded back of the box. My shoulders almost touched the box on either side, and I could tell that when the lid was closed, my head would just barely clear the top, maybe touch it also. 

Once seated, Chuck had me draw up my legs so that my knees were bent and my heels almost touched my body, so that my feet were inside the box. Chuck had me put my arms down on either side of my bent legs with my tied wrists in front of my ankles. Moving to the side of the box, Chuck picked up a long black rod, and he stuck it into a hole in the side of the box The rod passed over my bent elbows, under my knees, and out the other side of the box. I then saw the simplicity of the device. There was no way I could move my arms much, or squirm around much in the tight confines of the box.

"... and the padding cuts noise, so even if he tries to say anything in that gag," Chuck continued talking to Lila, "it would be hard to hear him unless you listened closely." Chuck then explained how he used cotter pins to fix the rod so that I couldn't dislodge it. I was in that box for sure as long as they left me. Fortunately, I had negotiated a quick release.

Chuck then closed the front door of the box, and then lowered the lid. I could hear him shut the hasps, and he told Lila that he was then putting a lock on each hasp. 

Lila commented on how she liked the box a lot, and would probably order two of them. Then, after talking about the box, Lila asked Chuck if he would go with her into the dungeon and look at some equipment that seemed to be causing some problems. He agreed. Lila said into the box, "We'll be right back, Dave. We want your impressions after you're been in there ten or fifteen minutes. That's part of the test."

I sat in the darkness of the box, able to see only little pin holes of light that indicated the air holes. I waited.

Then heard something - faint in the distance. Knocking. And a voice. "Is anybody there? Hello! Is someone home?"

"I'm here," I heard Ruth shout down from upstairs.

"We're here from the Rescue Mission for your donations."

"Take all the boxes in the living room," I heard Ruth shout.

"Okay, lady."

I couldn't make out everything the men said – there seemed to be two of them, but they set about moving out the boxes, getting a hand truck for the large crate. Then, suddenly, I felt the box I was in being moved, jostled around. I moaned and shouted into the gag, but between the padding and their chatter, they either didn't hear, or ignored me. They moved the box, not careful when they bounced it down the stairs to the street level. I felt it move, and then apparently they lifted it up into a truck, shoved it around a bit, and then left. I heard loud noises - maybe doors closing. Then I felt the motion. They were driving away, with me, bound, gagged in the box in the truck!

It seemed to go on forever. My best guess was that they were making pick-ups all over town. The motion stopped for a while now and then, sometimes for longer than others. Finally, the motion stopped, and I heard nothing. And that seemed to go on forever too.

At last, I heard things. I made what noise I could, but nothing. Then I felt someone move the box. They slid it across the floor, and dropped it down once, jolting me in a most uncomfortable way. 

"What's in the box?" I heard someone say.

"Don't know. It's locked."

"Well those locks aren't anything special. Get that box of keys over there, and see if one of them will open either of those locks."

I heard fiddling, I grunted, but nothing. Finally, I heard someone say, "Hey, this key works. It works on both locks."

"Good, open the box."

The lid opened, and I saw a strange face look in. A kid with long straggly hair, pierced ears up the gazoo, a pierced nose, and a broken tooth. "Holy shit," he said. "There's a doooood in here!"

Another face appeared, and the two of them looked at me with considerable disbelief. Now it was obvious that neither of these guys were the brightest lights in the forest. That really showed when one of them said, "Why would someone give this away?"

About that time, a third man appeared - one who looked a bit brighter. "Get away," he said. "There's been a mistake and you two idiots took a box you weren't supposed to take. There's been a woman on the phone hysterical about this box. She should be here any time now, so close the box, and pretend like we never looked inside."

So, those giant intellects, despite my protests, closed the box and replaced the locks. Some time later, Lila arrived, opened the box, and let me out, removing the gag and untying my hands. She had brought some clothes, so I dressed. The three men sat and watched like it was some kind of a show. Lila and I thanked them for looking after me so carefully (yeah, right!), and then we lifted the box and carried it our to Lila's car where we managed to get it in the trunk, with the lid open, and we drove home.

Lila was a mass of apologies for what had happened. But she did want to know what I thought of the box. I endorsed it. Nice device. I'm sure there are people who will love it. Maybe not for as long as I was in it, but they will love it. In the end, she bought three. One went in the main floor bedroom. The others went in the garage.

End of Part 16

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Part Seventeen

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