The Renter 13&14

by Studbound

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The Renter
by Studbound
Chapter 13 Birthday, part 1

I tend to be a very sound sleeper, and it takes me a while to fully wake up in the morning. My parents used to claim they could walk around in my room and I wouldn't even stir in my sleep. So it shouldn't have surprised me to discover that my wrists were fairly well tied to my bed by the time I completely realized what was happening. 

As I groggily opened my eyes, I saw three women, Lila, Ruth, and Victoria, hurriedly working around me as I lay in my bed in my third floor room. Lila and Ruth were finishing tying my wrists to the head of the bed, and Victoria was pulling my right leg straight, and tying it to the foot of the bed. Next, as I finally started asking, "What the hell is going on?" she pulled down my left leg, and tied rope around the ankle. In short order, I was spread-eagled on my own bed.

"What's going on?" I demanded. "Why are you tying me up at this time of day?"

"Get the gag," said Victoria.

"I don't need to be gagged," I shouted. "I don't need to be tied up either, so stop this nonsense and mmmmmmp mmpffff mmmmm....."

Well, that was the last thing I said as the large plug went into my mouth and the leather strap was cinched up behind my neck. Another strap went under my chin, and more over my head, firmly holding the gag in place. So now I had no choice but to wait and see what would happen.

I habitually slept naked, and so had nothing on. Lila removed the blankets and sheet, leaving me spread-eagled there in all my glory. The three of them stood and looked at me, smiling, and admiring my stretched-out body.

"Together girls," Lila said.

And together they started -- "Happy birthday to you; Happy birthday to you; Happy birthday dear Dave; Happy birthday to you!"

And so it was, my birthday. I squirmed, as much as the stretched ropes would allow, and moaned into the gag that such was appreciated, but now it was time to untie me. But that was not to be. The three of them laughed, and then simply left, leaving me tied and gagged and wondering.

I was tied up at around nine thirty in the morning. Perhaps an hour later, Janice showed up. She walked into the room, shut the door, and stood looking at me.

"They did a nice job," she said finally. "Looks like you're set for the day, or longer,"

"Mmmmmm," I tried to say No! and shook my head.

"Yeeeesssss," she corrected. "And even if you don't want it, what are you going to do about it?" she chided.

Janice sat down on the bed next to me, and looked at my gagged face. 

"You're such a stud," she said. "Lila is right, you look good in those Levi's you bought. Such a nice tight ass. I could look at you all day."

Slowly she moved her hand to my chest where she played with my nipples and the patch of hair between them. She moved her hand playfully, running her finger nails along my skin, reaching up to my neck, then back down toward my navel. As she played, I became very erect, something she noticed I am sure. 

Janice's hand moved down playing with the area below my navel and around my erection, but not yet touching it. Then with the tip of her finger, she played with the head of my penis, turning her finger around it softly. It was electric, the sensation. My hard cock jumped and twitched as she toyed with it. She moved her finger nail down the shaft, and fondled my balls, now drawn up in what was left of their sack.

"Do you like this?" she asked playfully.

"Mmmmm," I said in the gag, nodding my head.

Janice kept up the teasing and playful touching for quite a while - never enough to get me to a climax, but enough to keep me thoroughly aroused and eager for more. Then she stood, and pulled down the shades, darkening the room. Slowly, in the dim light, she did a most erotic strip-tease. She shed clothes one piece at a time, stopping to physically tease me, keeping me erect, until she was down to a tiny black thong/g-string. Then she curled up on the bed next to me, and lay there with her nearly naked body against mine, her head on my outstretched arm, her free hand playing with my chest, abdomen, and now and then, my erection. She reached down and played with the skin on my upper legs, and my balls. It was about the most sensuous experience I had ever had, and I wondered how long it could go on. Of course, as she hit especially sensitive areas, I would squirm or try to rear up, held fast by the ropes, kept quiet by the effective gag that reduced me to satisfied grunts and groans of pure pleasure.

After what seemed like a rather long time, Janice moved, slowly pulling up her body until she was laying on top of me, looking directly into my eyes, her hands reaching up and holding my bound wrists. "Are you having a happy birthday?" she asked.

"Mmmmmm." I managed nodding my head indicating that I sure was.

"Do you want me to stop, or go on?"

"Mmmmmmm mmmmpf," I said into the gag.

I could tell that she was wet with arousal, her pussy resting against my body, her lower abdomen pushing down on my erect penis. Her nipples were erect too, and I felt them press into me every time she let her body down against mine Slowly she pulled herself up, then pulled herself down with my manhood inside her. Ever so slowly she had me enter her, not enough to bring me to climax. Then she rocked, or undulated, stimulating me and herself, but again inducing pleasure, but not climax. Still holding my wrists, she cooed her won song of happiness as I moaned my sounds of sexual ecstasy. It was quite a harmony, the quiet restrained rocking, stimulating but not yet satisfying. She kept it up for a long time. Finally, as she reached her own climax, she intensified the motion, and I exploded inside her with pulses that arched my body as much as the ropes allowed, again and again until I was exhausted. My mind saw black with perhaps a phantasm of colors as the orgasm drowned out all thinking and left me with only the ultimate release.

When we were both spent, she settled down, laying on top of me, my now diminished erection still inside her. We lay there for a while, enjoying the afterglow of lingering pleasure. 

"God, you're good when you're tied up," she finally whispered. "I don't think I ever want to let you go."

"Mmmmmmm mmmmm mmmmmm mmpfffffff," I tried to say that I thought she was pretty special too.

She laughed. "You know, when you are gagged, you don't make much sense. So you just have to listen, right?"

"Mmmmm," I nodded agreement. I wonder if she could see the smile beneath the gag?

After a long time, she slowly dismounted, again laying beside me, her hand playing with my chest again.

"Dave," she said in a serious tone. "I want to ask you a few things, and I want serious and honest answers. Do you promise you will be honest with me?"

"Mmmmm," I nodded agreement again.

"Good. First, tell me, when you are bound up and gagged like this, do you enjoy it? I mean, really, do you like this, or is it something you endure or actually dislike? Which?"

"Mmmm mmm mm mmmmmmm mmm," I said, which of course, she didn't understand.

She laughed. "Too many questions. Okay, first, do you enjoy it at all when you are tied up?"

"Mmmmm," I nodded, yes. For to be honest, I had come to find some pleasure in this bondage thing. And the episode I was in at that moment was intensely pleasant. I would be willing to do that any time.

"Really?" she asked again. "Be honest."

"Mmmmmm," I said, nodding agreement again.

"Dave," she said, getting quieter and more serious, "are you thinking of us getting married some day?"

I looked at her, laying beside me, and wondered how she knew. I had thought for some time that we should eventually marry. I was sure that I loved her, and I wished that for a minute I wasn't gagged so I could tell her so.

"Mmmmmm," I nodded agreement again.

"Do you want to marry me? If you could, would you ask me now?"

"Mmmmmmm," I nodded agreement.

"Can we get married at the end of this school year?"

I thought for a few seconds. No reason why not.  "Mmmmm," I nodded again.

She kissed me on my chest, again and again, nibbling my nipples, looking up at my eyes and kissing me again. 

I was suddenly engaged. It was quite a happy birthday. The only thing that crossed my mind was what I would say if someone ever asked me where and how I proposed. I doubt that anyone would ever believe the real story.

Chapter 14 Birthday, part 2

Janice continued to lay on the bed with me for a while. Then she got up, and returned with a cup.

"You probably need to pee," she said. 

I nodded in agreement. She held the cup to my now flaccid penis, and I relieved myself. It was clear that there was no intent to untie me or remove the gag - not just then anyway. Janice emptied the cup in my bathroom, then returned with a damp washcloth and washed my stomach and genitals making me presentable.

"We must do this again," she said with a smile. "And I guarantee you, after we're married and living together, you should expect to spend quite a bit of time nicely packaged for my enjoyment. I've discovered that I really get off seeing you bound up this way, or any other way. I've talked about it with Victoria - my feelings that is - how I am aroused at the sight of you tied and gagged - and she says I'm a natural dominant. I guess you're in for it. How about that?"

She smiled and dressed, slowly. When she had combed her hair, she sat in a chair next to the bed, looking at me. "Are you feeling Okay?" she asked.

"Mmmm mmmmmm mmmmmpf," I said, looking from side to side at the ropes and indicating that I wanted to be untied.

"Untie you!!!" she exclaimed. "I don't think so. Not for quite a while yet. Too many plans for your birthday. You just stay put (she laughed at her joke), and let what's left of the day unfold."

Then Janice stood, and left leaving me still spread-eagled and gagged on my bed.

Victoria came into the room perhaps an hour or so later. As I've said before, keeping track of time when you are bound, gagged, and isolated is difficult. Anyway, Victoria stood looking at me, then asked, "Did we have a pleasant time so far today?"

"Mmmmm," I said, nodding agreement.

"Well, that's nice. But your day has just started. It's my turn now. So be prepared."

Victoria in charge caused some apprehension in me, but there was little I could do about it. I guessed it was sometime in the afternoon, and since I didn't have anything else to do, or could do, I would just have to see what was coming next. I didn't have to wait long.

Victoria opened a sack she was carrying, and produced three bees wax candles and a book of matches. "Do you know anything about hot wax?" she said with a very nasty smile. I knew nothing about not wax. I felt I was about to learn.

Victoria slowly reached down and stroked my limp penis. She played with it for a while, until I was fully erect. Then she lit one of the candles. Holding my penis, and keeping it erect and perpendicular to my body, so that it pointed straight up to the ceiling, she began dripping wax onto my shaft. At times she tilted my penis from side to side getting wax on all sides of it. The dripping material was indeed hot, but not burning, and the sensation was startlingly pleasurable in a somewhat painful sort of way. As the first candle disappeared, Victoria went to the second, and then the third. Eventually my erect penis was covered in layers of wax that built up to over a quarter of an inch thick, maybe nearly half an inch. With another candle, Victoria built a base on my abdomen at the root of my penis, getting enough wax there to buttress my erection, so that it stood straight up without her having to hold it. Satisfied with her job, she stood, and smiled. 

"Still more coming," she said. 

From the bag Victoria pulled some red ribbon. One she wrapped around my balls, making a bow on the top side against my wax-covered phallus. A second bow went around the entire area where my genitals met my body, and Victoria tied the bow just above the buttress that was keeping my penis pointing obscenely toward the ceiling. 

"Very nice," she said, smiling at her work. 

Finally, with a bit more hot wax, she fixed a stubby candle to the end of my penis. "A birthday candle for the party," she said. "We'll light it later on, and watch to be sure it doesn't burn too far down." She laughed again.

Then Victoria left. I lay there looking down at my encased penis which wasn't really erect any more as it had shriveled inside the wax casing. But the wax retained its position, held by its foundation matted in my pubic hair and by the buttress.

Perhaps an hour later, maybe more, Victoria returned holding a large pan. "Now, you need to hold still," she cautioned. 
Standing right next to the bed, and bending down, in one quick motion, Victoria flipped the pan upside down and pushed it down on my chest about mid way between my neck and my crotch. Lifting the pan then, I saw that she had deposited a chocolate sheet cake on my prone body.

"Your birthday cake," she said. "I hope you like chocolate."

"Mmmmm," I grunted, nodding yes.

Victoria left, and returned later with a bowl. Slowly, she frosted the cake, smoothing out the chocolate material, covering the top and then the sides of it until it was encased in the sweet sugary plastic coating. A fair amount also got on my body around the cake, and Victoria used the spreading knife to work in patterns both on the cake and on my skin.

Again she left, and again she returned after a while. This time she had a cake decoration kit and some more frosting. She wrote, "Happy Birthday Dave," in white on the cake. She made little white flowers for the corners of the cake. She put a larger white frosting flower on each of my nipples. Next came a few green leaves, on the cake and on my chest to enhance the flowers there.

Finished, she looked at her handiwork. Lila, Ruth and Janice came into the room, and stood looking at me. Despite my mumbled protest, Janice brought out a camera and took pictures from a number of angles. Then Lila explained, the party guests should be arriving any time now. We're going to have a great time. And Dave, you don't need to do a thing because you're the guest of honor."

Over the next hour or so Janice's brother, Jordan showed up along with his girl friend. Three other members of the soccer team came, two with girls. Ruth's boy friend show up. I had only met him once. Two friends from high school, who went to this college, came - apparently either Jordan or Janice had invited them. My study partner from one of my classes showed up along with his girlfriend. Fortunately, my room fills most of the top floor of the house, so it is somewhat larger than the average bedroom. Two or three times they sang happy birthday, and everyone admired the cake and the single birthday candle. 
Victoria lighted the candle on top of my waxed prick, and they urged me to blow it out. Everyone laughed at the joke.

Lila and Victoria cut the cake, carefully as it rested on my skin directly, and they added ice cream to the plates. There wasn't much cake left when they were done, but they saved one piece, and then Victoria said I should have ice cream with my cake too, so she scooped out some and put it on my stomach. She slithered it around as I squirmed. It melted down my sides, making something of a mess in the bed. 

In time, Lila put out the candle so that I didn't get burned in a very tender location, although my penis had long since withdrawn down into the wax tube.

The party ended after about three hours – probably when the beer ran out. Everyone wished me a happy birthday, smiling as they left and saying things like "Don't get up, we'll see ourselves out," and stuff like that meant to be very clever. I had to admit it was quite a party. I only wish I had been able to talk to some of the guests. I suppose they didn't mind - that they understood.

When everyone had left, Ruth and Victoria cleaned up the remains of the cake and ice-cream. There were a few gifts. Janice opened them for me. Victoria gave me a very nice ball gag -saying that I needed one of my own. Ruth and Lila gave me a set of wrist cuffs. Janice gave me two brightly colored muscle shirts which she said I was to wear with my new Levi's. Jordan gave me five coils of rope, three rolls of duct tape, and a book titled "How to get Perfectly Nice People to do Perfectly Awful Things to You," which was a sort of advice book on how to get someone to tie you up, and suggestions on different positions for "love bondage."

Finally, only Janice was left in my room. It was evening now, and I had spent all day bound and gagged on my bed. Janice worked at removing the wax from my genitals, first cutting away the ribbons, and then gently pulling the wax from the bed/foundation that Victoria had carefully built. Some wax remained, but not much. We saved the phallic casing which came away whole. Janice laughed and said it would be something for me to aspire to - in size that is.

Then she lay next to me again, touching, teasing, tickling me as she had earlier in the day. Soon I was erect again, and Janice repeated her performance. The sex was as good as it had been before, the climax as dramatic. 

Finally, saying that she had planned to stay the night, but now decided that she had studying to do, and had better leave, Janice released me, cutting the ropes, and allowing me to unbuckle the gag myself. We kissed, and I repeated that I loved her, and was happy that at last we were engaged. Janice cried, and said she was so happy. She said that she wanted to re-enact our engagement moment again and again so she would never forget it. I said that I would go along with that.

End of Part 14

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