The Renter 11&12

by Studbound

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The Renter by Studbound
Part 11 The Spies

"It seems we have competition," Lila announced one afternoon. She had just finished with two clients, and in talking to them, she had learned that another group had opened up a similar enterprise across campus. 

"They call themselves Bondage Unlimited," she complained. "And they advertise prices cheaper than ours. And they have the gall to claim that they do a better job - better bondage, more 'exquisite' and better to fulfill fantasies."

"Well," I said, "free enterprise at work I guess."

Ruth was upset, and Victoria was livid. "How dare they cut into our territory," she shouted. 

"It's a free world," I said. "You don't have an exclusive patent on tying people up do you?"

"That's beside the point," Victoria stormed. "We came up with the idea, and now they're cutting into our business."

For a couple of days the three women fussed about their competition. Still they had a steady stream of clients, but more and more they heard about the other place, and how they boasted their superior abilities and cheaper prices. Janice and I listened to all of this and smiled. How many small companies and businesses must have felt just the same over the years when someone else came along and stepped on their toes, so to speak.

Then, one day, Lila and Victoria approached me and Janice. "We have a favor to ask," they said together.

"Yes?" I said, knowing that something was coming.

"We would like you two to go over there to Bondage Unlimited, pretend to be just an uninhibited couple out for a thrill, ask for an hour or two, and see what they do. Scout out the place, see what they have, and let us know what they are about. Will you do it?"

Janice and I answered together. I said firmly "no," while Janice said just as firmly, "sure."

"Just a minute," I said, turning to Janice. "You want us to go over there and get tied up just to spy on the other outfit?"

"Why not?" she asked. "These are your friends, and it would help them. What harm would it do, and it isn't as if you haven't been tied up for a couple of hours before. Let's do it. It might be fun."

So, reluctantly, I agreed. The next day at around three in the afternoon we drove over in my car, parked in front of the place, and walked to the door. It turned out that the building was an abandoned fire station with a rather large downstairs room where they used to park the trucks, and many rooms upstairs where the men lived while they worked at the station.

A man and women met us in the entry room, and we sat and discussed their services. They explained that all they did was tie people up, no sex or any kind of sado-masochistic play. They had packages of two, four, six or eight hours for twenty dollars the first hour and ten for each additional hour. Their customers were taken to one of the upstairs rooms and tied up on one of the cots where the firemen used to sleep. They showed us around the place. It was still somewhat Spartan in character. In two upstairs rooms we saw several men tied up and gagged, laying on the beds, some hog-tied, and some laying spread-eagled on top of the cot. All were gagged with duct tape. They were wearing regular jockstraps or speedo swim suits.

Janice and I said we would like two hours, and we paid the sixty dollars. The man and woman took us to one of the empty rooms upstairs, the one at the far end of the hallway. The man gave me a clean jockstrap, and the woman gave Janice a clean g-string. We stripped, and they put our clothes in closets built into the room. Efficiently and quickly, the bound and gagged both of us, setting us on beds on either side of the little room. We were both hog-tied, and they tied us down to the bed so we couldn't squirm off. They put spongy balls in our mouths, and then wrapped our lower faces with duct tape. It all seemed straightforward and simple enough. They left us, and we were there for our two hours.

After what seemed like an awfully long two hours to me, I began to wonder what was going on. We heard others down the hall, people talking, and some activity, but couldn't see what was happening. Time went on, and soon it was clear that much more than two hours had gone by. I could see that it was getting dark outside, and so must have been well past six in the evening. Janice and I squirmed on our beds, making what noise we could in our gags. Nothing happened.

We waited, squirmed, and moaned. Still nothing. Now it was fully dark outside, and still nobody came into our room. Then, finally, four people joined us, the couple who had tied us up, and another couple. They stood looking at us for a while, and then the man who had tied me up said, "Yes, we know who you are. You live with the Bondage Fantasies people across campus. They've sent the two of you to spy on us, and we don't like spies."

"So you will be our guests for a while," said one of the two women. "But don't worry - we intend to return you. But not for a few hours. So the two of you just stay here and we'll take care of you."

With that they laughed, and left. I could hardly imagine what they had in mind, but could only wait.  We were both bound and gagged far to well to do anything to alter our condition. Not much happened for a long time. Then, finally, after what must have been many hours, and well past midnight, the four of them came into our room. They untied the ropes that held us to the beds, but didn't release anything else. Then they added cloth wraps over our gags, and around our necks. Like mufflers for cold weather, I decided that these would further dampen any sounds that we might be able to make through the gags.

First me, and then Janice, they carried us down the steps. They took me to my car, and put me in the trunk. I don't know what they did with Janice, but learned later they had put her in the trunk of another car. Quietly they drove us somewhere.

It turned out that they took us back to Lila, Ruth and Victoria's. First they lifted me out of the trunk, and quietly took me up on the porch of the house. One of the men had a little drill, and he was working very quietly drilling some holes in the ceiling, the floor and the walls of the porch. I lay on the floor watching as he finished drilling, then screwed eye-bolts into the holds. Nobody made much noise, if any at all. I was surprised they could move so quietly. Tied and gagged and muffled as we were, Janice and I couldn't make much noise either.

Finally, one of the men released the hog-tie that bound me, and had me stand on the porch. He untied my legs and made me stand with my legs wide apart. Quickly the other man tied ropes around my ankles and stretched them to the eye-bolts he had fastened on either side of the porch. Now I couldn't draw my legs together. Another rope went from my bound wrists up to an eye-bolt in the ceiling. As they pulled the rope, my arms stuck out behind me making me bend over with my face facing the floor. 

With a pair of scissors, they cut off the jockstrap that I had been wearing. One of the men fastened a small rope around my balls, and attached it to an eye-bolt in the floor. Another rope bound my prick, and stretched up to an eye-bolt in the ceiling. Then they did the same with Janice, making her stand facing me, bent over with her legs apart, her wrists pulled up behind her. The rope from my bound penis ran through the eye-bolt in the ceiling, and down to Janice, through her crotch, and up to a second eye-bolt in the ceiling behind her, effectively giving her a tight crotch rope.

They quietly stood back, the four of them, and surveyed their work. Finally, they put a sign on the post by the steps to the porch. "This is what happens to spies," it proclaimed in large letters. As silently as they had come, the four of them drove off in their car, leaving my car by the parking.

So Janice and I stood there waiting for someone to find us. The position was extremely uncomfortable, and I knew Janice was as unhappy as I was. We tried making all the noise we could in our gags, but the combination of gag and mufflers kept anything from being heard.

It was around seven in the morning when someone jogging by the house saw the two of us on the porch.  Curious, the man stopped and approached. We made all the noise we could, indicating that we wanted him to free us. Finally, he knocked on the door, then rang the bell. After a while, a sleepy Ruth answered. When she saw us, she shouted for the others. They quickly started releasing us, and thanked the jogger for waking them.

I can't say how happy I was to finally be freed from that awkward position. Janice said that the crotch rope did have its positive points, but still was relieved to be cut down. Lila, Ruth and Victoria fell all over themselves apologizing for what had happened. We debriefed them on the lay-out of the competition, and they decided to just wait and see what would happen.

As things turned out, the competition was eventually closed down by the police for drug dealing – something that Lila, Ruth and Victoria absolutely refused to do. There wasn't even smoking allowed in the house. So the other people went away, and that ended that.

Chapter 12 The Quiet Room

"Dave," Lila said softly late one afternoon, "We have a bit of a problem, and we need you to cooperate."

"By doing what?" I said warily.

"By going down to the basement with Victoria."

"And what's going to happen down there?"

"Just go, please. It's important. Do what Victoria asks. Believe me, we will be in your debt for this."

Well, the three of them had been kind to me, allowing me to have Janice come and stay over night as often as I wished. There had never been any complaints about my coming and going, whenever I wanted. So I decided to find out what this was all about. I headed into the basement. I found Victoria there in the dungeon, waiting patiently.

"Dave," she said. "I want you to strip. I'm going to put you in a straitjacket."

"For how long?" I asked. I had learned my lesson.

"Dave, you won't be in the jacket any longer than is necessary. Believe me. That's all I can say."

"That's right," said Lila who had come into the room. "Please, Dave, cooperate."

I stripped and put on the jock-o-thong that Lila had brought with her. Soon I was trussed up in one of the nice canvas straitjackets that hung on the wall. Next came a leather plug gag which Lila strapped on while Victoria brought down something else that I didn't recognize.

"This is a muzzle," said Victoria. It goes on over the gag, and covers much of your lower face and neck area. She fitted the device around me, strapping it in place. I quickly found that it deadened any sound that the gag allowed me to make.

Victoria had moved to one side of the room where there was a small door which she opened. Lila led me toward the door. By it, they bound my legs tightly. Then they had me sit on the floor and hobbled me by stretching rope from my bound ankles under me and up to the cinch straps on the back of the straitjacket, making it impossible for me to unfold my legs which had my knees now tucked up under my chin.

Then the two of them, straining, lifted me and moved me through the small door into what appeared to be a tiny storage space. But the inside was lined with heavy cloth or carpet material. All of it was covered, sides and the roof which was just above my head.

"This is the quiet room," said Lila. "On rare occasion we use it for people who want to be tied up and meditate in a perfectly silent and dark place. It's almost impossible to hear anything that goes on outside, and nobody out here can hear you, especially with that gag and muzzle."

"For an explanation of why we want you here," said Victoria, "Ruth's parents are visiting tonight. That in itself isn't notable except for the fact that Ruth's father is a Baptist minister - a conservative Baptist minister. Of course, he would hardly approve of our little money making enterprise here, and he would definitely frown on your living here with us. To guarantee that nothing happens to spoil the impression that the three of us live here alone, and that we are simply hard studying college students, we decided it would be best if you were, to put it delicately, out of the way for the evening with no chance of mistake on your part or ours."

"So, you see why it's necessary, Dave, for you to be tied up in the quiet room. Now, we won't keep you there a second longer than is necessary. Ruth's parents usually show up around five or six, stay for a brief dinner, and then leave. You should be back in circulation no later than seven thirty, which means you'll be bound and gagged in there for about three hours - not too long at all."

"Thanks, Dave, for understanding and cooperating," said Lila. 

Then they closed the door. It was indeed silent in the room, and pitch black. After a while, I could see things. Images dancing around before my eyes in the blackness. I knew it was an illusion, but it was odd indeed, and a bit eerie. I also found again that I lost all sense of time. Had I been there an hour or three hours? I couldn't tell. I squirmed, and strained, but of course, there was no release. Even if I could play Houdini and free myself from that straitjacket, I doubt that anyone could do it in the strict confines of the little quiet room.

After what seemed like an eternity, the door of the quiet room opened a crack, and I heard Lila's voice whisper, "Ruth's parents have brought some video tapes of their travels visiting missionaries around the world. It looks like they will be staying until quite late. Sorry, Dave. If this had happened and you'd come home before they left, there would be hell to pay. Good thing we have you safe in here." Then she was gone.

So, I sat and I waited. I was getting used to waiting and being patient when one or the other of the women had me tied up. I could think erotic thoughts, let my mind wander. I fantasized that I had been kidnapped by a legion of Amazon women who were using me as a sex toy. That was fun except that my erection was bound up in the jock-o-thong, and since there was nothing I could do to release it, I had to put up with that discomfort.

I don't know how long I was there waiting, but it seemed like forever. Time must have crawled or even stopped. I couldn't imagine it not being very late at night indeed. I wondered just how long Ruth's parents might be staying. I heard nothing, saw nothing except the mirages that passed before my eyes, sometimes images, sometimes just what seemed like flashes of light. It was increasingly spooky.

When I thought I must have been forgotten, I tried crying out into the gag, and realized just how pitiful that sounded. There was nothing I could do but wait.

When I thought I would be there forever, the door opened. Ruth and Lila were there, and they pulled me out of the quiet room, removed the muzzle and gag, and began apologizing. It seemed that Ruth's parents had left around eight-thirty. Victoria had volunteered to release me, and the others thought she had. But Victoria didn't like to free men she had tied up, as I had learned, so she decided to leave me all night. So once more, I spent a rather long time bound and gagged. It was getting to be a habit.

I assured Ruth that I forgave her, and even Victoria, who looked at me sheepishly the next time I saw her. Deep down inside, I was actually liking this bondage adventure that I seemed to be on.

End of Chapter 12

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