The Renter 3&4

by Studbound

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The Renter by Studbound
Part 3 Curiosity

I settled into my new digs, finding them actually very comfortable. The steady stream of clients downstairs, mostly men but a few women, didn't bother me at all, and I got used to seeing strangers waiting in the living room either making an appointment or their turn to be tied up somewhere in the house. My girl friend, Sarah, visited me a few times, and once stayed the night. That didn't seem to bother my hosts, Lila, Ruth, or Victoria, who went about their lives as normal.

After about two weeks, I got up late one Saturday morning. In the kitchen I fixed a little breakfast, and ate it. Then I got to thinking about the dungeon downstairs. It appeared that I was alone in the house, so I decided to explore. Still dressed only in my pajama bottoms (which are really shorts), I headed down the stairs and through the door into the dungeon room. I remembered that the door would lock behind me, so I propped it open, and I found the light switch, turning it on and illuminating the room fully.

What a collection of gear. All around the room there was an assortment of things I could identify, and things I could not identify. Lots of leather straps and harnesses. There was one long row of gags. Arm and leg binders. Hoods. Every kind ofbondage paraphernalia that I had ever heard about. And then the straitjackets caught my eye. I had seen them in pictures, of course, but never had access to one up close. There were canvas ones, and leather ones.

I took one of the canvas jackets down and looked it over. On a whim, I put my arms into the sleeves, and wrapped them around my body. Of course, without the jacket strapped in place, there wasn't much of a sensation.

"Do you want me to buckle the straps?"

I just about jumped out of my skin. It was Victoria who had come into the room. She stood just a couple of feet behind me with a big smile on her face.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I was just looking," I managed

"Here," she offered. "As long as your trying it on, let me buckle the straps. You'll really get the feel of it."

She moved closer and began cinching up the four straps that ran down the back of the jacket. I felt the snug closeness as the jacked pulled into my body. Next she had me wrap my arms around and cinched them in place very tightly.

"How's that?" she asked.

"Feels fine," I said. "Quite snug."

"We need to do the crotch straps," she smiled.

"Oh, I think this is enough," I cautioned.

"You really don't know what it feels like if the crotch straps aren't done," she said more firmly."And these shorts are in the way."

With that she pulled down my shorts, and I stepped out of them. She reached between my legs and pulled up the two crotch straps, one on either side of my genitals.

"Now," she said. "What do you think?"

"I doubt I could get out of this," I said.

"That's the idea."

"Well," I said, "Thanks for the demonstration. Now undo this thing please."

"I don't think so," she said as she moved over to the wall where the gags hung on their respective hooks. She took down a large leather one, and brought over. "Open up," she demanded.

"I don't think so," I protested.

She grabbed my nose and squeezed it hard. When I yelped, in went the plug of the gag, and quickly she fastened the straps around my head. Next she shoved me toward one wall, grabbed some bungie cords, and fastened them to the back of the straitjacket. She then brought over a little stool, and standing on it, fastened the cords to hooks in the ceiling. I was stretched out, hanging from the hooks with the bungie cords allowing me some movement but unable to go anywhere.

"Mmmm mmmm mmmmm" I protested.

"Curiosity killed the cat," she said. "In your case, you won't be killed, but you're here for a while. Take a good look around. I've got to tend to business because I've got clients coming this afternoon. They'll enjoy seeing you hanging there. Bye."

And with that she left.

I've discovered that when one is tied up and gagged in a room without much else going on, like no clocks, television, radio, or windows, it's impossible to tell time. Maybe an hour went by, maybe two hours. I wasn't sure. Anyway, Victoria eventually reappeared and this time with two customers. They were young men, already stripped to jock-o-thongs. Not much was said. Victoria put one in a straitjacket like mine, gagged him, and hung him with bungie cords right next to me. The other one went to one of the large X shaped crosses, and was strapped to it, gagged and blindfolded. Then Victoria smiled at me and left again.

Another long period passed, and Victoria came into the room with a thin young man who didn't look eighteen to me, but may be he was. Anyway, he was naked, and had his hands tied behind his back. Victoria put a red rubber ball gag in his mouth, bound his legs and wrapped his upper body with more rope. Then she had him sit near a cage, helped him slide inside and shut the door. The boy just barely fit into the cage.Victoria got a lock and put it on the door. As she moved to leave the room, the man near me began to make noise in his gag. His friend chimed in, and both of them were moving as much as they could, moaning and groaning.

"Yes, I know," Victoria said cheerfully. "Your two hours are more than up. But I just don't feel like freeing you yet. Maybe later." To a chorus of Mmmmmms, she left and the four of us were alone.

It seemed like a long time before Victoria returned. Finally she released the two men, ignoring the boy in the cage. To my surprise, they didn't complain about the very long time that they had been captive, but instead fell all over themselves telling Victoria how great it was. Then they left and I was alone with the slender boy.

Shortly after that, Lila came into the dungeon, and walked over to me.

"Dave, I'm surprised to find you here, I thought you weren't into bondage."

"Mmmm mmmm mmm mmpffffff ffffff mmmmm."

"Yes, well anyway, is it true that you came down here by yourself?"

I nodded that it was.

"And is it true that you put on the straitjacket by yourself?"

Again I nodded yes.

"Did you resist or complain when Victoria strapped you up in the straitjacket?"

I nodded no.

"Before she bound and gagged you, did you negotiate how long she would keep you here?"

I nodded no.

"Well, Dave, I need to explain some things to you. First of all, Victoria really gets off tying guys up. She would happily do it even without being paid. It's her thing. And once tied up, she doesn't like to release guys. The longer they stay bound, the happier she is. She likes to hear them whine and beg. It really turns her on. Now, you got into this willingly. So you need to learn a lesson here. Before you let anyone tie you up, set down the rules, the limits, the time frame. Even so with Victoria, you never know - but most of her clients know that. In this case, I'm going to let her do whatever she wants. You'll stay here until she's good and ready to let you go. That may be tonight, and it may be tomorrow. And next time, be careful. Understand?"

"Mmmm mm mmmmmm mmmmm mmmpffff mmmpffff."

"I think that means you really want to be untied, but sorry, it's not going to happen. Enjoy."

Lila turned to leave, and then came back and said, "By the way, Dave, you're a pretty good looking guy." She patted my bottom, "And you've got a great ass. You should wear clothes that show off your body a bit more. Get some tighter tee shirts and buy yourself a pair of Levis 501 button jeans. Be sure they're snug fitting. You'll look great.

And then she left. So I hung there waiting for Victoria. She came around twice over the next couple of hours, and taunted me and laughed when I tried to beg her to free me. Finally, quite late that evening, she showed up with three clients. Two wanted the straitjacket treatment, so Victoria had to free me in order to make room for them. As I left the dungeon, she was busily binding the third man in a web of rope. All three were gagged, and the young boy was still in the cage. I have no idea how long he stayed there. Upstairs, as I passed through, now naked and heading for my bedroom, I saw five bodies bound and gagged and hog-tied in the main floor bedroom, all men and all in jock-o-thongs. Ruth and Lila sat together on the couch in the living room watching television.

"Hi, I see you're finally free," Lila chirped.

"Right," I said.

"Was it fun?" asked Ruth.

"I enjoyed every minute of it," I said not exactly lying. I had to admit to myself, I was starting to enjoy this bondage thing just a bit. But I determined not to fall into a long-term trap any more.

Part 4 The Celebrity

I managed to stay out of trouble for about a week, not getting my self deliberately or accidently tied up despite all the bondage that went on around me. Then one morning at breakfast, Ruth asked me if I could keep a secret. I assurred her that I could.

"Well," she said in her quiet way (Ruth is a very meek mild mannered person, small in size, with a voice so soft you can hardly hear her if others are around talking or the television set is on) "I've got a special client coming this afternoon."


"Yes, does the name Vanessa Starlight mean anything to you?"

"Sure, she's the lead singer with the Rumble Time Pot Stickers - probably the most popular band in the city. And she's got a body to die for."

"Yes, that's her. Well, she's my afternoon client."

"You're kidding!"

"No kidding," she said so quietly that I could hardly hear her. "Vanessa has been here twice. She seems to like to spend a couple of hours all tied up on the cross in the basement, you know, the one Victoria put you on by mistake. Anyway, she says being tied up gives her time to meditate and let her mind roam free without interruption."

"Really. Will she be stripped and topless?"

"Of course. That's our rule."

"My God, I'd give up my first born to see that."

Ruth laughed. "Well," she said after a while, "It could be arranged."

"What could be arranged?"

"I could arrange for you to see Vanessa Starlight while she's here."


"Well," Ruth managed in a soft conspiratorial tone, "If you were already there and tied up, it would seem normal. There have been others around when she was here before, and she didn't object. But we could never let you just go to the dungeon and take a look. But if you were there, and if you stayed longer than she did, it would be okay I think."

I thought it over for a while. I had to admit, I had been tied up twice since moving into my room. Neither were really bad experiences. And for a chance to see Vanessa Starlight bound and topless - well, it might just be worth it.

"What time should I be here?" I asked.

"Well, she's due at two. She usually stays for two hours. We should have you done up by one-thirty, just in case she's early."

I thought it over. My girl friend was coming to spend the evening with me, and, if I was lucky, the night. But that would be later. No problem.

"I'll be here," I said.

So at one-thirty I was in one of the jock-o-thongs, and Ruth was busy strapping me to the X shapped cross. She already had a large gag applied to my mouth - this one with many more straps - one under my chin, a couple that went up around my nose and between my eyes and over my head. When she had finished, she stood back and looked at me.

"Lila's right," she said. "You're good looking. Muscular. Delicious in that jock-o-thong." Then she left and I was alone waiting.

Sure enough, not too long later in walked Vanessa Starlight with Ruth right behind her. In one corner Vanessa stripped down to a tiny thong. Then Ruth bound her to the X-shapped Cross right next to me. She was more stunning than I could imagine – great breasts, firm and round with seductive nipples that stood out a bit erect. Her waist was small, her hips just right for her size. She wasn't one of those emaciated models - Vanessa had just the right amount of meat on her bones, and in all the right places. I couldn't take my eyes off of her, and suddenly I realized that my enjoyment was more than showing as my jock-o-thong began to stand out and point in a most embarrassing and obscene manner. Whether or not Vanessa saw it I don't know, but Ruth saw it, and I watched her conceal sly smile.

"Are you all set, Miss Starlight?" Ruth asked.

"Mmmmm," she said through her gag as she nodded her head.

"Now, are you sure you want the full all night treatment?"

"Mmmmmmm," she said again as she nodded her head again.

"Then all night it will be," said Ruth. "You'll have company as this client (she was pointing to me) will be here even a bit longer. We'll check on you now and then, but no matter what, we will not release you until tomorrow morning."

Then Ruth left. The chill that struck me was enough to bring my erection right down. "All night!!!" Shit! And I had to stay there as long as she did and longer! And my girlfriend was coming to visit. I couldn't believe it. For the second time I had gotten myself tied up and for considerably longer than I had bargained.

There was nothing to do but stick it out. It turned out to be a long night. Vanessa closed her eyes and apparently meditated. She never complained, and she seemed to relish the bondage. I just stood there (as if I could do anything else), and watched her. Something of a dream/nightmare. No other clients used the dungeon that night so the two of us were alone. None of my friends would ever believe me if I told them that I spent a night alone with Vanessa Starlight - and I'm sure they would think me insane if I told them how it happened, how we were dressed, and how we were both tied up.

Anyway, in the morning Ruth came and released Vanessa who praised the job Ruth had done binding her. She insisted that the long term hadn't been too long and that she would be back to do it again -- soon. The two of them left. So I would be released soon. Not so. It turns out that Ruth and Lila got to talking with Vanessa upstairs, and Ruth forgot all about me.

Victoria came down with a client who she tied and gagged. But she wasn't about to release me. It was almost Noon before Ruth remembered and came flying into the dungeon full of apologies, and set me free.

"Well, was it worth it to spend the night with Vanessa Starlight?" Lila asked me later that evening.

"Sure was," I said. And I felt a twitch in my pants as I summoned up the image of her bound on that cross.
"It sure was."

End of Part 4

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