The Renter 1&2

by Studbound

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The Renter by Studbound
Chapter 1 - Signing the Lease

I spent two years at the University living in the dorms. That was enough. I vowed to find something else for my Junior year - something nearby if possible, but away from the noise and often chaos of underclassmen. But my search continued to turn up either something far too expensive, too far away, two small, or some other problem. I had almost resigned myself to a return to good old McGintery Hall when I saw an advertisement in the local campus newspaper:"Wanted, renter male or female, to share rent with three women, large house, private room and bath 555-358-2829.”

I called right away - the paper hadn't been on the street for long so maybe there was a chance. A woman answered and gave me the address. It was within walking distance of the main campus - a large house on a back street not too far from fraternity row.

A very nice young woman met me at the door. She was dark hared, probably about twenty-two or twenty-three, with a engaging smile and a very nice body and she said her name was Lila. Inside we talked for a while, and she told me about the house. Three of them lived there; Lila, Victoria, and Ruth. Lila and Ruth shared two bedrooms and a bath on the second floor and Victoria lived in the one bedroom and a bath in the basement. On the third floor there was another bedroom, furnished, with its own full bathroom. We climbed up and looked it over. It was not perfect, but it would certainly do, and I decided to take it. It had a bed, a table, two chairs, and a book case. I would need to supply my own linens and blankets which was no problem. She told me I could easily have my own phone installed in the room if I liked, there had been one there before.

"I've a girlfriend," I said. "We're sort of engaged. Will she be able to - ah, visit?"

"Sure," Lila knowingly smiled. "No problem."

"The advertisement said $275 a month," I said handing her the money.

"Oh," she looked startled. "There's a $75 deposit and cleaning fee. I'm sorry, I didn't make that clear."

I assured her that there was no problem, and when I returned I would bring the rest of the money. Before signing the lease, she offered to give me a tour of the place. I saw the two bedrooms and a nice television room on the second floor along with the bathroom. The main floor had a roomy living room, done in rich dark woods filled with comfortable over-stuffed furniture. I noted that over the mantle above the fireplace there was a large framed poster which was taken from the old film "Arsnic and Old Lace." It was a photo of Cary Grant, sitting in a chair, bound and gagged. Having learned about the business the women ran, the picture seemed appropriate. In the dining room the women had a huge oak table with six ornate chairs. The kitchen was off to the rear of the house. Down a hallway there was another bedroom and yet another bathroom, a half-bath.

I looked into the bathroom, which had only a toilet and sink, and then, before she could stop me, I opened the door to the bedroom. I stood looking with my mouth somewhat open when Lila quickly grabbed the door and pulled it shut.

"Let's go into the living room again and talk," she said. When we were seated, she said, "There are a few things I didn't tell you."

I interrupted, there were two men in there and they were all tied up," I said. The room had a wall-to-wall carpet on the floor, but otherwise it was empty except for the two bound and gagged bodies. Neither person was wearing very much.

"Yes, I know. It's a bit of a business we run. For starters, here's our card."

She handed me a small business card and on it was printed, "Bondage Fantasies -- Your bondage fantasies at Reasonable prices" followed by the same phone number I had called.

I looked up at her. She smiled. "We found that a surprisingly large number of people are interested in spending a little time all tied up," she began. "Both men and women. Sometimes couples. But mostly men. We provide bondage as a service. For a price we tie you up and keep you tied up for given periods of time. You can bring a friend and have him or her tied up if he or she agrees - as a sort of exotic gift. We aren't into punishment or sex. Just pure bondage. Like I said, most of our customers are men. We seem to think that most of the people who get tied up are women being tied up by men but over eighty percent of our clients are men and many come back again and again. One of the two who you saw in there is new today and the other is here for perhaps the twentieth time or more. I've lost count.

I was a bit surprised, but finally managed to ask, "How much do you charge?"

"Are you interested?"

"No!" I said quickly. "But curious."

"We charge twenty-five dollars to tie you up and keep you tied for one hour. It's ten dollars for each additional hour with a seventy-five dollar maximum for anything over six hours. The longest we've ever had anyone here and bound was thirty-six hours. One client wants us to keep him tied for forty-eight hours and we're thinking it over."

"You just tie them up in that room?"

"No, the other room in the basement is our dungeon. We have some equipment down there, binders, gags, rope, harnesses, different chairs and fixtures which we tie people to."

"Is anyone down there now?"

"No, not at the moment. We're expecting one later this afternoon, but today is something of a slow day. It's not unusual for the room up here to have three to five people and the dungeon to have three to five more. That's about our limit. If you want a session, it's wise to make an appointment."

"They were almost nude," I asked.

"Yes, we have a rule. To be tied up you must be either nude or wear a little garment that we provide. Here, I'll show you one."

Lila walked into the living room and opened a drawer and removed a little item which she handed to me.

"It looks like a small jockstrap," I said.

"It was, once," she said, "but we modify them – remove one back strap and move the other to the center. It's a special jock for swimmers, so it's thin and the waist band is very thin too, about half an inch. We call them our jock-o-thongs. We have similar thongs for any women and any woman who is bound will be topless!"

Lila stood and walked to the bedroom and opened the door, looking in for a few seconds. Then she returned to the living room.

"I need to check now and then to be sure everything is okay," she explained. "The new guy asked for only one hour, and he's been there almost two hours now. We always give a bit of a bonus, especially if we're not too busy. I'll have to let him go fairly soon. The other man is here until late this evening, and he'll be getting company after a while. We do only voluntary bondage - nothing against anyone's will. Sometimes we do go a bit over the line when one of the fraternities hires us to tie up their pledges, but they usually go along without too much trouble. Many of them like it so well they return for more sessions and a few are regular clients. The second man in that room started as a pledge, and now he's graduated and works for the university. 

We have some professors as clients too - some of them are couples and we tie them up together. There's a small room in the basement which is more intimate and cozy with a heavily padded floor and walls and we do couples in there. Although we don't do anything against anyone's will, Victoria sometimes plays a dominatrix, and pretends to force the client into bondage while the client pretends to object. But it's all negotiated before."

"Wow," I said. "What an amazing business. Do you make any money from it?"

"We pay our rent and our tuition at the University, and food and expenses. It's profitable. People like our low prices. We're busy all the time. I hope this didn't put you off, but I'll understand if you want your money back. If you take the room, I don't think our business will bother you at all."

I thought about it for a while. I would be upstairs, away from the tied up people. It didn't seem that they were doing anything illegal - it was all very consensual. "I'll keep the room," I said.

The phone rang twice in rapid succession, and Lila answered, then returned to the couch. I just told two people that the room was taken. I'll be doing that all week I'm afraid. Rooms are very hard to find."

I explained that I would go and get my clothes and things, and would return mid-afternoon. It was only around eleven in the morning, and I figured it would take me three to four hours to get organized. Lila said that would be fine, I signed the lease, and said I would bring the remaining $75 with me when I returned. She showed me to the door, and I left.

Part 2 The Mistake

It took me less time than I thought to round up my things, and I was back at the house just about two-thirty in the afternoon. I parked my car as near to the house as I could - parking around the university was always difficult, and with the seventy-five dollars in my pocket, went to the house to settle that, and then return to the car and start unloading my things.

I still didn't have a key, Lila said they would get me one quickly. So I rang the bell. A different women greeted me - taller with dark red hair and a knock-out figure.

"Hi, I'm Dave," I said with a smile, "are you Victoria?"

"Yes. You're Dave, not Don."

"No, I'm Dave and I'm here, and I brought the seventy-five dollars. That's what I owe you."

"Excellent," she smiled. "Come right in."

I walked into the living room, but the girl took my hand and said, "Give me the money, then come with me, quickly. She led me to the kitchen, and through a door and down some stairs.

"I thought I should go upstairs," I said.

"Oh no," she said, "I want you down stairs."

That's a change I thought. We walked into a very dark room, dimly lit with a panel set in the ceiling. I could make out some furniture, but not see anything very clearly.

"Strip," she demanded.

"Excuse me," I said

"I said strip," she shouted, and quickly she moved behind me grabbing my wrists and putting on a set of handcuffs locking my arms behind my back.

"I can't with my arms in those cuffs," I protested.

She grabbed something off the table, moved quickly, putting one hand up to my nose and pinching it. When I shouted, she shoved something into my mouth, quickly pulling straps about my face, and securing them behind my head. More straps went up around my nose, over my head, and one went under my chin. I tried to pull away, but she was strong, and she held me. With my hands bound, there was little I could do.

Then she started on my clothes, cutting off my shirt and undershirt, and then cutting off my pants and underpants. I resisted as much as I could, but she held on tight. She had me lift my foot and then the other and off went my shoes and sox. I was naked. I protested again and again into the gag, but she ignored me. She moved me up against a giant wooden X along one wall, buckling my legs to the lower part of the frame. Then she released my arms but held one which she raised up and attached to a cuff on the upper part of the frame. My other arm followed to the other extension. So I was spread-eagled on the frame, gagged, and naked. More straps further secured my legs and arms and my upper body. Then she brought over a device I could not quite make out in the darkened room, and began to fasten it to my penis and testicles. I really protested, but she ignored me. She fastened two long strands of rubber or something to the end of the harness she had put on my penis, and these she reached up and fastened, one to each of my index fingers. Whenever I moved one or the other finger, it made my now very erect penis bounce up and down.

By now I was frantic, wondering what was going on. I begged into the gag, and she just laughed. "Okay honey," she said standing back and looking at me. The next twelve hours are yours, just like you wanted. And maybe a lot longer. I don't like to untie men."

Finally, Victoria went to a cupboard along the side of the room, and brought out a handful of small padlocks. She put one on each of the binders that held me in place, and one on the gag. Now I was not only bound to that cross and gagged, but locked up so that nobody but someone who knew where the keys were could release me.

At that point she moved away, and turned up the lights a bit. I saw one other person in the room, sitting in a chair, strapped to it tightly, gagged. Then I saw that there was someone in the second chair too, a smaller figure - a girl. She too was bound up and gagged. Both of them were nearly naked, wearing only bikini bottoms or thongs, I couldn't tell which. The girl was topless with rope criss-crossing around her lovely breasts They sat facing each other, staring at each other, unable to do much else..

"Enjoy each other's company," said Victoria. "I'll come back in a few hours and see how you're doing."Then she went out the door which closed behind her. I noticed that there was only a key slot on our side, without the key, we were locked in..

I don't know how long it was, but it seemed like forever. Victoria returned, and set about freeing the man and the woman. When they were untied and released with their gags removed, they were both effusive in their praise, telling Victoria how wonderful it was, and how they would be back again soon. I could see they were wearing the jock-o-thongs. They left the dungeon, and then I was alone.

Not too long after that, Victoria and Lila rushed into the room, and they began releasing me.

"We're so sorry," they both said over and over. "Victoria thought you were her client. He's one who wants forced bondage, so she forced you. She should have realized that his name is Don, not Dave, but when you gave her the $75, which would have been his charge, she just figured it was a mistake. When the real Don showed up, we realized that we had the new renter tied up in the basement! We're sorry about your clothes. The client wanted Victoria to force him and cut his clothes off as part of his fantasy."

A third women came in with a young man who looked nervous. She led him to the frame, and while I dressed, she stripped him and they tied him up where I had been, adding the gag and all the straps.

"He'll be there all night," they said later. "He's new to us, but he assurred us he can take it. Doesn't have much choice now does he?"

So they helped me to my car, and to take my things up to my room. Every now and then they had to stop and check on their clients. Apparently they now had Don in the basement along with the man I had seen them tie up and three men on the main floor. Later a couple showed up and Lila and Ruth took them down to the private room and apparently tied them up there.

I settled in, realizing that this place could be full of surprises. I hoped I hadn't made a mistake.

End of Part 2

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