The Renter 5&6

by Studbound

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The Renter by Studbound
Part 5 Retribution

My prolonged sojourn into voyeurism watching the local star, Vanessa Starlight, meant that I missed my date with my girlfriend. Now Janice is most understanding and when I explained that I had gotten involved in the library, and lost track of the time, she understood. No problem. We would get together again the next afternoon.

Janice came to the house about three, and we sat and chatted for a while in the comfortable living room. She had, of course, been there a number of times before, and had stayed a couple of nights. So she knew where my room was, and something about the house.

"I had a chance to meet Lila, Ruth and Victoria," Janice said as we talked. "They seem very nice, and they appear to like you both as a person and as a renter."

"I'm happy to hear that," I said. "They've gone a long way to make me feel comfortable here, and I like having my private room upstairs all to myself."

"Lila said she would be happy to give me a tour of the place today," Janice added.

"Oh," I said. "There really isn't much to see."

About then Lila joined us and asked Janice if she was ready to see the house.

"It's a large old house," Lila said "with considerable charm, large rooms, lots of natural wood, and surprises."

"Surprises?" said Janice.

"You never know what you might find around here," smiled Lila.

We walked up to the second floor, and Lila showed us her bedroom and Ruth's bedroom. There was a bathroom, and a small sitting room, all neat and tidy.

"You are already familiar with Dave's room on the third floor," said Lila, "So no need to go up there."

We went back down stairs, and saw the kitchen and dining room. Janice continued to comment on how comfortable the house looked, and how nicely the women had decorated it. I followed along, hoping we wouldn't find someone tied up somewhere, or go into the dungeon in the basement.

We went into the back bedroom on the main floor, and saw the television set and chairs sitting there. Finally, down the hall, Lila opened the door to the other bedroom. There were two naked men bound and gagged laying on the floor in the middle of the room. Janice looked in, and without batting an eye said, "An excellent space for your work and I see you have clients here today."

"You know what they do?" I said startled.

"Of course," smiled Janice. "Last night while you were in the library, they told me all about it – and then offered me a tour today."

"Oh," I said, surprised.

So we headed through the kitchen, stopping to look at some of its features, and then down the stairs to the basement. We saw Victoria's room and bathroom, and then into the dungeon. Janice walked around looking at all the gear hanging on the wall, at the large chairs used for holding clients, at the rack of straitjackets, and the row of gags. Then she looked at a large device on one side of the room.

"What's this?" she asked.

"It's a rack," said Lila. "We tie people up to it, and lay them out spread-eagle. It doesn't allow for much movement when the client is stretched a bit. A few of our regulars really like it."

"Boy," said Janice, "I would like to see how it works."

"Sure," said Lila. "I'm positive Dave would demonstrate, won't you, Dave?"

"I don't think so," I said.

"Dave," said Janice. "I really would like to see how this works. Please cooperate."

Well, I had misgivings about the whole thing, but finally agreed.

"What do I do?" I asked.

"Well, first of all, you strip," said Lila. 'You know our rules. Naked or a jock-o-thong."

"What's a jock-o-thong?" asked Janice.

"Dave, go upstairs and get one, put it on, and come back and we'll give Janice a quick demonstration."

So I went upstairs to the cupboard in the dining room where there was the supply of jock-o-thongs. I went to my room and stripped and hung up my clothes, put on the modified jock, and returned to the dungeon. Fortunately, nobody else was in the house other than the two men tied up in the main floor bedroom.

In the basement, Lila showed me how to lay on the rack. She fixed cuffs to my wrists and ankles. Then she fixed cords to the cuffs which had rings for that purpose. Finally she added one of the leather gags.I protested against needing a gag for a demonstration, but Lila insisted that a gag would make it realistic. Once everything was attached, Lila showed Janice how to turn the cranks that tightened the cords, and pretty soon I was stretched out spread-eagle. As Lila had said, I could hardly move, and the machine really pulled at my arms and legs. It was not entirely comfortable.

Janice walked up toward my head and looked at me. "You piece of shit," she shouted. "So you were in the library last night!!! Well, they let me peek in the door and I saw you right here, ogling that little tramp, getting your kicks looking at her boobs. But the worst thing is that you lied to me about it. An outright lie! Well, since you like this room so much, you can stay here for a while. A long time."

I protested in the gag, but knew it wouldn't do any good at all. Lila just smiled at me and said nothing.

Janice continued. "It seems as if Ruth has had to go home for a couple of days on family business, and tonight there will be an initiation for the college swim team's new members, so I've agreed to stay and help Lila and Victoria. You can stay here so you'll be out of the way, and while we deal with the swim team, they can also watch you for amusement. They'll see what happens to guys who lie to their girlfriends!"

With that, Lila and Janice walked out of the room, leaving me stretched out on the rack, tied and gagged and going nowhere.

The pulling on my arms and legs was quickly very uncomfortable, but there was nothing I could do about it. I stayed there for a very long time, and nobody came into the room at all. Finally, the door opened and in walked about eight young men all in bright red speedo swim suits. Lila, Victoria and Janice were right behind them. The women went to work binding the men's hands at the wrists, they stringing them up along one side of the room. They were all then gagged with red ball gags. They stood with their legs spread apart, and the women bound each man's right ankle to the left ankle of the man next to him until all eight of them stood there tied, their hands up over their heads, their wrists tied and rope hanging them from hooks in the ceiling.

The women left, and the swim team members moved about uncomfortably as much as the bindings would allow. They grunted and groaned to each other in the gags, but got nowhere.

After about an hour or so, the rest of the swim team must have arrived - about fifteen men. One was obviously the captain or leader, and he carried a wooden paddle. To the cheers of the rest of the team, he gave a fairly forceful swat to the bottom of each of the strung-up initiates. Then they voted about how much longer the eight would remain bound. The decision was between one hour more, five hours more, or all night. All night won decisively. The eight groaned and protested. The others laughed, then they all left leaving the eight still hanging by their wrists.

After another hour, the three women appeared and released the eight team members. Then I was alone again in the dungeon.

Finally, after another hour or so, Lila and Janice returned and released me.

"Did you learn anything from this?" Janice asked.

"Forgive me?" I asked. "I've learned my lesson."

"I hope so," she scowled.

We went upstairs. Lila said that the eight new swim team members had left along with the rest of the team, but privately the team captain and two other senior members had made appointments for sessions the next day. Lila had to check on five clients who were tied up in the main floor bedroom - while she did that, Janice reported how she had helped, and learned a lot about how to tie up someone. I'm not sure how happy I am to know that.

Part 6 The Model

Lila had just complemented me on my new Levi's, which I hoped were suitably snug, when she, Ruth, and Victoria asked me to sit down and chat for a few minutes. They sounded serious, and so I joined them in the kitchen around the table where they had coffee and rolls sitting out.

"Dave," began Lila, "We've decided that we need to get into the modern age. We need to make our services more widely and easily known."

"I thought you had about all the customers you could handle," I commented.

"Well, almost. But some come and go, and after a while we'll run out of those who just want one experience with us. The regulars won't support us, so we'll constantly need new folks to give us a try."

"Sounds reasonable," I added.

"So," put in Victoria, "We've decided we need a web site."

"A web site!" I laughed.

"Yes," said Ruth. "We need a nice appealing web site that will demonstrate the services we can provide."

"And we've hired a young man here at the college to do it for us. He's even gotten us a domain name," said Lila.

"We think it's clever," said Victoria. "We're going to be ."

"Bound for fun," I said. "Sounds appropriate I guess. But I think you've already made the decision and hired to man to do the job. What do you want to talk to me about?"

"Well," said Lila. "We need pictures to go on our web site. Pictures of a man exhibiting the ways we tie up our clients."

"Oh no," I said, seeing where all of this was going. "Not me. I've been tied up enough already. No, not me."

"Oh Dave," we were counting on you," signed Ruth.

About that time my girlfriend, Janice, joined us. Janice had spent the night with me, and she came downstairs having dressed and made herself presentable. "What's all this?" she asked.

"Oh, we asked Dave to do something for us, and he's not cooperating," grumbled Victoria.

"And we were going to make him such a wonderful offer," added Ruth.

"What offer?" I asked.

"Well," said Lila, we thought that if you would be our model for the web page, we would give you one month rent. That would be your pay for helping us."

"Oh," I said.

"Of course he'll do it," said Janice. "I'm sure he'd be willing to help even if you didn't pay him, right Dave?"

"Well," I paused. "I guess. All I have to do is let you tie me up a few different ways and have my picture taken - right?"

"Right," all three said together.

"And, to protect your anonymity, we'll see that you're gagged and blindfolded in each picture, keeping your face more or less covered and so you'll remain fairly unrecognizable."

I signed. "When do we do it?"

"This afternoon," said Lila with a big smile. "I knew you wouldn't let us down. The web designer will be here at two o'clock."

Janice came over and gave me a big kiss, smiled, got herself a cup of coffee, and joined us at the table. The rest of the morning proceeded normally. Janice went off to class. I spent time in my room studying.

At two o'clock I was down in the living room. Lila came in with a man about my own age. He carried a large case which he sat down near the davenport. Ruth and Victoria followed.

"This is Dave," said Lila. "He'll be our model. We'll start up here in the bedroom with a standard hog-tie, and then go to the dungeon. Okay?"

The photographer/web designer smiled and said that would be find. Lila and the others should get me ready. So Ruth went to the cupboard and got me a jock-o-thong, but I said I had already put one on. They smiled. In the den, I stripped to the jock-o-thong, and then walked into the empty bedroom. In a matter of a few minutes, Ruth and Victoria had me on the floor, tied, gagged with a large leather plug gag, hog-tied, and blindfolded. The photographer came into the room, and I assume took a few pictures of me laying on the floor.

Next the women released me, leaving only the gag and keeping my hands tied. We walked through the kitchen and down the stairs into the basement. There they replaced the blindfold. They retied my hands in front, and raised them up to the ceiling where they attached the rope to one of the many hooks. The photographer took his pictures. Next they put me on one of the large X-shaped crosses. Victoria cinched up the binding straps very snugly, and added padlocks for effect. After the pictures, they released me, and secured me to a chair with lots of rope. All the while I remained gagged and blindfolded. After that, I was released and put on the rack, stretched out tightly.

The photographer didn't say much. He just took pictures while the three women moved me from position to position. Lila announced that the last shot would be of me in the cage. At this I protested a bit in the gag, but Victoria had already bound my arms behind my back, and Ruth was busy tying my legs at the ankles, above and below my knees. I didn't resist as they had me sit, and maneuvered me into the cage. My knees were brought up in front of my body tightly as I scrunched up so as to fit into the confines of the cage. A piece of rope stretched from my ankles under me up the crack of my ass, and was tied to my hands behind my back. Then the women closed the cage door and fixed it shut with a lock. So I was in the cage wedged in and unable to move much at all. My head just touched the top of the cage, my back was firmly up against the door, my legs up against my body in front touched the front of the cage. The cage was almost too tight for my body side to side. It wasn't all that comfortable, and I would be happy when the final pictures were taken.

"Would you like to see the results?" asked the photographer. "These are digital pictures, you know.I can show them to you right away. I'll need my computer which is in the case upstairs."

"Let's go," I heard all three women agree.

I protested into the gag as I heard them all leave the room, and the door closed behind them. It was quiet. I was confined, bound, gagged, blindfolded, and hopefully not forgotten. I waited, and I waited. I couldn't do much else.

I was relieved when I heard Victoria's voice. From what I could tell, she had a client who she was tying up somewhere in the dungeon. Then she came over near the cage.

"We're having an interesting time up stairs," she said quietly. "He's showing us how to build a web page. Your pictures look great. It will be excellent when it's done. See ya!!"

As she left, I protested as loudly as I could, but I knew Victoria well enough to know that it was wasted energy. So I continued to sit and wait. Next, after what seemed an eternity, I heard Victoria release her client, and the two of them left the dungeon, so I was alone again. I figured it must be getting late in the evening by then.

The next thing I heard was Lila and Janice talking. I groaned into the gag, hoping they would release me. It was Lila I heard next to the cage. "Dave, you didn't learn much that day when Victoria put you in the straitjacket and hung you up down here did you? You never talked to us about limits or anything before you let us tie you up. So we can keep you as long as we want. So you think it over for a while longer. Janice and I are going shopping and when we return, we'll consider releasing you. Bye!"

When they did finally let me out of the cage, it was all I could do to stand. Wobbly, I stretched, moved my mouth around, and complained that they had taken advantage of my willingness to help them, and it wasn't fair. But they pointed out that I got a months free rent, so I shouldn't be too upset. I decided that they had a point, but I had finally learned the lesson. I would get a firm commitment before I ever let any of the four of them tie me up again – should that ever even happen.

The web page proved popular, and the counter showed a few hundred hits within the first two weeks.

End of Part 6

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