Paula & Jane Endure Elbow Bondage Training

by Emma Bond

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© Copyright 2014 - Emma Bond - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; D/s; naked; bond; rope; hogtie; elbow; bdsm; spank; foot; tickle; oral; mast; denial; climax; cons; X

Following on from the "The Proper Rope Job"

I had agreed to a challenge after Jane complained too much about how I liked to struggle and try to escape the rope she puts on my body. She added rope after rope and very soon I was in the strictest hogtie I had ever endured.

To be fair, she did offer me the challenge with the proviso that that if I could remove one rope from my body, she would be my slave for the month, and that each additional rope would increase that duration by another month. She would have been my slave for almost a year.

She gave me unlimited time to struggle free. The way she tied me, and how tight she tied me, cinching all the ropes, left me absolutely no chance. I always fall for the sucker bets. I really need to keep my mouth shut. It got me in to trouble now and it sure got me into a heap of trouble on that Brussels city break, when I was on a low ebb and feeling depressed. I guess I should recommend I be permanently gagged as that would keep me out of a lot of trouble.

I was tied up with rope at the ankles, above and below my knees; my wrists were tied palm to palm behind my back. Jane pinned my wrists into the small of my back with another rope before tying a chest harness rope cinching my arms to my side. The crotchrope was pulled so tight through my thighs I thought it was cutting me in half. This was tied to my wrists so every little wriggle added a hint of pleasure to my situation. With a harness gag and my hair tied pulling my head back, and I was in a severe back arch hogtie, it took all my strength and energy just to keep upright and unmoving as my body protested against my rope challenge.

Well I mentioned that I need to be permanently gagged some times as I asked what my forfeit should be if I lost. Jane said I didn't need to have one and that I was being tied up so tight because I always tried to struggle free. Well I said I was game to be tied up, but I should have a forfeit too as she would have one if she lost. Jane suggested "Elbow Tie Training". I readily agreed and Jane said she hoped I would lose just so she could add this to our routine. I mentioned that it wouldn't be fair if she didn't endure the training with me, which she happily agreed to.

Jane did a proper rope job on me! I eventually tapped out and Jane released me. I caught an evil smile as it flicked across her lips as she was massaging my neck and back after I had collapsed in an aching heap on the floor.

"Okay Honey. You agreed. So every day when we get in from work, we will spend an hour each with our elbows progressively tied together. That way we can get used to the ropes pulling them together and after a few months or so we should be proper little bondagettes. Just like in those pictures you love to see."

I nodded and purred as her fingers worked over my naked body as she kneaded the knots out.

"We can have a look on line to see if there's anything we need to be aware of. I wouldn't want to break you now." She kissed me on my neck and I responded and we fooled around and made love.

Well I couldn't think straight at work. It kept coming back to me we were each to be tied for an hour every day for as long as it took. For once I hurried home and saw Jane already on the laptop looking at and a few of the other fetish sites we use. She found something on the site run by Lorelei. So we sat down and read it, and then re-read it a few times.

It seems there are quite a few nerves that run close to the surface around the tops of the elbows. This could cause the arms to go numb or turn purple if the ropes are too tight and cut off any blood circulation. We also needed to be aware if the arms felt cold. Nerve damage could be permanent too. So we flipped on over to a medical website and looked up a few diagrams of the elbows. I had some trepidation when Jane asked me to strip and assume the position.

"Why do I have to be naked?" I pouted at her.

"Well I like to see you naked Honey, but also because you can also use the loo if you get cut short while I am making the dinner."

She tied my wrists snugly, palm to palm and then cinched them. Then she stroked a hand down my arm.

"You are shivering. Are you cold? You are trembling Paula. What's wrong?"

"Huh?" I was afraid, but I was also scared and excited too. "I am nervous after what we read."

Jane held up the safety scissors under my nose.

"Any of those symptoms and I cut the ropes off you. Your job is to tell me if you feel pins and needles or if it hurts too much. You have to tell me though. No suffering in silence this time. Okay?"

I nodded. With that Jane looped a length of rope and coiled it around my elbows pulling them in. Gradually she pulled the rope tighter and my elbows were drawn together more. When I grunted a little, that was when Jane eased up and cinched the rope coil forming a little rope bar between my elbows. I could see that as my shoulder blades were pulled closer together, my tits naturally thrust out.

Jane left me for a minute and went to the bathroom and brought back a mirror. She positioned it at my side and I caught myself in the mirror. I could see the little rope bar about six inched long between my elbows.

I was disappointed they weren't closer though, and I said so.

"Paula, Honey; we have ages to get them to touch. I am not going to wrench your arms together and hurt you. Besides, you have only just been tied up. Let’s see if you can last like that for an hour."

"You go and watch TV or something. Hell struggle and see if you can escape if you want. I'll be here cooking some dinner." As I walked off, she called after me. "Paula! You will tell me if you are hurting though right?" she said with a worried frown. I nodded and she kissed me and told me to run along and play like I was some little school girl.

I sat down on the cold leather sofa. It was summer but it was one of those rain drizzle days where it's depressingly grey. It was warm but not hot and it took ages for the sofa to warm to my body temperature.

I flicked the remote for the TV and sat watching an old rerun of the Men from Uncle-The Karate Killers. Kim Darby's character had just gotten kidnapped and I was imagining myself as her character, elbow tied, bound and gagged struggling; as she was taken to god knew where by her kidnappers, the karate killers.

I did as Jane said and I tried to struggle free of my own bonds whilst I was watching the TV. With my elbows tied, it was really difficult and I could already feel how uncomfortable elbow bondage was. You start to get a little ache around the rope and the elbows are placed in an uncomfortable position that they are force to bend inwards against themselves. Great if you are some double jointed acrobat I thought.

Jane came in at that moment with two plates of food and sat next to me. I was expecting her to untie me so I could eat my supper with her on the couch, but she was having none of that.

"Let’s play a little game." She said folding up one of the t-towels and proceeded to wrap it over my eyes. "Here comes the choo-choo train about to enter the tunnel."

With that I opened my mouth and Jane proceeded to feed me my dinner. It was very slow and sensual as she teased me by rubbing bits of food over my lips before allowing me to eat the food. I have to admit. I managed to taste the Seared Tuna and salad and the salad dressing as well as the soy and sesame marinade on the tuna, much more so than I would have done if not blindfolded. I felt a little bad as I knew Jane's fish was cold as she sat watching the TV with me as she ate hers.

I hadn't realised what the time was when Jane turned me around and proceeded to untie my wrists then my elbows. My elbows ached a bit but were not sore and Jane informed me that they weren't going purple or red and my hands weren't cold to the touch.

She stripped off and then turned and presented her hands behind her. Using the rope I had just previously worn, I lashed her palms snuggly together. Next, I looped the second rope a few inches above her elbows and pulled the rope tight and this drew her elbows into her back. I positioned myself to her side and using my free hand I pulled her elbows closer together before winding the rope around them. As I was cinching Jane's elbows, I was envious as hers were a lot close together than mine had been. I created a small little rope cinch between them and asked Jane if it felt good. She was almost purring.

"Wow Paula. I can’t really describe it but that feels so strict and secure I love it."

"Stop boasting." I pouted. "Does it hurt or is it too tight?" I ran my hands down her arms, and they felt warm. I guess I had done the tie right.

As Jane had made the dinner, I picked up the plates and padded off naked to the kitchen to do the dishes while Jane watched the television.

Shortly after, I carried in a couple of mugs of Cocoa into the lounge and turned the lights down. I lay on the sofa with my legs over Jane's lap. I offered the Cocoa to her lips and she took a little sip.

"Too hot for me, Honey. Can I have mine in a bit?" I nodded and put the cup on the side table and prodded a cushion and lay back on it.

"Shame you are all tied up Jane I would have loved a foot rub." I said as I teased her nipple with my big toe watching it as it grew hard.

"I could suck your toes though." as she lent and kissed my lower leg and ankle.

Now I am not big on foot fetish. I know I have a stupid amount of heels and boots. But never felt easy sticking my feet in someone's face to suck. I guess I am a little paranoid about having smelly feet and gassing Jane. Jane leaned back sliding lower down the sofa cushion and tilted so my feet rested on the arm of the two seat sofa we were on. As she leaned over my feet her hair brushed my legs and I trembled at the soft feel of it on my skin. Then she kissed and gently traced her tongue up the side of my inner foot until she reached the big toe. Gently she butterfly kissed over the toe, her eyelashes tickling my upper foot, before slowly easing it into her mouth. Her warm mouth bobbed slowly up and down on my toe like she was sucking a guy’s cock.

Her tongue tickled my toe as it slipped between the toes as Jane took my second toe into her mouth.

The warm air she exhaled from her nose over my upper foot had me murmuring in pleasure as I closed my eyes and her mouth took more of my foot in her mouth. I was enjoying this much more than I thought I would. It was my turn to start purring at her touch.

Then my foot was out of her mouth and her tongue was flicking over the sole of my foot tickling me. I pulled my foot away and sat bolt upright.

"No tickling. You know how ticklish I am". I set my legs down onto the floor.

"Up. Come on get up."

Jane looked at me in surprise.

I sat in the middle of the sofa and pulled Jane down and across my lap and started to paddle her bum with the flat of my palm. Several soft smacks across each cheek then a few harder ones before several rapid fire slaps all on the same cheek making Jane squeal for mercy.

Then my hand was between her legs and caressing her pussy and teasing her clit. Jane was soon panting as the feelings of an orgasm started to grow in her loins, which was when I cracked my free had down on her ass several times before building her to another crescendo before slapping her bum some more.

"Paula. Smack me harder." Jane murmured her face half buried in a cushion on the sofa seat.

I stopped. Taken by surprise, it had been such a long while I had been Domme, to Jane's sub.

I slipped two fingers into Jane's sopping wet sex and drilled them into her repeatedly faster, then slow, building her up into a crescendo.

Jane was panting face down into the cushion. "Please make me come."

"No." I slapped her bottom with a cupped hand which sounded a lot more vicious than it was.

"You." Another crack of my cupped hand on her other cheek.

"Will." Yet another crack on her first cheek.

"Not." My hand rapped down on the other cheek of her bum.

"Come." My hand slapped both her ass cheeks together.

I was fascinated at the movement of Jane's bottom cheeks as my hand rapped down on them causing a fleshy ripple effect on her skin as my hand warmed her ass. It was turning a nice shade of red.

"You can come when I say, not before. Hold it in!" I said to her between clenched teeth as I increased the speed of thrust as my fingers drilled into her wet pussy.

Jane had closed her eyes and was squirming, digging her fingers into the upper cheeks of her bottom. I guessed she was trying to prevent her orgasm as best she could. I slapped her hand away and ordered her to stop squirming, as I squeezed her bum cheeks with my free hand while I maintained the drilling motion into her fanny with my other. I squeezed hard and then more gently as I massaged her bottom, occasionally digging my red manicured nails into her flesh causing her to squeal.

Jane was moaning more. "Please Paula, can I come?" she half gasped half whispered in pleasure.

"Not yet Honey. Beg me some more." As I gave an evil little laugh.

"Please, Mistress Evil Domme Bitch From Hell, let me come, I am begging you." And Jane was begging me, and with all sincerity, as she panted out the words.

"Mistress Evil Domme Bitch From Hell? It's a good job I like that. I could so easily do this."

I stopped my fingers drilling into her pussy, but left them in her, right up to the base of my knuckles. Jane moaned in frustration. She opened her eyes twisting her head a little and half whispered, "Please."

Her eyes were imploring me to let her orgasm.

I continued to finger her drilling my hand into her pussy as fast as I could.

"Please. Can I come?" Jane was biting her lip, trying her best not to come as best she could, but I could sense she was about to explode.

"Come for me Jane. Right now!"

I felt as if my wrist was going to fall off but continued the twisting motion into Jane's wet hole. Jane had started to wail. I felt her stomach contracting against my upper thighs as she screamed out an orgasm, but still I continued the twisting thrusting action into her and massaging her bottom.

As soon as one orgasm had passed Jane was screaming out another into the cushion, as she exhaustedly begged me to stop.

I pulled out my sopping fingers and slipped them into her mouth letting her lick and suck her own juices. Then I gently massaged her bottom.

I was a little shocked how red I had made it, and was feeling guilty as hell. I helped Jane down onto the floor as she knelt in front of me. As I leant over to release her wrists, Jane pulled them away from me.

"Please. Not yet, Mistress." She twisted to face me and bent her head to kiss my knee. Then she kissed the other.

Very subtly she used her head to part my legs as she began to kiss her way up and down each of my thighs. Her mouth was very soft and warm on my thighs as she traced her way up my thighs with her lips, I could feel the tongue between them as it trailed up my thigh.

I couldn't help but lean back into the sofa opening my legs wider. I shivered as she blew warm air over my fanny. I opened my legs wider and clasped the edge of the sofa with my hands as if I was tied spread-eagled over it. Closing my eyes I imagined Jane between my thighs and I knew I was as wet as she was, and she had only blown her breath on my sex. I groaned as she did it again.

Jane's tongue flicked at my slit. Then it flicked again, and again. I murmured opening my legs wider pressing back further into the sofa as she licked my fanny with the flat of her tongue like it was a lollipop. Then I felt the tip of her tongue press and probe the lips of my vulva open. Then the flat of her tongue it rasped again and again tracing up over my hole and lapping up to my clit.

"Good girl. Don't stop." I whispered as Jane kept up her little onslaught on my pussy.

Her tongue stopped its rasping lick and the tip of it started to press against my clitoris. I knew exactly what Jane was trying to do. She wanted to press the little hood and slide it back exposing the sensitive little nubbin. Jane did this to me every once and a while and its effect every time was to turn me into a squirming breathless come slut wanting it to stop and yet not wanting it to. When Jane was running the show it never stopped after just one orgasm as she had me squealing and laughing in ecstatic exquisite torture.

Without her hands to keep the hood back it would take her longer to bring me to orgasm, as I squeezed my thighs against her head and pulled her head in tighter onto my pubic mound.

"Lick me out Jane. Right now. And don't stop for anything."

Her lips sucked at my clit as her tongue flicked over it in a nice little rhythm, which soon had me panting. As my legs squeezed Jane's head I knew I was making it harder for her.

"You can breathe in a minute. Your job is to make your, now what did you call me? Mistress Evil Domme Bitch From Hell. Your job is to pleasure and make your Mistress Evil Domme Bitch From Hell come. Got that Sweetie?"

I pulled her face harder into me the more aroused I became. Jane's tongue was relentless, pounding out its little rhythm. I sank back into the sofa breathless as I came. Jane's tongue worked more magic, as I came again this time groaning out loud. As Jane's tongue flicked my clit I shuddered in surrender and pulled her up away from my sensitive pussy.

I pulled her up and hugged her as I got my breath back and while she regained her composure. I kissed her full on the lips; my tongue probing her mouth as I felt the wetness of my own sex and her saliva pressing on our cheeks as she returned my kiss.

Kissing still, I fumbled to release her. I think that because we had tried something new it added that certain "Je ne sais quoi" to the evening. If that was day one, what could we do to better that, I wondered?

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