Paula & Jane Endure Elbow Bondage Training 2

by Emma Bond

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© Copyright 2015 - Emma Bond - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; D/s; naked; bond; rope; gag; hogtie; elbow; crotchrope; bdsm; spank; torment; punish; cons; X

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Following on from the "Part One"

Part 2: The Elbow Bondage Training Continues


Jane and I had been continuing our elbow training for the best part of a month, and it was frustrating me that Jane was more flexible that I was. Her elbows seemed to easily go together behind her back. It had only taken a couple of weeks for her.

Jane was my gorgeous lover who had found me in some self-bondage and we had become close and then became lovers. Lovers in the sense we were both bisexual liking guys, but just hadn’t found the right ones. She was an olive skinned brunette and to me she was a goddess. When the sun showed its self to the world she literally glowed.  

Jane noticed that it was beginning to annoy me, and was trying her best to encourage me, but I still had a good couple of inches before I could get my elbows together.

She had suggested we go to yoga a few times a week rather than swimming or doing cardio workouts that I was more used to doing. Doing yoga was slowly helping me to become a little more flexible.  

I had also bought some luggage straps as it is easier to pull the elbows together and tighten a luggage strap rather than tie and loosen a rope. I thought it would also be safer, just in case Jane or I had to tap out and we needed to be freed. We had been using them for the last few weeks.

Last week I had a good reaction to the ropes. It was Jane’s turn to cook that evening and I was to do the dishes after I had bound her. Jane had ordered me to strip naked as we had agreed from the first day. I folded my clothes and put them on a chair in the lounge. Being naked Jane said, would allow me to use the bathroom whilst she was cooking the evening meal. I was used to walking around the house naked anyway, and after a month I was used to walking around whilst I was tied up, and without me feeling too self-conscious.

We were still fooling around a few times a week teasing and toying with each other.  Jane just seemed to purr with her elbows tied up. She was even begging me to keep her tied longer than the hour. They were usually the days we made love, with her still tied up.

When I was tied, I had mixed days. Sometimes I could endure the bondage without any aches and pains. Other times it actually hurt. I never told Jane though. I used to grin and bear it which actually went against Jane’s original rules she had set. She knew I sometimes acted rashly and tied myself up in some pretty tight self-bondage ties.

Well it had to happen.  Jane had used the luggage straps and had bound my hands and then my elbows behind my back. I was in the lounge sitting on the sofa watching some drivel they call a TV programme when I thought I would struggle a bit and see if I could get free.

It was too good an opportunity not to try to get out.

When Jane used the luggage strap around my wrist she pulled the strap which bit into the buckle device then she continued wrapping the excess strap around my wrist and just tucked the loose end between the wrists. It was tight but it wasn’t cinched. I could feel that it was also the way she had tied the strap just above my elbows.

We had cut most of the excess of the luggage strap off, so there was only enough on the wrist strap to pull tight with a bare minimum left we use to make a cinch. The elbow strap we found needed a longer length, as we would be pulling the elbows in the wrong direction they were used to going in. The extra length on the elbow strap allowed us both leverage to pull each other’s elbows together.

Lying down on the sofa I tried to use the cushions to rub the elbow strap down my arm. After five minutes or so of trying that, it was useless. Both of the ties were no looser, however I had managed to free the excess strap and both were dangling free, so I tried to pull on the wrist strap to pull it down over my hands. Try as I might, my thumb joints were in the way and it was way too hard and tight to pull my wrists out.
I sat up and looked about the room trying to think of something I could use to get free. I got up and walked to the mantel piece above the fire. I was contemplating how I could use the candle sticks. Then it dawned on me.

I needed a hook of some sort I could jam my elbows under and then standing upright from my squat, I would be able to fidget about, teasing the strap over the elbows and down to my wrists.  I would only have to think of a way to press the luggage strap release button and my wrists would then be free.

Well that was all easier said than done.  I squatted at the corner of the mantel piece trying to use the wooden corner to rub the elbow straps. Another five minutes of trying was a waste of time. The corner kept slipping out as I stood up. The reason probably was due to me leaning forward as I was rising.

Foxed again I sat back down on the sofa wriggling my shoulders. I knew that was useless too but kept trying. I looked over at the door and then it dawned on me to use the door handles. The door handles are the round twist variety rather than the lever type. I knelt by the open door and pushed it closed. I positioned my bound arms under the door handle and tried to stand first on one knee. 

I could feel the door handle press into my shoulder blade and I tried to keep the pressure of the door between my shoulders as I rose. Wriggling my arms against the handle I could feel the strap very slowly edge down my arm. It took quite a while and I grunted in pain as the strap tightened but then gradually loosened as it inched down over the elbow joints. With the excess strap hanging down I could grab the strap and help pull the strap down at the same time as I stood up.

Another few minutes and the elbow strap was loose, and it had dropped down my arms to catch on my wrist bonds.

I was really happy at escaping the elbow tie. I knew I wasn’t flexible enough to just wriggle it loose. Standing up straight now, I moved to the mantel piece again. I used the corner of the mantel piece to press on the release button of the wrist strap, twisting, looking into the mirror above the mantelpiece to see to do this, while trying to position the corner directly on the release press of the luggage strap.

All this was done at the same time as trying to pry my wrists apart. Four or five tries and there was a little give. A few more tries and the wrist bonds opened about an inch. It was enough for me to wriggle one of my wrists free then the other.

I rose and walked naked into the kitchen.

“Hi Honey, want some help?”

Jane jumped out of her skin when I entered the kitchen. I reached for a glass of water. She was frying some chicken in leek and mustard sauce and she splashed the hob just almost splattering sauce over her blue jeans and AC DC t-shirt.

As I gulped down some water, I picked up a wash cloth and started mopping up the spilt sauce on the hob.

“You’re loose. How did you get free?”

“That smells good. It’s easy when you know how Jane.” I said grinning. I so wanted to tell her but for dramatic effect said nothing. I so wanted to be cocky and brag about how easy it was.

“You lost a bet Paula! Are you going back on the deal then, huh?”

There was a look of rage on Jane’s face. “You want your elbows to touch so badly and yet you escape the first opportunity. That wasn’t part of our deal. Fuck sakes Paula, this was building up endurance. I have been home every evening for the last month or so because you asked me to participate and also so I could spend the time with you. Thanks a bunch and chuck that back in my face then!”

“I am sorry Jane, Don’t be angry.” I stammered. I really hadn’t expected this response from her. Boy was she pissed off. I knew from the tone of her voice.

When Jane was mad she spoke with determination but never raised her voice or shouted. I am the screamer in the relationship. She turned off the gas on the hob.

“Come with me. Right now!” She growled at me.

This sounded much more like my Jane. For the last couple of months she had been the gentle placid one while I had had become the top. She grabbed my arm and dragged me back into the front room and threw me against the sofa so I stumbled and fell onto it.

“Wait there.”

I could hear her feet stomping up the stairs. There was a scuffing sound. She was rummaging in the suitcase under our bed we use to keep our bondage gear. There was more stomping down the stairs, and Jane reappeared. She threw a few coils of rope on the floor. Then she walked to the TV and turned it off.

“Now I have your full attention, you are not welshing on the bet. I know you like to try to escape, so if you want to play Houdini games then it’s obvious you need some more rope on you to prevent that.”

“Jane, don’t be unreasonable. I am sorry. Just put me back in the straps and we can start the hour again. Please Jane?”

“Oh no! You want to play. So we are going to play. Turn around. Get those hands behind your back. Now! I have put up with a lot of wankers today at work. I am not putting up with your bullshit too.” She told me as I turned and presented my hands to her.

I felt my wrists pull together as the ropes wound around. The rope was getting increasingly tighter and when she cinched my wrists I could feel the yank as she tied the knot.

“Jane that’s too tight. Please . . . ” I pleaded.

I knew when Jane was pissed off and we played our kinky games, I usually had to endure something tight and enduring. Sometimes I loved it and sometimes I didn’t. From Jane’s over reaction I thought I would be in big trouble.

Jane picked up one of the smaller coils of rope and shook it out and folded the rope in half.

I tried to stand up from the sofa I was on. Jane was up to my escape attempt and she dragged me back down and quickly roped my ankles the same way as my wrists. Tight and snug, with the yank on the cinch, to make sure I knew I wouldn’t be easily escaping anytime soon.

Taking up the longest piece of rope we had, she unfurled it and then she folded that in half too. Jane draped it over my shoulders and around the back of my neck before she brought the rope under my arms, looping the free ends between the bight forming a Larkshead. Jane added reverse tension passing the rope back around my shoulder to the bite again. She pulled my elbows together with one hand, pulling my arms against her chest squeezing my elbows together while the other hand used the rope to wrap around my upper arms. As she pulled the rope tight the pain increased and I gasped.

I felt the rope being passed over cinching my elbows. Jane was using her fingers to pass the rope over and under, and I could feel my lower forearms touching quite snugly. As she tied the knot she pulled the rope tighter and I grunted. “You want to play Houdini games, then try and slip your bloody elbows out of this.”

 “Ow. Jane that’s really tight.”

“That’s because your elbows are smashed together. I left no gaps this time. Now how do you like this?”

I felt the excess rope being passed up and under the rope on the back of my neck. Then there was a yank and my elbow rope felt like it was being yanked up my upper arms as Jane pulled the rope tighter pulling down on the neck rope and cinching that back at the elbow rope. I was now in a rope yoke type harness with the rope at my neck pressing down into my Trapezius preventing me using the same escape I had before.

Jane wasn’t finished yet as she passed the rope around my front and above my breasts. She passed the rope through the bite of my elbow rope and reversed the tension again and passed the rope back under my breasts. Then, what was left of the rope was finally used to cinch everything else together, tightening everything else before she knotted it off.  My arms were pressing against my back and I only really had movement in my lower forearms.

“Jane this is so tight. It’s really uncomfortable.”

“Are you asking me to untie you Paula?” She growled at me.

“Well . . . um . . . no. Not really. It’s just that . . . “

“Good. You presented your arms to me. You gave them to me to tie up.  I am not untying them. Your safety word is no good tonight.”

With that she pushed me face down into the sofa and started slapping my bottom cheeks hard. I grunted and cursed her calling her a bitch as she hit me. I could feel the heat in my bum as she rained blows down on me.

“Yes. I am going to be a bitch tonight.”

She picked up my thong and rolled it up and thrust it at my face.

“Hey that’s disgusting. They’re dirty.  Mmmph”

As I protested she shoved them in my mouth and held them in with the palm of her hand, gagging my mouth. Her free hand started twisted my nipple and I squealed and struggled in vain.

“That’s for calling me a Bitch. You get gagged for that. DO NOT spit those out.” For emphasis she tweaked my nipple and I yelled again through the small thin cotton panties in my mouth.

Jane pulled something out of her back pocket, and there, she dangled a ballgag in front of my face.


I twisted my head aside to avoid it, but Jane forced the ball in my mouth behind my teeth, and this pushed the cloth to the back of my mouth almost choking me. I grunted and mmmphed a protest.

I was lucky that Jane had used a medium sized ballgag of about one and three quarter inches. I tried to use my tongue to push the cloth forward against the ball, but it was impossible. Jane yanked the straps tight and buckled it behind my neck. There was no give what so ever.

“Think you can escape from me now Babe? What? The cat got your tongue?” She mocked me.

I grunted, and shook my head.

The rope at my elbows was so tight there was no way I could struggle to get out. I thought if I were able to sit up, perhaps move to the door again in little bunny hops I could try, but I knew that it would be a waste of my time as the yoke harness and the rope about my arms above and below my breasts made shucking the rope off me impossible.

“Oh dear, oh dear. I seem to have another piece of rope we haven’t used. What shall we do with it? You want a crotchrope or a hogtie? You don’t really deserve a crotchrope for escaping.”

I didn’t care. The ropes were so tight at my elbows I just wanted to sit quietly and wait for Jane to calm down and release me.

She folded the rope in half and started wrapping the rope about my waist. It looked much to long for a crotchrope, and boy was I right.

Jane positioned the bite just under my navel and passed the rope through my legs splitting my vulva lips. She jerked it up and I squealed again.

“Down on the floor. Paula. Come on move your arse or do I have to slap it again?”

I struggled to my knees and Jane half supporting, half guiding me, laid me down on the floor rug. She yanked on the crotchrope and I grunted my displeasure at the rope digging right into my sex.

This wasn’t as pleasurable as I thought it might turn out to be. Jane passed the rope under my wrist rope and tightened the rope and I grunted into my gag again.

“Ey. Op Id.” I tried to yell at her through the gag.

Jane didn’t stop it. She pulled my ankles up and passed the crotchrope under the ankle rope. She sat on my legs pushing them closer to my thigh as she took all the slack out of the rope. Then she passed the rope up to my elbow rope and tied the knot there, so it was out of my reach.

I could hardly move my arms at all now. Any wrist movement I made pulled the crotchrope deep into my fanny. My legs were bent into a very tight hogtie so that my fingers could feel and just touch my heels. I was extremely uncomfortable and Jane knew it. I had to keep the pressure off my legs because they wanted to straighten out. That would have dug the rope tighter into my crotch. I could only alleviate that by using my fingers to hold the rope at my ankles.

Jane ran her hands over me. I may have been uncomfortable but she has a lovely touch. Jane’s hands caressed my skin but also ran over the rope, making sure it was all snug and tight on my body. Then she swatted my ass a few times and I squealed at every blow. She got up and moved to the door. I looked up at her with pleading eyes to be let go as the ropes were so tight.

She returned my look with a hard stare, looking me directly in the eye.

“There you go Sweetie, we are all done now. I am going back to the kitchen to finish cooking dinner. I’ll leave yours in the oven as you seem to be a little tied up at the moment.” She laughed at her own crass joke.

The drool was building up behind my ballgag and the panties were soaked and some spittle started to flow down my chin. My jaw had started to ache a little but I still shouted at her.

“Erry unny, oo ow”

“Listen Honey, you really shouldn’t be rude to someone that has you at their mercy. I’ll be back to set you free in a couple of hours. Of course, if you can free yourself in the meantime, you can join me for supper in the kitchen.”

She turned the light off leaving me in complete darkness on the floor of the lounge. I shouted at her through my gag to come back and let me go. I tried to struggle but the crotchrope dug deep and I groaned and stopped moving. It was probably best to just wait the time out and everything ached about my body now.

Jane laughed at my discomfort. She turned and left, closing the door behind her, leaving me to my rope turmoil.

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