A Proper Rope Job

by Emma Bond

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© Copyright 2014 - Emma Bond - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; wager; bond; rope; hogtie; crotchrope; harness; ballgag; strict; tease; tickle; torment; stuck; lesb; climax; cons; X

Paula finds herself a willing victim to another of Jane’s impossible challenges. Hogtied severely and challenged to escape which ultimately would leave Jane as Paula’s own slave for one month for every rope that Paula can remove. Can Paula possibly escape to win her prize.


Jane had found me spread-eagled chained in self bondage to my hallway wall. A magic wand vibrator was torturing my fanny, wringing out an uncountable amount of orgasms. I was a shaking sweaty mess and sore from the constant vibrations, but unable to resist the urge to come over and over again. Jane proposed we take turns tying each other up. That night I had my first girl/girl sexual experience.

Somehow or other we eventually moved in together and bar one massive blip in our relationship. I spent such a lot of time at work one year I neglected our relationship and we grew apart. That was one of the most unpleasant times of my life. Jane left me after I exploded and said some really hurtful things to her. She was no innocent either, and the mud flew back and we laid into each other verbally.

I cried for a week. Then I met Charlotte who helped repair our relationship and the three of us became friends.

Again I took for granted the relationship, and Charlotte ended up seeing Jane. Jane asked me first before she said yes as she didn't want to ruin things a second time. I knew Jane really liked Charlotte. I spent another week crying to get over that, but said I can't keep them from being happy. Charlotte spent six months with Jane and they talked about kids which Charlotte really wanted at the time. Jane wanted to hold off, and they split up after a massive row. Charlotte quickly marriedsome guy she had known for ages who had a crush on her and they now have a young daughter. Jane thought Charlotte was cheating on her towards the end, but I couldn't confirm or deny that. It was my turn to be Jane's shoulder to cry on. It was a few months after the Brussels Eurostar trip. (see Brussels Weekend)

We drank some wine. Well Jane knocked back most of the bottle, while I listened and said the right things and passed the Kleenex tissues. To my surprise Jane started kissing my neck in the same familiar way, and I reacted in the same way I always did with her, and almost melted at her touch. I would like to say one thing lead to another but it didn't. I told Jane I wasn't going to be a rebound fuck. Embarrassed she staggered to the door to drive home. I took the car keys and told her the couch was hers for the night and threw her a pillow and a blanket. She cried herself to sleep that night in a drunken wailing mess, moaning all her friends hated her, while I laid awake most of the night in turmoil as I never got over losing Jane.

I slipped into her shower the next morning as I craved her touch. We kissed but I wouldn't make love to her. We needed to start from scratch and rebuild our trust again. We actually started to date again. Going out to a cinema, or a restaurant on a whim. It was at a night club when we were dancing and the slow music came on she did a slow gyration and turned and thrust her bum into my crotch rubbing herself up and down my body, her back teasing my breasts making my nipples hard against the flimsy top I wore. I stood in the middle of the dance floor and snogged her face off, oblivious to all the guys leering and cat calling. Jane called after them that if they kissed like I did they would be going home with her for sex and blow jobs rather than me, as she took my hand and dragged me off to the nearest Taxi cab home. That was a memorable night for the both of us. We have been partners ever since.

Jane also threw herself back into some bondage with me like we had never been apart. She wanted to try everything, and the stuff she enjoyed she wanted to experience over and over. Trawling the internet together we picked what we liked and didn't like and gave it all a shot. As a result I was spending less time in self bondage, and more time as Jane's bound and gagged fuck toy. And we both liked to fuck.

Bondage sex was different to our love making, and we did a lot of that too. There was an animal urge to be rough and fuck each other’s brains out. An urge to make each other come and come again no matter how much pleading that you couldn't take anymore sexual pleasure.

Ropes became tighter, ties more strict and gags; well let’s say that the pleading couldn't be heard with a two and a half inch Ballgag wedged behind your teeth. Clover clamps were purchased and used to counter the many orgasms. Being pushed face down over a table or the edge of a bed while being fucked hard by a strap-on cock with the weight of your body pressing down on the clamps on your tits, distracts you momentarily. The chain of the clamps, left swinging as you are vigorously butt fucked, making you forget your orgasm as the clamps are quickly released as you start to come. Intense isn't the right word to describe this but is the only word I can say to convey what I felt.

I just don't know what it is about rope bondage. It makes me shiver in anticipation. The urge just to be tied up.

Sometimes I like to just be tied hand and feet and gagged and be left alone to try to escape. Sometimes, when Jane is in a wicked mood though, she excels herself. As her willing victim I go along with the tie as it evolves.

Jane sat behind me and coiled ropes around my wrists cinching the slack and pinning my palms together. Then she knelt and crossed my ankles and repeated the tie, cinching my ankles snuggly together too. Jane had already tied the chest harness. The rope looped passed over my bare shoulders and under my arms which she used to bind my elbows snugly together.

She told me perhaps I should endure some elbow training. I grimaced when she tried to force my elbows together. I know I am not that flexible, but Jane eased off so there were six inches between the gap, which was a little more endurable. Then the rope harness itself. Rope coils around my naked body, above and below my breasts which she seemed to be squeezing together so my tits bulged out between the rope. She stroked my nipples with her hand and they became erect instantly. I shuddered with excitement. I had butterfly’s in my lower stomach and could feel the excitement building between my thighs.

I leant in to kiss Jane on the lips. She stroked my hair and her fingers toyed with my ears and I murmured in pleasure as her tongue probed my mouth. I responded, flicking my own tongue against hers. Her free hand went to stoke at my breasts again. I so wanted her to touch me down there, but she didn't.

"Stand up Honey. I want to add a crotch rope." Gingerly I stood, minding my crossed ankles. Naked, I stood before my beautiful tormenter. Jane looped a rope around my waist and pulled the rope through from the back, through my legs and up. The rope caressed my ass and before I knew it, Jane had pulled it up as tight as she could. I squealed. The braids of the rope were sawing into my vulnerable pussy. "That will teach you to be too eager for my caresses." She said to me matter-of-factly.

I looked down with a grimace. I used my fingers to pull at the rope parting my ass and the rope slipped a little from Jane's hand. "So you are trying to resist me huh. I know you love getting tied up. And yet you always try to wriggle free."

I nodded. "It's a game I've always played since childhood." I looked down at her. "Getting tied up and then struggling to be free. I can’t change that."

"Well sorry Honey, I don't want you to be free any time soon. I am going to do a proper rope job on you this time."

As she said it I could feel the heat rise in my pussy. Jane was going to subject me to something she had seen on the internet. I was pretty sure of that. Of late, Jane and I had slowly reversed our roles. At first I was the Domme to her.

Jane fed the rope back through my legs and then she pressed my hands down against my back. The rope was passed between my wrists and again once more before she passed it through my ass cheeks and back to the front. A knot was tied at the bottom of my pussy and I was wondering why Jane had placed it so low when I felt the yank again. My hands were pulled down as the knot rasped up through the lips of my vulva and up onto my clit. Jane put the rope under the waist rope and tied an unyielding knot. Every movement of my hands pulled on the knotted rope.

"Oh God. Jane that's so tight." I gasped.

"Keep complaining and I'll make sure it's pulled tighter!"

I couldn't imagine the rope any tighter than it was. My hands felt welded to the small of my back.

"Okay Honey. Kneel down." I gingerly and slowly lowered myself onto the carpet on my knees. Jane held her hands out to guide me, but I was convinced it was more to feel my breasts again. This time she pinched the nipples and pulled them tight. I yelped in shock.

"So you like to struggle and escape, huh. If you can remove a rope, then I will be your willing slave for a month. Every other rope you take off will add an extra month to my sentence. You can order me to clean the house, or tie me and use me and abuse me. If you order me to sleep in the garage or the shed I will because I will be your slave to do with as you will. Other than when I am at work, I will do whatever you command. So if you can free yourself, I will be your slave for the best part of a year. You get to take as long as you want to get free. All you need to do is hum a tune and I will untie you, but you will lose."

"Well I am already pretty tightly tied up. What's my forfeit?" I asked stupidly.

Jane laughed. "Well I hadn't planned on anything from my point of view. Watching you squirm would have been enough for me. But if you insist on paying a forfeit." Jane thought for a moment.

"I haven't finished tying you up yet. But if you want a forfeit so badly then it will have to be Elbow Training. Are you okay with that Paula? You will spend an hour every evening for as long as it takes with your elbows bound until we get them to touch behind your back."

Well this just added to my excitement. I always loved the pretty models with their elbows lashed tightly together. I knew this challenge would allow me to enjoy something similar.

"I accept, as long as you participate too. I would love to be able to tie and tease you with your elbows tied too."

"I accept. You know Honey; I am hoping that you lose just for that. Now you aren't just going to sit there and do nothing. If you don't try to make a proper escape I will add nipple clamps as well as spank you."

Her voice hardened as she said the last part. I knew I had to really try hard to get free. When Jane said she was going to do something she always did it.

Jane picked a rope up of the floor and started to loop it around my waist. I could feel the rope press my forearms into my back. Then she started cinching my arms into the small of my back. I was shocked. Jane wasn't going to give me a fair chance. I couldn't twist my arms at all now, and I said so.

"I did say I was going to do a proper rope job on you Honey. Now sit down on the floor."

I moved my legs sitting on my bottom, trying not to move my hands too much as I could feel the rope sawing at my vulva. Jane sat in front of me with more rope pulling the tops of my thighs together winding the rope several times around them before pushing the rope through the tops of my thighs to cinch them tightly together. As her fingers pushed the rope through my legs, her wrist brushed my fanny and crotch rope and I shuddered, wanting to climax but just not teased enough yet to do so.

The next part of my body to face Jane's rope coils were my knees which she tied snug. She tied above and below the knee making sure I was able to bend them. There is a tendon on either side of the knee which ropes can press upon. Jane had made sure this wasn't the case. I looked at her. She was intent on tying me up so didn't notice my looking. She seemed happy and content with her work and it dawned on me that she had planned something for me. It wasn't going to be nice either from the little smirk I could see on her lips. Sitting on the couch and taking my ankles into her lap and she quickly tied another rope to my already bound ankles.

I was looking at her rope work. The rope was very neat and cinched well. All knots were on the front of my body, with any leftover rope tucked into the cinch bindings. I admired how neat Jane had tied me up. Then I felt her Scarlet painted nails tickled the soles of my feet. She showed me no mercy and I bucked and twisted as she continued the onslaught, keeping my ankles tucked under her arm so she could use both hands. I was laughing and giggling so much, swearing at her between breaths and pleading for her to stop and that if she carried on I would probably end up peeing myself.

Jane dropped my feet onto the carpeted floor with a little bump. I could see the other piece of rope around my ankle now. There was a little loop of rope protruding. The rest of the rope lay in a little pile at the side. Then she rolled me onto my stomach with one little push. I was so restricted I could do nothing about it. Then I sensed her stand and she padded off to a side drawer of the coffee table. Out of it she pulled a set of straps. She padded back to kneel beside me again.

"I hope you like this Paula. I brought us a new toy to play with." She dangled the straps in front of my face and I looked up to see a leather paneled latex Ballgag in her hands. I looked at it puzzling how I was to wear it as it was a mass of straps.

"Is that what I think it is? No. You aren't getting me to wear that, surely." I mildly protested but Jane was having none of my protests. She pressed the leather paneled Ballgag against my lips and pressed. I opened my mouth in surrender.

"I am getting you to wear it Honey, and don't call me Shirley." I groaned at her Airplane film joke, while Jane was pulling the strap at the back of my neck tight. Then another strap went up over my head in an upside down Y shape as a metal ring sat above the bridge of my nose and the strap on the end of it was buckled in place. I could feel the pull of two more straps one each, behind my ears as the head harness was tightened up. Then two more straps were pulled crossing under my chin and buckled at the back of my neck. I felt Jane stick her finger in what must have been a D ring on the top of my head and wriggle my head from side to side. The strap on the left side of my face stayed firm but I could feel the straps give a little on the right side of my face. Jane fiddled with all the buckles and I could feel my head becoming more constricted in the straps. Another wriggle and Jane was satisfied.

I wasn't happy though and I Mmmphed my protest as much as the ballgag would allow me to. But that only earned another buckle to be fiddled with and I felt the pull of the ball press further into my mouth as the leather muzzle pressed harder onto my lips. I squeaked, and shut up again in case Jane tightened it up further.

This was not looking good for me. I prayed Jane wasn't going to hog tie me directly onto the harness gag. I wasn't sure if my neck could stand the strain if she did.

"There. That's so much better than having to listen to any whining complaints from you. It does look beautiful on you though." Jane grinned. "Now where was I? Oh yes! I have to finish your hogtie."

Jane pushed me over again pressing me against the floor. The free end of extra rope she had tied at my ankles was brought up to my bum and she pulled my ankles up with it. I could feel her fidget around on the floor. I guessed she was moving to a comfortable position. How wrong was I? She brought my folded knees up between her thighs and she sat pressing on my shins with her ass.

I felt my knees bend further until my thighs and calves met. I grunted. Then I felt the rope pass under a previous rope that had been passed under my arms and around the back on my neck. Jane's fingers pressed the rope under and then pulled this back towards my feet again. I felt her fingers pass the rope between the little rope loop at my ankles. Jane tightened the rope and I knew I was in a strict hogtie as my fingers could feel the heels of my bare feet.

There was almost no chance of me being able to escape I thought. As I was thinking this I felt Jane yank the hogtie rope again. It was a viscous pull that raised my chest off the floor and I groaned in protestas my back arched up. Jane pulled the rope again and got another few inches and I grunted my displeasure at her. This was the strictest tie I had ever endured.

Now I understood why she had tied the little loop at my ankles. She was using it as a pulley, to lever my back arch, pulling my breasts up off the floor. It wasn't really painful but it was very uncomfortable. I squealed as Jane yanked the rope again but there wasn't any give this time and I felt her tying the rope tight. The rope never slipped and I was stuck in a strict back arch hogtie. Now I knew there would be no way to escape from this. Jane had really done "the Proper Rope Job" on me.

And yet, I was also very turned on.

As soon as Jane sat on my legs to make the hogtie stricter and tighter, I was aware escape was nigh on impossible. This feeling of helplessness and Jane's determination to rope me as tight as she had to prevent my struggles, just added to my yearning for sexual release. The crotchrope pulled so tight into my fanny and was making me wet. The helpless feelings of being unable to prevent Jane doing anything with my body was turning me on so much, that I needed to come.

Jane sat back a few feet admiring her rope work, looking at me. I looked over at her above the panel Ballgag in my mouth. The ball was already making me drool, which try as I might, I could not prevent. Little rivulets of drool wet my lips and had started to run down over my chin. They were now leaking under the gag and forming long dribbles of drool, dripping slowly onto the carpet in front of me.

I didn't notice at first but Jane had a couple of lengths of short cord left near her hands and she picked these up and started to toy with them as I looked at her.

"I only have these left, Honey. Now what could we do with them I wonder." Jane laughed at me in an evil way.

I was dreading this. In my mind Jane was already tying my breasts as tight as she could, turning them a nasty shade of purple. I shook my head a little and mmphed "UUH UUH" which I hoped she would understand that I didn't want or need any more rope on my body.

Jane sidled over to me and knelt beside me. Her hands started to stroke my taught body.That's when I felt the smack of her palm into my buttocks several times on each cheek.

I twisted my head around to shout over the ball in my mouth "AAY, OP ID." Trying to get Jane to stop it.

"Now that's what I should do with the last two pieces of cord."

I still didn't understand. Then I felt Jane pull on my hair stroking it, and teasing it out in bunches behind my ears.

Shit, shit, shit, I thought. Now I fully understood what was to happen. Jane had bunched my hair into two neat little braided pigtails and was tying the cord into each. Then she folded my hair in half on itself and lashed the braids tight leaving about a foot of cord left over.

"NOH. . . ONT OO ID . . .LEEZE. . . " I pleaded over the ball in my mouth which only made the drool flow faster down my chin.

I shook my head in protest but Jane was pulling at the cords drawing my head backwards so I could only look up at the ceiling. I could feel the skin on my throat tighten as my head was pulled back. Jane was tying the cord down onto my rope chest harness. There was nothing I could do to reach it.

Every rope caressing my body was tight. My legs were bent so far back my heels touched my butt, but I could not reach for the rope to release my ankles as my hands were bound attached to a pussy splitting crotchrope. My hands were also pulled and cinched into the small of my back.

With my back arched tight into the tight hogtie I could only groan in protest at my position. With my head pulled so far back stretching my neck I was having trouble with the drool building up behind the gag. The only thing I could do to relieve it was blow; to force it out of my mouth and down my chin. I was actually thinking I could end up drowning like this. I was in the tie for less than a minute or two, and my neck was aching horribly already. Scrambling at the ropes near my hands to try to find any knot was hopeless.

I tried to shake my body to release any of the ropes that held me, but that was useless too.

I was really stuck now in a tie that was impossible to escape from. I groaned as every movement I made was making my body ache. I tried to twist and pull my hands out of the rope holding them but this dug the rope further into my fanny, which was very uncomfortable yet added to my excitement at being fully trapped. I groaned and closed my eyes, ashamed at how thoroughly beaten by Jane I was.

I tried to get free but I knew I was beaten as soon as Jane pulled the hogtie so tight. Drool was now dripping onto my tits and I felt the warm drool cooling on my body as it run over them. I started to grind my hips and pelvis into the carpet a fraction at a time. This pressed my clit down on the rope and I started to think erotic thoughts of a hero or heroine finding me as a bound damsel and releasing me; and then I make love to them in thanks. The more I pressed my hips the more real my fantasy seemed.

There was no hero now. A dastardly evil despot held me captive. I was pushed on my side as all the ropes pulled against my naked body. I felt the ropes move and scrape against my flesh. The tyrant’s hands caressed and toyed with my body. I felt hands rub and gently squeeze my tits before fingers and thumbs took each nipple and pulled, and then twisted, as I squealed a muffled protest from my gagged mouth. My eyes were shut fearing the worst from my assailant. The hands stroked my stomach and down to my pussy where they lingered and caressed the little strip of my pubic hair before the fingers twisted and pulled at the hair and I yelled a muffled protest. Then I felt the hand slowly and very lightly slap the rope directly over my clit and vulva lips. The soft rhythmical slaps teased the rope between them I gasped and the excitement built between my legs.

The slapping ceased and the stroking began again as a middle finger of a hand pressed between my legs and stroked over the rope pressing it into my clit. As the hand moved over my mound the other fingers started to press the skin of my vulva, squeezing it against the rope, which was turning me on so much I was panting. The hand stroked faster and became a little rougher and I started to groan as the orgasm built up inside me. Faster and faster the hand rubbed. I growled as the tyrant slowed the rubbing caress of my pussy. I wanted to come so badly. I shouted, pleading over the ball in my mouth.


The hand resumed its assault on my pussy and the other hand gently played with my nipples, and I screamed as such a powerful orgasm racked my body. The hand continued and I shuddered at the touch as I came again in short secession. I lay on my side, eyes closed, panting. The drool, flowing freely under the gag and over the carpet under me. I still couldn't move but I had the sexual release I needed.

I opened my eyes to see Jane leaning over me smiling. Then she rolled me back onto my stomach.

"I hope you enjoyed that Honey, I love seeing you orgasm when you are tied up. You drift off to a totally different place when you come like that. Now do you want to give up? I really can’t see how you can wriggle out of this."

"UH HUH" I mmmphed, over the latex ball in my mouth, in an affirmative noise.

I was beat. Intensely orgasmic as this tie had made me, I ached and I could only wriggle my fingers and my toes.

"Sorry Paula, I don't understand a word you said. You want to try to escape a bit longer? Okay. I'll be back in ten minutes or so to check on you. You have fun trying to get out."

I looked at Jane. She knew I had submitted and that I couldn't get free. The wicked cow grinned at me and slapped me hard on the ass as she got up.

"NO! ANE, LEEZE ET EE OH . . . . . . . UMM ACK. . . . . . . . ANE. . . . . . OO UCKIN ICH"

I yelled as hard as I could for her to come back but she had gone into the kitchen and I could hear crockery rattling as she was fixing herself a drink.

The next ten minutes lasted for what seemed like hours. My neck hurt tied back the way it was. I couldn't move my head more than millimeters and every time I did, I thought my pigtail braids were about to be ripped out of my skull. I was back to square one again as the drool welled up behind the latex bung in my mouth.

I had to blow drool out of my mouth yet again as it rapidly built up in my mouth. It flowed from under the gag and dripped long stringy drips onto the carpet in front of me. I was trying my best not to panic as the under chin straps of the panel gag were digging into the sides of my neck.

My breathing was shallow and I tried my best to breathe through my nose. The urge to swallow was immense, but every time I tried, I couldn't quite manage to do it with my neck forced back as it was. The ball in the mouth prevented any sort of muscle movement of the neck and mouth that would allow you to swallow; a normal every day thing one forgets about, but made almost impossible now.

Rage burned inside me. I was going to kill Jane when she freed me. But then again, she had given me plenty of chances to opt out. I now raged at my own longing to be severely bound and gagged with no escape. I was a prisoner to my own pent up sexual excitement as much as I was a prisoner of my lovely Jane. That was when I felt the heat and longing to orgasm rising once againin my loins.

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