The New Office Decoration

by Steff

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I would like to thank FredFred5151 for allowing me to use his idea.

Part 2

It had been a few days since I, Robin, was used by Felicia Knight, my friend and boss, to demonstrate a bondage stand that the company I work for makes. I was getting more and more excited as the day ticked by until one of the bondage-stands I demonstrated would be delivered to my house. 

Just before lunch I got a text from Felicia asking me to meet her in her office. I saved my work and went right up. Her office was basically the same since the last time I was there but there was a new bondage rack in the place of the last one I tested. Before I had a chance to look it over, she hung up the phone and walked around the desk. Once she got to me, she grabbed me and gave me a really passionate kiss. 

After one of the better kisses I received she said, “This is the latest thing you are going to test for me but that’s after lunch. Let’s go eat and I will tell you a little bit about the rest of your day.” We stopped by my desk so I could get my purse and away we went.

After ordering food from a local restaurant, she continued, “When we get back, I am going to lock you into that rack, tease you and make you cum many times before the day is through. Since today is Friday, when I am done working and since you will not be in any condition to resist, I am going to kidnap you and take you to my house. You will then be my little sex toy until I feel like letting you go or Tuesday in time for you to get to work since this is a three-day weekend, whichever comes first.”

“Don’t I get a choice?” I asked. 

Since I had already spent a few weekends at her place tied up, she looked at me in mock shock, “Of course you do. You told me you wanted to try out and demonstrate new things. This is your chance. The payment for doing it is the weekend as my sex toy.”

“Wait a minute!” I exclaimed. “You pay other people to do that but I have to pay you to let me do it?”

She laughed and said, “I don’t want people to say I am playing favorites with my girlfriend.” 

“Girlfriend. I like the sound of that,” I said.

We continued with lunch just talking about normal things. After lunch we went straight to the office and she told me to strip. Once I was naked and my clothes were put into a cupboard in her private bathroom I walked into her office. Since Felicia was on the phone I walked over and examined the new device I would get to know personally in a few minutes.

The whole thing was made from some kind of shiny metal. There was a round base and coming from the base was a thick slightly angled pole. About a foot up, attached to opposite sides of the pole, were a pair of cuffs about 4 inches long, obviously for someone’s (my) ankles and lower legs. About a foot above the ankles cuffs was a piece protruding outward from the inside of the bend of the pole. That piece went out a foot and ended with a “T.” At the end of the “T” were two just like the ankle cuffs but smaller diameter, obviously for wrists. Coming off the top of the “T” was a narrower pole that went upward at a slight angle ending in a two-inch-wide collar. From the front of the collar was a ring gag attached to a thin, arced pole that positioned the ring higher and forward of the collar. The ring gag had two flat narrow metal bands coming off both sides. The main pole coming from the base continued up for about 18 inches and was topped with a small pad just big enough to comfortably support someone. The pad was in the center or a large ring that was about an inch thick of metal. Naturally all of the cuffs, the collar and the big ring were opened.

I was so engrossed in examining the device that I hadn’t heard Felicia hang up the phone and walk up behind me. She reached around, grabbed both my breasts and forcefully pulled me back into her. She bit and held the lower side of my neck in that perfect way to send tingles all over and caused me to melt in her hands. She continues to bite and such on my neck and massage my breasts for a few minutes. When she finally releases me, I am super excited and I can feel my pussy is really wet. 

“I am glad I am naked because if I wasn’t, I would have to change my panties because they would be wet after that,” I say breathlessly.

She giggles, then asks, without releasing my breasts, “What do you think?”

Moaning, I reply, “I think you better hurry up and lock me into it or I will rape you in your own office.”

“First, you cannot rape the willing,” she replies as she forcefully squeezes my breast and pulls them forward. She uses my breast to steer me around the device so I am standing behind it in a position to get on it. “Secondly, I have every intention of locking you in, right away.” She released my breasts, slid a step stool next to the device. She walked around to stand next to the device, took one of my hands and said, “Step up and lay forward on the pad.”

Using her for support I did as instructed. Like I thought the pad was just large enough for support and a little comfort. As I leaned the rest of the way down my neck fell perfectly into the collar. The angle of the collar forced me to look up from my position and because of its position I had to open my mouth to take the ring gag in or it would push uncomfortably against my face.

I heard a click, like a lock locking, then a faint whine as the big ring on the top of the stand slowly tightened around my waist. The tightening stopped when it was snug enough to prevent me from moving my waist but not tight enough to restrict breathing. Next Felicia closed the collar and it locked automatically. She then closed the bands coming off the sides of the ring gag. The bands snuggly wrapped around the sides of my face and joined behind my head. They then locked together and she squeezed them. The band ratcheted together until Felicia got the tightness she wanted and stopped. The band held the desired tightness even after she released them.

Felicia knelt down and one at a time locked my wrists into the cuffs waiting for them. My arms were extended fully and slightly under my chest. The cuffs had just enough rotation that they were comfortable. They were also tight enough that there shouldn’t be any chaffing issues when I struggle. Lastly my legs were pushed forward until the opened cuffs were locked around them. I was now firmly attached to the device. I was held bent over with my ass sticking out for the world to see and my mouth opened begging to be used.

I struggled trying to get out and despite my best efforts I was held firmly in place. I don’t think I even wiggled the stand itself; I was so strictly restrained. I yelped when my ass was smacked. After 3 more smacks Felicia walked around in front of me holding a riding crop. She knelt down and kissed my ring gagged mouth. She stuck her tongue into my opened mouth. After several minutes she stood up.

“Even gagged you are such a great kisser,” she said. She walked behind me and again I yelped when she smacked my ass 3 more times with her crop. I was given a couple minutes before I felt a lubed finger into my ass. She worked it in and after wigging it around, she inserted a second and then a third finger. After a minute or two she removed her fingers and told me to relax. I then felt the tip of a butt plug being pushed into my ass. 

Felicia slowly worked the plug into my ass until it was fully settled into me. Just when I thought she was done, the plug inflated. The plug kept getting bigger until it was almost uncomfortable before it stopped. 

“What do you think? Do you think it’s going anywhere any time soon?” she asked. “Dam! I hate that phone.” Before she walked away, she turned on the butt plug’s vibrator. All I could do was moan and slightly shake my ass. 

Felicia knelt in front of me again. “There are some investors outside my office. I can make them wait until I release you or, I can cover your head with a hood and you can stay. Keep in mind they will probably want to play with you.”

She removed my ring gag and looked at me for a reply. “As long as you used the purple hood with the lack of eye opening, and you put the ring gag back.” 

Grinning, she kissed me before she got up and retrieved the hood. “As requested,” she said as she slid the hood over my face. This was my favorite hood she had here. It squeezed my head firmly but comfortably. Since there was no opening in it for my eyes, I was completely blind. Lastly because of the thickness my hearing was muffled. I opened my mouth when I felt the ring gently pressed against my lips. Once the ring was again behind my teeth the metal bands were tightened around my latex covered face. 

Felicia slapped my ass once, turned the butt plug’s vibrator intensity up then wished me good luck. I heard her greet some people and start talking. I was only able to understand a few words but not enough to know what they were talking about. 

I jumped, as much as my restraints permitted, when I felt someone shove two fingers into my wet pussy. I heard a comment about my wetness before he began to wiggle his fingers. He inserted a third finger and then really began to move them around. It didn’t take long before I was rocked by orgasm. I groaned and wiggled against my restraints as the pleasure washed over me. After the orgasm receded, he removed his finger and then shoved them into my opened mouth. I moaned and then began to lick his fingers. He removed his fingers then left me alone.

Felicia rubbed my face and said, “You're doing great. I’ll say it like it is…They want to fuck you as we negotiate our deal. I promise I didn’t set this up and I will make it up to you. This is a massive deal and great for the company.”

Even through the hood I could tell she was telling the truth so I said the best “Yes,” I could around my ring gag.

They were obviously eagerly waiting because they pounced on me. My mouth was the first to have a cock shoved into it. The guy grabbed my face, held it firmly and forcefully fucked my face. It only took a minute or two before he shot his load into my mouth. He kept his cock inside me until I was forced to swallow his cum. I was surprised to realize how much I enjoyed the ruff treatment. Felicia had always been firm but gentle, loving over all. This was more forceful and it really got me excited. 

Just as I finished swallowing a cock slid into my pussy. This one again was forceful and demanded attention. After just a couple thrusts I was rocked by an orgasm. This orgasm was as forceful and all consuming as the cock that caused it. I wiggled and twitched uncontrollably as the wave of ecstasy slammed into me. The cock continued to thrust into me and my orgasm continued until he shot his load into me. 

I wasn’t given a break before both my mouth and pussy were filled simultaneously and I was getting it from both sides. The force of both cocks and the lack of control caused another orgasm to rock me. Just like the last one, this orgasm was intense and long. It stopped only when the guy pulled out of my pussy. The guy that had is dick in my mouth kept it there until I was again forced to swallow his load.

The cycle repeated and my butt plug was removed so my ass was included in the activity. I really enjoyed the cock on my ass. I had toys and fingers but an actual cock felt really good. I was given a few breaks when the ring gag was temporarily removed for water, but I was used regularly by them and was exhausted when they finally stopped. I heard the good byes, and sagged into my metal restraints. I was surprised when I had a small orgasm when I felt cum leak out of my ass and run over my pussy.

“You’re a real mess girl,” Felicia said. Nothing happened for a minute or two then I was carefully released from the hood and rack holding me. As the hood was removed, I saw one of the design engineers helping Felicia release me. I had talked to the engineer about the first device I tested so she knew about the games Felicia and I play. They carefully laid me on the floor at the base of the stand. I was so exhausted and messy I didn’t even notice the pool of cum they had laid me in.

I woke up later to Felicia gently shaking me. She helped me up and walked me into her private bathroom. She removed her cloth, led me to a shower. After rinsing me off she led me to a large bathtub full of hot water. She set me into it and then sat behind me. After being scrubbed by her and well pampered I finally was dressed and sitting on a sofa in her office.

“Those guys own or manage several high-end fetish clubs around the world,” she started. “They like to be in control and that’s why they showed up unexpectedly. They were impressed with the company’s product. With the demonstration they bought several items for us at their clubs and they agreed not to remove the company logo from them. They also gave us a lifetime VIP membership to all their clubs. Yours is as a sub and mine is as a switch. It looks like you are going to get a massive commission check for this.”

“I would say it was nothing but you know better than that,” I replied. 

With a wicked and mischievous grin she said, “They also requested something special and want you to model it…”


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