The New Office Decoration

by Steff

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Part 1

When I was in college I met Felicia Knight. She was a year ahead of me in school but we became good friends. During my second year in collage we got a 2 bedroom place together. I liked not living in the dormitories so I could practice my hobby, self-bondage. I have liked bondage since I was in high school but I never found someone I trusted enough to tie me up. That left me doing it to myself. I spent the next 4 years getting a Master’s Degree in business. Felicia however left after only getting a 4 year degree because she came into a fortune and started a business. I had stayed in touch with her so she showed up to my graduation and offered me a job. I was surprised by the money she offered so I accepted.

She gave me 2 weeks since I have to move out of state to her main office. I was surprise by the company’s size. The company owned a whole sky scrapper, all 90 stories. Felicia’s office was on the 69th floor and yes I did comment on the number. All she did was laugh. My office was on the 82nd floor. I spent the next couple months updating the books and then I started looking onto better ways of doing business. In just 4 months I had changed several processes and as a result the company’s profit had more the doubled. For the first time since I had started Felicia called me into her office.

As I thought she had a massive corner office. She was sitting behind a large desk and had a 3 monitor computer on one side. In front of her desk were two large comfortable looking chairs. She told to sit in an authoritarian voice that all but forced me to sit right down. “I must say Robin you have been really busy. To be honest I knew you were going to do good here because you are so smart but I had no idea you would do this good.” Felicia said.

“Thanks ma’am,” was all I say.

She laughed and said, “I am going to make you an offer. You sign a 3 year contract with the company. In return I move you to this floor, give you a 100% pay raise plus a percent of the money you save me.”

I was surprised to say the least. “I don’t know what to say…”

“For someone that I thought was smart you are sometimes dumb. You say YES!” she said.

“Yes,” I said. I was about to continue when her phone rang. She excused herself and left after telling me to wait for her. When she left I got up and looked around her office. There was a large window that had a great view of the city. Hanging on the walls were pictures and there were samples of some of the things we make displayed around also. When I looked at the pictures and displays I realized that they were all from the sexual lines of the company’s products.

After about 10 minutes Felicia returned, “What do you think?”

I hesitated for a few seconds and said “It’s an interesting choice. Over-all I like it.” We discussed the details of my new job before I left to move to my new office. I liked the office mainly because I had a window and a door not a cubical.

About a month later I was called into Felicia’s office to discuss a new product line. We were about halfway through working out the details when she got called out again. Just like last time I got up and looked around. Most of the things had not changed but there was a new stand in the corner behind her desk next to the window.

The stand had a thick well-polished black metal plate for a base. Coming up from slight off-center was a pole about 8 inches in diameter. The pole raised about 5 feet high then curved out ending in a hinged ring also made of metal. The ring was about 1.5 inches wide. There were 2 pairs of rings attached behind the pole and connected together. Those rings were also about 1.5 inches wide and hinged. Below that were 2 more rings sticking out slightly from the front but lower to the ground. About half way up the main pole sticking out from the front was a rod that had 2 dildos sticking up. The dildos were about 6 and 8 inches long with the longest one furthest from the main pole. I examined the pole further and discovered the rings had a locking feature.

That was when Felicia asked, “What do you think of my latest decoration.”

I blushed and said, “It looks good, intense but good.”

“Would you like to try it out?” she asked. My jaw hit the floor then she continued. “I know you like, or at least liked to play self-bondage games. You left some of your toys out then we were in school.”

“You didn’t say anything. What did you think?” I asked.

“I really wanted to join in and tie you up myself but I could not bring myself to ask and I never caught you in the act. Let’s fact it how do you go up to your friends and ask ‘how would you like me to tie you up?’ So I never did.”

“What do you mean by try it out?” I asked.

She replied, “I mean strip, put on some heels and hop on. The bands will close automatically once you are in the dildos and close the collar. The whole thing is computer controlled. You hop on and give you a fun little ride.”

It took me a minute to realized she was serious, “You mean right now?”

“Yes I mean now,” Felicia replied. “Nobody just walks into my office and my secretary knows I am not to be disturbed. What do you say? I am offering you a chance to get tied up at work, still getting paid and no fear of getting in trouble by the boss.”

I thought about it for a couple minutes as I circled the pole and finally said, “Ok. I will give it a try.”

“Good. You remove all your clothes and I will get you some shoes. What can I say, the dildos are too high for you without them. From the looks however the heels will not have to be very high.”

I removed my clothes, folded them then I sat and waited for Felicia to return. She came in with a few different pairs of boots with different sized heels. She helped me lace the knee high black leather boots up. I then walked over to the pole. She handed me lube so I lubbed up both the dildos. Then I said, “Here we go.”

I stepped onto a small stand and then over the dildos. I carefully lowered myself down onto them. The shorter one went into my ass and the longer one fills my pussy. The dildos looked like metal but they were softer and felt really good. Felicia removed the step stool then I leaned back so my neck was in the upper most ring. Reaching up I closed the ring around my neck and pushed it into place. With a soft click the collar was locked in place. Next I placed my legs into the lower rings. One set is at my thighs and the other is at my ankles. Just like Felicia said when my legs are in place the rings close automatically and lock into place. Then it was time for my arms. I reach behind me and the pole positioning my wrist into their waiting cuff which quickly close and lock. After a couple of tries I manage to get my elbows locked into play. The rings are so close together than my elbows are almost touching.

Once everything was locked I began to struggle. The metal cuffs held me tightly in place and the weight of the whole thing keep it from moving anymore than a gentle rocking. As I struggle the dildos don’t move at all. That adds a lot to my helpless feeling. I know how that once Felicia moved the stool I was already trapped by them alone.

“What do you think?” Felicia asks.

“Well I am stuck and my crotch is stuffed,” I replied. “I like it however. So now what? You just go back to work and I stand here looking helpless?”

She gave me an evil grin and said, “That’s the general idea. Please keep it down. I have work to do and if you make too much noise I will have to gag you. The timer is set to release you at 3:30 so just relax. You are here until then.”

Felicia then sat at her computer and started working. Because of the angle I could not see what the was doing so I just wiggled and struggled. All that did was make me horny knowing that I was stuck on those dildos. After a few minutes the dildos began to vibrate. Felicia just giggled when I yelped in surprise at the sudden and intense vibrations. This was not the first time I had something in my ass but it was the first time I have ever had my ass vibrated and it felt really good. The vibrations continued until I was rocked by my first orgasm. The orgasm built up fairly slowly but when it washed over me it was intense. The pleasure consumed my whole body but accumulated in my stuffed crotch. I felt like I was in heaven. This orgasm was the best one I have had. The stand held me in place so I was forced to do nothing but enjoy the ecstasy I was feeling. The pleasure continued for what felt like a long time before I started to come down.

As I recovered Felicia was standing in front of me with a big grin. “Was that as much fun as it looked,” she asked.

In between deep breathes I replied, “God yes. That was awesome.”

“Good. I am glad you liked it because you still have 90 minutes to go. I told you that you had to keep it down so I can get some work done,” she said. She held up a rubber ball-gag and said, “Open up. It will make your life a little easier if you co-operate.”

Since I knew I was not getting loose I just opened my mouth. Grinning Felicia stuffed the ball into my mouth and tightly buckled it behind my head. She then returned to the computer and started working again. About 20 minutes later the dildos started to vibrate again. Not long after the vibrations started I was getting close to cumming however the intensity of the vibrator was turned down. I groaned in frustration because my building orgasm was delayed. It took another 10 minutes before I exploded in ecstasy as my orgasm finally rocked me. This orgasm was extremely intense. I wiggled and twitched as I lost all control of myself. The orgasm was all I knew, it was my whole existence.

This time when I started coming down from my orgasm the vibrators didn’t stop. They continued to torment my pussy and ass. It took almost 20 more minutes before I was again rocked by another orgasm. This orgasm was long but not as intense as the others but since the vibrator again continued the vibration were more then my over sensitized crotch could handle. I started to struggle and fight but the metal restraints held me firmly to the stand and kept the vibrators deep inside me. Felicia had turned around was was watching me for a few minutes before she just turned back to her computer and continued working.

I had another 2 orgasms before Felicia turned off the vibrators and removed my gag. “Well it is time to get you off the stand.” She gave me some water then the bands unlocked. With her help I was able to get off the dildos and stand.

“That was a wild ride,” I said.

She nodded and said, “I am glad to hear it.”

I then got dressed and left for the day. When I got home I showered and went right to sleep. In the morning since I had so much fun I looked up the stand to see if I could afford it. I was shocked at the price and knew there was no way I was getting it anytime soon. Life at work returned to normal and I continued to work hard. I was getting bonus after bonus because I was working so well. I started to really get into my work because I had found an area that I if I could improve it like I thought the bonus should pay for the stand.

One Friday when I was close to completing my work, Felicia can into my office with a worried look and said, “I need your help!”

I stood up and replied, “Calm down and tell me what you need.”

“I have a group of people here to exam the companies products. If they like what they see they will become one of the largest buyers and they will take our products overseas,” she said. “The problem is I had a model arranged to be locked on the stand but she canceled. I was hoping that since you liked it so much you would do me this favor.”

I stood there for a minute then asked, “You want me to be naked and model the stand when you negotiate a multi-million dollar deal?”

“Actually you will not be nude. You will be wearing a latex catsuit we make. Your face will be covered,” she replied. “I really need this. What do you say?”

“I think I am going to regret this but sure. Let’s do it.”

Felicia hugged me then had me follow her to her office. Once in the office she told me to strip. After I was naked she handed me a red latex catsuit. I sat down and started to put it on. Since the inside was lubed up my legs slid easily into it. I stood up, pulled the suit up to my waist and then worked my arms into the suit. The suit had attached gloves that fitted nicely over my fingers and 6 inch heels for my feet. There were also holes in the front of the suit that my breasts poked through and an open crotch. Next Felicia wrapped my waist into a corset and started to lace it up. The corset was also made from red latex but was so thick and heavily boned that it didn’t stretch. Once she was finished lacing it my waist was reduced by 6 inches and I couldn’t bend at the waist at all.

Felicia gave me a couple minutes get used to the corset before telling me it was time to become part of her “Office Decorations.” She helped me as I stepped onto the stool then down onto the dildos.

“These feel different,” I commented.

“They are. This is an upgraded model. Don’t worry you will enjoy the upgrade,” she said as she closed the stand’s collar around my neck. “Stay just like that. I want them to see the self-bondage option work. All you have to do it put your limbs into the base of the rings and they will close. Wait until I tell you to.”

She reached up and pulled the attached hood in place over my head and zipped it tightly behind my head. The hood had a built in cock gag that was larger than I would have liked but since I really had no choice I opened my mouth and accepted it. My eyes were covered so I couldn’t see anything and there were pads in the ears so my hearing was greatly reduced.

I stood there for just a couple of minutes before I heard some people enter the office. Felicia greeted them then walked over to me. I heard her telling them about the stand, how it worked and the suit I was wearing. She then told me to continue. So I stepped back putting my legs into the waiting rings. The rings closed and locked into place. Once my ankles and thighs were tightly locked to the stand I reached behind my back and after 3 attempts I got my wrists into the rings and they too were locked in-place. My elbows were easier this time and I got them locked into place on the first attempt.

I wiggled and squirmed a little to show that I was really stuck. After a few minutes I felt both the vibrators come to life. The vibrators were really intense and surprised me so I jumped a little. I heard the laughing then I felt someone messing between my legs. It was a woman and she commented of the strength of the vibrators. I felt more hands messing with the stand, the locking ring holding me in place and the suit. Because of all the activity and the vibrations I had my first orgasm fairly quickly. I started to wiggle and twitch as the orgasm hit and the pleasure washed over me.

The orgasm was intense but fairly short. I heard Felicia tell them to stand back and watch as I was coming down. The vibrators continued but my clit started to be assaulted by an additional separate vibrator. Since it was already sensitive from the first orgasm I started to really struggle to get off the evil thing but the stand held me in-place. It didn’t take long before I was cumming again. This orgasm was a long one because the vibrator just continued. I yelled into the gag, twitched and wiggled but the pleasure just kept coming.

Finally the intensity was turned down and I was given a chance to recover. I heard Felicia talking to the people but I could not make out what was being said. The vibrators continued to work their magic on me and after several minutes I was again rocked by another orgasm. This one was long and again despite my best efforts the stand held me tightly. I had a second orgasm just as the first one stopped.

When that one stopped I wanted off the stand but the vibrations continued. After another orgasm, fluid was poured through the gag but I was not released. I could tell they were taking a break because Felicia told me I was doing great. A few minutes later I felt a cold metal clip attached to my left nipple. The clip was tight, painful and unexpected. I jerked and yelled into the gag but that was all I could do. Just as I calmed down my right nipple received its clamp. Since I was ready for it I didn’t struggle as much but it still hurt. A few minutes later the pain in my nipple subsided to a dull ache.

Felicia continued with the meeting when the vibrators intensity increased and the vibrators in my ass and pussy started to rotate. It didn’t take long before I was turned into an orgasm machine. Orgasms rocked me one after another without stopping. The pleasure was awesome and I was totally lost in it.

The next thing I knew the vibrators had stopped. I heard Felicia talking to them when both my nipples exploded in pain as the clamps were removed simultaneously. I yelled and struggled with the little bit of energy I had. I then felt my limbs get released from the stand. A minute later the collar was released. Felicia told me the stand still there so I managed to step onto it and off the dildos. I was helped down and guided to a sofa.

I woke up sometime later with Felicia removing the hood. “You were awesome,” she said. “They liked the whole operation and you were a big hit also.”

“Thanks,” I replied. She helped me remove the suit and took me into her private bathroom and let me shower. Once I was done she asked me if there was anything I wanted from her since I put on such a good show. “There are 2 things I want. First I really like that stand.”

“I will tell you what,” she replied. “I was going to let you keep the suit anyway so I will have the new model that you just used delivered to your place. What was the second thing you wanted?”

When I got over the shock getting a stand for free I replied, “I want to be asked first to model or show off for future clients.”

It was her turn to be shocked but she quickly replied, “Only on the condition that I get to watch.” She pulled me to her and kissed me passionately.

When I recovered from the shock of the kiss I said, “What is this going to do for our working relationship?”

Felicia replied, “You will have to wait and see.”


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