My Bondage 6: Problems and Resolution

by Richard

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Chapter 6: Problems and Resolution

A Very Bad Morning

The next morning I gathered up both Janice and Pillar and walked back to the tool shed and compost bin. I took my chastity tube and placed it on the concrete apron and used the shovel to destroy it. I slammed the blade down on the tube repeatedly until the tube was flattened and bent. There was no way anything could ever be inserted into it again. Then I threw the tube onto the compost heap to rust away and hurled the U shaped lock piece along with the chain into the woods. It may have been childish but from my point of view it was also cathartic.

It was good that I had that moment of triumph because later in the morning everything turned pear shaped. It began when the gate chime rang. It was Senora Rodriguez. We thought she had probably come back to extort a larger increase in the monthly pay off. That’s what we all said but I think I knew then that the shit was about to hit the fan.

Janice ran for her control belt and pussy chain, while pulling off her clothes. I still had the belt but no longer had a chastity device. Since I couldn’t be seen I decided to hide in the office. Since I was going to hide I didn’t bother to take off my clothes. I chose the office because there was an in house intercom and I could listen to what was being said in the lounge.

It was apparent we were in trouble as soon as the car stopped. Senora Rodriguez wasn’t alone. With her was Arturo, her husband, a coronel in the National Police and the man in charge of this sector. As soon as they were in the lounge he told Pillar, "Assemble your slaves, I want to see them all." Pillar summoned Janice and told her to bring the others. Janice returned with Bitch but said, "Boy is out back, working on the lawn."

Bitch saw who it was and said, "Thank God you have come. These damn slaves captured me. I knew you would rescue me."

It was the Senora who responded, "Rescue you? Why would we do that you dumb bitch. There are going to be some changes made but you are still going to be a slave. Now lie down on the floor."

The Senora told Janice to tie bitches hands behind her back palm to palm. Pillar began to object but the Senora interrupted her and said, "Shut up you tramp. You as a mistress? Don’t maker me laugh. You are a stupid little peasant girl and that’s all you will ever be. Get those clothes off and lie down next to Diane."

When Pillar tried to refuse there was the sound of a slap and the Senora called to her husband. He pulled out his pistol and Pillar was forced to strip. Janice was used to tie both women with their hands behind them, their elbows forced together and their knees and ankles tied. Then she gagged both women at the Senora’s instructions.

The Senora bound Janice’s wrists crossed behind her and, turning to the bound women said, "Let me tell you what if going to happen. There is a bordello in the city that caters to men and women who like to hurt women. Their customers like women with big tits like you two. We are selling you to them. Oh they were worried when a police colonel wanted to sell them women. You see these women aren’t just prostitutes. No, they are sex slaves and are kept chained up all of the time. The worried about buying slaves from a police officer but Arturo convinced them."

"Actually it was you, Diane. They have big chested Latinas but getting a Gringa with big tits is rare for them. We will miss your monthly cash contributions but Arturo has even figured a way to make even more money than you paid us. With you gone this estate will soon have a tax lien on it. We will buy your entire estate for the cost of one quarter’s taxes. Then we can resell the property for quite a bit."

"Janice, you are coming home with us. I love how well you do with your mouth and can promise you hours and hours of oral sex. You can serve me and my friends and Arturo as well. Arturo and I have a good sex life but he has this little quirk of liking a woman’s ass more than her pussy. It makes him feel that he is more powerful and dominant. The only thing is I don’t like anal sex. He has used the prisoners until now but some of them aren’t very safe so we were a bit concerned. Now he will have your ass any time he feels like it. Perhaps you can eat me while he is pounding your ass at the same time. Won’t that be a treat?"

"Arturo, my dear, now that the women slaves are all safely tied why don’t you go find that stupid male. Remember to be careful. He is probably the one that got away and freed the others. When you find him put his body on the compost heap. Now Janice come here and lick me while we wait for Arturo to get rid of your boy."

Good grief. These people were demons. One of them was coming after me to kill me. I looked around for a weapon but there wasn’t much in the office. There was a letter opener but that didn’t have much of a blade. I finally settled on the Taser but wasn’t very comfortable considering that Arturo had a gun. I decided to slip out of the office and hide behind the tool shed. Maybe I could get the jump on him.

The Encounter

I was a nervous as I could be. Hiding behind the tool shed I got low on the ground and slipped just the top of my head out. I could see the police colonel coming toward the shed with a drawn gun in his hands. He handled it like he knew how to use it, gripping it with both hands and pointing it up in the air.

He was heading straight toward me so I slid back and around the corner. I realized that from this position I could see his shadow as he advanced but I couldn’t tell where the gun was pointed. He called, "Hey boy! Your mistress wants you up at the house."

As he came around the corner, I lunged with the Taser in front of me. I knew there would only be one chance. He swung toward me whipping the gun down as I pushed the Taser against his face and pulled the trigger. I heard the gun go off but had no idea where the bullet went.

Colonel Rodriguez was on the ground twitching with his jaw slack. He had dropped the gun which I grabbed. Then I rolled him face down. On his belt I saw a pouch with a rounded bottom. I pulled open the snap and, sure enough, there were handcuffs. I pulled them out and fastened his hand behind him. Then I searched his pockets for the key. It was on a ring with a bunch of other keys, most of which had no meaning for me. There was one key, however, that was obviously an automobile key. I pocketed the ring of keys.

I take Control

By this time the Colonel had recovered enough to swear at me, threatening all sort of dire reprisals. I don’t know if it was residual adrenaline or just that he had planned to kill me in cold blood, but instead of just ignoring him I kicked him in the face. I guess I broke his nose because there was a lot of blood and he howled. Not, I suppose, my finest, most in control, moment but that’s what happened. I didn’t much care and said, "Hey, asshole. You were going to kill me and dump me in the compost bin. You give me any trouble and that will become your final resting place. Get on your feet and shut your f…ing mouth!"

I watched as he struggled to his feet, which isn’t all that easy with your hands held behind you. I held up his pistol and racked back the slide just far enough to ensure that there was a round in the chamber. Then I dropped the clip and counted the remaining rounds before shoving it back into the gun. All of that was dumb show to make certain he could see that I knew my way around weapons.

With my left hand on his collar and my right holding the gun, I shoved him in front of me back into the house. When we came to the lounge I saw Senora Rodriguez with her eyes closed, reclining on the couch. Her shoes were on the floor beside her and her panties were next to her on the couch. Her dress had been pulled up to almost her waist and poor Janice was busy licking her towards what must have been her second or third orgasm.

I pushed the colonel down to his knees and said stay as one might to a dog. Then with my left hand I grabbed Janet by the hair and yanked her back and up. Senora Rodriguez’s eyes flew open. She saw me and than was shocked at the blood on her husband’s face. Rising in indignation she demanded, "What have you done?"

I held up the pistol, now pointed at her and told her to freeze, just like they did on the TV cop shows. Surprisingly she stopped in mid word and stared at the gun.

It took me a minute or so of fumbling with the knots to get Janice’s hands free. I couldn’t focus fully on the knots as I worked on them because I had to keep glancing at both the colonel and the Senora to be certain they weren’t about to try anything. I wasn’t too worried about the colonel as his hands were cuffed behind him and he was on his knees. In any case I think my rough treatment had pretty well subdued him, at least for a while. I was less certain of his sadistic wife and half expected her to try to attack me despite my pointing the gun at her.

Once Janice’s hands were free, I told her to untie Pillar and bring me the ropes. Then I turned to Senora Rodriguez and said, "Strip!"

She drew herself up and said, "Never! Who do you think you are, little man?"

I swung the gun down to the side and pulled the trigger. One of her shoes went skittering across the floor. It must have looked to her as though I was the A number one, deluxe, champion pistol shot of the entire world. I had just hit a target the size of a woman’s shoe at 30 or so paces with an un-aimed, offhand shot.

Of course it was all serendipity. I had wanted the sound of the pistol to startle her and had no idea of shooting the shoe. Pure dumb luck or not, it worked. When I swung the pistol back to point at her she was trembling visibly but reached behind her to unzip her dress. I guess she knew now that I might be a little man but I was a little man with the only pistol in town.

When Pillar was freed I told her to untie Diane’s (I was past calling her bitch now) ankles and knees and to take her up to the master bedroom and wait until I got up there. Then I had Senora Rodriguez lie down and had Janice tie her arms across the small of her back, right wrist to left elbow and visa versa. When that was done she and I escorted Senor and Senora Rodriguez to the master bedroom.

Escape Plans

We had been talking about how to escape the country. Pillar was pretty certain she could cross into the Dominican Republic as a tourist and then buy false papers that would let her come to the United States as a tourist. For Janice and me it was a bit more complicated.

We had considered going to our embassy and telling the entire story but the U. S. State Department is more concerned with foreign relations than protection of its citizens. We would probably be told that we would have to stand charges for assaulting Diana and the Colonel, a police officer, but that the counsel would monitor the trials to ensure fairness under the Haitian laws and system of justice.

Well we obviously weren’t going to subject ourselves to that. Not in a country so corrupt that its police helped wealthy people keep slaves. No, we had devised a different plan. We thought we could find a fishing boat whose captain could be bribed to land us somewhere on the U. S. coast.

Though that was the best we had come up with, I was worried. There were just too many things that could go wrong. The captain could double cross us, the weather and seas could get too bad for the boat and then there was always the danger of the coast guard intercepting us.

I was working on fleshing out a better idea but either the boat or my new idea would require us to have several days without being hunted. That meant I had to leave all three in bondage that they couldn’t escape. I didn’t care if they were hurt, after what they had done and what they had planned to do to us, but I didn’t want to kill them.

Bondage for Three

Once we were all in the bedroom I thought about what I wanted to do. Basically I wanted to tie our captives in nasty uncomfortable bondage while we made our escape. The problem was that I wanted them to survive several days before they were rescued but be very uncomfortable while they were waiting. If possible, I would like to cause them distress and even mental anguish that would last after they were rescued.

I thought about it for a bit and then sent the girls to gather up the supplies I would need. Janice was sent to gather up as much rope, chains and duct tape as she could find. I also told her to get the wire ties. She didn’t say anything but had a smile on her face as she left. I’ll swear sometimes that woman can read my mind.

Pillar was off to the tool shed to bring back a reel of irrigation tubing. This was small diameter rubber tubing used for drip irrigation systems. When she got back I asked her if there were any laxatives in the house. She managed to find a nearly empty package of a laxative powder and an unopened package. I sent her to the kitchen to empty two of the two liter bottles of soda and to brew four liters of strong tea. I told her to mix in sugar and all of the laxative powder.

By this time Janice had returned and it was time to secure the prisoners. We began with Diane. We removed the control belt and had her lie down on the bed in a face up spread eagle. Janice secured her limbs and slid a pillow under her butt, elevating her slightly.

Senora Rodriguez was next. She was forced to bend over so that her breasts, which were both large and in very nice shape for a woman who must have been in her mid thirties or early forties, hung down from her chest. I wrapped a longish rope around the base of each breast, pulling the cord very tightly. This was painful and distorted the shape of her breasts into round balls sticking out the front of her chest.

Then we moved her to the foot of the bed and Janice secured her ankles to the bedposts, spreading the ankles wide. I led the ropes from her breasts under Diane’s thighs and pulled them towards the head of the bed. With Janice pushing her head down and me pulling the breast ropes she was forced to bend until her mouth was almost on Diane’s pussy. We actually had to adjust Diane a bit further down on the bed to get the proper matchup.

The Senora turned her head sideways making it clear that she would be damned before she let her mouth touch Diane’s pussy. Janice didn’t care for this rebelliousness and ran a short rope from each of the Senora’s earrings to Diane’s thighs. The Senora was able to keep her mouth perhaps a half inch above Diane’s pussy but could no longer turn away.

That left the colonel. I had Janice undo his trousers and pull down his underwear. Then, at my direction she stroked his penis until it was hard. I gave her a wire tie and told her to apply it tightly to the base of his penis. The next one went around the top of his scrotum. Then one was fastened around each testicle, stretching them into tight plums. For good measure I gave her two more for his penis. She applied one just below the helmet and one about halfway. All of them were pulled painfully tight and the loose end neatly snipped off. As might be imagined it was also accompanied by curses and threats, as well as groans and moans, all of which we ignored.

I put a collar around Colonel Arturo’s neck and tied his handcuffs to it so that his hands were high on his back. Then I pushed him behind his wife. His banded cock sat above the crack of her ass. She jumped slightly when she felt him there but said nothing. I pulled his pants and underpants up to just above his knees and had him spread his legs to match his wife’s. Janice tied their ankles together. Then I had her tie a loop of rope around each testicle.

At this point Pillar appeared with the two bottles filled with the tea, sugar and laxative mixture. I sent her back to the kitchen for a pair of chopsticks, a sharp knife, her rubber gloves and the hot sauce Dianne had used on our tongues. When she got back I had her drill a small hole in the top of each bottle cap with the knife.

While Pillar was doing this, I gave Janice the rubber gloves and a tube of Ben Gay that I had found in the medicine cabinet. Pointing to Colonel and Senora Rodriguez I told her to lube his cock and her asshole. Senora Rodriguez couldn’t see the tube but definitely didn’t want anal sex and tried, unsuccessfully to wriggle away which only spread the heating muscle cream over more of her ass.

Senor Rodriguez could see the tube and fought valiantly but with his hands behind him and high up his back and his ankles tied well apart it was a loosing battle. All his resistance earned him was an extra helping of the nasty cream on his balls. Once they had both been lubricated I pulled him back from his wife. Of course with his ankles fastened to hers he was bowed backwards. Janice didn’t need instruction and grabbed his cock and lined it up with her anus.

As I pushed him forward the Senora began to tell us to stop, that we couldn’t do this, that she couldn’t stand anal sex, that we were sick, etc. I ignored all of that invective and thought back to how happily she had tortured both Janice and me. When she groaned as the tip of his penis began to push on her anus, I took advantage of the break to tell her, "This is going to go up your ass lady. I don’t care if you like it or not. I hear that it is less painful if you relax but I don’t really care if you relax your sphincter or not."

At first I used my weight to force him forward into her ass but once the first vital penetration had been achieved I passed the ropes from his testicles around his wife’s thighs. From then on I could just pull the ropes and the pain in his testicles forced him forward. Once he was all the way in, well within half an inch of all the way, I tied the ropes around both of her thighs to keep him from backing out more than a fraction of an inch. By this time the Ben Gay was beginning to heat up and both of them were squirming and cursing us. Colonel Arturo told me that he would kill me but I reminded the jerk that he had already tried to do that.

There were just a few more things to be done. I told Janice and Pillar to cover all of the ropes with duct tape and to duct tape Colonel and Senora Rodriguez’s legs from ankle to groin. I also told them that after the duct tape was on they should wrap the legs and arms with chains and padlock them in place.

While they did that, I took a length of the irrigation hose and taped it perpendicular to one of the chopsticks. To further ensure the hose stayed in place I tied a cotton athletic sock around the hose and chopstick assembly. I then cut the length of hose and worked it through the pierced bottle cap. To prevent drips I wrapped the neck of the bottle, the hose and the cap with duct tape. Then I did the same with the second bottle and chopstick. As a final step I doused both cotton socks with the hot sauce.

I fastened one bottle to the head board and placed the improvised gag with the hose in Diane’s mouth. I tied it in place with a rope running behind her head. Them I taped the second bottle to Colonel Arturo and gagged him with the second chopstick and hot sauce soaked sock gag.

Then I taped two leads from an electric stimulation machine to Colonel Arturo’s ass and started delivering shocks every 45 seconds. Of course each time he got a shock his muscles jerked him forward ramming his penis further into his wife’s ass. Janice and Pillar were still busy with the duct tape when I addressed the three captives.

I said, "Let me tell you what is going to happen. It will take us somewhere around three to five days to bribe our way to safety. When we are gone we will call the police and tell them where you can be found and that you are in dire need of rescue."

Turning to Diane I said, "During that time you will get very thirsty. The liquid in your bottle can be sucked through the tube. It won’t taste very good because of the rubber tubing but it will keep you alive. Unfortunately tea is a diuretic and we have mixed in a laxative so you will have to shit and pee, pardon me, urinate and defecate. That’s why we removed your control belt. By the time you are rescued you should have a very nasty case of diaper rash".

"All of that will be uncomfortable and even a bit painful but your real punishment is financial. We have been slowly draining your financial accounts. I say slowly, because we don’t want anyone to flag the transactions. We will continue this until we leave and on our departure day whatever money you have left will be donated to charities. I think Doctors without Borders and the International Red Cross are going to be very pleased with your anonymous donations."

Then I lent down next to the sadistic Senora Rodriguez and said, "We don’t have a bottle for you but I can attest to the fact that if you lick Diane’s pussy you will get a gush of fluid. In addition when she pees you will be able to get some of that liquid. I know you won’t want to get fluid from either of those things but thirst is an insidious torment and after half a day or so you will be licking any liquids you can get. Your breasts are going to be really painful with circulation cut off for days. There may even be some permanent injury but I can’t think of a more deserving bitch than you".

"Your real problem is going to come at the other end. I know the hot muscle cream seems cruel but it will dry up or be absorbed into the skin. That’s when your anal sex will really start to hurt. Just think of how dry cock in a dry ass will feel. First the skin will get swollen and then terribly sensitive and eventually it will even bleed. With the shocks continuing to Arturo’s ass he won’t be able to stop thrusting and with those three wire ties I doubt he will be able to get soft."

Straightening up I looked at Arturo and said, "Now we come to you, Mr. Macho. Your bottle also had a laxative mixed in. While you wait for rescue you will have to drink and I expect you will be shitting in your pants".

"You heard what I said about how raw and painful your cock would become. In addition, with the ties around you balls preventing circulation, you may have worse damage than your wife’s breasts. They dock sheep by banding their balls. With no circulation they just shrivel up and fall off. I wonder if that will happen to you".

"No matter how painful things are while you are stuck here, just think of what will happen once they come to rescue you. Your own patrol officers will get here first. They, no doubt will call the detective squad for backup. Then they will have to summon the firemen to cut away the chains and then call the medics to remove the duct tape, probably by cutting and using oil on the tape. That’s all before they even get down to the ropes".

"Everyone has cameras in their cell phones these days and there are going to be a lot of pictures of the great police colonel with his dick in his wife’s ass, his pants around his knees and covered with his own shit. Knowing how macho cop shops (police departments) are, I doubt you will be able to command much longer."

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