My Bondage 7: Leaving and After

by Richard

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© Copyright 2015 - Richard - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; M/ff; D/s; bond; wrap; tape; hotel; breast; tease; bdsm; spank; oral; sex; climax; cons; X

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Chapter 7: Leaving and After

We Get Away

We left them with Senora Rodriguez screaming at us and Diane and the Colonel trying to curse around the hot sauce soaked stockings in their mouths. We each had a suitcase, Pillar and I the ones that had arrived with us. Janice had none so I had her fill one with Diane’s clothes. I wore gloves and drove Colonel Arturo’s car as I explained the new plan I had come up with. Janice saw that I understood the risks but went along with me.

We took Pillar to the bus station where she would catch a bus to the Haiti – Dominican Republic border. She had her genuine identity card and Arturo’s cell phone. She would use it to call his boss once we called her to tell her we were about to depart. Janice wrote down the cell phone number.

I got out of the car and asked her if she was certain that she would be OK alone. She told me that I was nice ‘for a guy’ and that she had it all figured out. She was going to use a part of her share of Diane’s funds to buy false Dominican identity papers and a forged acceptance letter from a university, probably Florida State University. With those documents she would be able to get a student visa and fly to the United States. Once there she would take a room in the hotel I had named and wait for us to arrive.

Janice and I drove to the airport and parked in the long term parking lot. I think the colonel’s car would have gotten us into the closer VIP lot but I didn’t want to have to answer questions about why we had his car.

Once we had wheeled our suit cases into the terminal I checked the flight arrival boards. Our timing was great as a flight had just arrived from Miami 20 minutes ago. We slipped down to the luggage carousel for that flight, waited until it was crowded with arriving passengers and their families. Then we went looking for a police officer.

I explained in my fractured Spanish that while I was pulling our luggage off the carousel I had set my flight bag down and someone had stolen it with our passports, return tickets and a few pieces of my wife’s jewelry. Of course when we looked around the flight bag was nowhere to be seen.

The officer was sympathetic and took us to an office where we looked at a large chart and pointed out which picture was most like the lost carry on. The officer laboriously filled out a report listing the bag and the lost contents. After that we met a lieutenant who was apparently in charge of the airport detail, at least for this shift. He told me they would look, of course, but that realistically we should consider those things gone. We asked for a copy of the police report to file with our insurance company and he gave us one. He even recommended a hotel near the U. S. Embassy.

We checked into the hotel which was a bit of a hassle as all of our credit cards would have been cancelled for non-payment by now. We used cash from Diane’s funds and explained about our loss of wallets at the airport. The hotel staff was instantly sympathetic with our loss and fell over themselves trying to erase any bad feelings we might have had towards their country.

Next stop was the embassy where a marine directed us to the consular section. It took several recitations of our story before we got to some mid-level bureaucrat who could actually help. Using our names and social security numbers he was able to look up our supposedly stolen passports and have them canceled. Then he told us the fees and photo requirements for a replacement passport noting that the old cancelled passports proved our citizenship so we wouldn’t need birth certificates. We left, had the photos taken and returned to give them and the fees to the person we had talked with. He told us the new passports would be ready late tomorrow afternoon.

That Night

I sent Janice off with cash to shop for things that would fit her so we could ditch Diane’s clothes. While she was gone I looked around for a hardware store but couldn’t find one in the area. I settled for a pharmacy.

Pharmacies in many foreign countries carry more medical supplies than most typical U. S. drug stores. I was able to find a shelf with medical wrap. This is a tape like product that sticks to itself but nothing else. It is intended to be wound around a limb to hold a splint or wound dressings in place but be easily removable when dressings have to be changed or wounds checked for proper healing. They were curious when I bought six packages. While there I also picked up a package of condoms.

That evening we ate in the hotel. When we got back to our room I had Janice undress while I took all of our clothes out of the closet and piled them on chairs. Then I took the closet rod down. It was a five food length of thick wooden dowel. First I had Janice lie face up on the bed with her legs spread. Then I had her bend her knees so that when I brought her feet together they touched sole to sole. I used a package of medical wrap to lock them together which also kept her legs spread and more or less flat on the bed.

The closet rod was slid behind her neck and centered. I spread her arms along the rod and used two boxes of the medical wrap to fasten her upper arms to the rod both above and below her elbows. She could still move her hands but couldn’t reach anything. I immobilized her fingers and thumbs by wrapping each hand in another box of medical wrap. Janice found that the length of the closet rod kept her from rolling to either side and with her hands taped she was completely helpless and completely open and available to me.

I bent down and began to worship her with soft gentle kisses and nibbles. I began with her forehead, then her eyelids, her nose, her cheeks and her neck. Then I moved back and both kissed and nibbled on her ears. Eventually I got her shoulders and collar bones and moved down towards her breasts. I tried a technique that I had read about called butterfly kisses, barely touching her skin.

After some time I had moved to her aureole which I lightly circled with my tongue. Instead of sucking at her sensitive nipples as I loved to do, I used the very tip of my tongue to lightly touch the tip of her nipples. By this time Janice was moaning and I could smell her arousal. She wasn’t very coherent but I was able to gather that she wanted me to penetrate her sweet and now very wet pussy.

I stopped for a moment to get a condom and she moaned at the interruption in what had been nonstop stimulation. I rolled it on but as I approached her she said, “Wait master. We have to talk.”

Now any guy will tell you that with the possible exception of ‘Does this make my butt look too big?’ that ‘We have to talk’ is the most dangerous sentence in the English language. Added to that I had spent quite a bit of time on working her up and really didn’t want to sit down and have a chat. She and I had been intimate for some time now and I couldn’t think of any possible topic that we needed to discuss just now. Never the less, I stopped.

She said, “Why did you tell the consulate to use your last name on both passports?”

I think I said something like, “Well, we told them that we were married and on our honeymoon. I thought we might… That is if you wanted to… I would sort of like for us…”

Have you ever had a sub, tied in your bondage, wet and ready, look you in the eye and ask, “Are you trying to say you want us to stay together? Tie me up and fuck me silly night after night. Maybe even get married”

I rather weakly stammered, “Ah… Yes… I was kind of hoping that you might consider… That is to say. Oh, to hell with it! Janice I love you and I want to marry you.”

My sweet little sub smiled at me and said, “I thought that might be it. In that case take off the damn condom. If you are going to marry me I don’t care if you get me pregnant.”

Have you ever tried to remove a condom when you have an erection? It is damn near impossible. In the end I had to use a scissors. First I cut the tip off. Then stretching the material to one side I carefully, make that very carefully, sniped it down until it came away.

I turned to my sub and could see that she was barely restraining laughter. I thought I ought to be angry but then thought of how I must have looked sniping away at the condom and couldn’t help laughing. I did tickle her a bit as punishment for not showing the proper respect to her master.

That all took some time and we had both calmed down quite a bit so I went back to using my mouth on her body. Somehow everything we did, every touch, every lick, every breath seemed more romantic. I mean, I know her pussy didn’t magically change or anything but now I was making love to my fiancée.

Next Night

We spent most of the next day doing whatever tourist things we could. We walked by the sea, talking about our hopes, dreams, views on children. Late in the afternoon we returned to the consulate section of the embassy and picked up our passports. Back at the hotel Janice made the last of our transfers from Diane’s funds. Several charities were going to be very happy. We had the hotel concierge get us reservations and first class tickets on the next day’s flight to Miami. It was easier as the people at the hotel understood our need to pay in cash or wire transfer.

I asked Janice if she would prefer a night without bondage but she figuratively gave me a dope slap and made it very clear that she thought our sex life was pretty damn good and she didn’t want to change it.

I used the medical tape to fasten her wrists to her ankles and secure her forearms to her calves so that she was welded from knees and elbows to wrists and ankles. I liked this position because on her back I could push aside both legs and arms and access her from head to pussy, with stops at breasts and navel in between, with my mouth. Then rolling her over so that she was on her knees and head, with her ass in the air in sort of a modified doggy style, I could enter her deeply. I could also spank (but very gently) and tease her anus with a finger. All in all, it was a very good night.

Final Escape

The next morning we checked out, picked up our new passports and headed out to the airport. We called Pillar and checked to be certain that she wasn’t having problems. As it turned out we would get to Miami before her because the fake Florida State acceptance letter had just been completed yesterday.

We told her to wait until our flight was gone and then to call to have our three prisoners released. While in the airport lounge Janice made the final transfers emptying Diane’s accounts and donating sizeable funds to several charities. I was nervous until the plane was airborne and in international airspace. Janice still teases me, saying I was nervous about being engaged.


Janice, Pillar and I live in west Texas. We have formed a consulting company with me as chief consultant and Janice as my personal assistant and Pillar as the receptionist. Each month our imaginary overseas clients pay us real ‘consulting fees’ and we pay our salaries and taxes. The monthly fees are kept low enough to avoid scrutiny and if we decide we need more money we simply invent another client.

Janice handles the bookkeeping and tax submissions (including things such as social security and workmen’s compensation as well as Federal income tax withholding) while Pillar keeps house and cooks for us.

Our car is a leased ‘company car’, the company pays for our life and health insurance and our mortgage interest is a deductible business expense as we operate the business from our home.

Janice and I even manage a few tax deductible overseas trips each year to ‘consult’ with our clients. Pillar keeps her travels within the United States because her student visa has long since expired. She doesn’t see this as a burden as it is a big country.

I spend most of my time managing our overseas investments and have done pretty well as we now have more than we ever took from Diane despite the deductions for ‘consulting fees’.

We have set aside a bedroom for Pillar but, though she prefers women, she is bisexual and frequently joins Janice and I in our king size bed. Occasionally Pillar and Janice will play without me but that doesn’t bother me at all. In fact sometimes they invite me to observe and it is a very erotic performance indeed.

As to when the three of us are in one bed, things are very exhausting. Generally I am the master and they play my little submissive little slaves, but occasionally we will reverse rolls and one or the other will be ‘Mistress’. I don’t know where they learned their techniques of tease and denial but those evening can reduce me to a quivering, begging wimp.

As I said, more frequently they will be my slave girls but keeping both of them satisfied takes stamina. Fortunately Janice is aroused by being bound and tickled or having her nipples played with, while Pillar is brought to the edge of orgasm by being spanked. If it weren’t for these little quirks, I’m not certain that I could perform sufficiently to ensure they both enjoy orgasms.

I will tell you that the pain in my shoulders in the morning is more than compensated for, when I go to sleep with a very attractive woman on either side with her head on my shoulder, her breasts against my side and chest and her leg thrown over mine so that her wet and leaking pussy resting on my thigh.

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