My Bondage 5: Under New Management

by Richard

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© Copyright 2015 - Richard - Used by permission

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Chapter 5: Under New Management


We had all had at least one orgasm and Janice had her second, the little slut. Actually I didn’t mind that she had more orgasms than me. She was better equipped for multiple orgasms than I was. In addition we had gotten Pillar out of her control belt, I asked what all this master stuff was. I wasn’t expecting them to submit themselves to me. I had expected to find our clothes and figure out a way to go home.

Pillar and Janice pounced on me. Both women were convinced that the local authorities would lock us up and release the mistress if that were necessary to protect their monthly bribe. Having had a sample of how our ex-mistress punished escape attempts, I clearly didn’t want to risk that.

They had apparently discussed the situation while I was still being punished for my first escape attempt. They had recognized my determination to escape and had developed a plan to be implemented if I succeeded. They didn’t need much encouragement but I asked the women how they thought we should handle the situation. It was Janice who took the lead saying, “Well I am a submissive. I wouldn’t have any trouble submitting to you”

Pillar laughed and said, “She is a little bondage slut. She loves to be tied up and teased.”

I asked, “You mean she likes that chain and the balls locked into her?”

Pillar gave me a look one might reserve for a particularly dull child and said, “No, she likes to be teased while bound and then brought off, not tormented for days on end.”

The women went on to explain that they thought the best option was to tap into Dianne’s funds. Once we had sufficient funds accumulated we might be able to buy off any interference from the authorities. After all if they were corrupt enough to allow slavery, they were probably corrupt enough to double cross the mistress. This seemed like a reasonable plan to me. We were in an estate that looked like a tropical paradise and I would have two willing slave girls.

I asked them how they knew that I would be any better as a master than Diane had been as a mistress and they both gave me that look women have that suggests you are a five year old and not a very bright one at that. Having been chastised I asked what they intended for bitch, our new slave girl.

She will be kept in handcuffs and chains, they told me. In the mornings she can scrub floors and clean bathrooms. In the afternoons we can play with her. Then in the evenings she can help Pillar clean up any pots and pans before they go into the dishwasher. Since you are the master, you can screw her any time you want.

I reminded the women that I wasn’t in to rape. Besides, I continued, why would I want her when I have two beautiful women who want to please me? My attitude apparently passed some sort of test because that little speech earned me hugs from both women and a comment from Janice to Pillar who said something like ‘You see, I told you he was smarter than most males.’

We spent the rest of the day searching the house. We found my duffle bag (apparently she hadn’t wanted to leave anything behind) and the suitcase Pillar had with her when she came to apply for the job. Janice had been snatched from a bar and while we found her clothes it was only the one outfit.

What we didn’t find however was any sign of where the money came from. We did locate a lap top computer that looked like it had a wireless connection, perhaps to the internet, but it was password protected and we couldn’t get it to open up. I determined that I would have to extract the information from bitch in the morning.

Dinner was excellent though bitch, lapping up stew from a dog dish may not have enjoyed it as much as we three did. I was worn out from the day’s activities and while I wish I could give you some great story of a bondage orgy the truth is that the three of us shared the same bed but rapidly fell to sleep with nothing more than a little grab ass and petting that night.


That night I locked Bitch face down on my old bed in the cells. I am certain her sunburned breasts and labia gave her an uncomfortable night. Strangely enough in the morning I found myself feeling sorry for Bitch. While I had been her slave I had dreamed up all sorts of torments to inflict on her but now that I was free I found that my anger had dissipated and that I really didn’t particularly want to hurt her. While I would do what has to be done, I really didn’t get off on beating women. I mentioned this to Janice and Pillar who for some reason thought it was ‘sweet’.

Well, I may have felt sorry for her but there were some things we needed to know and bitch was stubbornly refusing to answer. I guess I could have just whipped the answers out of her, or more likely had Pillar and Janice whip her until she talked but that damages the slave and could even injure her. In fact, I had found that while I liked to be the dominant one in a BD relationship, whipping women was a turn off for me. Oh I could if I had to, but unless it was a woman who was aroused by spanking or even flogging, I found it a major turn off. Besides, I like to think that I am more subtle than that.

I took bitch from her cell and bound her hands, with her wrists crossed, in front of her. Three loops of cord in each direction, then three cinch loops pulling the whole thing tight, knots on the bottom well away from her teeth. Then I backed her against the bars of her cell and threaded the rope through the top cross bar. Pulling out the slack I tied the rope off to the middle cross bar behind her. This kept her against the cell wall with her hands over her head but not particularly uncomfortably.

Next I looped a rope around the bottom of her thigh just above the knee and pulled her thigh parallel to the floor. This was secured against the middle bar and a convenient vertical bar. Bitch was looking around as she realized exactly how vulnerable this left her with her groin exposed. I am certain she was envisioning all sorts of pussy torment but, as I noted above, I am much more devious than that.

Having finished one leg I did the same to the second one. Now bitch was held off the ground, tight against the bars in a split. She could pull down with her arms to take some of her body weight but as her arm muscles tired and began to burn more and more of her weight came onto her hip joints. As her body weight pushed down her hips were stretched past ninety degrees causing sharp pain.

I once again asked her the three questions I had previously asked; “What was the password to her laptop? Where had the funds that were transferred into the local bank account came from? What were her arrangements with the local police?”. She rather rudely told me to do something that is physically impossible. I reminded her that no matter how much pain she was in, it could always get worse. I set a kitchen timer in front of her, set for 20 minutes and left her to marinate, as it were.

I have to give the woman credit for fortitude if not for smarts. At the end of the 20 minutes she was still defiant. I took the two dowels she had used to secure us and tied one to the bars just below her breasts. I slid the ropes up a bit so the dowel was supporting her breasts. Then I placed the second one above her breasts and tied it to the lower one at each end. I put a further loop between her breasts. Using a scrap piece of lumber I began to twist the loop tightening it and drawing the dowels together. Of course her breasts were caught between the two dowels and were cruelly pinched at their base with most of the breast flesh being pushed away from her chest and forming into two misshapen spheres. Her breasts, forced into a round ball like shape, almost immediately began to redden from lack of circulation. Again I set the timer and left her to contemplate her fate.

When I returned this time the defiance was gone and she begged for relief but still wouldn’t answer my questions. I sighed and sent Janice to fetch the large lawn roller that I had been chained to and Pillar to get our largest butt plug and dildo. While they were gone I wrapped one end of a long line around bitch’s waist and tied it tightly. I rotated the rope belt so that the knot was in the rear and let the line dangle. When the girls returned I took the plugs and inserted them while running the tail of the waist rope between the cheeks of her butt, over the perineum (that sensitive bit of flesh between the crack of her ass and the lips of her pussy) and up between her labia. I spread her labia to ensure that the single strand would seat deeply between her lips and run directly over her clitoris. The rope then passed through the waist belt and up between her tightly bound breasts and over the two dowels. Then I had the girls hoist up the heavy lawn roller and tied the rope to it.

When they let the weight down it would pull on the dowels increasing the pain to her breasts. It would also shove the plug and the dildo deep into her ass and pussy, and irritate her ass, pussy and clit with a sharp pain as though she was being cut in two. Further all of that weight would pull down on her body increasing the strain on her hips which must have been getting close to dislocating. Bitch realized what was happening as the rope took up the weight and sputtered, “Stop! I will tell you everything.”

Now I know I said I didn’t really want to hurt her but being a master means that the slaves and subs have to learn that there is a consequence to their actions. She had been nasty and refused to answer when asked so I simply set the kitchen timer and said, “Too late! I’ll see you in 20 minutes.”

She was screaming as I walked away. Janice and Pillar followed me out of the cell area and looked at me with some trepidation. I hugged them both and told them that if I was harsh with bitch now she would probably get the slave mindset more quickly and be less trouble for them in the future.

When I came back down, it was clear that she had been sobbing. I asked my three questions got her answers and turned to go. She called out “Wait, I told you what you wanted. Aren’t you going to let me go?”

I responded, “No. At least not until I check out your answers. Remember President Regan when he negotiated with the Soviets? He said ‘Trust but verify.’ I think that’s a good idea.”

She was sobbing as she said, “I thought you would let me down if I told you what you wanted.”

I smiled and said, “I told you things could always get worse. You answered and so I won’t make it any worse. Now I am going to go test your answers. If I think you were honest I might let you down but the longer you keep me here talking the longer it will take to check your answers.”

Mining the Deposits

It turned out bitch was telling the truth. Once I got the laptop booted up we found a folder with her investment web address, account number and password. It turned out that she had roughly $12.7 million in investments. While this wouldn’t frighten Bill Gates or Warren Buffet, his was a large amount and would require some thought if we were going to transfer it without raising official scrutiny.

I had Janice and Pillar release bitch and put her back in her cell fastened to the bed but on her back this time. I thought she had suffered enough for one morning. Once she was secured I called a council to discuss what I had found and decide on how to proceed.

Janice had heard that with all the drug money laundering the various international police agencies tracked any large transfers. At the same time she remembered that a number of countries had very secret banking laws. In the end we agree that we would transfer money in small amounts between $8,500 and $9,500 at a time to stay under the $10,000 tracking level.

We opened accounts for each of us in three banks in each of five secretive countries (Bahamas and the Camayan Islands here in the Caribbean, Jersey, the semi-independent British island off the French coast, Qatar in the Middle East and Monaco). That gave us 15 bank accounts each, and at an average transfer of $9,000 each we could each take a theoretical $135,000 per day or $945,000 per week (banks close on weekends but wire transfers process so long as the internet is up.) which was a bit over $2.8 million for all three of us each week. It was actually less, of course, because each bank took a fee when we forwarded the money and we had to leave some in each account to keep it active. All of the funds went into the scattered banks and then the next day on to our Swiss accounts.

Even with Janice working all of the transfers every day for all three of us it was going to take us four and a half weeks to strip bitch’s funds. This raised the question of what to do with Senora Rodriguez and the bribe to the federal police that would be due in just a couple of weeks.

My thought was to get as much as we could and then get out before it was time for Senora Rodriguez to come collecting. Janice pointed out that when she found us gone she would raise the alarm, probably before we could get all the way out of the country. That was a good point and after some argument I let the women convince me to go with Plan B.

That was to take advantage of Senora Rodriguez’s disdain for gringos. Pillar would pretend to be our mistress and remind the Senora that Diane was after all, only another gringa. Hopefully that, combined with Pillar having access to the funds for an increased ‘gift’ to the police would convince the Senora to go along with the change in ownership.

I know, I know! Not only was the plan thin it relied on Pillar’s acting and upon the Senora really being xenophobic. I probably shouldn’t have let the women talk me into it but I was head over heels for Janice and she convinced me.

Life with Janice

So the way things worked out I am the master, at least in name. In fact I think I have fallen for Janice and while both she and Pillar both pretend that I am the master I think they pretty much run things outside of our sex life. There Janice is my submissive and we both enjoy our nightly romps.

Janice is, as Pillar had said, a natural submissive. I will come into the bedroom and find her kneeling on the floor, nude, with her knees spread and her hands palms up resting on her thighs. It is all very much like a scene from one of the Gor books. If I have her stand, she spreads her legs and locks her hands behind her head. It is very erotic.

We both enjoy rope bondage, prolonged foreplay and sex. I get a kick out of bringing Janice off and she delights in absolutely draining me even when she is tightly tied.

Dealing with Bitch

I pretty much avoid dealing with Bitch, though I do have to restrain the two women to ensure that they don’t really injure her. They are very inventive with their play periods. I think women are fiercer than men or perhaps it is just because they had been Bitch’s slaves for longer and had more resentment to work off.

For example they invented a game they call “zipper.” The Bitch is tied down in an exposed position. Janice and Pillar take strings of clothes pins and vie in seeing who can attach most pins and in which most uncomfortable part of the body. The strings are just eight wooden clothes pins that have a long string running through them to keep them in batches of eight.

Once my women have applied all of the pins they begin to work at arousing Bitch. One woman uses her hands, her mouth and a vibrator. When it appears that Bitch is about to cum, the other women try to interrupt her pleasure by pulling a string and ripping off a group of clothes pins. Then Janice and Pillar switch off and the game starts all over again.

Another game is to force multiple orgasms from Bitch until her labia and inner lips are swollen and painfully sensitive. Then they force Bitch to run around the yard so that her legs rub the sore labia even more.

There are times when the women want me to witness some humiliation or another. For example there was the time when they forced bitch to masturbate while chanting ‘I am a filthy whore.’ As I said, the women are very inventive in their bondage.

Bitch, of course is kept nude except for the control belt. In fact to emphasize her nudity and lowly status she is not allowed hair. Not even eyebrows. She has also had her labia pierced so that she can wear the Benewah balls in a chained shut pussy. The women manage to find enough dirty work to keep her mornings busy while the play time afternoons are filled with bondage, often painful variations and sexual torments.

The Visit

Surprisingly the visit from Senora Rodriguez seemed to go well. Of course she had Pillar display all three of her ‘slaves’. We all wore the control belts though only the one Bitch wore (formerly Pillar’s belt) had any batteries. Similarly Janice’s pussy was chained shut though she didn’t insert her Benewah balls. I, of course was locked into my chastity tube trailing the chain and looking just as I had when the Senora had seen me before.

She did enjoy lording it over bitch. She had bitch eat her but then pushed her away as incompetent, and had Janice finish her off. She had Pillar remove bitches pussy chain and Benewah balls. Pillar did this none too gently. Then Senora Rodriguez had bitch stand, spread her legs and place her hands behind her head. Then she told bitch to masturbate with her left hand.

I don’t know if you have ever tried to masturbate with the wrong hand. All the sensitive bits work normally but it seems very awkward and generally takes a while. Once bitch had cum the Senora made her reinsert the Benewah balls and had Janice re-chain her labia.

When Senora Rodriguez left we were pretty certain that between her disdain for gringos and a promise of a 10% increase in the monthly gift, we had pulled it off and were ready to celebrate. We went up to what had been Diane’s bedroom for the keys. I took off the locks to Janice’s and my belts and the one holding Janice’s pussy closed but couldn’t find the one to my chastity tube.

Pillar’s Revolt

While I was looking for it Pillar said, “I hid the key to your chastity tube. I just pulled off a major coup and I think I deserve a reward. Come over here boy and lick me. I think after you have given me five orgasms I will get you key, but they better be good orgasms.”

Before I could respond Janice said, “Pillar, have you gone crazy?”

Pillar didn’t respond but pointed the remote at bitch and told her, “Take Janice down to the cells and teach her a lesson. Then come back here.”

I knew that bitch was a much larger woman than Janice and would have little problem locking her away. I decided that Pillar and I would have to resolve this before bitch got back but as I advanced toward her she flourished the Taser and said, “On your knees. Crawl to the bed and get busy.”

Of course, that’s where she made her mistake. She should have tied my hands or handcuffed me before starting. Instead she relied on holding the business end of the Taser against my shoulder as I began to lick.

Pillar didn’t care for men so we had not had penile sex but she had no problems using men to give her satisfaction as she was trying to do now. I had enjoyed servicing her and had a pretty good idea of how her body responded and I had her moaning in no time at all. Then I brought up my hand, grabbed her wrist and pushed the Taser against her abdomen. Almost reflexively she fired the damn thing and collapsed to the floor with her limbs twitching as I had in that hotel room so many weeks ago.

Ouch! Memo to self: When using a Taser make certain no part of your body is touching any part of the target’s body. Although Pillar had gotten the full disabling dose there was enough bleed through that my mouth got a sharp jolt and was tingling. It wasn’t enough to disable me however and I soon had dragged Pillar into her bedroom and tied her wrists and ankles in a tight spread eagled on the bed. Then I picked up the remote to control Bitch and headed down stairs to rescue Janice.

I found Janice bent over a whipping bench and bitch busy selecting something with which to ‘teach her a lesson.’ I tapped bitch on the shoulder, showed her I had the remote and motioned to Janice. Bitch’s shoulders slumped and she went to release Janice. Janice looked at me and said, “That was quick.”

I raised an eyebrow and she continued, “Pillar is being stupid. Bitch here was pretty smart and well organized and you turned the tables on her. How did Pillar think she could control you? I knew you would rescue me. I am just surprised at how quick it was.”

Finding the Key

All three of us went upstairs. Pillar had recovered and was struggling. She looked at me and said, “What are you going to do now, you bastard. Whip me while I am tied down?”

Actually that wouldn’t have been a bad idea. I wouldn’t do it but I am certain either Bitch or Janice would be happy to do the honors. Still, once we resolved this problem I wanted Pillar back in the kitchen and I didn’t want to have to check each meal for rat poison. I decided to be more subtle.

I sat down on the bed beside Pillar, brought my fingers to her armpits and began to tickle her. She shrieked and tried to pull away but had very little mobility tied as she was. She could and did twist from side to side but this didn’t bother me at all. It did do some interesting things to her breasts as they bounced and jiggled, but she couldn’t twist far enough to get away from my relentless tickling fingers.

Of course I varied things a bit running my hands down her ribs and then tickling her sides. Once she was laughing I found that her stomach, belly button and abdomen were ticklish. Even the tops of the insides of her thighs where they met the groin were ticklish. I think the best, or perhaps from her point of view worst, areas were her sides, just below her ribs and her armpits.

Janice and then Bitch joined in. I noted that Bitch seemed to prefer the soles of Pillar’s feet. She also, rather cleverly I thought, got an electric toothbrush from the bathroom and used the rotating vibrating head to good effect on the underside of Pillar’s toes. Janice seemed to prefer Pillar’s breasts, particularly the aureole and nipples. I don’t know where she found the feather but raking this around and over the nipples seemed to be very effective.

Very soon she was gasping for breath as it is impossible to breathe in while laughing, and I kept tickling her relentlessly. I didn’t actually time it but it must have been around eight or ten minutes when she lost control of her bladder and urinated. That was going to make for an uncomfortable bed tonight.

Still, I kept on. It must have been some time around sixteen or eighteen minutes when she passed out both from sensory overload and oxygen deprivation. I gave her a few minutes to recover and again asked politely for the key. She looked a bit dazed but told me it was taped to the bottom of the third dresser drawer.

Five Orgasms

I felt much better with the tube off and contemplated just what sort of punishment Pillar ought to endure for her little scheme. I told Bitch to sit on the bed and hold her ankles which she did. Janice was sent to fetch a strap on dildo and a roll of duct tape from the supply closet.

Once she returned I had Bitch shift her wrists to the inside of her ankles with her palms facing outward. This position puts stress on the shoulders that naturally has you keep your wrists and therefore your thighs at least shoulder width apart. Using the duct tape I wrapped her from wrists and ankles to her elbows and knees. Bitch protested that she had to obey Pillar’s instructions. I told her that I realized that and her part in the punishment wouldn’t be painful other than when it became time to unwind the duct tape.

Then I positioned Bitch face down with her mouth at Pillar’s pussy. Her calves and forearms were on the bed with her ass up in the air. I told her to start licking. Janice looked at me strangely but I whispered to her to let me know when Pillar was approaching an orgasm. I also had her belt on the strap on dildo and position herself behind Bitch.

When Pillar seemed about ready to cum I grabbed her hips and pulled her back toward Janice who impaled her with the strap on. Pillar was moaning and begging for release but Bitch was too far back to give her any help. Janice picked up the pace and soon both she and Bitch came. I looked down at Pillar and said, "that’s two orgasms".

Then I had Janice remove the strap on and position herself on her hands and knees straddling Pillar’s torso as though they were about to engage in 69. It was a bit crowded but I managed to get my legs on either side of Pillar’s head and enter Janice from the rear. Doggy style was one of Janice’s favorites and she rocked back enthusiastically meeting me each time I thrust into her. Pillar had a great view of me pistoning in and out of Janice’s soaking pussy and my testicles brushed over Pillar’s nose each time I moved in or out. It must have been frustrating for Pillar but then that was the idea.

I brought my hand around to play with Janice’s clit so that we came more of less together. O. K., I am a guy. I came first but with my fingers working her clit Janice was only a few seconds behind me. When we had both cum I told Pillar that those were orgasms three and four and for the fifth she could lick Janice clean. I pulled out of Janice and, grabbing her hips brought he back to sit on Pillar’s mouth.

Pillar hesitated but Janice reached for one of Pillar’s nipples, pinched it and said, “Get busy with that tongue.” Pillar got busy licking our mixed fluids from Janice’s pussy. When Janice had cum again (her third in a very few minutes) she climbed shakily off the bed.

Last Act

I thought that fifth orgasm had ended our fun and games for the evening. Accordingly I released Pillar’s wrists and sat her up fastening her wrists to her elbows. Then I removed her ankle ropes. I was planning to move her to another bed so that she didn’t have to spend the night in the puddle of urine that she had made when we were tickling her.

Although I was fine with the way things had worked out I was uncertain as to how Pillar viewed things. Imaging my surprise, therefore, when Pillar said, “Master, this slave has been naughty and she begs you to punish her.”

I was about to say something. I don’t know what, but before I could Janice took charge. She placed a cautionary hand on my arm and spoke to Pillar, “Master loves you and will punish you but it will hurt. Are you certain you want this?”

Pillar hung her head but promptly responded, “Yes Mistress, I have been bad and deserve to be punished.”

Janice maneuvered me back to the bed and had me sit on the edge with my legs sticking out. Then she brought Pillar over and maneuvered her across my lap. Janice looked at me and made a go ahead motion.

I looked down at the gorgeous body across my lap. As I have said Pillar was very Latina with a big chest, a slim waist and broad hips. Positioned as she was with her legs bent her ass was pulled tight. All in all she was an inviting spectacle.

I am not generally a hormone driven guy but that night I didn’t stop to think. I just raised my arm and swatted Pillar’s ass. Janice interjected, “Harder, Master. She needs to feel punished.”

I responded by swatting harder. Pillar’s skin tone was olive so I didn’t see it become pink but soon there was a rosy red glow. Pillar was moaning ‘ow’ each time my hand made contact. I stopped swatting and ran my hand over that lovely ass. I could feel the heat. Janice, who seemed to know more about this than I, motioned me to continue.

I resumed the spanking but Pillar’s moans turned to something sexual rather than a reaction to pain. I ran my hand over her bottom again and let my fingers slip down between her legs. I found her to be wet. Not just damp, but soaking wet. I was surprised and looked at my fingers coated with her secretions. Janice reached out and took my hand. She brought it to her face and sucked the wet fingers into her mouth.

The entire scene was arousing. Pillar was moaning and squirming in my lap, while Janice sucking my fingers and looking at me with sexy look in her eyes. Janice reached down and lifted Pillar to her feet, embracing her in a hug. She held Pillar for a few seconds and then told her, “Master has punished you and you are forgiven. Now you need to finish him off.”

The words didn’t really register but Pillar turned and walked back to me straddling my lap. I hadn’t realized but all that lovely female flesh moving about my lap had given me an erection. Pillar’s hands were still bound behind her but Janice reached down and held me so that as Pillar bent her knees, I slid into her welcoming pussy.

I knew, or at least I thought I knew, that Pillar didn’t like having a penis in her and was about to say something. Again Janice stopped me, this time by placing a single finger over my lips in the universal hush sign. I watched as Pillar began raising and lowering herself. Janice reached around her and grabbed her breasts to fondle. At least that’s what it seemed at first but as Janice squeezed and twisted harder and harder it seemed she was mauling rather than fondling.

I would have said something but Janice looked me in the eye and gave me a quick shake of her head. As I was debating with myself as to what I should do, I became aware of Pillars moans. Clearly she was aroused and becoming more so. Her moans seemed to become grunts and I occasionally caught mumbled works like ‘yes’ or ‘harder’ as she sped up her up and down motions.

I saw one of Janice’s hands reach down to touch Pillar’s clit and then with a shudder and an arching of her back Pillar’s orgasm came rushing through her. I was almost a spectator but realized that I had cum about when Janice had reached down. Pillar came down from her orgasm, her body slumping against me which little aftershocks coursed through her.

After a few minutes Pillar seemed to recover and leaned forward kissing me. When she broke the kiss she said, “Thank you for punishing me master.”

Pillar rose on shaky legs and Janice led her from the room toward a bed for the night. I didn’t quite know if the spanking had been punishment and the intercourse something else or if Pillar considered the entire thing as a punishment. In either case I was more or less stunned by what had happened.

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