A Mirror in the Dark

by Julius Kai

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© Copyright 2023 - Julius Kai - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; fpov; clones; bond; rope; collar; cuffs; dungeon; leash; outdoors; cage; gag; cons; X

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Chapter 3

I opened my eyes feeling sore, but well rested. The room was dark, I was laying in bed but had no idea which part of the house I was in and what time it was. I must have drifted off after our little session yesterday. I tried to move my hands, but found them still tied behind my back. Light pressure on my neck let me know that the collar was also still on. I was very thirsty and my bladder was also reminding me that I needed to take care of business.

“Hello? Alice?” I groaned, hoping that my clone would hear me.

A few moments later blinding light filled the room and my clone excitedly half-sprinted, half-hopped through the door.

“Wakey, wakey rise and shine, sleepyhead!” she cooed.

“What time is it? And why am I still bound?” I asked keeping my eyes tightly shut to avoid blinding light.

“It’s 9am Saturday, and I thought you might want to spend the day in bondage today. There is a lot of gear we could experiment with, and it would be nice to see how it all feels outside of a heavy session like last night,” she replied, walking closer to my bed.

My eyes finally adjusted enough to recognise that I was in the small bedroom in the basement, which I had outfitted for longer sessions.

“Sounds fun, but I really need to use the bathroom.”

“Oh, right, let me help you!” She assisted me out of bed and led me to the basement bathroom. It was awkward with my hands still locked behind my back, but I managed to take care of it, refusing her help.

My clone waited for me in the main basement room with a new contraption in her hands. A thick metal belt with a few D-rings attached around it, currently sporting a pair of leather handcuffs on each side, connected by only two links of chain to the belt. The handcuffs were identical to the ones I wore yesterday, made of the same leather with soft padding inside, thankfully my clone didn’t plan to move to the more extreme restraints just yet.

Without freeing my hands my clone locked the belt around my waist. She awkwardly pulled my arms from my back towards the right side cuff and closed it around my hand above the old cuff. With my right hand secured she finally unlocked the cuffs from our previous session and quickly brought my left hand to the second cuff on the belt. She once again closed the cuff just above my wrist and finally tightened them both up.

I was bound helpless and my hands could only move a very short distance away from the belt. I pulled as much as I could, but only the tips of my fingers would barely touch.

“Time for breakfast! Tell you what, if you can free yourself in the next five minutes, I won’t have to spoon-feed you. Here, you can even have the key!” She placed the key in my right hand and quickly left towards the door and up the stairs, presumably to the kitchen.

I struggled with the key doing my best to reach the hole, but I just could not do it on either side. Even with my fingers extended I was nowhere near my left cuff and the lock of my right cuff was rotated so that no matter how I curled my hand it was impossible to put the key in.

Defeated, I resigned to my fate of being spoon-fed and followed my clone up the stairs and into the kitchen. The smell of freshly brewed coffee and waffles was a welcome surprise, it looked like Alice Number Two was busy this morning.

“Take a seat!” She exclaimed cheerfully pouring two cups of coffee. “Since you are currently incapacitated. I will serve you breakfast today. I am, after all, registered as a servant clone, am I not.”

I plopped down on one of the chairs by the table. I could theoretically feed myself if the food was in my hand and I brought my head all the way down towards it but it would be a pure nightmare. Alice would also have to hand me everything anyway since my fingers were barely able to reach the top of the high dining table.

Alice Number Two placed a plate of waffles and a steaming mug of coffee in front of me and sat down at the table to my right. She dug into her own plate of waffles. I shuffled awkwardly, confused why she wasn’t helping me.

“Ugh.. Alice?” I asked.

“What? I know we are not in a session right now, but you still need to ask me nicely to help you. I have not gagged you yet, you know.” She replied, still fully occupied by her own breakfast.

“Oh, come on!” I sighed in frustration. “Will you please help me eat my food? Pretty please.”

She finally turned towards me and grabbed one of the waffles from my plate. “Fine, open up, here comes the Chu-Chu train.” Before bringing it up to my mouth she grabbed a bottle of whipped cream and applied a generous portion on top. This was going to get real messy.

After breakfast I was a total wreck. My face was covered in whipped cream, she almost drowned me with coffee a couple of times, but by the end of it we were dying from laughter. 

“He, he.. you little piggy, time to get you clean. Go to the bathroom while I clean up here in the kitchen.” She helped me up from my chair and started gathering dirty dishes. I made my way to the guest bathroom that was next to the kitchen. As I entered it I realized that I was out of luck. The sink was just high enough for me to not be able to reach the faucet and once again I was stuck.

“Alice!” I called.

“What?” came a reply from the kitchen.

“I can't turn the tap on.” I am sure she knew that already and was teasing me.

“Alright you little baby, mommy is gonna be there in a minute.”

I could hear her load the dishwasher and soon she was by my side. With her hand on the back of my neck she pushed my face towards the sink and proceeded to thoroughly wash the remainder of the whipped cream off.

“What do you say, we go for a little walk? The weather is lovely today.” She asked while rubbing my face with a towel.

“Sure, sounds good. Unlike with the basement, I didn’t have enough time to do much with the yard so we can discuss some of the old and maybe even some new ideas, two brains better than one, even if it’s technically the same brain.” That made her giggle.

“Great, time to walk my new doggie.” She said as she once again clipped a leash to my collar. This was not exactly what I had in mind, but decided to go along with it. 

Walking out of the house bound and naked was not as much of a worry, because there was a hedge and a line of bushy trees between the front of the house and the road. The three other sides were surrounded by a forest with thick vegetation, separated from it by a tall fence and a hedge. 

Alice Number Two stopped just outside the front door. “This would be a great place to put a bondage cross.” She gestured towards the front porch. I was hoping she was joking. A cross there, while mostly hidden from the road, would still be visible to anyone driving slowly enough and paying enough attention to spot it between the branches. It would also be quite a sight for any mailman or delivery.

She tagged my leash and I followed her around the house to the backyard. There right in the middle proudly stood a giant old oak tree. That tree was a big part of why my parents bought this property in the first place. Its thick branches and leafy crown provided pleasant shade even on the hottest days of summer.

“Did you get an arborist to take a look at it?” My clone asked.

“Oh yes, he said that it was healthy and very strong. A great oak by all accounts.” This tree was truly a gem of the property. I think my father must have even named it at some point, what was it? Ah, yes “Captain Mighty” he called it.

“Yesterday I saw a cage in the garage, it's not supposed to hang on the tree by any chance?” My clone asked.

“It is, I’ve had it made from aluminum, so it's comparatively light, and the arborist said that Captain Mighty could hold thousands of pounds on its thicker branches as long as the hanging point is not too far away from the trunk.” I replied. I could already see ideas fill my clone's head.

“So why is it not up yet?” She asked with an almost hungry look in her eyes.

“Well it's light as far as cages go, but it is still quite heavy. And no, I haven't been powerlifting while you were being made.” I could tell she wasn’t satisfied by my answer.

“Wait, how did you even get all of the heavy gear down to the basement? I am pretty sure there are cages made of actual steel down there as well.” She asked, looking at me as if she was trying to find evidence that I was lying and that I was indeed a champion powerlifter.

“The guy that made most of the equipment recommended a contractor. He said they were discrete and specialized in that kind of thing. He said that he worked with them for years. They weren’t cheap, but they did the job well.” I shrugged. 

“So let's call them.” My clone beamed in excitement.

“It’s not that easy. They are not local, and they are going to be busy for the next few weeks. The cage didn’t arrive in time for them to sort it out.” My clone was clearly not happy about having to wait for so long.

“Okay then we can hang it ourselves!” She announced and without letting me interject, pulling me toward the garage with my leash.

Inside the garage stood my electric Mini Cooper and an old gas powered Ford truck that was there from before my father bought the house. It was still running fine after I had it fixed at the shop and came in handy more than once during my basement renovations project.

The cage was already loaded onto its bed, fortunately I had enough foresight to ask the delivery guy to put it there straight away.

“See, we can just drive the truck under the tree and hang it up straight from the bed. We wouldn't even need a winch to hoist it up. We can just drive away from under the cage once it is secured to the tree branch.” She shoved me in the passenger seat and went to grab a chain that was lying on the floor. 

“But we will ruin the lawn.” I tried to protest.

“It’ll be fine. I can probably even do it without your help.” I recognised that look in her eyes. This is what I must have looked to other people when I had a crazy plan in my head that refused to leave me alone.

We backed out of the garage and slowly drove around the house and towards the mighty oak. My clone carefully backed up towards the tree trunk, underneath the thickest branch.The branch she chose was a mighty one. The largest of the lower branches, it was about 8 feet above ground.

Alice got out of the car and helped me out as well. “How are we going to get the chain up on the branch?” I asked.

“Do we have a ladder somewhere?” She replied looking at the branch and clearly devising some kind of plan in her head.

“There is one back in the garage, not sure if it will be tall enough though.” I said.

“Okay, let's keep walking while I think about it.” The rest of the walk was uneventful. We discussed some other possible bondage spots and even ventured out a few steps into the forest behind our house before deciding that it was too risky and turned back.

“I have a plan!” My clone announced pulling me to the kitchen.

She replaced my leash with a chain that was connected to a decorative railing on the countertop by the stove. When did she even add the chain, it should have been there during breakfast but I must have missed it.

“You are going to cook us lunch, while I figure out how to hang the cage.” My clone said, while I was testing the chain.

“I’ve checked, the railing should hold you well enough, but it is decorative so don’t pull too hard, or I will spank you!” She unlocked the cuffs from my waist belt and snapped a longer pair of thinner police style cuffs around my wrists with my hands thankfully in front of me.

“Cook some spaghetti bolognese, all of the ingredients should be within reach and it should be easy enough for you.” With instructions given she left the kitchen to enact her devious plan.

I pulled on my new chain leash to see how it would react. She was apparently right, the railing didn’t budge even a little. Still it probably wouldn’t hold for too long if I really tried, but I had some spaghetti to cook.

There I was, chained in the kitchen, naked, cooking lunch. I did grab an apron that was thankfully hanging near enough that my chain allowed me to reach.

When Alice returned to the kitchen she was looking very smug so I assumed that her mission was a success.

“How did it go? Judging by your face, am I to assume that I will be spending the rest of the afternoon in a cage?” I asked.

“It went better than I could have hoped for. I used a ladder to get the end of the chain up to the branch, which wasn’t easy and I nearly fell a couple of times, but I managed to hook it to one of the thicker twigs. From then on it was just a matter of climbing on a branch myself and pulling until I could loop it around to secure it.” She smugly told me.

“Wait, you climbed on top of a tree branch? Maybe we have less in common than I thought. And also that means that I almost lost my investment. You can't risk it like that when you keep me in bondage!” I scolded. Sure I would have been fine, I could have broken the railing and freed myself, but what if it was a heavier bondage session? This was reckless and she should have known better.

“Oh relax! It was fine and I knew you were not helpless. Besides, we used to climb trees as a child all the time. And what was that, ‘Investment’? Is that all you see me as? Well, just you wait, I’ll teach you to know better tonight.” The indignation in her voice was clearly fake, we both knew what I meant, but the threat of punishment, while playful, certainly wasn’t.

She unlocked my collar chain and allowed me to enjoy my lunch almost as a normal person. Sure, she left my cuffs locked, but at least they were decently long and my hands were in front of me.

After lunch my clone told me to meet her by the cage and left to retreat some gear from the basement. As I walked out of the house I was immediately greeted by the sight of my clone's success. 

The cage was hanging a few feet off the ground by a thick chain which was looped around the branch and locked by a padlock. A thick dead twig was preventing the chain from slipping further away from the trunk. The cage was currently unlocked and I decided to test it. I carefully climbed inside, it seemed to hold my weight without any problems.

“Eager, are we?” The voice of my clone came from behind.

“Just wanted to see if it will hold” I said as I got back out. When I turned around I found that Alice Number Two was holding a head harness with a breathable ball gag.

“Time for your first gagged adventure. I decided that I am going to leave your hands free, but I don’t want my bird chirping too much, lest she attracts some hungry wolves, so you are going to be wearing this.” She said.

I turned around and felt the straps surround my head. It was a secure design with a V strap converging over my nose and continuing over my temple towards the back and joining the main belt as well as a chin strap. I opened my mouth as Alice pulled on the main belt strap and a medium sized ball gag forced its way in between my teeth.

“How’s that feeling? Not too tight? Not too loose?” My clone asked

“Nphph fnnm” I tried to reply. I could already feel a bit of drool rolling down my chin.

“Seems good enough!” She said as she clicked a small lock, sealing the gag in place.

“Hnmm mnng nm N gnnng phn hm mnhm phhnph?” I attempted to ask.

“Come on girl annunciate, it's almost as if you have a gag in your mouth, oh wait you do!” My clone teased me, grinning from ear to ear. She turned me towards the cage and lightly smacked my bottom encouraging me to get in.

My cheeks were already burning in frustration at her, but there wasn’t really much I could do. I climbed in, careful not to get my cuffs caught on the way in. As soon as I made it inside Alice slammed the door shut and locked it with a heavy padlock.

“There you go my little birdie you can now rest for a few hours while I… actually no, let's keep it a surprise.” She turned away almost ready to leave when she remembered something. “Oh, yes I did say that you can have your hands free, didn’t I? There you go, you can toss the cuffs on the ground.” 

She handed me the key to my cuffs and promptly left towards the house. I unlocked my wrists, they were getting a bit sore, so it was a nice relief, those thinner cuffs were less comfortable and not meant for overly prolonged use.

I settled in my cage imagining some passer by discovering my predicament and gawking at me. My fingers reached my clit, almost on their own accord. I was now seeing a crowd of medieval peasants gathered around a disgraced maiden locked in a gibbet for everyone to see. Some were laughing, some were cursing and throwing rotten tomatoes at me. 

My fingers were playing with my button, slow circular motions as I imagined being the subject of a cruel crowd's attention. I saw a tall handsome knight ride past me on a white horse, but he was no savior, he announced to the crowd “Look at this pathetic useless wench!” and spat at me.

My fingers were now moving faster, I could feel a fountain of pleasure building. Fingers of my second hand slowly pushed inside of my love canal. I could now see the crowd going wild at the sight of a criminal debasing herself further in front of them.



“Punish her!”

The crowd roared. My right hand was now torturing my clit, my left hand fingers fucking me as if a dirty brute from the crowd broke in and took me. My cries muffled by the gag were unintelligible, I was almost drowning in my own drool.

“Nh gnn mmph!” I cried as an orgasm rocked my body. It wasn’t as powerful as yesterday, but humiliation was always a special turn on for me.

It took me a few minutes to get back to my senses and as I relaxed I came to a sudden realization that long term bondage is boring. Sure I just rocked my own world, but now I had to sit here gagged and be a pretty caged bird until my clone decided to show up. 


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