A Mirror in the Dark

by Julius Kai

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© Copyright 2023 - Julius Kai - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; fpov; clones; dungeon; bond; collar; cuffs; strip; leash; oral; blindfold; strapon; spank; sex; cons; X

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Chapter 2

It was finally time. I was about to live through my fantasy. So why did I feel so nervous? My clone was already downstairs, patiently waiting for me, and I was having cold feet. No, this is what I had been dreaming about for months now, and so much was already invested in this crazy plan.

I slowly made my way downstairs and stopped at the basement vault door. The door was unlocked, and as I pushed it open, I saw my clone happily sitting on one of the sofas, waiting for me with a big smile. I closed the door and locked it with a digital lock that I had installed as the first thing in my basement renovation project. The new lock could be opened and closed either with a key card or a passcode, as well as controlled from my laptop upstairs. I opted to use a key card instead of a code, and the heavy mechanism slammed shut.

As I turned around, a thought suddenly came to me. “We should probably come up with your own name for you. I know we’ve been calling each other Alice the whole day today, but it can get confusing.”

She stood up, walked towards me, and grabbed my hand. “Don’t worry about that, we will figure it out. Right now, I am itching to get started.”

She led me towards the center of the room where she had set up a small table covered by a black cloth, with a few candles casting a warm, flickering light. An assortment of toys from my vast collection were scattered, hinting at the things to come. Right in the middle sat a black leather collar. It had a clasp with a padlock in the back and a golden medallion in the front, with the word “Slave” etched on it. Inside it was lined with soft material, so that it could be comfortably worn for long periods of time. I had that collar custom made a few months ago specifically for this occasion.

“Listen carefully,” she whispered in my ear. “I want you to lock it around your neck, then I want you to come to me and kneel and then I want you to present me with the key.” Her voice sent shivers down my spine.

“If you do this, know that you will become my slave. My little sex toy to be used however I wish. You wanted a partner for your games? Here is your chance, but you have to make this choice yourself.”

As she said this she quickly slipped away, leaving me alone at the table and sat back on the sofa carefully watching my every move.

I stood in front of the altar, frozen in place, overwhelmed by the intensity of the moment. After a few seconds of indecision, my desire conquered my doubt. I slowly reached out with my trembling hands and carefully, as if it was fragile, picked the collar up.

“Was I really about to do this to myself?” I knew deep down I have always wanted it to happen this way, to surrender myself by my own will. I’ve imagined this moment for so long and now it felt so real, so undeniable, so overwhelming.

I pushed the front of the collar to my neck and brought the clasp together, carefully removing rogue strands of hair. It was now tightly gripping my neck, tight enough to continuously remind me of its presence, but not enough to restrict my breathing. The lock clicked as I pressed it down, but the key was still in the hole, I could still remove the collar if I wanted.

I took the key out and turned towards my soon-to-be partner. She was sitting with an air of grandeur that I did not think I was capable of, grinning like a child unwrapping a Christmas present.

I was expecting her to say something, to encourage me, but she chose to remain silent, keeping my decision pure and my actions, my own. Only her grin betrayed her approval of what I’d done so far.

I slowly walked towards her until I was about a step away from her legs. I kneeled, facing the floor, I stretched my back as far as I could and presented her the key in the palms of my outstretched hands.

“Mistress, I have done what you asked, please accept this key as a sign of my submission.”

I waited for her to respond, but she was taking her time, almost as if she could suddenly decide that she didn’t want me. As seconds passed my nerves were taught like strings of a well tuned guitar and she was playing me without even moving. What if she did decide to reject me? I almost backed out at the table myself… Or did I? No deep down I knew that my choice was inevitable and so must be hers.

Finally I felt her pick the key out of my hands. Relief washed over me, it was done.

“Good girl! We will need to work on your posture when kneeling, but you make me proud so far. From now on you will only address me as Mistress or Mam. You belong to me now, and we are going to have a great time.” She patted my head as if I was a pet that learned to do a new trick. Mistress clipped a leash to the ring in front of my new collar, where the medallion was also attached.

“Come, I have a lot planned for tonight.” Mistress pulled my collar. She led me back towards the altar. From there she picked a pair of wrist cuffs that perfectly matched my collar, the same black leather, the same soft padding inside.

“Hands behind your back.” Mistress commanded in a quiet but firm voice. I did as I was told and soon the same soft but firm grip took away my ability to properly use my hands.

I tested the unyielding grip of the cuffs, but as I was distracted by my new limitations a blindfold stole my vision and plunged me into the world of darkness. Restrained in such a way I could suddenly feel how aroused I was. My panties were positively drenched already and we have only just begun.

“We are going to test if you are a good girl and deserve a reward or if you are bad and should be punished, but first, let us get properly attired.”

“Properly attired?” - I thought, but I was already bound, so she must have meant removing my skirt and panties… I felt a pair of scissors cut away my t-shirt.

“Hey, I liked that one!” I yelled before even thinking.


A sudden fire on my bottom brought any further protest to a halt.

“I did not give you permission to speak, let alone yell!” Another smack on my butt followed. “We will need to properly work on your discipline later, for now keep quiet or I will gag you, and you still need that pretty mouth of ours to prove that you are a good girl!”

I quietly whimpered, but made no further protest as she proceeded to cut away my clothes. I was never spanked as a child and the feeling was new to me. It wasn't really pain that affected me so much, she didn’t spank me all that hard, but sheer humiliation. My cheeks were burning and my pussy was even wetter than before.

The last piece she removed were my panties. She dragged them down my legs and brought them up to my face so that I could smell my own arousal. It then sounded like she threw my panties away and tied my collar to something. “Wait here a moment.” She traced her hand on my butt cheek as she left.

There I stood, barefoot, naked, blindfolded, arms bound behind my back, cheeks burning with humiliation and aroused like never before. After a few moments of silence I decided to test the limits of my confinement. I could make a couple of steps in every direction, but I almost tripped over the table that was still next to me.

Before I could get into any more trouble, the Mistress returned. She freed my leash only to tie it again somewhere a few steps away. I heard her sit down on a sofa in front of me. “Come and kneel before me!” She pulled my leash and as soon as I reached her I dropped down on my knees.

“You are going to worship my pussy, and if you do it well I will reward you. Fail and I will make you regret it.” Blind I struggled to find the object of my intended worship, but her hand helpfully guided my mouth to her folds.

I made a slow careful lick across her pussy lips. They were already wet, it seemed like she was as aroused as I was. I placed a few gentle kisses and slowly pushed my tongue into her love canal. I could already hear Mistress panting, my efforts clearly fruitful. I lapped at her like a thirsty dog from a bowl of water.

Her moans were getting louder and louder. “Deeper!” Mistress commanded, gripping my head with her right hand. I pulled back slightly, moving my attention toward her already swollen clitoris. I licked it and made round motions with my tongue.

“Yes, Yes, like this! Lick me! Fuck me with that tongue!” She pulled my head closer, I increased the speed of my licking, sometimes going deep inside, sometimes kissing. She pressed my face down, I was now struggling to catch a breath. “So close, don’t stop, don’t you dare stop right now!”

With my face now completely buried between her squeezing legs, I could not breathe but, I also dared not slow down. I was already feeling lightheaded but I pressed on and soon my Mistress trembled wildly. She was rocked by a powerful orgasm, the likes of which I myself have never had. Mistress thrashed a little for a few moments and finally released my head.

I fell back gulping for air, struggling to catch my breath. My face was completely coated by my Mistresses juices, her scent feeling my nostrils every time I drew much needed air. I lay on the floor panting and trying to collect some semblance of myself, but between breathlessness and my own arousal I was a mess.

“Well done slave, now it is time for your reward.” Mistress said as she composed herself. Once again tagging on my leash, she brought me to another part of the basement. “Kneel, face on the floor!” I did as I was told and felt the leash be replaced in favor of some shorter connection. Another pair of tight cuffs gripped my legs and I could no longer move from my awkward position.

The blindfold suddenly slipped away from my eyes and I was greeted by a large mirror. In the reflection my ass was high up while my collar was connected by a short carabiner to a ring on the floor. My ankles were equally restrained to a pair of floor rings, my hands still tightly bound behind my back.

The sight was utterly humiliating and I almost wished to have the blindfold back. But a more deprived part of me fixed my gaze on the reflection. Next to me proudly stood my Mistress in her triumphant glory. She was wearing nothing but a black corset and an elegant, thin, black carnival mask that covered only around her eyes. In her hands was a strap-on, which she clearly wanted me to appreciate from my helpless position on the floor before putting it on.

Mistress placed her foot on the small of my back while fumbling with the straps to further demonstrate my complete and utter subjugation. My reflection’s cheeks were burning so bright that I could probably get accepted for a position as a red traffic light. When the dildo was firmly fitted around my Mistresses hips, she once again proudly looked at our reflection and snapped a picture with my phone; I didn’t even see where she had gotten that from.

“I am sure we will both want to remember this moment.” With a hand caressing my ass she took her foot off my back and walked around me. I watched as she stood behind me and lined up a fake cock with my entrance.

“Please be gentle?” I half asked, half pleaded.


Her hand came down on my bottom. “I did not give you permission to speak! One more misstep and my little friend will go down a different hole, you have so kindly presented.”

I forced my lips shut. I am not against anal, I have experimented with toys in the past, but I am not crazy about it either and right now I needed my pussy filled so bad I could barely think.

Mistress did not bother lubing the strap on, it wasn't necessary seeing how wet we both were. She carefully aligned the phallus with my pussy, just close enough to be touching without pushing it in. “Beg” She commanded.

“Please, I promise…”

“Please, who?” She cut me off.

“Please, Mistress! I beg you to stick that big fat dildo in my pussy!” I begged.

Mistress huffed. “Not convincing. I am getting bored, and I might go to bed soon.”

“No.. Mistress! Please, Mistress! I will be a good girl! I'll do anything you say! Please fuck me hard! Please take my pussy and dominate me completely!”

In one swift motion, she pushed the dildo down my pussy as deep as it would go. Sudden, fast penetration made me squeal. Slight pain mixed with great pleasure rocked me to the core.

Mistress started to pump, slow at first, but faster and faster until I could not hold my moans.

“Yes… Please… Mistress… Fuck Me! Oh god yes!”


Sudden pain almost brought me over the edge there and then, but Mistress had other ideas. She stopped pumping, I could barely hold in a cry of frustration. Mistress leaned forward, placed her left hand on my back and grabbed a fist-full of my hair with her right hand. She pulled a little, making sure that I could not look away from the mirror, forcing me to take in her triumphant image over her pitiful slave.

She resumed pumping with determined motions, rough, slow and hard. It was a complete display of dominance. I could no longer keep myself together. I was almost there a few moments ago and this was enough to erupt me into the most intense orgasm of my life. I was shaking and moaning completely lost in the magical bliss of being completely and thoroughly fucked like I have never been in my life.


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