A Mirror in the Dark

by Julius Kai

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© Copyright 2023 - Julius Kai - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; fpov; bond; cage; collar; leash; gag; cuffs; oral; spank; dungeon; bench; chastity; blindfold; mittens; toys; buttplug; cons; XX

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Chapter 4

My whole body ached, and my jaw throbbed painfully. I had been confined in a cage beneath the shade of a mighty oak tree for several hours. Thankfully, the weather was pleasant, with only a gentle breeze, and Captain Mighty's shade provided some relief.

We ought to add a few cushions to the cage before using it again. The bottom was constructed from the same lightweight bars as the rest of the structure, a practical design but hardly comfortable for extended use.

As the sun made its way lower in the sky, and dinnertime approached, Alice Number Two came to fetch me.

"Hey there, little birdy! How was your afternoon? Mine was great," she cheerfully greeted me as she approached the cage.

“Mmhmph gmph mm nnph nf hmrm,” I tried to convey my plea, hoping she would understand my tone.

“Owww, my birdie wants out? Or would you stay a bit longer? I don’t mind!” She teased, and to my horror, she began to turn away, apparently ready to leave me locked.

“Nn! Pmmnphm, N nmmn phn gmph nnph!” I cried out as best I could through my gag. I couldn't endure another minute in the cage.

“Alright, alright, just messing with you. Dinner is almost ready, and we don't want it to get cold,” she replied, returning to unlock the cage.

Exhausted, I almost tumbled out, with my clone barely managing to break my fall. She helped me to my feet and removed my gag. I worked my tired jaw, adjusting to my newfound freedom.

“Thank you. this was much harder than I expected,” I said, my speech still challenging.

“It's okay. let's get you cleaned up. You're covered in drool, and you stink. let's get you to the shower,” she said, clipping a leash to my collar.

We walked inside and proceeded to the second floor. Alice Number Two fastened my leash to a decorative handle on the side of the bathtub. It was mostly a symbolic gesture, she didn't bother restraining my hands, but we both knew that I wouldn't dare to touch it.

“Alright, take some time to relax and get yourself cleaned up. I'll be back in forty-five minutes,” she said as she left me alone.

I turned on the water, setting it to nearly the hottest it could go. I slid into the tub without waiting for it to fill up. As the hot water slowly enveloped my tired body, I felt the tension ease. It was pure bliss. A few minutes later, I felt less fatigued and very relaxed.

As promised, my clone returned a little over three-quarters of an hour later, just as I was finishing drying myself. She was dressed in a sleek black dress, not something I'd choose to wear around the house.

“You look fancy. Is there a special occasion? Remember, you can't leave the premises,” I cautioned.

“Don't worry, I'm just getting ready for our session later tonight. You're going to enjoy it,” she replied with a sly grin.

“I'm not sure how much more I can take. That cage really did a number on me,” I said with a yawn.

“I promise it won't be too much to handle, certainly nothing like yesterday,” she assured me, tugging on my leash as we headed toward the kitchen upstairs."

My clone prepared fish with mashed potatoes for dinner. While a glass of white wine would have been a nice addition, I adhered to my strict rule of no alcohol before bondage, and it appeared that my clone had inherited the same discipline.

“So, how has work been in the past six months? Is Richards still in charge?” Alice Number Two inquired as we enjoyed our meal.

“Oh, no, he retired about a month ago. Jim is currently at the helm, but he won't be sticking around for long either, so I'll soon have a new boss. In fact, he's scheduled to start on Monday,” I replied.

Michael Richards was a good man who had been reluctant to step down, but his age had begun to catch up with him, and his retirement had been inevitable for some time. We shared a strong professional relationship, and I considered him my mentor. It was sad to see him go, but it had presented an opportunity to quietly obtain the experimental version of the software.

“That's a shame. I liked him. Hopefully, the new guy will be at least half the manager he was,” my clone remarked, steering my thoughts back to the present.

"Well, the commotion did help me get my hands on the experimental version of the software for your remote," I mentioned.

My clone squirmed in her seat, clearly reminded of something. “By the way, have you played with any of my settings yet? I can't be entirely certain, but at times, I can't help but wonder if I'm not exactly the same as… you… or, well, the me from my memories,” she pondered.

“No, I've kept everything at factory settings. I only updated the remote, and since no changes were made, there were no instructions sent to the Neuralock,” I assured her.

“You promise?” she asked with a hint of hope in her voice.

“If it helps, bring the remote from upstairs. I can't share the password, but I can demonstrate that all settings remain untouched,” I offered.

“Could you? That would provide a great relief to know for sure, not that I don't trust you, but, you know…” She looked uncertain. I nodded, and she hurried upstairs, leaving me alone with my food.

Alice Number Two returned with the remote in hand. I accepted it and entered the password with the screen shielded to prevent her from seeing.

I accessed the settings menu and turned the screen toward her. She meticulously examined it and visibly relaxed. Her smile returned, and she happily resumed her dinner.

“We should really come up with a name for you,” I stated. “What if someone were to visit? Even domestic servant clones have names, and it will be easier for both of us to maintain our cover.”

“I know, I’ve been thinking about it, but I haven’t found anything I truly like. I’m so used to Alice that nothing else feels right. And before you make any suggestions, I want it to be a name that truly feels like my own,” she replied. I couldn't help but notice that something in her body language was not quite right. She wasn’t telling the whole truth.

“Is something bothering you?” I asked.

“No,” she replied. “It's just that I’m conflicted about this. Choosing a new name feels like a step away from our shared identity. It’s as if I’ll become more of my own person and less of a copy of you. I hope you understand what I mean.”

“Isn’t that a good thing?” I asked.

“Yes and no. It’s both exciting and scary. It's a lot to process.” The subject was clearly making her progressively more uncomfortable, so I decided to drop it for now.

We finished our meals in silence. My clone appeared deep in thought, likely consumed by her minor existential crisis, while I wondered what she had in store for me tonight.

After clearing the table, Alice Number Two locked a set of wide metal figure-eight cuffs around my wrists, each pointing in the opposite direction, effectively positioning my hands behind my back with my elbows at a ninety-degree angle. These cuffs were lined with soft material inside, and though they held my wrists close together and my elbows at a right angle, I had grown accustomed to having my hands restrained, so they didn't bother me too much.

We then made our way into the basement. In the center of the dungeon stood a contraption that my clone had evidently chosen for our session tonight. It was a padded bench with a leather strap in the middle, mounted on four sturdy legs. Each of the back legs featured a padded shelf with manacles designed to hold the ankles of whoever was trapped in the device. There was also a donut-shaped massage table pillow at the front with a collar to hold the restrained person's head in place, along with another set of manacles attached to each of the front legs.

Alice Number Two led me to the contraption and instructed me to lay down on top, face down. She locked the collar around my neck and tightened the leather strap around my waist. Then, she helped me adjust to a more comfortable position and secured my ankles as well. She didn't bother securing my hands to the device and left them cuffed behind my back.

“Someone’s been a naughty girl today and deserves a punishment,” she announced.

“I am sorry, Mistress!” I pleaded, nervously testing my restraints.

“Sorry, are you? Then perhaps you can tell me what you are sorry about.”

“I…” I couldn’t think of anything, beads of sweat were forming on my body. “I disobeyed you!”


Sharp burning sensation spread across my right butt cheek. With my vision obscured by the pillow I could only see a narrow section of the floor. The feeling in my bottom and the sound of the slap told me that she was using her bare hands. 

“Is that all you managed to come up with? Disobeyed me?” She asked in a calm tone full of authority.

“No, I don’t know, please forgive me Mistress,” I cried, doing my best to hide excitement that was quickly spreading through my body.

She gave me another stroke, the familiar burning, this time on my left side. I was always turned on by spanking, but it was down right embarrassing how quickly it was turning me on. Embarrassment in turn fueled my humiliation, which was another one of my kinks. My clone, of course, was painfully aware of that.

“I’ll tell you what you did wrong, you little nasty girl,” she punctuated with a slap on my right ass cheek. “I saw you playing with yourself in your cage.” Two more strokes followed.

Tears were escaping my eyes but my pussy was on fire. “But I wasn’t!” I lied, through this confusing mix of pain and pleasure.

Three more alternating slaps landed on my bottom before my clone replied. “Don’t lie to me, I saw everything!”

Spanking went on, stroke after stroke, burning continued building in my bottom and yet the fire in my loins was growing just as fast. It was not just the spanking itself but the feeling of helplessness, complete lack of control that was edging me on. With every new stroke my arms and legs were fidgeting, pulling on their bonds and reminding me of just how little I could do.

Suddenly my clone stopped her relentless assault. Relief, then frustration came flooding down, I needed to cum and I needed it now.

Before I could compose myself and form any words a new sensation pierced through me. A wet tongue slowly and carefully traced from the bottom of my pussy all the way towards my clit. She didn’t linger on it though as her tongue moved back to my love canal, she knew exactly what to do.

My clone plunged her tongue deeper, probing my wet passage, moving slowly just enough to keep me on the edge but not allow me the sweet release. We were both acutely aware that the moment she returned attention to my clit I would instantly explode and so with all cards shamelessly on the table, she drew my agony out, no secret of my body hidden from her.

I thrashed in my bonds, moaning, ”Please! Please let me cum!”

Finally she accepted my pleas of unyielding lust, her tongue darted towards my needy button and did a circular motion that I love so much.

Like a flick of a switch, the motion pushed me right over the edge. Pleasure coursed through my veins, pleasure, that I didn’t think I was capable of anymore after all of our previous escapades over the past twenty-four hours.


I knew my clone was able to read me better than anyone possibly could, but she still surprised me, or, more accurately, I was surprised at my own apparent ability. I wondered if my oral ministrations yesterday also pushed her in all the right ways or have I failed to deliver what she so masterfully gave me today.

I rested on top of the spanking bench for a few minutes while my clone was busy away from my sight. Rattling of bondage gear, made it apparent that our session was not over yet. Words failed to form in my head and I was content to just rest, still bound, the padded bench was comfortable enough for me to be reluctant to move. Air-conditioned breeze was also soothing my suffering ass. If I was honest with myself the spanking wasn’t too bad and I was wondering if there was going to be any bruising at all tomorrow.

“Let's get you out of this contraption and into your overnight bondage.” My clone declared. She freed me from the bench but left my hands bound behind my back as they had been since dinner.

An assortment of bondage equipment greeted me as I turned away from the spanking bench.

On a small table, the same one that was used in my “ritual”, lay a chastity belt, a leather body harness, a pair of leg shackles, a blindfold, bondage mittens and scariest of all, a penis-gag.

The gag was something that I had custom made, tried on myself once, panicked and never used again. It was made to my exact measurements, designed to go just deep enough to be impossible to ignore, but remain safe as long as I could keep panic under control. It featured an open tube inside, which could either help with breathing or deliver any number of liquids down my throat.

“Ugh, can we please not use this gag?” I asked. I knew that as long as I stayed calm it should have been safe, but there was no way I was going to spend the night with that torture device in my mouth.

Alice Number Two started warping body harness straps around me. “It will be alright, I just want to see you struggle at my mercy for a bit,” she said as she tightened another belt.

“No you don’t understand, I already tried it while you were being made and couldn’t take it. I panicked before I could even tighten the belt,” I explained.

“Well this time it will be easier to keep panic under control with me next to you. I read the insert. It is made to our measurements, so it will be safe.” She continued fiddling with the harness straps.

“What if I panic, what if I can’t get the grip over my gag reflex?” I was starting to seriously consider canceling our session all together, but once again somewhere deep inside a treacherous perverted voice was whispering, how delightfully degrading the gag would make me feel.

“You’ll manage it, it will be easier this time since you will not have a choice.” My clone started, closing shackles around my legs.

I felt beads of sweat forming all over me, the urge to call our session off growing from my fear. The desire for humiliation, however, was also spreading rampant, just about strong enough to keep me subdued.

“You don’t know that! You haven’t experienced it. You are not the one wearing this collar and getting bound by her clone, helplessly torn by conflicting feelings all evening.” Desperation poured out of me.

“That’s right I am not. And you are. So you better remember who’s in charge or I will strap you back to the spanking bench.” She chastised my outburst and locked a padded chastity belt around my hips. Two remote controlled vibrating plugs slid inside me, sending a wave of pleasure.

Lastly she slid my wrists inside a pair of bondage mittens forcing my fingers into fists, rendering them completely useless. The only things remaining on the table were a blindfold and the dreaded gag. She picked up the gag next and stood behind me, her hands draped over my shoulders, the infernal tool before my face, ready to plunge its way in.

She brought the gag towards my face, touching my lips. I kept my mouth closed and she waited. Suddenly a whisper, right in my ear. “I’ve decided that I don’t want to be just a clone.”

Surprised, I tried to ask what she meant, but as I parted my lips the artificial cock made its way right into my mouth. She didn’t push it all the way in, letting me explore the realistic intruder with my tongue. It was very life-like, save for its rubbery taste, with veins carefully molded to give it proper shape.

“I’ve made up my mind about a name. My name is going to be Alice.” Again she whispered and pushed the gag all the way in, securely locking it at the back of my head.


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