Making a New Friend 2

by Knotty Master

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Part 2

Cashing out on most every asset she had, Wendy purchased the largest non incorporated electronics manufacturing company she could find. She hired many graduates from her classes at the university to staff it. The refit of the plant to serve her needs, drained most all her funds. The risk of this venture was great and she could easily bring in investors, but she wanted total control of her vision.

In no time, the second, or as far as the rest of the world was concerned, the first fully functional android was completed. The word was amazed. After the unveiling, corporations and wealthy people everywhere were placing orders. The plant was able to start pumping out completed units much faster and cheaper than anticipated.

Mentally, the new droids couldn’t shine a light to Elaine. Their electronic brains had to be small enough to be placed inside of them, as there was no practical application for a droid attached to a fridge sized server. Also, they were nowhere near as physically complex as Elaine. Their form was more asexual. The lines and joints were bland and mechanical looking. Wendy’s reasoning behind the design was that they didn’t need sex appeal and it also keep cost down. She would rather see more people than just the elite having them. They were expensive for now, but there was a factory to pay for.

Over the next two years, the world changed dramatically. Wendy’s introduction of the androids sparked a technology explosion. The race for advancement was like never before. The best part was the environment. Scientists had just recently announced that pollution had reached a point of no return. Now, within that same year they have announced that in ten years we will have the earth restored to the way it was when the first combustion engine was fired up. Hydrogen powered everything. Everything was recycled. Amazing new ways were being developed of making things with less materials and energy. People were finally doing the things everyone talked about.

There was one of Wendy’s androids for every twelve homes. Everywhere you went, you could find one doing its owner’s shopping or sweeping the sidewalk in front of someone’s home. They were now powered by fission reactors. They could go for hundreds of years on a single power pack. The ever shrinking electronics now allowed for an “Elaine” quality brain.

Even with the higher brain function, Wendy could see a huge difference in the other droids from Elaine. Perhaps it was the block in the sex drive, kind of like the different ways a bull behaved from a steer. They did show joy and sorrow, along with a full range of other emotions, but there was a lack of drive in them, to be self improving. They just didn’t seem as human as Elaine.

Perhaps it was for the better. There were allot of people that despised the droids. Groups that were afraid of them taking their jobs, going berserk and killing people, taking over the world and groups that feared all of the above. Even so, for Wendy business was good.

Wendy was trusting her second in command with operating the company more and more. She wanted to spend more time with Elaine. She was also trusting Richard with a special project. She told him that a wealthy Arab Sheik had contacted her with a special order. She gave the plans for a new model of droid to Richard with the instructions to have the development team build only one unit. The final stage, the installation of the skin would be done by Wendy. She convinced the team that the buyer had been specific about Wendy being the only person to know his identity and the appearance of the droid. After it is constructed and tested, the plans are to be destroyed. Wendy will skin and crate it and finally, it will be shipped.

There was little concern with Richard or the development team leaking the nature of this project. They had been with Wendy from the beginning. At one time she had sent an actor to each employee, posing as a spy, offering millions for secrets. These were the people that passed the test with flying colors. Since she had selected them, there hasn’t been a single leak from inside Hillson Robotics.

Four months later the new droid was complete. To cover up its true destination, it was shipped to California, relabeled and shipped to Wendy’s house. For now she had the movers place it in the computer room in the basement. There it would remain until a special day.

“Do you know what today is, Elaine?”

“Well let me think, It is Monday December the twenty second.” She went on listing world events and celebrity birthdays that have happened on this day, years passed. The whole time she knew what Wendy was getting at. It was the third anniversary of the day she was first activated. She enjoyed sarcasm. With her computer brain, her wit was faster than a bullet.

“It's your birthday silly. This year I have something special for you. Turn around and don’t look until I tell you.” Wendy leads the new droid into the room, having activated the motor skills only. “All right, you can look.”

Elaine turns around to see a naked woman standing next to Wendy. She was completely shocked. Wendy had never allowed anyone to see her or the dungeon. She looked back and forth between Wendy and her guest. Studying the facial features of this lady she notices that everything was a little too perfect. There wasn’t a single blemish. She had processed the faces of billions of people online. Some were better than others, but none were this perfect. “It’s an android isn’t it.”

“Yes it is. This is for you.”

“Is it to be my companion or something?”

“No its going to be you, if you want it.” Wendy opened the back of the head and pulled the brain card. “I can transfer every aspect of you to this card and reinstall it into this body.”

Wendy explained the attributes of the new design. The synthetic skin was loaded with neural sensors. Touch would no longer be limited to a few sensor pads. There were all of the openings of any real woman. The power cell would eliminate the need for charge time. The frame and hardware were much lighter. It weighed one hundred twenty pounds, perfect for the appearance. The biggest bonus was the fact that she would no longer be restricted to the dungeon.

“Of course I want it it’s incredible.”

“I have to tell you there is a risk. I tested this transfer several times. There is a ten percent chance your program could be damaged or even lost. I’m leaving it up to you to make this decision.”

Elaine answered immediately. “I'll take the risk. Lets do it.”

“I’m going to have to shut you down in order to make the transfer. Is there anything you want to do or say first. Just in case something goes wrong?”

“I love you. I’m thankful for the life you have given me.”

Wendy closed the door to the dungeon. She felt like she was about to play Russian roulette with her best friend. She watched the video feed of the dungeon as she typed the final command closing the Elaine program. Elaine was pacing nervously when the program closed. Her metallic form crumpled to the floor. It was hard to watch the body of the lover she had gotten to know so well, fall so lifelessly. She quickly inserted the USB cord into the card and started the upload.

Minutes seemed like hours as Wendy watched the countless mega-bites uploaded. Her heart jumped a bit when the message finally popped up on the screen. “Transfer complete. It is now safe to unplug the device.” Picking up the card, Wendy goes back into the dungeon and plugs it in. She selects full activation before closing the back of the head. She knows from experience the connection will take several seconds to register.

The android stood motionless for several seconds before a sudden twitch. Then she did nothing. She just stood there motionlessly. A nervous Wendy spoke. “How do you feel?”

In an all too familiar and dry response “I do not understand the nature of the question.”

Wendy broke out sobbing as she nearly collapsed to the floor. How could she have been so stupid to make such a risk with her friend.

“I’m just kidding! I feel great! I’m sorry, I had to do it!”

Wendy half laughed as she tried to choke up the tears. “How can you be so mean. That was so not funny. You are such a shit!”

They laughed and cuddled as Elaine adjusted to her new form. It was like getting used to a new pair of shoes times fifty.

Elaine admired herself in the well placed mirrors. The new body was the same height as the old one, keeping her Two inches taller than Wendy. She liked the way her wavy blond hair contrasted against Wendy’s dark curls. Her figure was slightly thinner than Wendy’s, giving it a nice compromise to the fact she was taller.

As Wendy ran her fingers over Elaine’s new body, she amazed at how real it was. It was even temperature controlled, keeping it at a constant ninety nine degrees so it always felt warm to the touch. It even had a tiny pour for each of the hair follicles, that produced a saline sweat, acting as normal sweat does. The only difference is the purified sweat doesn’t harbor bacteria, so there is no body odor.

The skin had been developed for severe burn victims and adopted by those Japanese sex doll manufacturers. It was easy to adapt the neural connections for androids, providing the feel of a realistic lover. They had already contacted Hillson robotics with several offers for brain cards programmed for pleasure. Wendy refused them all, until she devised a plan for a trade. She provided them with a sensuality simulation that had no real emotion. In exchange they paid a hefty sum and created the custom flesh that Elaine now wore. It was the most detailed they had ever produced.

They made love for hours. It was some of the most passionate they had ever had. There were no bonds, no whips or any other devices used. There was only a symphony of flesh and fingers. The two forms flowed around each other like the currents of a stream.

Elaine was the first to need a break. “I feel so overheated.”

Wendy looked at Elaine, realizing that she was no longer producing sweat. “Shit, I forgot to tell you about the skin. You no longer have an internal cooling system. The skin produces sweat and acts as a radiator the same way as a human. You will have to drink saline solution to keep the supply replenished.”

Elaine would always need to keep a water bottle filled with the solution. These days every one drank bottled water so it was an easy disguise. The only need for the saline was the sweat, so she would only require a bottle or two a day, depending on energy output. There was a valve under Elaine’s tongue that allowed the liquid to flow into the proper chamber. When disengaged food and liquid could be ingested in a normal appearing manner, storing it in another chamber.

Now they had to decide what they would do with Elaine’s old body. It had much sentimental value for them both. They finally decided they would display it as a piece of art, for all to see when they entered the home. Together they posed it on a bench with a slightly provocative pose, yet dignified.


“Here try this one on.” Wendy was getting frustrated at trying to find something that would fit Elaine. Everything she owned was so custom fitted, nothing was looking right. “I give up. Put these on and we will go shopping for your first outdoor adventure.”

Elaine had to admit she was a little nervous about her first outing. The computer in her told her there was minimal chance of her coming to harm. Still, as she put on the slacks and blouse, she couldn’t help thinking about the crime and violence.

Back in the beginning if the millennium, President Obama had successfully banned private ownership of firearms. The only people the government was able to take the guns from were the people who owned them legally. The criminal element had become emboldened like never before. The government did nothing to help law enforcement agencies that simply didn’t have the resources to keep up.

The garage door began to rise, as Wendy placed her thumb on the ignition sensor. “Good morning Miss Hillson. Please state your destination.”

“Manual mode please.”

Elaine watched with a new wonder as the car rolled around the streets. She was silent for the entire hour it took to get to Hollywood. Wendy parked the car in a security monitored garage. “I am going to take you to all of my favorite shops. You are going to love Rodeo Drive. Keep in mind, everyone here is snooty and fake. Just act like everything is a rag and if there is something your interested in, it is still a rag but you might be able to settle for it. The trick is to act like everything about life is boring.”

“I get the Idea. You just watch. I will be the most passé snob you have ever seen!” The two laughed and poked each other as they walked up the strip.

Elaine was a sensation. Men bent over backwards for her and she loved it. Even allot of the women paid more attention to her than other shoppers. She was hot and she knew it. One man had walked into moving traffic watching her. The idiot was lucky he wasn’t run over. By the end of the day, Elaine had twenty new outfits. Wendy couldn’t help getting a few things herself.

“What did you think of your first day out.”

“It was great. I’ve seen a lot of the world on television and internet, but I had no idea. There is so much to experience.”

They talked about their day the entire way home. Wendy was finally sure the time to free Elaine from her submissive subroutines was nearing. Her friend had become an independent person, completely capable of making her own decisions. Wendy had plotted out many bondage scenarios for Elaine to inflict upon her, but it had quickly become the same as her old self bondage sessions.

They arrived home and lugged their bags in from the garage. “Elaine, come with me. I think it’s time for you to have your own room. I’m sure we will stay together in my room most of the time, but we need to maintain the image we are just good friends. I’m sure you would like to have your own space too.”

“Your so nice to me Wendy.” They loaded the parcels onto the bed.

“Elaine, I want to talk to you about something. You know the rules when we are having sex. Deep down I would like to change how we do things.”

Elaine sat on the edge of the bed. She waited in unease, not knowing where this conversation was going.

Wendy paused for a couple of seconds, drawing up the courage to say it. Elaine wasn’t programmed with the three laws of robotics. She had thought about it early in the programming. Even with the risks, Elaine had to act on her own conscience in order for the effect she needed.

“Here it is… I want to be controlled, I want… I need to be a sex slave. From this moment on, You Elaine are my mistress.”

Elaine was in shock. She wasn’t sure what to say. For a moment she didn’t even know if she could do it. Elaine was unaware of the program change. To her it was just a matter of accepting the idea. After all, she was stronger, smarter and even more attractive than Wendy. By human standards, Wendy was top of the line, but still no match for her mechanical perfection. Sure, she could do this, with pleasure.

Wendy was still in a state of shock, like a person that had just jumped from a plane for the first time, when Elaine finally spoke. “I want you naked now. You are not worthy of clothing.”

Wendy’s hands trembled as she began unbuttoning her blouse. She had expected a discussion about pain limits or safety words before things got started. Elaine began shouting. “STRIP… NOW… FASTER…”

Wendy was unsure things were right, as her new mistress showed no compassion, or explanation of what was going to transpire. Once naked and on her hands and knees, she was ordered to crawl the entire length of the house, down the stairs into the dungeon. The situation was exciting her but the fear was keeping her thinking. “Mistress may I speak to you.”

“You will not utter another sound. If you do the punishment will come swiftly. Stand on the block against the pole, with your back to the door and keep your head forward. ”

Elaine backed out of the room and ran upstairs. She rummaged the kitchen and garage for the things she needed. Once her arms were loaded she returned to the dungeon, watching Wendy doing her best to hold the position she had been left in. Elaine placed the items on a table, out of Wendy’s line of sight. Elaine then proceeded to the cabinet of toys, selected a few items and placed them on the table.

Elaine first placed the padded leather blindfold over Wendy’s eyes. She pulled Wendy’s head back and buckled the blindfold tightly behind the pole. It was taking Wendy every ounce of self control, to not freak out and run away. Next was the posture collar. The rigid full one. Wendy was having a hard time breathing as Elaine tightened the laces behind the pole. The fact that her head and neck were pinned to the pole kept her throat from aligning properly with the collar. She had to physically hold her throat in just the right position to keep the breaths flowing properly.

Her arms were pulled together behind the pole. Elaine balled Wendy’s right hand into a fist then wrapped the left hand over it. Wendy thought this seemed strange as something was wrapped over her hands. After several revolutions, the roll of duct tape gave off several of those distinct squawks, as Elaine stretched it out for more revolutions. The thought of tape seemed so permanent. It couldn’t simply be unbuckled or untied. The surprise of the tape along with the anxiety she was already suffering cased her to completely lose her composure. “What are you doing? I can't deal with this! Stop! Untie me!”

If it hadn’t been for the blindfold, Wendy would have seen the evil grin grow across Elaine’s face as she picked up the riding crop. “I (thwack) did (thwack) not (thwack) tell (thwack) you (thwack) to (thwack) speak (thwack) did (thwack) I. (thwack) ”

Wendy had never been hit so hard. Her ass cheeks burned with a fire she had never felt before. The terror of another blow kept her from uttering another sound. Elaine was rather pleased with herself as she watched the red welts form. She completed the wrap on the hands and picked up the latex hood. It laced in the back and had only one opening with a tube to breath through. Elaine’s fingers moved with lightning speed, removing the laces.

Wendy offered no resistance as the tube was placed in her mouth and hood stretched over her head. As the laces tightened behind the pole, Wendy’s head pressed into it even tighter. The effect caused her to strain harder to keep her airway open. Elaine finished by tucking the remaining hair into the hood.

Elaine picked the first roll of tape back up. She thought it fortunate to have found an entire six pack of quality duck tape in the garage. She held Wendy’s hands to the pole and made several revolutions. She then held her elbows together and wrapped the tape from the wrists to the shoulders, effectively locking the arms to the pole.

“I guess I won't need the bottle of lube will I.”

Wendy hated to admit she was right, as Elaine rubbed something between her legs. Wendy almost struggled as she felt the object press against her back door. She had never had the courage to penetrate that hole before. She had thought about it and even had an electrified plug that had never been used. It seemed as though it was going to be used now, didn’t it. There was distinct pain as the plug stretched her hole. She was relived when the narrow at the base popped into place. She could tell there was no way to expel it without the use of her hands. She couldn’t help wondering what possessed her to purchase one so large.

A large dildo soon filled her pussy. When the straps came up between her legs and around her waist, she knew which one it was. The Lover two thousand was a formidable beast. Eight inches of twisting, pumping, vibrating and shocking dildo. Just like the butt plug it had a power cord so there was no need for batteries. This worried her because it also meant they could last longer than she could ever hope to. Both toys had remotes that controlled vibrations, shocks, intensity and the other features the dildo had. Wendy knew from experience, she couldn’t take the shocks from the dildo at more than half. To make matters worse the plug was rated for the same strength.

Elaine picked up a fresh roll of tape and wound it around Wendy’s ankles, locking them to the pole. She continued wrapping up the calves, only raising the roll an inch for each revolution. Her arms moved faster and faster, as Wendy’s legs disappeared in a matter of seconds. The roll finally emptied just below Wendy’s hips. The pubic mound seemed to perch atop a silver column. Elaine placed TENS unit pads on either side of the strap that divided Wendy’s crotch. She made sure each one laid on the vaginal folds before she started with another roll of tape. Soon the hips, hands, arms and abdomen disappeared under the silver cocoon. As the layers rose to the chest, the roll ended just shy of the breasts.

Elaine picked up a fresh roll of tape, pulled about three feet and spun the roll, creating a kind of tape rope. She took hold of Wendy’s right breast and pulled outward. Once she had it adequately distended, she wrapped the rope tightly around the base. She then placed another TENS pad directly over the nipple and made a big silver X over it with the tape. The ends of the X reached all the way to the base of the breasts. She then began wrapping tape around the base again, much tighter than the rope had been. As the process was repeated, Wendy began mentally kicking herself for allowing Elaine full access to the net. If she had learned all of this, what other horrors did she have up her sleeves.

The wrapping resumed, crushing Wendy’s already compressed boobs into her chest. The pressure only added to Wendy’s difficult breathing. As the tape criss crossed her shoulders, Wendy thought it would soon end. She was shocked when the tape continued over the collar and up her chin. She was only slightly relieved when the tape missed the breathing tube and continued over her entire head.

Elaine kicked the block out from under Wendy’s feet. She was so well fixed to the pole that she didn’t drop a fraction of an inch. Her toes searched, finding nothing beneath them. Elaine placed Wendy’s toes against the pole and finished the mummification. Wendy felt like an uncomfortable ballerina, frozen in a painful pirouette. Elaine pulled one more foot of tape from the roll and pressed the end onto Wendy’s cheek.

“Now look at you! My very own silver statue. I want to see you struggle.”

With that Elaine placed a fingertip over Wendy’s only means of air. Wendy immediately began to panic. She bucked and strained with every ounce of strength she had. Elaine was amused as the silver mummy twitched ever so slightly here and there. Wendy’s lungs began to burn. Just as she thought she was about to leave the world, the finger left, allowing her to draw a shot of fresh air. Her heart thumped madly in her chest, pounding like a hammer. The restrictions were making it difficult to catch her breath. Her chest heaved madly against the pressure.

“I’m not going to let you go just yet. I am going to give you much pleasure before you die. You said you wanted to be controlled completely. I have found on several sites that snuff is the ultimate control.”

Wendy couldn’t believe her ears. At the same time, if she had to die she couldn’t think of a better way. She moved quickly from despair to acceptance. Before she had fully caught her breath the invaders in her nether region sprung to life. Her body was defying her. The arousal had her again, gasping for air. The vibrations increased and the dildo began to squirm and pump. As the intensity increased an orgasm began to build. The Tens pads sprung to life, growing stronger by the second. The plugs began to emit their shocks as well. The vibe and plug buzzed madly as the electric shocks rose past toleration. If she could have moved she would have torn them from her flesh. Just as the Tens unit tightened her muscles to the point that her lungs could no longer take a breath, the orgasm blasted to the surface. The sensations were like nothing she had ever felt. After only a few seconds, everything went quiet.

Wendy felt most disoriented. She tried to raise her hands to see what was on her face. They wouldn’t respond. She tried to sit up, roll over, move anything. “Why can't I… Oh crap.” Reality was settling back in on her. She was still fixed immovably to the pole.

“Almost lost you there. You humans are such fragile creatures. You better get the most out of this next one because it is the last thing you will ever feel.”

The vibe and plug buzzed at full force. The shocks were soon to follow. The rate and intensity increased to a barely tolerable level. Elaine watched carefully, waiting for the climax. Mad panting and stifled grunts emitted from her silver slave. Just as Wendy began getting louder, letting out an elongated grunt, she slapped the tape back over the tube.

Wendy strained hard. For a moment she thought the power of the orgasm was going to give her the strength to break the bonds. Everything held fast as she continued to cum. Her lungs burned as her body began to convulse. Just as Wendy was about to loose consciousness, Elaine pulled the tape free. Figuring out she wasn’t going to suffocate, instead of the relief she should be feeling there was a chilling thought in her mind. She hadn’t specified with Elaine that she was only in charge when it came to sex and roll playing. As Wendy caught her breath and came down from the sexual high, she wondered what the future would bring.

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