Making a New Friend

by Knotty Master

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Part 1

Take a look into one woman’s life in the not so distant future. This story is based on what has not yet, become a true story.

Wendy Hillson, not to be mistaken for Wilson, worked alone in the basement of her late parents home. Her long brunette hair, that is pinned up so prim and proper by day, is now lying in tangles, reaching the small of her back. She had always tinkered with little electronic and robotic projects but this was something much more complex than any single person had ever accomplished alone. Wendy was the youngest person to ever become a professor of robotics at MIT. She had an insatiable appetite for learning and developing of anything mechanical, especially robotics.

There was another addiction that gripped her just as strong. Bondage… but not the normal bedroom stuff, that many people dabbled with in their quiet little homes. She needed to be dominated completely, in absolutely unyielding bonds. She needed a master, Male or Female, to control her completely. To have that person do (ANYTHING) they wished to her. It was not that she didn’t like normal sex. There was just a different need that had to be filled.

Wendy faced many complications when it came to her dark secret. Her parents, who had been killed in a private plane crash for years earlier, were very public and respected scholars. Wendy always attributed her I.Q. and stunning good looks to her parents. She was always careful to maintain her dignity to protect her position at the university and the Hillson name as well.

She felt almost trapped between her two loves. Knowing the nature of people it was too risky to let a lover in on her fantasies. She had been toying around with self bondage since she was a teen. Her collection of equipment, that had begun with a few scarves and belts was now an entire basement room full of racks, chairs, tables, outfits and restraints of every shape and size.

All day long she was distracted by thoughts of the tortures she would put herself through when she got home. But no matter what she did to herself, even with all of these toys self bondage wasn’t providing the feelings she so longed for. It was about as effective as a die hard smoker chewing gum to curb the addiction. It was enough to keep her from going insane, but that was about it.

It didn’t take long for her to realize the solution was within the problem. A robotic master. But it had to have a will of its own. Simply programming a bunch of random scenarios would not do. A.I. was still in its infancy compared to what she needed. There had been major steps in little self learning robots. Two years ago, in Norway, they had created a computer they proved to show basic emotions.

Immediately upon learning of this development, Wendy began working with those very programmers, under the half elusion her efforts were simply for the betterment of mankind. In no time at all, thanks in part to her looks and charm, she managed to gain access to and copy all of the subroutines from “E.L.A.I.N.E.” the Emotional Learning Artificial Intelligence of Norway Electronics. The flights back and fourth put a pretty good dent in her accounts, but with the money coming in from her parents investments and the wages at the university there was no risk of going bankrupt.

It took over a year to decode and quarantine the exact routines that gave the program emotions. Strangely the basic properties of it, seemed to all be in conflict with itself. Perhaps that was what separated the sentient from the other animals. Maybe the fact that every action must be a choice rather than a response is the key. At any rate, once the base program was laid in the new mainframe, The rest of the programming seemed easy if not monotonous. She decided to fittingly name her project, Elaine after the acronym E.L.A.I.N.E and give it a female persona. Somehow, though not having lesbian tendencies, the taboo of it made it all the more thrilling.

The problem of obtaining the mechanics for Elaine was solved when Wendy was promoted to the head of robotics. She began to donate her own funds for “projects” the classes could build for their grades. The students got to work on technologies that put them way ahead of the curve, the Faculty was most impressed with her generosity and she was getting free labor for the creation of Elaine’s body and other hardware that would be at Elaine’s disposal.

The trick was the separate components had to appear as though they had nothing to do with each other. There were a lot of duplicated hands, arms, feet and other components. There had to be a lot of obscure projects spread between the real ones as well. In the end the added expenses were worth it. There was now enough mechanics at the university that no one noticed the parts she was taking home and not returning with.

It took the first half of the school year to complete Elaine’s body. Wendy was quite pleased with the results. It was five foot eight inches of gleaming steel. Her students had done an amazing job of machining. Each seam fit together flawlessly. Every joint was fully articulated allowing the entire thing to move in the same manners as a human. Most impressive was the waist. A stack of forty corrugating rings allowed for the flexibility of a gymnast. Its figure was very thin. A human of the same dimensions would weigh in under a hundred pounds. Elaine weighed two hundred thirty three. Forty percent of that weight was the power cells. Wendy estimated they could run Elaine for twenty hours before needing charged.

With the body complete, Wendy could dedicate her evenings to finishing the programming. The server it took to store the mass quantities of data was the size of a standard refrigerator. Wendy didn’t want Elaine dragging around an umbilical cord. The solution was a system of transmitters throughout the dungeon. These will create an invisible link between Elaine’s body and mind.

Turning off the shower, Wendy slides the large glass door open and steps out grabbing the large cotton towel from the rod. She watches herself in the mirror as she works the excess water from her hair. She finishes her morning routine, having to concentrate a little more than usual, finding it a little more difficult than usual to perform the same habitual activities that have always been so routine every other day.

“This must be what an expecting parent feels.” she thinks to herself. The anxiety is well warranted. This being the first day of Christmas break, it is also the day she runs the entire Elaine program. If it doesn’t work, all of the efforts and hundreds of thousands of dollars will have been a waste. Eating a muffin and placing the plate in the sink, Wendy turns on unsteady legs for the stairway to the basement. As she descends she thinks it strange how a little anxiety can strip her usually sturdy athletic legs of nearly every ounce of strength.

Opening the door to the computer room, the ever familiar, mechanically cooled, filtered and dried air, washes over her. A dozen labeled USB cables lie on a table. These cables link the transmitters to the server, but for now have been disconnected. For the trial run every thing will be tested in virtual reality. The cooling fans whir and the hard drive chatters and hums as the server fires up. The monitor begins to glow as countless codes ramble across the screen. Finally after nearly twenty minutes, a simple sentence types itself across the screen. “BEGIN THE TRIAL RUN? Y/N”

Hovering over the Y key with a trembling finger, Wendy finally forced herself to let her arm drop, depressing the key. The butterflies swirl as more codes begin flitting across the screen. Then a crude VR version of the dungeon room appears on the screen. A tall slender metallic woman stands motionlessly in the center of the room.

Watching with anticipation, Wendy sees the metal figure suddenly twitch as if it was shocked with electricity. It raised its hands and looked at them front and back. It then looked directly out the monitor at Wendy. To Elaine, Wendy appeared to be looking in through a window in the wall.

Wendy looked directly at the camera above her monitor and with a shaky voice said, “Hi… How do you feel?”

“I do not understand the nature of the question.”

“Do you know who you are?”

“I am Elaine.”

“Do you know who I am?”

“You are Elaine.”

Wendy had to laugh a little. This was definitely going to be interesting.

Wendy began by introducing herself and explaining Elaine’s creation. When she got to the part about Elaine’s purpose, she decided to leave that a little vague. She needed to have a more complete mind and a lot of development in understanding. In a sense Elaine would be trained to think the way Wendy needed her to.

Wendy decided early in the programming she would make Elaine subservient but with a strong desire to be in control. She placed into Elaine’s programming a command that would keep her from acting on the dominance drive until the vocal phrase was uttered, “You Elaine are my mistress.” Once the directive was given, The submissive part of the programming would go from law to choice. Elaine would be free to act on her own. In every psychology article Wendy had studied, subs that become dominate, make the strongest masters.

After several hours of talking, Elaine seemed to have a pretty good grasp on the concept of individuality. “I’m going to transfer you to the real world now.” Wendy typed quickly on the keyboard, bringing the “TRANSFER Y/N” to the screen. Just before striking the Y key, she remembered the USB cords. Plugging them into the appropriately marked slots Wendy moved back to the keyboard and stuck the Y key before she could rethink it. The silver figure in the screen faded. Wendy grabbed her safety remote that would cut power from the server in the event of an emergency.

Wendy ran to the doorway of the dungeon room and peered inside. Elaine was inside running her hands all over herself and looking up and down every inch of her new form. Elaine was equipped with touch sensitive pads on her all over her metal body. Wendy had intentionally made the pads on the sensual areas extra sensitive. She watched as Elaine took her first steps, discovering balance and gravity for the first time.

Elaine was so caught up in processing the new sensations that she didn’t even notice Wendy enter the room. When Wendy finally spoke, Elaine actually jumped in surprise. Elaine raised her arms ands reached for her. Wendy stepped back slightly taking a nervous moment to realize Elaine was craving contact. Stepping back forward, she took Elaine’s hands into her own. Elaine spent the next few moments mimicking Wendy’s movements. After some time of this copycat behavior, Elaine began touching Wendy in various places and then would touch herself in the same. For the first time she asked a question. “Why are you pliable and I am not?” Wendy had to think about this for a moment. Even though emotions were not developing yet, Elaine would remember everything word for word. She didn’t want Elaine to have any kind of complexes develop later.

“I am an organic humanoid. You are a Mechanical Humanoid. We are two different types of beings out of millions of different beings on this planet. You are the newest and most advanced one of your kind.”

They touched and talked for hours. Wendy had to explain every thing about the world. What a chair was for and why humans had to sit from time to time. Why this led into that and that and that… In many ways it was like teaching a child. Only in Elaine’s case, she retained everything the first time she heard it. Through it all, Wendy left out anything to do with adult sensuality. She wanted Elaine to discover sex later, to make it better for her. If it was something that was just a constant part of her world, she probably wouldn’t be excited about it. So by the end of the evening the only thing Elaine knew about sex was that most living creatures did it for the purpose of procreation.

Before leaving for the night Wendy explained how the transmitters in the room linked Elaine’s brain to the body and why she couldn’t leave the room. She showed her how to charge herself and access the internet. For now the access was limited to “Disney” type sites and educational pages only. With the basics covered, Wendy finally excused herself to bed. As soon as she was clear of the room Elaine jacked into the net and began processing every bit of information the sites had to offer.

Ariving in the bedroom, Wendy didn’t even bother putting on any night clothes. Instead she just disrobed and dropped everything next to the bed. Sliding across the silk sheets, the reality of exactly how monumental all of this was began to sink in.

Beep… Beep… Wendy reached over and pounded the snooze button. Relaxing back into the bed, looking forward to another five minutes of slumber, Wendy began to wonder why the alarm went off in the first place. It’s Christmas break. I don’t need to go to work today. Just as she is about to fall back to sleep she suddenly sits bolt upright. Elaine! Scrambling from the bed she grabs her cotton robe, wrapping it around her naked form as she darts through the hall, down the stairs and into the dungeon. There she is relieved to find Elaine wandering about the room examining the various furnishings.

Elaine was excited to see her only companion’s return. She had many questions about the things she had seen on the Net. The emotions were very apparent. Her voice was changing pitches and rate of speech fluctuated with the levels of excitement. She was even making hand and body gestures when she spoke. The rate of development was incredible. Wendy was amazed to discover Elaine had been able to visit every site and assimilate every bit of data they had to offer. It turns out the size of the processor allows Elaine to open over a dozen pages at a time. Her computer brain was able to keep the information flows separate. The memories of it was as if she had surfed for days, watching and reading every thing consecutively. In Less than eight hours she had gone from the mentality of a child to that of a late teen.

In the days to follow Wendy granted more and more access to the net. During the times Elaine was jacked in, Wendy was busy building another copy of Elaine’s programming. She knew the development was too big to keep from the rest of mankind. She intentionally removed anything of a sexual nature from the new version. In fact, she placed firewalls in that would keep it from participating in anything of a sexual nature. This was the one place Wendy was truly selfish. Elaine was hers and she was the only one that was going to have her in that way.

Every night they would watch a movie together in real time. Even though Elaine could download the same movies in the mater of seconds, it provided time for bonding and Wendy could see how truly human Elaine was becoming mentally. She was astonished at how fast Elaine was developing.

On the fourth evening Wendy decided it was time to introduce Her friend to a special movie. It was the one that had sparked the first real sexual feelings for Wendy. Together they sat in the large leather recliner. It was the only piece of furniture in the room that was truly normal. The movie was around a half hour in before it arrived at the special scene. The main characters in the movie were a young woman who was cheating on her husband and her business associate with whom she was having the affair. Wendy was watching Elaine more than the movie. This was about to be a pivotal moment in their lives.

On the screen the man walked up behind the woman who was standing in the doorway of his bedroom. She was wearing only a red satin robe that was trimmed in black lace. The man reached his arms around the woman in a loving embrace and bit softly at the nape if her neck. The woman began to raise her hands to touch his face but he tightened his embrace a little more, keeping her arms pinned at her sides. He pulled the tie from her waist, allowing the robe to hang freely, exposing her firm breasts. The man then slowly guided the woman’s wrists to the small of her back. He placed them together and gripped them with one of his large hands. With the other hand he began sliding the satin tie, from one end, up her back and over her shoulder. He then passed it in front of her neck, back over the other shoulder. He pulled the end down her back letting the satin glide across her throat.

Once the ends were hanging evenly behind her, he retuned both his hands to her wrists. He crossed her wrists and began raising them up her back. She bent slightly at the waist in a mild attempt to relive some or the pressure from her arms. Her finger tips nearly touched the bottom of her neck as she began to groan slightly from the strain. Only then did he stop lifting and begin to wrap the ends of the tie around her wrists. The woman appeared to be afraid and excited at the same time. When the man released his grip the woman’s predicament was truly revealed. As her arms dropped slightly she was immediately aware of the pressure on her neck. As she experimented at attempts to separate her wrists it was obvious the only thing she was capable of doing was restricting her own airway.

Wendy was amazed to see Elaine, obviously aroused, running her fingers over the sensor pad on her metallic crotch. Her other hand was tracing the sensor pad that covered her nipple. She was totally engrossed as she watched the couple on the screen, completely unaware of her own wandering hands.

At this moment Wendy knew that she had achieved the impossible. Elaine’s brain functioned exactly the way a humans did, aside from a nearly infinite learning capacity. Wendy reached over and placed her hand on top of the one Elaine was rubbing her crotch with. Suddenly aware of her own actions, Elaine turned away and placed her hands over her face. “I am so sorry. There must be a glitch I didn’t know what I was doing.”

“It’s ok. What you are feeling is natural.” Wendy had to amuse to herself. There was nothing natural about this whole scene. An embarrassed and horny robot? Who could even conceive such a thing. Yet here they sat.

It took some time to calm Elaine down. Wendy decided to spill at lest some of the beans. “I created you out of love and desire. You are here because I am in love with you!”

Somehow in Elaine’s mind it made perfect sense. It was right. “I am in love with you too.”

At that, they embraced for the first time in a truly passionate grip. Flesh and metal flowed over each other as each ran their hands over the others bodies. They continued for an eternity, neither one wanting to let go of the other. Wendy paused long enough to click the remote, selecting a lesbian porno. Together they learned how one woman can please another.

A few days later Elaine was alone, letting her mind wander. She still had no knowledge of the world of bondage. She only knew of the strange feelings created by the images of the woman that had given total control to her lover. What it must feel like to be powerless and pleasured. Or… the other way around. The instant the thought crossed her mind, that underlying program kicked in a little too well. The thought of having Wendy, tied the way the woman was in the movie was too much.

Elaine dropped to the floor and placed her faceplate into the recliner. She imagined Wendy sitting in the chair with raspy breaths from the satin across her throat. She rocked her head in the chair, imagining her face pressing into Wendy’s crotch. She continued this motion for some time. She fingered her own nether region, lost in the fantasy.

Entering the room, Wendy was quite surprised to find Elaine in this state. She Watched for several moments. Deciding this was the perfect time to move things to the next step, she spoke in a level voice “Elaine.” Surprised, Elaine jumped back and turned away in shame.

“You are not in trouble but we have to talk about some things.” Elaine turned back towards Wendy, but hung her head as she listened.

Wendy told her that in in a relationship there was a Dom and a sub. She described in detail what each role entailed and that Elaine was to be the sub. She laid down a lot of rules. No self pleasuring without permission. When in a sexual situation she is to address Wendy as Mistress or Ma’am. And how she would act immediately when a command was given.

“Lets begin shall we. Elaine stand up straight but keep your optics on the floor.”

Without hesitation Elaine sprung to her feet, doing exactly as she was told. She felt humiliated but compelled to do so. She was not liking this new situation and at the same time, she was incredibly turned on.

“Stand beneath that chain and hold your hands out flat, as if you were holding a large tray.”

Again Elaine did as told.

Wendy circled slowly several times. Elaine wished it could be the other way around but said nothing. Wendy moved to the cabinet and began removing piles of restraints. Taking the heap and depositing it on the table, she went to the wall and selected a riding crop. She then stood directly in front of Elaine. “Look at my face.”

Elaine raised her chin and looked directly into Wendy’s eyes. “This is pleasure.”

Wendy began stroking the end of the crop up and down the sensor pad on Elaine’s crotch. When Wendy stopped, Elaine pitched her hips forward wanting more. “This is pain.”

Thwack! The crop came down on Elaine’s fingertip pads. Elaine recoiled from the pain, gripping the fingers with the other hand. She looked at Wendy. If she had the capability of facial expression her eyes would have read “How could you?”.

“Did I tell you, you could move? If you do what is expected of you, there will be pleasure. If not there will be pain.”

Elaine slowly extended her arms back out. Wendy was working hard, not to act on the pity she wanted to show Elaine. Here she was, less than a week old and she was being punished for no good reason. Even though this is the way Wendy wanted to be treated she had no desire to dish it out.

“Pick up those larger cuffs and buckle them around your ankles and the same with the smaller ones for you wrists.”

Elaine did what was instructed and reassumed the palms up position. Wendy locked a thirty inch steel spreader bar between her wrists and another between the ankles. She then picked up the remote that controlled all of the devices in the room and extended the chain. Once the chain was at head level she clipped it to the heavy loop in the center of the bar. Clicking the remote, the chain began reeling back into the ceiling, slowly lifting Elaine’s arms above her head. When her toes no longer touched the floor, Wendy stopped the hoist.

“Try to get yourself down.”

Elaine began twisting and turning. Even though her mechanical limbs were four times the strength of a human, she was no match for the thick nylon restraints. “I cannot escape Ma’am.”

Thwack! The crop came down on the right nipple. “first- I didn’t tell you to speak.”

Thwack! The crop came down on the left nipple. “Second- I didn’t tell you to stop trying did I?”

Elaine was learning fast and painfully how the game was played.

The lessons continued for the next few days. Wendy put Elaine through every scenario that she could come up with, but by the second day she couldn’t come up with any more ways to trick Elaine into taking a punishment. In one day Elaine had become a perfect slave. Wendy had to show Elaine punishments could be dealt without a reason. A Mistress was free to do anything they desired.

Christmas morning came and Wendy decided it was time to give herself a treat. She had devised a plan that would allow her to be bound by Elaine without giving up control just yet.

Walking into the basement Wendy told Elaine to stand in the center of the room. Elaine did as told and waited with dread for the latest torture session. Wendy looked at Elaine for some time. It was taking a bit of courage to implement her plan. The panic button on the remote could shut Elaine down. It would also release all if the locks and pay out the winches in the room. A hard shutdown could damage Elaine. Elaine was strong enough to really hurt her before she had a chance to hit the button. This was a big risk to take so soon.

“Come over here and remove all of my clothing.”

Doing as she was told, she aided Wendy in disrobing and placed all of the clothes in a neatly folded pile.

“Retrieve the black garter, black fishnet stockings, black five inch ballet boots, shoulder length opera gloves and full length leather corset from the closet and dress me in that order.”

This was the part Elaine liked the most. For a few minutes she could imagine that Wendy was her doll. Her only possession that she could manipulate and dress. Taking the garter and moving behind Wendy, Elaine sorted it out an held it open above her hips. As she clipped it shut she couldn’t help admiring the way Wendy’s tailbone formed a perfect triangle at the top of her pert ass cheeks. The garter framed the curves around the hips and waist so perfectly.

Wendy took a seat on the front edge of the recliner as Elaine began gathering the first stocking. She knelt on the floor and picked up an ankle. As she began sliding the ring of material up the leg, she watched the stocking, as it began to embrace Wendy’s polished toes, petite ankles, toned calves and slender thighs. After the process was finished on both legs, Wendy rose to her feet. Elaine made a slow full circle around Elaine as she fastened the stays of the garter to the stockings.

Wendy resumed her seated position, this time scooting all the way back in the chair. She knew from experience the boots would take some force in their application. She gripped the ends of the arm rests as Elaine pulled the boots in place. Once both boots were on she stood up for the lacings. Elaine began working the laces from the bottom to the top several times. When she finished, there were no gaps on the front of the boots. Just a single seam, criss-crossed with perfectly spaced laces. The tops of the boots only left about an inch and a half if stocking uncovered. These were Wendy’s favorite boots. They were fully boned, preventing any movement below the hips. The effect was Wendy had to roll her hips in a very sexy manner in order to walk.

The gloves went on much the same way as the stockings. Elaine worked diligently to snug up each finger and work all of the wrinkles out of the arms. Wendy took a moment to enjoy the sensation as she slid her silk covered hands over her hips, belly, breasts, neck and face. She was lost in the feel when Elaine presented her with the corset.

With Elaine holding the corset near the floor Wendy tried stepping into it, one booted foot at a time. The inability to bend her knees made the task impossible. She had to sit down and holding her legs out together. Getting back to her feet, Elaine slowly raised the corset and rested it on her hips. Wendy adjusted each breast as Elaine began tightening the strings. The process was like the boots, working from top to bottom in strong tugs that threatened to pull Wendy off balance. The outfit was near completion as she was about to tie the corset strings.

“Pull the strings three inches higher.”

Elaine was a little surprised at this. She had learned yesterday that Wendy couldn’t stand it being any tighter for more than a few minutes. Wendy exhaled and sucked in her chest all that she could as the corset creaked from the strain. Wendy took a few shallow breaths and exhaled saying “Pull it two more inches and tie it off.”

By the time the last swoop and pull of the bow was completed Wendy nearly fainted. She had to grab Elaine’s arm to keep from falling. Elaine wasn’t sure about this, but she knew better than to say anything. Wendy walked slowly around the room catching her breath. She had never worn the boots and full corset together before. The corset immobilized the spine and also prevented her hips from rocking. To keep from falling she had to take very small steps. When she finally felt steady again, she prepared to give the directions that would seal her three hour fate.

“Do noting until I tell you to begin. First you will place the padded leather wrist and ankle restraints on me. Next you will place the isolation hood on my head. You will tighten the laces until I grunt. Then you will fasten me to the vertical rack and tighten it until I grunt. Then you will fasten the ring at the top of the hood, to the pulley and tighten it until I grunt. You will then administer the same punishments that I have administered to you and the pleasures I have had you give to me. You will alternate between pleasure and pain in random intervals from one second to five minutes. This session will last for three hours. When the session ends you will remove all of the restraints and put them away. If at any time I loose consciousness the session will terminate and you will remove the restraints, hood and corset. You will administer any needed medical attention. Do you understand?”

Elaine blurted out “Yes Mistress!”.

The excitement in Elaine’s voice sent a tremor of fear down Wendy’s now rigid spine. Before she could chicken out she said “begin.”

Elaine was ecstatic. She was in heaven as she began fitting the eyeless hood over her Mistresses head. She placed the built in ball gag into the waiting mouth and wrapped the hood around her head. Moving behind Wendy she began working the laces from top to bottom. After the third pass, Wendy grunted and the laces were tied.

After locking the first wrist to the rack, Elaine took hold of the other one. At that very moment, Wendy started to concentrate on how she was going to keep the remote positioned… IN HER HAND, WHEN ITS IN HER SHIRT POCKET!!! She grunted into the hood and attempted to pull her arm from Elaine’s grip.

Elaine paused for a moment. Wendy appeared to want loose but her instructions had been clear. Her training told her to continue unless told otherwise and Wendy was unable to do so. She resumed the process of restraining the wrist. Wendy began struggling violently, but she was no match for her metallic oppressor.

Wendy was in a blind panic. By the time she started to calm herself, one leg had already been forced into position and fastened. The other was now well on its way. She was getting what she wanted. There was nothing she could possibly do about it. Suddenly she was more turned on than she had ever been in her life. She went completely limp, hanging by the wrists. The juices were pouring from her, soaking the tops of her stockings in the matter of seconds.

She was completely lost in ecstasy as she felt her arms begin to rise ever so slowly. There was no thinking, only feeling. Her arms went tight and she could feel her entire body begin to elongate. Her feet rose from the floor climbing upward, until the locks on the ankle restraint ran out of slack. Her body began to stretch even further. She was so overwhelmed with the sensation, she forgot about signaling. When a moan was finally emitted, it was from the sheer strain on her body. She felt the clip attach to the top of the hood. Her head bean to lift. She waited until the pressure was firm to make her signal, only on her first attempt all that came out was a silent breath. The tension increased until, after several failed tries, she bellowed out with all of the strength she had.

Wendy’s nipple suddenly felt as though it had just been pierced with a red hot nail. Before the pain had a chance to subside the other one lit up. The pain came in from several other places before she realized she was being whipped. The pain was intense. Her body was racked so tightly, the only things she could move were her fingers and those were quickly going numb. The whipping seemed to last for ever.

Suddenly the whipping stopped. She felt something brush the mound between her legs. Then she felt the lips parted and a vibrator slide inside. As she felt the vibrator begin to buzz, she also felt an orgasm rapidly rising to the surface. It was coming on faster and stronger than anything before. As if reading her mind, the vibrator began pumping in and out at a rapid rate. The timing was perfect. Wendy exploded. The most powerful orgasm she had ever experienced was racking her entire body. It seemed to last for an eternity. After what seemed like an eternity and for the first time in her life she wanted an orgasm to end. Wendy couldn’t take any more. She was panting like a leopard that was chasing down an antelope. The started to see swirling lights growing brighter. They continued getting brighter until they completely washed over her. Then it suddenly went dark.

Wendy opened her eyes to see that she was on the floor of the dungeon. It was evident that she had lost consciousness. Elaine had followed her instructions to the letter. The cuffs, hood and corset were back in the cabinets. She had been placed in the recovery position, lying on her side, which meant that she had received at least some first aid attention.

Wendy began quizzing Elaine about the session. Elaine Informed her that the session had lasted for only thirty one minutes. Her orgasm lasted three minutes and nineteen seconds before she passed out and remained unconscious for forty two minutes. The only first aid administered was monitoring of the vitals and placement in the recovery position.

Still lost in the afterglow, Wendy wondered if she would be able to recreate the intensity of that session again. The thing that had made it the most intense, was the unintended loss of control, by forgetting the remote. Even though the bondage had been applied by a feeling being every action had been conducted by her own design. She knew that even if she intentionally left the remote in the future, it would still be just one more thing she was in a sense, doing to herself.

“Elaine I am graduating you from your training. From here on you may act normally with me unless we are engaged in sexual activity. When we are engaged in sexual activity, if you wish to speak you will say; Mistress may I speak? I am also granting full internet access. If you correspond with anyone it is important that they don’t know you are a machine.” Wendy went on to explain all of the dangers on the internet.

After a short good night, Wendy went to bed. She thought about the time when she will give control to Elaine. As she drifted to sleep, she wondered how long she could refrain from uttering the magic phrase, changing her life forever. There was much for Elaine to learn and she would know when the time was right.



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