Making a New Friend 3

by Knotty Master

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Part 3

Much to Wendy’s relief, Elaine allowed life to go on pretty much as normal, outside of the house anyway. When they were home it was a completely different story. Strict rules had been laid down for Wendy. Immediately upon arrival at the house, she was to strip naked, install the full harness ball gag and stand in the corner of the living room. There she would have to stand, fingers interlaced behind her back, staring at the corner where the walls met the floor. She was to take this pose and wait, Until Elaine told her to do otherwise. She was not allowed to wear clothes unless instructed to do so. The list went on. Wendy occasionally missed the freedom to come home and relax after a hard day, but she was happier with her life than she had ever been.

Elaine had a career of her own now. With her skills with computers, she had created her own identity, complete with a social security number. She had even gone as far as to plant records in bank computers, schools and so on, creating a fully traceable life history. Elaine used her false credentials and literally un-human I.Q. to become a linguist for the federal government. She got to travel all over the world, translating for politicians. This meant she was away from home about fifty percent of the time, but she knew Wendy needed the break once and a while and it seemed like the longer she was gone the better the sessions were when they got back together.

Today was to be a special day, as Elaine was arriving home from a three week peace talk in the middle east. She had called Wendy from the airport with specific instructions. The ride home was about thirty minutes, so Wendy would be pressed to complete everything on time. Elaine felt the increasingly familiar excitement of retuning home, as her taxi pulled from the curb.

At the house, Wendy was in a frenzy. The first thing she needed to do was get into the designated outfit. She was so flustered, she couldn’t work her fingers right to collect up the sheer body stocking. Once she finally got it on, she glanced at the clock. Her heart rate increased when she discovered how long it had taken. Running down to the basement, she rummaged the cabinets for all the restraints. Leather suspension cuffs, Ankle cuffs, three foot spreader bars and the full harness ball gag. She placed the items on the table and started with the ankle cuffs. As she unbuckled the first one and wrapped it around her right ankle, she wished there was a clock down here.

Finished with the ankles, she went to work on the wrist cuffs. After fumbling several times, her shaky fingers trying to pass the strap through the buckle, Wendy pauses and takes a long breath. Working at it slowly, she finally gets it buckled. Working at the same forced calm pace, she manages the other wrist as well. Taking the gag over to the mirror, she knows what holes Elaine will expect the buckles to be in. Opening her jaw wide, it still takes a bit of force to get the ball in place. Before she has the main strap buckled her jaw begins to ache. She buckled the upper strap to its appropriate hole and worked on the chin straps. After crossing the straps under her chin, she worked on getting it buckled in the back of her neck. In order to get it in the right hole, she had to drop her chin and cock her head back. When she lifted her head back up, the strap pulled even tighter, forcing the ball deep into her mouth.

Moving back to the table she picked up the spreader bars, padlocks, and the remote, taking them over to the chain hoist. Starting with the ankles, she spreads her legs and locks each cuff to the ends of the bar. Picking up the remaining bar, she padlocks the center ring to the chain. The first wrist cuff is easy to lock to the bar, but the second will be more difficult to do one handed. Taking the remote in her right hand, the one that is already locked to the bar, she loops the padlock through the left cuff and readies it for the ring on the bar.

Having much practice at this very task, she hooks the lock through the waiting ring on the bar, gets the lock rotated in place and clicks it shut. She is now trapped until Elaine decides to release her. Even if she reels out all of the chain on the hoist, she would be unable to reach the keys hanging in the cabinet. With nothing else left to do, she fingers the remote, starting the hoist.

The chain rattled through the hole in the ceiling, drawing her arms above her head. Her arms draw tight and are stretched to their limit. Her abdomen begins to elongate and soon she feels the weight come off her legs. Just as her heels leave the floor, she lets her finger off the button. Pressing the button in short intervals, she is soon standing on her toes. Giving the button another tap and her toes slide across the carpet, barely reaching the floor enough to stop her from swinging. Another tap and she is swaying freely, reaching as much as she can her big toes just graze the fibers of the carpet. One final tap on the button and her toes are clear of the floor. Pressing and holding the button for a final time, she counts to five and drops the remote. She knows she is about a foot from the ground now.

Wendy hangs limp for a moment, thinking about her situation. She has tied herself up many times in the past but this was the first time she had done it without a means of escape. Many paranoid thoughts ran through her mind. What if there was a traffic jam and she was stuck like this for hours? What if Elaine was in an accident and didn’t show up at all. She tried to block the thoughts and explore her mobility. Attempting to pull herself up with her arms produced little effect. With her arms spread so wide, there was little leverage. Lifting her legs high and holding her legs out straight, she held the pose until her abs burned. She bent her knees and brought her feet up behind in an attempt to touch the spreader bar to her butt.

She twisted from side to side, turning this way and that. As she became aroused from the struggle, she was also becoming more concerned with Elaine. Surely she should have been here by now. Taking a break from the acrobatics, she started to seriously worry. Real concern started to overwhelm her. Having no means of telling time she was guessing it had been nearly two hours since the phone call. Just as she was about to break down and cry, spinning from the chain, the doorway rotated back into view. Much to her relief, her mistress was standing there watching.

Elaine approached, smiling a wicked grin. “You neglected to follow my instructions.”

Wendy went from the excitement of her Mistresses return to the dread of displeasing her. The instructions were simple enough. Her mind reeled at what she could have possibly overlooked. She wanted to stare into Elaine’s eyes with a look of puzzlement, but she knew better. Instead, she rested her chin on her chest and waited.

“What did you forget?”

Wendy continued to stare at the floor, that was rotating slowly beneath her.

“Where is the blind fold? You know I don’t forget anything and I specifically told you to put on the padded leather blind fold didn’t I?”

Wendy knew she was in for it. As she recalled the phone conversation, she suddenly remembered the instruction.

“I’m not going to punish you in the conventional methods, my pet. I have something crueler in mind. First you are going to watch me enjoy myself and then I will begin the rest of the punishment.”

With that, Elaine strolled over to the cabinets and returned with a few items. Taking a rope, she tied one end of the upper spreader to the shelf support on the wall, Keeping Wendy facing the recliner.

Striping to her artificial skin, Elaine spreads herself out on the chair, directly in the view of her prisoner. Taking the vibe, she instructs Wendy not to look away. Wendy can only watch with envy, as the vibe works away. Elaine intentionally takes her time, making a show of the pleasure. Wendy’s thighs were wet with her own juices, as she watched her mistress get off without her. Hanging in defeat, she watches Elaine put the toy away and put her clothes back on.

Picking up the remote, Elaine lowers Wendy back to the floor until she is back on her toes. Retrieving the leather blindfold from the cabinet, she straps it over Wendy’s eyes. “Don’t go anywhere. I’ve got to run up to my room and get your present.”

Lifting herself with her toes as best as she could, Wendy granted her strained shoulders a small amount of relief. She wondered what kind of gift she could be bringing and what it would have to do with punishment. There was already a wide array of pain inflicting instruments in the dungeon.

“I’m glad to see you waited here patiently for your surprise. I know your going to love it.”

Not liking the tone in Elaine’s voice, she expects some form of pain to strike at any moment. Wendy is at a complete loss, when she hears Elaine bring in the tool chest. She struggles to hear some clue as to what is about to transpire. When she hears the cap pop on some sort of bottle, she is only further confused. She is even more confused when Elaine tears her body stocking from her body.

When Wendy feels a greased finger working to lube her rear passage, she wonders if the gift is some sort of butt plug. When the same lube is applied to her urethra opening, she is again baffled. When she feels the pressure of a tube entering her urethra, she begins to feel a bit of dread. When she was a child she had been kicked by a horse in a bad way and had to be catheterized until things healed. As she felt the adhesive base being placed against her skin, she couldn’t imagine what purpose Elaine could have for doing that to her now.

“You’ll want to relax now, darling.”

Wendy jumped when the cold metal touched her rear passage. The plug didn’t enter very far before more cold metal touched her tailbone. This was followed by a cold metal band encircling her waist. When Elaine brought the center piece up between her legs, Wendy finally figured out the nature of her gift. Lining up the catheter with the corresponding hole, Elaine brought the front plate of the chastity belt into place. Instead of the padlock or latch that Wendy expected, Elaine placed a metal block behind the waistband of the belt and made several strikes with a hammer. She moved the block several times, banging away each time.

“There now, all done. How does it feel?”

Wendy could only groan into the gag, knowing she had just been riveted into a chastity belt.

Taking the remote and lowering her the rest of the way, Elaine removed all of Wendy’s restraints with the exception of the gag and blindfold. She moved to the cabinet and retrieved three small padlocks. Returning to Wendy, she locked the buckles on the gag, before removing the blindfold. Wendy looked down in disbelief at the four flattened rivets. Examining the belt, she could see there would be no pleasuring as long as she wore it. This was a little more than she could stand. Wendy turned to Elaine with pleading eyes. Elaine only responded with a wicked grin out one side of her mouth. Wendy broke down, Mewing loudly behind the gag, tears streaming down her cheeks. Against her better judgment she grabbed at Elaine, making the best plea she could muster, to have this dreaded device off of her.

“You need to remember your place. If you calm down now, I will refrain from any further punishment. I have chosen a date that I will remove the belt. Every time you fail to follow direction, I will add another day. If you tamper with the belt I will make it permanent.”

Wendy couldn’t believe her ears. She wanted to beg for a beating. Whips, clamps, Tens, anything but having her sex locked away. Choking back her tears, she gathered her composure and assumed a kneeling, head down pose. Crossing her hands behind her back, she showed her obedience.

“Good. Is there anything that demands your presence at the plant this week?”

Wendy thought for a moment, before shaking her head “No.”

“Do you have any appointments this week?”

Thinking, Wendy again shook her head “No.”

“Are you going to voice any complaints about the belt?”

Wendy made the longest pause yet and finally shook her head “No.”

Elaine handed Wendy the key to the locks on the gag. Working in the mirror, she wasted no time removing it. Once she worked the stiffness out of her jaw, it was taking all of her composure to not beg for the belt to be removed.

“Here is the instructions on how to care for yourself in the belt. Go upstairs and have a shower. When your done, brush and dry your hair but don’t style it. Don’t put on any makeup either. Come to my room naked when you‘ve finished.”

Climbing the stairs, Wendy is crushed at this turn of events. She had expected a session of pleasure and spanking upon her mistresses return. She had even denied herself pleasure for the last few days, to make it all that much better. Now the thing she enjoyed the most in life was going to be kept from her. She could only hope it wasn’t going to be for too long.

Closing the door to her room, Wendy thumbed through the instruction booklet. As she read the horrifying details, she realized the belt could be worn indefinitely. The thought nearly made her sick. Finishing the section on bodily functions, She indeed began to get ill. Control of her bodily functions now relied entirely on the plugs. A small plug in the catheter would have to be removed for urinations and defecation would require the removal of the core in the butt plug. The worst part was an enema would be required for proper evacuation.

Climbing into a cool shower, she hoped the water would wash away some of her emotions. As her hair saturated and flowed with the streams of liquid, it did seem to help a little. Calmed down a bit, she started the process of washing. Shampoo and conditioner for the hair, and flowery body wash for the rest of her. The only thing left to do was wash under the belt. Taking the shower head by the handle, she removes it from the cradle. A wicked idea crosses her mind. Thinking back on a time when she was younger and would try strange things for stimulation, she switched the shower head to massage. As the water pounded out in rhythmic pulses, she gained a little hope. If this works, she figured she would be taking a lot of long hot showers.

Thrusting her hips forward and sucking in her tummy, she aims the pulsing flow of water into the waistband of the belt. The pulsing water makes its way to the right spot, but with barely enough strength to do anything. Trying again from the sides provided more stimulation, but nothing that is going to get her off. Frustrated, she finished cleaning and turns the shower off.

Dressed in her red rubber Dom outfit, complete with black leather knee high boots, Elaine readied Wendy’s clothes for the evenings activities. Hearing Wendy at the door, she instructs her to sit at the dressing table facing out. Leaving her there to wait, Elaine finishes her preparations with the clothes. Wendy is a little shocked when Elaine knelt in front of her. The only time since giving her control, that she has been allowed to have her head higher than Elaine’s was when she was restrained that way.

“Give me your foot.” Taking a fishnet stocking, she glides it up Wendy’s leg. Elaine is especially cruel, sliding her hands softly up Wendy’s legs as she smoothes the wrinkles from the fabric. To Wendy’s misfortune the act did indeed turn her on. By the time both stockings were in place, she could feel the dampness under the belt.

Elaine produced a pair of boots with five inch heEls. They had zippers to the inside and laces running up the outside. Placing them on Wendy’s feet they were obviously heavy boned, as they stood straight up on their own. Elaine zipped them up over Wendy’s calves and had her stand. Once she had them zipped all the way to the crotch, Elaine placed tiny padlocks on the zips and began to work to laces. Starting at the bottom and working to the top several times each boot became unforgiving tight. The tops of the boots flared upward on the outer edges, matching the contour of the chastity belt perfectly. Only about two inches of flesh showed between the leather and steel.

Wendy couldn’t understand what the purpose of the stockings were, as they had been completely covered by the boots. Following Elaine’s instructions, she walked about the room, getting used to the new boots. She was well practiced, as she had been in rigid boots many times before, but there was a new sensation. The action of rolling her hips as she moved, caused the belt to produce a rubbing sensation on her mound. It was enough to stimulate but it wasn’t going to get her off. Wendy thought to herself, it couldn’t get any crueler than this.

Elaine readied the leather corselet and wrapped it around Wendy’s waist. It covered Wendy’s tummy from just below the navel to the bottom of her ribs. It had a cruelly sharp hourglass shape, giving her a Barbie Doll waistline.

Elaine grabbed the final piece. A tall collar, Made of hard rubber with heavy boning visible in rows from top to bottom. Once it was around Wendy’s neck, it held her head up high and slightly tilted back. In a lot of ways it was like the collar she already owned. It curved down her back, leaving the shoulder blades just visible. The sides rolled just over her shoulders and the front came to an end just above her breasts. That is where the similarities ended. The top was wickedly high. In the back it reached about an inch above the hair line. She had to hold her hair up out of the way as Elaine brought the back together for lacing. The sides came clear over her earlobes, preventing her from tilting or turning her head to either side. In the front it crested just below her nose, covering her mouth completely. The boning prevented her from opening her jaw even slightly. Once the laces were tight, the flap over her mouth made an air tight seal.

Having Wendy sit back into the chair, Elaine braided her hair into a pony tail, high on the back of her head. Moving to Wendy’s face Elaine began applying makeup. Flitting brushes here and there, she worked swiftly. Once Elaine was satisfied, she turned the chair so Wendy could see the results in the mirror. Wendy didn’t know the woman in the reflection. She had to blink and move her brows a few times to confirm the person on the other side of the glass was really her. It amazed her to see this exotic woman duplicating her every action. With an artists hand, Elaine had used simple shadowing to completely change the appearance of her facial structure.

Wendy was so caught up in studying this image, she didn’t notice Elaine attach a leash to the small ring on the front of the posture collar until she felt herself being pulled to her feet. Elaine said nothing as she led Wendy down the hall. Assuming she was being led to the dungeon, Wendy was surprised when they passed the door to the basement and continued into the garage. When Elaine opened the passenger door of the car, Wendy almost froze. Surely Elaine didn’t intend on leaving the house this way, did she.

Guiding Wendy into the car, she tossed a bag into her lap and closed the door. Once seated, Elaine hit the remote for the garage door and enabled the power on the car. “Put on the items in the bag.” Elaine said without looking at Wendy as she backed the car and turned for the road.

In the bag Wendy found a pair of leather wrist cuffs and what looked like a solid black sticker. Looking at it front and back, she couldn’t think of what it could be. Arriving at a stop sign, Elaine reached over and took the strip. “Here, let me help you with that.” Peeling the clear cellophane backing, She pasted it long ways across Wendy’s forehead. Looking into the mirror on the visor, Wendy didn’t understand the purpose of her new black stripe.

By the time Wendy had the restraints buckled around her wrists, they were pulling into an alley garage. A large muscle bound guy wearing sunglasses and a T-shirt with SECURITY printed across it looked in the window and pointed them to a parking space. “Go around and get my door won’t you pet.” Wendy bailed from the car and hurried to Elaine’s door. She wasn’t moving with such haste to please her Mistress, but to expedite the exposure from the alley. Even though she was completely unrecognizable, this was the most embarrassed she had ever been.

Climbing from the car, Elaine reached to Wendy’s forehead and tore away the black tape. Unknown to Wendy, there were black letters dyed into her skin. Taking the leash, Elaine led Wendy through a door and down a hallway. Techno music flooded through a door at the other end.

“Do you want to use the restroom pet. It may be a while before you have another chance.”

Unable to nod, Wendy closed her eyes once to indicate yes.

“There is a restroom right through there. If you finish before I return, wait here.”

Entering the room Wendy felt a bit overwhelmed. Here she was, dressed in an outrageous outfit with her breasts exposed to the world. Getting the impression they were in the back of a rave club, it seemed like Elaine had been here before. She wondered what else Elaine had been doing without her knowledge. Not that she was allowed to question Elaine’s affairs, but the Idea was making her uncomfortable. Something else that was uncomfortable was the fishnets under the pressure of the boots. She was beginning to feel every strand of fabric. True to Elaine’s style, there was an unexpected torture.

Finished with the toilet. Wendy made her way to the sink. Adjusting the water, she looked in the mirror. Catching her attention was the word SLUT tattooed across her forehead. Her eyes went wide at the thought of being seen this way. Punishment or not, she was determined to remove it. Scrubbing with soap and water, the letters refused to fade. She was in a state of panic at the thought of this being permanent. A new panic set in when she realized she had messed up some of the makeup and there was no way to hide it from Elaine. Resigning to her fate, she returned to the hallway.

There was no sign of Elaine, so she stood and waited in the designated spot. A dozen people dressed in fetish clothing passed her as she waited nervously. She felt a little more at ease, as the people paid her little attention. She would probably get to spend the evening hiding amongst the other wildly dressed people. Wendy didn’t like the expression on Elaine’s face as she finally approached.

“You tried to remove the tattoo didn’t you? I’m going to have to work quickly. You’re up soon.”

Pulling a makeup bag from her purse, she worked swiftly to repair the damages. The whole time Wendy was feeling butterflies.

“Up next? What am I up next for?”

As Elaine put the finishing touches on the repairs, two women in Black latex cat suits and high heels, complete with open face hoods approached.

“Looks like your up. I’ll see you later tonight.”

Wendy watched Elaine pass through the door and disappear in a swarm of people. Her two escorts led her through a side door and out on the stage.

To one side, a nearly naked woman dangled in a suspended hogtie. On the other side a hooded woman stood, wrapped to a pole with black pallet wrap. Wendy was led to a large device, consisting of three rings eight feet tall. She recognized it as a gigantic gyroscope. As she spotted the straps around the edges, a chill ran down her spine. Half the crowd stopped to watch the addition to the display. As the women helped her to step onto the bottom of the rings, Wendy tried to spot Elaine, The floor was dark and flashed with strobes, as a mass of people made it impossible to find her.

Wendy found herself stretched taunt, spread eagle within the rings. One of the women finished her off by placing a padded blindfold over her eyes. Once it was strapped tight, the other woman stepped on a petal and started the whole thing rotating. Blinded and turning in every direction, it didn’t take Wendy long to become completely disoriented.

The crowd watched as the rings turned slowly, displaying every angle of its bound captive. Large bare chested bouncers began to let people onto the stage, two at a time. Occasionally one of them would pay some attention to the other two bound women, but most of them were drawn to Wendy. The first hand that reached in and stroked a breast caused her to jump in surprise. Being that most of her flesh was covered, hand after hand seemed to find her sensitive orbs. After the initial shock, the touches started to cause her to become aroused. In her mind she cursed Elaine for subjecting her to such evil. She pretty much knew the belt wasn’t coming off tonight, especially with the bathroom incident.

Mingling with the crowd, Elaine found several people to socialize with. She danced with men and women both. She was not surprised to find most of the men here wanted to be dominated and about half the women. Her motives were not entirely innocent. She could judge people better than a polygraph machine. As the night progressed she collected multiple phone numbers in the hopes of finding what she needed. Wendy on the other hand was lost in bliss. She felt like she was tumbling through space, her body flooded with ecstasy. For the moment her chastity is forgotten.

The trance was broken when flashing lights flooded her eyes. As she looked around, it took a minute for her world to settle back to level. She hadn’t even realized she was no longer tumbling until the blindfold came off. Looking around, the club was almost empty. When Elaine and the two women un-strapped her from the gyro, they had to hold her up, as her sense of balance was completely scrambled. Elaine escorted her wobbly friend out the back of the stage and down the hall.

“Did you enjoy yourself.”

Wendy blinked yes.

“Do you know how long you were up there?”

Wendy blinked no.

“Four and a half hours. The girls said it was the longest anyone ever stayed on it. You should be proud of yourself.”

Wendy couldn’t believe her ears. The whole thing seemed like it was over in minutes. How time flies when you are having fun!

Back in the car and heading home, Wendy was already plotting the construction of her own gyro. Maybe hers will have automated whips. She continued plotting the possibilities the rest of the way home. By the time they were in the garage, she was hornier than ever. Elaine led Wendy back to her room and removed everything but the chastity belt. Wendy hadn’t even been thinking about it until this moment. She felt like a bitch in heat without a stud in sight. It was even worse than that. Her biggest source of pleasure was right here with no intentions of letting her get off.

To the contrary, Elaine had just laid back on the bed and ordered Wendy between her legs. Normally she would have been happy to do it, but her own frustration was rising as anger. Making her way onto the bed she planned to get her payback by doing a half-assed job. She had become well practiced at the art of oral, but tonight she wasn’t performing so well.

Elaine sat up in obvious disappointment. “Your dismissed.” She said flatly.

As Wendy removed herself from the room, she was beginning to think that wasn’t the smartest thing she could have done. She wondered how much trouble she was going to be in as wandered to the kitchen. Wendy hadn’t eaten since lunch and now twelve hours later, nothing looked good. Knowing she had disappointed Elaine, her stomach was starting to knot up. Choking down a couple dinner crackers, just to get something in her belly, she headed to bed. Not having received permission to put anything on, she slid under the sheets naked. This was the first time she had slept alone while Elaine was home since she had given her the new body. Wendy hoped her poor judgment hadn’t damaged the relationship. As she dosed off, the look of disappointment on Elaine’s face was stuck in her mind.

Waking alone in the morning, Wendy wandered the house naked. She found Elaine on the computer in the den. Without saying anything she knelt down beside her, taking up a submissive pose. She waited in uncomfortable silence for some kind of acknowledgement. It never came. After several minutes Elaine got up from the chair and walked to her bedroom. Wendy followed until the door was shut between them. Wendy knew she was in trouble worse than she had ever been in. She would rather be whipped within an inch of her life, than be ignored like this. Determined to get some kind of response, Wendy knelt in front of the door. For over an hour she waited. Elaine finally emerged from the room, stepping around Wendy and heading into the living room.

As Elaine settled into the sofa, Wendy again assumed a submissive pose, kneeling in front of her. Elaine did nothing to acknowledge her presence as she thumbed through the channels. Finding nothing she was in the mood for, she finally looked at Wendy.

“What. What do you want? Speak.”

Caught off guard, Wendy wasn’t sure what to say. “I… What I did was wrong. I’m sorry Mistress. I’ll do anything you wish or take any punishment you want, just don’t hate me.”

“I don’t hate you my silly little pet. And you will be punished. You were only going to wear the belt for two days. By my count you have committed two acts of disobedience and that means you have added another forty eight hours to it. You may think that isn’t so bad, but I’m leaving Tuesday morning for North Korea. Since your time wont be up before I leave, You will have to wait until I return. I should only be gone for a week, but you know how these things can go. I had something special planned for tomorrow night, after I removed the belt but your shenanigans have spoiled that haven’t they?”

“Yes mistress. What do you wish of me.”

“Get the duffel bag from my room and take it to the dungeon. Get the penis gag with the dildo, the strapped arm binder and the leather thigh and ankle cuffs. You will also need the two foot spreader and five padlocks. Put everything in the duffel and return to my room.”

“Yes Mistress.” Wendy scampered to her feet and backed away. Moving quickly, she didn‘t want to disappoint.

As soon as Wendy returned from the basement, Elaine turned off the television and followed her to the room. Starting with the arm binder, she secured Wendy’s arms together and then wrapped the four straps around her torso. Wendy loved this particular model because of the straps and the way they welded her arms behind her. Elaine buckled the thigh and ankle cuffs in place and helped Wendy to lay face down on the bed. Folding Wendy’s legs she locked each ankle to the corresponding thigh. Locking the two foot spreader between her legs, left Wendy doing a modified version of the splits. Groaning from the strain, she had to fight the urge to complain.

Elaine hooked the final padlock to a loop on the bottom of the arm binder and locked it to the center of the spreader. As she began to undress, she admired the way Wendy’s back was held, curved back like a bow. Picking up the gag, she climbed onto the bed and strapped it into place. As Wendy accommodated the hard rubber penis, she stared down the Lifelike dildo that protruded from her face.

Elaine positioned herself on her back in front of Wendy, working her way down onto the phallus. Wendy allowed her own saliva dribble down the shaft to provide lubricant. As she started to bob her head, she was finding the task difficult. With her arms being pulled towards her feet, the only part of her she could move was her neck. Elaine moaned slightly and told her to pick up the pace. Wendy gave it everything she had bobbing her head as rapidly as she could. Elaine groaned and moved herself down further on the shaft. Wendy had to slow from the strain, so she worked at longer strokes. Elaine wanting the pace back lowered herself further. Wendy now had to back her head further to manage gulps of air.

Elaine was getting close, her drive for an orgasm caused her to push herself further down. Wendy found herself unable to back her face away enough to draw a single breath. Fighting to breathe, she looked up towards Elaine’s face in an attempt to display her distress. It became obvious that Elaine was completely lost in the moment.

Wendy got a grip on her panic and turned her effort toward pleasuring Elaine. It was the only thing she could think to do. Hopefully Elaine will get off and come to her senses. Wendy pumped and worked her head in every direction she could, Elaine started to writhe in bliss. The effort was working but as Wendy’s lungs burned, her movements became that of true panic. As she fought uncontrollably, there was still no sign of Elaine coming down from the orgasm or noticing Wendy’s plight.

Wendy began to think of the time she had been mummified and suffocated to the brink of unconsciousness. She was sure Elaine was torturing her in the same way and any moment she would grant her air. As swirling lights began to flood her vision, she was starting to think she might die. Bit by bit, the world started to slip away. Her heart pounded in her ears, feeling as if it would burst from her chest. As everything went quiet and the world went dark, the last thing she was aware of was Elaine grinding away in her face.

Wendy flickered back to consciousness. As she looked up, Elaine was working to remove all of the restraints. “Thank you pet. That was just what I needed. Go get yourself cleaned up and we will go out for lunch. Wear something for the beach and we will make a day of it.”

Heading into the bathroom, Wendy caught site of the tattoo on her forehead. She had completely forgotten about it. After a futile attempt to cover it with makeup, she decided to wear a large rimmed summer hat.

Returning to Elaine’s room, she tried to come up with the best way to ask about the tattoo. “Mistress, may I speak?”

“You want to know about the mark on your head.”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Your skin is permanently dyed. It will fade in a few days when your skin replaces itself.”

Wendy wasn’t happy about it staying there for a few more days, but it was better than being permanent.

They had a wonderful afternoon together and stayed at the beach until the sun set. Wendy hadn’t spent much time outside lately and had to admit she got a bit of a sun burn. They were having great conversation on the drive home, until Elaine suddenly suffered some uncontrolled shudders.

Wendy pulled the car over and told Elaine to run a diagnostic. Elaine was still for a moment, aside from the twitches. When she told Wendy the problem, it confirmed Wendy‘s worst fear.

“The brain card is corrupted. What am I going to do?”

“We have to shut you down before your programming degrades. I intentionally locked myself out of the shutdown, so you will have to do it. Repeat what I say. Elaine-shutdown-order-one-one-shutdown.”

Elaine repeated the sequence and went limp. Wendy powered the car up and tore back onto the pavement. Picking up the cell phone, she hit speed dial three. A familiar voice answered on the other end.

“Richard, thank god. I need you to meet me at the plant.”

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