Loving, Consensual, Strict Part 4

by Loves_Tied_Girls

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Part 4: Before Double Trouble 3

Lori was startled awake by the sheet being pulled from her body. She started to scream, but a hand clamped over her mouth. Then, “Sssh,” came Josh’s voice.

Josh was home! Lori could hardly believe it; it was still dark outside, and the alarm clock read just 3:35 AM. She twisted around to wrap her arms around her lover, but was brought up short by her ankle cuffs, locked together, and her wrist cuffs, also locked together behind her back. That’s when she remembered self-bondaging herself before falling asleep.

“Hi babe,” Josh said as he stroked one of her full breasts. “Miss me?”

“Oh, Josh, you’ll never know how much!” she responded eagerly. “What are you doing home so soon?”

“Business later, Lori. Right now I have to show you just how much I missed you. Where the heck are the keys to these locks on your cuffs?”

“Aargh, I forgot. I threw them away somewhere in the room.” After a few minutes, Josh was able to find the keys and returned to unlock his girl’s ankle and wrist cuffs. Switching her wrists to her front, he reapplied that lock. Lori sighed happily and closed her eyes … damn, her cunt was already starting to leak some love juice as she anticipated what was to come.

Josh stretched her cuffed wrists upwards towards the head of their bed, hooking them to a handy hasp installed for just such a purpose. While Lori licked her lips and made happy noises, Josh stretched her legs down towards the foot of the bed. He spread her legs widely and connected some straps already attached to the bed’s end to her ankle cuffs. Josh tightened the straps until Lori was stretched to the max, then tied them off. He now took the two pillows and, lifting her taut body with some effort, slipped the pillows under her ass.

Lori’s body was as close to perfection as he had yet seen; her breasts still jutted out despite the upward pull on her arms, and her flat belly, small waist and glistening pussy pulled at him like a magnet. Josh very quickly became naked, tossing his clothes willy-nilly about the bedroom.

Josh kneeled between Lori’s outstretched legs and, to the accompaniment of moans of pleasure from his sex/bondage/pain slut girl, bent to his girl’s glistening cunt. With his thumbs, he spread her labia to reveal the pink inner core of her pussy, then lowered his head to give his lady a thorough cunt licking.

Lori, her body twitching as much as it was able in reaction to his excellent pussy-eating attack, quickly reached sensory overload. With a soft scream of pleasure, his girl reached the first of what would be multiple orgasms. How could she help it? Lori had been so sexually frustrated, for so long, that her overdue climaxes began to take over her body, as though she had no control.

After her second or third orgasm, Josh had to wipe her pussy juice off his face with a towel before switching his attentions to her breasts and now very erect nipples. He tongued all around her magnificent boobs, ending by gently biting her ‘kiss me please’ nipples, now at very strict attention.

Although her tight-spread bondage limited Lori’s responses, her long-denied sexual urges took over. She moaned in pleasure constantly, and ongoing orgasms threatened to denude the girl of all rational thought. Josh’s tongue kept up its assault on her boobs and nipples, and her climaxes just kept coming.

His cock as rigid as a flagpole, Josh eased it into Lori’s sweet pussy, and the girl uttered a long “aaaahh” of satisfaction. At last! He plunged his dick as deeply into her inner sexual core as he could; still biting her dear nipples, Josh withdrew only to impale Lori again. And again, on and on; she kept moaning throughout her intense pleasure, then loudly enough to wake the neighbors, almost.

She felt his muscles tense, and knew that Josh was close to climaxing. Her vaginal muscles continued to milk his cock, but now with new urgency. Crying out, Josh came with an orgasmic explosion as his cum fire hosed into her receptive pussy. Lori thought she had gone to heaven, without the unpleasant necessity of dying first.


Lori came awake slowly; after their frantic love making, she had dropped back off to sleep, still bondaged in a very strict Y-tie. Turning her head, she saw that Josh was still dead to the world.

“Josh,” she called softly – no response. “JOSH!” she almost shouted, and that did the trick. Her lover stirred, then opened his eyes, still gummy from sleep.

“Hi again, doll. How are you doing now?” he asked.

“Well, my muscles are a bit sore from being stretched so long, but sexually? I’ve never been better, my dear lover,” she smiled at him. Josh sat up then, and realized that Lori was still in her tie.

“Let me get you out of that, babe,” he said, and followed up by loosing the straps holding her cuffed ankles and legs so stringently split wide. Lori stretched her legs luxuriously as Josh continued by unhooking her wrist cuffs from the head of the bed.

“You can get the cuffs off yourself,” he told her as he turned to climb off the bed and head for the shower. She joined him a few minutes later, and they had a delightful wet-down together. Lori surprised him by dropping to her knees as the water cascaded down; taking his soft cock in her mouth, she began tonguing and licking and sucking him until he was once again at rigid attention.

Lori continued her oral ministrations lovingly, now stroking his bulging balls, now digging her nails into his ass as his muscled tensed. Soon enough he had erupted into her mouth and throat, his pubic hair mashed against her mouth and nose as she deep-throated him magnificently. She held his slowly softening dick in her mouth, continuing to lave it with her tongue. Finally she released him, turned off the water, and they both exited the shower to towel each other off.

“Hey, I almost forgot – how did you do down in New Orleans?” she asked.

“We got the deal!” he said triumphantly. “They really liked my initial designs, and said they would cable my boss and ask that I be made the lead designer for their project.”

“That’s wonderful!” she exclaimed, hugging him closely. “I want you to take me down to the ‘fun room’ and have some fun with me,” Lori added mischievously.

“Hmm, you have a point, babe,” he grinned at her. “Clean yourself out well inside, front and back, then report down to me in ten minutes. I’ll go down and set up.”

“Yes, master, right away master,” she taunted him, but with a smile.


True to her word, Lori met Josh in their fun room/dungeon, the large 30’ X 30’ room in the basement. Josh motioned for her to drop her robe as he lowered the ‘hanging bar’ down. Directing her to stand beneath it, he attached her wrists to the attached suspension cuffs, then powered it up until she was in a comfortable position, her hands about two feet apart.

Josh turned around to dig into a gift box sitting on a side counter. Peeling off the onion wrap within, he withdrew a red satin corset, the most beautiful that Lori had ever seen.

“Oh Josh, it’s absolutely gorgeous,” she gushed.

“Once the deal was locked in, I went shopping to get you something special to wear,” he told her, holding it up so that she could better see the detail. “You’ll soon find out how special it is,” he continued, walking over to where she stood.

Josh wrapped the below-bust, over-hips corset around her sumptuous body, and began the chore of lacing it up.

“Your waist is what, 25 inches?” he asked as he worked.

“Just under that,” she replied. “I think about 24 1/2 inches.”

“Well,” Josh replied, “this baby has the capacity for a six inch pull. Let’s see if we can get you down to less than 19 inches.”

‘Oh my,’ thought Lori happily. She loved tight corsets, loved the severe constriction it brought, the lovely feeling of being tightly compressed. She was also aware of the marvelous way her already lush body looked when confined in that manner.

Josh kept up his lacing efforts, slowly drawing the corset more and more tightly about her. He stopped a few times to give her a few minutes to get used to the boned corset’s grip, and to adjust her breathing to accommodate it. Continuing his work, after ten more minutes it was as tightly laced as he could manage, and Lori’s waist had indeed been squeezed down to just under 19 inches (he measured it). That done, he engaged the power hoist to lift the lacing bar, and her arms, straight up. He continued until Lori’s toes were just brushing the carpeted floor of the fun room, then stopped.

“Now,” he told the gasping girl as she struggled to breathe within the corset’s very strict embrace, “Let’s see if we can’t get an extra half-inch or so of pull.” Josh reattacked the lacings and, bit by bit, was able to squeeze Lori’s waist down to just over 18”. Satisfied, he tied off the laces, inserted the extra lengths through the top lace, and covered the lacings with the attached panel on the corset.

Lori, her arms stretched high over her head, toes barely in contact with the carpeted floor, could hardly breathe. She saw her mirror image, her boobs a bit flattened from the strain, but still pushed up and out by the corset, proudly pointing straight ahead, and her waist so small that it almost seemed grotesque. Her hips appeared to bloom beneath the corset like tulips from their stems. Josh allowed her a few minutes to get her breathing into a more-or-less comfortable rhythm.

He went back to the gift box to return with one more item, a seemingly-huge dildo, and returned to the suspended girl. The dildo had bumps and veins all over it, to enhance the feeling she would experience once it was buried deep within her. It also had numerous little plastic spikes that would tease and torture her, and further enhance her discomfort/pleasure.

Josh lubed up the nine-inch monster, then began to insert it slowly into Lori’s already-dripping pussy. Inch by inch the dildo invaded her, each vein, bump and little plastic spike making themselves felt to her. She grunted as the rubber cock slowly slid into her, deeper and deeper, sighing loudly when it was at last fully entrenched within her love canal.

Her corset didn’t have a crotch strap attached, so Josh had to encircle Lori’s miniscule waist with a two-inch wide bondage belt that did have such a strap. Cinching it closed as tightly as he could manage, Josh took the hanging strap and tugged it down between his girl’s lovely ass cheeks, through her loins, and over the fat end of the dildo. Taking a heavy strain on the strap, he pulled it through the D-ring at the front of the belt and secured it.

Lori was in bondage heaven/hell. Her waist had been compressed to near-invisibility, and now her pussy was so full with a huge spiky dildo such that she thought she could feel every single spike teasing/tormenting her inner sexual core. Being the bondage/pain slut that she was, Lori was not at all surprised to find her sexual hot flashes ramping up.

Reaching over towards one wall of the fun room, Josh selected a single-tail whip designed to really sting, but not do any real damage. Turning back to Lori, he snapped the whip out to strike right across her jutting ass cheeks. Lori moaned; it hurt, but was a nice hurt. “One,” he said.

Josh settled into a routine, snapping the whip against her bottom every five seconds or so. Top of her ass; “Sixteen”. Middle of her ass; “Twenty-four.” Underneath her ass cheeks: “Thirty-nine.” Tops of her thighs; “Fifty-three.” Back to the middle of her butt; “Eighty-seven.” Lori was crying softly after ten minutes of his efforts, and her ass was a glowing pinkish red, when Josh at last put down the whip. He approached Lori’s swaying form to caress her outthrust breasts, and tweak her very erect nipples. While doing that, he kissed his girl fully on the lips – Lori responded warmly, passionately embracing his tongue with her own, even as her ass gradually changed from burning to a source of sexual charge for the girl. Her pussy juices, running down the insides of her legs, attested to her erotic state.

“OK,” Josh said after a few minutes, “you’ve hung around long enough. Time to let you stand for awhile.”

Releasing Lori from the lacing bar and slowly removing the big dildo that had so recently held her cunt captive (‘ooohh,’ she felt when it had finally been extracted, ‘those damned little plastic spikes were real torture … and pleasure,’), he began to gather the various items that would constitute her next tie. Lori massaged her arms and legs while sitting on a nearby chair with some difficulty – the corset was no less strict than it had been earlier.

Josh approached her now with her ballet boots with the crazy eight inch stiletto heels. She extended her right leg to fit her toes into the cramped toe portion, her foot forced into a severe arch in the process. Once her foot was fully ensconced in the bottom portion, Josh began lacing the boot up to her knee, slowly and patiently. Lori felt the length of the boot tighten more and more as he worked up her leg, until her calf was lovingly squeezed in a leather embrace. Josh then attended to her left leg in the same manner.

He had Lori walk around a bit until she felt comfortable (except for her toes, which bore all her weight). She had worn the boots many times before and, while never quite getting used to the strain of her arched feet or the pressure on her toes, was otherwise quite satisfied with their feel.

At Josh’s direction, Lori stood on tip-toe beneath a hoist with a slim chain hanging from it. Her lover continued with her bondage by lacing a leather helmet tightly around her head. Her hair, earlier braided by her after Josh had told her to do it following her enemas, went through a hole in the top of the helmet. Lori’s eyes, nose and mouth went uncovered.

Soon enough her head was tightly enwrapped by the helmet; Josh now added a thick 3” leather collar around her neck, running the three small straps at its back through their corresponding buckles. The collar had a large O-ring in back, from which a short chain hung. Josh removed her suspension wrist cuffs but replaced them with regular two inch leather cuffs. With Lori’s help, he guided her arms upwards behind her back until he was able to connect the end of the chain from her collar to the D-rings in the cuffs. She ended up with her arms bent double, her wrists secured high up behind her back.

‘Boy,’ she thought, ‘he’s really doing this up right.’

Josh lowered the chain on the hoist enough so that he could tie Lori’s braided hair loosely to the ring at the end of the chain. Lori moaned when she saw the alligator clamps in his hands … those damned things really hurt, at least initially. He proceeded to clamp her right nipple first, the tiny teeth of the clamp biting on that sensitive nub (‘OUCH!’), and then did the same to her left nipple (‘OUCH’ again).

Now came the devilish part. Attaching the chain between the clamps to yet another chain, Josh linked the other end around the ring holding her braid. He clicked the hoist remote, and the hanging chain began to ascend. He had to adjust the chain from her nipple clamps a couple of times before it was taut enough for his satisfaction, then stepped back to admire his very bondaged lover.

She was teetering atop her ballet boots, waist very strictly compressed by the corset, her head held rigid by the helmet, neck cuff, and braided hair tie, her hands held high on her back. She was also having to make tiny adjustments so that the upwards pull from the clamps on her nipples was as less-uncomfortable as possible. As she became used to her tie, Lori noted that the bite of the alligator clamps had lessened somewhat, to be replaced by the mounting pleasure that she always received when wearing clamps.

Josh wasn’t through, though. He took the big dildo that had so recently teased/tortured her pussy and, after lubing up her ass rose bud, began to insert it into her anus. Lori flinched at that, thus inadvertently tugging on her nipples and hair tie. She could just picture how that monster was going to torment her ass canal, while at the same time looking forward to the fullness it would provide, and the pleasure to come from that.

Josh slowly worked the big dildo into her ass, twisting it as he went so the veins, bumps and little plastic spikes could each brush against her sphincter in turn. Lori grunted as her ass was stretched by the dildo’s girth, and then stretched even more. At last she was completely impaled, and Josh could lock it in place by the strap hanging from her bondage belt. Pulling on it tightly, he passed the strap over her ass invader (‘oog’ Lori murmured as the last half-inch of it slid in). Josh pulled the strap through her loins and, making sure it was perfectly centered between her spread pussy lips, secured it tightly to the D-ring on the front of her corset.

“Well, that ought to hold you, Lori. I’m going upstairs to check on my e-mail, but I’ll be back before too long,” he told his strictly bondaged girl. With that, he turned and went upstairs.

Lori could feel her pussy coming erotically alive beneath the strap that split her labia, as the first bit of cunt juice trickled out and down her legs. Her already small waist had been compressed to an even 18”, her arms already starting to ache in their high-on-the-back position, her neck was rigidly held in position by the hood and neck cuffs; she was being assaulted by the large invader up her ass, and her nipples and hair braid were constantly being tugged on as she fought to maintain her balance in the stiletto-heeled ballet boots. She loved it!! Sexual pleasure fought with her discomfort … and won.

Josh returned an hour later. Lori was unsurprisingly still in the same position, but now evidence of multiple climaxes was evident in the glistening pool of cum between her booted feet, and all up and down her legs. Josh carefully released his bondage slut from her tie, nipple clamps first. (‘OOWWW!’ as the blood rushed back into her previously squashed nipples).

At last Lori was free of all restraints, including her beautiful new corset; she lay unmoving on the mat for a few minutes, then began to tentatively exercise her tensed muscles. When she was more-or-less back to being the lush Lori again, Josh helped her up the stairs to their shower for clean up. When she emerged from the shower and dried off, Josh called to her from the bedroom.

“I almost forgot,” he began, “but I’ve set up a lunch date with an old friend and his girl for next Saturday.”

“OK hon,” she answered. “Just let me know when I have to start getting ready.”

“Will do,” he replied.

(This is the end of the Before Double Trouble section)

Double Trouble

Our other female protagonist:

Alexis Munoz (her lover and loving tormenter was Tito Garcia) was just a few months younger than Lori. Her hair was shoulder length red-blonde, with blond highlights. Alexis’ figure was more filled out than Lori’s, at 5’ 6” and 138 pounds. Her fine measurements were 38” D breasts, 27” waist, and 38” hips. Alexis also preferred thongs, but her real fetish was latex outfits – the tighter, the better. When she wore them, she liked to wear bras (if at all) that were just a bit small for her; they emphasized her magnificent boobs even more. Alexis was also into sky-high stiletto shoes, the spike heels of which never measured less than 5”. As such, she was a most imposing sight when dressed in her favorites. Alexis was Brazilian, with flashing dark eyes and full red lips.

Double Trouble - Chapter I

Lori and Josh, and Alexis and Tito (who were friends of Josh), had met for the first time at a lunch a few months before. Lori had dressed in a peach satin top with a low-cut scoop neck, displaying her bountiful cleavage thereby. Her erect nipples pushed impudently against the thin blouse; no bra today. She also wore a short pleated white skirt (mid-thigh), with a cream colored satin thong beneath; her stockings, sand-colored /nylon/lycra, connected to a matching satin garter belt by short garters. They were short because her stockings were snugged right up to her pussy.

It was a day of sudden wind gusts; Lori tried to keep one hand on her hair, while the other fought to hold down her short skirt. When they reached the outdoors restaurant and said their hellos to Alexis and Tito, Lori sat down carefully, smoothing her skirt under her; she didn’t want to unintentionally display the tops of the shiny stockings, even though the band at the top was not very wide.

Alexis and Tito were both Hispanics. He was well muscled, wearing a tight tee shirt that advertised his build. Alexis wore one of her favorite latex outfits, a full-blown bright red cat suit, seemingly painted on from just above her 6” stiletto-clad feet. The cat suit rose up to her neck and had long sleeves; with her breasts boldly asserting their presence, Alexis indeed looked formidable.

As they talked away about nothing in particular, Lori became aware of something on the inside sole of her 4” heeled open-toed sandals. When she reached down to unstrap the shoe, she unbalanced her chair, which skittered away from her. Down she went on her butt; bad enough an embarrassment, but then a sudden breeze caught beneath her skirt and flipped it up to her waist. Stocking tops, garters, skin and thonged pussy were on display!

Tito and Josh quickly jumped to their feet to help her up. Tito had a birds-eye view of her most intimate parts, but as a gentleman his only reaction was the glint Lori saw in his eyes. She pulled her skirt back down and, with the assistance of the guys, stood somewhat shakily. Her chair was retrieved and she sat down once more, blushing like mad. ‘What a klutzy goofball I am,’ she thought, furious with herself for such a dumb slip. Alexis saw how flushed Lori’s face was. “Don’t worry about it, honey … you aren’t the first that has ever happened to”.

Then Alexis laughed, and pointed to Lori’s wrist. “Ah HA,” she exclaimed. “I know what you two have been up to!” Lori looked at her wrist and saw the faint impression from the wrist cuff she had worn during one of her and Josh’s “games” earlier in the day. Her face grew even more red, but Alexis put her mind at ease.

“Not to worry, Chiquita,” the Latina said with a smile. “Tito and I know a few things about that kind of fun.”

The couples thus discovered their mutual love of bondage, and subsequent discussions – Lori’s extremely erotic reaction to discomfort, and even pain – and Alexis’ admitting that she got horny just thinking of Tito putting her in a tough tie – made them determined to get together as a foursome for a long weekend of bondage and screwing and drinking and smoking weed, etc.

Tito and Josh set it up together; they chose Memorial Day as an ideal three-day BDSM funfest (certainly for them, anyway!). They scripted out the events for the weekend; who would do what to whom, plotting the placement of a number of video cameras for later enjoyment of their days and nights. Also, who would bring the wine and weed -- Josh was the host, since he had a large and well-equipped bondage area set aside in the basement of their large house. It was decided that Tito would bring the weed, and Josh would supply the liquid refreshments.

Josh’s house had three bedrooms and three bathrooms, and was tiled throughout. His now-deceased father (and mother … they had perished in a crash of their private jet) had had an in with a construction company, though, that came and did the heavy stuff as a freebie. That and the $12 million he had inherited ensured that Josh (and now Lori) were financially independent.

Josh was thus able to spend the money on numerous bondage goodies. He continued to add a new purchase every month for the next three years, after he met the then-19 year old Lori. They dated for a few weeks before Josh took a chance and admitted his love of bondage. Lori was intrigued, and decided to give Josh a chance to tie her up and make love to her … which he did. Lori was hooked; she moved in with Josh shortly thereafter.

Chapter II

Alexis and Tito arrived at Lori and Josh’s house that Memorial Day weekend on Friday around 6 PM, just in time for dinner. Alexis was dressed in her preferred latex, this time a very tight black cat suit with a V-bodice. This showed off her tits to their best advantage; the cat suit itself looked as though she had bought it years before, and had then grown to the extent that it was now like a second skin, with her ass and legs on full sexy display through the material. Six inch stiletto boots laced up to the knee pushed her up almost to Josh’s height.

Lori, in turn, chose a white satin cocktail dress that, like all of her other dresses and skirts, had been sized down to her new, smaller waist. The hem of the dress ended just above her knees, but the features that really grabbed one’s eyes were the hip-high slits on either side! Through them one took note of the tops of her black nylon/lycra stockings, attached by garters snugging them right up to her crotch. The small amount of skin showing of her hips was most attractive (especially to Tito), but it was around the butt that the dress really showed its stuff. It was very tight there, and her ass cheeks were portrayed like perfection itself.

Josh was a damned good cook, so he had taken Friday afternoon off to undertake preparation of the early evening feast. He chose leg of lamb, with a medium dry white Burgundy wine; roasted potatoes with cream sauce, and florets of broccoli. All of them enjoyed the dinner immensely.

Afterwards, the girls retired to their upstairs bedrooms to take a nap and rest up for the night’s activities to come. Josh and Tito sat together in his library, taking tokes in turn of a joint and relishing some fine brandy. They took it easy on both, though, because they wanted to be in control of themselves for the later fun.

The girls joined them later, and they all repaired to the basement “fun room”, quite large at 30’ x 30’, and very well equipped for the bondage enthusiasts.

Both girls lost their clothes upon direction from their lovers, folding them carefully and placing them on padded hangers in the nearby wardrobe. Josh and Tito meanwhile changed into leather pants and vests to give them that “master” look … the girls gave vocal appreciation to their look.

There were two leather-covered ‘horses’ end to end on which the girls would be attached. Each man bent his lover over the horse and secured her legs and arms wide apart with thick leather cuffs, attached by straps to rings set in the floor at strategic locations. Both had their nipples squeezed tightly by cloverleaf clamps, which were attached by thin chains to an eye-bolt on the underside of each horse.

“OMG”, Alexis blurted; “I’m getting hot already”

“I hear that, girl” replied Lori with a smile; she could feel the beginning dampness in her pussy, and the erotic expectations that filled her. Each girl now felt their hair being braided into a pony tail; their heads were soon fixed to look straight ahead by the attachments of rope that connected to pulleys in the beams above, forced backwards by the pull on their hair.

The guys appreciated the ass globes of their girls on full display, their pre-cum glistening pussies peeking out from beneath their widely spread legs. They had to get on with it, though, and so produced two identical, improbable devices from the back of the room. Each had a metal pole, about 2” thick that stood upright on a cement base (on wheels, of course), to which were attached two motors and two flywheels per pole.

The lower flywheel on each pole was angled slightly upwards, while the upper one had a slight downward cant. To each flywheel’s edge were attached short leather whips which had 6 thin leather strands ending in knots. Guaranteed to sting and bite, said the instruction booklet (!). One was aimed at the lower part of its delightful target, the other targeted at dead center of those shiny rear ends.

After placing the devices in just the right positions, Josh nodded, Tito hit the switch on the motors of each pole, each flywheel began to spin, and the whips began to strike their intended targets. The flywheels on either pole spun in opposing directions; after a minute or so, they would slow, stop, then begin spinning again in opposite directions. This gave maximum coverage to those rear ends in front of them and, with the slight up and down motion of the flywheels, insured that each beautiful butt would be criss-crossed, up, down and around, until they were fully covered with whip marks … full coverage, as the insurance companies like to say.

“Oooh”, “Ouch”, and “WOW!” were the most often noted cries from the whipped girls. Each whip struck about every five seconds, so each minute allowed for 12 strikes from each whip, or 24 total for each ass. The strands did not hit that hard, but the knotted ends took their own stinging toll.

Each whip strike caused their targets to jump ever so slightly; each jump in turn yanked on their clamped nipples. Both Lori and Alexis were in heaven – the whipping was not so harsh as to cause them heavy pain, but enough to send the warmth of their butts through their pussies as their erotic sensations climbed higher and higher. Lori’s cunt was already dripping when Alexis screamed with delight in her first orgasm of the night.

After ten minutes, each girl’s buns were covered in red stripes that would soon disappear, since they were not being whipped harshly. Still, those ass globes were a very emphatic pink on both girls.

The men walked around to the girls’ front, and each dropped the front of their leather pants like the flap on a sailor’s suit. Out popped their very erect cocks, encouraged so by cock rings; the girls knew what to do with those fleshy weapons. Each took her man’s dong into her mouth, and began to enthusiastically give them great head.

The flywheels were still turning and the whips still whacking their butts, but the girls were SO into what they were doing, and each felt the incredible erotic heat surging through their bodies. Each climaxed another two times, moaning and jerking in pleasure around their cock-filled mouths.

All parties came within moments of one another. While the girls recovered from their ecstasy, John went around to shut off the punishing fly wheels, and then returned to have Lori suck him back into hardness; Alexis was doing the same for Tito.

After a few minutes of loving oral ministrations, their cocks were again at attention, and both retreated to the back end of their bondaged lovers. Lubing their dongs up, each entered his girl’s ass, slowly and lovingly, in and out, deeper and deeper. The girls began to rotate their hips and push backwards to impale their men more deeply. Lori loved the feeling of Josh’s cock in her ass; there was just something about it that felt SO good.

The guys took their time, teasing their girls with a slow, steady rhythm until Josh, primed again, began slamming into Lori’s ass with vigor, his balls slapping her pussy with each lunge. Then Tito joined in, and they began to put real power into their thrusting. They were breathing heavily after a few minutes, but the girls didn’t notice … they were too busy moaning in pleasure, and shouting out their encouragement.

“Harder!” cried Alexis to Tito, while Lori was imploring Josh to get deeper and deeper into her. By the time the men finished with huge cums, fire hosing their sperm deeply into their girls’ respective anal canals, everyone was grinning like idiots.

Afterwards, they showered together in a rather large shower that Lori had insisted they install. She appreciated Tito’s caressing of her still-sore ass cheeks, while Alexis loved Josh’s nibbling and biting of her still-sore nipples.

All in all, one hell of an evening, they agreed.

After drying off and putting on soft robes, they retired to the library for some serious weed, this time stroked with a bottle of champagne that Josh produced. All got on a very nice buzz indeed, and retired to their respective bedrooms for a well-deserved sleep.

Bondage slut that she was, though, Lori asked Josh to put her in a gentle hogtie for the night. He complied, using the belts from their robes – she slept as she never had before, accompanied by lovely erotic dreams of bondage.

Chapter III

Over a light breakfast of English muffins and tea the next morning, Alexis explained that Tito had to go back to their rented house to retrieve some “additional items”. Josh volunteered to go with him to lend a hand, which is how it played out. Before they left, though, they decided to put the girls in a physically comfortable tie. Physically comfortable, not necessarily otherwise.

At the men’s suggestion, both imposing girls dropped their robes and laid down on the rug in the living room. Each was tied the same way – feet were tied sole to sole, their knees split wide. Each girl’s wrists were put into cuffs and locked in front of her. Then came the fun part …

Alexis was the larger of the two, so she was laid on her back and Lori was placed face down on top of her, facing in the opposite direction. Lori’s cuffs were connected to Alexis’ tied feet with a short strap, and Alexis was similarly secured. The men then carefully adjusted each girl so that their mouths were positioned immediately at the other girl’s bald pussy. Additional straps fixed Lori and Alexis in that stance; the straps went over their necks and under the other girl’s ass. Neither could move their head away from the others’ love mound.

“OMG!” Lori gasped to herself, even as Alexis was thinking similar thoughts. Neither had ever been with another woman sexually; it was extremely unsettling for both.

“You girls have fun!” Tito said with a big smile. “We’ll be back in a couple of hours”, he added as he and Josh went out the side door to the garage.

Both Lori and Alexis were alarmed; each had their lips directly on the other’s bald cunt, but both were extremely hesitant to take the obvious next step. Lori was fretting still when she felt the tentative touch of Alexis’ tongue on her labia. She couldn’t really recoil, since she couldn’t move at all … they were stuck there. Again Lori felt Alexis’ tongue, now beginning to probe between her pussy lips.

Slowly, Lori extended her own tongue to reciprocate. Alexis’ pussy had a musky but not unpleasant taste. It wasn’t five minutes before each was licking the other with increasing enthusiasm, their tongues exploring deeply into their vulva. Soon their clits were found, and each began to experience mounting erotic pleasure as those clits were nibbled and licked and tongued.

They had near-simultaneous orgasms, moaning with pleasure even as their tongues continued their explorations. Shuddering with heretofore unimaginable pleasure, Lori felt the heat in Alexis’ loins, as well as her own. Before too long they began again to orally stimulate each other. Another orgasm followed before long, then another, each seemingly more intense than those previous. Lori had Alexis’ cum all over her face, and thought that the other girl was in the same messy state.

They played with each other for a good half-hour, then paused, exhausted from their efforts. The red-hot fire in her loins dwindled to a satisfied warmth; Lori was really surprised at how things had turned out.

Alexis was also tired, having cum more times than she could count. She hoped their men didn’t return too soon; damn, but this was GREAT!


Josh and Tito loaded their two large suitcases into the car for the return trip. Tito had the heavier one; it was filled with some of his and Alexis’ favorite toys, a number of which Josh didn’t have. The other suitcase was lighter, but still packed full with additional clothes and lingerie for Alexis. Probably more latex stuff, Josh thought, but didn’t mind in the least.

When they reentered Josh’s house, about two hours after they had departed, the guys found their girls where they had left them, and in the same position. Now, though, there was love juice all over their faces, and the floor below Alexis’ ass was semi-soaked. Lori’s cum had had no place to go except into, and onto, Alexis.

Josh and Tito burst out laughing when, after untying their bondage sluts, they saw the looks of total satisfaction on both faces, along with silly smiles. They helped the girls clean up, and then all four went upstairs to take a shower together. All four were soon steamy, and not only from the hot water.

Chapter IV

Afterwards, after discussing it for a few minutes, Lori and Alexis were all for skipping lunch to have a full bondage afternoon. So, once more they found themselves naked down in the “fun room”, while Josh and Tito were clad only in jeans. The girls were bondaged identically, standing up, so I will confine my description to how Lori ended up. She had her arms locked together behind her back with straps about the wrists, and above and below her elbows. Lori’s shoulders were pulled back from the tension on her arms, and her proud breasts stuck straight out.

A four-inch wide bondage belt was locked about her waist, and cinched extremely tightly in back. Once again her waist had been squeezed down to about 20”, which of course she had experienced before from her corsets. Lori felt the beginnings of desire heat up her loins, and she squirmed in pleasurable anticipation. A huge life-like dildo, a full 10” long and nearly 3” thick, with a flange at the base, was slowly inserted into her quickly dripping pussy --- all the way in. Lori felt as though she had been invaded by a wonderful-feeling but gigantic cock. She was completely filled, and could feel the girth of it pushing against the walls of her love canal.

Her feet were separated by a two-foot spreader bar locked to her leather ankle cuffs, apart but comfortable. Comfortable, that is, except for the fact that her 8” stiletto-heeled ballet boots, laced tightly up her legs, forced her feet into a stressful arch. Her toes were jammed into the small points of the boots, cramped and likewise stressed. In fact, her toes now bore almost all of her weight.

Josh made sure Lori wouldn’t lose her balance and fall by placing a small table behind her, so that her hands could aid in her balance.

A quite large 2 1/2” red ball gag went into her mouth, and multiple straps, tightly cinched, ensured that she wouldn’t be able to eject it. Her tongue was squashed flat under the ball, and her cheeks bulged from its size. A high neck corset was then firmly secured around her and buckled in back, such that Lori’s chin was forced upwards. She couldn’t see much, but that lack soon proved moot as a blindfold was secured over her eyes, completely eliminating her vision.

Lori felt a sharp bite as her left nipple received an alligator clamp, then a moment’s pause for her right nipple to be similarly attacked --- those damned little teeth bit deeply into her very sensitive nips. Each clamp had a thin chain hanging from it, which wound up … attached to twin clamps biting into Alexis’ large nipples! The girls were facing each other, their tits connected to each other by the chains of the alligator clamps. That huge fake dong that was in Lori’s pussy was but one half of a double-ended dildo; the other half was just as surely filling up Alexis’ cunt.

Each girl had a strap run under the top of their gag harness, and attached to an S-hook on the end of a rope that ran through pulleys hanging from the beams of the ceiling. Tito took up just enough slack in the ropes so that neither girl would be in danger of falling. The small tables behind each girl were now removed and set aside.

“Okay, here’s the plan” Josh told them. “You gals are going to have to fuck each other silly on that dildo. You can do that by pushing your asses backwards to partly pull it out of you, then thrust forward quickly. Be careful not to pull back too far, or your clamped nipples will really feel it. You have just fifteen minutes to get each other off. If either of you has not climaxed by the end of that time, you will surely be sorry”, he finished.

Lori tentatively pushed her rear end backwards, then forward to re-impale herself and, simultaneously, Alexis. The girls soon got into a rhythm; each would back up about six inches, leaving 4” of that huge dildo remaining buried within their pussys, and then thrust their hips forward in unison. They quickly discovered that it was best to just push their ass backwards into an exaggerated “Hey, look at my buns!” position. Their poor nipples had been yanked on a number of times before they got the hang of it.

Semi-dancing about on the tips of their ballet boots, arms beginning to cramp from their strict bondaging, and having some trouble breathing easily because of the compression of their waist belts, both girls were soon perspiring freely. Their asses would thrust backwards in unison, then lunge forward to re-impale each other fully on the monster double-ended dildo.

Lori and Alexis alike were encouraged in their forward lunging motion by the whipping of their outwardly-thrust asses; Josh and Tito were having a great time flicking their switches onto those two lovely sets of ass cheeks.

Lori kept biting down on her large ball gag, as wave after wave of hot erotic pleasure coursed through her entire being. She was so close … so close to reaching what she expected to be a mind-blowing orgasm. Back and forth her hips and ass went, now reddening from the repeated whip strikes, as she desperately strove to reach that much-desired nirvana. Alexis was equally enthusiastic and, after a few more minutes of deep thrusting into each other, the girls managed to climax within seconds of each other, well under the 15-minute time limit that Josh had imposed. Lori and Alexis both screamed and moaned into their ball gags, very much enjoying their mutual cums.

Josh finally removed the S-hooks from their gag strapping; the men helped each exhausted girl to lie down on the carpeting. He left them there for awhile, as each slowly regained their normal breathing. Their skin was sheened by their heavy perspiring, and seemed to glow with their satisfaction.

The girls were at last freed of their bondage completely, and the foursome went back upstairs (Lori and Alexis staggering a bit) for another shower. A long nap before dinner, and the night’s activities to come, was next, and much needed by the two women.

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