Loving, Consensual, Strict Part 5

by Loves_Tied_Girls

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Part 5: Double Trouble

The girls woke from their naps about four o’clock, and began to get ready. Josh and Tito were taking them to a restaurant at the top of the Hancock Building that rotated continually, presenting ever changing views of the Chicago skyline. Their bondage-loving men had been watching a college football game, but began to get dressed themselves about an hour later.

Tito and Josh were waiting in the living room, already dressed in well-tailored suits, discussing that night’s bondage play plans, when the girls arrived. Alexis had chosen to wear a shiny black latex mini-dress, the hem of which ended just a few inches below her snatch. It was, per Alexis’ preference, extremely tight, her large breasts and jutting ass emphasized by an over-dress latex corset, probably a size too small for her that laced up the front.

She didn’t mind pantyhose as did Lori (who hated the damned things), and had on a pair of very shiny ones to go with the latex dress. A pair of sky-high black 6” stiletto heeled boots adorned her feet, laced up to just below her knees. Her red-blond hair hung freely to her shoulders, and Alexis had taken extra care to apply her makeup to perfection. She was indeed very striking, and extremely sexy, in her wear for the evening.

Lori had chosen to braid her long ebony locks into a single long braid, intertwined with bright red satin ribbons. She was a few weeks shy of her 22nd birthday, but with that long braid over her shoulder, she looked about 17 or 18. Except for her body, of course, which was obviously that of a woman who had reached her full flowering maturity.

Lori wore a high-necked, long-sleeved white blouse which, except for the collar-neck and cuffs, was completely transparent. Her modesty was guarded by strategically placed satin flower inlays that just covered her nipples, but didn’t prevent those beautiful portions of her breasts from straining against the inlays. She was wearing the flesh colored half-moon adhesive cups placed under her boobs, and so seemed to be naked under the blouse. Certainly she was from the back.

A very tight high-waisted red velvet skirt covered her waist-compressing cinch belt and emphasized her bubble-butt rear end beautifully. Lori knew she had a great butt, and liked to titillate by showing it off. The dress was so tight that it hugged her closely almost to her knees, then eased its grip down to her ankles. It didn’t obscure her 5” thin-heel red strappy sandals, though. A long slit up the front of the dress ended just above her knees, allowing her brown shiny nylon/lycra stockings to show off her legs nicely. The dress was of a material heavy enough to disguise her garter belt and the garters to her stockings, though their nubs showed slightly.

Josh and Tito made numerous appropriate comments on the girls’ appearance, then happily escorted their bondage-loving GFs out to Josh’s waiting Audi sedan for the ride to the restaurant.

They stood beside their girls in the elevator for the long ride up to the top of the Hancock, each with hidden hands stroking well-shaped rumps appreciatively. Both girls exhibited wide smiles as the elevator ascended, creatively jutting their butts out for closer digital inspection. Needless to say, Josh and Tito were also grinning.

They ended up seated at a table right at the edge of the glass-enclosed, slowly revolving restaurant. As they sipped their drinks and chatted, Josh was somewhat surprised by a feminine hand that reached over to his thigh beneath the long white tablecloth. The searching fingers stroked him gently as they rose higher to encounter his cock, rapidly coming to attention under those insistent ministrations. The surprise was not in the groping; it was in the fact that it was Alexis doing it that got him; all the while she was engaged in conversation with Tito. This promised to be a fine evening indeed, he thought.

Josh also couldn’t help noticing the effect of Alexis’ boobs straining against the tight latex dress; their cleavage bountifully on display showing just above the scoop neck of the dress also catching his male eyes. He finally turned to Lori, not wanting to be caught staring by Tito, and paid close attention to her own jutting breasts. ‘Whew!’ he thought; ‘what a great pair of tits both their girls had!’

After a fine dinner, Tito graciously paid their tab, and the couples exited for another salacious elevator ride down to their car. Once seated, Lori’s velvet dress, stretched tautly over her hips and loins, prevented Josh from groping his lover’s sex. He contented himself instead with cupping and stroking her fetching breasts, Lori leaning over to him a bit to allow better access.

In the back, Tito and Alexis were engaged in their own pre-sex caresses, each exhibiting signs of their increasing desire. Alexis nibbled on Tito’s ear while he pulled the neckline of her latex dress down far enough for her nipples to peek out, then bent to kiss and suck them. Alexis moaned softly, and switched her attentions to his rampant hard on. All in all, everyone was very primed for some action by the time they arrived back home.

Chapter VI

The men changed into tight leather pants and open vests, while the girls each donned satin chemises that didn’t quite hide their thonged loins. The couples chatted over drinks in the living room for awhile, finally retiring to Josh’s “fun room” an hour later after their dinners had settled. There they paired off, Tito with Lori and Alexis with Josh; each man would be tying his partner separately.

Josh on Alexis ---

Josh began by securing the now-naked Alexis’ hands to the hanging bar, then raising it via pulley enough so that she was comfortable in her stance. He took one of Lori’s below-breasts, above-hips corsets (the only type she owned), and fitted it to the girl. Slowly Josh began to tighten the laces, allowing her to get comfortable periodically. Again he tightened the laces, over and over, until Alexis thought she might be squeezed in half. She had to take a few moments to learn how to breathe properly in the extremely restrictive garment. Since it was Lori’s, it was just a bit small for the more robust Alexis … and it showed.

Her waist had been compressed by almost six inches, and truly the corset gave her that hour glass look that Lori had always admired on herself. Alexis’ proud breasts were pushed up and forward as she gradually got used to the very tight compression of her waist.

Joshed engaged the electric motor pulley again, lifting Alexis’ suspension-cuffed wrists and arms upward until her toes just barely grazed the floor. She threw her head back and closed her eyes, happily anticipating the bondage to follow; Josh seemed so far to be a pretty fair rigger.

One by one Alexis’ ankles were encircled with leather cuffs, which were then locked to either end of a three foot spreader bar. Her toes were now completely off the ground, but Josh lowered her just enough so that they once again brushed the floor.

Alexis strained her legs in her attempt to attain firmer contact with the ground. She had begun to perspire from the stress she was under, and sweat gleamed on her ample breasts and belly. Josh inserted a large, leather-covered ring gag into her mouth, just inside her teeth; the gag ensured that her mouth would remain gapingly open. He strapped it securely behind her neck.

Alexis felt the bite of the clover-leaf clamps as they were applied to her nipples, then tightened until she moaned in discomfort. “Just right” thought Josh, turning his attention to her pussy. He licked and tongued it until her clitoris became visible, a stiff little sucker. Josh attached another (smaller) cloverleaf clamp there, listening to the signs of distress in Alexis: heavy breathing, near-constant moaning, and the alternating flexing and relaxing of her leg and abdominal muscles.

All three clamps were connected by a thin Y-shaped chain; a one pound vibrating weight was added to ensure a near-constant tugging on Alexis’ very sensitive clit and nipples.

“Oh God, this feels so fantastic” said Alexis, although, with the ring gag forcing her mouth open, the sounds that came out were all but unintelligible. Her waist so very strictly compressed by the extremely tight corset; her legs forced wide by the spreader bar, toes barely able to touch the ground; her nips and clitoris on fire from the clamps … Alexis could feel her pussy begin to pulse liquid, although she was nowhere near orgasm.

Josh’s next addition to her bondage was with one of Tito’s toys – an inflatable dildo that would vibrate, or not, on random settings. After lubing both it and Alexis’ anus with a good amount of lubricant, he began to insert in into the girl’s ass… slowly. Alexis was no stranger to anal sex, but she was not nearly as used to it as Lori. She felt every inch of that dildo as it slowly penetrated her to its full eight inch length.

Josh inflated the invader with squeezes on an attached bulb, forcing the dildo to get larger … and larger. Alexis could hardly believe the behemoth lodged in her ass; it was so long and, gosh, so thick. When Josh finally stopped his bulb-squeezing and removed the pump attachment to her dildo, Alexis was positive she had never had anything that big up her ass before.

The last toy was a vibrator that Josh lodged deep within Alexis’ cunt. It was wire-connected to a small generator that had shock settings ranging from just-barely-felt to “Holy cow!”, and which Josh had under his control. Alexis was in bondage heaven, swaying from her tightly stretched arms on tiptoe, with increasing urgent surges of pleasure; she was SO hot. Josh turned on both of her cavity invaders at the same time, each on minimal setting. As time passed (slowly but delightfully for Alexis), Josh found that he could begin to predict Alexis’ approaching climax. Whenever she convulsed and screamed in her bindings, getting ever closer, he would shut down the vibrator buried in her pussy completely. Alexis would complain loudly at her frustration at not being allowed to cum … Josh loved it!

He kept the bound girl in an alternating series of orgasm heightening, and orgasmic denial, for a good half-hour. He also paid attention to her round ass globes, beginning a slow whipping. Alexis was going crazy with her urge to cum; her body twisted continually from her suspended wrists, erotic heat pulsing in her loins. The vibrating weight attached to her nipple and clit clamps danced a merry jig, guaranteeing a near-constant biting and yanking on those sensitive nubs.

Josh finally felt mercy, and turned the vibrator on high. As Alexis began to jerk and moan heavily at her imminent cum, he again began to whip her lovely latina ass faster, striking with steadily increasing force. As the bite of the whip strands upon her ass cheeks heightened in intensity, Alexis was in a state of near sexual oblivion. Closer and closer, then an explosion as a maybe-best-ever orgasm overwhelmed her. And continued on, seemingly without end, until the girl finally hung limply in her bondage, sated beyond her wildest expectations.

Alexis’ buns were thoroughly striped with whip marks, and tomato-red as well. Josh lowered the winch until Alexis’ feet were flat on the ground, her legs wobbly, then to her knees. Josh removed only her ring gag before opening his fly to expose a very erect hard-on, and inserting it into Alexis’ mouth.

She knew what to do from there as she began to express her grateful thanks at Josh’s mind-blowing torture of her, and the wonderful climaxes that had arisen within her. She tongued his cock, lipped it, and sucked on it with a passion; Josh was sliding it in and out between her full lips, deeper and deeper, until he was literally fucking her face. Alexis didn’t mind at all; Josh’s tool was a bit smaller than Tito’s, and she was able to finally accommodate his full 7 1/2 “ long prick, deep-throating it until Josh at last spurted his copious cum into her mouth and down her throat. The girl choked a bit at that point, but continued to give him great head until his dick finally softened.

Following her de-bondaging, Alexis took a good half-hour to recover; still suffused with the warm glow of her many cums; part of that time she wondered how Lori was getting on.

Tito on Lori ---

Tito also started with a corset around Lori’s middle. He pulled on the laces, allowed her to adjust to the increasing tightness, then continued to lace her up more and more strictly. Tito was a bit surprised at how small the girl’s compressed waist was getting. He at last tied off the laces when her waist circumference (he measured it!) was down to just a bit less than 19”. For her part, Lori loved the restrictive feeling of the tightened corset, although her breathing was modified to quick intakes of breath.

A leather single-glove followed, anchoring her arms behind her as Tito placed the straps holding the glove in place around her shoulders and armpits, and secured them. He also locked leather straps about her wrists, and above and below her elbows, tightening them to the point that her elbows ground against one another within the glove.

A large penis gag was inserted into Lori’s mouth, and multiple straps tightened to ensure its position. Four and a half inches long, the fat leather cock threatened to trigger her gag reflex, but was just short. The gag had an air hole running its length, so that Lori would be able to breathe relatively easily in spite of her torturous corset.

Tito next placed a pair of 6’ stiletto-heeled pumps on her feet, and instructed Lori to spread her legs wide apart. He had her climb onto two 12-inch square blocks of ice he had retrieved from a nearby freezer, now stationed about three feet apart on a plastic mat covering the rug. The ice blocks were kept in place by small low-walled wooden boxes; it wouldn’t do to have them slip on the plastic covering, thus splitting Lori in two. Small lamps were placed next to the ice blocks and switched on.

Lori teetered in her strained position, but managed to keep her balance. Tito assisted her in that by hooking an S-hook under the gag strap over her head, attaching it to a rope on one of the pulleys, then raising it until he knew she could not fall.

The next toys were clamps that tightly gripped her labia, from which hung short chains. Tito would, over time, add many small weights to those chains, painfully stretching her further and further. Two clothespins were locked onto the very ends of Lori’s sensitive nipples, pinching them hard in what by now sent additional erotic/painful feelings coursing through her breasts and pussy. Lori loved her clamps, alright.

Now Tito wheeled out Lori’s impending torture tool. It had a solid base, with a 2” thick height-adjustable pipe extending upwards. At the top of the pipe was an attachment for a dildo, and to that fixture Tito locked on the biggest false cock Lori had ever seen. Modeled on Tito’s own generous tool, but enlarged, it stood a full 12” long and was correspondingly thick, especially at its base.

After applying a respectable amount of lubricating gel to the incredible dildo all along its length, and also within Lori’s asshole, Tito wheeled the device to between the girl’s widespread legs. He adjusted it directly below her ass, then upwards until its bulbous head pushed through her sphincter and was fully seated within her ass.

Lori could hardly believe what was happening; she only had that head inside, yet felt as stretched as could be. She felt Tito stroke the soft insides of her thighs before he sat down in a chair directly opposite her and lit a thin cigar.

The ice blocks melted slowly from the heat of the small lamps. Tito had to ease the rope holding her head erect from time to time as she was ever so slowly sank downward. Inch by inch the monster parted her ass cheeks and invaded her as the ice melted.

Lori had never had anything this size up her ass before, feeling the pressure of both its length and girth pushing hard within her rectum. Yet the invasion went on, slowly enough that she only gradually became aware of the rising heat of her pussy, and from her plugged rear as well. The ice kept right on melting and Lori kept on being thrust down onto that impossible dildo, pushing its way ever so slowly into her anal core. Just when she was certain that she couldn’t take another centimeter without being split wide open, her feet came to rest on the surface of the wooden frames that had contained the now-melted ice. The whole process had lasted over an hour, and Lori had some trouble believing how completely she was impaled. Deep and thick, the dildo had her anal core stretched more than it had ever been before.

Her labia now had a full pound of weights hanging from the chains attached to the clamps upon them, and stretching painfully towards the floor. Tito removed the clothespins from her nipples, and Lori cried out (muffled though her cries were by the fat penis gag) as the blood rushed back to her poor nips.

Tito now busied himself at her slit, licking and tonguing her until Lori felt the imminent orgasm, long denied, burst upon her, She shuddered as wave after wave of ecstasy washed over her … incredible, proclaimed a small portion of her being. Finally released from her stressful position, and the monstrous dildo slowly withdrawn from her ass, Lori was feeling very blissful indeed.

Once the penis gag was removed, she had no compunction at all to accepting Tito’s big cock, a good inch longer and correspondingly thicker than Josh’s, into her mouth. She licked it and tongued it, and sucked on it most enthusiastically, giving her recent tormenter excellent head.

Tito began to tense as his climax approached; after five minutes of Lori’s delicious oral skills, he at last filled the girl’s mouth and throat with his copious cum in a climatic explosion. The girl strove to swallow every drop, then kept on sucking his healthy dong until it began to shrink, and he finally withdrew.

Later, both girls, now fully released from their bondage, gleefully exchanged delighted talk about how their torture had gone. Each was rather sore in places, but as fully pleasured as they had ever been. The couples trouped up to their respective bedrooms, and some serious fucking ensued within each. Thus they came the end of their second day bondage weekend.

Chapter VII

The couples awoke Sunday to various degrees of soreness (for the girls) and the afterglow of great bondage and sex. Following coffee and orange juice, they decided to grab brunch at a nearby eatery. The girls were in charge for this day, though. Before they left, the girls fed their lovers a couple of Viagras each, to guarantee future virility. They also encumbered the men with tight cock rings, plus leather sacks tightly cinched and locked over their healthy pricks and balls, so that full, rock-hard erections would be impossible.

The girls also had encumbrances. Ben-Wa balls stimulated their pussies to ensure constant erotic pleasure without the relief of orgasm, and thick 8” dildos had been planted firmly in their rear ends. Their welcome intruders were guaranteed to remain in place by leather chastity belts; the straps thereof splitting the girls’ pussies in half and squashing their poor clits in the process.

Plus Josh’s special nipple clamps, of course; discs about the size of a nickel. Each had a small hole in the middle, was a bit concave to fit the girls’ areolas, and had a hinge to open and close tightly about their bondage sluts’ nipples. When they were first applied, Alexis and Lori gasped at the sharp bite, but both knew those bites would soon morph into a very pleasurable turn-on.

Wearing jeans and loose sweat shirts, the foursome went out for their brunch. Each was highly stimulated by their own brand of bondaging, but the girls took special pleasure in continually caressing their lover’s cocks, which were unable to reach full erections within the confines of those tight leather sacks surrounding their balls and manhood. Squirming almost constantly from the insistent attentions of their lovers, Josh and Tito managed to get through brunch without any untoward attention from the other diners.

Lori and Alexis, meanwhile, had their own brand of sexual frustrations; the constant (pleasurable) bite on their nipples, plus the large phalluses in their rear ends. Not to mention the Ben-Wa balls, of course, which kept stimulating them almost to the point of orgasm … almost.

They had a great brunch of scrambled eggs with cheese, rashers of crisp bacon, plus piles of steak potatoes enlivened with generous amounts of garlic. After lunch was done, they piled back into the car for the return trip to Josh’s house. Needless to say, both Josh and Tito were totally driven nuts as the girls kept up their constant penis stimulations.

Once home Josh could contain his rampant urges no longer; he hustled Lori upstairs to their bedroom, and yanked her sweatshirt over her head and arms. She fumbled with his belt, finally getting it loose, then ripped his zipper down. Josh stepped out of his pants as Lori was doing the same; once stripped, he demanded that she unlock the leather sack straining to contain his rapidly growing cock.

While Lori found the tiny key and was unlocking it, Josh carefully removed the pinching nipple clamps she still wore, tossing them aside. These were rapidly followed by the chastity belt and Ben-Wa balls; the dildo in her ass made a soft “ploop” sound when it was extracted. Once his prick was free of the confining bag, it hardened almost immediately into a huge erection.

Josh picked Lori up and threw her onto their bed; quickly mounting her (no foreplay this time, gal) and eased his cock into Lori’s sopping pussy. He took her legs in his hands and lifted them up and spread wide, giving him complete control.

“Oh Josh, oh Josh, fuck me, fuck me hard” panted Lori.

Her own orgasmic urges were screaming through her body, and the length and girth of Josh’s dong, at last deeply planted within her, felt marvelous. Josh drove in and out of his girl’s sweet snatch like a man possessed, Lori moaning and crying out beneath him in her own state of ecstasy, her body bucking as her hips lunged upwards to match Josh’s downwards thrusts.

The mutual climax they experienced was the best EVER, Lori was certain. It ripped through her body as if in a frenzy, and flashes of cadmium yellow and magenta boiled behind her closed eyes, emanating from her loins. At last finished, Josh’s body fell limply onto hers; it was then that they heard the sounds that had been there all along. Alexis was screaming with pleasure in the other bedroom … obviously Tito and she had been as hot to trot as Josh and Lori.

After a few minutes of rest, Josh pulled out of Lori and rolled over to lie face up on the bed. Lori quickly followed him – “You’re not getting off that easy, mister” she breathed heavily, taking his softening prick into her mouth. Once ensconced therein, Lori licked it and tongued it, sucked on it, then licked and tongued it some more. She circled his cock’s head with her full lips and sucked some more. Josh could feel some vigor returning as he held Lori’s head in his hands, his hips beginning to thrust back and forth.

Sure enough, he was soon back to rock hard (the cock ring, still attached, helped too). Lori deep throated him now, while Josh bucked upwards to literally fuck her face. When he began to groan as mounting urgency started to be felt, Lori unlocked her lips from his tool and flipped over next to him, face down.

Grabbing a pillow, she shoved it under her hips to make her curvy ass jut out further, then spread her legs wide. It took Josh about 4 milliseconds to roll over on top of her. He spent a few moments tonguing her ass hole then, spreading her ass cheeks apart, he slowly inserted his fully erect cock into her anus. Lori reached under herself to locate and grasp his balls gently. Josh’s lovely assault on her ass continued, all the way in now, and his girl felt herself squirming with pleasure. He pulled half way out, and back down into her even more fully. Lori was fondling his balls all the while, feeling the coming climax rising within her.

Josh was hammering in and out now, pistoning her ass in the way that gave her so much erotic stimulation. This time it took longer for them to cum; Lori was quite happy to have Josh hammer his ram into her rear again and again. His cock felt so big and thick, but so YUMMY as well, she thought. Then all thought left her as a magnificent orgasm seized control of her brain and body. Yelling now, Lori pushed her ass backwards onto Josh’s dong as hard as she could. She was rewarded a few moments later when he groaned loudly and spewed his cum deeply into her bowels, even as another terrific climax rocked her ecstasy center again, and then again. Ahhhhh ….

Chapter VIII

All of the sexually sated participants took a long nap, well earned. Upon awakening, Josh and Lori put robes on to check on Tito and Alexis; they were already downstairs, similarly clad. Josh had an idea; he directed the girls to return to their respective bedrooms, shower and clean up, and dress in the outfits he described. He and Tito also showered and cleaned themselves up enough to be presentable.

Lori and Alexis eventually returned, clad as Josh had specified. Lori wore a long-sleeved, collared white silk blouse, which had a wide neckline plunging down to just above her waist cincher. No buttons. No bra was allowed, nor even breast supports (which Lori in truth didn’t really need), so a goodly amount of her fine boobs were on display. Her nipples were just covered by the blouse but, as erect as they were, pressed against the thin silk prominently.

She also had on her shortest leather skirt, red, whose hem just barely covered her ass cheeks and thonged pussy lips. No stockings today, only well-tanned legs showing au naturale. Her thong was of white leather, and was one size smaller than she normally wore, thus gripping her pubes in a lovely embrace. Matching low-heeled red leather boots completed her ensemble, since Tito had suggested they go shopping for some new toys, which might mean quite a bit of walking.

Alexis wore her trademark latex, this time a thin white sleeveless leotard that ended with a very brief thong bottom. Her breasts positively dared the latex to keep them in control; her very impressive boobs nearly won that battle. Her nipples were fully erect, and threatened to push right through the thin latex. Alexis also had on skin-tight exaggerated boy shorts in red latex, cut very low in front and very high in back; a good 50%-60% of her round Latina ass cheeks were on full display. Alexis too wore low-heeled red boots; no sense in stressing their feet today.

The two couples drove for about an hour out of the city; to avoid possibly being spotted by anyone who knew them. They found the adult toy store they had discovered on the internet; it was surprisingly clean and well lit. Josh and Tito loved the looks their girls got from the other customers, of whom there seemed to be rather a crowd. Lori’s rear end, and of course Alexis’, received a large portion of the male customers attentions, although their ‘Hey, look at us!’ boobs were also an ocular magnet. After looking over the shelves of merchandise for awhile, Lori stopped them with a “Hey, look at this!”

She exhibited a double dildo with a few straps attached here and there. “How does this thing work?” Tito looked it over, then informed her it was for two females that wanted to have ‘a little fun’, and showed her how the straps held the dildo.

It was a must-have item as far as Lori and Alexis were concerned, so Josh bought it. Taking the plain-brown-bag enclosed purchase back to their car, they drove back to the house, perhaps at a bit higher rate of speed than usual. Alexis and Lori whispered together in the back, Tito riding shotgun. Besides exclaiming over the double dildo, they were discussing plans for that afternoon’s bondage session.

Alexis had never ridden the wooden horse. Lori told her that it was tough; very uncomfortable and painful. However, the orgasms she had experienced during and after her ‘ride’ were well worth it.

After the girls had confessed their decision to their lovers, Tito and Josh had their own whispered discussion of how to accommodate their ladies. They had decided by the time they pulled into Josh’s garage, and instructed the girls to leave their new toy in the car. It could be retrieved later for some rather interesting love making. Alexis and Lori were told to report ‘to the dungeon’, where a seriously uncomfortable exhibition would soon take place.

The two bondage sluts followed instructions perfectly, and were waiting for Tito and Josh in the fun room, buck naked, when the men arrived. While Josh went upstairs to get a bottle of champagne for them to enjoy, Tito worked on setting up. By the time Josh returned, Tito had the rig nearly ready.

Tito had hung a 6” square ceiling beam, about three feet long, from two ropes affixed to large eye bolts screwed into its ends. The ropes rode through two ceiling pulleys, so adjusting it would be easy. It also allowed the girls’ perch to move freely back and forth, or sideways, during the action. The ‘horse’ was fixed so that one sharp edge always pointed up.

Lori went first, and found herself in a strict reverse-prayer tie, her wrists high on her back. She stepped over the horse while Josh held her steady; once in place, her hair braid was connected to a rope running through another pulley. They didn’t want either girl to fall off the horse, and possibly hurt themselves (beyond what was planned, of course). Alexis was bondaged in the same manner; once she too was standing flat footed athwart the ‘horse’, Josh took one beam-supporting rope and Tito the other, carefully positioning the horse so that it was directly under the loins of their soon-to-be victims. Alexis as a bit shorter than Lori, so her end of the horse was slightly lower. Both girls were asked to stand on the highest tip-toe manageable. After they complied, Josh and Tito adjusted their ropes so that the sharp edge of the horse nestled firmly in two dampening cunts. Then came the kicker …

Two sets of alligator clamps were applied to the girls’ stiff jutting nipples (Ouch!). Short thin chains were attached and connected; Lori’s right nipple clamp to Alexis’ left, and vice versa. The two girls soon discovered that standing on tip toe was not particularly pleasant, and began to let their heels fall to the floor. That sharp edge on top of the horse consequently began to dig into their pussies, and more deeply yet as their heels touched, tormenting cunts and clits alike.

As Josh had discovered earlier via the internet, women who ‘rode the horse’ tended to lean backwards in order to have the edge rest more in their groin than right in their love mounds, easing their discomfort at least a bit. Hence the connected nipple clamps; both girls were compelled to lean forward a little to ease the biting pull on their poor nipples. Consequently, that sharp edge of the horse dug deeply into the targets for which it was intended, especially when the girls’ feet were flat on the floor.

Of course, both women quickly repeated the en pointe stance, high on their tiptoes, to relieve the bite of the sharp wooden edge on their sensitive pussies. While they were thus, Josh and Tito made sure that the horse was in the perfect position to torture the girls again and again; smack dab between their spread cunt lips.

After setting up three video cameras to record the action for posterity (and their later enjoyment) from all angles, Josh switched them on, then told the girls that he would give them respite “in about an hour”. He and Tito took the remaining champagne, leaving the girls in their tough predicament bondage, and went upstairs to watch the Sunday night football game on Josh’s large screen TV. The Packers were playing the Bears, so it promised to be an entertaining evening --- for them.

Not so for the girls, of course. Lori and Alexis continued to rise up on their toes to escape the bite of the horse, only to have their leg muscles eventually tire. Each time that happened, and they tentatively lowered their heels towards the ground, the horse would again dig deeply into their poor pussies. The alligator clamps were forever yanking on their tender nipples, causing serious discomfort. Their pussies were assaulted by the horse without mercy, and the biting of the clamp’s teeth on their squashed nipples had the girls’ attention almost constantly.

Lori was in dire straits, as was Alexis, but she was not particularly surprised that her cunt had begun to emit pre-climax cum. She was a true bondage slut, she knew, and welcomed the extreme discomfort for the incredible erotic pleasures also tantalizing her.

After a half hour, Josh and Tito came down to check on them. Both girls were motionless; having abandoned their attempts to remain on tippy toe, standing stolidly on the soles of their feet. The horse, of course, was settled deeply into their respective cunts; and tears coursed down their faces. The horse was definitely living up to its reputation.

Josh gave a drink of water to each girl, then he and Tito went back upstairs to watch the end of the half time show and the start of the third quarter of their game. The Bears were behind by a touchdown, but signs of a comeback were in the offing.

Alexis was exhausted from her up-down movements, and her pussy was so sore she was afraid she would be out of action for awhile. Her nipples ached from the yanking they had undergone when either Lori or she had moved in the slightest, and her arms were starting to go numb from the strict reverse-prayer position they were in. She was startled to discover that her pussy had begun to issue more pre-climax cum, the same as Lori. In fact, it was bountiful enough to run down the edges of the horse and drip to the floor. Both girls moaned continuously from the torturous position they were forced to maintain plus, of course, the sexual fire tormenting them in increasing waves of pleasure.

After what seemed forever, Josh and Tito came back downstairs to release the girls from their torture. The girls both slumped to the floor after the horse was lowered enough for them to step off, and their alligator-clamped nipples had been freed. Josh and Tito undid their reverse-prayer ties to free their arms; the blood rushing back into their tenderized nipples, and pussies and numb arms, causing almost as much discomfort as their recent ordeal.

Sunday was almost done, and so were they.

Chapter IX

After a deep sleep, then showers and a quick OJ and English muffins breakfast, Lori and Alexis were anxious to try out their new toy. Tito retrieved it from the car for them, and the girls ran upstairs to Josh and Lori’s bedroom. Opening the packaging, Alexis read the instructions while Lori experimented with the straps.

“Oh my gosh!” exclaimed Alexis. Lori looked at her quizzically; Alexis continued, “These things have built in springs, so they act like a regular cock”.

Lori grinned, and began to lube the two life-like rubber dildos. Each was a good 8” long, and just over 2” thick at the base, tapering down slowly to the 1 ½” head. “OMG”, said Lori, “this is going to be a blast!”

They decided that she would be the fucker, with Alexis the fuckee, at least to begin. As Alexis arranged herself on the bed, she slid a pillow under her ass and spread her legs. Lori inserted one of the two large prongs into her own pussy, slowly. ‘Whoa, this is something’, she thought; ‘it’s stretching me really wide’.

It took minute or two for the very large dildo to plumb her vaginal depths, stopped by a small flange between the two rubber cocks. Lori fastened the main strap above her ass cheeks; two other straps went around each of her thighs.

“Here I come, ready or not” she informed Alexis, positioning herself immediately above the other girl. Lori aimed the other head of the dong right at Alexis’ cunt; Alexis spreading her pussy lips for easier access.

‘Oh lord’ thought Alexis, as the dildo penetrated her already-wet love mound. Lori inched it into her, bit by bit; Alexis loved the feel of it going in, deeper and deeper. She too was being widely stretched, and was excited by the girth of the thing.

At last the dildo was as firmly planted in Alexis’ cunt as the other end was in Lori’s. Both girls sighed happily as Lori began a mild in-and-out motion, up then down. Each back stroke exposed more of the dildo buried in Alexis’ pussy; every down stroke again plunged it deeply into her cunt.

Both screamed with delight as the springs within each dildo started their magic, bouncing the opposite-ended heads in additional in-and-out motions. After a few minutes of steady pumping, both Alexis and Lori began to feel the rising pressure in their loins. The pace increased, Lori slamming away; her own cunt beautifully receptive to the cock plunging in and out of her simultaneously with Alexis.

Both girls were panting, moaning, crying out; their joy at the pleasure both were receiving was almost epochal. At last Lori experienced a smashing orgasm, her cum trickling down the thick shaft of her end of the dildo. A moment later, Alexis also exploded, thrashing around and crying out loudly from her magnificent orgasm, and the continuing aftershocks.

The girls rested for a few minutes, their bodies sheened with perspiration from their exertions, their breathing finally returning to normal. They looked at each other in turn, grinning like fools.

“OK, my turn,” Alexis informed Lori while withdrawing the big dong from her pussy. Lori undid the straps holding it in place, then her end of the artificial cock was slowly pulled out. Cum glistened on both girls’ pussies and loins.

After Alexis had inserted the head of one end in her snatch, Lori helped her get the straps right. The business end of the double dong jutted up and out from Alexis’s cunt, almost as she were a shemale. Lori took her place beneath Alexis, but now face down. She placed two pillows beneath her hips, her lovely ass cheeks seemingly taunting Alexis.

“I want to try it in the ass” she told Alexis while spreading her legs wide. “Just take it slow, OK?” Alexis could hardly imagine that giant invading her own rear, but she would certainly honor Lori’s desire.

Alexis added some lube to three fingers on her right hand, and started to play with Lori’s ass hole. First one finger, then two, and finally all three were imbedded therein; Lori squirmed in pleasure as the Latina’s fingers explored just inside her sphincter, then deeper, lubing Lori’s ass tunnel as well as stretching it a bit for what was to come.

Alexis knew the other girl was as prepared as she could manage with just her fingers; removing them, she gripped the head of the jutting monster dildo and began to push it into Lori’s ass. Lori groaned as the 1 1/2” head slowly entered her rear, her breath catching a bit. Then the head was fully inserted, and she could feel her sphincter closing around the somewhat narrower part of the dildo just beyond its head.

Alexis pushed another inch into Lori, then pulled back a bit before continuing. Lori felt every cubic centimeter of the beast as it was slowly pushed into her rectum. Even spreading her ass cheeks with her fingers to make it easier, the girth of the huge ram slowly spread Lori’s sphincter wider and wider. There was discomfort, but there was also increasing pleasure, as Alexis pushed it in more deeply.

Lori couldn’t explain to herself, or anyone else, why she got so much enjoyment by being fucked anally … and she wasn’t worrying about it. Concentrate on how marvelous it feels, she told herself, and did. Deeper and deeper the slow penetration continued, until the entire 8” length of the dildo was completely jammed into her rectum up to the hilt.

Lori could already feel the beginning of the start of another climax; mild, but definitely there. Her lust rose higher as Alexis slowly began to withdraw the big cock about half way, then pushed it back in. Alexis began a steady fucking motion; the internal springs of the cock were adding their own lovely action, and Alexis too experienced a rising orgasmic expectation. Her pussy was reveling in the in-out action in the same way as Lori felt in her ass. Lori could feel Alexis increasing the pace, and the big rubber cock was slamming all the way down into her with increasing speed. She moaned loudly with pleasure, her orgasmic intensity mounting steadily; Alexis too could feel her erotic surges climbing up towards the much-desired climax.

“Yes, YES!” screamed Lori as Alexis pumped away. The orgasm she experienced at last rocked her body, and the other girl similarly exploded a minute later. As Alexis bucked in her own intense pleasure, Lori could feel her own orgasm going on and on. Alexis resumed punishing Lori’s ass with the double-dong strap-on, in deeply, out almost completely, then another lunge, and another, and another. Lori was too overcome by the pleasure flooding her entire being to complain. Both girls eventually collapsed; orgasms like they had experienced ought to be bottled, Lori giggled to herself; they would be runaway best sellers!

Chapter X

After the girls rested awhile, they stirred themselves at last to take a shower together. Even there, with both girls’ hands and fingers soaping and caressing each other’s breasts, asses and pussies, they couldn’t stop smiling widely.

Dried off and clad in short-shorts and two of Josh’s old shirts, they went downstairs to exclaim to their lovers about the wonders of their new toy. Josh and Tito glanced at one another knowingly; they had certainly gotten an earful of all the moaning and screaming that had emanated from Lori and Josh’s bedroom.

“Listen up, girls” Josh said to the two bondage sluts. “Tito and I are going to go outside for awhile and throw a football around. You, on the other hand, will be well occupied.”

Tito led the way to their dungeon fun room, and had Lori and Alexis strip down. Their clothes tossed to one side, the girls were then bound identically. Ankles crossed and tied with multiple strands of doubled quarter inch cotton rope, cinched off; their knees spread wide as a result. Another length of the rope was doubled and circled about each girl’s waist, tightened, and then circled around again. Then a third time, tightened mercilessly each time; Lori thought the rope cinched her in as thoroughly as any of her corsets.

The long end of the rope was pulled through their legs, over their ass rosebud, and, very carefully, through spread pussy lips. It was pushed under the compressing waist ropes in front, then pulled back through their pussy and ass again, to be pushed up through the back of their waist cinch rope. Each girl then had to lie on their stomachs as the end of the rope was at last connected to their crossed ankles tie, and their ankles pulled at close to their asses as possible.

Both girls felt the tight compression of the waist ropes, and the bite as the ropes bit deeply into their respective cunts, trapping each’ clitoris between their spread pussy lips. Suspension cuffs were locked onto the girls’ wrists and hooked together. Another rope was tied to the connection between their cuffs, and the long end was looped through overhead pulleys. When the pulleys were engaged, Lori and Alexis were slowly lifted until their arms were stretched tautly overhead; they rested only on wide-spread knees, facing each other just a few feet apart. Lori could feel, and see on Alexis, how the crotch ropes dug deeply into their respective snatches. God help her, but she loved it!

Cloverleaf clamps were added to each girl’s nipples and connected by attached thin chains to her partner’s nips. Any movement by either would certainly remind them of their biting presence, as the clamps would certainly tighten further with each pull on them. No gags, no blindfolds, no additional bondage. They were free to talk, but were forced to remain balanced on their spread knees, swaying slightly and inadvertently yanking on each others’ nipples from time to time.

“Don’t go away” laughed Josh as he and Tito went outside to toss their ball around for an hour or so.

The girls hung in their bonds; arms stretched high over their heads, nipples fiercely clamped, waists very tightly compressed by the waist ropes, their pussies invaded by the tight crotch ropes, their weight almost entirely resting on their knees, thighs stretched wide by the crossed ankle ties, and their ankles cinched up close to their ass cheeks.

Lori and Alexis chatted for awhile about what a great week-end it had been, about the great sex and even greater bondage they had endured. They promised each other that it certainly would not be the last time the randy foursome would get together. Bondage lovers, even pain lovers to some extent, they reveled in what had been, and in what promised to be a very happily anticipated future, to be filled with terrific bondage and sex. Yessss …

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