Loving, Consensual, Strict

by Loves_Tied_Girls

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Part 3: Before Double Trouble 2

“Are you certain you want to do this, Lori? It's going to be painful as hell" Josh asked his love. It was after they had returned for a successful formal evening at an event hosted by his architectural firm. They had shed their formal wear, Josh more than happy to get out of his tux (‘monkey suit’, he thought of it).

"Yes, I'm sure", she replied. "I know how long and hard you have worked on this gadget, at my insistence, and I'm more than ready to try it out.”

She had told him some months before of her desire/fantasy to be whipped on the pussy and inner thighs, while her nipples were being tortured and she was being fucked in the ass by a large dildo.

After a lot of thought, Josh had designed and built a contraption that he thought would do the job nicely. It had a short leather-covered "bench" for her to lie on; it ended at her waist so that her ass would hang free. The other end had a round notch that her neck would rest in. It was supported by two iron pipes firmly attached to heavy metal bases.

There were two 2 x 4s at its base, angled upwards in a Vee from there; they had ankle cuffs built in at just the right height. There were numerous small motors mounted in various places around this affair, most of which had whips attached to flywheels on them.

Now the time had arrived. Josh strapped Lori very tightly into her corset (her waist was now cinching down to just under 19"). She could hardly breathe easily from its strict compression of her waist, but that would be the easiest part of the night.

Josh laid her down, her back on the leather bench with one end beneath her waist. Lori's neck rested comfortably in the notch at the other end. Josh laid down next to that bench and, taking Lori's hanging arms, strapped them together tightly at both wrists and elbows (around the pipe supporting that end). He suspended her jammed-together elbows and wrists to a hook mounted on the underside near the ass end of the bench with another strap.

Next were her legs. Josh buckled the ankle cuffs attached to the 2 x 4s to Lori's ankles. Her legs were now spread apart by about three feet at the ankles, forming a V down to her exposed, and already moist, pussy, and canted slightly backwards towards her head.

Her nipples were clamped with clover-leaf clamps. Each had a wire attached that went up to a 1 1/2 inch flywheel positioned vertically on a jutting pipe about three feet above her chest. The flywheel had two connecting hubs on opposite sides, at the very edges of the flywheel; one wire from each nipple clamp was secured to a separate hub.

Finally, her corseted waist was anchored to the leather support board with a heavy strap, pulled maximally tight.

"One last chance to back out, Lori", Josh said to his pain-slut lover. "It's now or you're stuck for the next fifteen minutes".

"No, honey, I'm determined - let's do it", she responded.

Josh turned on the switch that activated all the parts of her coming torture. He had painstakingly checked them out many times, including the placement and movement of all the punishing attachments. Quite a few glitches had cropped up along the way, but it was now perfectly put together. As the multiple small motors warmed up, the device began its diabolical punishment of Lori.

First, six strands from a whip slashed downwards onto her exposed pussy. WHAP! Lori’s body jerked from the strike, inasmuch as it was able. The whip was on a revolving flywheel, and would repeat that action every 30 seconds.

Second, the strands of two whips mounted on metal rods flush with the ankle-held 2 x 4s lashed the inside of her tender thighs, just above her pussy. WHACK! Lori’s legs twitched in response as she uttered a low moan. These whips also were on rotating flywheels and, again, would repeat every 30 seconds. In addition, another mechanism moved the thigh whip motors and flywheels up one inch after each strike, so the next strikes would be just slightly higher.

Third, the flywheel with the nipple clamps attached began to turn. Each nipple in turn would be pulled up over one inch by the painful clamps, then relaxed as the flywheel turned and the other nipple received the same treatment. OUCH! Each nipple was tortured in turn every 15 seconds.

Fourth, a whippy rod swung around from the side and smacked Lori hard in the dead-center of her ass. SMACK! It would retract and repeat this action every 15 seconds.

Fifth, a gigantic, well-lubricated 9 1/2” phallus, modeled on Josh's own penis, but larger, was thrust forward into Lori's asshole. It plunged in up to its hilt, then retracted. This ass fucking stroke would also be repeated every 15 seconds. Lori actually liked this part; the dildo filled every cubic millimeter of her rear, and she did so like that feeling.

Finally, from her sides, another whippy rod snapped into the bottom of Lori's left breast; another rod on the other side would whip into her right breast. OOWWW! Each would then retract, and repeat every 30 seconds.

For the next quarter hour, Lori was assaulted over and over again. Pussy whip (hard!), driving ass dildo, rod-whipped on her ass, inside thighs whipped, with the whips' motors lifting then another inch for the next strikes. When the thigh-whip motors reached her knees, they would begin a descent back down to her pussy, an inch at a time. Nipples painfully pulled upwards, alternating, every 15 seconds. Harsh strokes on the underside of each breast, alternating. She was hurting in so many places, repeatedly struck by the hellish devices every minute or fraction thereof. Lori was in a haze of pain - and incredible pleasure.

Her ongoing orgasms helped wet her loins for the each successive pussy strike, upping the searing heat and pain she experienced. Her poor ass was jammed into again and again; the compleat ass fucking. Nipples yanked repeatedly, her poor breasts beaten black and blue by the rods smacking into them from either side.

And, to top off the whole adventure - her tightly corseted waist compressed to near invisibility, her arms welded tightly together by the straps, her head hung comfortably from the notch at the end of the bench. Josh stood at that spot, his very erect manhood plunging in and out of Lori's mouth. He came twice during her torture, the second time spurting slightly-less copious cum into her welcoming mouth. Between a brief rest, of course, to let his well-exercised dong become engorged again via viewing the punishment Lori was receiving ... and receiving ... and receiving.

When it finally ended at the fifteen minute mark, Lori had been repeatedly punished via the pussy whipping, 60 hard strokes total. The thigh-whips had sliced into each poor leg 60 times, while her ass had 120 welts from the side-mounted rod. She had experienced 120 deep thrusts from the ass-aimed dildo, gigantic by anyone's standards. Lori's clamped and tender nipples had been yanked upwards 120 times --- each. Finally, the undersides of her breasts had been beaten so severely ... 60 hard strokes each ... that they would be sore for the next month.

She later admitted to Josh that it had been the most painful session she had ever endured. And, in some ways, the most unbelievably erotic. Still, there WAS that large pool of cum underneath her ass that attested to the many heavy and ongoing orgasms she had experienced. All in all, an experiment that exceeded both her pain and orgasm limitations, and one which she felt no urgency to repeat.


Lori wouldn't let Josh so much as touch her for a week after her very painful experiment with that damned contraption she had asked him to build. She still loved him, though, and took care to satisfy his needs with her mouth, lips and tongue during that period. It was just that she was so very, very sore ... her nipples hurt, her breasts hurt, her ass hurt, her inner thighs hurt, and her rear passage had been rendered almost numb.

She never wanted to see that 'thing' she had suffered upon again. Josh had to disassemble it (not too difficult) and stash it in a far corner of their large playroom. He draped a plastic tarp over it so poor Lori would not be constantly reminded of that night.

Eventually, time wounds all heels ... er, heals all wounds. Lori began to enjoy bondage again -- but, hold all pain for the time being. She still enjoyed the discomfort of strict ties, though, so Josh began her journey back to full-fledged bondage slut again about a week later. He started very easy. A nude Lori was rendered into a tight erect X-shape inside a large bondage "shadow box". Arms and legs were held rigidly in place with suspension cuffs on each wrist and ankle, then stretched taut with ropes to each corner of the "box".

Josh undressed too, mostly so that Lori could see his rapidly engorging cock. He moved close to her, and began to lick her breasts, and nibble on her nipples. She loved his attentions! When he kissed her deeply, she responded with a powerful hunger for him. After the kiss ended, Josh renewed his oral assault on her luscious body. Breasts, back, ass, stomach, insides of thighs - everywhere but her pussy. Lori was twitching and groaning and moaning, all at the same time.

Josh continued down her legs, even sucking on her toes. Lori was going crazy with frustration ... she asked him, very nicely, to consider working on her love nest. Josh just smiled at her, and kept right on licking and nibbling and tonguing her - everywhere BUT her pussy.

Finally, with Lori bucking in her bonds as much as she could, Josh began to lick her labia. She made a soft, unintelligible sound as he continued by spreading her pussy lips wide and tonguing her love canal. Deeper and deeper he probed, then relented and took her excited clit between his teeth, biting it ever so gently. Lori exploded in a very impressive orgasm ... Josh backed away just in time to avoid a face full of her cum. Lori was in a far-away erotic heaven and was, he felt, back to being his bondage toy.


Later the next day Lori and Josh had been invited to a party, one which his friend had advertised as a "show 'em off" party. Lori said she wanted to go with some toys; after her bath and an enema, Josh broke out the smallest of their dildos. 7 1/2" by 1 1/2" thick at the base; it was an exact replica of his own erect cock. After lubing it up, he let Lori do her own insertion.

Lori carefully, and slowly, pushed the dildo into her ass until it was well seated. She closed her eyes at the pleasurable surges she felt from the fake cock; damn, but it felt so good!

She was wearing a corselet that took her waist down to 22" ... not really that restrictive. A 1" strap hung from its back at her waist; Josh pulled it over the dildo flange, through her groin and pussy lips, then cinched it in the recessed D-ring at the front of her corselet.

Josh had come up with a fiendish new kind of nipple clamps that Lori could wear in public. They were about the size of a nickel, and slightly concave to fit her areoles. They opened on a tiny hinge, and had a small hole in the middle. Josh tweaked her nipples until they were erect, then slipped on the first clamp and shut it. Lori winced, then again as the second clamp was applied. Their initial sharp bite didn’t take long to change into a very nice pressure on her nips that Lori much enjoyed.

Her nipples remained at attention, and would for so long as the clamps continued to grip them tightly. His new-found circular clamps were painted a flesh color, and so were nearly invisible (unless she was naked, as now).

Josh felt he was a bit of a voyeur, because he loved to watch Lori dress. Tonight she chose a bright red satin, low-rider garter belt, and sheer black nylon/lycra seamed stockings that came up all the way to her pussy. Before attaching the garters to the stocking tops, Lori made sure the seams were straight. Ensuring no wrinkles in them, she added a matching red satin thong over everything. She loved the feeling of her pussy embraced by satin, and Josh loved the way the thong back neatly separated her magnificent ass cheeks.

Her dress was bright red, a "handkerchief" dress; the left side of the dress went down almost to mid-calf, then rose in front up to her knees, then downwards a bit. The last point then rose quickly to mid-thigh, showing off her shapely legs in their gleaming stockings, before once again dipping low in back. Because of her corselet and correspondingly smaller waist, she had to gather the dress in the waist area, then add a wide red leather belts with a silver buckle to hold it in place.

The dress was very thin and light, although completely opaque. Her erect nipples were very obvious through the thin material; she had eschewed a bra, and instead had propped up her perfect breasts with the half-moon shaped adhesive supports she preferred. The dress had a scoop neck, quite low, that showed off her breasts to their best advantage. It also featured a cowl-like back that left her back bare down to the top of her corselet - very sexy, Josh thought. Five inch 'fuck me' stiletto sandals, also bright red, completed her ensemble.

As a reward to himself for a recent promotion at work, Josh had purchased a brand new Audi A5, with all the bells and whistles. It had glove-soft leather seating, and Lori allowed herself the pleasure of lifting the back of her skirt before sitting down. She rested on the seat with her bare buns, which was a lovely sensation, added to by the dildo in her ass. Then they were off to the party.

The party was in full swing when they arrived, populated by many handsome men and even handsomer (is there such a word?) women. The ladies were in slinky dresses, or super-minis, or skin-tight jump suits. A few even wore butt-show-off super short shorts. So that was what their host had meant by a "show 'em off" party!

Well, Josh thought, Lori fit in beautifully with that crowd. She had had her hair done up a French twist, her ebony tresses well treated and shiny. It was old style, but brought certain elegance to her over-all image. They mixed well with everyone, although Lori was very aware of her nipple clamps and the decent-sized dildo in her rear. Plus the crotch strap was cutting deeply into her pussy; she got some stimulation on her clit from the strap, but not enough to make up for its discomfort. She loved it!

Once or twice, when she went to sit down, the high-cut slit over her right thigh would ride up enough to display the dark tops of her stockings, and sometimes some flesh above that. A little added stimulation for the men (and some women!) to gild their evening. They had only a few drinks, and some finger food, before making their excuses and heading back home. There was a football game on that night that Josh didn't want to miss, and he had plans for Lori.

After getting home, Lori went upstairs to get undressed and out of her paraphernalia; the special nipple clamps, the strap through her cunt lips, and finally the dildo. Replacing her dress with an emerald green silk chemise and matching thong, she came back to find Josh already engrossed in the football game, and wondered if she was going to be ignored for the next few hours.


She should have known better. Josh looked up as she came into the room, grinned wickedly, and matter-of-factly pulled her chemise off over her head. Josh revealed a goodly collection of straps that he used to tie her into a tight ball. Straps around her ankles, upper thighs, and wrists - but not elbows tonight. After he positioned her down to on her knees, legs beneath, Josh used three other straps to bind her into that ball position; he was going to use her as a hassock!

Lori didn't mind at all ... that tie wasn't that uncomfortable, and she enjoyed the tightness of it all. Just one thing, though ... the strap around her wrists had a long tail on it. Before putting her on her knees, Josh had pulled that strap through her ass cheeks and up to her pussy. The very end of the strap had a clamp on it; pushing her thong to the side, Josh had carefully kissed her clitoris to an erect state, then closed the small clamp onto it. Damn, that hurt! But, Lori again didn't really mind too much; the erotic feelings were pulsing through her too nicely. Josh was careful to reseat her thong.

The crotch strap was then tightened at the wrist area after Lori had been balled-up; Josh wanted it tight enough so that she couldn't even twitch without the clamp pulling on her poor clit. And so it was.

Josh sat back down to watch the game, placing his feet on the back of his human bondage-slut hassock. He had earlier poured himself a pilsner beer, and now relaxed with a good appreciation for the beer, the game, and most of all, his bondaged honey as his foot-stool.

Two hours later the game ended. Josh undid Lori's bondage and they went upstairs to bed. Lori wanted to be in bondage for the night, so he obliged her with a simple tie; wrists crossed behind her back and tied together with a bathroom belt. Her ankles were also crossed and tied in the same way with another bathrobe belt, which kept her knees spread wide. It was a comfortable tie, and Lori would have many delicious dreams that night that she would remember for a long time.

* * *

In the morning, although still lightly bondaged with robe belts about her crossed ankles and wrists, Lori managed to scoot down the bed and turn face down right by Josh's crotch. She took his limp penis in her mouth and began a long, slow licking, tonguing, cock-sucking that soon had Josh's weapon at full attention. They started the new day in magnificent fashion indeed.

Lori and Josh had gone to a clothing-optional beach to spend an entire Sunday in the sun. Both were already well tanned, and so were not worried about being burned. They had rented a couple of large beach chaises with thick mats; stripping off their clothes, they placed beach towels atop the mats and reclined. Lori had only a small patch of cloth covering just her pussy, her beautiful breasts bare, while Josh had a large white handkerchief covering his vitals. They were otherwise quite naked.

It was very warm and relaxing in the sun. Josh was reading a thick book about WW II, and Lori had some magazines to keep her occupied. Soon enough she began to feel drowsy, and put the magazines aside. She closed her eyes, and began to fantasize ... what if she was a spy who had been captured by a group of sadistic men? No, women! She drifted off into a reverie that slowly morphed into sleep.


Lori was split wide, arms and legs akimbo, held rigidly in place by rough ropes about her ankles and wrists. Those ropes ran through pulleys, and had heavy weights at their ends to maintain the stress on her limbs. She was naked, and was being whipped, over and over, by five or six scantily dressed women. They struck her with short whips, long whips, belts, rods, paddles, etc. She was screaming, but her captors weren't interested in her cries of distress; the whipping went on for an hour, and was so thorough that only her face was spared.

She agonizingly felt every strike, particularly those that were concentrated around her pussy, ass, legs, breasts ... everywhere. The whipping seemed to go on forever, until her body was crisscrossed all over with welts and bleeding cuts. Lori hung limply from her widely-split stressed arms and legs, unable to comprehend what was happening to her.

Finally the whipping was finished, and her torturers now sprayed icy sea water on her from three different directions. Her cuts burned anew from the salt, but the 'fun' was just beginning. Her captors loosed her ankles from the ropes so that Lori hung from her wrists, eyes closed, her chin on her chest. There were a number of large barrels of sea water about, and from one of these two well-built women pulled out a soaking wet raw leather corset.

They fastened the corset about her waist (it ran from just below her tits to just atop her hips), and began to tighten the wires that served as laces. The corset squeezed her tighter and tighter as the wires were adjusted and re-adjusted, excess water running down her body. It was in place at last, and had compressed her already-slim waist down to just under 18 inches.

Somewhere in the back of her mind she understood that the leather would shrink as it dried, squeezing her even more relentlessly in the process. Her body would soon take on a most severe hour-glass figure, and a very uncomfortably one at that. Once the very strict corset was in place, her captors re-attached her ankles to the relentless pull of the ropes, and she was split wide anew.

From a pail filled with hot sauce, two huge cork dildos were extracted, still dripping the sauce. They had been thrust into the pail dry, and could be expected to expand as their material was soaked with the hot sauce and her own juices. Each was a good ten inches in length with a three inch girth at the base. These instruments of punishment had thin flexible steel rods in their core that would keep them erect, yet able to adapt to some extent to her body cavities. Lori could swear that they seemed to expand before her eyes ...

Each of these humungous monsters was inserted into her pussy and ass by two beauties clad only in loin cloths. They were pushed, and pushed deeper still, until their bases were at her entrances. Lori could feel the hot sauce assaulting her very tender inner canals, burning, BURNING, while the pure size of these invaders stretched her to the max ... and would continue to do so as they grew in length and especially in girth. God, she had been rammed with what felt like two telephone poles!

The impalers were held in place by a wide strap from the back of her corset, over the dildos (pushing them in even more deeply), through her crotch, and cinched extremely harshly at the front to a recessed D-ring. The strap had a small grommet hole that was level with her pussy lips. Her clitoris was teased out and pushed through that hole, then tiny ridged wheels on three sides of the grommet were turned, pinching her poor clit into a tight clamp. In addition, tiny spikes inserted themselves into that most tender part of her anatomy.

Poor Lori was in total agony. She still felt every whip strike, the huge instruments jammed into her love and ass canals, getting larger all the time, and now her clit was clamped and pierced! The wide crotch strap had another feature that she didn't appreciate ... along its length were many small 1/16” inward-facing needles that pierced her here, there, everywhere.

Meanwhile, another assailant was attaching heavy clamps to Lori's beaten and extremely tender nipples. They were of the alligator-teeth variety, biting harshly enough to evoke small droplets of blood. She tossed her head in agony, feeling each and every indignity that had been inflicted on her so far. There was more to come ...

Again her ankles were released from the stretching ropes, to hang freely once more. More raw leather was pulled from the nearby barrels; many 1" straps of various lengths.

One of them was cinched about her ankles, tightly; another below her knees, another just above them. Lori's knees were painfully mashed against each other, and she was somehow aware that these straps would also get tighter as the leather dried. Her mid-thighs were the next to suffer under the tight leather straps, welded together as strictly as her bondagers could manage.

Lori’s wrists were now released from their bonds, and she was dropped onto her belly, her breast clamps mashing into her painfully. Her arms were pulled together behind her back and secured with more of the wet leather straps; at wrists and above and below her elbows --- harshly tight already, in a manner that would eventually become truly torturous.

Attention now shifted to her mouth. A fat 4” long dildo gag, made from dry cork, was jammed inside, filling her mouth completely, then tightly strapped behind her neck. It had a rubber tube exiting from its base; that tube went up to a one-litre attached reservoir filled with a pureed mixture of shit and vomit. Soon her tongue and mouth were exposed to the vile mixture, even as the gag began to increase in size from this new wetness.

A heavy punishment helmet, wet raw leather again, was laced tightly about her head. Her hair had been shaved off, she realized, so the helmet had no impediment to a very close fit indeed. The laces were tightened until her head felt squeezed from every direction, then were tied off. The helmet covered her face completely, with only small nose holes to breathe. A thick raw-leather neck corset followed, again laced tightly. It had a high front that forced her head back into a most stressful position.

She was straightened up by numerous strong arms, and the alligator nipple clamps removed. Lori tried to scream as the blood rushed painfully back to her abused nipples, but the disgusting gag stifled all sound completely. Her body began to convulse from the agony she felt, but was unable to move much at all due to the increasingly tightening straps that enwrapped her. More thick leather straps around her upper arms and above her breasts, then below her cinched elbows and below those lovely tits. Tight and tighter ...

Lori’s ankles were briefly freed from the wet leather strap about them, and her feet were fitted into slim ballet boots that squashed her toes relentlessly, while arching the feet themselves into an extremely stressful position. The leather strap was then reapplied about her booted ankles. Lori's legs were then bent at the knees, and brought upwards until the stiletto heels of the boots touched her ass.

Yet another soaking raw leather strap went from her ankle straps up to a ring on the back of her punishment helmet, and was tightened so strictly that her back was sharply bowed from the strain. The cruel nipple clamps were again applied, biting down on her poor nips; Lori swore she could feel each hideous pain in every part of her body and worse yet, knew her punishment would not be eased by time.

The was a heavy D-ring on the forehead of her punishment helmet, now pointed straight up due to the severe backwards pull on her head. It was connected to a hanging chain with an S-hook; the chain pulley was engaged, and she was lifted off the ground.

When her knees cleared the ground by a few inches, Lori's ascent halted. She could sense what felt like a triangular-shaped metal rod being placed beneath her bare knees; the shape was confirmed when she was lowered again and her knees rested heavily on one of the sharp edges of it, biting most painfully into her flesh.

Again the nipple clams were removed; fiery pain flooded her breasts and nipples. That pain lasted until her nips were smashed into numerous times by a metal rod, like an old car radio antenna, wielded by (she imagined) a widely-grinning female. Her poor nipples were harshly struck for about five minutes; when the harsh whipping stopped, the alligator clamps were once again applied.

Clamps on for five minutes, then off for five minutes while someone battered her extremely tender and painful nipples for awhile, the clamps reapplied, etc. This sequence continued for what seemed indefinitely. Every piece of leather on her kept tightening, especially the corset; every hole-jammed dildo, including the one jammed in her mouth with its foul-tasting semi-liquid mixture disgusting her taste and olfactory senses, kept increasing in size, threatening to burst her poor abused body eventually.

This torture went on, and on, and on ... Lori was silently screaming as she felt every strike, every needle, every excruciating stress to which her tortured body had been subjected. If this unbelievable agony didn't stop soon ---

Lori snapped awake; she had been dreaming for only a few minutes, but what she had experienced seemed to have lasted for many hours, even days. She was shaking from the realistic dream ... she HAD felt every pain inflicted on her, inside and out. She slowly calmed, then glanced down to see the wholly inadequate cloth covering her pussy was soaking wet, as was the towel beneath her. Lori hadn't felt any at all, but apparently she had had numerous orgasms.

From the 'dream' ... ?


Josh appeared before McClintock’s secretary, as requested.

“Hi, Dominique,” he said, “I believe Mr. McClintock is expecting me?”

The lovely secretary, who had done everything within her means, including the display of her abundant physical charms, in hopes of getting Josh into her bed (without success, so far), smiled widely up at him.

“Hello, Mr. Allen. Please go right in,” she answered, indicating the office door to the senior partner of McClintock Associates, one of the most successful architectural firms in Chicago. She also bent over her desk in order to point in the direction he was to take; just coincidentally, of course, the tops of her generous boobs were on full display over her low-cut blouse. Josh smiled to himself, flattered that Dominique wanted to get into his pants and letting him know it in such an obvious way.

However, Lori was more than enough female for any man.

Josh knocked at the open door to his boss’ boss office, then entered the luxurious interior.

“Hello, Josh,” McClintock said, standing and smiling. They shook hands, and McClintock gestured towards a chair at the front of his desk. After Josh sat, McClintock got down to business quickly … he was not known for his social pleasantries.

“Josh, I’ve got good news for you. Of course I am aware of the awesome contributions you have made to the design of the planned Kidori Corporation luxury hotel down in New Orleans, and want to thank you personally for your excellent design work.”

“Thank you, sir,” Josh replied. “This is a very exciting project we have in front of us, and I’m very happy to be able to contribute.”

“Yes, yes,” McClintock brushed aside Josh’s answer; he tended to be a bit short-sighted socially, despite his architectural brilliance. “Well Josh,” he continued, “as you know, this is not yet a done deal. And, it so happens, we have a chance to lock it in. Mr. Hideki Matsumo, the lead partner as well as the head attorney for Kidori, wishes to meet with you and Brad (Kenton, the other McClintock senior partner) to firm up the deal. This is your big chance, Josh, to make a real mark for yourself. We’ve set up a meeting with Matsumo and his aides in New Orleans tomorrow morning at the Hyatt there, at 10:00 AM.”

“Oohhh,” Josh replied. “That’s great, sir (even though he and Lori had planned on attending a Halloween party bash Saturday night at a good friend’s house). “Uh, how long a trip should I plan for … and when do I leave?”

“You’d better allow for the whole weekend, Josh – the Japanese are famed as tough negotiators who always think that time is on their side. We’ve booked you on the 8:30 PM United flight, 1059, so you have at least a few hours to get your gear together, plus all of your plan drawings and whatever other documents you’ll need, of course.”

Josh’s mind was in a whirl. It was already 3:30 on Thursday afternoon, so he would have to gather the tools of his trade and head home right away in order to have time to pack and get to O’Hare in time for security and flight check-in.

“Right you are, Mr. McClintock”, he responded. “I’d better get cracking, then.” He stood up to leave, and McClintock came around his huge desk to offer a parting handshake.

“Good luck, Josh. I know you won’t disappoint your family here at McClintock Associates,” he said in parting.


Needless to say, Lori was not at all happy with Josh not being available to her, both as a lover and as one hell of a cocksman. Not to mention his real rigging skills.

“Damnit,” she hurled at him. “I just spent a ton of money on my costume, and now I don’t get to wear it?”

“Honey,” Josh pleaded, “this is something I just have to do for our future. If we get approval of my ideas, I’ll take you on a two-week trip to Europe.”

Lori, knowing she was defeated but resenting it, gave in, and Josh left on his trip a few hours later.


Lori was pissed, and feeling sorry for herself. It was only Thursday evening, and she and Josh had just cuddled last night (Wednesday). She knew darned well that she would be hot and horny by Sunday (when Joshed promised he would return … “No later, honest, honey.”). In fact, she was already feeling the familiar erotic urges begin to make themselves felt – and it was only Thursday.

Lori was a very sexed-up woman; if she didn’t get it with great regularity, she could become peevish and selfish. Luckily, her lover Josh had never yet let her get to that point. But now Lori faced the prospect of no Josh for at least a few days … and she wasn’t at all happy.

That night, and all day Friday, and all day Saturday (Josh had called to let her know he couldn’t get back to her until Sunday afternoon at the earliest), Lori had stewed as her unfucked level reached historic proportions.

She was sexually alive to the slightest hint; and coming upon a picture of a girl in a bikini, or of a well-built guy doing anything, caused her pussy to heat up. They had a “Sexy Firemen” calendar that she had bought on a whim, and just the sight of one of those hunks started a leakage of her love juice, and unintentionally increased her frustration at no sex, also no bondage.

Lori was so heated, and yet so sexually frustrated, that she could hardly handle it. She and Josh had promised each other not to masturbate when their lover was otherwise unavailable, and she felt bound by that oath. Still, the mounting heat in her love mound, and the frustration at not being able to alleviate it, drove her to the edge of sexual madness. Lori was SO frustrated, and she couldn’t, in good conscience, relieve herself. ARRRGGHHHHHH!

Lori finally decided to heck with it; she would go to the Saturday night Halloween party in her new costume, even without Josh. Accordingly, she first luxuriated in a bath redolent with bath oils that seemed to caress her skin lasciviously. After drying off, she erased any stray hair south of her eyebrows using her hand-held mini-laser hair removal gadget, then applied soothing scented oils from head to foot.

She brushed her black hair until it shone, then set about putting it into a long braid, interspersed with black satin ribbons. When she had at last completed that task, her braid hung down her back almost to her waist. Her makeup followed; a light foundation with just a touch of powder, eye shadow a bit darker than she usually wore, a hint of rouge to highlight her high cheekbones, eyelash brush to separate and elongate each lash, and lastly a very bright red lipstick, most carefully applied, and followed by lip gloss.

Josh’s bondage/pain slut/lover pulled the new box down from her huge walk-in closet (it took up a full room!) and, peeling aside the protective onion-skin layers, extracted her special costume (that she couldn’t wear with Josh in attendance, Q&!@E#%).

Lori began with the black latex stockings. By necessity, she turned them inside out and coated each reversed surface with a generous application of talcum powder. She once more turned them inside out, so that the talc-covered insides could more easily slide up each leg. Lori drew the stockings slowly up her legs until their tops were tightly settled up near her snatch. ‘Ahh,’ she thought; ‘they feel so good, so sexy.’ The polish the proprietor had applied ensured their high sheen.

‘Rats’, Lori cursed to herself; she should have put on the latex garter belt first. Pulling that item out of the box, she wrapped it about her and hooked the fastenings in back. The hip-hugger garter belt in itself was a tactile turn-on for Lori as she attached the four garters to her shiny latex stockings. The girl ran her hands up each leg, starting at the ankle, to ensure the snug erotic grip upon her legs.

Lori posed then, standing in front the full-length mirror that covered one entire wall of her ‘closet’. The ‘closet’ had once been Josh’s fourth bedroom, and the smallest. At her request, he had had it redone so that it became the collection point for her seemingly endless collections of dresses, skirts, blouses, and shoes (lots of shoes!). Plus, of course, the very large armoire that housed her lingerie and stockings.

Oops. Lori’s pussy had begun to leak her love juice. Jesus, she was so turned on that she couldn’t help getting excited just by putting on her stuff! She dabbed at her snatch with a hand towel, resisting the strong urge to stroke her cunt lips with her fingers.

The girl now picked up the minimal thong panty, and slid it slowly up her legs. Also of latex, but a very bright pink (she liked the vivid contrast with the otherwise all-black outfit), it hugged her begging snatch closely, and separated her perfect ass cheeks just right. Lori sensed her rising erotic heat, and fought to keep herself under control.

Her latex ‘skirt’ followed, and wow, she thought, was it ever tight. Its top rode low on her hips, just below her slightly-rounded abdomen, and barely covered her garter belt; its hem ended just an inch below her thonged pussy. The rear of the skirt barely hid the crease between her thighs and luscious ass cheeks. As long as she was standing, and unmoving, the day-glo pink of her thong wasn’t evident. When she moved even a little, though, things would get very interesting indeed

Black seven-inch stiletto heeled shoes, with two-inch platform soles, were next. They had wide, but thin, leather ankle straps that had small chromed C-rings attached in back. Lori looked up at the ceiling in contemplation and, after giving a ‘what the heck’ shrug of her shoulders, attached the tiny locks through the C-rings and clicked each one closed. The key she tossed onto her makeup table. The shoes completed her below-waist look … and a lust-inducing spectacle it indeed was.

‘Oh god,’ she thought, examining herself in the mirror. ‘If only Josh could be here now.’

Lori proceeded to put on her black latex bra. It had less than half-cups, but supported her round tits nicely. The minimal cups forced her breasts upwards and together while leaving her nipples free, along with a healthy majority of those nice boobs themselves. She had a cape-like top that would cover her impressive breasts until … whatever … but she chose to leave it off until she was ready to leave for the party.

Lastly she added a brief black latex collar about her neck, suggesting a slave look, followed by sleek black latex gloves that came up almost to her shoulders. Lori carefully smoothed out all of her latex costume until it felt like a second skin, gleaming softly in the ambient light from their bedroom. She examined herself critically in the mirror – and found a black-latex-clad goddess peering back at her. Her gloved fingers lightly stroked her out-thrust breasts, then moved to lightly pinch her nipples.

‘What am I doing,’ she screamed at herself. Her body was definitely starting to react to her image in the mirror, and the feeling of the latex tight around her, and, of course, to her playing with herself. She knew her pussy was wet, but was reluctant to touch herself there, in order to check, lest she lose control of herself.

“I can’t, I just can’t,” she cried aloud. Lori was defeated, and knew it. She would never break her vow to Josh by masturbating in order to relief the sexual pressure she felt in every part of her body. It just wouldn’t be honorable. Furthermore, she knew that she would never leave the house looking as lush as she did unless Josh was with her. She probably wouldn’t last more than five minutes outside the house, or even at the party, before some guy (or girl!) went after her with a vengeance.

Then an idea struck her. While she wouldn’t go out alone in this lust-inducing outfit, at least she could pose for some pictures that Josh would appreciate. Accordingly, Lori fetched two video cameras and their tripods, and set them up in the bedroom. She turned on all of the lights in the room to ensure visibility, and then turned on the cameras.

She posed (for Josh), turning this way and that so Josh would be able to appreciate her from all angles. She cupped her breasts, pointing them at one of the cameras, and put on a pouting look (‘I want you, babe’). Lori bent down and began caressing her legs through the latex stockings. Higher and higher her hands roamed as she slowly straightened, ending up by peeling up the hem at the front of her skirt so that Josh couldn’t miss her bright pink thong (slightly damp) and the way it camel-toed her pussy.

Lori then turned around and, slowly, began undoing the hooks on her skirt. When they were loose, she peeled it from herself in slow motion until her great butt cheeks were fully in view. She smiled coyly over her shoulder at the cameras, turned, and undid the back hooks of her bra. This too was slowly removed, her breasts proudly bared for the cameras (Josh!), her excited nipples obviously hard and erect.

Eventually, though, she stopped and turned off the cameras and the excess lights in the room. Her shoulders drooped as the fun of posing left her. Lori sat down on the bed and began removing the rest of her costume (she of course had to unlock the tiny locks on her sky-high shoes); the stockings, gloves, latex collar and garter belt, and, lastly, her very damp thong. She hung it up in the bathroom to wash later, but stowed the rest of the costume back into the box from which it had emerged.

‘Ah, well,’ she thought, ‘there’s always next year.’

Nude now, Lori removed all of her so-carefully-applied makeup before heading to bed. Lying down, she reached into the drawer of the night stand and removed some leather cuffs stashed there. Lori encircled her wrists and ankles with the cuffs; locks followed to connect her ankle cuffs, and then her wrist cuffs (in back, of course, so that she wouldn’t have easy access to her so-in-need pussy).

She flung the keys to the locks across the room as best as she was able; it would serve her right to have to hunt around in the morning in order to free herself.

Frustrated to the max, but proud of her self-denial, Lori turned out the light on the nightstand (she had to sit so that her cuffed hands could reach the switch), then lay down for a restful sleep. Josh would be home tomorrow!!

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