Loving, Consensual, Strict 2: Before Double Trouble

by Loves_Tied_Girls

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Part 2: Before Double Trouble

Josh had had the large basement area (30’ X 30’) of his home converted into a lavish dungeon. The actual construction had been done as a freebie … his father had had a big in with the company that did the work, so he actually paid nothing for the job. However, he had shelled out plenty of his own money to furnish it with the level of bondage equipment now contained therein.

They had lived together in Josh’s large house, with its 30’ x 30’ foot dungeon/”fun room” in the basement, for nearly two years, and had experienced numerous weekly, and sometimes daily, bondage sessions. Lori actually craved them; without knowing why, she loved tight bondage, the stricter the better. She would feel her pussy heat up just with the knowledge that another tie was imminent.

Josh was sitting in his favorite leather arm chair, checking his fantasy football team player stats on his tablet, when Lori approached him silently from behind. She leaned over to put her arms around his neck, “accidentally” brushing his cheek with one of her impressive breasts.

“Josh … “, she began, kissing his ear with her tongue, which almost always got his attention.

“Hmm?” her bondage lover replied, not so easily distracted from his important task.

“Honey, I was talking to a girl at lunch yesterday who, as it turns out, also has an interest in bondage.” Lori continued. “And, it just so happens, she’d heard about a BDSM club on the outskirts of town. She told me enough about what she had learned to pique my interest”.

That got Josh’s full attention. He saved the data he had input, then closed the tablet. “Ah,” he said, intelligently. “And what got your attention?”

“Well,” replied Lori, “the club apparently has a policy of allowing any new potential members in for one night for free. And, they have a special event every year, for all comers, that they call their BDSM Bash”.

“So, you want to check it out?” Josh answered, already knowing how she would respond.

“YES!” said Lori. “Look, a first time visit is free, and I’d kind of like to see what others with our interests look like, and what might be there that would grab us.” Josh was not a joiner by nature, not even something that could prove as promising as a BDSM club. But, given how goofy he was over Lori, as well as also being bondage-crazy, he could hardly say no.

“Sure, babe, sounds good. How about next Friday night?”

“That would be great, honey,” she responded with a grin. “And don’t worry, I won’t embarrass you”. Josh smiled at that. As much of a show-off as Lori was about her body (and it WAS worth showing off!), he could not even imagine a circumstance in which she would embarrass him --- not even in from of his parents.

“Ok babe,” he said with a smile; “It’s a date.”

Josh decided that he wouldn’t bondage Lori for their club visit, except for a thick neck collar and handcuffs. In turn, Lori was determined to be her sexy best for her man.

Friday arrived at last; the few days prior had turned out to be a frustrating anticipatory period for Lori. Getting ready, she was very careful with her toilette; after her shower applying gently aromatic cream on herself all over. She began dressing with one of her usual below-bust, above-hips corsets that she loved, black leather in this case, knowing it would cinch her already-narrow waist down to a staggering, breath-inhibiting 19” (although Josh had to be there for the final laces tightening).

Lori next selected a new pair of her favorite long dark nylon/lycra stockings, this time with a seam in back which she labored to get straight. The stockings had absolutely no wrinkles … Lori was almost as much a fanatic about wrinkle-free stockings and straight seams as she was in her bondage desires. When their tops brushed her loins, Lori cinched the shiny stockings up tightly with the four short garters descending from her corset. Next came a black latex thong, nestling nicely about her pussy lips, and cleaving her sexy ass cheeks so as to emphasize them even more.

Since all of her clothes had already been sized down to fit her smaller waist, she was able to select at will, finally choosing a black dress that was rather short for her (mid-thigh hem), made of an extremely light material … very thin but totally opaque. She had to put it on unzipped, or the dress’ narrow waist would never have cleared her shoulders or hips. Josh was happy to perform his zipping-up duties.

The dress was not tight, but clingy in a way that made both her ass and her breasts (no bra tonight) stand out. The outline of her strict corset was thus somewhat disguised, as were the nubs of her garters where they connected to her stockings. Her erect nipples were not so easily hidden, though, and brazenly poked fiercely against her top. A wide black leather belt with a silver buckle in front was added to collect any superfluous dress material, hide the lines of corset somewhat, and also to add emphasis to her hips.

Lori did her hair and makeup in a special way for Josh. She let the long strands of her well-brushed ebony locks descend freely almost to her waist, and made sure she was wearing kiss-proof medium-red lipstick, with sleek lip gloss added. The final touch was her 5” stiletto-heeled black sandals, the laces of which went around and around each leg to tie off just below the knee. She was Ready!

They drove to their destination happily frustrating each other throughout the drive; Lori stroking Josh’s rampant erection through his black leather pants, and Josh continuously stroking Lori’s stockinged legs, right up to her thong-encapsulated snatch. Whew! Once they arrived, while still in their car, Josh took out the heavy leather collar and buckled it around Lori’s neck, fastening the straps securely through buckles at the nape of her neck. He then put shiny chrome-plated handcuffs about her wrists in front of her, clicking them shut, so that they would at least provisionally look like prospective members.

The bouncer at the door of the club asked if they were members and, upon receiving a negative response, eyed them critically, especially Lori. Apparently they passed his inspection, as he gestured them to proceed inside to get one-night-only passes.

The interior of the very large room inside was dim, but did not distract from all of the bondage being practiced therein. Lori saw one women who was hanging from straps about her naked breasts, stretching them into obscene shapes, as her male partner whipped her continuously upon those breasts. Another woman was also naked, suspended upside down with her legs widespread, being whipped right on her poor pussy. ‘Hmm’, Lori thought; ‘… that one has potential’.

Another woman, dressed head to toe in a skin tight black latex cat suit with incredibly high-heeled boots, was leading her naked male sub around on hands and knees by the leash attached to his collar. Lori saw numerous other such scenes, some of which didn’t stir her bondage desires, but many that definitely did. She was hooked for sure, but didn’t badger Josh about getting membership. Instead, she first wanted one more visit, which would only come about with the club’s BDSM Bash, scheduled for some six months in the future.

After the scenes at the BDSM club became nearly overwhelming to their senses in the strictness and harshness of the displayed bondage, and noting the increasing heat in both their loins, Josh drove them home. Lori was certain she wanted to go to the BDSM bash six months hence, but remained silent on the matter until they had a chance to reflect on what they had seen.

* * *

“Please, baby, I really want to go. And, since there is a prize for the strictest tie, I want you to go all-out on me”, Lori later said to Josh.

That really got his attention since, while loving to put her into bondage and fuck her to distraction, he was very aware that, with her penchant for discomfort, and even pain, he might go too far and really injure his bondage-slut lover … and that he would never do.

Lori continued her imprecations for weeks, though, and Josh was constitutionally unable to resist his bondage slut girl friend’s desires. He at last agreed, and spent another week speculating on exactly how he would bind her. At last a solution suggested itself, and he resolved to set it in motion.

Two weeks after Josh had decided on her bondage, he had Lori again don her strict corset, but covered by jeans and a loose sweatshirt. It was inconceivable that anyone they met, or might meet, would note that the girl’s waist was so tightly embraced.

Josh drove them to a tailor on the outskirts of town, where the tailor took numerous measurements of Lori’s body, including her much-compressed waist. Josh then explained to the tailor what he had in mind when Lori was out of earshot --- the tailor was a bit nonplussed but, for upwards of $2,000, who was he to argue with the tastes of a new client? Josh and the tailor met several times over the next few days to go over the many sketches made by the tailor before Josh settled on what he felt was the perfect design. The only limit put on the dress’ preparation was that the special dress and thong had to be completed prior to when the BDSM Bash was scheduled.

Returning to their house, Josh got on his computer to order a special item he had earlier noted, made his purchase, and then waited expectantly for its delivery.

True to his word, the tailor produced the items Josh had ordered, fully three days before the deadline. After examining them closely, Josh gladly paid with a credit card that had no limit. He had a very good salary from his work as an architect, and his credit record was perfectly clean, so his credit card bank was more than happy to extend that unlimited credit.

* * *

On the day of the BDSM Bash, Lori was so excited she could hardly contain herself. As directed by Josh, she took an enema in her rear, another in her snatch, then repeated the cleansing of her ass with a third enema. She wanted to be totally void, as she suspected that it might be a long time before she would be able to visit the bathroom. After her enemas were complete, Lori showered, applying a fragrant skin lotion afterwards, and shaved her pubic stubble. Following her preparations, she reported to Josh in their dungeon/fun room in the basement, as naked as the day she was born.

Josh began by connecting Lori’s newly attached wrist cuffs to a nearby lacing bar, and power-lifting them via the overhead pulley to a comfortable height. A strict black leather under-bust/above-hips corset (the only kind she owned) came next, Josh eventually cinching it so tightly that Lori had to take slow, shallow breaths while getting acquainted with her new waist compression. He would take a break every few minutes so that his girl would become comfortable, before at last raising the lacing bar enough that Lori stood very straight, arms stretched out above her and feet barely touching the ground. It was then that Josh took out any slight slack left in the corset laces while Lori teetered on her toes. Josh was impressed with his efforts; as Lori’s normally small waist was eventually whittled down to just under 19”!

A thick leather collar with pointed studs encircled Lori’s neck, and Josh buckled it securely in back. Releasing her wrists from the lacing bar, he hooked his lover’s wrist cuffs together and thin-chained them to a D-ring in the back of her locked neck collar; now the girl’s arms were bent double, up and out of the way. His next happy task was to tease the girl’s clit from its hiding place; once it emerged, engorged, Josh digitized it to erectness before adding a clamp thereupon that made the girl gasp as it bit into her most sensitive area.

To that clamp Josh tied two pieces of strong cord, then told Lori to lower herself slightly by bending her knees while keeping her upper torso erect. Once that stance had been attained, Josh tied each end of the cords from her clit clamp to Lori’s big toes. His bondage-loving girl had to remain upright from the waist up, but with slightly bent knees. Had she tried to stand upright, her sensitive clit would have paid the price.

Josh now brought out his latest purchase; it turned out to be a replica of his own cock, but sized up proportionally to a full 9 1/2“, with a 1 1/2” sized head. Its base was just over 2 1/2 inches in girth, and the entire length of the monster was covered with small chrome studs. Josh anchored the very large ram securely to an inset in the bench behind Lori’s knees, pointing directly at her ass rosebud. He lubricated both the big dildo and her ass with K-Y jelly, then knelt to insert the large head into her anus.

Lori tensed up a bit as the thick head of the dildo slowly widened her sphincter, then relaxed that muscle as erotic urges surging within her loins made themselves increasingly felt. Once the head of her invader was completely swallowed within her anus, Josh tightened the cords running from Lori’s toes to her clit clamp; the girl would be unable to lift herself off the dildo without her clit suffering in the process.

Lori, her arms high on her back due to the short chain from her wrist cuffs passing through the D-ring of her neck collar, was in double jeopardy. Unable to straighten her legs because of the cord connecting the threatening clit clamp to her toes, and with the monster dildo head just in her ass, Lori had nowhere to go except down. Josh sat back to wait; he knew that the stress on her legs from the bent-knee position she was in would eventually cause those legs to tire. The girl had no option, then, but to have that huge thing invade her ass as her legs tired from the strain, lowering herself all the while. Essentially, Lori would be impaling her own ass with the spike-studded dildo.

The girl had mixed feelings; yes, she was excited to be going to her first BDSM bash and yes, her orgasm-linked pleasurable urges began to demand attention. However, she was all too aware of the studded monster cock poised to enter her ass beyond its thick head. And enter it did, slow half-inch by half-inch; Lori’s leg muscles tired, as predicted, and the spiked dong (which made her sphincter pulse as each spike passed it.) so very slowly plowed into her rectum while she tried to lower herself gently.

Lori finally stopped her efforts to have that big tool delayed in fully entering her rear end. She slowly sank down on it, finally jamming herself upon its long, wide length, the studs making themselves known all along its fat girth. She was jammed to capacity, for sure.

She ended up sitting flat on the bench behind her legs, extremely uncomfortable (but, oddly, also excited) with the huge dildo (it felt as large as a baseball bat to Lori) firmly seated within her anal canal. Josh removed the clit clamp-to-toes cords, then the clamp itself, as they no longer served his purpose. Ordering her to spread her legs, Josh began to lick Lori’s pussy lips, then inward; his tongue flicking up and down as the girl’s libido responded by oozing pre-cum from her cunt. He stopped then, and began to insert 3 one-inch chrome Ben-Wa balls into her pussy, attached to each other by short chrome chains. Josh felt that the Ben-Wa balls would stimulate Lori, but nowhere near enough to trigger an orgasm, and therefore her frustration index would get very large indeed through the course of the evening ahead.

He had Lori stand erect with spread legs, and pulled the sewn-in strap on the back of her corset over the buried dildo in her ass and through her loins, stopping just below her pussy. The strap had a short, sliding metal sleeve, to which another clamp was attached. With Lori breathing heavily from her brief pussy-eating, Josh was easily able to access her clit and toy with it until it stiffened. He carefully let the jaws of the clamp crush her oh, so sensitive clitoris; Lori let out a squeal as the jaws closed. The sudden sharp pain caused her head to snap up; her eyes squeezed shut and her mouth wide open in a long moan.

Ignoring her reaction, Josh drew the strap up sharply, her labia bulging as the strap passed between them, dead-center. He pulled hard on the strap, digging it and the clit clamp more deeply into Lori’s sweet, now-dripping cunt, and cinched it up to the small D-ring set nearly flush at the waist of her corset.

Lori was trying to concentrate on several things at once: taking breaths in short intakes because of her restrictive corset; very mindful of the artificial ram filling and stretching her rectum, and also with the still-painful biting of the clamp on her clit. She couldn’t even begin to imagine the torments which still lay in store for her but, God help her, the rising heat in her loins testified to the rising pleasure she was also feeling. Josh left her for a moment to go to his workbench, returning with a hypodermic needle. Lori’s eyes widened when she saw it, but Josh smiled and belayed her fears.

“This isn’t a drug or anything like that, honey,” he reassured her. “The liquid in here is a formulation that I discovered when I googled ‘sensory enhancement’.

“This,” he continued, “will really stimulate your sensory nerves for the rest of the night. You will continue to feel every bite of the clamps, every discomfort you may endure, and to an even greater degree. But, it will also ensure that, when you get hot, you will get very hot, and your orgasms will positively blow you away.” Josh injected the needle into her right armpit and emptied half the liquid into it; the left armpit was similarly dealt with.

“This should kick in even before we get to the Bash”, he informed her. “Suffer … and enjoy … what the result does to your nervous system.”

Josh stepped back to review his bondage on Lori so far. She was being greatly constricted by her tight corset; her wrists were cuffed and attached to the back of her neck collar, raising her arms high. Her clit had been, and was again, pinched tightly between the edges of a small clamp. And, of course, she had the biggest, cruelest dildo she had ever seen (or felt) jammed up her ass. The Ben-Wa balls would mildly titillate her all evening long, he hoped, forestalling any possible orgasms until they were removed. Plus the tight crotch strap digging into her rear end, loins, and pussy.

“Are you alright so far, babe?” he asked his bondage slut girl friend. She nodded, it a little hesitantly.

‘OK,’ he thought to himself; ‘time for phase two.’

He had Lori sit back down on the bench (groan from her as the big dildo in her ass re-introduced itself) while he went to retrieve her ballet boots. Returning, he began the time consuming task of fitting them to her feet (severely arching her feet, and cramping her toes), then of lacing each of them tightly up to her knees. Getting to his feet, Josh told Lori that ‘the next part might be a tad distressing’.

Not wishing to hear the cries that would soon be emanating from her, he inserted the large harness penis/panel gag into her mouth and buckled its straps tightly about her head. Lori’s cheeks were puffed out from the thickness of the 4 ½ inch fat rubber cock filling her mouth, cheeks that were bisected by two of the straps that indented them enough so that her cheeks bulged both above and below the straps. The fake cock gag had an air hole from stem to stern, so that Lori could still breathe relatively easily.

Josh went to the back of the room to get her special party dress and thong. The thong was of bright red glove-soft leather; he passed it over her ballet-booted feet (‘damn,’ he thought, ‘I should have put this on first’) and pulled it up her legs. It was a tad small in front, but that was the design-in he had specified. He carefully adjusted that small front so it nestled tightly about her bulging labia, barely covering the top of her love mound. The rest of the thong was pulled tightly through her loins and over the back of her crotch strap, which the thong back was just wide enough to conceal up to the top of her ass crack.

The dress was also made of very supple leather, but black rather than red, gleaming softly under the lights of their fun room, zipping up the front. Josh unzipped the dress and enwrapped Lori in it from the back. Returning to her front, still holding on to the top of the dress, he carefully fitted her breasts into its cups just so. Beginning the zip-up, Josh checked the fit; it was absolutely perfect, clinging nicely to her corseted waist and plastering itself closely to every inch of skin that it covered. Her nipples peeked through the ½“ holes in the bodice; he tweaked one of them with his teeth before closing the zipper at the top.

The dress had an oddly-cut hemline, and was VERY short. The front ‘hem’, such as it was, came just to the top of her thong, then angled downward slightly to the back hem, which barely managed to cover the crease between her ass cheeks and thighs, and not an inch more. One noteworthy feature of the dress was that it had hundreds of tiny gleaming needles, just one sixteenth of an inch long, fixed to the dress around her breasts and ass, as well as on the thong. These were intended to discourage any possible explorations of her body by other partygoers.

Lori had her eyes shut, tears rolling down her face … why was she crying? The only sounds heard through her penis gag were loud moans, stifled somewhat. Why was she moaning so loud?

It turns out that the really diabolical dress feature was that, for each and every shiny steel needle emerging from the dress about her breasts and rear end, plus her thong, a matching tiny spike was also affixed inside. Lori was being tortured by a thousand little needles all around her breasts, over her entire ass, and certainly around her thonged pussy!

Josh knew his girl was suffering, although not hugely ... yet. Once the nerve enhancer that he had injected her with kicked in, her torments would seem to increase tenfold, and would continue in that unhappy state until the dress was removed. Josh was happy at what he had helped to create, but his joy was tempered by a somewhat guilty conscience. How could he do this to his lover, his bondage-crazy girl friend? He eased his conscience somewhat by noting that Lori loved very extreme ties and discomfort and, yes, even pain to an extent. Her orgasms were never as magnificent as after she had undergone some really stringent bondaging, including high levels of pleasure/pain.

Josh left Lori to stand as she was, truly uncomfortable in her ballet boots with their crazy-high 8” stiletto heels, and so obviously uncomfortable otherwise in so many ways as well, while he went upstairs to shower and get ready for the Bash.

* * *

An hour had passed by the time Josh returned to the fun room to check on Lori. She was pretty much as he had left her, but now was leaning against a nearby stanchion. Josh suddenly snapped his fingers; “Damn, I almost forgot”. He went to a nearby cabinet and returned with four final items … two six-inch long leather cuff-like panels that he fastened about her upper thighs, buckling them tightly on the outside of those thighs, a pair of alligator clamps for her peeking-out nipples, and a black leather single glove.

The thigh wraps were also the tailor’s products, having their own array of tiny gleaming needles outside and, for poor Lori, on the insides as well. The needles were not all over the leather wraps --- only around her sleek inner thighs.

Josh slowly applied the alligator clamps to Lori’s nipples. She winced slightly, distracted from their sharp bite by all of her other pains. Her man unchained her wrist cuffs from her neck collar and removed the cuffs. Josh pulled her arms behind her, and placed her palms together … Lori knew what was next, so she just stood stoically as the glove was pulled her arms and over her elbows. Josh wrapped the straps from its top over her shoulders and under her armpits, then secured them … the glove would not be accidentally sliding down. Josh also strapped her wrists and upper arms over the single glove, then added another over her elbows, pulling it tight enough that her elbows were mashed together. They were ready to go at last!

* * *

Josh guided Lori up the stairs to the garage. After locking the house door, he led her over to the passenger side and opened the door. Lori hesitantly slid inside, then sat down --- and immediately bucked her body upwards. That damn telephone pole in her ass had been pushed in even deeper, and those hundreds of little needles poking into her butt cheeks bit deeply into her skin. Her leg muscles could not sustain her up-thrust position, of course, so she lowered herself back down gingerly, grimacing as she did so at the renewed assault on her rectum and ass cheeks. Because of the single glove compressing her arms behind her back, she couldn’t lean back much; almost all of her weight was forcing her poor rear back down onto those instruments of extreme unpleasantness. She would thus remain for the one-hour duration of their drive.

Arriving at the BDSM Bash building, Josh parked the car and came around to assist Lori to exit, which she gladly did. Her rectum was on fire (she swore she could feel every single one of the studs on that humungous dildo), as was her ass from all of those sharp little needles that had dug into her flesh. Lori was also aware, though, of a fire emanating from her Ben-Wa ball-filled pussy; they were definitely accomplishing their assigned task, increasing her lust for a magnificent orgasm by the moment … but not quite allowing it to arrive.

Lori teetered on her ballet-boots for a moment after standing up. Josh linked a short leash to her neck collar, then began striding forward; Lori stumbled along after him on her toes --- stiletto heels, especially such extremely high ones, made walking rather difficult.

They were welcomed into the interior by the same bouncer who had admitted them on their previous visit. This time the bouncer’s eyes were wide as they traveled over the bound girl’s body, noting the strictness of her bondage.

The next few hours were agony for Lori, in a number of ways. Her jaws ached from being forced open so long by the fat cock gag. Her feet were arched severely by the ballet boots, and her toes ached from being squashed and bearing her weight for so long. The ram in her ass shifted slightly with every step she took, the dull spikes all along its length uncomfortably reminding her of their presence. The clamp on her clit continued to bite painfully, as well as the clamps on her poor nipples. Her shoulders hurt from being pulled back so long due to the single glove welding her arms together. Her so-tight corset seemed to get tighter with every passing moment, and then there was the dress, with its thousand little torturous needles digging into every square centimeter of her most tender parts: her breasts, her ass, her pussy, and the tender insides of her thighs.

To underline her extreme discomfort, the nerve stimulant Josh had shot into her had kicked in, and the girl felt every single needle bite individually; in fact, all of her torments seemed to multiply with time. Her only solace was the Ben-Wa balls, and the pleasurable heat they stirred within her … which also increased, but never quite brought on her so-long delayed, much desired orgasm. She was as hot as a firecracker, but as equally frustrated.

It hurt to keep standing in the ballet boots, and hurt even more if she sat down. The evening passed in blurred pain/pleasure for Lori; later she wouldn’t be able to remember a single one of the scenes of very strict bondage that she saw being practiced throughout the large room. It was enough, Josh said, that her very strict bondage get-up had won second place in the bondage contest, and for which they received a free years membership.

Many hours later, her nerve sensations as high as or higher than ever, she and Josh arrived back at their house. It took awhile, but all of her bondage was eventually removed. Josh ran very hot water for a bath, eventually lifting his girl in his arms and gently depositing her into the bath tub.

After her bath, he toweled her off, again gently, then carried her to their large bed to sleep off the days/evenings events. It sure had been quite a day, he mused, before falling asleep himself. Yes, quite a day.

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