The Leather Twins Part 13: Teamwork & the Piebald Pair

by Anne Gray

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© Copyright 2006 - Anne Gray - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/ff; bond; leather; catsuit; breathplay; gags; ponygirls; outdoors; toys; climax; reluct/nc; XX

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Part 13 - Teamwork & the Piebald Pair

Chapter 23 – “Teaching Teamwork.”

Amy was in the middle of a massive orgasm and as a result Susan was suffering; in fact she was suffocating. A few minutes before the situation had been reversed and now Karen and I watched to see if any lessons had been learned.

Each of them was positioned on their left side laced in skintight, crotchless leather cat suits. They were securely bound facing each other in the classic sixty nine position with their heads level with the others crotch. Their legs were encased in thigh high ballet boots then bent at the knee and strapped to their thighs. Their knees were held wide apart with spreader bars that were clamped to vertical poles set in the floor.

This position left their lower orifices completely exposed and accessible. Firm leather cushions under each waist kept their backs straight and level with the floor.

Leather sheaths covered their arms that were locked between their shoulder blades in the muscle straining reverse prayer position. Once they were lined up to our satisfaction we had run several straps around the torsos and pulled on them until the two bodies were almost welded together.

Under the leather straining across their chests, nipple vibrators were held in place with clamps and thin wires ran from each pair to a contact pad.

The tightly laced leather discipline helmets had openings at the eyes, under the nostrils and a mouth hole. Through the mouth holes we had forced jaw stretching penis gags with grooves top and bottom for their teeth strapping them tightly behind their heads.

The gags were very special in that from them extended a long, hard, roughly ribbed rubber dildo. There was a curved metal flange on the shaft that left a 1” gap between it and the plugged mouth of each sister, plus they were hollow with a ½” hole down the middle of both the rubber shaft and the mouth gagging plugs.

Between 3” and 4” from the flange the dildos had several vents around the circumference.

Butt plugs had been rudely shoved in and held in place with a strange crotch strap that was tight through the crack of their ass but then split on each side of the vagina up to the front of the waist belts and held another curved metal piece with an opening over each love hole.

A closer observation would show that the flange on the dildo was a reverse image of the metal vagina piece. Karen clipped a strap to the top of Amy’s helmet and then through a D ring in the small of Susan’s back. Pulling on it with one hand she used the other to guide the dildo through the opening in the metal piece until the first 2” disappeared in Susan’s passage and then locked the strap. I did the same with Susan’s head so that neither of them could pull the rubber shafts all the way out.

“Now let me explain this set up ladies.” Karen spoke as she slowly walked around the two helpless sisters. “In a moment we will be inserting plugs in your nostrils making your only source of air through the vents in the dildos. This switch sends a tiny electric current to the flanges over your vagina and on the dildos turning them into very, very strong magnets.”

“I will flip this coin, heads for Amy and tails for Susan. Here goes and it is tails. So Susan, a little pressure on the back of your head from me will start to bury the dildo further inside Amy and as it enters the vents will be smothered by her pussy and your air supply become non existent. You had better take a deep breath because once the plate’s touch the magnets engage and you are locked inside.”

After our little gagging contest we had noticed that our two captive girls attitudes towards each other seemed to change. Before the sisters had taken any opportunity we allowed to support each other through the bondage trials we inflicted on them but lately it was almost as if they were concerned only about their own problems. We decided to see if we could teach them to again depend on each other.

“This is the ultimate test of whether you two can learn the benefits of co-operation and can place your absolute trust in each other. Amy, you must voluntarily push your own dildo in until your plates touch because only that will release Susan’s magnet and allow her to pull her head back enough to get a breath. I suggest that 15 to 20 seconds can be a very long time in this situation so you two had better work together as a team.”

We blindfolded the two and pushed plugs inside their nostrils then applied pressure to the back of Susan’s head until the dildo started to disappear inside Amy. Once it was almost all the way in the magnet engaged and snapped the two plates together,

“OK, Amy, it’s up to you now” said Karen. Panting through the vents in her dildo gag the girl only hesitated for a few seconds before she ducked her head forwards plunging the rubber shaft deeply into Susan.

The two helpless sister learned very quickly to use smooth head movements that allowed each to get a regular breath in a beautiful example of teamwork so, to help their concentration, I turned on the butt plugs and the nipple vibrators. There was soon a point when it was Amy’s turn to breathe but she kept her head out as far as the helmet strap allowed gasping and panting through the air holes in the shaft.

Karen and I each held a stopwatch and were timing the action; I watched Amy and my sister, Susan. The ever-vigilant Karen’s stopwatch was reading 30 seconds but we had anticipated this happening. We knew that the rubber shaft pumping in and out along with the simulation from the buzzing butt plug and nipple toys had sent Amy into the inescapable throes of an orgasm just as it had done to Susan minutes before.

The idea was to teach them a lesson, not let them suffocate so she quickly reached over to pull the plugs from Susan’s nose allowing her to get some air while her dildo lifeline was buried in the convulsing leather covered form of her sister.

Amy groaned as the spasms of her climax lessened and she realized how long she had been in the throes of her orgasm; her head immediately ducked forwards in an action she thought would allow her sister to breathe. Susan’s nose plugs were replaced and we congratulated ourselves as we watched the two heads bobbing in a regular rhythm. It seemed as if our lesson in teamwork was a success.

We allowed them to recover by finally pulling out the nose plugs then pushing on the back of their heads until both dildos were buried and the magnets locked together. We tightened the straps from the top of their helmets taking out any last possibility of head movement. The gag flanges being 1” or so away from their mouths allowed them to breathe through their noses but that was about all they could do.

The butt plugs were still buzzing away and the nipple clamps doing their job so I plugged two more small wires into the control pad, flipped the switch that turned the buried dildos into vibrators and turned it to maximum.

Settling back in comfortable chairs we watched to see how long it took for the inevitable orgasms to overcome the leather bound sisters.

Chapter 24 – The Piebald Pair

Karen and I were down at the pond situated at the very back of our property. Behind the house was a large, fenced formal garden then a further half section that was fairly heavily wooded with a path through it to the pond that marked the back boundary.

Amy and Susan were not with us; actually they were hanging around in the garage, literally. After a breakfast that they had probably not enjoyed since, as we fed them, their arms were laced in reverse prayer leather binders and their feet in the ballet boots that seldom came off these days, we had put them in storage.

Our two lovely Asian bondage toys had been on their stands beside us at the table while we ate. The stands were low, wheeled platforms each with a 3’ upright post in the middle that had a metal rest partway up and a horizontal bar across the top.

We simply installed a spreader bar with a cuff at each end on the girls just above the knees, bent their legs, strapped their ankles to their thighs then lifted them on to their own stand; letting the center of the bar fit in the rest to take their weight. Short straps from each shoulder to the ends of the top bar held them upright. After feeding them we installed their personal mouth filling gags, taped over the lips and laced on leather discipline helmets.

Pulling gag straps as tight as they would go we wheeled them in the garage to wait for us. Their lower two orifices had been well plugged since the morning shower.

A few months ago we had arranged for a contractor to bring in a crew, clear out the dead wood and thin a number of the unneeded trees. The contract included splitting any useable logs but that was all so we were looking at several piles of weathered firewood we needed to get up to the house for use next winter.

As we strolled around the shore of the pond discussing what had to be done Karen got that look in her eyes and I stopped talking to let her concentrate on whatever it was she was thinking about. I had a feeling that Amy and Susan were going to be involved with yet another of Karen’s brainwaves!

I was right!

Two days later Karen, with me pretending to be her sub’, were back at the fetish store where we had bought some of the supplies for the thunderstorm scenario. I had a little difficulty holding my tongue while being poked, prodded and measured but was proud that, for a few minutes, I was able to get my arms in the necessary position for some of the measurements. I was also satisfied that I would be getting my own back for the humiliation. Karen ordered two sets of the items she picked, paid and a couple of weeks later we went back to collect them.

We also made stops at the hardware and garden stores.

Starting with Amy, naked except for her arms locked in the reverse prayer position and a large ball gag, we worked her legs in to the skintight black and white leather cat suit. Stretching it over her shoulders we laced it down the middle of her the back forming a pouch over her arms then to the waist. There was a flap to cover the laces that closed with Velcro so the coloration was not interrupted.

The suit had two strategic openings at the crotch and small, reinforced, nipple holes. A custom-made 3” wide metal belt locked around her waist and we flipped her down on her back to install the footwear.

We didn’t anticipate any problems with the transition from ballet to pony boots, and there wasn’t. In fact, over the months the tendons in the back of the sisters’ ankles had atrophied to the point where neither could come even close to getting a foot flat on the floor.

The heavily boned leather boots were soon laced and locked on to just above Amy’s ankles forcing her feet in almost a straight line with her shins. They ended in a metal 2” thick toe platform to which was riveted a 4” wide horseshoe. The arms of the hooves extended back another 4” to provide balance while, since there were no heels, a shaped flat metal bar supported the underside of her foot from the platform to under each heel.

Around the join of the pony boot and leather covering her legs we wrapped leather bands from which hung 6” long black fetlock horsehair. Standing her up again I took off the strap holding the ball gag and we worked a matching leather open-face hood over her head and neck. The ball in her mouth stayed put because of its size. Karen fed Amy’s long black hair out through an opening at the top of her head while I laced the hood down the back and covered the laces with a flap.

Standing her with her back to the wall I ran two short chains from Amy’s nose ring to hooks on each side of her head so she had to keep her weight on the pony hooves and watch while we worked on Susan.

When we had Susan in a matching outfit and against the wall beside her sister, Karen screwed a metal pipe in the socket on the right side of her metal belt while I held it in position at the left side of Amy’s waist. This locked the two together side-by-side with just a couple of inches between their shoulders.

The bit bar was long enough to extend 4” on either side and after working the balls out of their mouths we immediately replaced them by forcing in the large spade bits on the bar and fastening them in with the straps of a head harness. Now the sisters’ heads were also locked facing straight ahead but, for effect, a set of 3” square stiff black leather blinders attached to the harness beside their eyes.

Pulling them away from the wall Karen fixed Amy’s hair in a short leather sleeve so that it stood straight up before flowing down the back of her head in a plume. I did the same to Susan and then attached a lead rein to each end of the bit bar and pulled them to the center of the floor.

The butt plugs were attached to the short arm of a J shaped metal piece and we worked them up inside each girl, locking the top end in the middle of their waist belts. Just above where the metal split their ass cheeks was a large, plumed black tail. The dildoes slid smoothly through the openings in the cat suits and we laced their vaginas closed with the small gold rings down each side to hold them in.

We finished the effect with leather crotch straps covered in bright metal studs to match the waist belt and bit bar. So did the small metal bells we attached to each nipple ring.

They managed the pony shoes quite well but were shuffling which was not acceptable. We explained what we wanted them to do and, after a few turns around the garage and more than a few shots with the riding crops we carried, they improved the knee lifts somewhat but not to our satisfaction.

Karen left for a few minutes to return with her laptop. She had called up a site that had high stepping pony girls moving on the front page. Holding it up in front of each girl so they could see she told them that was what we wanted – or else.

While she did this I pulled one of our other purchases up behind the two. It was a three-wheeled garden container that had taken over from the old wheelbarrow. The fairly large bin was nearly 2’ deep but didn’t need to be lifted to move the load because of the extra wheels.

I had adapted it by removing the handle and replacing it with a hinged single shaft. The end of the shaft fitted to the middle of the metal bar joining the girls’ waists with a shackle.

Karen and I were wearing jeans, sweaters and comfortable working boots and now we led our team out in the garden, then down towards the woods.

At the first pile of logs we pulled on gloves and filled the barrow then made Amy and Susan pull it back to the house; high stepping all the way, so we could unload and stack it.

They worked hard that day but we only managed to clear about half of the wood. Rather than completely undress them then have to do it all again in the morning we just unhooked the barrow and had them move sideways through the door into the house where we could remove the bit bar and feed them.

One at a time we let them relieve themselves then replaced the butt plugs but unscrewed the tails so they could lie on their backs on an air mattress. A couple a straps around each girls legs and a nice large ball gag settled them in for the night on the floor of the playroom.

Soon after lunch the next day we finished clearing all the firewood and stacking it under cover ready for use; thanks to the efforts of our team of pony girls.

Now it was my turn to start thinking as I watched Karen lead them through the garden to the house after the final trip.

I told my sister what I had in mind then, after she stopped laughing, we hitched them to the wall of the garage while we went inside to shower and change.

The best way to describe our dresses was “Southern Belle”; high necked tight bodices then ankle length skirts flaring out below the sashes around our waists allowed our feet in their high heels to peak out. Wide brimmed hats, elbow length gloves and a fan completed the outfits.

Karen’s was made of the finest white leather with the hat, sash, gloves and shoes in black patent leather. Mine was rose coloured leather with the accessories in white.

We had “acquired” the dresses from their parents’ leather fashion store the same night we requisitioned Amy and Susan but never worn them until now. It was the perfect setting in the garden with the sun shining and I pulled on the reins to get the ponies positioned while Karen set up the tripod and camera.

Standing on each side of the team we flipped our fans open to look coyly over them at the lens as the timer triggered the camera. That would be our Christmas card for cyber friends in the several BDSM and leather groups we belonged to.

Karen and I looked at each other, then at our leather encased piebald ponies, and both said the same thing – “We need a buggy!”




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