The Leather Twins Part 14: “Childs Play”

by Anne Gray

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© Copyright 2006 - Anne Gray - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/ff; bond; leather; harness; see-saw; toys; climax; cons/nc; X

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Chapter 25 – “Childs Play”

It was a beautiful, bright, crisp autumn day that my sister and I were enjoying as we strolled through the small town about 25 miles from home. That morning we had paid a visit to our favourite fetish store, made a few purchases and then stopped on the way home to do some window shopping.

As we stood side by side in front of a large display window I studied our reflections and smiled as other pedestrians passed behind us and I thought to myself - if they only knew. Karen must have seen my grin because she turned her head and winked at me.

As we got ready this morning we had decided to emphasize, as we did occasionally, the fact that we were identical twins. Consequently the two figures reflected in the window were of equal height because the heels on our boots were the same, comfortable, three and a half inches. The hairstyles and understated makeup were the same and our coats, although different colours, matched.

The coats, naturally, were soft leather and they were buttoned almost to the silk scarves around our neck, snugly belted, then falling to just below our knees; they were just right for the slight chill in the air. Karen’s was a light dusty rose and mine pale leaf green. The reason we were chuckling to ourselves was that under the coats, what the passer-by’s couldn’t see, were that the stylish black boots continued up our legs to thigh height. There they joined the edges of tight black leather bustier body suits. The thin kid gloves, also black, disappeared into the sleeves of the coats and actually extended well up our arms almost to the shoulder.

In fact, without the coats, we were in full Domme mode. The only other two people who knew what was hidden by the perfectly fashionable and publicly acceptable outerwear were Susan and Amy. They had seen the outfits as we laced their heads in tight leather discipline helmets and tightened the gag straps. Then we had buttoned and belted our coats before strapping blindfolds in place on the helplessly bound girls and departing for our outing.

I adjusted the shoulder strap on my purse as we turned to continue our walk. Several minutes later I realised the Karen was no longer at my side and turned to look for her. A little way back we had passed a junior school and Karen was standing at the fence staring into the playground.

I went back to her and she looked at me, with that far away gaze in her eyes, then turned back again to look at the kids.

“Just look at all the equipment they’ve got; they are having so much fun on it I wonder……” Her voice trailed off as I studied the playing children. I didn’t know what was going through Karen’s mind but, somehow, I just knew it did not bode well for Amy and Susan’s comfort.

Boy, was I right!

After we got home Karen headed straight for the computer leaving me to look after our two houseguests. I checked on the two leather bound forms and adjusted their headgear by replacing the gags with smaller ones that had built in feeding tubes they could suck on. Those allowed me to attach supply hoses from bags of the combination fluid and nutrient mix I hung over their heads.

Adjusting the flow to one that they could easily handle, I tightened the odd strap here and there to make them even more immoveable. After removing the blindfolds so that they could see the level in the bags, I made sure each of them saw me holding up both hands. Ten fingers meant ten minutes to empty their lunch containers; that was a hard learned lesson and both girls started sucking and swallowing while breathing through the stiff rubber nostril inserts.

I rejoined Karen and asked what was going on but all I got in return was a big grin and a “Wait and see.”

It was two weeks before she got the message to go and pick up the contraption. I stayed to look after Susan and Amy and when Karen got back I made sure they were very secure before going into the living room and watching her unpack the box. She reminded me of a kid with a new toy on Christmas morning sitting in the middle of the carpet surrounded by bits and pieces of metal and pipes in several different lengths.

She seemed to know exactly what went where and had me hold things while she locked them in place with bolts and a wrench. Gradually whatever it was took shape until even stupid me could see it was a version of a kids teeter-totter or seesaw.

The two tripods or stands were three feet high and instead of the long plank there were two metal pipes, about six feet long, that she bolted together until they looked like a ladder. Several “rungs” held them together and the one in the middle had a large adjustable socket that fitted over a ball jutting up from the main piece joining the two stands.

Looking very pleased with herself Karen asked me to make us a couple of drinks and then explained what she had in mind. I nearly choked on my drink when she got to the part about the six dildos!

The whole set up would be marvellously diabolical but then she was my sister; I loved it. This was going to take some planning so I got a pad and pencil, a couple more drinks, and we started listing the things we needed and how to introduce Susan and Amy to Karen’s idea.

The day before we planned to do the deed we made sure that both Amy and Susan ate well and were completely hydrated because the next day, except for a little liquid and mush, they would get nothing. Karen asked me to make a trip to our fetish supplier and pickup a couple of packages that would be waiting for us. I had to fold down the back seat of my car to get the long, wrapped parcel to fit; the other was just a square box. As promised, I didn’t ask what they were and resisted having a peek.

After settling our charges for an almost comfortable night’s rest Karen and I were enjoying an after dinner liqueur when, with a huge grin, she asked if I’d like to see the contents of the box.

Silly question!

It contained the dildos and butt plugs but, after my sister explained how she had asked them to be adapted, I just had to experience the sensations they would cause.

As it turned out we both tried one of the dildos while holding on to the contraption; I went first while Karen watched and, after just a few minutes, didn’t want to stop. Oh my God, it was fabulous and Karen had to pull me off so she could try. After what I had been through I convinced her to let me fasten a belt around her waist for safety’s sake.

It’s lucky I did because she completely lost her grip in the throes of one of her orgasms and, it was also lucky the room was soundproof, our nearest neighbours were a mile away but she would have woken them with her screams of ecstasy.

I didn’t know whether to feel envious or sorry for Susan and Amy in the morning; we could stop when we’d had enough, they would not have that option and we had only tried the one dildo!

After breakfast, a substantial one for us but just a small fruit yoghurt and water for the girls, we had started to prepare them for the set up. Nearly two hours later they were ready to “be assembled”!

The two leather bound forms lay on their backs beside the contraption. Well, really, they were resting mostly on their arms that were forced in the familiar reverse prayer up between their shoulder blades. The leather arm binders gave them no leeway at all especially because several straps also connected them to the heavily boned corsets that encased them from breasts to buttocks while leaving the crotches open.

The heelless ballet boots were thigh high and very tightly laced. Karen and I had lots of practice making sure they were crease free which took some skill with the lacing. The boots had also been adapted for this occasion.

Severe leather discipline helmets had gone on the two after we fitted them each with a pair of clear goggles and their own mouth filling gags; the ones with a threaded hole in the centre. The helmets had the requisite holes under the nostrils allowing them to breathe. Instead of gag straps we laced on boned leather neck corsets that stretched from just under the nostrils to the top of the corsets. This kept the head rigidly in line with the body while protecting the throat.

We moved the two helpless forms around until their feet were about level with the others crotch then, with a grin, Karen loaded and lubricated one of the butt plugs. I held Susan’s legs apart while my sister worked the plug deeply inside and used straps to the corset to hold it in place, then I grabbed Amy’s left ankle and positioned the toe of the ballet boot against the base of the plug.

A clamp we had attached to the toe of the boot snapped into a groove around the plug and locked them together. After installing Amy’s plug Susan’s left foot was placed in the same position and locked.

Now came the interesting part, we loaded and then screwed a dildo to the toe of their right boot; there was enough give in the boots to allow the knees to bend slightly. That allowed us to position the tips of the toys at the entrances of their vaginas then, with a quick push down on the knees, the eight inch dildos slid in to their nests. A strap around all four legs at the knee and we had spliced Susan and Amy together.

Karen moved the long package over and we unwrapped it to reveal a heavily stiffened leather sleeve with lacing grommets down the full length and roller buckled straps every eight or ten inches.

Fifteen minutes later and we had a solid black leather tube with a head sticking out each end. We easily lifted our parcel up and on to the “ladder” of the contraption Karen had built. A few more straps and they became the plank of our see-saw.

The last two dildos were the regular type, nicely curved, slightly nubbed and we screwed them firmly into the threaded holes in the gags. Making sure to keep the girls perfectly level so as not to spoil the surprise we added the last couple of touches.

Metal handholds screwed down over their waists and then we snapped tubes in each nostril insert. These were hard rubber and curved down across each leather covered cheek to under their ears where the tubes belled open slightly.

Now for the fun part! Karen and I stripped out of our leather cat suits until we were naked except for our boots and carefully straddled the dildos protruding upwards from our victims’ mouths. We were so hot there was no need for lubrication as the dildos slid inside and we gripped the hand holds.

Since we were now sitting on their faces the nostril tubes allowed them to breathe although the view they were getting through the goggles would not be very inviting.

One, two, three – GO!

Several things happened. I bent my legs and put all my weight on the dildo coming out of Susan’s gag causing Karen at the other end, with a little push from her legs, to ride up until her boots left the floor. She gasped as the dildo in Amy’s mouth embedded itself even deeper in her most sensitive region.

As Karen’s end of the leather “plank” went up Susan’s body went down and the handful of different sized ball bearings loaded in her hollow butt plugs and dildos rolled down to land in the knobs.

Reversing the motion caused the same thing to happen at Amy’s end and we knew, from our experiment last night, that the sensation as those heavy little metal balls landed in the tips of the toys was beyond description. And they had two each inside them.

After a while Karen reached down an unlocked the latch on the ball socket so that now we could not only bounce up and down but also move in circles. And we did until we were close to loosing our grip on the handholds; God knows what Susan and Amy were feeling or how many times they had come despite the leather restraints. If the frequency of my peaking, and Karen’s screams, was any indication they should be drained.

Getting off their faces we started them turning slowly like a propeller but also with their heads going up and down as they rotated; from the way the air was literally whistling through the nostril tubes those ball bearings were driving them over the edge.

After a while we locked them in the horizontal position so everyone could get some rest. But the day was young and a few hours later we were right back enjoying our “Child’s Play”.