The Leather Twins Part 12: "Mmppff"

by Anne Gray

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© Copyright 2006 - Anne Gray - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/ff; bond; bdsm; leather; armbinder; harness; gags; toys; climax; reluct/nc; X

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Part Twelve - "Mmppff"

Chapter 22 - “MMPPFFF”

WHAPPP! MMPPFF!  “Damn it Amy at this rate we’re going to lose.” I moaned. The db meter that measured sound volume was only 6” from her mouth and had hit 56 as the leather strop landed across the tight leather covering her ass cheeks.

Karen had not held back as she swung the 2’ long piece of thick 3” wide leather from over her shoulder to cut down on an angle across Amy’s buttocks.

This whole thing had started very simply when I had been surfing the net and came across a picture of several different types of gags that I printed out to show my sister.  Later that evening we had been discussing the pros and cons of the various types as we watched Susan and Amy writhing on the floor of the playroom.

An hour or so before we had fixed them up ready for bed and were letting our playthings tire themselves out a bit before settling them down for the night.  They were both encased in skintight leather from the toes of the thigh high ballet boots to the top of the laced discipline helmets.  The two forms were rolling around, bending, where their restraints allowed, and moaning through their packed mouths; sometimes one or the other would actually arch up on her shoulders and heels as another orgasm hit.

The vibrating dildos and butt plugs were turned to maximum and there would be little relief for either sister until we decided to turn them off.  In the meantime Karen and I agreed that the molded full mouth gags we had designed and made for Susan and Amy probably could not be beaten.

Well one thing led to another and we decided it would be fun to have a gagging contest.  Naturally the recipients of our ideas would be the two reluctant houseguests currently struggling helplessly against their bonds on the floor. But then, after a couple more glasses of wine, as we were stretching the exhausted sisters on top of the bed with straps from the helmet rings to the headboard and the boot toes to the foot rail, I had a great idea.  

And so it was that Susan and Amy were not only the recipients but also the contestants.  We explained it to them this way.  You will have as much time as you need to come up with an effective gag for your sister and then install it.  We will judge the most efficient entry and the loser will spend the next thunderstorm in the garden by themselves.

We tossed a coin and I won and therefore had first choice of which sister I wanted to bet on.  No contest – without a second thought I pointed to Amy.  We would give them the run of the playroom, with certain restrictions of course, and see which one could come up with the most effective gag.  We had hidden their personal molded gags as off limits.

Another coin toss and Susan got to go first.

We arranged Amy kneeling on the lowered table.  She was laced in a full leather body suit with a built in corset and her arms strapped in the reverse prayer position.  At the end of the table we installed a neck stock that had straps around her upper body to hold her rigidly still.  We braided Amy’s beautiful long black hair and pulled it back to be fastened to the top edge of the stock.

The thin strap from a pair of nostril hooks also attached to the top edge while a padded hook was settled over her lower front teeth and we pulled on that strap until her mouth was wide open and buckled it to the bottom edge of the stock.

Naturally she was well plugged front and rear although the crotch strap holding things in did have a couple of metal contacts for later use.

Susan was also in leather from head to the toes of a pair of ballet boots.  The foot long ankle hobble allowed her to walk; her kid gloved hands were free but straps around each arm just above the elbows and across her back restricted their movement.

I had chosen Amy because over the last few months she had proven to be more of the stoic than Susan who was the crier and whiner.  But it looked like I had made a mistake because after Susan’s efforts to gag her Amy was still making a lot of noise.

When Susan indicated she was finished we had blindfolded Amy so she couldn’t brace herself or anticipate what was coming.

THWACK! MMPPFFF!  40 on the meter!  Five times the old barber’s strop landed and five times the reading was over 40.  Susan’s effort was definitely not working to my advantage.  Just to make completely sure Karen now touched a wire to the contacts in the crotch strap and Amy reacted with a 60 on the damn meter.

Now it was Amy’s turn and she had to gag Susan so the average readings would be under 45; I didn’t think she could do it.  I underestimated her!

Their positions reversed Karen and I watched as the still gagged Amy tottered on her majestic ballet boots around the room opening drawers and looking at all our equipment.  Susan was already moaning through her braced open mouth and I wondered what it was going to cost me for a new outfit of my sister’s choice that was our agreement for losing.  If that happened I’d make damn sure Amy didn’t enjoy the next rain storm.

Amy made her way back to put some things on the side table and then headed off again towards the toilet and shower area.   I was surprised when she turned and beckoned to me with her right hand then pointed at something.

When I went over I saw her hand was near the bath sponge and she looked at me with her eyebrows raised in an obvious question.  Karen and I agreed that we would allow them to use anything in the room so I nodded but, since the sponge was still wet from their morning shower, I first picked up a pair of rubber gloves and stretched them over her kid gloved hands.

She picked up the round sponge that was at least 6” or 7” across and 2” thick and moved over to the sink.  Turning on the water she proceeded to rinse it and I realized that whatever she was going to do with it she was making sure it was clean of soap residue.  Wringing it out she moved back to the table and reached out with one hand to gently stroke her sister’s cheek.  I think she was apologizing for what she was about to do.

She took the sponge and folded it in half and I looked at Karen in disbelief.  There was no way that thing would go in Susan’s mouth – I was wrong.  It took Amy nearly fifteen minutes of pushing and poking with her fingers but finally the whole thing was buried with most of it behind Susan’s teeth.

She unbuckled the strap holding the hook on Susan’s bottom teeth then pulled off the rubber gloves so she could pick up a piece of thin wire and thread it through the holes in Susan’s upper and lower front teeth.  With a pair of pliers she twisted the ends together and then kept twisting as she pushed up on her sister’s jaw.

Amazingly Susan’s mouth started to close over the immense packing and Amy kept pushing in on the bits of sponge still outside.  Gradually the shortening wire pulled the girl’s teeth together and Amy cut off most of the excess then folded the remaining bit in against the join.

Now this amazing performance continued with her pushing in a strip of rubber between Susan’s teeth and her cheeks then taping her lips closed over the whole lot.  She still wasn’t finish though.  Amy took a 2” wide leather gag strap that was backed with a 1” thick pad and positioned it across her sister’s mouth before buckling it tightly at the back of her head.

Susan was panting through the permanent nostril tubes and tears streamed down her face but I mopped them up before they reached the leather.

Thinking Amy was finished I patted her on the head and started putting the blindfold on Susan.  Because of her crying I had chosen one with absorbent padding over each eye.  As I finished strapping it in place Amy touched my arm and shook her head.  Good Lord she wasn’t finished! 

Making her way on those amazing heels back to the chest of drawers she removed something and moved back to the table.  She undid the strap holding the nostril hooks and then untied Susan’s hair from the top of the stock.  Karen and I started laughing at this amazing turn of events because next she was arranging the straps and fitting her sister with a full face rubber gas mask.

Karen moved the db meter in place and I waited a moment then brought the leather strop down with a full swing of my arm.  Susan’s body jerked as it hit and everyone who could looked at the meter – 18.

THWAK! Mmppff!  Five times the strop rose and fell and the meter never got over 25.  Out of fairness to Karen I picked up the wire and touched the contacts on Susan’s crotch strap.  Wow, that got a 30 but I had won.  I knew just the leather pant suit I had been eyeing and would now get thanks to Karen’s generosity.

Susan would be dreading the weather forecasts and when I pulled the plug from Amy’s gag tonight her reward would be a nice cold glass of wine followed by a night in my bed.

The only reason we can think of that Amy worked so hard to win this contest is that she just doesn’t like thunderstorms!




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