The Leather Twins Part 4: The Next Step & More of the Same

by Anne Gray

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© Copyright 2006 - Anne Gray - Used by permission

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Part Four - The Next Step & More of the Same

Chapter 7 – The Next Step

Over the next few days we had a wonderful time trying them in several outfits and positions; gradually they almost resigned against the inevitable.  Even so we never gave either of them the slightest chance to resist or try to retaliate against us.  While we worked on them for those first days only one arm or leg would be free from restraint at any given time.  We agreed that Susan was the most compliant to our ministrations while Amy still had a defiant look in her eyes.

At the end of the first week it was time for the next step in our program and we had Susan tightly gagged and naked.  She was strapped face up on the table with her legs apart and a strap across her forehead.  We had put a sandbag on each side of her head and the strap now kept it immobile.  Her sister, also gagged, sat tied into a chair where she could see what we were going to do. 

It was nearly two years since we had decided that to satisfy our bondage hobby we needed to acquire other bodies than ourselves and had started planning.  One of the things we had done was take an extensive course in cosmetic body piercing.  The course had lasted over two months, two nights a week, and had spent almost as much time on the safety and hygiene aspects as the actual mechanics of the skill.

For example piercing the tongue had to be handled very carefully not only because of the blood vessels but also because they tended to swell and had to be monitored until they returned to normal.   I had done Karen’s ears with two more piercings above the one she had done in her early teens, a small diamond stud in her left nostril and her navel ring; she had done the same for me.  Now we were going to put our knowledge to a more extensive test.

Making sure our equipment was sterile Karen first did each side of Susan’s nostrils with keeper studs and then the center cartilage with a small ring.  Nipple rings followed.  Tears streamed down the sides of the girl’s face and she even managed a low scream as she felt me reach for her crotch.  I pierced the lips of her pussy eight times on either side and installed studs.  In addition to antiseptic cream we covered the area with a heavy grease to protect it from urine while it healed.

We released her from the table and tied her in a full spread-eagle against the wall then put on an adult diaper.  She now watched as we repeated the process with Amy. It took just over a week for everything to heal nicely as twice a day we treated the piercings and turned the keepers.  They had some relief from the more stringent bondage but were none the less securely restrained at all times.  Now we were going to get creative with the results of our skill.

Taking Amy first, they were both gagged as usual; we tied her by the waist and legs into a chair with its back against a workbench.  Pulling her arms straight out behind her we strapped her wrists to the bench with the back of her hands against the surface.  Two small metal racks screwed to the table over her hands.  These held her fingers slightly apart and immobile.  Her elbows were tied to each side of the chair back and we were ready to begin.

Using an electric drill I punched small holes through her fingernails just a fraction of an inch away from the skin of her fingertips.  Turning her hands over and again holding them in place with the racks, we affixed bright red, pre-drilled, artificial acrylic nails on top of her real ones.  We moved Susan to the other end of the workbench and did the same to her.

Tying Amy’s wrists behind her back we released her from the chair and pulled her over to the middle of the room and forced her to her knees.  Tying her ankles   2’ apart to a couple of floor rings I then knelt in front of her and pulled her by the hair until I could clamp her head between my knees and hold her while Karen lubricated and then pushed in one of our largest butt plugs and taped it over.

We next fitted her into a one-piece leather cat suit with a boned waist, high neck and cut outs for her nipples.  It had another cut out at the vagina and the built in gloves stopped about one inch from the fingertips.  We added a pair of stiletto high-heeled boots that forced her feet in to incredible arches. With her now flat on her back Karen tied her left wrist to a floor ring while I held her right arm so her hand was near her crotch.  Karen had the small gold rings ready and as I held each finger in position she fed a ring through the hole in the fingernail and then one of the holes in the right lip of her vagina.  Since there were four fingers we used every other hole; the thumb was left free for the moment.  The holes in between just got a ring.

Changing positions we did the left hand the same way and then overlapped her thumbnails and installed a very short dumbbell stud through the holes.  A 7” dildo went in all the way and as Karen held her wrists still I took a blunt needle and a length of thin leather thong and used the rings to lace her closed over the end of the dildo.  Lifting her to her feet Karen ran a strap around her elbows and pulled it tight across her back and I closed the neck of the cat suit with wide, stiff leather choker collar.

Pulling her hair back into a tight ponytail we changed the gag for a large leather pear and a strap across her mouth that matched the suit.  Gold studs with short gold chains attached went in each nostril and draped across her cheeks to one of the holes in her ears and a larger gold ring went through the hole in her septum.  The collar kept her looking straight ahead but we reinforced it by running a leather thong from her ponytail to the strap around her elbows.

Snapping on a pair of gold nipple clamps we ran a taunt gold chain from one up through the nose ring and down to the other.  I applied makeup to Amy’s eyes, added a lovely pair of dangling gold earrings and we hobbled her with a gold ankle chain before telling her to walk across the room.  She wobbled on the high heels and groaned at the movement of the inserts but did as she was told.  The contrast between the black leather, gold rings and chains and the bright red nails made a lovely sight.

Susan received a matching outfit and between them they made an outstanding pair of bondage twins.  We kept them as they were for the rest of the day and even allowed them through into the dining room where we fed them supper that evening.  After the meal I sat and cuddled with a gagged again Susan as we watched some bondage tapes.  Karen and Amy were on the other couch and from the muffled noises Karen was doing a bit more than just cuddling; I know I was!

Chapter 8 – More of the Same!

Now that we had them completely under control it was time to get a little more ambitious with the piercing kit.  Yet again Amy was first.  She was laced into a leather crotch-less body suit, arms doubled up between her shoulder blades and elbows strapped together so that her forearms touch along their length. Positioned on her back on the table, strapped down at the waist and across the chest above her bulging breasts, with her feet tied into the stirrups at the end of the metal arms which themselves were locked wide apart; she was completely venerable.  Karen strapped Amy into a stiff posture collar and, after putting a rolled cushion under her neck, we ran straps from each side of the collar to the table and a further strap across her forehead to keep her head absolutely still.

I pulled the ball gag partially out of her mouth until it was still holding her teeth apart and this allowed Karen to fit the rubber covered grooves of a metal clamp over her top and bottom teeth near the side of her mouth.  Turning the screw on the clamp caused the brace to open until the ball just popped out and, a few turns later, her jaws were held at maximum stretch. After inserting one of our largest butt plugs I held the skin around her rosebud while Karen went to work.  Now it was my turn and I mounted a metal bridge to the table so its horizontal bar crossed about 6” above Amy’s mouth.  I fitted a dentist’s rubber debris dam in her mouth to stop anything going down her throat and then, while Karen peeled back the girl’s lips I clamped a small electric drill to the bar of the bridge and drilled holes through the four front teeth; two top and two bottom.

The diamond bit went through easily and I positioned the holes so they were close enough to the ends to miss the nerves but in far enough to avoid chipping.  Now I used a pair of padded tongs to capture Amy’s tongue and hold it while Karen installed stainless steel barbell studs halfway back on either side and at the tip.  We finished the job with four rings through her top lip and the same in the bottom one. By this time they were both sobbing uncontrollably, Amy because of what we had done and Susan because she knew she was next.  She was right. The only problem over the next few days as things healed was we could not gag them properly so we settled for feeding thin wire through the tooth holes and clamping their jaws shut with it.

Ever since we had “acquired” the twins we had occasionally left them completely helpless in one form of bondage or another while we did our shopping or ran errands.  One day we decided to visit the mall and see what we could find out.  The parents were back and we actually went into the store wearing our leather pant suits as an excuse to start a conversation. Asking after the girls so we could tell them how much we liked the outfits started the mother crying and the father explained that they had completely disappeared. The police had not been able to help and, since the only merchandise missing from the store was clothing in the size their daughters wore and there was no sign of a break in or foul play, they seemed to take the attitude that it was a family squabble. We left wishing them good luck in finding the girls and once we were well away from the place let the satisfied grins take over our faces.




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