The Leather Twins Part 5: The Sisters Embrace

by Anne Gray

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© Copyright 2006 - Anne Gray - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/ff; bond; leather; latex; hobble; outdoors; rocking-horse; toys; climax; nc; X

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Part Five - The Sisters Embrace

Chapter 9 – The Sisters Embrace!

We had initiated Susan and Amy into individual bondage, but over a cocktail last night, we had come up with the idea of melding them into a single tableau.  After a couple of hours discussion, during which the girls stared at us in horror, Karen and I had things planned to the last detail. This was going to take some time so we started right after their breakfast had a chance to settle.  This time we started with Susan while Amy sat, almost comfortably bound and gagged, where she could watch.

A heavily boned wasp waisted corset started the outfit and that was followed, after we gloved and taped her fingers together, by a leather bondage jacket that we laced down the back just as tightly as possible.  A wide leather belt went around her waist. Her arms went up her back in the reverse prayer position and attached to the collar strap.  The breast cups were laced until only her nipples stuck out and the arm pouch was tightened down to the point of her elbows.  From shoulders to waist she was immobile.

On the table, with the stirrups holding her legs apart, I pushed a large butt plug in to its full length and held it there while Karen laced her rosebud shut.  We did the same to her vagina after installing a very large dildo and then taped over both to prevent any leakage. Latex panties provided additional protection for the skin-tight kid leather pants we laced on her legs.  The crotch strap was pulled very firmly in place and buckled.

Now we strapped her legs together at several points and worked them into a single leg ballet boot.  We took turns pulling on the laces until the edges touched and there was not a wrinkle in sight in the leather.  Bending her legs at the knee I put my weight on them so that Karen could take all the slack out of a strap from the boot toe ring to buckle in the small of her back.  Another strap went around her upper thighs pulling the calves of her legs flush against the thighs. All this time she had been grunting and groaning at the pressures we imposed on her body and, as we started to work on her head and the gag came out, she was pleading for us to stop.  Of course, we didn’t!

Earplugs went in place and the heavy rubber cap covered her hair; I wedged her mouth open with a brace.  I held her tongue still with the tongs while Karen used a blunt needle to thread fishing line around the three bar bell studs in it and lace them to the inside of her lower teeth.  There was just enough play left in her tongue for her to swallow her saliva. I filled her mouth with a large leather gag and Karen again used more fishing line, fed through the holes in her teeth, to lock her jaws together over the gag.  A piece of soft leather went in to cover the teeth and I held her lips as Karen, this time using thin leather stands laced them together.  A wide piece of tape covered the job.

We inserted the hollow nostril plugs and laced on a kid leather discipline helmet with opening only at the eyes and under the nostrils.  The collar laced to the top of the body garment and a gag strap went over the mouth area to be buckled at the back of her head. There was another process in Susan’s bondage before she was ready for the final position but before we did that we needed to get Amy to the same point.  We lifted Susan to the floor and went for her sister.  Having already done it once, we soon had Amy just as tightly bound and, just as helpless.

Since Amy was on the table we went ahead with the next step.  Using some small coloured needlework beads and tweezers, we fed them on to several of her eyelashes and then used a second small hole in each one to lace her eyelids to the eyeholes of the helmet. Susan’s eyes got the same treatment and as we continued with their bondage we occasionally gave the eyes a squirt of very finely misted spray to keep them lubricate because they were unable to blink.

We had fitted a metal bar between the two floor to ceiling posts and we moved Amy over to it.  There was a leather pad on the floor and we positioned her knees on that and strapped her to the bar that was at her waist level.  Susan joined her on the other side of the bar. A wide strap went around their doubled up legs melding the front of their leather-covered thighs together.  We fed a ring through Amy’s right nipple and joined it to Susan’s left; the other two were also connected.  Another strap around their upper bodies crushed their chests together.

We had to use needle nosed pliers but managed to get two small gold rings through the holes in the sides of their nostrils so the tips of their noses were touching.  Another strap ran from the back of Susan’s collar, over their heads and buckled at the nape of Amy’s neck. Another squirt of moisture for their eyes and the video camera recorded this classic piece of leather bondage.  As their bodies adjusted we tightened any strap that showed even a tiny bit of play. Tongues attached to their teeth, mouths full of leather, lips laced closed and taped; they were bound, strapped and held as tightly as we could conceive.

Not wishing to risk damage to their eyes, after the video record was made, we released their heads enough to tilt them back and remove the beads.  This was managed without damaging their eyelashes and, as they closed their eyes in relief, we strapped on padded leather blindfolds.  Pushing their heads forwards so their chins were resting on the others left shoulder we ran straps around at eye level and over their gags, locking the heads together. It was hard to believe that we would be able to top this display but, given enough thought, anything was possible.

Chapter 10 – A Nice Walk and a Wild Ride!

Early in the morning, after we had them showered and fed, we dressed Amy fairly comfortably albeit with inserts front and back.  A crotch strap held them in place and she also wore a leather bra and tightly laced corset.  High-heeled thigh boots matched the skintight, high-necked red leather dress and its wide belt but were mostly covered by the hobble skirt. Tight gloves kid covered her hands and forearms and we simply strapped each wrist to the sides of her belt.  A temporary gag completed this stage and we sat her on the couch where she could watch us getting Susan into a matching outfit.

Side by side on the couch we brushed their hair until it shone then, while I held Amy’s head, Karen forced a rubber-covered 5” long bit in her mouth and used the holes in her teeth to wire them so they clamped on the bit.  We did the same to Susan and then finished their faces with lipstick and eye makeup. Big, gold dangling earrings and gold studs in each side of their nostrils made them very attractive and we fitted wide brimmed red leather hats on their heads tying the ribbons snugly under their chins.

Making them stand side by side we released Susan’s right wrist and locked it to the right side of Amy’s belt.  Amy’s left wrist went to the left side of Susan’s waist.  A short gold chain joined Susan’s left wrist to Amy’s right behind their backs.  They stood there looking just like a pair of loving sisters. Living as we did on a large, secluded piece of land, their treat for the day was going to be some fresh air.  We hooked a pair of reins to each bit, one set for me and one for Karen, then prodded them towards the patio doors and out into the gardens.

There was some moaning around the bits as they had their first walk of any length in the ultra high heels and, of course, the inserts were working inside them.  Strolling behind them Karen and I kept them moving with an occasional touch of the crops we carried and directed them with the reins. The sleek leather dresses rippled as they walked and they made a beautiful sight.  Karen had brought the video camera to record the outing and used it as we moved around the garden path.  There were a couple of trees that might be fun to use one day but for the time being we took them twice around before directing them back to the house to get ready lunch.

Strapping them into their own chairs we removed the tooth wires and bits to feed them as we ate our own meal.  Karen explained to them that as they had just “enjoyed” a pleasant morning their afternoon would be spent in a much more active form of activity.  In fact we were going to see how often we could get them to orgasm. Susan looked almost hopeful but Amy got sullen and then started to swear at us.  That resulted in them both being severely gagged.  Naturally we took Amy first and stripped her naked, even removing the inserts.  The beautiful dress was carefully hung away and then we laced her into a neck to waist leather jacket.

Forcing her arms up between her shoulder blades we strapped them in place and then laced the arm pocket shut.  A large butt plug was installed and we taped it over before working her legs into a pair of skintight leather pants with an opening at the crotch. Lacing on a pair of high-heeled boots we led her over to one of two grocery store rocking horses we had found at auction and adapted for our use.  With one of us on each side we each grabbed an ankle, wrapped our arms around her waist, and lifted her into the saddle.

This saddle had two horns.  The regular one, plus a large leather dildo that we had attached at just the right angle to slide halfway inside her.  We settled her in place and used straps across each thigh to hold her in place as we locked her feet in to the stirrups.  We had the bar of the stirrups under the instep of the boot, not at the toe, and she was taking some of her weight on them to stop the second “horn” going in for its full length.

Now we worked on her head until there was a proper gag in her mouth along with earplugs, nostril inserts and a tightly laced leather discipline helmet connected to the head of the jacket.  We belted a light brown buckskin riding skirt around her waist and a matching, armless fringed jacket about her upper body. To top off the outfit I settled a leather Stetson on her head with the strap tight under her chin.  The gag she had earned at lunch was reinforced with an extra strap.  She was struggling to hold herself off the dildo with her legs but then her eyes went wide as she saw what was in my hand.

I slowly put the 25c coin in the slot and the machine started its familiar motion. With no arms to help or balance her, and with the continued rocking of the horse, the pressure on her knees was too much and she slowly sank all the way into the saddle.  50c later she was moving with the machine, head thrown back and eyes closed. The moans were pleasure, not pain and we had found her weak spot. Susan practically helped us get her ready for the second horse that was set up facing her sister.  By the end of the afternoon Karen and I were out of quarters and Amy and Susan were exhausted so it was time for all of us to go to bed!




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