The Leather Twins Part Three: The First Day Continues

by Anne Gray

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© Copyright 2006 - Anne Gray - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/ff; bond; leather; latex; catsuit; susp; armbinder; toys; nc; X

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Part Three - The First Day Continues

Chapter 5 – The First Day Continues!

Taking time for a leisurely meal and after relaxing for an hour we visited our new playthings again before we tidied up.  Both had their eyes closed and didn’t know we were back until they felt our hands on their leather covered cheeks. Unable to struggle in the severe bondage they could, and did, moan at us through the gags however we were not finished with them in their current outfits.  Karen fitted a leather blindfold over Amy’s eyes and tightened the strap behind her head while I removed the beautiful cape from Susan followed by the wig then also blindfolded her. 

Karen, after removing the leather ribbons from them, took one of Amy’s nipples and gentle rolled it between her fingers.  Bending down she took the other one in her mouth and turned on the vibrators.  Susan’s chest was completely covered with the dress and under jacket but I was still able to take one of her breasts in each hand and massage them after I turned on her vibrators. Despite themselves their bodies began to obviously react to our efforts and they started panting through their nostrils which were held wide open by the hollow inserts under the leather helmets.  As soon as we judged them to be thoroughly aroused we stopped, shut off the vibrators and went about putting away some of the items laying around from the morning. 

After fifteen minutes we were back at them again only this time I worked on Amy.  In this manner we had them up and down for the next two hours.  We had the room cleaned up and they must have been at a stage of complete frustration.  At this point we knew the batteries would not last much longer and so we kept at the girls until, almost together, they stiffened against their restraints and then went as limp as their outfits and positions would allow. 

We allowed them ten minutes and then started to give them further relief, this time from the stringent bondage.  Releasing Amy from between the poles her outfit came off a lot faster than it went on and we soon had her spread-eagled to four floor rings and naked except for the helmet, gag and blindfold. Removing the butt plug and dildo we replaced them with soft tampon like inserts that we had soaked in a soothing gel.  These would help comfort her violated orifices.  The latex panties went back on.  While her legs were untied we pushed her feet into the legs and stirrups of a tight one piece leather cat suit. 

Tying her ankles back to the floor rings we undid one arm at a time and bent it back until we could work her hands down the sleeves and into the attached gloves.  When both arms were in we stretched it a little until her shoulders popped in place inside the leather.  Heavy-duty zippers closed the suit from crotch to neck and the sleeves from elbow to wrist. Now we worked her gloved fingers into individual leather pouches that were built into the suit on the outside of each thigh.  Leather thongs knotted just above each knuckle to hold them in place along with a tight strap at the wrist.  When both hands were finished I buckled a wide belt around her waist. 

A crotch strap held everything firmly up inside her and was followed by a pair of high-heeled boots that laced to the knee.  Two leather covered recliner boards mounted on brackets were near one wall of the room and we pulled Amy to her feet and over to one of them.  Backing her against the board we tied cord from the rings on each side of her waist belt to attachment points at the edges of the board. We tied her ankles together and to the bottom of the board.  She was almost upright on the high heels and fairly comfortable compared to some of the positions she had tasted over the last twelve hours or so.  We removed the blindfold so she could watch us work on her sister but left the helmet and gag in place as we went over to Susan. 

It took time to get her out of the leather dress and off the crotch pole but eventually we had her dressed, inside and out just like Amy, and attached to the other board.  Then we removed her blindfold.  Karen worked on Amy and I handled Susan.  We removed the gag straps and unlaced their helmets.  The surgical tape was peeled off their mouths and the nostril inserts came out. After we pulled out the gags they started to work their jaws but immediately found themselves the recipients of a deep French kiss.  We then offered them a glass of water that they drained before suddenly realizing that, for the first time since the abruptly terminated breakfast, they were not gagged.  So the pleading and questions started with Susan doing the pleading and Amy asking the questions. 

We told them to just do as they were told and we would all get along; of course, they didn’t have much choice in the matter.  We fed them a high-energy bar and some more water before ordering them to open their mouths.  Susan complied and I pushed in a leather gag that was attached to a small boxers mouthpiece that fitted over her teeth. A short piece of wide tape covered her mouth.  Amy refused so Karen clamped a hand over her mouth and I pushed in first one then the other nostril plug.  Amy immediately found that these were not hollow and she was not getting any air. After thirty seconds Karen took her hand away and asked the girl if she would obey.  In response she clamped her lips tightly together and found them immediately covered again by Karen’s hand.  This time we waited almost a minute before tears started to roll down Amy’s cheeks and she nodded her head up and down.  Karen’s hand came away and the mouth opened.  In went the gag to be covered with tape; being a bitch I waited a few moments before pulling out the nostril plugs. 

Gag straps covered the tape and then we took time to brush out their hair before buckling the collars of their cat suits and using cord through rings on the collars to each side of the boards.  A further strap across the chest just above their breasts immobilized them completely.  Tilting the boards to a level position we told them to enjoy some quiet time and relax until we had finished our chores. Unloading the van took some time and we carefully hung up the additions to our wardrobes in the huge cedar lined walk-in closets off our bedrooms.  Karen and I often wore matching outfits and since Amy and Susan were the same size as us they would also be wearing some of the beautiful leather and suede.  Unfortunately for them they would also now be modeling the bondage collection we had previously only had a chance to use on each other. 

Chapter 6 – Sleepy Time Girls!

It was time to get them ready for the night and Amy would again go first for her disobedience.  We actually had to wake Susan but Amy’s eyes just glared at us. Leaving Susan where she was we added a blindfold so she would be able to hear but not see what we were doing to her sister.  Releasing Amy from the board we stripped her naked except for the gag.  After tying her wrists together behind her back we took her to the washroom area and sat her on the toilet with her ankles tied to each side of the base. 

The soft inserts came out and we told her to do her business or we would help things along with an enema.  After she had relieved herself we cleaned her up and dragged her across the room and lashed her into a straight-backed chair that was anchored to the floor.  Karen removed the gag strap but left the gag and tape where they were for the time being. I soaked a small ball of cotton wool in light medical oil and used the blunt end of a pencil to push it deeply into her right ear.  Being soft it molded to the inside of the ear against the drum and I followed it with a rubber plug that filled the rest of the cavity.  The left ear got the same treatment and she was completely deaf. Just to make absolutely sure we pulled on the heavy rubber swim cap and as we tucked in her hair I settled foam pads over each ear to be held in place by the tightly stretched rubber.  The chinstrap was pulled firmly across to fasten under her left ear with Velcro. 

Removing her gag we replaced it with a large penis gag that had grooves top and bottom for her teeth.  Wide tape went around her head and over her mouth two or three times and I smoothed out any wrinkles.  Karen held her head while I fitted the hollow inserts in Amy’s nostrils and taped soft pads over her eyes.  The leather helmet molded snugly over her face as Karen laced it tightly down the back of her head. Releasing her arms from the chair we worked her into an heavy leather upper body jacket that had a lightly boned torso, built in bra cups slightly smaller than Amy’s breasts and long sleeves.  When it was tightly laced down the back we laced the sleeves from elbow to wrist and added specially designed gloves.  While they had individual fingers these were fixed together along their length holding the fingers tightly against each other.   Narrow webbing held the thumbs to the forefingers. 

The collar of the jacket laced to the neck of the helmet and then we put a three-part leather harness around her neck.  The wide choker band held her chin up and attached to it were a gag strap for over her mouth and, with short straps running up each side of her nose, another strap that buckled tightly around her head and over her eye area. The last two straps fed through slits in a leather fringe built into the helmet that followed the hairline from ear to ear.  There were eyelets every ½” around the fringe.  Holding her arms in front of her we strapped the wrists tightly so the hands were palm to palm and then pulled them up and over her head.  While I held the helpless girl’s head forward Karen bound her elbows; pulling on the strap until they touched and her head was trapped in front of them. 

I took a leather ball and fitted it into the cup of Amy’s hands and slipped a light plastic bag over them to protect the leather.  Karen held the hands in position while I taped the fingers immovably in place around the ball.  The next step involved a version of the double arm sheath that we worked down her arms until the ball of her hands fitted in the tight pocket at the end.  The sheath laced down her forearms, flared out at the elbow and the laces continued until they reached her shoulders. Now we used the fringe of eyelets framing the helmet to fasten her head tightly back to a matching fringe on the sheath.  Straps hung from the bottom of the sheath and would follow the curve of her torso before being attached later to a waist belt. 

Pulling her from the chair and over to the table, with her arms locked rigidly over and behind her head, we positioned her on her back and forced her legs into the stirrups. As I started working in a large butt plug only a low moan got past her gags. The dildo also went in smoothly and we released her legs and got her into a pair of very tight latex panties.  Skintight leather pants meant we had to flip her on her stomach to do up the laces from knee to ankle.  We deliberately chatted as we worked knowing that our conversation was probably scaring the hell out of Susan who could hear but not see what we were doing. 

When the pants had been attached to the waist of the jacket we stood her up just long enough to install a very tight crotch strap then got her back down on the table again and strapped her legs together above and below the knees and at the ankles. Getting her feet into the shoe part of the ultra high heeled double leg boot was a real struggle but we soon had them in and the laces done up to the ankle.  We added a strong ankle strap and hooked a rope from the ceiling pulley through its ring.  The pulley made it easy for us to haul her up until the ball of her bound hands was clear of the floor and we tied off the rope to a wall bracket. 

The boot had some very special features that now came into play.  It extended into a heavily boned corset that reached to just under Amy’s breasts.  The sides of the knees were also solidly boned and, as we laced the heavy leather down its length, the legs became rigid.  Having her upside down we could get even more pressure on the laces to pull the edges firmly together.  When we lowered her to the floor she was held completely motionless. The boning at the waist allowed no play at all and after we fitted a wide belt around her we attached the straps from the arm sheath to it.  One of the ceiling ropes came into use again but this time at the other end of our victim.  We buckled a strap around her wrists with another short strap on it that came over the ball of her hands and ended with a swivel ring. 

Hooking the ceiling rope through the ring we pulled her upright.  There was not the slightest bend in her body as we pulled her up which proved just how well she was secured in her leather bondage.  Once her feet cleared the floor by about a foot the rope was tied off and we stepped back to admire our handiwork.  Amy turned gently on the swivel, completely deaf, blind, gagged and helpless.  In fact the only sense she had left was the smell of all the beautiful leather that encased her so tightly. 

We were trying for complete sensory deprivation and this was as close as we could come. 

Standing on either side of Susan we watched her reaction when we removed the blindfold.  Her eyes went wide when she saw the leather covered figure hanging from the ceiling.  Of course we knew from personal experience that after the first few moments in this outfit you were not that uncomfortable. Completely helpless with no outside sensations and with your weight evenly distributed down the length of your body by the straps from the arm sheath to the waist and heavily boned corset and boot, the mind started to drift.  It became pleasant in there, a feeling we had both experienced many times. 

Susan could not know this – she fainted! 

This just made it that much easier to get her into a duplicate of Amy’s bondage.  The only thing we skipped was the bathroom bit.  We considered an enema but decided that since she had not eaten much lately she could wait until morning.  She started to come around as she was hanging upside down while we laced the combination boot and corset.  In short order we were pulling her booted feet clear of the floor to hang beside her sister. Under the instep of the boots was embedded a metal ring.  To these we attached short elastic straps that then snapped to a ring on the floor under each girl.  Before leaving them for the night we attached a breathing alarm to each of them.  These would sound at our bedsides if either of them got into serious trouble while we were sleeping. 

They were beautiful packages so helplessly encased in gleaming leather and they were ours. 

In the morning we would see if they had started to learn how to behave as our bondage twins. 



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