Laura and Maggie 3: Turned On By A Day Off

by Donny Writer

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© Copyright 2009 - Donny Writer - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bond; latex; tickle; stuck; caught; oral; toys; cons; X

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Story posted with author's permission. Authors note: This story is obviously a fantasy and includes some practices which should not be imitated. Play safe!


Part 3: Turned On By A Day Off

It was 7.30 on a warm late spring morning and Laura Wilson lay buried in the comforting embrace of her luxurious goosedown duvet. A gentle breeze drifted through the bedroom window. She had heard Maggie moving around the house already but had steadfastly refused to surface or even open her eyes, as she knew that she had the day off. She smiled to herself and wriggled deeper into the cotton womb which currently consumed her.
It was now three months since Laura's discovery of Maggie's secret life and her own growing predilection for inescapable bondage, bisexual coupling, forced orgasms and a reversible dom/sub relationship with her housemate. Though the friends were now very comfortable with each other on a physical level, they both still sought male partners for more conventional relationships. Laura had recently taken up with a guy called Graham. He was unaware of Laura's love of bondage, and they were still at the early, hand holding, stage of their courtship. Laura was waiting to see how this tryst developed before potentially scaring him off with a latex hood and a pair of hinged handcuffs.

Over the last few months Laura and Maggie's shared sexual activities had grown by leaps and bounds and most areas of the house had seen one, the other or both of them writhing in ecstasy or doing as much writhing as their bonds would allow. Hooks had been screwed into ceiling beams and then disguised with hanging ornaments and the bed-frames were now supplemented with a multitude of secure restraining points.

They had been helped in this expansion of their games by the discovery that neighbour Mr. Tompkins, [owner of Goldie who had played a key role in Laura's revenge on Maggie for hoodwinking her into playing bondage games with slimy Jake] was a keen woodworker. Not only that, but in return for some backhanded supplements to his pension he had constructed some interesting restraint devices for them, which were now parked in the girls’ cellar. Whether or not he believed he was making stage props for an avant-garde dance troupe was immaterial, they were now the proud owners of a sturdy pillory and stocks, a large St Andrews cross and a clever conversion of an old barrel to what Laura always referred to [usually with a simultaneous slight shudder of recollection] as the Tickle Torture Box.

From the period when Goldie had been staying they had borrowed a dog cage which had been used to transport the slobbering hound in the back of Maggie's car. Before returning the light steel contraption Laura had spent several uncomfortable nights crammed inside in a strict hogtie, gagged, blindfolded and with elbows and knees tightly secured to the cage bars. Her immobility became a major frustration when Maggie had carefully positioned a low speed vibrator just grazing her aching labia without allowing her sufficient stimulation to achieve any orgasmic release...

Similarly Maggie's bondage wardrobe and accessories had expanded. Laura had enjoyed dressing Maggie in a rubber body suit, complete with mittens and feet, which contained remote control dildos and an ingenious locking system which meant the wearer was totally dependant on a third party for release. Laura had toyed with Maggie for hours, before leaving her locked in the pillory overnight. Her gagged pleas for release [both physical and mental], well muffled by a matching all-encompassing latex hood, would have melted the resolve of a sterner Mistress than Laura the next morning.

Jake meanwhile had completely disappeared from their lives. After a week of inspired revenge from Laura he decided it was in his best interests to give tie-up games with Maggie a wide miss, as he was not sure his scrotum could take much more mistreatment. Maggie did not really miss him and was currently pursuing a bloke who worked for another company in the same building as they did. He seemed very intelligent but then compared to Jake the waste paper basket was an A student.

Laura opened her eyes at the sound of the bedroom door opening. She saw the alarm clock saying 8 a.m. - far too early for a day off - closed her eyes again and prepared to snuggle down once more.

It was Maggie, who having crept closer to Laura’s bed suddenly tugged the duvet off her flat-mate’s bed and bounced up and down on the mattress. Laura tried to ignore the vibrations and creaking noises and with eyes still closed and a forced degree of decorum asked Maggie what on earth she thought she was doing? Listening to a giggling Maggie, Laura then pointed out that it had been agreed that she was taking today as a duvet day and, if she didn’t mind, actually snuggling up in said duvet was an integral part of her scheme for the morning of her day off.

Maggie continued to laugh. “Surely my dear you would prefer a rope day to a duvet day?” She emphasized the point by grabbing Laura as she lay there, attempting to ignore the intrusion, and tickling her sides and arm-pits. Laura squealed and attempted to cover up the more vulnerable areas of her ticklish body, which unfortunately for her made other areas, such as the top inside of her thighs, a little more accessible to Maggie’s questing fingers. Laura continued to wriggle, started to curse and finally gave up holding back her laughter.

“Ple-e-e-e-ase stop, no-no-not there, ha-ha-ha-ha” gabbled Laura as Maggie used her body to pin her flat-mate to the bed. Slowly the tickling and prodding dies away to be replaced by a more sensual use of her fingers, as Maggie slipped a hand between Laura’s thighs and began to gently stroke her labia. Laura groaned and continued to make guttural back-of-the throat noises as the stroking quickened and became a little more pressured causing her arousal to awaken. At the same time, Maggie dipped her mouth onto Laura’s accidentally proffered right breast and began to flick her tongue across the turgid nipple.

“This isn’t fair” moaned Laura as she felt Maggie’s index finger slide between her lips and her thumb brush her clitoral hood.

Maggie continued to tease Laura until the poor redhead thought a climax was inevitable – at which point Maggie stopped doing anything other than giving the hardening nipple a mild nip with her teeth.

“That definitely isn’t fair” groaned Laura “come on, you can’t stop now, please …”

Maggie’s eyes gleamed as she whispered into Laura’s ear “how about a trade, a quick bit of bondage and I will make sure your needs are catered for during the rest of the day”.

Laura needed no second bidding “okay okay whatever just get on and finish me off for pity’s sake!” If Laura had seen the look on Maggie’s face at her immediate acquiescence she would have been worried.


30 minutes later a sexually sated Laura had been to the bathroom, had a shower and got her head together. She came back into the bedroom to see Maggie laying some clothes out on the bed. “Come on, time is a wasting and some of us have work to go to” said Maggie.

Laura bit back a comment that if it was up to her she would still be asleep under her duvet and picked up the first item of clothing. This was a pair of sheer black open crotch footless tights. “Pretty subtle” mused Laura to herself as she rolled them up her shapely legs. The next item was also “subtle”, Maggie’s red rubber unitard, which had grown too tight for her to wear, even for fun. This was a bit of a tight fit even for Laura and involved a lot of wriggling and pulling. While Laura was shimmying her way into the unitard, Maggie was pulling her hair into a pony tail. Once the garment was in place, Maggie slipped her hand between Laura’s thighs and unzipped the crotch using the concealed zip. The tightness of the rubber forced Laura’s nether lips to protrude proudly. They both realized the apparent dampness was not an after effect of Laura’s shower. “Really really subtle” thought Laura.

“Right” said Maggie “while I get some rope from my room, you ought to do some limbering up; you know how stiff you are until you have done some exercises”.

As Maggie strode out of the room Laura had a rueful feeling that agreeing so easily to this escapade might well have been a mistake as it was likely to be somewhat extended and probably quite demanding. Pushing these thoughts to the back of a mind, Laura began her stretching.

On her return Maggie asked Laura to sit cross-legged in the centre of her bed and then to fold herself into a full lotus position. Laura assumed the position. As her feet locked inside her thighs, Maggie intervened and pulled Laura’s feet up. The effect of the natural pressure of her thighs on her ankles caused the soles of her bare feet to lie uppermost. Laura began grumbling as Maggie secured each of her ankles to the opposite thigh, tightly tying her crossed calves, and even tying Laura's big toes off with a loop of string round her adjoining thighs.

Laura was not very happy as she could already feel the severity of this leg tie. She asked how long she was going to be expected to cope with this, a complaint which quickly built into a bit of a rant demanding that Maggie leave her alone and go to work. In response Maggie glared at Laura and shot out of the room only to return moments later with a ball-gag head harness. "Tied up girls should be seen but not heard" said Maggie as Laura tried to scoot away down the bed but she had no hope of avoiding a determined Maggie who basically wrestled her to the mattress and with the assistance of some nipple pinching eventually inserted the gag and fastened the straps loosely. This left Maggie sitting on Laura’s chest holding her arms in the crook of her respective knees. Laura was glowering but had finally fallen quiet. Maggie took opportunity to tighten the harness to its full extent and then stimulate Laura with her fingers, licking the juices of her arousal from the tips of her manicured nails. She ran her fingers over Laura's nose, which wrinkled at the familiar scent...

Laura was helpless, and realized straightaway how vulnerable she was to whatever Maggie wanted to do. In fact Laura luxuriated in the fact and if she could have smiled would have beamed at her flat-mate. As she lay there, her breathing returning to normal, a small ball of desire started to roll around inside her, picking up pace as Maggie’s fingers begin to move to a faster rhythm, strumming her very soul as they flickered over her clitoris. Laura's eyes rolled back into her head and she uttered a deep stifled drawn-out groan. Maggie took that as an appreciation of her nimble fingering and smiled at her unseeing captive, who was drifting into another world as the first steps of the long march toward another orgasm began. Then without warning Maggie stopped and sat back - after again trailing her glistening finger tips across Laura's flaring nostrils. Laura groaned in frustration! She knew better than to even try and finger herself whilst her hands were still free, as the consequence could well be an even longer extended period of frustration as Laura knew only too well from past mistakes.

Maggie clambered to her feet, and quickly turned Laura over so as to lie her face down in the middle of the bed. Securely grasping her elbows, Maggie pulled them back behind her back. Crossing the arms she expertly applied a box tie: arms behind back, wrist to elbow, tied very tightly at crossed forearms. This left very little wriggle room for Laura who tried to gain some respite from what was a quite unforgiving position –but nothing budged, there was no give in any of her bonds. Maggie sat her upright but Laura’s vigorous straining and twisting caused her to fall on her side.

Maggie righted her, and then lifted her off the bed to sit on the bedroom floor; then gave her left nipple an affectionate squeeze and sighed. "Well I guess I had better get off to the office, we can't both laze around all day. I have left a bluntish knife out on the landing so all you need to do is squirm your way out of here and cut yourself free. Be careful with the knife, and try to be a bit more controlled in your movements, I do not want to get back tonight and discover you lying in here like an over-turned tortoise! I assume you can squirm okay?”

Laura grunted in the affirmative and set off rolling on her nylon-clad buttocks, grunting with the effort. Maggie was surprised. "Hey speedy, that looks far too easy. But I have an idea to give you a bit more of a challenge".

A short cord was quickly tied off to the small D ring on the top strap of the ball gag harness, which was then pulled forward to the ropes binding Laura's calves. Using her hand between Laura’s shoulder blades to help the process Maggie gently took some of the slack out of the rope between the D ring and her feet. Laura grunted as position steadily became more arduous. When it was tied off Laura’s upper body was set at a 45 degree angle with her nose about twelve inches clear of the sheer black hosiery of her legs. Groans and grunts of displeasure continued to emanate from Laura.

"That looks better, though I guess I had better test the whole package is secure" muttered Maggie. She dug her nails into Laura’s ribs and watched with cruel delight as Laura’s attempts to evade her fingers were considerably more limited and all the bindings remained as they were. Pausing only to trace a languid finger along the bare soles of Laura’s feet in order to spark another bout of nasal screaming and groaning, Maggie stood up and went to the door.

“I’ll see you later. Don’t forget we are supposed to be going out tonight with Helen from work, we should be back here about 6pm to get changed and then go out clubbing. Ok?”

Laura grunted a response and made her first attempt to bottom-walk her way across the room with the added complication of the more restrictive tie. Out of the corner of her eye she saw a flash of fur at the door and Gandalf strode in, a little stiff legged and no doubt wondering why Laura had not been in the kitchen half an hour earlier to open a tin and feed him. He wandered across to the bundle that was Laura, brushed against her and made his usual plaintive no-one has fed me for a fortnight and I may soon die’ yowl. Laura merely grunted in reply and continued to squirm towards the door. In an attempt to gain her attention Gandalf sat down in front of her and started a fairly cursory self-washing routine.

Part of Laura’s mind was distracted by the sight of Gandalf’s rough tongue on its fur licking mission and she shuddered at the recollection of her treatment by several hungry cats when being “tortured” by Jake. Mainly however she just grunted louder in order to get the cat to move and save her having to go round him. The effort required to bottom-roll across the room was pretty strenuous, and even with the light breeze through the window she was beginning to perspire quite heavily. It didn’t help that the opened crotch on the unitard meant a very close and intimate contact at all time between the carpet and her groin, which was beginning once more to heat up.

Gandalf took the hint and walked over to the end of the bed, jumped up and settled down to wait for the possibility of breakfast. With a clear path, Laura wriggled forward and was between the end of the bed and the half-open door when disaster struck. She had not heard the bee fly in to the room but Gandalf most certainly had. He watched as the insect circled the room on a slow downward spiral. Gathering his aging body for a definitive spring he waited until the bee was about a foot above his head and sprang forward and up. What he would have done if he had caught the bee is not known, but he missed by some way, collided with the door and fell back into Laura’s lap. Laura was momentarily stunned and then she let out a despairing moan. Flying cat plus open door had equaled a closed door! She thought perhaps it had not closed properly and was still ajar – but her hopes were dashed as a thoroughly disorientated Gandalf struggled out of her lap and in so doing pushed the door closed so the catch clicked shut!

Laura closed her eyes and cursed her bad luck, cats in general, flying insects, Gandalf in particular, Maggie, her aching shoulders and hips, Maggie again and then leaned back against the bed. “Don’t panic” she thought “there must be something in here I can use to get out of these ropes”.

An hour of slowly combing the room for anything both sharp and within reach turned up nothing which could help her. She was feeling very tired with the effort of moving herself around, not helped by the attentions of her now starving cat which at one point stood with his front claws gripping her nylon clad thigh while his tongue traversed the sole of her foot and flickered into the recesses between her toes. Only Laura’s prolonged and frenzied noisy reaction stirred the cat to desist from this inadvertent teasing.

Eventually Laura gave up and lay down on her side next to the bed. The room was warming up as the sun shone full force through the windows, and her efforts had worn her out. She tried to relax and without realizing it started to doze off.


She was woken some time later by the sound of someone knocking on the front door downstairs. Shaking her head as much as she could, she glanced above her and saw it was only 3.15pm. She was amazed she had managed to sleep for so long. She heard the knocking again. Who could that be? Too early for Maggie, and anyway why should she knock? Perhaps it was a special delivery parcel – but she couldn’t think what she or Maggie had ordered. As she couldn’t do anything about it, she relaxed and waited for the mystery visitor to depart.

She was then shocked to hear the front door opening, and an unfamiliar voice calling her name. What was going on? At least it seemed unlikely to be a burglar, unless burglars were polite and tried to introduce themselves.

Laura braced herself as she continued to hear movement downstairs, and then a voice from the stairs once again calling her name. “Laura? Are you asleep? It’s Helen from work, Maggie asked me to drop off this dry-cleaning”. Laura froze – she had come round early, no doubt with Maggie’s key, and was about to discover that her co-worker had a secret life. Perhaps if she stayed quiet, Helen would leave the dry-cleaning and then wait downstairs for Maggie or even leave. Either way she might escape discovery.

Her hopes were dashed on two counts – Helen discovering a blunt knife on the landing and an increasingly fractious Gandalf mewing desperately at the door on the realization that another option for can opening/ food delivery was available if their attention could be attracted. Laura groaned and once more cursed her flat-mate and that damn cat.

“Here kitty kitty” said Helen as she turned the handle on Laura’s bedroom door. As the door opened Gandalf shot out of the room in search of a litter tray and food, almost tripping Helen up. As a result the bedroom door slowly swung open. Helen stood frozen, staring into the room. From her angle she could see a pair of sheepish eyes, some leather strips, black nylons and some engorged pouting lips whose dark pink state matched what appeared to be some very tight and restrictive rubber clothing.

“Cool” said Helen, unable to take her eyes of this constrained bundle of sexuality. “When Maggie said you were all tied up on your day off, I assumed you were doing chores. But this looks like much more fun!”


Laura knew Helen from work, not as well as Maggie did admittedly but then she doubted that any other of her co-workers had introduced themselves by flashing their engorged crotch at them.

Helen’s first action was to sit Laura back upright and ask if she was alright, to which Laura gave a grudging grunt of agreement. Helen dashed downstairs to get some water and on her return unfastened the gag harness and let Laura finally relax her jaw muscles. A few mouthfuls of water later and Laura felt considerably better. She felt even better when Helen released the leg ties and let her stretch out on the bedroom floor. An attempt to zip shut the crotch panel on the unitard nearly caused an involuntary circumcision so Helen continued to let Laura display her charms to the world. She then helped Laura to her feet and, realizing how wobbly she was, helped her lie face down on the duvet on the bed.

Helen was a tall slim woman of 26, with straight black hair long enough to hang to nearly her waist. She was a dancer by profession, attached to the agency that Laura and Maggie worked for, currently supplementing her dance earnings working as a part-time office help. She was quite curvy for a dancer and from Laura’s few conversations with her, it appeared she was single, very sociable and had a penchant for throwing herself into new social activities with total enthusiasm until the novelty wore off.

Laura quickly began to approve of her new found friend as she kneaded her shoulders and legs to remove some of the stiffness. Laura found it odd that she had made no attempt to unfasten the tight shoulder and arm harness but was so happy with even partial freedom that she did not mention it. Instead she explained what had happened, what she had been doing – but left Maggie’s part in the debacle hidden for now as she thought there was a greater chance of keeping the embarrassment of being discovered a private matter if she pretended it was a bit of self-bondage experimenting gone awry.

Eventually Laura’s explanation wound down and, with the gentle ministration of Helen’s hands working the muscles of her back and legs Laura began to doze off again.

She woke suddenly when she felt something being fastened around her ankles. As she tried to twist round and see what was going on, her head was grabbed, mouth forced open and some cloth was forced inside. She had to assume this gag came form the washing basket as it tasted both intimate and yet disgustingly sweaty. A hand was clamped over her mouth to make sure she could not spit it or them out.

Laura felt Helen straddle her back and lean down until her mouth was by Laura’s ear. “I think you have been telling me porkies. I do not think this was a mistake of yours that went wrong. Maggie has been dropping all sorts of hints to me in recent weeks about fetish wear, latex, a little bit of friendly domination and so on that I had assumed she was a bit kinky that way. So while you were in here snoring like a Gloucester Old Spot (Laura blushed at the observation) I did a bit of exploring in her room down the hall. And guess what I found – Fetish Central!!”

Helen paused and Laura felt her weight shift as she reached around on the bed. “Now as it turns out this might just be my lucky day as I have always quite fancied being a dominatrix – and here is all the gear I need plus one pre-packed submissive – you!”



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