Laura and Maggie 4: The Reckoning

by Donny Writer

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© Copyright 2009 - Donny Writer - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bond; boxed; latex; sbf; stuck; caught; susp; toys; cons/reluct; X

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Story posted with author's permission. Authors note: This story is obviously a fantasy and includes some practices which should not be imitated. Play safe!


Part 4: The Reckoning

Laura began to squirm on the bed but was hampered by the depth and softness of the duvet. She became distracted as Helen slid a finger between her legs, parted her lips and began to gently tease her clitoris and her inner lips. Lost in the moment, she was caught unawares as the gentle erotic message ended abruptly. She then froze as what appeared to be a bag came down over her head, which she quickly realized was one of the hoods from Maggie’s “dressing-down box”. Helen tugged the hood into place making sure the two slits in the front lined up with her nostrils. There were no eye or mouth apertures. Laura tried to make plaintive noises but the panty gag and hood combined to muffle her cries to near silence.

Helen put her head close to where she thought Laura’s ear was. “Now you just lie here like a good little slave, I am going to do a little more exploring and see if I can decide what I would like to do to you. Just so you do not move around and hurt yourself I think this will help prevent accidents.” Laura felt one of the discarded ropes from her earlier confinement being fed through d-rings on the sides of her ankle cuffs, the rope was then fed up to her forearm ropes, the slack taken out and the cord tied off. Laura panted through her nose at the tightness of the hogtie, then made a more derogatory grunted comment at Helen’s departing comment about how appropriate the tie was for someone who snored like a member of the pig family. Laura heard her bedroom door click shut and then lay fuming in the darkness. Was Maggie only capable of making friends with sex maniacs and amateur sadists? And where was Maggie – surely she should be home by now to sort this mess out?


After what seemed an eternity to Laura’s sore muscles, especially in the enforced isolation of the eyeless hood, Helen bounced back onto the bed.

“I have a deal for you. Either you can be untied, go to the bathroom and then be subjected to an interesting idea that has just occurred to me, or you can stay as you are until Maggie and I get back from clubbing. And in the meantime I will think up ways to make your situation a little more … challenging”. As she spoke Helen leaned over Laura and started to suck her toes, one by one. Despite the tight bindings and her stuffed mouth Laura curveted, twisted and turned in a vain attempt to get away from the lascivious ministrations of Helen’s teeth and tongue.

“Unh-bay, Unh-bay” shouted Laura which Helen interpreted correctly as agreement to the bathroom break and change of position.


Twenty minutes later Laura was sitting on her bed suitably refreshed, trying desperately to get some feeling back in her arms and legs, and hoping her shoulders would one day have a full range of movement again. She was wearing ankle manacles firmly locked on and connected with a six-inch chain and a further chain was attached to both a D-ring on a leather collar padlocked around her neck and the solid headboard of her bed. She was still wondering where Maggie had got to, when her reverie was broken by the arrival of Helen from Maggie’s room (and toy chest) with an armful of rubber, leather, chains and rope.

“Break over young lady, time for some fun” announced Helen. She pulled Laura’s arms behind her back and fed them into a column of leather. Laura recognized the leather single-sleeve glove and was relieved that Helen had picked up the larger of the two such restraints which Maggie owned. The glove was quickly zipped up and Helen tightened straps at the wrists, elbows and upper arms. Next came a ball gag which Laura failed to recognize, with a hole through the ball and a length of plastic tube sticking out the end. The simple strap of the gag was padlocked behind Laura’s head and another hood, with a hole for both mouth (and tube) and nose this time.

Laura felt straps running around her chest holding the single-glove tight to her back then she was rolled over and her legs parted.

“According to the packet this little wonder came from it is the most sophisticated teasing vibrator to date, which senses arousal and tailors its effects to keep the lucky recipient of its powers in a constant state of near orgasm. But never quite getting there, which I imagine should be quite tiresome after a while!” Helen laughed. “Lucky old Laura gets to go for a trial run, so open wide!”

The well lubricated ribbed dildo was slipped deep into Laura and she groaned and shook her head as Helen’s fingers played a tattoo on her labia. “Now we can’t have you losing your new toy so I have brought you some assistance”.

Despite the sensations starting from between her legs and an accompanying tingle in her nipples, Laura was aware of what felt like rubber pants being pulled up her legs. It became quickly obvious that in fact a very small sized thong which needed both Helen’s hands to slide it up to her groin. Finally the thong was pulled up over Laura’s hips, and without the use of her hands Laura seriously doubted it could be removed. To ensure that could not happen Helen tied a short cord from the ring at the end of the single glove onto the buttock-crack-cleaving string of the thong. Laura thought this was the equivalent of riding a piece of cheese wire and made several noisy but incomprehensible comments about Helen, her parentage and so on. Helen ignored the grumbling and tightly fastened straps above and below Laura’s knees and around her ankles. Meanwhile the vibrator was beginning to crank up and Laura had more to concern her than the loss of the use of her legs.

Despite the titillating buzz from inside her, what happened next left Laura very puzzled. Helen got off the bed and there was a great deal of rustling, a wooden creak and then she felt her duvet being rolled around her. What was going on?

She felt the “duvet roll” being tugged down off the bed and eventually fell into what seemed to be a trench. Laura realized that Helen had emptied the linen box at the foot of her bed, and had pulled her, wrapped in the duvet into the box. She tried to wriggle but the mass of duvet stopped her making any serious impression on getting out. She felt some movement by her head and the tube from her gag was pulled and then became fixed. She heard Helen tell her that the tube was fed through some decorative pokerwork so there should be no problem with breathing. Laura agreed in her head this was a good thing as the vibrator continued to build up waves of pleasure and she anticipated an orgasm within seconds as her muscles began to clamp around the dildo.

Any second now … and then nothing! The vibrations had stopped! Laura swore and gritted her teeth. At the same time some of the linens which Helen had removed from the casket were dumped on top of the duvet and the lid securely closed. Laura resigned herself to complete immobility and a probably fruitless attempt to have an orgasm without her body reacting and tripping the shutdown switch on the dildo. This looked like it could be a long night – Maggie might not realize until tomorrow that she was trapped in here. Assuming Maggie ever returned that was.


About an hour (and approximately ten near orgasms in Laura’s terms) later, Maggie let herself in the front door. It had been a long day, and she was glad she had told Helen to come over early, meet Laura and get themselves ready for a night on the town. She was quite surprised to find the house seemingly empty, other than a frantic cat licking the pattern off an old saucer. There was not even any sign of a note from the others, which was odd. She wandered upstairs and decided she needed a shower first and foremost.


Meanwhile buried in a large volume duvet and a whole pile of cotton sheets and pillow cases Laura was struggling. Not that the struggle was observable even if the chest lid was open as her every small movement was dampened by the other contents and she could not even turn her body from the odd angle which Helen had dumped her in. No, the struggle was more internal, desperately trying to achieve the relief of a single decent orgasm before she went completely insane. Each time this terrible vibrator started to work its titillating task, she would resist reacting to the tempting vibrations until there was a sizeable ball of orgasmic fire burrowing deep within her. Then at a point when release seemed inevitable all it took was a minor spasm – a jerk of her hips or a clench of her vaginal muscles - would kill the encouragement of her artificial lover virtually stone-dead and leave her gasping in frustration through her gag. The girth of the vibrator filled her fully and she was unable to move the vibrator to better stimulate the more sensitive area around her g-spot. And the incredible tightness of the thong across her loins meant her clitoris could receive no direct stimulation, which again reduced her chances of orgasm.

Worst of all about thirty minutes ago she had got so close to orgasm that she had finally come, but in such a tiny and inconsequential manner (like a handheld firework compared to a blast furnace) that it did nothing to abate the fire within her but instead appeared to stoke her desire even more. She was half-sobbing with frustration as the vibrator started to caress her sensitive membranes once more.

Opening her bedroom door Maggie was astounded at the sight before her. Lying on her bed in a tight hogtie was Helen. She was wearing (Maggie’s) black PVC catsuit with zipped crotch, a very large ball gag that forced her jaws wide apart, and a pair of hinged handcuffs which were attached by a short chain to a spreader bar which was tightly fastened between her knees. Helen was mewing piteously and desperately trying to insert a key which was held in her left hand into a keyhole on the handcuffs. Sadly for her she had made the mistake of not testing the cuffs out before her self-bondage experiment – if she had then she would have known that the cuffs had to be reversed from their present position to enable the wearer to unlock them.

Maggie did not know whether to be angry at this intrusion into her private life and belongings, or to be delighted that her suspicions of Helen’s kinkiness were now well confirmed.

She dropped her bag and walked over to the bed. She ran her hands up and down Helen’s body, caressing the firm curve of her breasts and buttocks. Her fingers wandered across the exposed soles of Helen’s feet, causing the trapped girl to buck, writhe and snort. Maggie decided to find out what had been going on. She undid the clasp on the ball gag and helped Helen to expel the large invader from between her teeth. A considerable quantity of drool followed the ball, some running down the front of the cat-suit, the rest dripping onto the bedcovers.

“Oh Maggie, I am so sorry, I was just messing about and the cuffs got so tight and then the key wouldn’t fit and my shoulders are killing me …” blurted Helen.

“Yeah, whatever” said Maggie. “Where is Laura?”

“Ah” said Helen “She … er had to go out and see a friend, so she suggested we go clubbing without her and she will see you in the morning”

“Oh, and who has she gone to meet?”

Helen tried to think of a name that would seem plausible as she guessed Maggie would not be enthralled at Laura being locked in the linen closet with only a tormenting dildo for company. “I think she mentioned an old friend called Jake” she offered tentatively.

Maggie looked at her long and hard. Something was wrong but what? The only way Laura would willingly go to see Jake would be hand-remove his pubic hair and feed his willy to a starving animal. She decided to investigate a little further which meant distracting Helen for a while. She smiled at the bound girl who was trying hard to look innocent and worthy of release from her predicament.

“Okay, but I need a shower and to sort something out. You look happy enough as you are Helen, but perhaps I should make you a little more comfortable?”

Helen started to say that unlocking the handcuffs was all she needed to be very comfortable but was cut off in mid-sentence as Maggie pushed the ball back into her mouth, tightened the strap around her head and pulled Helen onto her side. Maggie quickly unzipped the crotch panel and breast zips of the cat suit. She looked on the floor where someone, presumably Helen had been rifling through her playthings. A quite nasty pair of nipple clamps were spotted and quickly transferred to Helen’s exposed nipples, which brought a squeal of protest from behind the large blue ball. This was echoed when Maggie pushed a vibrating egg inside her vagina and zipped the crotch closed. “Now I think I can help you a little bit more” said Maggie as she tied a rope tautly between the centre of the knee-spreader bar and the gag strap. The effect when Maggie rolled Helen back onto her stomach was to tighten the tie and lift Helen’s breasts clear of the bed. “Just remember there is always a price to pay for comfort” said Maggie, who then walked out of the bedroom.

Her first stop was in Laura’s bedroom. All seemed quiet but Maggie was surprised that Laura’s bed was stripped. There was no sign of a note or anything to indicate where Laura had gone and Maggie was about to return and interrogate Helen again when she noticed a duvet corner sticking out of the linen box. Surely that was the duvet off Laura’s bed that morning. Going closer Maggie knelt by the box and was astonished to hear a stifled groan and moan from within. She then noticed the small plastic pipe sticking out of a hole in the end of the casket.

Throwing the lid back she started to burrow through the pillowcases and sheets until she hit something soft which recoiled from her inadvertent touch. Lifting the duvet she found herself staring into the eyes of Laura, sweat-soaked, hair plastered over her face and a wild look in her eye only slightly tempered by the pleasure of discovery.

“Are you all right?” said Maggie. Laura nodded then groaned and tried to wriggle her body. Maggie pulled up more of the duvet and spotted the end of something cylindrical inside Laura’s mini-thong which was buzzing away. She reached in between the top of Laura’s thighs and flicked the off switch. Laura relaxed and moaned happily.

Maggie quickly made her mind up that Helen needed a lesson in manners and playing safely. She looked down at Laura and said “I am really sorry you have suffered like this and I will make it up to you later, for now though it will be better if I leave you in here for a little while in order that I can sort out Helen. You don’t mind do you?”

Laura quickly realized she did not have much of a say in the matter, as changing Maggie’s mind on a course of action was usually difficult and even more so when trussed up and stuffed in a wooden box. She nodded. Maggie smiled, replaced the contents of the chest and clicked the lid shut.

She stood up, and walked back to her room. Helen remained on the bed, in some distress as the clamps were right on the ends of her nipples and the exaggerated upright stance she found herself in was tweaking her back.

Maggie pretended to be sympathetic and released her from the various ties. Peeling Helen out of the cat suit gave Maggie an opportunity to fully appreciate the firm young dancer’s body. She suggested Helen get a shower and then come tidy up the mess in the bedroom where most of Maggie’s scene clothes and toys were either on the floor or piled up.

Helen said that sounded a good idea. When she came out of the bathroom twenty minutes later, Maggie told her that when she returned she wanted to find the room spotless and a naked Helen waiting for her. As a special treat before the two of them went out she would show Helen some of her best bondage ties which she was sure that Helen would enjoy. Thinking she had got away with tormenting Laura, Helen was only too happy to go along with the suggestion.

Maggie took a quick shower and headed back to the bedroom where she found a naked Helen waiting patiently. The details of a plan had coalesced in Maggie’s mind of how to teach Helen a lesson. She selected the longest of the coils of rope hung on the back of her closet door. "I think you're ready for something a little more advanced Helen."

Helen obediently sat down in the chair but Maggie shook her head. "You'll need to be standing up for this, at least at first".

Maggie doubled the rope and found its centre. Helen stood facing her with her arms at her side and the rope was placed over her head as if she were being awarded a medal; allowing the two long ends to fall to the floor. Placing her hands on Helen’s shoulders Maggie spun her around. Reaching around Helen’s back she took one end of the rope in each hand and drew them behind Helen’s body, crossing them in the middle of her back. Helen tried to turn her head to see what was happening but Maggie spun her around once more. Again she reached around Helen’s body and brought the ends forward around her waist. Helen merely looked puzzled. “But I'm still completely free." She waved her arms.

Maggie grinned lasciviously. "Now we come to the interesting bit."

She turned Helen away from her again and reaching down pulled the ends of the rope back between her legs. She took Helen’s left hand and placed it behind her back so it rested against her left buttock, with the palm facing outwards. Taking one of the rope-ends she pulled it very tight, causing Helen to wince, and then began to wind the rope around her wrist. After several turns of Helen’s wrist the rope was knotted securely with a complicated square knot. Maggie quickly but effectively repeated the tying process for Helen’s right wrist. Helen shifted a little uncomfortably at the tightness of the binding ropes but realized that Maggie was by no means finished yet as the two ends of the rope still hung free. Helen decided to see how secure the wrist bindings were by trying to pick at one of the concluding knots with the fingers of her other hand. Maggie noticed what she was doing and smacked her backside firmly with her open palm leaving a distinct red hand-print.

“Ouch, that stung” said Helen,

“It was meant to” said Maggie, turning Helen around to face her again.

"Is making me dizzy part of the challenge?" Helen asked.

"That was the last time. Now be quiet" said Maggie as she drew the ends of the rope forward. Maggie noted that she had judged the length of the rope well. About two feet extended from each of the wrist knots. Pulling the ends tight across Helen’s hips she knotted them together, using her knee to steady the first turn and prevent slack from creeping in. The wrist knots were pulled into Helen's bottom as her hands were drawn apart. Her arms, pulled straight down the length of her back could now not be moved at all. This part of the tie was completed with a series of tight knots in the centre of her abdomen.

Helen stepped over to the mirror and examined her predicament. The rope dug into the creases at the tops of her thighs as she moved, with a pulling effect on her labia. She wriggling experimentally, flexing her body, pulling and twisting her arms but the rope was snug against her along its entire length. She felt completely trapped yet very accessible and felt a blush start at her groin and spread over upper body as her libido started to crank up. She was not really surprised to see Maggie appear in the mirror behind her carrying a second length of rope.

Maggie wound the rope six times around Helen's waist and arms which were now drawn tightly against her body, the coils level with her elbows, any slack was removed and it was then knotted it securely in the middle of Helen's back. There were two eighteen inch long lengths of rope left over beyond the knot. The first one went up to the loop of the first rope behind Helen's neck. Maggie threaded it underneath this, pulled it back down and drew it tight and knotted it to the waist rope. Helen winced as felt the original rope grow taut, especially around and across her upper body.

Maggie now knelt between Helen’s legs and realigned the rope at the top of the thighs to run alongside her pouting labia. Helen said nothing but turned a darker shade of pink at this intrusion about which she could do nothing. Then the second loose end was threaded behind the rope running up to one of Helen's wrists from between her legs, across and behind its opposite number then back up to the waist rope. It was pulled very tight and knotted off. Helen felt the original rope grow very taut, particularly around her lower body. Any attempt to flex her hips caused a reaction in her pussy and she felt a wave of warmth flow around her groin. She wasn’t sure if she was imagining it but she thought her growing dampness was beginning to dribble down the inside of her thighs.

"Well that is it complete – the website where I found it called it a G-String tie. What do you think?"

Helen evaluated her predicament. Everything was now very snug indeed and the rope bondage harness was very stimulating. "Wow. How do I get out of this? There does not seem to be a weakness in the binding anywhere. What's the secret?"

"The only secret is that when tied properly, as you are, unless you cut the rope there's no way out of it. So I guess I can do what I want with you now".

Helen started at the darker and more menacing tone that Maggie had used.

“And frankly Helen, given the liberties you have taken with Laura today I think it is about time for some payback! “Oh no, you don’t …” said Maggie as Helen attempted to skitter out of reach. Maggie grabbed her arms and pushed her to the ground. Lying face down with Maggie astride her bottom Helen could barely wriggle and had no chance of escape. Grabbing a couple of rope lengths off the bedroom floor Maggie quickly but securely frog-tied Helen and then spun round on her comfortable human stool and grabbed some of Helen’s hair.

“Ow, that hurts” cried Helen.

“Well do not fight it then. I am merely going to comb and plait this unruly mess into a long pigtail and it will be a lot easier on you if you stay still”

Muttering various imprecations under her breath Helen lay still while Maggie plaited her long black hair – when complete this styling also included a thin length of cord woven into the pigtail and extending about two feet from beyond the end of it. Satisfied with the situation Maggie stood up and hauled Helen upright. Because of the frog-tie ropes she had to help her waddle over to the bedroom door.

“What are you going to do to me?” asked Helen, not really wanting to know the answer.

“Well first of all I think you ought to have some time to consider your actions, somewhere where you will not be disturbed for a while. And I know the perfect spot – Laura’s walk in closet.”

The pair made an oddly appealing sight as they passed along the landing and into Laura’s room. Maggie kept Helen moving forward, the effort of which was leaving Helen not only breathless from the effort but also somewhat aroused from the ropes between her legs which caressed her every movement as her trussed legs swung from side to side.

Once into the bedroom Maggie opened the closet door and backed her inside and onto the side wall, below a sturdy clothes rail. She briefly let Helen slump against the wall then grabbed the free end of the cord tied into her hair. Pulling it upwards caused Helen to start squealing, which Maggie ignored while quickly tying the cord to the clothes rail. Helen was forced to stand upright on the flat of her feet, her bound hands waggling in the air behind her. Maggie stepped back into the bedroom and returned with a harness gag attached to a small pump ball. “I think before we go any further I ought to save the neighbours from your noise, so open up please” said Maggie.

Helen glared at her without opening her mouth. Maggie sighed and grasped Helen’s nose tightly. Within a minute or so the recalcitrant mouth was opening to breathe and Maggie slipped a small penis shaped gag between her lips, carefully avoiding any opportunity for Helen to bite a finger. The harness was quickly fastened around the subdued Helen’s head and once in place was tightened buckle by buckle until the straps were indented in Helen’s face. Maggie grinned and started to squeeze the pump ball. Helen’s eyes widened as the rubber penis expanded to fill her mouth as a thick rubber ovoid. This was followed by some squeaking noises and anguished eye-rolling – at which point Maggie gave three additional hard squeezes to the ball, then detached the apparatus from the harness. She leaned forward and pinched Helen’s nipples hard. Minimal sound made it out into the room from behind the mouth-filling gag.

“Good” said Maggie “now there are just two things I need to do”.

Standing up she grasped the hair rope and untied it from the rail. As Helen started to slump, Maggie pulled it upward several inches until Helen was forced onto the ball of her feet and was starting to make panting noises down her nose. Fastening the rope off on the rail securely with a double knot, Maggie squatted down in front of Helen and noted that her eyes were glistening.

“Perhaps you should have thought about the consequences when you were tormenting Laura earlier. Now in order for the punishment to match the crime perfectly I think you really ought to spend some time with the twin of my new friend who you so casually introduced to Laura, not least as this will give me a chance to see how long it will run in maximum torment mode on a fresh set of batteries.” Helen’s eyes opened wide as Maggie reached behind the closet door and picked up a familiar ribbed vibrator with metallic sensors along its ten inch length.

“Looks like you are already pretty wet down there so let’s … well let’s plug and play”.

Maggie slipped the vibrator into Helen’s slit and flicked the end switch to on. As it would take a few minutes to set itself up to play with its new victim, Maggie improvised a crotch rope from an old silk scarf lying on the closet floor, tying it tightly to the rope fore and aft of Helen to make sure the vibrator did not move during set-up or playtime.

Helen had begun groaning within seconds as the vibrator shocked, wriggled and vibrated into her vagina, all the time recording her physical reaction so as to anticipate an oncoming climax. Already Helen was beginning to understand the predicament she would need to navigate between hanging by her hair and the tiredness she was already feeling in her calves as she balanced on the balls of her feet.

Maggie leaned forward again, kissed Helen on the forehead and said “good night” as she closed the closet door. As she did so, a series of groans were terminated in an exasperated snort as the dildo continued its repeating process of torment and denial. The closed door silenced the steady stream of whimpering. Maggie crossed the room to the linen chest.

She quickly opened the chest, removed the linens and lifted Laura out to place her on the bed. Quickly but carefully she removed the straps, single glove and gag which had pinioned Laura for quite some time. It took both of them to remove the thong which had cut into the skin above Laura’s hips. Maggie half-carried her into the other room as her legs and arms were not much help.

Once they were out of earshot of Helen in the closet Maggie hugged Laura and apologized again for what had gone on.

Laura looked at her and a smile started to creep across her face. “Do you think it is too late in the day for us to call Mr. Tompkins to see if Goldie and her cage are available this weekend? I have a feeling that Goldie could get to quite like Helen, and it would be nice to have a pet around for a few days. Mind you I think this evening perhaps we should see how she likes our barrel conversion? Bags I get first go with the goose feathers!”

Maggie grinned back at her and kissed her tenderly on the lips. She could see that their girl’s night out clubbing in town would have to wait – a few hours of Laura’s sexual inventiveness sounded like a lot more fun. Well maybe not for Helen …



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