Laura and Maggie 2: Crescendo & Conclusions

by Donny Writer

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© Copyright 2007 - Donny Writer - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; F/m; F/f; toys; reluct/nc; XX

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Part Two: Crescendo & Conclusions

Laura shifted uneasily on the ball of her right foot. Her left leg was tied above her head, leaving her in a painful full upright splits. Her arms were tied just above her left knee at a height which increased the overall tension in her position. Her aching shoulders pulsed, and her right calf muscle was on fire - not helped by Maggie's cat Gandalf wandering around rubbing himself on her standing leg. Gandalf was unhappy as had not yet been fed and couldn't understand why Laura was ignoring him.

Other than the white binding rope she was naked. A strip of white cloth was tightly tied behind her head, cutting into the corners of her mouth. It concealed a wad of material, possibly her underwear from yesterday, which had been occupying her mouth since the previous evening.

Swinging slightly in her precarious position, Laura cursed her smart-arse mouth through gritted teeth. A small wobble stretched her body an additional millimetre or two, causing her inner thigh muscles to burn even more, if that were possible.

When Jake had come downstairs about an hour earlier, she had wasted little time in abusing him through her cleave gag from her prone (and fairly comfortable) position tied to the living room sofa. Jake was obviously fluent in garbled gag talk as he walked straight over and, grasping her nipples, squeezed and twisted them. This only served to heighten Laura's complaints, albeit in a high-pitched incomprehensible way.

Jake released her sore nips and quickly released the ropes holding her down, but not her well bound wrists. He pulled her up and over to the floor to ceiling post at the foot of the stairs. He quickly pinned her to it, tying one leg to the carved oak pole and with a single strand of rope just above her hip bones. Laura tried to resist but Jake stayed too close to kick as he looped another length of cord around her left ankle, leaving a ten foot spare length to play with.

Laura had thought this an odd move and relatively easy combination for Jake until he pulled her left leg straight up and, in one slick movement, threw the loose end around an upstairs stair-post and tying it off tautly near to her trapped ankle. The last tug on the leg-strappado rope had almost lifted her off the ground and her right foot scrabbled for some purchase on the carpet. Luckily for her a little slack in her bindings meant she could balance on her right toes. The ironical use of "luckily" was not lost on Laura as she hopped and foot-flexed to try to find any comfort.

Jake grinned at her distress. "My, you are pliable aren't you? It's like getting to play with that bird from the Fantastic Four!"

Laura glowered. If looks could kill, then a priest was clearing his throat prior to starting the eulogy.

Jake continued to grin. "Just let me sort out Maggie upstairs and then I will be back to feed that damned cat, and put a smile back on your face! You can't say fairer than that ..."

Laura glowered again. If looks could kill, then a six-gun salute had just been fired over Jake's coffin.

That had been a long and fairly painful hour ago. "What was Jake doing to Maggie" wondered Laura. It all seemed fairly quiet upstairs at present, though she had heard voices about ten minutes since. Where the hell was that bastard Jake?

If Laura could have seen her house mate then her anger would have known no bounds. At that precise moment, Jake and Maggie were canoodling in the en-suite bathroom which opened off Maggie's bedroom. The bath was full to the rim, heavily sudded and now containing the entwined bodies of Jake and the erstwhile prisoner Maggie. Maggie was stroking Jake's chest with a sudsy hand which slipped below the waterline to grasp his tumescent penis.

"Now that I have your attention again, let's go over the plan one more time. You reckon that Laura is close to being okay with what we, or more particularly you Jake, have been subjecting her to, yes?" asked Maggie.

Jake grinned widely. "After my next idea, she will be eating out of my hand. I guess she is not sure if I am the best or worst thing that has ever happened to her. She is beginning to see the fine line between loving and hating strict bondage and captivity. At the moment she is sort of straddling that line - one good push to the dark side and she will be a willing participant in our games".

"Mmm" said Maggie "I am not so sure. I think you might be under-estimating her usual feisty resolve, but I guess we will see. Also, I am going all wrinkly so I think we ought to get on with it. Once I have dried myself off, you had better tie me up again, I do not want Laura guessing prematurely that it was my idea to do all this to her".

Jake laughed and agreed and tried to sit up but Maggie twisted her body and dunked him in the bathwater. As he emerged spluttering like some foamy monster of the deep she said "and don't forget who the brains are of this operation!"

Fifteen minutes later a sweet smelling Jake strolled down the stairs, pecked Laura on the cheek - she grimaced and groaned - and disappeared into the kitchen. Laura heard some cupboards opening and closing, the whirr of the electric can-opener, and the flick-flack of the cat-flap opening and closing. Then Jake re-entered the lounge, closing the kitchen door behind him.

"Ready?" he asked


Upstairs Maggie groaned and tried to find a comfortable position which did not cause cramp or muscle spasms. She now regretted goading Jake in the bath - and had done since he had strapped her largest ball-gag into her mouth, leaving her jaws aching and drool running off her chin. Why hadn't she agreed some simple position with him while she could still speak? Stupid, stupid!

She was lying at the bottom end of the bed and had started off with only her upper body on top of the mattress. Her hands were tied singly to the respective bottom corners of the bed. Her ankles were separated by a three foot spreader bar and then pulled back over her head. With the help of a wriggling Maggie (greatly encouraged by Jake's poking of her ribs) her shoulders had passed between her knees. Then the ankle spreader bar was tied off several times to the bed head. All this left Maggie half-propped up and looking at her own fanny and the drool trail slowly extending down her torso.

Jake's comments about how she ought to lose a few pounds merely caused some angry grunting from the bed-bound bundle, followed by a high pitched keening as Jake forced a vibrating egg between her nether lips. A six inch strip of strategically placed duct tape kept the mildly oscillating egg in place. "That should keep you percolating nicely, see you in a while" laughed Jake as he headed downstairs closing the bedroom door behind him.


Fifteen minutes later, Laura could barely move a muscle, well certainly not a useful one. She was sitting somewhat unconventionally in a carver chair from the dining room. Her legs were forced through the sides of the chair with her upper thighs lashed tightly to the underside of the chair arms. Her legs were pulled back and securely bound to the back legs of the chair, with separate finer strings pulling her big toes back at an angle, causing her foot to arch. Ropes circled her waist and below her breasts, lashing her to the chair back. These ropes also cinched her box-tied arms which lay behind the carved back of the chair.

In this position Laura couldn't move the chair one iota, having no leverage, and oddly could feel fresh air below her loins caused by the enforced hovering position. That aspect was already causing her some problems as her hips were beginning to ache already. She groaned - partly from the stringent position she was now occupying, but also because she could feel a tingle and itch deep inside as the bondage became ever more restrictive - god, was she starting to enjoy this? She blushed - Jake saw the look in her eyes and flushed expression and chuckled to himself.

"Nearly done" said Jake, who turned back to her with some evil looking clamps and thin chains. Laura anticipated their use on her battered nipples and was taken by surprise as he clipped them onto her labia and pulled her lips apart. He fastened the thin chains to her thigh bindings. Then he gently stroked her inner lips and the hood of her clitoris - Laura tried to scream and squirm, but all that happened was a shake of her head and a much muffled grunt. She was embarrassed as a natural level of lubrication was becoming evident, both aromatically and very visibly. She was no longer sure whether she wanted Jake to stop and untie her, or carry on with these gentle ministrations until she exploded in a fireball of lust. She groaned and slumped as much as her bindings would allow.

"Looks like that gag is working then" remarked Jake. He turned back to her with a saucer and pastry brush in his hand.

"OK, here is the deal. You did not seem to be totally enjoying yourself last night so here is a chance for you to have a bit of a laugh. I haven't actually fed Gandalf yet, and that is because you are going to be a mixture of his cat food bowl and scratching post! The saucer contains a mixture of cat food and the oil from a can of tuna. I am no Rembrandt but I reckon I can paint a pretty path for Gandalf and his pals to follow, all the way to the Promised Land! What do you reckon?"

If Laura's mouth had not been packed and secured it would have gaped. What did she reckon? She didn't even appreciate Gandalf's rasp-like tongue licking her hand! And had Jake mentioned Gandalf and his pals? WHAT DID SHE RECKON? Oh my god! OH MY GOD! She tried to beg Jake to consider but nothing meaningful came out.

"Cat got your tongue?" laughed Jake "never mind you can thank me later". He bent forward with a fully loaded brush.

He started by liberally painting her nipples, aureoles and the undersides of her breasts. Then he coated her ribs, navel, underneath her thighs and finally her loins. The tickling of the pastry brush started Laura's nerves jangling in anticipation of the arrival of the cats. Jake smeared and brushed his evil concoction onto every inch of her pelvis, labia, inner lips, and perineum and, with a dextrous swirl, inside the entrance to her tightly clenched rosebud. He considered her glistening pubic hair. “You know, when I clean you up after this I could always give you a bit of a trim. I do not expect Gandalf likes hair in his food!”

Laura jumped, as much as she could, and howled into the gag. Jake stared into her eyes as he liberally doused her clitoris. Then he moved to the back of the chair and coated her feet - arches, ball, between the toes and the exposed soles.

"Perhaps I should make sure that you suffer in silence" said Jake, reaching for his motorbike helmet, which despite Laura's best endeavours was soon jammed on her head, giving effectively another layer of gag. Her vision was now obscured as well, she felt completely helpless.

Jake put his mouth close to Laura's left ear and muttered "time to take you for a spin, have fun" before walking away and opening the kitchen door. "Here kitty kitty!" he called. Laura braced herself for the inevitable.

Gandalf was a fairly stupid cat, but at the same time potentially highly motivated - usually by affairs of the stomach. Mystified by but largely uncaring about the disappearance of Maggie, he had spent ten minutes trying to force his portly frame through an small gap at the bottom of the kitchen door. Not only could he smell food but two of the neighbour's cats were locked in the kitchen with him and he needed any advantage to get to the food first.

As the door opened he sprang / fell through the door space, his nose following a food smell along the carpet. As he found his feet, Gandalf was overtaken by the two Persian Blues from next door who seemed to have spotted their ultimate target already. Gandalf chased them into the dining room.

Laura could not see her hungry assailants approaching, but after Jake had called them she braced herself. Suddenly she felt a rasping tongue across the sole of her left foot which pierced her very being like a streak of lightning. She gasped and tried to wriggle her foot to deny the cat further access but her bonds plus the marauding cat's front paws held the target steady. A dart shaped tongue dipped and twirled between her toes and she thought her heart had stopped. Milliseconds later the other cats arrived and she quickly lost all sense of individual tickles and tongue-teases - it became one huge ball of nerve-tingling torment and she came in such an all encompassing manner that she was close to blacking out.

The next few minutes were a blur and Laura could later only recall a few jumbled sensations. One of the worst involved the two shaggy Persian Blues. One was standing on hind legs holding a breast in between its front paws while frenziedly licking an engorged nipple. The other was lying supine between Laura's raised thighs, licking tuna flakes from around and occasionally inside her bottom, while one paw scratched abstractedly at her perineum. His tail was flicking back and forth gently caressing a reddened clitoris, which was not quite enough to drive Laura over the edge, only further along a seemingly endless pre-orgasm plateau. Every time she started to accelerate toward another monumental orgasm a misplaced nip of claw or an aggressive nibble turned her clock back and her frustration grew. Slowly her body started to shut down and she slumped in the chair, or at least as much as she could slump given the tightness of her body ropes.

After watching the start of the feline onslaught, Jake had shot upstairs to see how Maggie was doing. Despite the size of her gag he was met at the bedroom door with a torrent of unintelligible abuse from the bed, where muscle cramps were extending Maggie's vocabulary in a number of new and colourful directions. He quickly untied her arms, pulled her into a less pretzel-like shape and beat a hasty retreat before she could get the gag out of her mouth. There was a far more interesting show going on downstairs, after all.

As soon as he got in sight of the dining room he guessed something was wrong - Laura was no longer attempting to struggle and to all intents and purposes looked to be unconscious.

"Oh, bollocks" said Jake as he started to unravel her arm and ankle ties. His next task was the upper thigh ropes which had made Laura so accessible. He scattered the cats with some well aimed swats and curses, and they retired from the fray to the kitchen. As Laura bent forward he leaned over her trying to remove the last of her bindings. At which point Laura suddenly sat up straight and half rose from the chair. WHACK the helmet smacked into the point of Jake's jaw and sent him sprawling backwards, more out of surprise than any serious impact from the helmet. His descent was halted by the edge of the dining table striking his head - a serious impact which left him stunned on the floor.

Laura dragged her arms free of the remaining ropes and pushed the motorbike helmet off. She felt somewhat groggy but her sudden return to freedom gave her the adrenaline rush she needed. Disentangling herself from the chair, which was not easy given the soreness of her pelvis and hips, she staggered to the prone Luke. "Shame to let all this rope go to waste" she thought, quickly trussing him up like a Christmas fowl and fastening him to one of the stout table legs. Once he was secure, she suddenly became quite weak and wobbly and felt like collapsing on the sofa where she had spent the previous night.


Meanwhile upstairs, Maggie had finished ironing the kinks out of her body. She piled the gear Jake had used on her by the open wardrobe door intending to put it away later. Her first objective was a relaxing shower and perhaps a nap while Jake continued to push Laura "to the dark side". She walked into the bathroom, closing the door firmly behind her.


Ten minutes later Jake was beginning to stir. He opened his eyes, not understanding where he was or why a soggy mass of cloth was occupying his mouth. He shook his head but the general disconnected feeling persisted. What had happened?

Suddenly he was confronted by a semi-naked Laura, wearing his denim jacket, glaring at him while holding a lit cook's blowtorch. He instinctively tried to back away but his connection to the table put a stop to that.

"Right, now I want some answers and I want them fast. I am not vindictive, at least I wasn't before the last 18 hours, so if you tell me what I want to know I will probably resist the urge to burn your dick off".

To consolidate her intent she turned the blowtorch up to maximum burn, set it down on the table and tugged Jake's jeans open and halfway down his thighs. Jake attempted to scream as she dragged his underwear to half-mast too.

"I love the smell of burning pubic hair in the morning, don't you? So what is it going to be - a good talkative boy or do we start referring to you as candle-dick?

Jake was obviously going for the former role but the gag was not helping him much. Laura loosened the gag and a babble of excuses, pleas and regrets poured out. Laura realised that this was not going to be very efficient so she waved the glowing blowtorch in his eye line. The effect was immediate - a short yelp followed by blessed silence.

"Right, two questions to start: what have you done to Maggie you bastard, and why did you attack me - are you a psycho?

Jake took a deep breath. "She is up in her room, she is fine - probably just lying down, I wouldn't hurt her - she really likes to play games, and she thought you would too - I was really scared when I saw you collapsed in the chair, are you okay? - and p-p-please stop waving that thing around ...” he blurted at 100 miles per hour.

Laura let his verbal diarrhoea wash over her, and then suddenly she reacted by leaning in close to Jake's face. "What do you mean, she thought I would too? Was all this - the bondage, the forced orgasms, the muscle-aching confinement, the bloody cats for god's sake - her idea?

Jake bristled slightly "Well, I think I added a few artistic touches ..." he said before Laura stuffed the gag firmly back into his mouth and tied a quick noose around the base of his flaccid penis. She tied the other end tautly to a table-leg, giving it a good heave as she did. Jake squealed. "Welcome to one of my artistic touches, you moron" she growled before rising and heading up the stairs.

She padded upstairs quietly on her bare feet, recognising her semi-nudity but dismissing it as of secondary importance at present. She paused at the first bedroom door and listened. All she could hear was the shower running, no sounds of movement, and no creak of bedsprings. She turned the knob slowly and peered in.

The room looked typically dishevelled; Maggie was not a tidy person at the best of times. Laura realised that the smaller of Maggie's wardrobes was unlocked and the doors ajar. That was unusual Laura thought. She stole into the room and fully opened the wardrobe door. She was not surprised to see a cornucopia of bondage and restraint gear, including several items she recognised from her recent captivities. Grim faced, Laura decided she needed to get the truth from Maggie herself - Jake was hardly a reliable witness with his terrified confession. She decided she needed to be prepared and plucked a pair of handcuffs out of the cupboard before approaching the bathroom door.

The shower was still running and there was no reaction from within as the door opened. Steam rose from behind the shower curtain. Laura mentally counted to three and then dragged the shower curtain to one side.

Maggie was soaping her pubis, her mind turned to a pleasurable blank when the curtain rattled aside. She half turned and was shocked to see Laura, wearing only a short denim jacket and a grim look.

Her face gave her away, as far as Laura was concerned - guilty, guilty, guilty. Laura dragged her from the shower by one wrist and, as Maggie stumbled into the bedroom, pushed her face down on the bed. Before a stunned Maggie could react, Laura had captured her wrists in the metal embrace of the hinged cuffs.

Sitting astride the now squirming brunette's buttocks, she reached for the discarded extra-large ball gag. Despite the near loss of two fingers, the gag was soon back wedged behind Maggie's teeth. Liberating what she imagined to be ankle-cuffs from the cupboard Laura completed Maggie’s bonds. She climbed off Maggie’s kicking legs and stood by the bed. Maggie stopped squirming and rolled onto one hip to see what Laura would do next. Maggie wondered if Laura realised how sexy she looked – barely dressed, obviously aroused and full of anger.

"How could you Maggie, after all these years? And with the help of that moron downstairs - actually I think that hurts the most. Anyway over the next couple of days you are going to find out that payback can be a real bitch. Luckily I think you are pretty well stocked for hardware. As for candle-dick downstairs ..."

At the thought of Jake half-hanging by his penis from the dining table downstairs Laura started to laugh and shook her head. "I'd better go make sure he hasn't set himself or the cats on fire. Make yourself comfortable girlfriend, I may be some time.”


The following afternoon Laura looked at the bound figure on tiptoe in front of her. The latex stockings were exceptionally tight and slippery which combined with the wooden floor made standing a difficult proposition - especially with the victim's arms pulled up behind in a strict strappado. The gagged and hooded figure had clamped nipples, strings from which were tautly tied off at the opposite ankle. Every movement had a painful reaction and she could hear grunts and squeals from behind the hood's integral gag. Perhaps this was partly due to Gandalf who was moving quite deftly for a cat of his advanced years, chasing a couple of catnip soaked woollen mice. They were hanging from Jake's balls - and his movements caused the mice to dance above Gandalf’s head. Biding his time, the cat would reach up and sink his claws into mouse or string, giving it a sharp tug before waiting for the other one to come into range. Laura chuckled and left the room at the top of the house.

She headed downstairs and into the kitchen which contained a visitor. Mr Tompkins from number 32 had been only too happy to let his Laura take his boisterous Labrador, Goldie, for a walk. Four miles round the park had barely taken the edge off Goldie's playfulness but appeared to have developed an appetite in the hound. He was certainly tucking into his dinner - which was liberally smeared over, under and in Maggie.

Even without the barrage of licking, snorting and nibbling it was hard to imagine Maggie being very comfortable. She was tied tightly to the under-worktop kitchen cupboard doors in a full splits position with her ankles at roughly the height of her ears. She was leaning backwards at a shallow angle which created a useful if small food receptacle from her loins. Her arms were tied above her head leaving her armpits exposed - which is where Goldie was currently attempting to lick Maggie into a state of total collapse. She had come several times when his long firm tongue was trying to extract the last morsels of Chum from her interior and was tiring fast. She tried to attract Laura's attention, but little sound escaped the pumped up gag which filled her mouth to bursting.

Laura smiled at her as she dunked a teabag in some freshly boiled water. "I have some good news for you. First the office called and asked me to tell you not to rush back from this bug you have picked up, so we can carry on playing for a few more days. And I know you will be delighted to know that Mr Tompkins says we can walk and feed Goldie every afternoon this week!

Maggie groaned and then stiffened as the Labrador resumed his assault on her clitoris and labia. Her eyes rolled back into her head as a bushfire of lasciviousness began to spread from below her waist.

Laura picked up her tea. "Well, I had better get on I suppose, I need to give Jake a bit of a flogging before I put him to bed. Perhaps you and I could have an adult conversation at the weekend about our new relationship - and what we do about getting Jake out of our lives - now that I feel your debt is close to being settled?"

Maggie nodded weakly, and then squirmed as Goldie started using her right nipple as a chew-toy.

Laura chuckled again. "Looks like you CAN teach old dog new tricks then" she said as she wandered out of the kitchen.



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