Education of a Fetishist

by Erotic Take Charge

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True Stories From Southern California - Part 3

SUZY: At this time of my life I was 50 years old.

Suzy answered my ‘take charge’ ad. She said she was not looking to date or looking for a boyfriend, she already had one. She told me she called herself the ‘queen of masturbation’. She would go on Literotica and read stories, watch porn online and hold a big vibrator against her pussy and force herself to orgasm time after time until she could barely stand up afterwards.

She was thinking about getting engaged but had a deep need to experience fetish play and be used as a submissive sex toy to either get it out of her system or discover that she could not live without it in her life. Her boyfriend was not into that and she needed someone who was experienced and could take charge and show her the ropes.

I explained about a submissive and the submissive posture, legs spread and palms up hand on thighs. She said that sounded exciting. And how a sub is required to keep her pussy completely bare, no hair whatsoever to get in the Master's way.

“No problem as I am always shaved, bare and ready at all times.”

We agreed to meet at The Hamburger Hamlet for a drink and see if we clicked.

I walked in and almost fell over!

Sitting there was a hot 30 year old Asian girl who just graduated from medical school. Being 50 myself I thought that this opportunity will never happen to me again in my lifetime. LOL! You readers are familiar with the young hot Asian girls driving the lower tuned import cars, well that was her! I told her about my toy bag, about my previous experience training beginners and she was all in.

I said let's talk on the phone next week and we can agree on where to meet etc. Suzy said even though you don't have your fetish toys with you now, let's go to a motel and you can take charge verbally until next time!

“You want the real deal experience so that is what you will get. You will address me as sir every time you talk to me, you will assume the submissive posture every time we are together and if you forget, you will be spanked or punished in some way.”

“That is exactly what I want, Sir”

I was very strict and forceful in ordering her to assume the submissive position, to get on her knees with hands palm up on her thighs and show me how good of a cocksucker she was.

She passed the test.

She arrived at the same hotel for our next session, entered the room and pointed at her crotch. Her jeans were wet and soaked through in the entire crotch area. She said that on the drive there all she could think about was being used and tied up and she was so turned on and wet that she actually soaked her pants!

Of course I told her that if she was going to be used as a fetish slut she was required to dress the part. I gave her a shopping list and she drove to Hollywood and bought a waist cincher, stockings, half-cup bra, platform high heel pumps and a dildo.

She was enthusiastic and wanted to try out all of the items in my toy bag.

“I love the collar and leash Sir. I like having my elbows and wrists cuffed behind me and you leading me with your leash to the bed to be used I. will have no choice but to suck your cock and be used for your pleasure.”

“I also like the weight of the leash hanging from my collar when you let go of it. Please leave it attached to my collar until we are done, even if you are not holding it”.

She was multi orgasmic and would cum usually four to seven times per session.

“Since you want to be used as a sex toy and ordered around the bedroom for my pleasure, you will refer to your mouth, pussy and bottom as your holes. Holes are to be used for your partner's pleasure. Any pleasure or satisfaction you get from being used will be up to you Slut. When you are on your knees in front of me you will ask me to use your mouth hole. When you are tied in a position to be fucked you will ask me to use your holes for my pleasure.”

“Yes Sir.”

When she was tied spread-eagle to the bed with her legs spread and pulled back by her head, her pussy was wide open and available for use with her stiletto heels pointing up at the ceiling.

Before I applied her gag she didn't forget.

“Sir, please use my holes. They are for your pleasure. I want my holes to be used. I need my holes to be used, Sir.”

After I applied her multi strap plug gag, went over the straps and buckles a few times to cinch them as tight as possible I used those wet, hot willing holes for marathon sex sessions. When I was close to finishing I would stop, pull out and then start with the dildo. The dildo she provided was a pretty impressive size and I commented on it. When I removed her gag she said, “that dildo might be big but my pussy took all of it didn't it?”

Yes it did, all the way to the hilt!

One time when we were done, cleaned up and dressed, bidding each other goodbye until the following week, all of a sudden she said she wasn't done, she was still horny. After five orgasms. She raised her skirt, pulled her panties aside while perching herself over the seat of the hotel room chair.

“Use your fingers on my pussy, fuck me with as many fingers as you can fit into me until I cum one last time.”

It was incredible to watch her grind on my hand until her eyes rolled back into her head and she had another shaking orgasm!

If she didn't address me as Sir she was quickly put over my knee for a spanking after I lightly slapped the side of her face reminding her how to be a proper submissive.

Having great sex with a girl twenty years younger than me with a perfect body and cute face was unbelievable. After twelve sessions she said she had the experience that she wanted and was breaking it off and going back to her normal life.

We decided on one last session. I told her about a scenario I had in mind. It was a Doctor's office fantasy.

The hotel has a suite with a dividing wall separating the room and the wall had a pass through window one could put a rope through like around a post

Entering the room there was a love seat, chair and a coffee table. On the other side was the bed.

I sent her the following message.

“You have an appointment with your Doctor for a much needed exam of your erogenous zones to make sure they are functioning properly. You are required to wear a skirt with no panties, a corset and stockings and your platform pumps.

Be advised this exam could become intense so full restraints will be required to keep you from any excessive movements.

When you enter my office, sit yourself on the chair in my waiting room and look through the magazines on the table. I will be in after I prepare your exam table. Just come in and be seated, I won't be talking to you until I call you into the exam room.”

I slid the hotel room desk over to the dividing wall with the pass-through window and tied a rope around the support pillar. Next I attached a fat veiny dildo to the seat of the chair and spread out some Fetish magazines on the table. I also laid out her favorite collar.

At 8pm, I hear the door open then close and a gasp as she spies the dildo on the chair. I am in the bathroom with the light off peeking out watching her.

Suzy lifts up her skirt and slowly lowers herself onto the dildo, then starts moving and squirming on it while she is impaled all of the way to the base of the shaft. She picks up the magazines with eyes open wide taking in the fetish porn.

I give her a few minutes and enter the room.

“I see you are enjoying my waiting room.”

“Yes Sir.”

“That chair is special, just for you. Your hole needs to be sufficiently warmed up and open for your exam. You may stand up and move to the exam room. Get up on the table on your back.”

“Yes Sir.”

Slowly Suzy stands up until her dildo pops free, I attach her leash and lead her to the exam table. Of course a strict multi strap gag was applied. “This is necessary to keep you from being heard by the other patients. Your exam will be very intense.”

Once on her back I attach ankle cuffs and a spreader bar then pull her legs back as far as possible and tie the rope to the bar. Next wrist cuffs and pass a rope under the table and to a cuff on each side . Next a rope is looped under and around the table and over her waist pinning her to the table making her unable to move or squirm about at all.

I insert a speculum into her hairless pussy and lock it open as wide as possible.

“We will start with your nipples.” I suck and lick those erect buds until she is moaning then attach her nipple clips, pull them up and attach that chain to her collar keeping pressure on that area.

“It seems that area is being stimulated now. We will stimulate you further down.”

I use a small dildo through her speculum working it in , out and twisting until she is loudly moaning through her gag. I can tell that she is trying to move with the dildo but cannot due to her restraints.

“Ok, a good result there. It seems the nerve endings in your hole are working properly.”

Next I use a small vibe and place it directly on her clit. She tries to jump but can't as she mumbles through her gag. I move the vibe over under and around her clit. Fast then slow, hard then soft. I remove it and shut it off and I can see her pussy is wet and flowing and her clit is erect and filled with blood.

I remove the speculum and insert a rabbit dildo that vibrates and circulates beads around the inside of it. I slowly push it in then remove it entirely, then slowly insert it again and again varying the vibe intensity until it is buried to the hilt and I use a thin rope to tie it in place.

“It is the Doctor's opinion that your erogenous zones and nerve endings are working properly now I must test your ability to achieve an orgasm. I will be keeping track of how many you experience. You have the Doctor's permission to cum.”

And she did. Six times. Crying out behind her gag with each one.

While the rabbit was doing it's job I also began licking her clit as well. I slowly turned off the rabbit vibe, withdrew it and unclipped her great nipples. Leaving her gagged I climbed up on the table inserted my rock hard cock and used her hole for all I was worth. She orgasmed two more times until I finally exploded.

I untied all of the restraints and used the bathroom to clean up. When I came back into the room she was still flat on the exam table, exhausted.

“Use the bathroom to clean up and meet the Doctor back in the waiting room for your test results.”

Believe it or not when Suzy walked back to the waiting room instead of sitting on the love seat she chose to sit down on the chair with the dildo, once again taking it to the hilt!

“It is this Doctor's opinion that all of your erogenous zones are functional and working properly for a 30 year old woman.”

She did not ride the dildo this time but stood up withdrawing the dildo leaving it waving back and forth covered with her juices.

“Thanks for a great finale and a great experience. When you locked the speculum wide open and my pussy hole was held open and could do nothing about it I felt so helpless, it was humiliating and degrading. Just like the stories that I read online. I absolutely loved it and the helpless feeling that it gave me!

I experienced exactly what I wanted to. It could not have been more enjoyable so now I will go back to my life. For obvious reasons we cannot communicate anymore. Thanks!”

And that was the end of that experience. All true!


Let me know through the website if you enjoyed my true tales and if you readers want to hear more. There are more!

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