Education of a Fetishist

by Erotic Take Charge

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True Stories From Southern California - Part 4

We all hope to find our dream partner. Our fantasy counterpart that shares our love of all things Fetish. I believe I found that in a woman who saw my profile on the Plentyoffish dating site. Her name was Rachel and she was an Educator who lived in the South Bay Hawthorne area.

She read my ad about me being romantic and sensual but what really caught her eye was the last paragraph in my profile where I said I was attracted to women who wore high heels and understood the erotic turn on of them. No mention of Fetish play in that profile.

While talking on the phone she said she was petite and always wore high heels and had a large variety, mainly 5” platform pumps. Later I found out due to her height she had worn very high heels her whole life and was an expert walking gracefully in them.

We met for coffee, made some small talk and continued with more phone conversations followed by a few dinner dates. Of course the conversations included dressing for pleasure including high heels left on during sex but I never introduced any Fetish talk.

I shared some lingerie websites with Rachel and on her own she bought some stockings, multi strap girdles and cinchers as well as satin gloves, a Bullet bra and half cup bra. When I explained the turn on of these items and dressing for pleasure she was all in telling me she agreed 100% but had not had many partners who were into it at the level that I was.

It turns out she was highly erotic and sensual and had all of her pubic hair lasered off since forever!

We went shoe shopping and she bought a pair of 6” platform pumps as well as 6” platform lace up oxford style shoes. On many a dinner date she always got compliments from the ladies in the restaurants on those lace-up oxford platforms.

We usually ate somewhere in the South Bay Galleria. A few times she drove there on her own, we met in the parking lot and went inside. After dinner it was always dark. We would get into my car, I would drive to the end of the parking lot and let her out as I told her I wanted her to walk the long distance back to her car so I could watch her walk in her 6” platform high heels in my headlights!

She told me she loved to do that and it turned her on knowing I liked to watch her walking so erotically! Once I followed her back to my car it always ended up in an extended make out session. Long slow kisses, involving plenty of feeling and emotions.

She bought her an under-bust corset from It seemed like there was nothing dressing up wise that she was not into or was not game to try.

After that we usually got together at her house for a drink and an extended love making session. Every time I knocked on her door I would quickly get hard when I heard the sound of her stiletto heels on her hardwood floors as she approached the door to let me in. I started breathing hard wondering which pair of sky high heels she would be wearing and what outfit she would answer the door in.

Rachel never seemed to disappoint. It was always 6” platform heels, stockings, either a waist cincher or a corset, sometimes crotchless panty hose with a cincher or corset over the top of those, elbow length satin gloves and perfume. At that time it was Obsession she wore. After a while all I had to do was get a whiff of that and my mind would race triggering memories of past play sessions. Not only that, but clothing items such as satin gloves, real nylon stockings, or a corset have their own unique odor due to the materials used and just the scent of one of those items is enough to trigger your brain into associating that with past sexual experience. Years later it still does!

Sometimes it was just lingerie and other times she would have a sexy blouse and a short skirt on over it, even though we were not going out anywhere. We both got turned on by catching a glimpse of a stocking top or garter tab underneath her skirt hemline or a pointy bra cup straining against tight blouse material.

And the accessories! Different anklets. Some silver or gold chains, or a wide rhinestone anklet. Silver rings and wide silver or rhinestone bracelets on her wrists, over her black satin gloves. We both loved it all!

She would greet me with a deep long kiss, have me sit on her couch while I watched her wiggle and walk in those erotic high heels to the kitchen where she would make us a rum and coke then sit next to each other for small talk then the love making would start.

It never failed, on my way over to her house I would look at all of the people driving next to me and think what a lucky guy I was. They had no idea where I was going and how awesome it was that after knocking on her door a cute erotic lady would invite me in, dressed in outfits that most guys could only fantasize about.

Standing behind her holding her tight to my body with my nose by her neck taking in her erotic perfume. At the same time she reaches behind her feeling my hard cock in my pants as I am reaching around in front running my hands over her corseted waist and then up to her nipples peeking over the top of her half cup bra. Or my hands taking in the stiff pointed bra cups of her Bullet bra. She was always teetering on sky high heels like a pro!

During the 1990's I attended a few Fetish balls put on by Versatile Fashions. The famous Dita Von Teese was usually there with her girlfriends, dressed to impress and wearing 6” high-heel pumps with no platform. Any reader would know you really have to have skill to be able to walk normally and gracefully in a single sole shoe like that. All of us guys would always wait for Dita and her girlfriends to walk a lap around the venue in those skyscraper heels and they looked so at ease in doing it .

In passing I told Rachel about the difficulty in walking in those 6” heels and showed her some online pics of 6” single sole pumps with an ankle strap and doubted even she could manage in them. I really didn't think she could do it. Wouldn't you know it but the next time I went over to her house, she let me in wearing one of her great outfits, we kissed and she excitedly told me to look down.

She was wearing the pair I had shown her! Size 6, 6” high heel patent leather pumps with ankle strap, no platform.

Holy crap I was in shock! I asked her to walk around so I could watch and she was perfect! She walked better in them than Dita and her friends did, it was amazing! She could walk in those like most women walk in a pair of flats!

She told me she actually liked the way she had to lead with her hips slightly swinging them from side to side like the runway models do. She loved the sexy walk she was forced to do to look graceful.

After acquiring all of those shoes and outfits I told her she should design her bedroom like a erotic Bordello boudoir since she was into home projects, so she did. She added a shoe rack that was visible from her bed so we could gaze upon all of those sexy high heels and she even added a mirror to the wall at the head of her bed and the side wall of her bed telling me it was so I could look at her high heels while I was fucking her!

Candles, dark wall paint and a dimmer on her overhead light completed the boudoir look.

Not only was I looking at her stocking clad legs and Fuck me heels in the mirror, but many times I noticed her looking up and admiring her high heels when I had her legs spread and pulled up over her head.

And that was our playtime routine until the following occurred.

Rachel was wearing one of her awesome outfits and handed me a book telling me to look through it while she made our drinks. I sat down and was staring at Bondage 101!

Remember up until that time no Fetish play or anything kinky was ever mentioned.

She made her way back from her kitchen and asked why I was not looking through the book. I smiled and told her because I already had plenty of experience and knew all about what was in the book.

She smiled and said sarcastically, “I should have known!” Rachel said she had no experience but many fantasies so of course the next time over I brought my toy bag and showed her everything.

That started our Fetish/Bondage play every time we got together after that. Rachel loved dirty bedroom talk and loved to be called a ‘Slut’ knowing it was not derogatory or mean, just us embracing our kinky side.

Now, how many stories have you read where a kinky person goes to a Pet store and uses the matching there to print out a large pet collar tag that reads “SLUT” on it, hoping no one notices? She did that and had it hanging from the leather collar she wore the next time I came over. She also had a leash attached to her collar and as soon as I was in the door she handed it to me saying” I think this belongs to you Sir. I am your slut.”

Once I was inside our routine was usually I would apply leather cuffs to her elbows and wrists then clip them together pulling her shoulders back which made her chest jut out presenting her breasts exposed by her half cup bra to be used for our pleasure.

I would apply a harness style gag with a leather plug attached making a show of going over and over the buckles getting it tight as possible then leading her to her boudoir strapping her down to her bed. A spreader bar between her ankles raising and pulling them back over her head which presented her smooth bare pussy open and ready for use. A tongue on her clit, then a dildo working her pussy into a fever pitch then stopping suddenly before she climaxed would get her frustrated and bucking her hips Mmphing behind her gag letting me know she was not happy.

Too bad! I would keep her on edge for awhile then bury my cock deep into her pussy while using the mirrors to gaze at those sexy high heels.

By now I was leaving my toy bag at her house and encouraging her to experiment with it during the week when I was not there, and she could apply some of the items prior to greeting me at her door on play night.

She read some Fetish stories online and liked the idea of a short chain attached to her leather ankle cuffs restricting her stride. Of course she made it a challenge, shortening the chain little by little but still having the ability to walk in her 6” heels. I think she got it down to 8”.

Sometimes before going to bed at night She would put on the ankle cuffs with the 8” chain and sleep with them on and loved the idea that if she had to get up during the night to use the bathroom she had to shuffle down the hallway and then back to bed like a prisoner.

What an imagination she had!

I had a wide black leather Bondage belt in the bag that had chrome rings around it.

I told her that during the week she was to get a length of chain, attach one end to the ring on the front of her collar, down through the front ring on the belt and attach that to the 8” chain between her ankle cuffs. Then use a short length of chain from each wrist cuff and attach those to the vertical chain running down from her collar. Now everything was attached together by chain.

Next time I arrived I could not wait to see this creation. I knocked and heard her heels clicking on the hardwood floor, SLOWLY shuffling and making her way to the door. She awkwardly opened the door, kind of shuffled back and asked me to come in. Shutting the door I took all of her in. Wow!!

She was wearing a 3” wide black leather collar with the aforementioned chain attachments. Her wrists were cuffed to the center chain over her black satin gloves under the cuffs. My eyes followed the chain down to its attachment to the 8” ankle cuff chain. On her feet were her 6” no platform ankle strap pumps. How she could maneuver gracefully in those with such a short chain was nothing short of amazing.

She was wearing her corset, half cup bra and seamed stockings with her smooth hairless pussy on full display.

I held her from behind and inhaled her Obsession perfume as she pushed her behind into my crotch, now not able to reach behind her and feel my hard cock in my pants with her wrists immobile in front of her.

“I love the restrictive feeling of these chains, Sir.”

I sat down and watched her from behind as she slowly shuffled along with 8” steps to the kitchen and back with our drinks. She even managed to pour those with her wrists attached to the vertical chain.

Rachel was not a victim or being forced to do anything against her will. Rachel initiated the bondage and discipline play with her own free will as only a willing participant could.

She put the drinks down and asked me to tighten her corset a bit more for her. Releasing her wrists and with her hands now on the wall above her head I tightened her corset until she said enough. I ordered her to remain still while I administered a sound spanking that I was sure she deserved. And I did that every time after the corset tightening because she told me she really looked forward to the spanking afterwards.

Rachel really embraced the Fetish play. She loved being bound and gagged and lead by her leash into the bedroom to be teased and fucked hard all the while dressed in her finest Slut attire.

I never got tired of her telling me that she was my slut and to please use her like a slut needed to be used.

It was a dream fantasy come true so a person reading this would assume we lived happily ever after. It was not to be.

A few misunderstood texts (texting, what a great way for something to be totally misunderstood) and a misunderstood comment started bad vibes, with no amount of explanations completely fixing the problems.

My work hours were terrible and I was always stressed about getting home and getting much needed sleep to perform my job. She thought I was just fucking and leaving but that was not the case, although I can see why she thought that. And so, sadly it ended.

I had more ideas to introduce to her but never got the chance.

Since we were both into the dressing for pleasure lifestyle I was going to have her set up a camera so I could watch her prepare for our play dates. Watching her slide into her waist cincher and attach the multiple garter tabs to her stocking tops along with her seamed stocking clad foot sliding into her 6” heel pumps and tightly buckle the ankle strap.

Attaching the chains from her collar to her ankles cuffs and walking around anticipating my arrival would have been such a mental foreplay for us both since she liked me watching her walk in her high heels in the parking lot, which I spoke about earlier in this story.

And bluetooth remote controlled toys! Having Rachel insert a toy and strapping it in while I controlled it on the way to her house would have been great. And she would have loved it!

Rachel, if by chance you happen upon this story, I am still on POF with my picture in Culver City and I would love to hear from you. We shared a lot of history and maybe now you understand what I had going on.


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