Education of a Fetishist

by Erotic Take Charge

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The Personal ads appearing in select newspapers from the 80's and 90's were a great place to meet Women or Men. They did not include a picture of the person placing the ad, only a voice message and if there was an interest you exchanged phone numbers and took it from there. I had the gift of gab, and could sound normal and interesting enough to get an initial meet for coffee or a drink like I explained in my previous story. Since I used the “buzzwords”: ‘romantic’, ‘sensual’, ‘take charge’, I would get responses from women who were thinking along the same lines and were more sexual than normal. More than once after some small talk on the phone, then steering the conversation to a sexual nature phone sex occurred and we had not even met in person yet!

True Stories From Southern California - Part 2

Mary: I created a Fetish Monster!

She answered my ad that included ‘sensual’ and ‘romantic’ but did not mention ‘take charge’ or ‘high heels’.

We met for a drink at a bar in Playa Del Rey at the end of Culver Blvd called The La Marina Inn. (It no longer exists)

She was cute with a short hair style like many women who live by the beach favor. No high heels, but a great personality and some promise.

I thought she was a girl next door type, no way she would be interested in fetish play or anything kinky. After a little playful mild sex talk on the phone we went on a few dates, kissed goodbye, nothing special. Then I decided to go for it after she told me she had done something silly that she shouldn't have. Jokingly I told her she had been a bad girl and would have to give her a spanking. She said “ok!”

I told her that I was coming over right then and to dress up sexy, wear high heels and lingerie. She laughed and said ok.

She answered the door in regular clothes. “Where is your sexy outfit Mary?”

Laughingly, she said, “Sorry I don't own anything like that.”

We sat on her bed, began kissing and then had vanilla sex. She was really horny and enthusiastic during sex. Really into it. Her pussy was trimmed nice but not shaved.

Days later talking on the phone I said I still owed her a spanking. After asking if she was ever curious about having a man be in charge in the bedroom she lit up and became enthusiastic about that subject. She said her ex had tried to take charge one night but it did not go well, he did not know what he was doing and it was very disappointing. I told her about my experience and would bring over my toy bag on our next date and she could see what I had to offer and she might want to try out a few pieces of equipment.

Saturday night I arrived, placed everything on the bed and explained its uses. “What are you curious about? What do you want to try out?”

She chose the collar and leather wrist cuffs.

“Mary, you understand you are not a prisoner. You are not being forced to do anything, right? You are willingly wanting to be tied up because it turns you on, right? Anytime you change your mind, or if you don't like it just tell me and all play will end. I won't use a padlock to attach your wrist cuffs, just a metal spring clip so you can undo it yourself anytime without feeling unsafe.”

After some foreplay and her on her knees with hands cuffed behind her back sucking me we again had great sex.

Next phone call between us we reviewed our experience and she said she had a great time, loved being submissive and used for pleasure, felt safe with me and wanted to try out more items in my toy bag.

“OK then if you want to experience what it is like to be a true submissive you need to know a few things.

“First a submissive has to have her pussy shaved completely bare at all times so it is exposed and available for use without hair or anything else getting in the way.

“Second, you need to learn the submissive posture. When you are sitting your hands should rest on your legs with the palms up. And I like to be called Sir, not Master.

“Third, if you are going to be a submissive with me you need to dress like one, in a fetish outfit. I have a strict dress code that is not negotiable and you will be dressed and waiting for when I come over for a play date like a proper submissive should.

“When we go out on a date to dinner, a movie etc you are to wear a skirt with either crotch less panty hose or garters and stockings AND NO PANTIES ALLOWED, EVER!

“When I come over to pick you up you will bend over and place your arms on the kitchen table and I will raise your skirt for a panty check.” She smiled and agreed!

During the next week I went to Hollywood Boulevard lingerie shops and bought her a ½ cup bra, satin elbow length gloves, a waist cincher with 4 garter straps per leg, crotch less panty hose, stockings with seams and platform pumps with a 6” high heel. I left them in a bag on her doorstep before she got home for work so she would have them for our next play date.

Saturday night I knocked on her door. I heard the sound of stiletto heels approaching the door, it opened and a black-gloved hand beckoned me in. “Please come in Sir.”

There she was with a big smile on her face wearing the bra exposing her great nipples, the crotch less panty hose framing a completely shaved bare pussy. She had un-clipped the garters this time and had the waist cincher over the top of the hose. And the platform pumps. Wow she looked great . Mary told me how the mere act of preparing for the evening, getting dressed up and anticipating the fun to be had made her so hot and horny. Great mental foreplay

That was topped off by great smelling perfume, old school Obsession for women that I then made a requirement to be included every time. To this day if i get a whiff of that I instantly flashback to fetish play

You know how some genitalia just looks more erotic than others? She had the perfect shaped pussy, short lips making it look like her pussy was always partially open wet and inviting.

I opened my toy bag, attached the collar around her neck, leather cuffs around her wrists,stood behind her and clipped the cuffs together behind her back.

She loved the ritual of opening the door and letting me in, then applying the cuffs and collar.

Kissing her on the side of her neck then reaching around in front and fingering her nipples her bra had left exposed she let out a loud moan and grabbed my cock through my pants. I quickly stepped back, gave her a hard swat on her ass and told her she needed to ask permission to do that if she was going to get into the role of a submissive. “Yes Sir.”

I then clipped her hands in front of her and continued with her neck and nipples until she was begging for sex.

As our dating and Fetish play progressed I found out in public she was like the innocent girl next door but in private she was a sexual animal and could not get enough of being put in bondage. LOL!

Talking on the phone during the week I would ask her what she wanted to do on Saturday night (we both had commitments during the week and Saturday night was our get together night), go to a movie or maybe dinner or a comedy club?

“NO! I want you to bring your toy bag over!”

Teasingly I would respond “ What is wrong with you? Is sex all you ever think about? You don't want to do anything else? You are oversexed!”

Mary had a big bachelor apartment which was one big room with mirrored sliding closet doors. She told me she loved mirrors for sex.

One night I wanted to add to her experience with more bondage gear so I went to The Pleasure Chest again and bought a wider 3” posture collar and a head harness style gag with a leather plug attached and a wide leather belt with D-rings.

She met me at the door wearing the cincher with fishnet seamed stockings that she had gone out and purchased on her own along with long false eyelashes like the Vegas show girls wear. Up until then she just wore regular everyday makeup.

I always complimented her on her looks in general , then said she was cute but I thought she had not reached her potential. If she let her hair grow out into a longer style she would become even hotter. She did that adding highlights and all I could say was wow!

I also told her she needed to slut it up a lot for play. Wide eyeliner, top and bottom and more exotic makeup in general for play.

She was really embracing the role, going out buying fishnets and eyelashes on her own. I also found out that she loved dirty sex talk. And since she knew she was prim and proper in public but sexual behind closed doors she really wanted to embrace her inner slut and loved being told how slutty she was, what a sexual deviant she was and never took it the wrong way because she knew it was just for play and she was not being degraded for real.

I put a wooden chair in the kitchen portion of her apartment which was on the other side of the large room from the bed and the mirrored doors.

After putting the wider collar around her neck I had her sit in the chair and she quickly assumed the submissive position without being told with her hand palms up on her thighs. I showed her the new gag and explained how it worked. She opened her mouth and accepted the plug portion. I adjusted the straps under her chin, around the back and the sides, asking her if she was ok.

She “mmpphhd,” yes, and I tightened each roller buckle until the black panel was taught over her mouth. Standing her up I put the belt around her fit and trim waist attaching her cuffs to the d rings. Next came the nipple clips on her great nipples.

Clipping the leash to the collar I slowly led her across the room approaching the mirrors. Her eyes were wide taking in her reflection. What a sight! I sat her down in another chair right in front of the mirror. The posture collar was forcing her to look straight ahead and not look away from herself.

“Open your legs” I ordered then attached her ankle cuffs to the chair legs.

Then I put on a blindfold so she could not see which toys I would be using on her. I teased that great looking pussy with fingers and a vibrator until she was begging through her gag to be fucked.

At that time I removed her gag and blindfold and she told me something that gave me the greatest satisfaction.

“Wow! I can't believe I looked like that. I had on every piece of bondage gear possible. I never thought that I would ever experience that feeling. I never thought I could look like that.”

I ordered her to get on hands and knees on the bed so she was facing the mirror. I entered her from behind.

“Sir, please pull my hair. I like to be controlled that way.”

Grabbing a handful I pulled her head back saying “ You are such a slut. Do you like to watch yourself in the mirror getting fucked”?

“Yes Sir. I am a slut.”

“Raise your fuck-me heels up so I can look at them while I am fucking you. Now reach back with your hands and hold on to those slutty fuck me heels while I work your pussy.”

“You are so obsessed with sex all you want me to do is come over and tie you up. I want to go out for dinner, Saturday night. I will be over at 7pm.

The entire time starting when I pick you up you will refer to me as Sir. Even out in public, in the restaurant or wherever we are.

“Yes Sir.”

Keeping with her public persona she was dressed conservatively with a push up bra under her blouse.

“Hands on the table now I need to do a panty check.” I raised her skirt and laid it across her lower back. I gave her a few swats on her butt cheeks with my hands then reached between her legs and rubbed her clit then inserted 1 then 2 fingers working them in and out until she started moaning saying if I didn't stop we would not make it to the restaurant.

After saying “Thank You Sir,” when I opened her door I pulled out a pair of handcuffs and cuffed her hands in front for the ride then un-cuffing her before we made it to the valet.

I held the door for her and was rewarded with “Thank you Sir.”

I pulled out her chair at the table for her “Thank you, Sir.” Then she became very embarrassed when she was sure the lady at the next table had overheard her. LOL!

I ordered her to keep her legs spread wide under the table. Even though no one could really see under there unless they bent down to retrieve something off of the floor, just the thought of her being exposed and the cool air on her bare exposed pussy turned her on.

On the way home I cuffed her again and applied her gag telling her to raise her skirt and finger her clit but she did not have my permission to cum.

Once home she changed into her ‘slut’ outfit. I attached her high collar then attached a short spreader bar to that, then attached her leather wrist cuffs to each end of the bar like in the opening scene of The Secretary. She loved it!

Next I clipped her leash to the collar, applied her nipple clips, dimmed the lights just enough to see and led her over to the window that overlooked her street. It was packed tight with condos and apartments. People were out walking their dogs and we could see people inside of their dwellings but they could not see us in the dark room.

Since she had embraced her private slut persona I always laid it on thick for her enjoyment.

“Look down on the street at the people. Look at the people in the houses. How many girls do you think will be dressed up for sex? Wearing slutty fuck-me high heels? How many will be tied up and fucked? How many will be gagged and led around on a leash with their hands cuffed behind them?”

“I don't know, Sir.”

Forcing her to the front of the window and standing behind her I said




She smiled, loving being told how naughty she really was!

After I put her on her hands and knees grabbing a handful of her hair and forcing her to watch herself in the mirror being fucked from behind I asked her “Do you know what happens to girls who wear fuck me heels? They get Fucked...Hard!”

I had created a Fetish Monster!


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