Education of a Fetishist

by Erotic Take Charge

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These are true stories from my adventures in the fetish world. It all started in the 1980's. I live in the Southern California Los Angeles area.

Like all of you reading this I have an interest in Fetish play. I also love fetish and erotic attire on my partner. High heels, stockings, sexy bras, exotic makeup and anything else one would wear to dress up for the bedroom.

Unfortunately for me that type of woman did not come along very often. I found myself suggesting they dress up or shave their pussy with limited success.

I figured that if I was the person in charge, the Dom or just a take charge type of guy I could suggest or even order my partner to do that and maybe meet more willing open minded women .

Plus I liked the idea of being in charge and a willing submissive woman liking me. And I thought a submissive woman who trusted me and liked to please would be an awesome woman and someone to be respected for who they were.

Back then there were no cell phones, dating apps or even online dating. There were only Personal ads appearing in different Newspapers. You would see an ad you liked, call in and punch in the ad #, leave a voice message and hope they would call you back. If there was a connection you could mail pictures to each other or just meet for a blind date and hope for the best.

While in Marina Del Rey mid 1980's I was looking through their local area newspaper and stumbled upon the Personal Ads. I answered a few, met a few women for a drink but no real connection and no sexual appeal. Then I noticed certain women used what I called buzz words. They would describe themselves as romantic, sensual , playful etc. I concentrated on those specific ads and started getting more results. While not always finding someone wanting to experiment with Fetish play, my sexual encounters did begin to dramatically increase.

Then one day the light bulb in my head came on and I thought, why keep looking for the perfect Women seeking men ad when I can place my own ad? Lol! That is when my sex/ fetish life exploded! I used all of the buzzwords in my ads:

Take charge single white male, in great shape, easy to talk to and easy to get to know.


High Heels, do you wear them? If so, this swm wants to meet you. I'm sensual, romantic, in shape and a good communicator.


Sensual romantic swm. Construction worker with manners. That one got a few laughs!

Over the years from these ads I have had some long term relationships, some short term and too many booty calls/play dates to count. I will relive a few of the more memorable ones with you.

The 1st person to respond was Alma, a Paralegal who lived in Mar Vista. After a few nights of Vanilla sex I asked her if she ever had an interest in Fetish play, Bondage, spanking etc. Surprisingly she said yes. An ex would tie her up from time to time, give her a spanking and have fantastic sex.

I quickly went to the local adult toy store which at that time was The Pleasure Chest in West Hollywood. I bought leather cuffs, handcuffs, a paddle, nipple clips, a blindfold and a leather collar with silver studs and a gag. That gag had a leather square that fit over the mouth with a 3” long, 1” wide leather plug attached and buckled behind the head.

I told her if she was going to be a submissive she had to dress the part and be fully shaved. She also was to address me as “Sir” whenever we were playing and failure to do so would earn her a spanking with the leather paddle.

She surprised me by saying, “You don't need that as an excuse to spank me, I always enjoy a sound spanking anytime.” Wow!

The next time I went to her apartment for a play date she answered the door wearing a pair of black pumps with a 5” heel (no platform) with metal heels which was a style back then; a half cup bra leaving her d cup size breasts pushed up and presented for use; a waist cincher with attached garters and black stockings, covered with a black see through robe. And of course her pussy was smooth and bare.

“Hello Sir, please come in. I hope you like my outfit I got for you.”

I spread out the toys on the coffee table and she liked everything. I put the leather collar around her neck , attached the leather wrist and ankle cuffs. She really got excited about the gag. In her mind she said even though this was all consensual it gave her the feeling of being used for pleasure with no way to protest or complain. I told her the long plug represents my cock, and anytime she was wearing the gag my cock was in her mouth. My kind of girl! I told her to keep the collar so she could put it on with the rest of her outfit in the future.

Wouldn't you know it, the next time I came over she had gone out and bought a leash, had it attached to her collar and handed it to me saying, “You are in charge Sir.” She had also bought a vibrating egg with a controller.

Alma loved to have her hands cuffed and attached to a hook in the ceiling, blindfolded and gagged while receiving a sound spanking with the egg inserted and running or stopping the paddle and applying a vibrator directly to her clit, then begging me to stop because she was so sensitive and would I please continue the spanking. She said that via “gag talk” LOL!

The next play date I told Alma to put the key to her apartment on top of her front tire of her car in the parking garage. Turn on her stereo so she would not know when I had arrived and let myself in. Put the key to the handcuffs on the coffee table. Dress in her outfit, insert her egg and turn it on to whatever level she wanted, attach her nipple clips, blindfold herself and cuff her hands using the handcuffs behind her back. I would be there at 8 pm. I gave her the option to start and be in position whenever she wanted depending how much time she wanted to be teased and helpless before I got there.

I arrived, found the key and approached her door. I could hear the stereo playing and thought to myself Holy crap on the other side of this door is a sexy woman dressed for play, tied up and helpless just waiting for me to arrive and fuck her brains out. I am one lucky guy and my fantasies are being played out right now!

My heart was beating hard as I quietly opened the door and tiptoed in. There she was squirming on the couch the control wire to the vibrating egg coming out of her bare pussy. She had even put a towel down on the couch cushions thinking she would be so wet she might stain the cushion. It looked like she was actually sucking on the gag plug. I got undressed and stood there for a long time just watching her and her having no idea I was even there.

Suddenly her phone rang. She froze then scooted over on the couch to try and hear if a message was being left. There was not. Finally I picked up the remote and turned it all the way up. She jumped, startled and had a huge orgasm with me watching.

After many shared orgasms and relaxing in bed she told me that she had become so excited beforehand she got herself ready, turned on the egg and cuffed herself about 20 minutes to 8. I had thought she would probably be ready 5 minutes before I got there .

She had her 1st orgasm right away, lost track of time and thought I would be there any minute but just a short time had elapsed. She was still turned on trying to cum again but thought something had gone wrong when I wasn't there when she thought I should be. That's why when the phone rang she thought it might be me saying I wasn't coming, or I would be late. That's when I told her I had been there at 8 pm sharp and was just enjoying watching her. The idea of the stereo was to muffle the sound of me coming through the door. Worked like a charm!

Back then Adult themed Motels were popular offering x rated movies, mirrors on the walls and ceilings etc. I will always remember pulling into the parking lot across from our room. Alma got out of my car and walked across the lot to the room. Her metal heeled pumps clicked loudly on the cement, wearing a skirt so tight she had to take even shorter steps than her 5” high heels would allow and showing a fair amount of stocking top at the bottom of the skirt. And other customers checking her out probably wishing their wives or girlfriends were dressed like that.

“Be at my apartment at 8 pm, I have a surprise for you,” I said to her, hanging up the phone.

I had the bondage equipment laid out on the coffee table in the front room along with a set of instructions. I had placed a chair in the center of the room and attached a fat dildo to the seat of the chair. About 8” long and 1 1/2” in diameter. It had a big molded-in head and thick veins running its length. It was her favorite. I smeared some lube on it and peeked out of the curtains until I saw her approaching my door.

I could hear her heels clicking on the sidewalk.

I went into the hallway and partially closed the hall door but left enough room for me to peek around the edge. All of the lights were off except for a candle burning on the kitchen table.

The instructions told her to sit on the chair, apply the equipment and I would be in shortly. She didn't know I was watching.

She undressed leaving on her lingerie and heels , her nipples and top of her breasts exposed by the ½ cup bra, went to sit on the chair and smiled big looking at the dildo.

I could hear an audible sigh and moan as I watched her lower herself slowly onto it, taking the entire length. Then she raised and lowered herself a few times which I had not told her to do. As she read the instructions she gagged herself, put on her collar, pulled on her nipples to harden them before clipping on the clamps. She would pick up the instructions from the table, put them down and follow the next step. She attached one end of the handcuffs to one wrist, blindfolded herself then attached the other cuff behind her back. That was when I slowly opened the door and tiptoed into the room, taking out my camera and snapping some pics. She was trying to raise and lower herself as much as possible on the dildo. Finally I made my presence known, clipped the leash to her collar, took off her gag and kissed for what seemed forever.

“Thank you Sir for the nice surprise.”

I re-gagged her and helped her to stand up and smiled as I watched the entire length of the fat dildo reappear out of her pussy. It popped free and waved back and forth still attached to the seat of the chair. Moving her cuffed hands to the front I led her by her leash to a hook above my bedroom door and clipped her hands overhead. Ordering her to spread her legs as far as possible I alternated between fingering her swollen clit and ordering her to ask for a spanking, count the swats and say “thank you Sir” after each swat. Afterward Alma told me that when she saw the big dildo attached to the chair and shiny from the lube she got really hot and excited thinking about sitting on it and how good it would feel.

When we both moved on but stayed friends she told me something that was unbelievable.

She had a roommate named Mike who she told me was her brother. I had no reason to think otherwise. The truth was Alma had lived in another State and had witnessed Illegal activity in the office where she worked and had become a witness for the government. The feds had relocated her in the Witness Protection Program and Mike was not her brother but was also a witness in another case unrelated and they had been relocated together!

This was my 1st real taking charge experience. I learned a lot, tried some ideas I either read about in a story or saw in a fetish movie. I had no idea the amount of willing women I would meet in the future through these ads and how many were out there wanting to try fetish play. Most with no experience whatsoever but with a definite fantasy in mind!

The next experiences I share will not be in order of which they occurred but were most memorable to me, and I hope will be memorable to you readers.


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